“My Interest In Sierra Leone Was Peace For The People, Not Foday Sankoh,” Taylor Says

Charles Taylor was only interested in achieving peace in Sierra Leone for the people of the country, not for the benefit of the country’s rebel leader Foday Sankoh, Mr. Taylor told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today at his trial in The Hague.

“My plan to bring peace to Sierra Leone was not for Foday Sankoh but for the people of Sierra Leone,” Mr. Taylor told the court today.

Mr. Taylor explained that when he became president of Liberia in 1997, he was anxious for peace to return to Sierra Leone in order to bring development to his own country.

“This has never been for Sankoh but for Sierra Leone. I was in a hurry to do something for my people in Liberia and this cannot move ahead without peace in Sierra Leone,” Mr. Taylor said. “If there is no peace in Sierra Leone, there will be no peace in Liberia.”

Mr. Taylor told the judges that he became very active in efforts to bring peace to Sierra Leone. He told the judges that when the government of Sierra Leone finally decided to hold peace talks with the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Togo, which eventually resulted in the 1999 Lome Peace Agreement, Liberia had a permanent delegation based in the Togolese capital to help Sierra Leone’s peace efforts.

“They were there because of my role, we wanted somebody on the ground that could brief me regularly on progress with the peace talks,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor himself eventually traveled to Togo for the final signing of the peace agreement between the government of Sierra Leone and the RUF. As a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Committee of Five [a committee set up to facilitate a peaceful end to the conflict in Sierra Leone], he was made to sign the final peace agreement as a moral guarantor to the peace efforts between the two parties.

Mr. Taylor said that after the signing of the peace agreement between the government of Sierra Leone and the RUF, he advised RUF leader Foday Sankoh to change the RUF into a political machine and seek a mandate from the people of Sierra Leone like he (Taylor) did in Liberia.

“Stop the war, go into politics, drop the gun and go into politics. You can’t go into politics with a gun in your hand,” Mr. Taylor said he told Foday Sankoh.

The prosecution has accused Mr. Taylor of providing support for the RUF rebels  in Sierra Leone throught the supply of arms and ammunition as well as provision of personnel for combat against the government and people of Sierra Leone.  There have also been allegations that the RUF rebels sought advice from Mr. Taylor and that he used his position of authority to influence the rebel forces. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations and insists that his involvement in Sierra Leone was purely for peaceful purposes based on a mandate from ECOWAS leaders.

Mr. Taylor also told the court today that when United Nations officials, West African peace keepers and journalists were held captive by the West Side Boys — a dissident group from the Sierra Leone army who were loyal to Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC) leader Johnny Paul Koroma — he was able to peacefully negotiate the release of the hostages.

In 1999, the West Side Boys held UN, West African Peace keepers and journalists hostage in demand for the release of Johnny Paul Koroma, leader of the AFRC, who had been held captive by RUF rebels in Kailahun.  The AFRC was a group of Sierra Leone army soldiers who overthrew the government of President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in 1997. They formed an alliance with the RUF but were forcefully removed from power by West African peacekeepers in 1998.

Mr. Taylor said that upon hearing reports of what the West Side Boys had done, he facilitated the release of Johnny Paul Koroma after convincing the RUF commanders at a meeting in Liberia to let Mr. Koroma go. Mr. Taylor said he also had Johnny Paul Koroma travel to Liberia to speak with the West Side Boys to release the hostages.  He said it was no secret that he did this because he wanted peace in Sierra Leone.

“The United Nations know, I know, Tejan Kabbah knows, Obasanjo knows, Eyadema knows, everybody is aware of what is going on,” he said.

Asked by his defense counsel Courtenay Griffiths whether he secured the release of Johnny Paul Koroma because he “was in charge of the RUF,” Mr. Taylor responded “no no no, I am not speaking ever or dealing with the RUF as president of Liberia alone. I am dealing with them as a member of the Committee of Six [Previously Committee of Five], the principal person responsible for the Sierra Leone process. That’s how  am dealing with them.”

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Mr. Taylor, you did what was asked and reqiured of you and for that you are paying a price…. What a DISGRACEFUL SHAME!!!.

