Afternoon Session: Examination of Witness TF1-579 Continues

3:00pm: Court resumed after lunch break and prosecution counsel Nicholas Koumjian continued the examination of Witness TF1-579.

The witness continued his explanation about the death of Sam Bockarie and how Yeaten received instructions from Taylor in that regard. The witness spoke about the death of Jungle and explained how he was killed. He said the Jungle was killed by Nyani, on the instructions of Yeaten.

Photo Identification

Prosecution counsel Mr. Koumjian asked that the witness be shown a photo for identification. Defense counsel Mr. Anyah raised concerns that no foundation had been laid to establish the purpose of the photos. Prosecution counsel Mr. Koumjin clarified that he was only using the photo to identify certain individuals and that the identification will establish the foundation for its use. The witness was then asked to identify certain individuals in the photo. The witness identified a lady in uniform called Gen. Lucy, who was an ADC to Taylor. He also identified Taylor in the photo, Joseph Montegomery, Kadiatu Jarrah, and James Kemu, the person he earlier said was beheaded by Yeaten when Sam Bockarie was executed.  The witness also indentified another individual as Isaac Musa.  Court moved into private session as other matters bothered on the security of the witness.

When court resumed in open session, prosecution counsel requested that the photos identified by the witness be marked and admitted into evidence.

That was the end of the examination-in-chief of the witness.

Defense counsel Mr. Anyah informed the court that he was going to make an application as indicated earlier that the cross-examination of the witness be adjourned on two grounds:

1. He said that because Prosecution had not informed the defense about the late appearance of this particular witness, disclosures of some of his statements/preppings were made very late and he had not had time to get full instructions from Mr. Taylor on how to  proceed with the witness as all the documents have not been properly read.

2. He said that the second basis of the application had to do with issues discussed earlier on in private session and will need directions from the bench on how to proceed.

Justice Doherty ordered that the court be put in private session in order to discuss the second basis of the application. Court went into private session.

When court resumed in open session, Justice Doherty stated that the defense application for an adjourment will be granted and that the cross-examination of the witness will commence on November 24, 2008. Justice Doherty asked the prosecution whether they will be ready with another witness tomorrow. Mr. Koumjian informed the court that Witness TF1-045, an insider witness will take the witness stand tomorrow.

Defense counsel Mr. Anyah informed the court that Mr. Munyard is supposed to have carriage of the witness tomorrow but since he might not be ready to do so, another counsel might have to stand in on his behalf. Justice Doherty asked Mr. Anyah to first confer with Mr. Munyard and when court resumes in the morning, they will determine how to proceed.

Court adjourned for the day.