Morning Session: Defense Concludes Cross-Examination of Witness TF1-338 in Closed Session: Prosecution Re-Examines Witness

9:30am: Defense counsel for Mr. Taylor, Mr. Terry Munyard concluded the cross-examination of witness TF1-338 in closed session. Prosecution counsel Brenda Hollis then re-examined the witness in open session.

During the re-examination of the witness, prosecution counsel tried to clarify a few things that had arisen during the cross-examination of the witness.

Distribution of Arms Supplied by Ukrainians

Counsel asked the witness about arms and ammunition that were supplied by Ukrainian’s in Magburaka during the junta rule in 1997. She asked the witness to explain how said arms and ammunition were distributed. The witness explained that some were sent to Freetown, some to Makeni and some stayed in Magburaka to repel any ECOMOG attacks.

RUF Rejected Support from Ukrainian Mercenaries

Counsel asked the witness about General Ibrahim Bah’s proposal for the RUF to use Ukrainian mercenaries to attack Kono. The witness explained that Superman intercepted the radio communication about the use of the mercenaries and he gave orders that the RUF should not use any said mercenaries because Sankoh had told them that since the revolution is a self reliant struggle, they should not take help from any outside forces except from his brother Charles Taylor.

Superman’s Movements from 1998

The witness was askd about his whereabouts in December 1998. He explained that he was in the Kono axis at that time. Asked where he went after that, he explained that he went to Makeni. In response to a question about Superman’s movement, the witness explained that Superman attacked Makeni but failed, then he moved to Binkolo. He said when Superman moved to Lunsar, Rambo met him there and together they all left to attack Freetown. The witness said they stopped at Waterloo because ECOMOG forces had blocked the road to Freetown. He said that Gullit and others who were already in Freetown, later retreated and met them in Waterloo.

The witness further explained how Superman moved to Liberia, was later recalled to lead the attack on Kissy Dugu in Guinea and after that mission, he went back to Liberiaa.

Prosecution ended the re-examination of the witness. Documents were tendered to be admitted into evidence.

Prosecution called its new witness TF1-585.