    Many of us knew from the get go this was a MOCKORY OF JUSTICE; glad you are standing up…..if the judges still believe that you SHALL spend an extra day in jail, do it with GRACE with your cheeks up high. But if TRUE JUSTICE is what they seek also, you shall be a FREE MAN.

  2. Look my people; I am so very surprise at these people who call themselves human right organization s, if they think they are really to organized to fight for the rights of people of this world, why they haven’t come up atleast to say something positive after the exposure of all these hidden infos. by taylor. HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH.. where are you??? Amenesty International where are you?? MR. KOFFI WOODS…JPC. where are .. because some of YOU are the ones who use to send those LIEING messages around the world… come on stage bring your prooofs. and the list go on and on….we will get to the bottom..others will face justice tooo…. The lieing game will come to an end.

  3. A defense of admissions and denials continues to hunt this defensive apparatus of Charles Taylor, first he confessed to not having dealings and or influence over the RUF but from his own admission today he was the only member of this so-called committee of six that these blood thirsty, flesh eating RUF could listen to, simply because he{Taylor} was their sole creator for the purpose of installing fears among other west africans leaders that was in disagreement him. if you live by the sword you die by the sword Mr. Taylor these judges are not that stupid.

    1. Zigggy Salis, why are you stone walling on the facts especially after documentery evidence has being demonstrated and displayed in the court by the defense team? Are you still calling the Committe of Five “so-called? What will it take for you to be at least objective? your mind is fixated on this trial. But I will remind you, that President Taylor has never admitted to any of these false charges levied against him. Neither has he conceded or confessed of having dealing and influence over the RUF within the context that you are suggesting. His dealing with the RUF/AFRC was in keeping with the mandate of the Committee of Five. His meeting with Sam Bockarie was in acquienscence with the UN, than OAU, American government, and Ecowas. For your information, during one of Bockarie visits to Liberia in 1999, he met with the UN Special Envoy, American, Sierra Leonean and other foreign Ambassadors accredited near Monrovia before meeting the host President Taylor. I guess you don’t have problem with Bockarie meeting all the other people except Taylor. Your biases and prejudices against President Taylor will always expose your moral defences and at the same time work on your guilty conscience.

  4. Since we are talking about the Special Court of Sierra Leone, what do you think about one for Liberia? We know that the TRC completed its report and submitted a list of names for prosecution includin CT, Prince Johnson, George Dweh, Alhaji Kromah, Sekou Conneh, and the list is goes on. Do you all think that Liberia will have the “political will” to prosecute these individuals?

    1. Bnker,

      Good question to spark off debate. But could you give us some details on the legal basis for a war crime court on Liberia?

      On the other hand, the TRC responsibility was to investigate and recommend with the view of promoting peace and reconciliation. However some of their recommendations tend to brew controversy and might face stiff opposition. In that case the TRC has not endeavor to facilitate peace and reconciliation, but would have achieved division and confusion. In my view that felt short of their expectation and duty to the Liberian people.
      We might see headlines like TRC recommendations sparks of confussion. How about that? I just believe they overstepped their term of reference in some areas.

      Be that as it may, the President decides on the TRC recommendations. So the outcome of that report and recommendations depends on what the president thinks.

      1. Andrew,

        Thanks for the response. I think its only fair that I give my opinions about the TRC. The TRC as you know was set up to heal the nation of division, not to further rift the country. I personally don’t agree with the recommendations from TRC, because it operated outside its scope. Yet, I support the prosecution, not on the basis on the basis of the TRC recommendation, but for human rights and fair and unwavering justice. We are both in agreement that we’ve already seen some confusion and turmoil in Monrovia over the Report.

        However, I believe that Liberia should be a country of laws. Someone or people have to be held accountable for the death of over 250,000 people. Women were raped, kept as sex slaves, kids were used as child soldiers (a contravention of the UN), people were executed, some slaughters like animals, and others, placed into forced labor. There was a systemic abuse of human rights. Why should men gang rape a lady, insert the mussel of the gun into her and then shoot her, why should crimes like the extraction of the fetus from a pregnant lady go as we would put it, “go free”. How can one not want to see those who burned villages, put kids in well, and try to exterminate an ethnic group live the free life and they didn’t afford others the same opportunity and privilege? Besides, setting a strong response to hideous and inhumane will discourage future actions. Andrew, don’t you think victims should get justice.

