Court Resumes After Mid-Morning Break: Cross-Examination of Witness Jabati Jaward Continues

12:00pm: Court resumed after mid-morning break and defense counsel Terry Munyard continued the cross-examination of witness Jabati Jaward in open session.

Defense Counsel Munyard continued soliciting information about monies given to witness. Defense counsel referenced money given to witness by Prosecution to register his Liberian taxi in Sierra Leone. Witness stated that while money was given to him to cross from Liberia to Sierra Leone with his family in said taxi, no money was given to register the taxi in Sierra Leone.

Defense counsel went through certain portions of the witness’s statement and pointed out some inconsistencies in his written statement to the prosecution and his oral testimony in court. Witness indicated that certain things were misquoted but that he made efforts to correct them.

Court adjourned for lunch break.