Taylor Says International Community Consented To His Contacts With RUF; And The UN Wrongly Linked Him With Liberian Fighters in Sierra Leone

The international community knew and approved of Charles Taylor’s contacts with rebels forces in Sierra Leone during its 11-year conflict because it was seen as a way to help bring peace to the war-torn country, Mr. Taylor told a court in The Hague this week. He also said that he was wrongly accused by the international community of having links with, and control over, Liberian fighters in Sierra Leone during the war.

Mr. Taylor has been accused by the Special Court for Sierra Leone –  a court set up by the United Nations and Sierra Leonean government – of supporting members of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and their Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) junta counterparts during Sierra Leone’s war, by supplying them with arms and ammunition in return for diamonds. He has also been accused of sending Liberian fights to fight alongside rebel forces in Sierra Leone and that my his actions or inactions, he is responsible for the crimes committed by these rebel forces against the people of Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied all these allegations.

On Monday July 27, 2009, Mr. Taylor told the judges that upon his appointment as head of the Committee of Five – a group set up by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to bring peace to Sierra Leone – he regularly communicated and  held meetings with members of the RUF, but all these contacts were done with the consent and participation of ECOWAS and the United Nations.

“Subsequent to my appointment on the Committee of Five, I spoke with the RUF many times. I held meetings with them with the knowledge, consent and acquiescence of ECOWAS.  The United Nations knew because for most of my discussions with the RUF, I spoke with Kofi Annan directly or through his Special Representative in Liberia. Everything I did in Sierra Leone was done with knowledge and consent of ECOWAS and I have documentary evidence to prove that,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor also denied allegations that he supported the AFRC junta which overthrew the government of President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in May 1997. He told the judges that, like other West African leaders, he was part of the decision that foreign governments should not recognize the junta government of the AFRC. For this reason, he said that Liberia did not recognize the AFRC junta regime in Sierra Leone. “There was a decision that the junta should not be recognized. My government did not recognize the junta,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor denied allegations that he supplied arms and ammunition to the AFRC and RUF while he was president of Liberia. Taylor told judges that all fighting forces in Liberia had been disarmed and the Liberian military was non-existent at this time. “Here is a country just coming out of war with no economy, no army,  what am I doing with another country? I did not even have arms for my own security. My protection was in the hands of ECOMOG,” Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor also told the judges on Wednesday that as a member of the ECOWAS Committee of Five, he had no option but to support the decision to oust the AFRC junta from power and restore the democratic government of Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.

“Liberia pledged its support for the ECOWAS decision to restore the government of President Kabbah to power,” Mr. Taylor told the judges.  He said that if Liberia had the military man power, he would have contributed troops to remove the junta from power by force. Mr. Taylor said he, however, wanted any use of such force to be authorized by the United Nations Security Council.

On Thursday July 31, 2009, Mr. Taylor accused the United Nations of making him responsible for the presence of Liberian fighters among rebel forces in Sierra Leone during its 11-year conflict. This misconception, he said, had landed him in jail today.

Mr. Taylor’s defence counsel, Courtenay Griffiths, read from a 1998 United Nations Security Council report which stated that over 100 Liberian fighters were identified among rebel forces killed by Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) soldiers after the military intervention that forced the AFRC and RUF junta from power in 1998. The report further read that about 65 Liberian fighters had been arrested and detained at Sierra Leone’s maximum security prisons. The information is said to have been provided by Mr. Francis Okello, the then Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Taylor denied these allegations and informed the judges that the government of Sierra Leone  was aware that the Liberians fighting in Sierra Leone were not sent by him, but were former members of the  Liberian army who had escaped to Sierra Leone and had become part of the Special Task Force (STF)– a group of Liberian fighters who reports indicate fought alongside the Sierra Leone military, supported the AFRC coup of 1997 and became part of the AFRC/RUF junta. Mr. Taylor has denied any associations with the STF.

“We are shocked by this because we knew, the government of Sierra Leone and ECOWAS knew who the Liberians were,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor said that this was the first time that such an allegation  had been made against him and it only happened when he asked the UN Security Council to lift the arms embargo that had been imposed on Liberia. “For the first time, this is raised. It is a complete shock to me and my government,” Mr. Taylor said. “If Okello had taken his time to investigate the matter, he would have known that they were not my people. If he had done his homework, he would have known the fact. He did not do his homework.”

