Charles Taylor Dismisses United Nations Report On Sierra Leone as “Disgraceful”

A 2000 United Nations  Expert Panel Report, which accused Mr. Taylor of fueling the conflict in Sierra Leone through diamond and arms trade with Sierra Leonean rebel forces, took center stage today in Mr. Taylor’s testimony. Mr. Taylor dismissed the report as “disgraceful” and full of  “disinformation,” as he refuted all its allegations against him.

The report, which Mr Taylor dismissed as biased against him in yesterday’s testimony, alleged that Mr. Taylor received diamonds from two key rebel commanders in Sierra Leone: Ibrahim Ba, a Senegalese rebel commander who worked with Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels, and Johnny Paul Koroma, leader of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), a group of soldiers who overthrew the government of President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in May 1997. The AFRC joined forces with the RUF rebels but they were forcefully removed from power by West African peacekeepers in February 1998. Mr. Taylor denied receiving diamonds from any of these individuals.

“I never had a business relationship with Ibrahim Ba. I have never collaborated with Ba for any sale of diamonds. There has never been a business relationship with Ba. None whatsoever. There are no documents to prove this. I don’t recall  any evidence that mentioned diamonds taken from Johnny Paul Koroma,” Mr. Taylor said.

The UN report further named several individuals with whom Mr. Taylor is said to have had diamond transactions including Lt. Colonels Kennedy, Abdul Razak and Victor, each of whom were commanders of an RUF “mining unit” in Kono diamond fields in Sierra Leone. Responding to this, Mr. Taylor said that “I have had no contact with any of them.”

The report also accused Mr. Taylor of having representatives in Kono and Tongo Fields in Sierra Leone, where the RUF rebels mined diamonds. Mr. Taylor denied having any representative in any of these places.

“I don’t know who they are talking about but I never had any representative anywhere,” Mr. Taylor told the judges.

Mr. Taylor also responded to allegations in the UN report that the RUF  guesthouse in Liberia was used by RUF commanders for diamond transactions. Mr. Taylor denied knowledge of any such transactions taking place. “If I had found out, it would have been shut down. I had no idea it was used for such business activities,” he said.

Mr. Taylor told the judges that while he did “not dispute the fact that diamonds were smuggled to Liberia,”  his government had no involvement in such diamond deals. He denied receiving any diamonds from RUF commander Sam Bockarie.

The prosecution has alleged that while RUF leader Foday Sankoh was imprisoned in Nigeria, RUF commanders took diamonds to Mr. Taylor for safe keeping pending the release of their leader. Mr. Taylor has denied this allegation.

“I had no knowledge of the fact that Sam Bockarie brought diamonds to Liberia. I did not hold diamonds for safe keeping, I did not hold diamonds pending anybody’s release,” Mr. Taylor told the judges.

According to the UN Expert Report, “this trade [diamond trade with the RUF] cannot be conducted without high level government involvement.” Denying his government’s involvement in the diamond trade with RUF rebels, Mr. Taylor told the court that “the nature of the diamond trade then and now did not require any government involvement. This is the case not only in Liberia. Tourists buy diamonds,” he said.

Mr. Taylor referenced that even though the United States has a fence separating its border with Mexico, that has not stopped drug cartels from transporting drugs into the United States. “Why do they expect Liberia to detect little stones coming to the country? It is insulting,” he said.

The UN Expert Report also stated that Mr. Taylor maintained training facilities for RUF rebels at various locations in Liberia including Batala. Mr. Taylor denied that any such training facilities existed. “None whatsoever, no training facilities for RUF in Liberia,” he said.

He also told the judges that no prosecution witness has mentioned  any training facility for the RUF at Batala. The only training facility that has been mentioned by prosecution witnesses is the one at Camp Name, Mr. Taylor said.  According to the UN Expert Report, there is sufficient oral and documentary evidence to show that trainings were taking place at Batala. In response, Mr. Taylor explained that Sierra Leonean rebels who had followed Sam Bockarie when he relocated to Liberia in December 1999 were trained at Batala as part of the Anti Terrorist Unit (ATU) but they underwent such training only after they had been granted Liberian citizenship. They were therefore not RUF rebels anymore, he said.

