Defense attempts to highlight inconsistencies in TF1-375 testimony

Defense Counsel attempted to point out inconsistencies between the Witness’ direct evidence and earlier statements in interviews:

Promotion to Major

Defense Counsel refers to Tab 15 (an interview dated October 18, 2007) which states that he told the prosecutor investigators that he received a rank in the year 2000. The Witness stated that he did not recall saying this to the investigator. He said he told the OTP investigators that he was promoted in 2002. He admitted that the investigators often read back their notes to him and corrected their notes, but he does not remember telling investigators to correct the year regarding his promotion. The Witness said that he was promoted to major by Benjamin Yeatin in 2000 and was sent to Sierra Leone. He stated that he does not remember telling the investigators about a promotion generally.

The Junta Period

The Witness confirmed that he told investigators that neither he or Superman went to Tongo because of tensions with Issa Sesay. He added that this was during the junta in 1997. He stated that the RUF were initially viewed as “bushman” or untrained by the AFRC. This viewed was reversed when ECOMOG was pushed the junta out of Freetown and into the bush. Regarding infighting after the ECOMOG intervention, the Witness stated that there was no continuous in-fighting between factions of the RUF.

The Witness also testified to the following:

· In September 1999, in the Witness’ view Sam Bockarie was a major general. He also stated that he was present at the time when Superman killed the bodyguards of another major general. However, the Witness stated that he does not consider this “in-fighting.” He did not know who the “leader” was that called upon the RUF to join the AFRC. He also was not aware that such an order had been issued.

· Regarding whether he had heard an allegation that Superman had embezzled 9 million Leones sometime during the junta period, the Witness stated he had heard only that Superman was arrested for the second time because of problems with money. The Witness stated that he was not aware of the capture of 300 ECOMOG soldier in 1996, although he had heard of later captures.

· The Witness testified that he did not hear Johnny Paul Karoma on the radio announcing that Issa Sesay had looted the Iranian embassy, but he heard rumors at the time that Issa Sesay had run into problems with the government.

· Superman did not go to diamond mining in Tonga because he and Sam Bockarie had a misunderstanding. He also said that Sam Bockarie wanted to arrest Superman and therefore Superman did not go to Kenema. Superman did not avoid Kenema because of a shooting involving SLA soldiers.

· The Witness confirmed that he stated in direct that the PC Ground and Superman Ground were some miles apart. He disagreed that PC Ground was the same place as Superman Ground.

Despite this above facts, the Witness maintained that the relationship with the AFRC and the RUF remained cordial.

Other Inconsistencies in Testimony

· Red Lion Battalion: The Witness stated that he did not remember the number of people in the Red Lion Battalion (RLB). In earlier interviews, the Witness provided specific numbers relating to the composition of the RLB. The Witness stated that he did not know the exact number of Superman’s bodyguards that made up the RLB.

· 40-Barrel Missile: The Witness testified about capturing heavy weapons from Ghanaian forces, including a 40-barrel missile. Defense counsel noted that the 40-barrel missile was not mentioned in the initial interview notes. The Witness maintained he discussed this issue in his initial interview. He later stated that he did not mention the 40-barrel missile specifically because it had been destroyed and because he did not believe it would be of interest to the OTP. The Defense sought to establish that the first time the Witness mentioned a 40-barrel missile to OTP was in the May 2008 prepping session after others had already testified to its existence.

Finally, the Witness testified that he did not see Charles Taylor’s direct involvement in any arms transactions in Bonga or at White Flower.

The Court adjourned for the day at 4:30 p.m. until tomorrow 9.30 a.m.