Mr. Taylor told judges that his failure to clarify the presence of Liberians in Sierra Leone is what has brought him to his present state. “We never succeeded in putting the fact that there were Liberians in Sierra Leone but not sent by Taylor. This is what got me to jail today,” he said.

Mr. Taylor also dismissed prosecution witness “Zig Zag” Marzah’s testimony that Mr. Taylor dined on human intestines as nonsense and blamed the witness’ illiteracy for coming up with such an allegation.  In his 2008 testimony, prosecution witness and former commander of Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL),  Zig Zag Marzah told the court that he sat with Mr. Taylor and together, they dined on intestines of human beings who had been killed on Mr. Taylor’s orders. “I felt like throwing up when I heard that nonsense from him, and I think even the prosecution were shocked at listening to that foolishness,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor denied all allegations that he was a terrorist, saying that it was a phrase developed by former United States President George Bush, but its use has now been stopped by President Obama. He said western countries were opposed to him because he wanted an African solution to an African problem.

“I resent being labeled a terrorist. Africa has to be free, Africa has to determine its own destiny,” he said.

Mr. Taylor has been charged with 11 counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international humanitarian law for his alleged role in the Sierra Leonean conflict after 1996.  His testimony will continue Monday.


  1. So if the prosecutors claim that Mr. Taylor sends Liberian to fight in SL what about the Liberian that was fighting in the DR Congo as missionary. The SL government knew what they were getting into when they hired Ex Arm Force Liberian would left for SL.

  2. There we go again Gangay Taylor with your rubbish lying tongue! If you had no arms for your own security, then where did the arms collected from your child soldiers come from? Are you saying they came from Moses Blah since you left him in charge when you toke refuge in Nigeria with tons of your slave wives and girlfriends? Where are the peoples’ children? We are following your daily account of your story telling but remember you are not talking to your rebels you once commanded. You are talking to people who have lost the last respect for you! This is our turn to let you realize you can never have freedom to walk a free man on the face of the earth. I am not saying you are guilty but chances are that you will not convince the law that what you did was right. You reduced the respect the rest of the world had for Liberia and West Africa. Shame on you and your supporters who seem not to know any better. Have a nice day in your cell for now!

    1. Fallah, for your information, there was arm embargo placed on Liberia. I think your question should where did LURD and MODEL two rebel groups got arms from to wage war on Liberia?

      1. Jose, there was arm embargo on Liberia alright, but where was Taylor getting his arms from until the end of hostilities in Liberia in 2003? Cases of prolific gun-running into Liberia are well documented. I hope you know that the plane that crashed on landing at Roberts International Airport during Taylor’s misrule was not carrying sacks of potatoes. One thing you should get into your head is that it is neither LURD nor MODEL that is on trial in The Hague. It is Charles Ghankay Taylor and what he and his NPFL in collaboration with RUF did in Sierra Leone. It is no defence for an arm robber, when he is caught, to say that there are other arm robbers in town so they should let him go scot free. As the saying goes in Liberia, “You should cry your own cry and leave others to cry theirs”. Taylor might not have gone to SL during the relevant period but was his surrogate stormtroopers like Superman, Rambo, Isaac Mongor, CO Rocky, and Kailonda doing there with the RUF? Having a tea party with Foday Sankor, Sam Bockarie and Sesay? Don’t waste our precious time!!

        1. Again, Gyakabo you’re exposing your biases and prejudices against President Taylor just like the International Community. Most importantly, you’re advancing my argument better than I can even do for myself. You’ve agreed that Liberia was under Arm Embargo. Yet, LURD and MODEL were fully armed to the teeth. However, you are primarily concerned about the acquisition of President Taylor’s arm, even though he was the duly elected president. Gyakabo, I understand the case that you are making. However, you said it is Not LURD and MODEL on trial in the Hague, but Taylory. You are right. That’s my point.

    2. Menjor,
      I feel your pain but we are finally in court and FACTS are all needed…..to see what he is producing to this court is AMAZING. I now see why the prosecutors had NO FACTUAL EVIDENCES to show us…..trully, all we heard was HEARSAYS.

      I hope you stay around……you will see how foolish the prosecutors are; from PAYING and BUYING witnesses, to the collection and storage of what they called EVIDENCES.