Mr. Taylor went on to dismiss the legitimacy of the report altogether.  “This is the UN Panel writing this report and it is disgraceful. They should have done their home work. This is disinformation,” he said.

Mr. Taylor is responding to allegations that he provided support for RUF rebels in Sierra Leone through the supply of arms and ammunition in return for diamonds. The prosecution also alleges that Mr. Taylor gave direct orders to RUF commanders and that through his acts or omissions, he bears responsibility for the crimes committed by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied all these allegations. He is presently testifying as a witness in his own defense at the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Another HEARSAYS??? Why didn’t the prosecutors bring these personels in as evidence if what the UN was saying was FACTUAL??? This case has turned upside down and downside up. To see a case of this HIGH VALUE been prosecuted on NO FACTUAL PROOFS is amazing.

    The man asked and has asked and to see where the MESSES are coming from is telling. Those two great nations just came up with LIES just to punish one man???

  2. NoKo4,
    Your daily respond the these proceedings has left me to inquire if you are Charles Taylors’ son Chuky under a false name? Mr. Taylor is and was the master mind of the notorious RUF he was the only person they obey and listen to and as this trial is progressing the prosecution charges are becoming more realistic and denying the facts is not helping his case.

    1. Ziggy Sallis;

      Why is is that when someone is being objective and examining the evidence you all tend to try to say they are either a relative or have benefited from Mr. Taylor. Are you following the case truly? If you are you would know that the Defence is giving the Prosecution a bloody nose; and that is a fact. If you can not see it then it is obvious that you are not looking or do not want to look. By making acquisations to others will not change the issues as they exist.

      What Noko4 has been doing here is reflect the views of a majority of viewers out here who were misled by the international community and especially the UN and its principal funders and power players that Mr Taylor was a villian and thug.

      The Chief Prosecutor at the very begining of this case made us to understand that they had irrefutable evidence that Mr. Taylor was guilty. It is therefore shocking to us that this evidence has not been forthcoming. We would expect that if such apparently definitive assertion are being made by the Chief Prosecutor of an international court such as this or if the UN is to pass major Resolutions, there should be proof. These actions should be based on concrete evidence and not heresay and lies.

      What we see here is the UN passing Resolutions that restrict the govement and movement of individuals and the economic life of not just these individuals but ordinary Liberians all based on heresay and assumptions clothed in fabrications and lies. How can the UN show off such incompetence and total disregard for any acceptable standard of evidence gathering? In even an academic context one has to test the evidence before making assertion. Why was such a standard used by such an august body.

      Yes I join Noko4 is my shock and dismay at the failures of the international system and the revealing of their obvious major flaws. It makes me realise that if they dislike you for whatever reason they can trump up charges and accusations and falsely legitimize it through their machinery of the media, Resolutions Reports and sanction actions.
      We as ordinary individuals have no recourse before these powerhouses and are therfore left to be destroyed.

      I believe it is very important that there are individuals such as Noko4, AndrewJlay, Harris Johnson and Zobone and a few others who are not blinded by the very machinery used by these powerful nations and supranational bodies to to villianate individuals less powerful. If the Powerful is suppressing then the weak must speak out. It has nothing to do with support for Mr Taylor; but support for the right to not be lied on or set up because one is not a favourite of the powerful.

      This case reveals many flaws in the international system. As we are becoming aware, the UN and other international bodies are not perfect,and their decisions therfore can reflect their often biased views. This should be an eye opener for us all and should make us start to demand more transparency form these groups who have so much say in what happens in the lives of ordinary individuals.