        Based on these and more, I think prosecution should be carried out. But, I am only a voice in the wilderness, the people of Liberia have elected to seek the TRC route. So, it probably won’t gain much traction. Besides, it it unwise to go against the wishes of the people. Still, it is a good debate question. I somehow think the TRC should have been given a bit more authority, then some would have been more careful in their testimony. Andrew, did you read excerpts of PYJ testimony? It was all fill with lies.

        Andrew, I hope I’ve answered your questions.

        1. Bnker,

          I share your concerns. The excesses the we witnessed during the war speaks to some extent to the result of the degree of illiteracy and accompanying intolerance that exist in our country. Legally however, I feel there is no standing for the advocacy of the sierra leonean style of justice. Our many peace accords put this issue to rest by granting blanket amnesty to participants of the war and members of the various factions. We have to seek legal standing in order to intertain this thought. The accords have to be revisited and stipulations revoked. My point is it is just not worth the argument. Making demands that cannot be met is a waste of time, I hope the TRC aknowledges this common fact.

          Bnker, what I believe Liberians should do is to advocate reforms that will prevent us from repeating past mistakes. What lessons have we learned. You see corruption in high places crawling slowly. You see neglect of destitute people, you see side stepping of law. You see a presidency that remains all powerful. How sure are we that after Ms. Sirleaf we will not get a despot who will consolidate power and become a tyrrant. what legal safeguards have we embarked upon to prevent such situations.

          We have a constitution that bestows so much power onto the presidency. The executive controls the election commission. How independent can that body be. Look we can go on but let us have another forum to discuss these issues.

        2. Andrew,

          I think we are saying the same thing, but just different word and different postings. As a mentioned in my tread, the Liberian people have chosen not to pursue the war crime court and the will of the people must be obeyed.

          I also concur that the framework to establish lasting peace through equal power is important. The foundation needed to maintain equal branches of government could minimize the mistakes of the past. I also think that power in the past has been executive focus. Prior to this administration in all legal proceedings, the executive branch was the judge, jury, prosecutor and executioner. We have made considerable progress in Liberia since Madam Sirleaf. We share the same concerns that what happens after Ellen, who will be next and what’s his/her political agenda. Are we going to have someone who craves power, who will cuddle and resist challenges to their authority? If we revert to this, we might see a repeat of history.

          On a support note; I think Ellen has done an exceptional job considering where we’ve come from. I know many will disagree with me, but Liberia’s future depends on the success of this and future administrations. For those who are in disagreement, please base your argument of facts (not speculation), and actual visit to Liberia.

          Hey Andrew, continue to post. I always enjoy them.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen,

    … I am still finding it difficult to understand why Taylor had so much influence on RUF and West Side Boys to the extent that he could even declare seize fire on behalf of RUF, order the release of the UN hostages and also demand the release of Johnny Paul Kromah? I don’t think being the main man of the Committee of Five could only be sufficient for this level of influence. Or was Taylor trapped by ECOWAS in putting him in the Committee of Five since they knew already that he had a key role in the Sierra Leonean crises in order to bring him to justice afterwords? Since they couldn’t prove this otherwise? I actually need answers to these questions.

    1. Yaya, I know your exact problem; go and read about international crises committes,their rows, especially when it comes to mediation. Why are you so hard to get convince. Is that the same way it was hard for you to pass second grade to third grade? Or you are just one of the dificult ones to deal with. THANK GOD YOU ARE NOT MARRIED!!!. But my brother taylor did the right thing.

      1. noko5,

        I am not difficult to convince as you claimed, but I have not just received the right answers to my questions. But I think you are the one very difficult to deal with! Because you are not still seeing the truth. Never knew that you were related to Taylor. Good work boy, your patriotism is now being justified. Why are you defending Taylor wicked deeds with international crises committees and mediation? Noko5, try to say something that could be easily digested please. Anyway, for your personal information, I am married and with a beautiful little daughter. And I am going on very well with my spouse. How about you???

