Taylor Defense Team to Make No Case Submission (Rule 98 Submission) on April 6, 2009

On April 6, 2009, defense team for Mr. Taylor will make a Rule 98 submission before the Trial Chamber judges. This submission, called a “No Case Submission” or a “Motion for Judgement of Acquital” will take the form of an oral submission by the defense that the prosecution has not proved it’s case or has not rendered sufficient evidence on one or more of the counts in the indictment. The defense will have four hours to make it’s submission. The prosecution response to the defense submission will be made few days later. No date has yet been set for the prosecution response.

The decision to have this hearing on April 6, 2009 was made at the Status Conference of the parties held on February 27, 2009. No date has yet been set for the commencement of the defense case.


  1. I believe the Judges will rule infavor of the Defense to drop some of the eleven counts of indictment.

  2. Even if the judge rule in favor of the defense and drop the case and free Taylor, does that means Taylor is not guilty of an crime or wrong doing, only God can say Taylor is not guilty

  3. It surprises me a lot to read that the prosecution has not been able to prove their much publicized case against Charles Taylor. I am eagerly waiting to see international justice in the making.

  4. Sackor,
    Is this case based on what GOD will say??? Or is it based on EVIDENCES??? If the EVIDENCES presented by the prosecutors don’t pass the judges test….DISMISS THE CASE!!!

    My view, some will be drop and both sides will come to an agreement instead of restarting or continueing the case. I say Mr. Taylor will be ask NOT to return to West Africa…a country will be found for him to live FOREVER.


  5. I am interested in the charles Taylor trial primarily to get more understanding of how justice is dispensed in the international court system.
    Whether he wins or or found gilty, that is not my concern. I am just curious to know the steps that may lead to his innocence or guilt. That is what I want to know tell others about the workings of the intenational justice system including the courts such as the Sierra Leone special court.wleewon

  6. Almost all of those who testify in the court against Charles Taylor did not actualy give us clear pictures as how this man was involved in the war in Sierra Leone. Most of their statements were base on they say.Those whom we were expecting to give us good reasons against Taylor did not do so.
    We are waiting to see the final judgment. I believe the court will run judgment without favour.

  7. Wheather taylor be free or not my concern is the international court should find a country for taylor to live.

  8. I believe the Judges will rule infavor of the Defense to drop some of the eleven counts of indictment.

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