Taylor Says UN Report on Diamonds and Guns was Biased Against Him; CIA helped his Rebel Group

Charles Taylor today said that a 2000 United Nations expert report, which accused him of providing military and financial support to Sierra Leonean rebels in exchange for diamonds,  contained an expert who was unfairly biased against Mr. Taylor.  He also claimed that his rebel group — which launched a civil war in Liberia in 1989 — got support and equipment from the CIA.

In describing the 2001 United Nations Panel of Experts Report on Gun Running and Diamond Smuggling in Sierra Leone, Mr. Taylor said that he raised alarms when he found out who was appointed as the reporting experts.  When Ian Smillie–who in a prior report had accused Mr. Taylor of involvement in diamond-for-arms trade in Sierra Leone– was named an expert, Mr. Taylor wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General questioning Mr. Smillie’s appointment. These concerns, Mr. Taylor said, were ignored by the UN and Mr. Smillie remained on the panel.

Mr. Smillie has already testified as an Expert Witness for the Special Court for Sierra Leone’s prosecution against Mr. Taylor.

“I had concerns about  people who had made allegations against Liberia being on the panel. You have already prejudiced the report by doing that,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor accused Great Britain and the United States of manipulating the findings of the by putting pressure on Mr. Smillie, who was their own nominee on the panel.

“Britain and America are bringing the pressure. We know that the pressure is coming on Smillie because of the interest,” Mr. Taylor said. “I am confronted with these people who have already made those allegations  even before the panel report is out.”

It was no surprise therefore, Mr. Taylor said, that when the Panel of Expert Report came out, he was accused of active involvement in the provision of financial and military support to the rebels in return for diamonds. Mr. Taylor said that while these allegations were made against him, Britain and the United States failed to provide any “tangible evidence” of his involvement in Sierra Leone.

The prosecution has alleged that Mr. Taylor was involved in trading diamonds for arms with Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone. Several prosecution witnesses have testified that RUF rebel commanders took diamonds to Mr. Taylor and in return, he supplied arms and ammunition for use by the RUF rebels. He presently stands accused of bearing responsibility for crimes committed by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied all the allegations against him.

Mr. Taylor’s defense counsel, Courtenay Griffiths, also today read portions of the book “Intervention in Africa” written by former United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Herman Cohen. In this book, a whole chapter is dedicated to the conflict in Liberia from the late 1980s to the 1990s. Mr. Cohen states in the book that the United States government, through its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), provided support to Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group. In his response, Mr. Taylor confirmed that his NPFL indeed received assistance from the United States.

“We were given some very high power technical radios by the embassy [United States], by the CIA at the time, that we used for rapid communications, that we could call almost any where in the world  and get to anybody that we wanted to get to on the ground,” Mr. Taylor said.

He explained that the assistance from the United States government was given to the NPFL as a deal to protect United States facilities in Liberia.

Mr. Taylor also accused the United States of providing similar support to other rebel groups in Liberia.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. I wonder if the US will be prosecuted if Liberia gets a Special Court?? This case is an eye opener…..this revelation was known as a RUMOR….but we are hearing it in TRUE COLORS.

    And we wonder if he will be given TRUE JUSTICE??? I strongly believe he knows more than he is letting out.

    1. Noko4,

      You shouldn’t be surprise at these allegations of CIA involvement in Liberia and with the NPFL. The United States foreign policy is based on their involvement publicly or otherwise with nations around the world. Does anyone recall the cache of arms found in Firestone which was linked to the US and the Embassy denied it? The CIA and FBI have been the glue that safeguards US democracy (at the expense of whosoever willing to allow themselves to be used). Sure CT may have been helped, he also allowed himself to be used. African history is littered with CIA involvement; shoot, Liberia’s history is also infested.

      Please my friend, its no surprise. US is protecting herself and she has every right to do so.

    2. So, what is the truth then, in your eyes – or true justice?
      Whatever Taylor says, you take as proof. Eyewitness accounts of dozens of witnesses you proclaim to be nothing than hearsay. Is that likely to lead to true justice?
      Neither side will find it easy to prove their case with documented evidence – not at all surprising, given the nature of the conflict (and the Liberian bureaucracy).

      Your hero has mostly presented papers with circumstantial deductions, like the SL plan (Salute?) in which Taylor wasn’t mentioned, which we are supposed to read as evidence that Taylor had no role in it. In the given situation it would have been prudent and common sense, to keep the true relations between Taylor and RUF out of documents that might fall into the wrong hands.