    2. Yaya , you wish President Taylor had the kind of influence on RUF and the West Side Boys to make your case much easier. Fortunately for justice, facts and evidences are on its side and that’s what matter.
      Yaya, President Clinton just ended a trip in North Korea. A sovereign nation being declared a Rogue Nation and Axes of Evil by the west. During that he negotiated and was successful in the realease of two American Journalists. How will you classify his negotiation and does it mean that he has influence and control over Kim Jon Ilof Noth Korea a ROGUE NATION?

  6. My problem here is that what Sierra Leone have that Mr.Taylor could not get form Liberia. Look brother all these allegation and connection were all negative propaganda to make the world believe their conspiracy.

    Tracey Gurd i commented on Aug 10 2009 post but i can not see it. i am concern about this and please redress me promptly


    1. Zobon,

      Don’t you know what Taylor needed then from Sierra Leone? Maybe I can help you out. 1) DIAMONDS and 2) to control the whole of Sierra Leone in order to keep his so called enemies (ULIMO, … etc) who he thought used Sierra Leone to attack his forces abbey. By the way, do you know what the word GREED stands for?

      1. Yaya,
        You see you show your bias you quote Taylor as ” so called enemies he thought used Sierra Leone to attack his forces ” It is a known fact Sierra Leone harbored ULIMO and attacked Liberia. Just like it is known fact Sierra Leone had been the lauching pad of destabilization on Liberia since 1985 with the failed Quwionkpa invasion. This shows you are not paying attention to the facts.

      2. Yaya,

        Lets work on the assumptions that Taylor went to financed the war because he wanted to get diamonds and he wanted to control is “so called” enemy. I personally think he did, but sufficient evidence is not there and my personal opinion does have warrant someone lingering in prison either. I am just trying to be objective here. I am not siding with CT or the courts for this thread.

        Though it is true that Sierra Leone is immensely rich in diamond reserve, it is equally true that Liberia has substantial reserves. Recent discoveries of kimberlite deposits in Liberia shows that there are places that have diamond ranging from 5 carat to 250 carats (my source, my cousin who was with the team that discovered it–he is a geologist). You see the prosecution is trying to say that Liberia’s export of diamonds increased compared to its mining efforts and that CT stashed away $5B in foreign accounts. $5B is an alarming figure and the number was calculative. They used a number that was higher than Liberia’s GDP (2008–$1.5B) in fact 233% more. So if the war was for diamonds, then there should be trail, agreed? As a former auditor, prosecutors have not snuffed out the trail and won’t. Where are the buyers or facilitators, why didn’t they take the stand. You see, gem identification process has been revolutionized to detect the geographical origin of stones or as they call them now “ice”. Do you think the prosecution has provided sufficient evidence to prove that the war was about diamonds and control? I don’t.

        This part is outlandish and I don’t see how will the international community, especially the UN, US and Britain sit idle an allow a sovereign nation become a colony, territory or an extension of its neighbor. So for this part, I can’t say much my friend…Sorry. I just don’t logically foresee this being the reason.

        1. Bnker,

          good point. I do not believe the prosecution connected the dots on its premise of the Diamond and money trail. I believe this issue is central to the prosecution’s case. The prosecution represents the world. They can subpoena any document to substantiate their claims on diamonds and money. Maybe they are waiting to do that on redirect examination. But as it stands now I believe more doubts are being cast on the prosecution’s case.

      3. Yaya, where is the diamonds or proceeds from the sale of the diamond President Taylor allegedly took from SL? I know that you don’t have the necessary resources to track the diamonds or proceeds from the sale of the diamonds. But I know America, Great Britain, and the prosecution can find it. As of now, they can not produce any shred of evidence of Taylor alleged diamonds or his Billions in any banks. keep on doing what you are good at doing and that is knowing the fact and refusing to accept it.

    2. Hi Zobon,

      I cannot recall the comment that you mention, Zobon, but please do resubmit your comment. As long as it meets our very basic rules of use of the site, we will most definitely post it. If your last one did not appear on the site by some mistake or oversight of our own, and not because it did not adhere to our usage rules, I do apologize.