      If this case was in Western nation, it would have been out the doors long time ago!!!!!

    3. He is even lying that no one in ECOWAS ever accused him of supporting the RUF/AFRC junta. Now read this and see for yourself.

      Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings, meeting with a Liberian delegation led by Vice President Enoch Dogolea on Wednesday, bluntly accused Liberia of supporting AFRC/RUF rebels fighting in Sierra Leone. ”You are being accused of supporting the RUF. You have a hard task on your hands to prove that you are not playing any role in Sierra Leone. It is a stab in the back,” Rawling said. He told the Liberians that ECOMOG was in Sierra Leone not to wage war, but to support a democratically-elected government. ”This is exactly what we did in Liberia,” he said. He also accused another West African country and a North African country of aiding the rebels, but did not name them. Rawlings said neighbouring countries had nothing to gain from involving themselves in the Sierra Leone conflict. ”Are there any gains to be made in this conflict? Frankly speaking, there are no gains. The political and economic stability of West Africa is being jeopardised.” In response, Liberian Foreign Minister Monie Captan repeated the Liberian government’s assertion that Liberia was not backing Sierra Leone’s rebel forces, although Liberian mercenaries were involved in the conflict. ”We are not involved at the government level,” Captan said.

      That man will rot in jail. We have seen many times the wrong peole sent to jail. In your own case the court is not going to err on the side of caution. You have got no innocence to plead. You will be jailed for life. You will die in that cell without any booze or sniff of cocaine.

  3. One very interesting thing that came out of July 30th was concerning the testimony of Vamuyan Sheriff. Remember Sheriff said to the court when he testified in Janurary of last year that Charles Taylor sent him on a mission to Sierra Leone to find and bring Sam Bockarie to Liberia to meet with Mr. Taylor. Sheriff stated that he did bing Sam Bockarie back with him to meet with Charles Taylor.
    In Mr. Taylor’s testimony this past Thursday the Defense showed a letter written by the Liberian Ambassador to Guinea to the National Security Angency warning that some RUF people wanted to come to Liberia. Those named were one Kanneh who was the head of the delegation and Sam Bockarie and some others. There contact person in Liberia was Vamuyan Sheriff who was assistant Director of the SSS. This letter discredits Mr. Sheriff’s testimony that he was sent and brought Sam Bockarie

    to Mr. Taylor. We should all try and read the July 30th transcript for ourselves http://www.sc-sl.org and then click open Cases then Prosecutor VS. Charles Taylor then transcripts and open the July 30th transcript. The examination concerning the letter starts at the time of 15:13:13 GMT or on around page 102 of the transcript.

    wonder why the news bulletins have not put this important piece of information out.

    1. Aki,
      Todate, that was the MOST credible evidence introduced in this court!!!!! The camera panned on the prosecutor and Ms Hollis seemed to be caught off guard and guide….she was WRITTING a lot on that section.

      Mr. Sherriff will be call by the defense to come and tell us WHY he was the contact person for those RUF members. I will want to be believe he sold arms from ULIMO stacks and those RUF members wanted to regroup and knowing that he was sitting in a high post in Liberia, he was to be used for and as HELP.

      1. 36 Liberians believed to be members of Liberian President Charles Taylor’s former NPFL militia who fought alongside AFRC/RUF fighters were held at Pademba Road Prison in Freetown in 1998. Security sources said the Liberians were captured by ECOMOG in an ambush in Kailahun. “We have always said that some NPFL elements are fighting with the discredited junta forces and we now have adequate proof of the correctness of our story,” said a security official, who brought the prisoners to Freetown in a heavily escorted convoy. This brought to 88 the number of suspected NPFL fighters captured in Sierra Leone, where ECOMOG charged that the NPFL and another Liberian faction, ULIMO-K, have backed junta forces and have participated in atrocities against civilians.

        1. Bobson,
          Who do you think is more credible your security forces or President Tejan Kabbah who told your TRC that the Liberians were STF members fighting along with the AFRC. You don’t seem to have faith in your own former president.

  4. This is no brainer. You don’t have to be Albert Ansteine to know that the U.N and the International Community wrongfully accused Mr.Taylor for Sierraleone problems. This man is innocent. FREE THIS MAN WESTERN POWERS.

