Morning Session: Examination of Witness TF1-579 Continues Mostly in Closed Session

Thursday November 6, 2008.

10:00am: Court resumed with the evidence of TF1-579 but almost the whole of the morning session was spent in closed/private session due to security concerns by the witness.

At the start of the morning session, the witness indicated that he had some concerns which he wanted to bring to the attention of the court. Prosecution counsel Mr. Koumjian suggested that such concerns be heard in private session in order to protect the identity of the witness. Court went into private session.

When court resumed in open session, there was a dialogue about a motion that should be filed by the prosecution and a response to be made by counsel for the defense. The details of the motion were not discussed in public session.

The witness was brought into the court to continue his testimony. Prosecution counsel asked that the court be moved into private session because of the nature of the questions that he intended to ask. Court went into private session for the remaining period of the morning session.