      The UN needs to definitely answer to a lot of questions as to where they got their evidence that they used to conclude what they did and are still doing. Are you aware that based on this same flawed evidence individuals are still on a Travel ban and Asset Freeze even though Taylor has been out of power for the last 6 years? What is the justification and logical? Are they being vendictive? At least Mr. Taylor has a means of stating his case and vindicating himself. These individual have no means of doing so as they are not being charged with committing a crime so to speak. Where is the justice there?

      1. Thanks, Helen,

        You wouldn’t have said it better then this. You are surely one of our dreams and we are very proud that you are counted amoung the positive voices of our time. I agreed that it is now time that we speak for the many voice less in Africa. We can no longer remain silent on important issues like this trial and allow the socalled super speakers, like Mr. Rapp to keep misinforming and misleading our people because some of our brothers have failed to read obejectively without taking side with the powers. What is sadden is that they believe every word from the white man’s mouth. No, those days are gone, we will speak and let them do what they want with us. All we care is JUSTICE for the RED, WHITE, YELLOW, BROWN and BLACK. Keep talking Ma Helen history will be kind to you today and forever. Wake up Mama Liberia, and speak NOW or forever hold your peace.

        Best wishes

        Harris K Johnson

      2. Helen,
        Isn’t it amazing that the UN will RESTRCT individuals FREEDOM for NO REASON??? Absolutely ZERO reason!!!. Liberians are been banned from traveling out of their own country because they are RELATIVES to Mr. Taylor or JUST FRIENDS or WORKED within his administration …….plain and simple. WHY???

        Individuals properties are been seized….REASON??? Relatives, worked or just friends of Mr. Taylor And to add insult to this silliness , the Gov’t of Liberia wanted to ENFORCE such stupidity when her own Constitution was telling her “SHALL NOT”. Yes, Ellen tried the front and back doors entrances for the LEG to pass a LAW totally opposite of Articles 20a and 21a within the Constitution; WHY??? “The UN is pressing me” said Ellen….GOD BE DAMN Ellen!!!

        Is this what the UN is about??? She shows NO PROOFS to those individuals as to what wrong they committed yet they go NO WHERES and properties outside of Liberia seized. As we looked upon the years, we see names put on and taken off, HOW and WHY??? Is it when the British and the US say okay you are off then you are off???

        Ms. Grace Minor was taken off recently, but my questions, WHY WAS SHE EVEN PUT ON WITHOUT A CHARGE and HOW WAS SHE TAKEN OFF WITHOUT A HEARING??? Maybe Tracey can put this to her friends at the UN.

    2. Ziggy Salis

      That was a great joke. But unfortunately , this case is no laughing matter. When a person tells a story that can be supported by factual events, it can only be an “unverifiable lie” or the truth. It is unfortunate that the courts looks at the two as the same, but it protects the innocent. So if you have a way to verify that the stories Mr. Taylor is telling are lies, please contact the prosecutor.

    3. Ziggy Salis,

      Why didn’t you present your facts to the prosecution when you all had over 4 years to do so? Please don’t be asking for sons or associates of Mr. Taylor on this site. This site brings big minds together in order to exchange views on Mr. Taylor war crime trial. We think at the end of day, these views from both sides will help judges to conclude this all important, but TEST CASE TRIAL of INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE. Remember that Liberians are good at making history in Mama Africa. This case may just be another big victory for truth loving people on the globe. What we seek here is TRUE JUSTICE for all. So please keep your feelings about Noko4 and speak to the issues or forever hold your peace.



      1. T-bone,

        We are really sorry for you. You sound like your mind is empty on this trial. It would be good were you to ask master brains like Helen, Noko4,and noko5 to fill you in on issues. They are ontop of the moon 100% with no HEARSAY but facts.


        Harris K Johnson

    4. Ha ha ha ha Ziggy. No and no, NOT A RELATIVE.

      Ziggy, can you point out ONE FACTUAL FACT that was produced by the prosecutors that LINKED Mr. Taylor to RUF based on the MANDATE of this court??? No, just ONE.