      1. Gbesia, who is trying to use who in this trial? some of us refuse to be used by these trigger happy war mongers like like the U.N, International Community, Western Powers, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Tejan Kabbah, Lassana Conteh and his lieutenants, and etc. These bunch of career criminals like Ellen and the rests continue to rely on the whiteman to fight their political battle against President Taylor. They wish President Taylor could just go away. I get news for you. Ain’t happening. What will be even more frustrating is when he’s acquited and return to his homeland triumphantly. Be on the look out. If he decides to contest the presidential election, there will be no match.

        1. Jose,please stop talking childish here! Your cocaine brain must be rotten as you dear insult the people of Liberia and Sierra Leone of Your Taylor’s triumphant return to Liberia in order to anger and distract others from participating in the modest arguement we are having. Wait to become Taylor’s Campaign manager in 2012. You are living in fantasy world and don’t seem to get it! However, we will fire back until you run out of juice..you need a therapeutic intervention to have your wild thoghts examined because you really sound sick in the head! Wating to hear from you Jose Rodriquez!

      2. I strongly Believe Mr President come back soon.He was accuse of what the President of Liberia did in the past as well as George Bush.

    1. Also the Nigerians accused him in january 1999. See the statement they released.

      The Nigerian government termed it as”regrettable” that AFRC/RUF rebels have been receiving support from a number of countries, some of whom were members of ECOWAS and the OAU. “The actions and policies of these countries not only subvert the principles and collective decisions of these organizations but also jeopardize bilateral relations among states,” the statement said. “In this regard, Nigeria’s Federal Government views with grave concern the nefarious role being played by Liberia and some other countries, in and outside the sub-region, in Sierra Leone. It cannot be business as usual with countries which provide the bullets that kill and maim our sons and daughters.”

      1. Fallah, any neutral person with sound judgement reading the writing that I’m responding to from you, will clearly come to the logical conclusion that your statement appears belligerent. By the way, you and who will fire back at me until I run out of juice? Do you have a partner to fire back at me? Who is this person/persons? What kind of firing are you talking about? Are you threatening me? What is free speech to you? At least from what I’ve read from you, free speech is for me to hear you talk, but not free speech for me to talk back. However, now we know why you are defending this case and the prosecution. You and the court have something in common; and that is self fulfilling prophecy of incarcerating President Taylor not on evidence and facts, but on emotion and sentiment.

        1. Jose, as I promised you, i am firing back again with well organized and composed English words and not with bullets as your mind was wondering. No, this was not a threat to you or any supporters of Taylor.” he killed you ma,he killed you paa but you vote for him”. Idiot!
          You see, one thing we say in Liberia is that no education is better than little education! In other words half education is very dangerous as your thinking and way of expression clearly indicate from your mind set and arguements on this site. I notice you every time I read on the trial. Are you one of those being paid to distract others from focusing on the real thing? You need to think before putting all these senseless gabbage out. You are making mockery of your president, Ghangay Jose Rodriguez Taylor. Do you realize the more you talk rubbish the more people intensify their attack againt Taylor?..You don’t get it..hon?

  5. My question is when the indictment was been formated, did anyone from the Mr, Kofi Anan’s office and ECOWAS tell Col. David Crane and his crew about those documents he has provided to this court??? Looking at what he has shown, only a BLIND FOOL will still lead us down this road.

    Really, it a SAD DAY for us to be here reading FACTS and seeing what the prosecutors provided earlier and some are still wondering whether he is GUILTY. I hope I am still aiive to see the CROSS EXAMINATION.

    1. No one is wondering whether that criminer is guilty or not. Even a baby who was born in the war knows the reality. Mr. Tailor is responsible for all those crimes committed both in S. Leone and Liberia. He’s an international criminer and knows how to use his tongue to accuse others. Hope the court is going to take the right decision that Tailor is main man who had set S. Leone into war because of their riches after ruining the wealth (natural resources) in Liberia.

      1. Eva,
        This case should be verdicted on the MERIT of the evidences and the MANDATE of the court……Is it NOT who on trial but JUSTICE. If he is guilty….fine with me but since the prosecutors displayed HEARSAYS as evidence, I lost hope if TRUE JUSTICE is what been sought.

        I understand your EMOTIONS but Eva, in a court room, FACTS are all that matters and so far, he is scoring POINTS from all corners and spots on the court. We heard about this and that….finally, some clarity are been shown. The INNER DEALING that went on that were BLIND to the naked eyes.

