Court Resumes After Mid-Morning Break: Cross-Examination of Witness TF1-367 Continues But Court Takes an Early Recess Due to Technical Problems in the Court Room

12:00pm: Court resumed after the mid-morning break and defense counsel continued the cross-examination of Witness TF1-367 in open session.

Witness Identifies Individuals in Photographs

Defense counsel asked that the witness be shown sevaral photographs in which he identified various individuals including himself (the witness), Sam Bockarie, Foday Sankoh, Chuckie, Issa Sesay, Eagle and Sam Kulleh. The witness explained that one of the photographs, which had Bockarie, Sankoh and Sam Kuleh, were taken in Kailahun just after Sankoh’s release from detention in Kailahun. Defense counsel asked that the photograps be marked for identification.

There was a short break because of technical problems in the court room.

Defense Oral Application in Response to Prosecution Notice under Rule 92bis for the Admission of Evidence of Four Crime Base Witnesses Relating Inter Alia to Kono.

Defense Counsel Morris Anya made an oral application to the Trial Chamber in response to a prosecution motion for the admission of the evidence of four witnesses under Rule 92bis. Defense counsel stated that the Taylor defense only received the motion this morning and are required to respond in five days. However, judging from what needs to be done in order to respond to the said motion, he made an application for an extension of time to respond and requested that the defense team be given until September 12, 2008 to respond to said motion. Prosecution counsel Brenda Hollis indicated that there was no objection to the said defense oral application. The Chamber ruled that the application was reasonable and that the defense was granted the extension of time, with a response to be received by close of business day on September 12, 2008.

The court room continued to encounter technical problems and so the chamber decided to have an early recess for the day. Court adjourned and should resume at 9:30am on Monday September 1st, 2008.