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      I look forward to your resubmitted comment, Zobon


      At any time if we do not approve

  7. Folks, again we have to be very careful with what we read and don’t run with hearsays. While Alpha Sesay for the most part has done a great job narrating the day’s event’s, for more accuracy I would encourage all to read the actual court transcripts at sc-sl.org.

    I read the entire August 11 transript and NO WHERE did Mr. Taylor mention that he “declared a unilateral ceasefire on behalf of the RUF”. How incriminating would that be. Please check the transcripts for yourselves.

    1. Thanks, Mas,
      We would appreciate were Tracey double check the entire August 11 transript and tell readers what exactly did Mr.Taylor say about the unilateral ceasefire in SL. Alpha has been doing a great job maybe something when wrong some how.Will you please Tracey? Thanks for your usual understandings.

      1. Dear Harris,

        Sure – no problem. Can you give me a day or so to go through it all? I’ll get back to you on this asap.


        1. Dear Tracey,

          Thanks for the great job. We will surely be waiting to read Mr. Taylor’s words from the transrip. God bless you, have a nice day.

          Harris K Johnson

    2. Mas,

      Thank you for the prompt. I managed to locate the transcript. And it is detailed. But I agree, the word ” declared” does not appear in the transcript. If you browsed my post yesterday I surmised that the mediators were concerned with the reaching a ceasefire understanding with the RUF. This is being misconstrude and a display of Taylors control. Taylor went to great lenght to get Sierra Leone back on the peace trail. so we should not discredit the brother because the mighties(USA, BRITTAIN) are descending upon him. GOD WILLING……..(someone please complete the sentence for me).

  8. bnker, the TRC final report will be implemented. Thoses indicted will face justic, it is just the matter of time.Even if this government fails, the next gornment will surely implement it, but remember that our president Madam Sirleaf has told us that any recomandation coming from the TRC will be implemented by Her govrenment to the letter. We respect Her higher and we hope she stick to Her words.

    1. G. Zinnah,
      This site is more about Sierra Leone but Liberia has played a BIG PART…as to your comments, can you please tell me what was the ROLE of Liberia’s TRC??? From my understanding and I maybe wrong, she was gathered FACTS and present a REPORT to GOL, or wasn’t she???

      From all accounts, she RECOMMENDED that certain citizens be BANNED FROM POLITICS, OTHERS NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY and OTHERS TOr FACE PROSECUTIONS. Is that your reading also??

      Have you read the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia regarding TRAVEL???

      Article 13

      a) “Every person lawfully within the Republic shall have the right to move freely throughout Liberia, to reside in any part thereof and to leave therefrom subject however to the safeguarding of public security, public order, public health or morals or the rights and freedoms of others.

      b) Every Liberian citizen shall have the right to leave and to enter Liberia at any time. Liberian citizens and non Liberian residents may be extradited to a foreign country for prosecution of a criminal offense in accordance with the provisions of an extradition treaty or other reciprocal international agreements in force. Non Liberian residents may be expelled from the Republic of Liberia for cause”.

      So tell me how can this Commission VIOLATE the Constitution by NOT ALLOWING certain citizens to travel??? In order to ban anyone from travelling, they MUST be charged and found GUILTY by a court…..did that take place???

      Next, let’s look at Gen. Butt Naked if you won’t mind; this MURDER killed atleast 20 thousand Liberians according to him….and his punishment??? GO FREE!!!! Why??? Because he showed REMOSE during his confession. But here’s the tricky and silly part, Sundaygar Dearboy is to face prosecution, WHY??? Because one or two persons said “HE KILLED” and since he was on the stand and didn’t show REMOSE….he is to be try.

      I beg you to please tell me the SENSES behind those two examples.

  9. Don’t know what is going on here – Charly seems to be a really nice guy. Where do all the dead people come from? Who caused all the turmoil, who was responsible for the chopped off arms and legs? Why were so many people killed, maimed, raped when there was such a nice guy with peace in his heart in control?