    5. Ziggy Sallis,
      as a Sierra Leonean i know very well , that it was the Nigerians who started grinding the rumour mills about CT running a diamonds for guns enterprise with the rebels . At the time, ironic though it might seems , it was the very Nigerians who were selling the rebels weapons .
      Another point worth making when it comes to arms surply to the rebels is that , after Kabbah disbanded the army , the soldiers went off with large amount of heavy weapons and millions of rounds of amos . To add to the Nigerian misery , the rebels were successful in capturing most Nigerian outposts , killing thousands of them and in the process adding weaponry and amos to their cache .The military defeat of the Nigerians by the rebels was so profound ,that they intensified their cries of CT arming the rebels .
      Just to remind you ; The RUF got a lot of weapons from captured UN bases , they got arms from captured indian soldiers ; on the field the RUF captured 500 UN soldiers ; what happen to their weapons ? RUF took them all .
      When it comes to diamond mining , it was the Nigerian military officers who were at the forefront of things . We the people of Sierra Leone know that, most of the smuggled diamonds were going through Guinea and Gambia .
      So ,as far as i am concern CT did not perpetrate any crimes in Sierra Leone nor did he increase the gravity of the war.
      Tejan Kabbah should have been on that chair . Tejan Kabbah together with his nigerian bedfellows should have been on trial .Tejan Kabbah is for millions of Sierra Leoneans an “International War Criminal !!!

    6. Ziggy,

      You said, to Noko4, “Your daily respond the these proceedings has left me to inquire if you are Charles Taylors’ son Chuky under a false name?”

      All I can say it, immature, premature, elementary, lack of substance, and I hope you can argue better than this….really sad! :o( —-lets talk things of substance, please.

      1. Bnker,
        The man wants me to be like him…..blind myself to the evidences been put forth. But guess what, he is doing the same thang I am doing…….RESPONDING DAILY ALSO…what a woderful world.

    7. Bro.zigggy,

      What do you think about stephen Rapps deceptive behavior to the people of sierraleone? He has created a case of no substance, thinking he would had made some money, but only to be charlenged to proof his mess he has created, which you and I know he is never going to. He also put the people of sierraleone under the impression that he was bringing billions for them from taylors alledge account, which we are yet to see. Do you still trust this guy , eventhough he is on his way to eat his ham burgers,drink star bucks coffee and HA..HA…HA..have lavish lunch with nice girls, while smoking expensive cuban cigars. Trust me he is done with the people of sierraleone,,, I advice that people start to think about taking the lier to court if he really , really leave this case hanging as he’s saying.

  3. QC Griffiths, BRAVO you are a real professional. The prosecution case reads: THE PROSECUTOR OF THE SPECIAL COURT
    When the persecution were presented her case it was The special court V. Taylor not the Republic of Liberia. QC Griffiths, why is it that the defense has deviated from the persecution case against Taylor and is turning it into a case of THE PRESECUTOR OF THE SPECIAL COURT V.

    1. Big B,
      Simply……in going after Mr. Taylor, Liberia suffered. This silliness of SANCTIONS does not ALWAYS work!!!!. I can guarrantee you that Mr. Taylor and his family ate THREE or MORE times a day while Mr. & Mrs Joe & Jo Blow couldn’t afford a daily meal…..yes that was what in part what the SANCTIONS did.

      Her ZEAL to punish ONE MAN regardless of WHO and/or WHAT was/were in the way didn’t matter. The US accused the man for starting a war but turned around and supported a group(LURD) to bring GUNS and BULLETSr into a region that needed BREAD and BUTTER….

      I too join you in THANKING the defense for leaving NO STONE unturned.

    2. Big B,

      Do not bother with the defense team. the job is excellent and satisfactory. The indictment and the rule 98 decision are being dealt with strategically.

      God bless you.

