Videolink Streaming Problems: Explanation from the Special Court

Dear Readers,

A number of people noted on the site that they have experienced problems with the live streaming of the trial in the past few days, and asked us to check to see what was wrong.

Our questions were kindly answered by Solomon Moriba, the Press and Outreach Officer at the Special Court.  It seems the problem comes from so many people trying to watch Mr. Taylor’s testimony through the Special Court’s site – it is overloading the system.

From the Special Court: “We increased the bandwidth to accommodate more viewers before the start of the Defence case. We understand that the network is currently overloaded as many people are following the Taylor testimony online. As a result, we also now carry the English signal on LINK 2 which used to be the Krio channel.” 

That said, it seems readers will still be able to access the Krio channel from the link on our site (you will see the button for live streaming on the right hand side of our homepage – go to Channel 2). Going through the Special Court’s links on its website provides both channels in English.

For those who are able, the Court suggested upgrading to a faster internet connection might also help alleviate some of the problems viewers are experiencing. 


  1. Hey, for the past two days i’ve been waking up very early to watch the trial but unfortunately both links on the scsl website are not streaming. Can you please contact Mr Moriba again and see what CITS can do to further increase the bandwith or sort out the problem. Access to the Taylor trial is paramount and we were promised that to the fullest when he was been transfered to the Hague.

    1. Happy to John. In the meantime, you could try the streaming from our site too until the problem eases — there may be less users trying to access the streaming from our site than the Special Court’s.


  2. Tracey, just by the comments posted on this website , I’m pretty sure that your views about President Taylor has changed. You are trying to be objevtive as possible. However, I’m a Mexican Liberian who started fucusing on this trial since the arrest of President Taylor in Liberia.

  3. Come on Special Court! As mentioned in one of my earlier post. I am taking my vaction early to go to the States so I can watch the trial on the internet. Hope all the glictches are fixed by then. If not I may have to start looking for some long lost relatives who live in the Hauge to put up with me for a few weeks. LOL!

  4. Would’nt it be possible to make all the streams available for download (by date)? It’s not that important to watch it live but to be able to watch it at all to get the picture. I captured some streams with some help of friends in Europe, but they gave up now.
    With the ISP’s in Liberia, it’s impossible anyway unless you pay a fortune per month for dedicated bandwith. Even this wouldn’t help now.

  5. i usu find it easy to watch d trial when i was in Netherlands, but now in d states it is diff to even get d wrds clearly nd it often buffer, cnt tell why.

    1. Salma Kay,

      I am sorry — I can’t tell you why it is more difficult in the US than in The Netherlands. There have been some problems that a number of readers have been experiencing lately with the live feed and we hope to find out more about why very soon. I will get back to you and other readers as soon as I hear.


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