        Oh have you seen any deposit slip presented in evidence as to his riches??? He challenged the WHOLE WIDE WORLD and guess what……we are still waiting to see his RICHES.

        Don’t get me wrong….Mr. Taylor is NO angel but he is wrongly been prosecuted if you ask me. If this was about Liberia, I will be holding the rope to hang him along wth Pres. Sirleaf and the rest.

      2. Eva, I understand your frustrations and concerns. However, within the court of law, facts override emotions. So far the prosecution has failed to provide tangible facts and evidences to prove beyond all reasonable doubts that this innocent man is being falsely accused. They have not only failed to provide facts against President Taylor but also fell way too short to provide linkage between the accused and bad guys.

    2. Noko4,
      Have no doubt you will still be alive to see how Charles Taylor makes a fool of Ms. Brenda Hollis on cross examination.

  6. Hi Noko

    Anan’s office and ECOWAS were busy making money, so what eles do you expect them to do. We stiched up Taylor and make money out of it was there business. There is nothing in this case to pin this man down. I am saying this as a Sierra Leonean I known what happened there. It’s all lies

    1. Peto,
      I won’t go that far but they ALL knew what he was doing and what ECOWAS investigations were saying……to point him because Liberians were involved was SILLY to say the least. Anyone who wants to make money can go into a war to fight.

    1. Gbesia,
      You don’t have to believe him but you can admit that he is stating his case in PLAIN ENGLISH…..I have never ever heard of Presidential Papers all my days in Liberia but THANK GOD he was SMARTER than smart to secure those papers…..without those papers, this case would have been SIGNED, SEALED and SHUT!!!.

      No we who are applying COMMON SENSE are NOT in love with the man but believe the CRIME does not fit the FACTS…..and if it DOES NOT FIT, the court MUST set him free.

      Maybe some of the BIG HANDS are seeing that there is a chance he will walk so the Liberia’s theater on Special Court is on a fast track…..the sad part on that unlike Sierra Leone where only Pres. Kabbah has SOLE say, the LEG of Liberia will be fully involve and some members including the sitting president were part of the killings.

    2. Gbesia
      You are going too far in insulting others on this site. But let me remind you that this is not the aim for which this site was organized. I will advise that you leave if you don’t have anything positive to add to this important matter under discussion.

  7. This whole case is misplaced justice and miscarraige of justice. Imagine that Mr. Taylor was not even brought to court when the Britishs build a special prison to house him. What kind of justice is that? Why they could not wait for the end of the case and allow the judges to offer a verdict before building their special prison?

    By that singular action on the part of the British provide all of the facts we need to know that this case is indeed an international conspiracy against Mr. Taylor which is led by the British. It is a TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE. gosh!!!!

    1. Ha ha ha……you know the MOTTO of a scout??? BE PREPARE!!!

      The world thought this was going to be a cakewalk….she MAY win but he is giving her something to think about.

  8. this is why we say the case is cut with out a trial.but no matter what happens we remain objective.it is unfortunate that the prosecution team will wage a case with no substancial evidence but rather i think.
    let the jail that was build be there i just hope they do not kill him let the they did to milosovic.

  9. Again, Preisdent Taylor has shown in this court today that Liberia belongs to Liberians and none other else. While serving as President, he protected and defended the constition of Liberia against all threats both foreign and domestic. As the result of his patriotism, love for country, and nationalism, he is being wrongfully accused.

  10. All i know is that this case will provide the true nature of what everybody referes to as TRUE JUSTIC. There is nothing like WESTERN JUSTIC OR AFRICAN JUSTIC. Justic is justic, as such is should be done to all.

    1. Zinnah, you hope justice to be justice across the board. There should be no boundaries, favoritism, biases, and prejudices. However, reality belies that premise and argument unfortunately. Use President Taylor case as an example.

  11. what i do thing for us to do is that we should try and forget about what has gone on wrong during the past and look after the prresent. taylor did what he could do, ellen did what she could do, every one play part in the 14 years of wars winth in these countries in question. if justic should be taken then i thing we all should carry that pain of justic not just one person. but i say to those trying mr taylor that the lord will be with mr taylor until he can die.but what ever you do will live after you.

