Prosecutor Bangura Continues Questioning Jabati Jaward

Noon (12:30 with the delay in video and audio): Court resumes after mid-morning break.

Prosecutor Mohamed Bangura continues to examine prosecution witness Jabati Jaward.  The following is not a transcript.

Pros: In your earlier testimony, you said that you crossed the border, what did you mean?

Wit: I knew we crossed over into the Ivory coast, because I saw Burkina Faso on the other side. 

Pros: You talked about an order earlier that was given by the RUF for you to go to Bhanga, do you recall that order?

Wit: That was an executive order, which meant it was an order directly from Charles Taylor.

Pros: In your testimony today, you mentioned that Mike, Felix, Doe, and Sampson were some of the Liberian brothers who were with you.

Defense: I do not see any of these names cited on the page referenced.

Pros: Sorry, I gave the wrong reference.

Judge: For purpose of clarity, we moved away from the order and we are now in the Ivory Coast. 

Pros: How did the Liberian brothers (as you called them) come into the Ivory Coast? 

Wit: Some crossed from the Logato border into the Ivory Coast.  Others crossed from Tolople.  There was another crossing area, but I am not that familiar with it.

Pros. This morning you mentioned that High Command was one of those who came to investigate the death of Benjamin Yeaten?

Wit: I came to know him in person in Monrovia, and he identified himself as Yeaten’s bodyguard.

Pros: You mentioned earlier that Bockarie received a request from Charles Taylor to go fight in LIberia, did Sam Bockarie leave the Ivory Coast after Taylor’s request?

Charles Taylor passes a note to one of his defense attorneys.

Def: Yes

Pros: Based on this map of the Ivory Coast, can you show us where you entered from the Ivory Coast?

Wit: Yes.

Pros: Can you tell us the places you recognize in the Ivory Coast?

Wit: I recognize Kurugu, Sackona, Mar, Bangolo, Donanee, Biankoua.

Pros: You said you crossed Donanee into Lagoto, can you locate it on the map?

Wit: Yes

Judge: Please mark the map with a number 1 to show the places where you came into the Ivory Coast and a number 2 to show the places where you exit the Ivory coast.

Pros: Can you describe what happened at the Lagoto crossing point?

Wit: When we arrived at the Lagoto crossing point, we met a lot of ATU soildiers.  Yeaten gave instruction that all of us coming from the Ivory Coast should be disarmed.

Pros: You mentioned the name of the place where Sam Bockarie spoke to you, where was that place?

Wit: Gbnita

Pros: Were you met by the border by anyone?

Wit: Yes, but I cannot remember who it was.

Pros: Do you know who took Bockarie to Cocoapa?

Wit: No

Pros: From Lagoto, where did you go?

Wit: We were ordered to go to Segliepie

Pros: What happened while you were at Segliepie?

Wit: We went to a villlage called Gbankoi and awaited a new assignment to Monrovia

Pros: Who was in your group with you at Gbankoi?

Wit: It was comprised of different people.  Other than the ATUs, we had RUF fighters who followed us from the Ivory Coast, and we also had some people who were not fighters but were in close relation with Sam Bockarie as well as professionals (e.g. engineers, technicians, etc.) and family members.

Pros: How long did you stay at Gbankoi?

Wit: I spent two days there and then I went to Ghanta (sp?).

Pros: How far away is Gbankoi from Ghanta?

Wit: about two miles or less

Pros: How long were you at Ghanta?

Wit: I went there for a night

Pros: What happened?

Wit: I talked to many people there that I knew from the ATU and I asked about Yeaten. 

Experiencing technical difficulties with audio.

Pros: Where did this convoy go?

Wit: Went to a place that was a logging company, named CAC.

Pros: Did you notice anything that caught your attention?

Wit: I saw vehicles inlcuding the one Sam Bockarie was driving from Ivory Coast.  I saw VanDam in a vehicle and he was crying…

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I was forced into the back of a pickup truck by Nyaday’s bodyguards and then they removed me from the pickup and stripped me naked.  I was tied up.  I saw corpses lying on the ground and I recognized VanDam as one of the corpses lying on the ground. 

Court adjourned.  Court will resume on Monday morning.