      Noko, what is your special relationship with Taylor, what are your reasons to be so supportive of his interests. I don’t believe that you are actually helpful to him because you present yourself as a blindly following devotee with the same mantra day after day.

      1. Sumo,

        What do you mean when you write tht the RUF SALUTE REPORT was circumstantial evidence. Upon what was it contingent? Or was it a second-hand report. That was a factual document. The prosecution just did not dwell on it because it did not help their theory.

        You claim that it was just common sense that Taylor was not mentioned. You and I did not author the report so we have no indea as to why Taylor was not mentioned. What we know is he was not mentioned and that is a fact. why he was not mentioned could be research that you could undertake after he is acquitted.

        1. sorry, if I didn’t explain my point well enough.
          Taylor claimed, that the fact, that there was no acknowledgement of support from him or his government was proof, that he did not support the RUF. I regard that as no proof of anything, because it was just common sense to not put that on paper, when that kind of proof could fall into the wrong hands and have enormous consequences.

      2. Sumoh,
        If the man is SHOWING us documents to back up his words, whatelse should we called it?? HEARSAY or FACTS?? I say FACTS!!!!. Give me ONE factual link that was produced by the prosecutor??? A DIRECT LINK!!!! A DOCUMENT!!!!

        Mr. Taylor is NOT a relative. Again, if the evidences presented by the prosecutors were STRONG enough….I will be cheering the prosecutors; but from DAY ONE, I knew this was MORE about some hidden plan by the US and Britain and we are seeing it unfold.

        To keep accusing someone of X, Y and Z and NEVER producing anything to proof your accusations??? Moreso, when that person has BEGGED to see PROOFS of his WRONGS but only got MORE NOISE and HALLA HALLA as proof, what am I to do or better yet tells you??

        We have to base our judgement on what are presented in this court or shouldn’t we Sumoh??? The Salute Report and the last witness on the prosecutors side summed up this case in my view.

        Again if TRUE JUSTICE is what been sought, Mr. Taylor will be a FREE MAN. Maybe then Liberia will have her own Special Court where he has ZERO escape. I pray when she does, ALL including the CIA plus Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf will be put on trial.

        1. Noko4,

          You were good until the very end in my opinion. Do you really think the CIA will go on trail for crimes committed in Liberia? Please, never! Other heinous acts have been committed with the assistance of the US CIA and FBI in other countries and nothing has happened–judicially. For example, there is a pending prosecution of the CIA for the abduction and secret extraction of a Muslim cleric from Italy. These guys will not be given for punishment by any foreign courts.

      3. Sumoh,

        I think you are attacking cousin4 for nothing . Reason why you are not seeing the true through the evidential documetations is that you may be playing blind eyes,or maybe not be following the discrete algorithm of facts presentation. I advice you carefully read the transcripts and daily summeries or watch the trial live. I also want you to reconfigure your taughts from hate mode to realistic actuallities mode. If you follow some of these bits and pieces, trust me, you will see the light noko4 is seeing. ok later…

    3. My dear Bro Noko4:

      Taylor is not a reliable or dependable character to be trusted with such revelation in the absence of documentation.

      Taylor where is the documents to substantiate your claims. You have been masquerading with lots of document lately. Kindly produced some evidences.

      1. Flomoku,

        Concluding from Alpha Sesay’s summary of Taylor August 24 Testimony, Taylor did not need proof That the US Government assisted the NPFL. Taylor was asked to confirm or deny information that a former US Government official, in person of Herman Cohen, provided in his book. If further proof is required, I believe one can seek Mr. Cohen and inquire from him.

      2. Flomoku,
        Did I say he was a TRUSTED BEING?? NO!!!. I see DOCUMENTS presented and that’s what I am going on…..and if we are to pick which side has done a BETTER PRESENTATION, even the BLIND MAN will side with the defense.

        I don’t know what more evidences he is to produce…..I think you should be askng the prosecutors WHERE IS THE BEEF?? To spend that much money on this trial only to find oursevles WONDERING why??? A DISGRACEFUL DISGRACE.

    4. I lived in Liberia for most part of the war. And it is not only sickening but absolutely laughable when Mr. Taylor testified that the twelves years old kids he drugged and armed during his war were only there to cook and render other minor services but not to engage in combat. This clearly tells me that all the other junks he has said are purely nonesense and a sign of a man who is desperate to continue to lie his way to the grave. Mr. Charles Taylor bears the greatest responsibilities for all the mayhem, autrocities, death and inhumane treatments his rebels caused innocent civilians, both in Sierra Leone and Liberia, to suffer. He must come to terms with his responsibilities and stop looking for scapegoats all over the place. His only hope perhaps is to pray so that he should fall seriously sick and then be released on so-called “compassionate ground,” and sent back to his country to die. Otherwise, I see his doom nearing, just like his son in the US.