  4. Big B,
    The case is now the Prosecutor v the Republic of Liberia because Mr.Taylor is a former President of Liberia; moreover, the prosecution have said that Mr. Taylor is responsible for the crimes committed by the RUF rebels for diamonds. Look, diamonds are nothing in West Africa as westerner look at it.
    In Liberia right now, there are diamond mining going on that the Liberian President don’t even know about. Anyone can buy and carry diamond without the president of Liberia known about it. Up to now, there are diamonds leaving Sierra Leone going through Liberia and Guinea as this trial is on going. There are diamonds leaving Liberia going through Sierra Leone and Guinea as well. Can the international Community prosecute the President of Guinea, Sierra Leone and the current president of Liberia just for that?
    I think Mr. Taylor should be punish for something else instead of the crimes that the Sons of Sierra Leone committed against their own people! Sierra Leonean need to look back and read between the lines and bring to book the actual people who are responsible for their problems. Just to let your know Tejan Kabbah is one of those responsible for your problem; your need to make sure that he’s prosecuted!

    1. Hi Jocone,

      Thanks for the smart comment concerning the movement of diamonds between these highly densed forested countries, but I differ a little on the part that has to do with punishment. I believe there is no need for mr. taylor to be punished at all, reason is that the problem of hostility that was in that subregion started before the incursion of president taylor and the NPFL. Beside, major players of this entire conflict are roaming the region with impunity. WHY IS THAT??? Even some of them are still holding important public offices both in liberia and sierraleone. This is absurd and a total mokry of justice. I mean total nonesence. It needs to be brought to an immediate HAULT>>>

      1. noko5

        Don’t get distracted by the emotional challenged. Myself and many other like to hear your factual statements. Sometimes a little extreme but you have interesting points.

  5. Ziggy Salis,
    Where were you when ULIMO Captured the border of Liberia and Sierra Leone in 1991-1992? ULIMO held that position until election in Liberia on July 19, 1997 at which time Taylor was elected President of Liberia.
    Was Taylor controlling RUF and Supplying them with weapons you think? If so, how was the weapons getting there when ULIMO controled the border of Sierra Leone, Bomi, Cape mount, Lofa all the way to the Guinean Border and part of Bong Counties? For about 5- 6 years ULIMO controled those areas without Mr. Taylor, how did RUF continue to fight in Sierra Leone if Mr. Taylor was the one supplying them with Weapons?
    Don’t forget that, there were 4 other rebels groups fighting Mr. Taylor around this same time we’re talking about. So put on your thinking cap Ziggy Salis inorder to find the right answers because it seems as if you’re just talking and not connecting the dot.

  6. Hi Ziggy,
    Thanks for your respond to Noko 4. You know as a Liberian Taylor interacted with the RUF at certain point which he admited. Now to be held responsible for all that went on in Sierra Leone is where the problem lies. Maybe he did but this man is saying this is not an easy thing to just go away with like. With all these charges at least there should be some documentations, let the court come forward and bring them. Look I can remember when Taylor was still president and this diamond and money in foreign banks came about. Taylor challenged the world ever since to prove that if he had that money so this is not today he is saying no to most of thes charges. He might have had a row to play maybe but to say he is the cause of all that went on in that country confusing without documents, this is something we need to think about.

    1. Leroy,
      Please DO NOT follow that blind man called Ziggy…….he is amazed of my skill…ha ha ha

  7. Big B,

    Don’t you know that the case against President Taylor surrounds the time of his presidency?
    His presidency involved the government of Liberia at the time since the UN report alleged that such a trade as diamonds cannot be conducted without high level government involvement. Therefore please bear in mind that the UN is the one who turned the case between the Special Court vs Liberia and not the defense team.