    Could it be that Charles G. Taylor is just an ordinary criminal who says anything that could prevent him from long term prison? Could it be that he is a pathological liar that tries to save his skalp but has no remorse or consideration for his people or the people of Sierra Leone because he is a sociopath, a person without a conscience? Google “sociopath” and compare the definition with your own perception of the person of Charles G. Taylor – doesn’t it fit like a glove?

    Go to Monrovia or Freetown and talk to people. Find out what happened. This guy is receiving more than a fair trial. The westerners are trying to hard to give him a fair trial to avoid accusations of racism. His victims are crying out from heaven for justice. And still many of his victims are walking (or limping) on this earth with grief in their hearts, hoping for justice.

    It is unfortunate, that this court can only consider crimes on the soil of SL, would the whole picture be allowed to be considered, it would be an open and shut case. He who rapes at home is most likely to do it in the neighbourhood…It is an obvious lie that no limb chopping was done in Liberia – while it might have been not as widespread, it happened lots of times.

    Give the monster a fair trial, but don’t go to far – hundreds of thousands of innocent ghosts are watching in agony.

    1. Another member of the Noko family with a different prospective—how refreshing. Thanks for your contribution. Though most of us are in favor of prosecution, some of us are saying the the prosecution has not done due diligence to properly execute the trail. We all want free and fair trail for Taylor; though the allegation is appealing, the testimonies and evidences, are weak. Based on this, one (including myself) cannot conclude on the transparency until the verdict is read. Thus far, the prosecution is frankly a disappointment to the victims.

      1. Ha ha ha …….they must like the name Bnker; But there is only ONE Noko4….the rest are fans.

    2. Noko6 & YaYa

      Noko6 are you spiritual because you sound like that. I am in Monrovia and Mr.Taylor is still popular and Liberian people are praying for Mr.Taylor return.

      If you call Mr.Taylor a monster then you just what the white man want to see Caucasian boy just like those blacks that were used to punishing their brothers in South Africa and America on the plantation.

      ooooh yeah they love to see that, because given all the facts around and clarification and substantial evidence that Mr.Taylor is given during his deposition you still want to believe these allegation.

      well that your view,but never let you simplicity show were many people are conversing I think you should understand the nature of the topic and be consistent with the discussion because even the people you which to interest by reading will judge your understand.

      And to you yaya it was noway possible for Mr.Taylor to do that and there were no Ulimo in Sierra Leone during the period the indictment covers

      Be wise my Brothers


      1. Zobon,

        … glad you know that there were no Ulimo in Sierra Leone by then and so, what was he (Taylor) looking for???

        Good day.

        1. noko6, you think the war is over ; but you no what? Until mr. taylor is set free from the hands of liers and oppressors like you , the struggle continues; we will speak our hearts and minds to the end…and we are confident . HE WILL BE A FREE MAN AGAIN..

    3. Noko6,
      Do you think that maybe the reason the prosecutor evidence is so weak is because Mr. Taylor did not commit these crimes as alleged ? Concerning your take on Liberia. Do you feel Mr. Taylor is responsible for all the carnage that took place there? What about ULIMO J, ULIMO K, LPC, LURD, MODEL, The United States and Great Britain? Did they not contribute their share to the destruction of Liberia even after Mr. Taylor was democratically elected as president?

  10. Well Zii, we hope to see the young lady step down, while antecipating contesting the next elections , and at the same time endorsing a document that says she should not practice politics in liberia for 30yrs. Big illusion.. very funny.. confuse. Liberia man say it WASTE.. or it SCATA..oh ..my ..GOD.

    1. Oh you poor confused soul! If you support CGT, how can you hold it against EJS that at one time in her life she gave CGT some cash? She has regretted that many times, but if you think she was wrong, then you should be consistent and distance yourself from the monster. Simple logic, isn’t it?

      1. NOkO6,

        Sometimes people lose objectivity in this case, don’t let no one ruffle your feathers. I was reading Zobon’s post.

        I see your discussion as balance and it requires some thought…..Good posting please continue!