  12. Did anyone see the grumpiness of the prosecutor face today? She appeared hopeless. Conversely to her counterpart, Defense Council Griffiths displayed his tenacity, exuberance and cheerful looks. Smooth sailing to the Defense Team.

  13. So President Taylor of Liberia, Kabbah of sierraleone, Kofi Annan U.N secretary General and Abu Baka Salomi of Nigeria playing host, agreed and signed communique’ that both Liberia and sierraleone strongly support the peace process in Sierraleone, condemned the junta’s action, and promisde no cross border attack from the other side. We would not have known any of these evidences, if Taylor had not sponken about it. I guarantee the Prosecution Team would not had told the world.

  14. Dear fellas,

    I must admit that I am short of words. I cannot say a thing right now but watch.

    BUt before I leave I must remind the Western World and the BIG BIG HANDS that in Liberia there is a common saying and it goes “small shame better than BIG SHAME”.

    In Liberian Local English I say “I beg your, your mo please leave this tin alone . HA. because the one way we dey see know the make us feel say na plenty lie they for get Taylor for now O.

  15. President Taylor, you’re truly a man. you’re a strong leader. what you did to that undiciplined Nigerian General by putting him out of your Office was the right thing to do. No one can not just match into your Presidential office showing no regards for the seat of power, least to mention respect for you by sitting down in one of your own chair spreading his wings and legs like SUPERMAN and be accptable. What you did by telling the President of Nigeria to recall him was appropriate. Can you imagin a Nigeria General was named the Chief of Staffs of the Armed forces of Liberia? This Nigeria man goes to work in a Nigerian Military Uniform with Nigeria insignia and green beret under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Do you think this could have happened under your watch? The answer is obvious. Thank you very much for using this trial to say things we would not have ever known.

    1. Jose Rodriguez, I do understand Charles Taylor walking out a Nigerian General from his office. An African Leader must be respected by all. Nevertheless, having a Nigerian general as Chief of staff of the Liberian Armed forces is ok by me. The Liberian army is still at a kindergaten stage. I’d rather have an African there than a western general. We Africans share a common lineage. Same great great grand father. We Africans must stand up for ourselves. However, I do sympathise with Liberia for the way Charles taylor was betrayed by Olusegun Obasanjo. Te late General Sani Abacha would never have done that. Besides, If Taylor had to be tried, it should be at home on African soil. I await the day George Bush and Tony Blair would be tried on African soil. If this would never happen, then we should never send our seed out for trial.

  16. African should be happy that strong freedom fighter like Mr.Taylor is still alive. This man has been fighting for Africa and African destiny. This man believe that all leaders have to be free in runing their nation affair and in that, he also believe African leaders have to be independent, they don’t need any western power or G8 leaders or G whatever to teach or control them.

    Take a look at Africa and some part of Asia, people are being killed ever day either arms or hunger. What are the international communities doing about mass distructions in these part of the world? Where were they when arms and ammunition were supplied to Mr.Taylor? This is absokutely madness.

  17. I lived in liberia during most of the wars and would not exactly term myself as a Charles Taylor follower. He was the legitimate president of the country and along those lines, I owed him my allegiance.

    These trial proceedings have however proven to be baseless and a complete waste of the monies that could be used for the educational developement of Liberian and Sierra Leonian children. Where are the charges for crimes in Liberia? Have the prosecution not paid attention over the months to the TRC proceedings in Liberia? Shouldn’t there be a huge line-up of perpetrators of atrocities in Liberia based on those proceedings? should this list of perpetrators not include the likes of Harry Greaves, Alhaji Kromah, Rosevelt Johnson, Prince Johnson, Ellen Johnson, George Boley, and all the splinter warring factions that operated in Liberia!

    I commend the Taylor Legal team! You guys are brilliant and meticulous!

    I remain a non-Taylor supporter….but believe in the Liberian Justice Motto: Let Justice be done to all men! It has to start from somewhere. Why not here and now?

  18. I have one question for the Prosecution Team. When President Kabbah visited President Taylor of Liberia during the 1998 Independence Day Celebration in Monrovia following the previous meeting in Nigeria, why didn’t he raise any questions or comments regarding President Taylor alleged support for RUF/AFRC? You know why? Because he knew those Liberians fighting in Sierranleone were not sent by President Taylor. In fact, he said it during his appearance of the Sierraleonian’s TRC. Why these prosecutors are still making false argument?