  8. This whole case is just incredible. I have been following this case daily, earnestly and carefully reading the transcript of proceedings. as a neutral person, I think this case is turning out to be one that will increase the popularity of Charles Taylor rather than decrease it. He is gradually winnning over a lot of supporters among the neutrals and fair minded people following this case. Obviously, the prosecutor should have done a better job. Issah Sesay and Morris Kallon are available. they should have called them to come and testify as prosecution witnesses against Charles Taylor if what they (The prosecution) have alleged is true that would have given their case more weight. with all the documentary evidence that Charles Taylor is presenting, it will be difficult for the prosecution to prove its case if they do not change their strategy immediately, if its not alreadsy too late.

    1. Sam,
      The prosecutors have RESTED; I stand corrected but I don’t think they can JUST call anyone just because……their goal is to pluck holes in Mr. Taylor’s testimony and his witnesses. But looking at what he has done, and if I was his counsel, I will END on just him alone.

  9. If the UN report that says Mr. Taylor had a Liberian diamond dealer in Sierra Leone is anything to go by, why didn’t the UN or US have him arrested? HEARSAY to day, HEARSAY tomorrow and HEARSAY, forever.


  10. Big B

    Used your common sense and realized, don’t allow your anger against Mr.Taylor to over shadow you reasoning I know you are now speaking from Mr.Rapp interview he had in Monrovia.

    Look Mr.Rapp is a prosecutor he will always speak in his favor to convince the public that Mr.Taylor is responsible because he got evidence to prove that.

    So if you come and believe what he say with all these trial transcript from the court available for you to read and understand my brother then you are what the white man refers to as a true African.

    Because they believe that if you want to hide something from the black man put it in writing and i am so sorry that some of you guys are still falling to that, because i see know were in this trial that the focus have been shift from Sierra Leone to Liberia if you think i am giving you wrong information then read!

    Ziggy sails you guys are in a public discussion and your deportment should be mature and constructive.


  11. People of Liberia – Herman Cohen Revelation about Roberts Field,

    It was beneficial to Liberia that Taylor testified. People of Liberia, Herman Cohen wrote in his memoire that the Defense Team introduced in Taylor’s ongoing trial that the section of the Roberts International Airport, that was dedicated to Liberia was used to among other things to transport military supplies to the UNITA Rebel. America used Liberian territory to brew conflit in another African nation.

    And the other starked revelation Herman Cohen made was that the US Government paid a token $100, 000.00 yearly for the use of the facility.

    This is nonesense. shear nonesense. This is so annoying. People of Liberia wake up. I wonder how much the American also paid for the VOA’s and OMEGA.

    1. Noko, Helen and others,

      I hope you all can find the time to go through the daily transcript. A section of Liberia’s history is written right here. These disclosures have to be written in books. I can hardly believe that the American Government would propose to lease a section of our Airport for $100,000 a year. Guys please excuse, but I have been so annoyed since I heard this.

      The American used us and when we needed them they abandoned us. We have to grapple with this. According to Mr. Cohen, the ceasefire that he arranged early in the Liberian conflict, was disapproved by his bosses at the White House, claiming that he overstep his bounds. And that is how Liberia sunk, because the conflict just degenated after that.

      we must learn our lessons, never to trust America. If this is how you treat a traditional friend, then I believe there is no tradition, just interest.

      Right now, in this trial, they are putting Liberia at loggerhead with Sierra Leone. They have infused more money than necessary to cover travel and daily expenses for these so- called in order to induce them to lie.

      1. Andrew,
        And all we heard about that ceasefire was Mr. Taylor DID NOT LIKE IT……amazing how this one man gets BLAMED for others actions.

        Didn’t we see those naval ships just outside of Liberia’s water while Liberians were dying?? Her reason for NOT coming in to STOP the mess she knew so much about given that Mr. Taylor was in communication with her……..INTERNAL PROBLEM.

  12. Lets all be reminded that this trial is far from over charges were investagated and level against Charles Taylor, all we are seen here is his dinials to these charges but at the end of his case the prosecution will have their chance to confront him during cross examinations and that when you all will see the lier this man really is.for now hold your horses THIS IS NOT OVER YET!

