Court Resumes After Mid-Morning Break: Cross-Examination of Witness TF1-338 Continues in Closed Session

12:00pm: Court resumed after mid-morning break and defense counsel continued the cross-examination of Witness Tf1-338.

Transfer of arms seized from UN Peacekeepers

Defense counsel asked the witness about the seizure of weapons from UN peacekeepers. The witness reiterated his earlier position that he did not make any statement that weapons were seized from UN peacekeepers in 1998. He said that the weapons were seized in early 2000 and they were returned in 2002. The witness also said he did not tell prosecution investigators that Taylor played a role in facilitating the return of those weapons. He said Taylor’s role had to do with the release of UN peacekeepers held hostage by the RUF.


The defense went through the witness’s written statements and tried to highlight inconsitencies with his oral testimony. The witness stated that he made several corrections to his written statements and that he signed whenever he made such corrections.

Defense counsel made an application that the court be moved into private session as he next line of questioning might disclose the identity of the witness.

Court went into closed session and remained so for the rest of the day.