      1. James,

        No wonder you are called Dayugar. But know that no amount of hit messages will bring Mr. Taylor down. He dosen’t need to pray for sickness as a way of getting release. God has always been his strenght and will guard him through. Can’t you see how strong and healthy the oldman is? Surely, he is not alone brother. God is great. What we seek here is true justice, nothing less and nothing more.

        Best wishes


      2. James,
        This case is about Sierra Leone…..not even the prosecutors have presented evidence in here stating Mr. Taylor recruited young boys for Sierra Leone’s war….why are you mixing things up in here???

    5. Noko4, bnker, jose, Helen, etc

      Here is another aspect of Mr. Taylor’s testimony that we have not talked about. The Ian Smillie affairs(all these are facts because Griffiths provided documents). This Smillie produced a report on the Taylor administration diamond dealings that the Liberian Government object to. The United Nations sets up a panel to investigate the same topic and decided to include Mr. Smillie whose report the government was contesting. Mr. Taylor again protested Smillie inclusion on this UN panel of experts.

      Mr. Taylor’s concerns were not considered and Mr. Smillie still formed part of the UN panel of expert. What lesson can we draw here?

      If you are not a big-enough nation or you are not responding to the wishes of the big nations, your views and concerns are of no consequence. You are just ignored, outrightly dismissed or experience blatant intolerance.

      Who would ever believe that this Smillie would support another report that disproves assertions he had recently made on the same topic.

      1. Andrew,
        Mr. Taylor saw the WRONGS within the report and that was WHY he objected to him been on the panel. A Report with NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE was what the UN Panel Report was…..

        Why is it only the US and Britain were bend pumping their chests. Are they the ONLY two nations in the world that know RIGHT from WRONG??? Amazing that everything we turn around, those two nations are in everyone’s business.

      1. Saw,
        I know LEFT from RIGHT…..plus, UP from DOWN. I hope I didn’t confuse you.

        Do you know the theory of FINGER POINTING Saw??? Just point your finger…..do you see THREE POINTING back at you and one to me and another into the sky??? I will let you know next time what those fingers are telling you…..

  2. Noko4,

    Justice as we understand it should set Taylor free. A case of this nature should not dwell on inferences as the prosecution is maintaining. There have been some things that are not characteristic of Charles Taylor. Example allegation of cannibalism. Are you mad, Liberian elected a canniballist? Another allegation is he planned an operation coded “OPERATION NO LIVING THING”. We know Taylor for planning military operations coded “OCTOPUS ” the onslaught on Monrovia, or “ENVELOPE” the recapture of Gbarnga. An operation coded “no living thing” bears no semblance of the man Taylor.

    These people just do not know Taylor.

  3. Of course, taylor, we already know that CIA initially assisted your NPFL and so was Doe and many other new revolutionary movements in third world countries that start with brilliant ideas such as “in the cause of the people” and “liberation patriotic front of Liberia , and etc…but when you betrayed the cause and started murdering civilians, looting the banks, rapping females and regardless of age, forcing little children to bear arms in your cause, CIA backed off! Yes you became senseless and would listen to no one! And not only that but your aim was to distalize the entire West African Region..and these are facts from your intended attacks on neighboring West African States! Do you really think that this great arguement for you that the CIA was in support of you and therefore you were right to mend in the affairs of a Sovereign State of Sierra Leone? This is the main question for you taylor! Think about this important points I raised in the name of the victims of Sierra Leone!

    1. Fallah,
      Are you following this trial?? Where is this notion of “distalize the entire West African Region” coming from??? Another WISHFUL game???

      1. Fallah seems confused. He is so consumed by hatred that he is losing sight of the case. He is regurgitating the same rhetoric that we were fed by the western media. This is the same blinded shaded view that has this case even being held; when the resources could have been more efficicaciously utilised for the victims.

  4. Noka4, The US has always been and is still now Liberia bigest problem. I’m not sure of a Special Court for Liberia. Already, the US has killed the TRC report leaving it all to the Liberian people unlike the past when the US asked former president Doe and Taylor to leave Liberia. This is very strange, Liberians have never been left alone. WHY TODAY?

