Examination of Jabati Jaward (Witness TF1-388) by Prosecutor Bangura continues

The Court resumes at 9:30 am with the examination in chief of Jabati Jaward (Witness TF1-388) by Prosecutor Mohamed Bangura. After a brief recap of the testimony of the witness from the previous day, Mr. Bangura proceeds with questions.

The witness is asked to recall his departure from Liberia after training with a group of Liberian fighters to join Sam Bockarie in fighting alongside Ivorian rebels against the government of Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast. The witness explained that Bockarie was not accustomed to fighting with Ivorians preferred to call on a group of Liberian fighters to assist. The witness gave details about some supplies (materiel) which were sent from Burkina Faso where they were seized by the witness’ group of Liberian rebels, to Liberia to assist in defending Monrovia against oncoming rebels. The witness was also asked to speculate as to why Sam Bockarie later left Ivory Coast to stay some time in Burkina Faso even though fighting continued there – suggesting several causes including an internal argument between Sam Bockarie and Benjamin Yeaten following the alleged involvement of Bockarie into the death of a family member of Yeaten on the frontline in Ivory Coast, as well as political scandal following the publicity of Bockarie’s involvement in the was in Ivory Coast.

Court adjourned for mid-morning break.