  19. This case truly exposes the international community and its flaws. Most people were under the impression that when the “international Community” came out with statements and declarations, they were genuine. Well we now see that they can lie and mislead, misinform, and misrepresent just like anyone else. They are not infallable.

    We have a lot of things in this era to reevaluate what they tell us in the media and in some of their resolutions. These things are prepared by humans who have their own personal flaws. They are not a panacea unto themselves.

    As Africans lets look closely and guide ourselves accordingly. it is all about control. Divide and control. If we are not careful they will use things like this to divide us an then move in supposedly to put out the fire that they have helped to create and then in the process control us.

    We should be ‘wise as serpents and innocent as lambs’. Reseorces in the world are limited and peolple are on the prowl. they will devise any devious pkan to come in and take ours.

    The Taylor case is a classic example of Western dominance. i do hope the judges will will do the right thing according to the evidence being presented and not be influenced by those that pay their salaries.

    1. Helen, you are absolutely correct that this is a divide and rule game to take control of Afirca’s natural resources. When has it ever been a problem for Liberians to go into SL and trade in gold and diamonds. Gold and diamonds trade is one of the oldest between the two countries and have never needed some Europeans to tell Africans how to trade their resources.

      Again, you are correct that this case exposes the hidden racism and crude barbarism on the part of these socalled international justice people. It would not be surprising to know that all of these people are control by multinational corporation. Does justice only care about gold and diamonds? This whole gold and diamond charge against Charles Taylor is a direct disrespect to the humanity and dignity of the SL people because this court has iintentionalyl refused to examine why some SL took up arms against their own government.

      This court does not care about the suffering people of SL. They do not care that it was the suffering of the people that would have force some of them to take up arms against their own government. I have never subscribe to violent social change, and this is why I am a big believer in the King’s non-violenct approach. But when one watches this trial one can begin to see why some people would use violent social change.

      Some people would use violent social change when powerful forces , particular these multinational corporations block them from meaningful social opportunity that values the dignity of man. See the double standard here, the rebels who fought against Taylor and was supported by both SL and Guinea are never an issue for this court. Their major concern is gold and diamonds that Taylor wanted in SL. Such deception and outright untruths by these people is what has made characters like Charles Taylor to become powerful in Africa and well love because it is only a real man like Charles Taylor that has the guts to ask for RESPECT.

      These people should simply let this man go home and reconcile with his people.

      1. Helen & King Gray! I’m convened that many of you are part and part-so of the crime committed by Charles Gankay Taylor as indicated by your immature comments.

        There is not a single Liberian in his rightful mind especially aged 20 and above who never tasted the tayric wrath that befell Liberia and Sierra Leone. My people of Liberia, let us say the truth and let it serves us free. Taylor criminally distabilized our su-region
        and he must face the full weight of the law.

        1. Emangulf, I hope you will respect the fact that everyone is entitle to express their own views based on their own experiences of the Liberian war. And please respect our rights and do not make these exchanges personal. It is guys like you that support TYRANNY but pretend to be against it.

          Your tyrannical behavior is clearly exhibitied here for the fact that you will label us as criminal for holding a different viewpoint. It shows your limitation and inability to articulate yourself in a mature manner, and so like the ditators and tryrants, you have called us criminals. If you was a president and we were under your rule, you would have arrested us and prosecuted us. It is you and your kind of people that have got Africa backwards in the name of international justice.

          SHAME ON YOU for attempting to shut us down. We were all victims of the Liberian civil war and your hurt is not more important than our hurt. But you have join this socalled international justice to ignore the sufferings of other Liberians and Sierra Leoneans who do not share this false view that one man, Charles Taylor was responsible for all the bad things that occur in those two countries.

          There is no surprise here that have joined in the chorus of lies and deception to distort the truth of what happened in Sierra Leone and Liberia. It is guys like you , lacking the leadership skils to persuade mass followers and being incompetent will form all kinds of fake human right groups to get free funding from peace loving people from Europe.

          You guys expliot the good people of Europe and America in the name of human rights simply because you guys lack the ability to earn a decent living. You guys are lazy and always want free government support. Let me remind you that laws are now on the book to prosecute advocational crimes.

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