Court Resumes after Lunch-Break. Examination of Witness TF1-567 Continues

The court resumed after the lunch-break at 2:30pm and prosecution continued the examination of Witness TF1-567 continued.

The witness testified about Mosquito’s frequent visits to Monrovia to see Charles Taylor from where he brought arms and ammunition and other materials like rice and clothing for the RUF. The witness said that in return, Mosquito handed diamonds to Taylor.

The witness stated the on several occasions, he saw Jungle, Zig Zag Maaza, Samson, and other members of the NPFL of Liberia visit Buedu in Kailahun District where Mosquito was based. He also made reference to meetings that took place in Buedu in which Jungle and other RUF commanders were present.

The witness explained the command structure in Kono, where Issa Sesay as the overall commander. He said that other commanders present in Kono included Morrris Kallon, Rambo, Akim Turay, etc. The witness spoke about Taylor’s orders that they capture Kono because of diamonds and explained how they carried out the operation.

The witness spoke of the January 6 1999 invasion of Freetown by the SLA and how the RUF tried to join their brothers in Freetown but were stopped by ECOMOG troops on the way.

Examination of the witness continued till 4:30pm and Judge Dougherty adjourned the court to Friday July 4, 2008 at 9:30am.