1. Taylor’s statement is just an eye opener and shows the involvement of several World figures in the conflict.At the end of his testimoney, he would have stripped many big men naked

  2. Every time I read comments on this site I wonder “what must be going through their minds?” The gods of this world (America and Great Britain) are in charge, and there is nothing one can do about it. Regardless of how hard the defense and prosecution tries, the end result is what the gods have decided. The final saying is not with those pitiful judges at that court, the gods have the final saying—Taylor is going to jail. They can make Taylor into a demon or they can make him into an angel if they choose to do so. I love the TV series “prison break.” Have you guys seen it?

  3. I dont like the pause after the last opening statement. It is not sufficient after revelations of that type in the prior court room depositions. “Unforseen circumstances.”

  4. Look we need to read the full transcript of this trial so as to get better understanding of Mr. Taylor testimony to the court. So Mr. editor, please do just that instead of summaries.

    1. Gemenie,
      You can read the FULL EXCHANGES on the Special Court link….click on there and to to cases; select Charles Taylor and go to transcript.

  5. How soon is soon for you? When will you be publishing your summary on what happened in Court on Thursday. Best regards, Karen Kleinwort

  6. John,

    Taylor statements about other world figures involvement in the conflict is not a secret. There was leaders that supported Doe and there where leader that supported Taylor and there where leaders who support Doe and Taylor some of them at the same time. If you research, listen or read Taylor testimony, those leader who supported Taylor seem to be on or within the Pan- African movement . Those leaders supported Doe had taken their government over in bloody coup and was seen as dictators. The big men who will be stripped naked or those who will not stand up for their cause.

  7. To John…
    and in stripping those other men naked as you say, he is only revealing his own weakness as a man, allowing himself to be controlled by all these other people. How about “being the captain of his own fate”?? Instead he chose to be “puppetted” by all these “powerful men” and now he is trying to blame them instead of taking responsibility for his own actions in allowing himself to be succumbed by them…

  8. Taylor has just started telling his story. He is not even in the timeline of the indictment. I am sure Taylor will tell why he supported the RUF, something he has never denied. The problem I see already is when did he start and stop his support for the RUF.

    The prosecutor, if am not mistaken and I would like to be corrected if this is wrong, believe that Charles Taylor and Foday Sankoh plan together to take over Sierra Leone resources (Diamonds) though the acts set out in the indictment. Taylor has denied even knowing Sankoh. I can tell you I was totally shock but, it is the defense turn to tell their side.

    1. Ken,
      I don’t believe Sankoh EVER told this court he knew Mr. Taylor or when he knew him. He alluded as to how he got involved with RUF…..ULIMO was coming out of Freetown and he wanted to keep her there……Aug of ’90 to May of ’91 I believe.

  9. There is a blog called allabuja.blogspot.com . This site covers exclusively the Charles Taylor trial and I think people will find it interesting. Shelby Grossman who runs the site although no fan of Mr. Taylor for the most part remains objective.

    1. Aki – I agree. This blog of Shelby Grossman’s is a great resource. She adds analyses to the courtroom developments that are quite interesting for people to read who are followers of the Taylor trial.

  10. Dear Tracy,

    any update on when you will put up Thursday’s post. Thanks so much, Karen

    1. Karen – so sorry for the delay – Thursday’s post and the weekly report will be posted today.
      Thanks for your continued patience.

  11. Bravo Taylor, the trail should be fair, taylor say all in mind , we know that the world is not fair, George Bush killed in Iraque noting is done, Ellen Johnson Sharief, supported the war in liberia and she still become president, because American promise her 60,000000.00USD to signe Taylor arest also Obasinyo of Nigeria was full by the same American that if he turn taylor over he was going to run for tht third time. But the world are waching Serra Leone and the USA for the unfair behavior to the Liberian people not only Taylor. Sirra Leone was used by Thomas Quiwonkpa to kill liberia during 1985. agan Ulimo was trained in Guinea and use sirra Leone soil to also kill liberian. is the world blind? Taylor the time for you to die is over do not leave anyon on touch.God Bless you Mr. Taylor so that you may come back Liberia to complete your term.

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