Court Adjourned to February 9, 2009, As Prosecution Ends Evidence with Testimony of The Last Witness Against Charles Taylor

On Friday January 30, 2009, the prosecution concluded its evidence against Charles Taylor. 91 witness in total testified against Mr. Taylor. The court is adjourned and will resume with a Status Conference on February 9, 2009.


  1. A whole year of the Prosecution case and nothing has been proved against Mr. Taylor. What a disgrace!

  2. I quite agree with what you have said Mr. This trial should not have been pursued in the manner it has . It is true that people/leaders must be prosecuted for gross crimes and injustices but the practice of selective trials shouldn’t be the norm. Mr Taylor’s trial has reflected a trace of witch-hunt and yet still has not been able to prove their allegations beyond reasonable doubt. It is really quite a disgrace .

  3. Hey Aki and Rgk007, you guys are a disgrace to Africa and Liberia (where I suspect you are from). First of all you are blattantly aware of the fact that it’s Taylor’s own past and evil deals that are witch-hunting him and nobody. How much proof do you need than the perpetration of the actual mayhem. Just shut up, sit and watch what happens to him next

  4. I think people are s clouded by thier hatred and digust for Mr. taylor that they tend to not look at what this case was about. this case was never about liberia and as a result it wuld have always been difficult t convict mr.taylor. i am a firm believer that Mr. taylor was a party to the chaos that was cause in west africa. what i dont believe is that he bears the greatest responsibility. that burden falls on a lot of players that are running around today as so called national figures in respective countries in west africa. this case should have invovled a wider range of players and maybe it would have had the intended result. Mr. Taylor has been called a lot of things but not stupid. so lets watch and see how he get out of this.

  5. I just saw this comment Dee.

    Yes we are Africans and yes it is our wars not yours. How dare you sit in whereever you come from to pass judgement on things that have not been proven. The whole case is a farce and yes we believe Mr Taylor will walk. Too bad your western imperialistic ego will not be fanned. i can see where you come from. Typical Westerner trying to make us Africans look inferior. We are not interested in your western form of justice; neither do we appreciate your socall one sided analysis of the situation. did you review the case and the evidence? or is this blind ignorance and hatred for a succesful black African clouding your vision.

    Yes we are indeed waiting to see what will happen to Mr. Taylor next as we are fully aware that the prosecution has not been able to present any damaging evidence. There is a new world order about to resurface or have you forgotten? No more will ther be blattent injustice committed by big countries only because they have the power to do so. If someone is guilty he will face the law; however if it is a witchhunting simply because he stood up to the big boys, he will be free. And from all indications Taylor will walk.

  6. Thanks very much Helen, you show that you are true African. Thes Westeners don’t want our brothers to live, while they are the same people who can send our brothers to suffer us, than later when they don’t do what they want, they will wish jail for them, so that you will not disclose their deal.

    But they will be SHAME, If God Say’s yes no Man can say NO.

    And Charles Taylor will walk on the Streets of Monrovia Again, In JESUS Name.

  7. Hi gentlemen:
    I am a Liberian and hope to see a transparent Justice in the Case against Taylor and UN/Sierra Leone. We should do everything to not divide Africa because of Mr. Taylor or anybody. All we hope is that the Court should do everything to be transparent, fair and let Justice be given. Liberia and Sierra Leone has come a long way and need each other to develop their countries and citizens. I feel for Taylor while others whom we know took part are moving around here and there and he is in court. so sad but JUSTICE IS GOOD FOR ALL OF US.


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