  11. Dear Harry K Johnson,

    You had posted a comment today to this thread which I unfortunately could not approve. It contained a quote from an email string of messages from a range of different people. However, after checking with our lawyers, we cannot post your comment both due to copyright concerns, and also because the email correspondence included in the quote seemed to be intended to be private (or at least, not public) – unless the people who sent that email correspondence specifically give their consent for that information to be made available publicly, we cannot post it here.

    If, however, you are able to make the same point that you hoped to make in your comment, but leave out any private correspondence (absent explicit and verifiable consent from each of the correspondents that we can post a copy of such emails) then please do resubmit a revised version. So long as it poses no legal problems, we can approve it.


    1. Thanks, Tracey,

      I will take the fans to the origin of the chain of emails. Have a nice working day yah!

      Best Regards

  12. “The United Nations know, I know, Tejan Kabbah knows, Obasanjo knows, Eyadema knows, everybody is aware of what is going on,” he said.

    Asked by his defense counsel Courtenay Griffiths whether he secured the release of Johnny Paul Koroma because he “was in charge of the RUF,” Mr. Taylor responded ”no no no, I am not speaking ever or dealing with the RUF as president of Liberia alone. I am dealing with them as a member of the Committee of Six [Previously Committee of Five], the principal person responsible for the Sierra Leone process. That’s how am dealing with them.”

    In response to these above words my Mr. Taylor in addition to his defense’s framing him as a “moral guarantor”, I say this:

    It’s fortunate for Taylor that these charges the Sierra Leoneans brought against him only cover such a tight time frame. For the true crimes he is most definitely guilty of extend a larger time frame in which the unrest he fueled in Liberia made all of the prosecution’s accusations not only possible but very real. For instance one cannot tell me it is not a simple matter if someone has guns in NJ they wont or cant somehow make it to NYC. If the mayor of NJ is allowing people to run around with guns and they somehow make it to NYC, its the mayor’s fault for allowing the guns and then for not regulating the borders in the best way I am breaking it down in this fashion, b/c some were intimidated by my earlier use of the word “inconceivable”.
    It means,
    1. not conceivable; unimaginable; unthinkable
    2. unbelievable; incredible.

    It is thus not inconceivable that even though we are talking about post-1997 elections which the Carter Center withdrew its backing and support, that in 1996 for example, Taylor did help facilitate if not directly but indirectly by his mere despotic presence as a rebel leader in Liberia the passage of arms and militia from Liberia to Sierra Leone.

    People find this so hard to believe simply b/c he was “elected” president in 1997 does not admonish him of all prior wrong-doing. His track record up to that point certainly did not render him any type of “moral guarantor”. His involvement in this “Committee of Five” was simply an acknowledgement of the close ties Taylor did in fact have to the RUF and its rebel leaders. To assume that countries like Ghana and Nigeria had some type of higher respect for Taylor and thus included him in the Committee is preposterous. Compare the track records of these heads of states to those of Taylor’s NOTHING compares, they have no reason to respect the man for his moral standings. Or else Obasanjo would not have offered Taylor up to the hands of the International Criminal Court. Let’s get this straight here, Taylor is NOT some widely respected African leader. It bothers me when people discuss him as such. He has made NO major contributions to the continent of Africa and more specifically the people of Liberia and/or Sierra Leone. He is NOT the reason why there is peace in these countries today. Rather its his ABSENCE from these territories that has allowed peace to breathe through.

    His finger pointing of others to which blame should fall on has left him with five fingers pointing at himself. He has proven himself as an able-bodied thinker but somehow always resorts to this rhetoric of the US and Great Britain and their lack of support for what he was doing. These letters to the UN and such…nobody really wanted to hear what Charles Taylor had to say b/c for years the millions of dead Liberian bodies said it all. The young girls that were being raped by all these rebel forces (and sadly ECOMOG included) said it all. Jimmy Carter said it best when in 2000 he was finally able to see beneath the guise and platform Taylor ran for elections on. Perhaps he too saw the plight of the terrorized minds that voted for him simply to sustain peace.