    1. Harry,
      I said and will again; as long as Ellen is alive, there will be NO Special Court for Liberia. As we can ready see, her friends around the world are crying foul about the TRC Report.

    1. noko, the ONLY thing on which I fully agree with you, is the absolutely appaling quality of the video feeds coming from the Hague.

      Millions are spent on the fat cats, but the main means that can provide transparency, that can ensure the victims can witness that justice is being done, is being neglected to the extent that suspicions may be raised that this is intended.

      Sorry to dump this on you, Tracy, but this is a serious matter that can no longer be placated with friendly excuses. Get your priorities right: if Taylor is found guilty, you guys will turn him into a martyr, because no one saw what happened and the rumour mill will spin out of control.

      1. Hey Guys,

        Be considerate. Tracey has been doing her best. Do not forget she only liaises and transmits our concerns. So a little patience here and there will help, in my view.

        I am in philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and I do not have any problem with the video link. If you are using windows media player, upgrade to real player or download the latest version of adobe flash player. I use COMCAST and it is okay. Also the a labtop can be more helpful.

        1. Andrew, thank you so much for your understanding. (By the way, I have not forgotten your questions — I hope to answer at least one of them today, and hopefully the rest during the week. I appreciate your constant patience!)

          Sumoh and others — I do understand how upsetting this is. I have contacted the Special Court again to see if there is anything else they can do to help people with this problem – there may be nothing they can do if the challenge is the speed of the internet connections that people use, or as Andrew suggests, the version of media player being used — but let’s see what they say. They are aware that this is a problem that is very frustrating for people who so deeply interested in the trial, as readers on this site are. I will of course let you know when I hear back from them.


        2. Andrew, I do not blame Tracey, why would I?
          I just think that something has to be done, because this matter is far more serious than a simple inconvenience. It is great to know, that there are few problems in the US – wakey wakey: have you ever experienced the “speeds” of “broadband” in Monrovia? Don’t think that Freetown scores any better.
          As I remember, when Taylor was in Freetown, the dilemma was, that he should be where his (alledged) crimes were committed, but no one trusted, that he could be kept safely there.
          Now I think, he should have stayed there, but the security should have been upgraded.

      2. It’s okay, Sumoh. I understand your frustrations. I have contacted the Special Court to see if anything can be done. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear more. If some of the challenges come from the speed of internet connections that viewers have access to, or the version of media player they are using, there may be little the Special Court can do — but let’s see what they say. They are usually pretty speedy in responding so we should have news by tomorrow, I hope.


        1. Hi Tracey,
          has anyone thought about putting videos on YouTube? Most people can access that even on slow connections (with some degree of patience) and it removes the problem of different time zones.
          Sorry for keeping harping on about this, I believe that transparency is at least 50% of the whole process. I have not, in recent times, ever had as much trouble accessing a site like the live feed fom the Hague. This said, my computer is pretty recent and the connection runs on ADSL2+ at typically 6-8mps.

          1. Sumoh — this is a really excellent idea. I will pass along your suggestion to the court. I agree that it could be a good way of getting around some of the challenges people have faced.

            I also fundamentally agree with you that transparency is so important for trials such as this one. That is part of why we wanted to set up this site too, and why Alpha is monitoring the proceedings for us. As a lawyer, he has a keen sense for the fairness of the process. It is great that we have access to the transcripts from the Special Court for Sierra Leone from each day’s proceedings, often only a day later — but I agree that being able to watch the trial can be so valuable to really understanding and following what this trial is all about.

            Will be back in touch as soon as I hear anything, Sumoh.


    2. Noko4,

      I thought you were in the United States. Those of us who are in the United States do not have problem viewing the trial. I viewed the trial before the adjournment and after, then I left for work. So if you are in the States, I believe you should countercheck your computed setup.

  5. This is not the first time the US CIA has been accused of what President Taylor is saying about how they supported his NPFL rebel group. In fact, just about two weeks ago, the dethroned former president of Hondoras, president Zalaye, accused the US of being part of his overthrowing. His reason is based on the fact that the plane that took him to Costa Rica for refuge was refueled on a US military base in his own country, Hondoras. However, he suspects foul play by the US, eventhough, the US military has denied any involvement. Look judges, let this innocent man go back to his homeland: where he can reunite with his family members and friends.

