Court Resumes after Mid-Morning Break. Examination of TF1-567 Continues

Court resumed at 12:00pm with the testimony of TF1-567.

The witness spoke about the capture of Kono by troops commanded by Mosquito. He spoke of Sankoh’s visit to Kono, during which Mosquito handed some diamonds over to him. The witness said that Sankoh took the diamonds to Taylor in return for arms and ammunition.

The witness said that in 1993, ULIMO forces occupied some parts of Liberia, blocking the route that connected the RUF in Sierra Leone with the NPFL in Liberia. He said that the RUF lost many positions to the government soldiers and this caused the RUF to move into jungle warfare.

The witness spoke about Sankoh’s departure to sign the Abidjan Peace Accord in 1996.

He spoke of the AFRC coup of 1997 and how they received orders from Sankoh to join the AFRC. Once they joined the AFRC, the witness said that the AFRC/RUF alliance controlled mining activities in Kono and Tongo.

The witness said during this time, he saw Jungle when he visited Mosquito in Kenema. He said that when ECOMOG forces removed the AFRC/RUF from power in 1998, Mosquito ordered Operation Pay Yourself in Kenema.

The court adjourned for lunch at 1:30pm