    1. Okay, until the FAT LADY SINGS we understand but the curtains are closing. Is there any other act to be seen?? Maybe, the cross examination and if the prosecutors don’t bring their A GAME…..will you agree that we do THE END to this show???

      As you can see, the defense is MILES and MILES ahead in term of presentation which the judges are to based their decisions on.

    2. Ziggy,
      Iam happy that you are conceeding ; I believe you’ve goten to understand that up to this point, procsecution got no case. Believe me, up to the cross examinations and after, you ZIGGY, will call me and say NOKO!!, you were saying the true. Rapp is a lier. He is the one that is after sierraleonean diamonds, not taylor.

  13. Ziggy Salis,

    What we are saying is that unlike the Prosecution who presented hearsay evidence and second and third hand evidence, Mr Taylor has been able to present documentary evidence. I do not see how this can be faulted by anyone. Do not forget some of these documents were actually produced by the very same Westerners. Have you seen how many inconsistencies the US UK and UN actions protrayed? On the one hand they praised Mr. Taylor’s involvement only to go back and sponsor the launch of a smear campaign when they could not totally control him.

    You say Taylor is a liar? Well I think the real liars are those who fabricated some of the reports we are seeing uncovered here. If this court was a real court and not one that is politically motivated, this case would not see the light of day as it would have been thrown out ages ago for lack of evidence.

    Yes we await the Prosecution cross. I surely want to see how they will dig themselves out of this mess. I expect them to try to be nasty but that will not save their face.

    And Ziggy, since you profess to know so much about the notion that Mr Taylor supposedly is lying, tell us where were you to know this so-call truth? Why didn’t you present this so-call alternative view to the prosecution? You see it is simply that you are only basing your assumptions on hearsay. Did you see Mr. Taylor perpetrate these acts he is being accused or did you hear from someone and most likely the international press. Yes you are a classic example of an individual who has been manipulated by the media. In the future try to make judgements based on facts and actual evidence and not what you hear in the international media. It is not alway true. it is the job of the international media to be sensationalist. Go figure.

    I prefer to believe the person who is backing his statements with documentary evidence than the Prosecution that brougha bunch of liars to tellus ‘they say’ and ‘he said’. EVIDENCE EVIDENCE EVIDENCE! THAT IS ALL WE ASK FOR.

  14. Ziggy Salis,
    The prosecution have done nothing to proved any of their charges against Mr. Taylor while presenting her case. In return, Mr. Taylor have shown documentations to proved that he’s not what the prosecution have said he is. For example, he told the court that he help the RUF rebels from August 1991 to May 1992 because he decided to fight ULIMO in Sierra Leone.

    Through the help of the so-called peace keeper in Liberia at the time, ULIMO was able to captured western Liberia up to the Guinean border leaving that part of Liberia with the Sierra Leonean border under ULIMO control for about 6 years. So my question to you is that, why didn’t you or the Prosecution investgate as to who was supplying the RUF with weapons for those 6 years period? Why didn’t the special court for Sierra Leone charge Mr. Taylor from the period of March of 1991 to the time he ( Mr.Taylor ) left Liberia?
    I must say this, if Mr. Rapp actually served in the US Military and serving as chief prosecutor on this case against Mr. Taylor and Using they say as evidences, he is a disgrace to the American People.
    He didn’t do a good of a job and it’s sad! I think that’s the reason why he’s leaving saying that he got a new assignment. Your Sierra Leonean know better for an outsider to come and tell your lies about what your went through is so sad. A big killer like Tejan Kabbah is walking around like a hero as your look at him but he was bless that his own forces ( The STF )didn’t kille him! But some day your will get to know who is responsible for your problems! Keep your eyes out>

    1. Dear Reed,

      When you click on “Trial Proceedings (RSS)” on the right-hand side of the website, it should take you to the RSS page, where you can select to follow the Charles Taylor Trial website. After you select the icon to follow the website, you should have access to the RSS feed. Please let us know if this does not work.


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