    Mr. Taylor. The US did not have a gun to your head telling you to take on this revolution and fail at that. I am not claiming that these countries are innocent but they are surely not guilty of puppeting around Mr. Taylor (a man who could’ve have chosen for himself the right thing to do regardless of US and Great Britain intentions). When colleges and hospitals and such were looted by these rebel forces there were no US or Great Britain representatives amongst them. so as to Mr. Taylor’s moral guarantor and his qualifications thereof….it is a shame that these are characteristics he is fighting for people to see.

    1. Concern Liberian In the US,
      Nice LOGIC….the only problem I see is, this Special Court is NOT about Liberia but Sierra Leone. Evidences are been presented and there where the judges are to look and NOT beyond. So sad the prosecutors brought us HEARSAYS.

      As I read your thesis, you seemed to be EXCUSING the US and Britain for their roles played in the region….WHY?? I know you know they had MAJOR ROLES within both countries, so why not let the man tell the world some of the WHYs that were behind his mood??

      Yes he brought us CONTRIBUTION like we have NOT seen on the continent of Africa……a LEADER can now stand trial for the NONSENSE they create!!! Don’t you think this is a MILE STONE be it positive or negative?? My only hope is this NEW FOUND JUSTICE be carryout across the board and not administer by lottery pick or selectively.

      Is he an angel??? Hell NO!!! But not the devil we’re told he is either.

      1. Great Noko-master, can you please tell us, what your interpretation of CGT not being an angel might be.
        With your obvious insight, there must be at least some deeds that can be attributed to Taylor that are not as grand as his self-image.

        1. False Noko6, Does President look like an angel to you? I think angel has divine powers as some of the attributes. However, President Taylor does not have divine power. So, I will agree with Noko4 that Taylor is no angel.

    2. Concerned Liberian in US,

      Legally, allegations of criminal behavior are time and location specific, so is it with this case. I am sorry that you have information and evidence that fall outside the timeframe that is under consideraton which I am afraid invalidates you pieces of information however relevant. I can only console you in your regret and sorrow.

    3. Good posting Concerned Liberian in the US,

      This is what Noko4 and Noko5 wouldn’t understand either! But I think they will do by the end of this trial and we shall have a cup of tea together! Noko4 and 5 were part of those who chanted “You Killed My Ma, You Killed My Pa, I will Vote For You” in 1997. So, don’t bother your head my brother or sister.

      1. Yaya,

        Let me allay some of your worries over Taylor’s contact with the RUF. Liberia border with Sierra Leone was a key factor in serving as a conduit for the RUF to travel back and forth to these peace talks in Lome and elsewhere. Mr. Taylor as President of Liberia agreed to get involved in the Sierra Leonean peace process and the rest of his colleagues looked up to him for results. During these times Mr. Taylor was involved in immense shuttle diplomacy with RUF, Tejan Kabbah and other actors in the peace process. Mind you Mr. Taylor had just turned president and had vast experience in the same negotiations process. Then there is the instability risk that conflict in Sierra Leone posed to investment prospects and development activities for Liberia.

        Now on the issue of the declaration of ceasefire, according to the transcript, the world declared was not used. Mr. Taylor announce that the RUF was ready to observe a uniliteral ceasefire. So we should not focus on the technicality of language but the result that a ceasefire pronouncement brings.

        I hope this is okay, because we should not let prejudice becloud objectivity. If Taylor is guilty, meaning that if it is proven that he had the intent to commit the crimes for which he is being tried and he participated in the planning, organizing and execution of those acts then let him face his fate. Equally, if it not proven that he is guilty, prejudice should not be consider as an obstacle to thriving of justice. For that will be injustice. As Dr. King said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. So let it be for Taylor.

      2. Yaya,
        I left Liberia in ’82. The elections I vote in are those of the US and Liberian Communties within the US.

  13. mr taylor , i can tell you for free that you prime interest in sierra leone during the country conflict is to fuel the war and plunder our resources to satisfy your material thirst . if really you are interest in bringing peace to our country at the time under review why did you back foday sankoh to inflincted carnage on us and reduce our only sierra leone in to the lowest ebb?. belive me , you , even if you get acquit you will surely paid the price in the world beyond for the role you play to destroy our beloved country and the life you deprived to exist .

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