  6. No wonder why some other people call them “The Great Satan”. I MEAN THEM!…….. O Lucifer, son of the morning! … How long will you be beast be on earth? Satan will be given sometime as the visible god of this world. Now when the time have expired, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations. I remember Ancient Greece. Known for philosophy. Then Ancient Rome, Her engineering was a standout. Of course, there was once a Great Britain. She was known for her tremendous GREED. She stole everything from around the globe…..Today, satan, she will be remember for “DOUBLE STANDARDS”, jazz music and baseball.
    Her citizens cannot face an international court, but she pumps millions into it for others. What an irony. Did I say Irony? ooops my bad, DOUBLE STANDARDS!

  7. Hi Tracey,

    Do you know what happened to the live broadcast after the lunch break on Tuesday. I am on your site and can’t get the feed?

    Thanks for sorting it out expeditiously previously.

  8. Noko4

    That is the million dollar question?
    But i am sure that will not be possible. Now with all these evidence, where will the prosecutor start from
    i am sure it will be ruff on them.


  9. Mr. Taylor statement does not incriminate the CIA. It only exposes the CIA strategy (protect US interest and monitor rebel movements). This little information only indicates that the CIA was in “debatable” limits of the law.

    1. Al-Solo,
      It may might mean a LITTLE but atleast we now know how he was able to do some of his messes in Liberia.

  10. US Government Assists TAYLOR – NPFL,

    People of Liberia, this is exactly what we have been talking about all along. Now here we have a former US Government official, Herman Cohen, disclosing that his government dealt with the NPFL.

    By providing sophisticated communications equipment to the NPFL, can the US Government not be considered an accomplice? They did not aid and abet? Did they not know or should have known that such actions would contribute to the suffering that the war was imposing the population.

    All advocates of a guilty verdict, please respond. Support or defend UNCLE SAM.

    1. No one can defend the indefensible (other than Taylor 🙂 ) – seriously, the question of the role of the USA is wide open, but this court is dealing with a very limited set of questions. That is just how it is. I don’t like it and I see it as a very serious constraint to finding the truth. There is a real possibillity that Taylor gets away with murders (tens of thousands!) on technicalities. He portrays himself as a peace loving revolutionary that tried to bring true democracy to the common people.

      If that was true, he would at least have voiced some remorse to the results of his endevour: About 10% of our people died, that is not small fry! It means, in its shortest summary, a traumatised people for generations. And the way he conducted his revolution at home, there is little doubt he helped Sierra Leone to a similar experience. Most people I now, know this with great certainty, but no one can provide photos or other hard proof. In court the main issue is to prove it, there is no conviction possible on hearsay, even if there are thousand voices that heard the same thing.

      My only hope is, that the weight of the eyewitnesses accounts will outweigh Taylor’s absurd denials. I also hope, that at least some folks have heard his ludicrous claims, that you cannot transport weapons in a a VIP jet that normally seats 15 passengers. (In general terms, a person is rated at 75kg – so without passengers that would equate to 1125kgs of weapons, add some 300kgs for luggage allowance and you could load a decent amount of AK47s…)

      1. Sumo,

        I appreciate your passion. But do not forget, the prosecution admitted that it had to rely on second-hand evidence because those whom it was depending upon to provide first hand evidence were not available(i.e either they had relocated to another country, or dead). The question is why pursue a trial of this profile then? Yet I do not believe that assertion.

        Do not forget we have Issa Sesay, who I now understand in jail pending appeal. The prosecution does not want to rely on his testimony for obvious reasons. But in law, testimony are provided under oath to say the truth and nothing but the truth.

        The other issued you raised was Taylor showing remorse. Of course Taylor has been humble and remorseful. He apologized to the Liberian people. And Sumo the Liberian people accepted his appeal, not only that, they believe it was genuine and elected him into office.

        This trial is not about Liberia. It is about Sierra Leone. Liberia shall never see a witch-haunt patterned after Sierra Leone. The Liberian civil war predates the avent of the ICC and its annotations. They would have no jurisdiction nor mandate.

        But we shall see how the judges would tie all these together.

      2. Sumoh,
        Why should the prosecutors used that report to make their case but when the defense wanted to used other parts favorable to Mr. Taylor, there was an objection from the prosecutor on some silliness about RULE 71??? Is that fair??

  11. Hi Fellows,
    Thanks for being there and following up this very important case on CT vs SL.
    I’ve been out for awhile due to some urgent engagements, but I am back and seeing something addressed on CIA interest and role play in warfare.
    Now some of you same to be defending the USA of protecting her interest / policy by undoing any security treads foreseeing on their part by giving some supports to war Lords. Which support are we talking about here? Are they military support or humanitarian? Definitely, this can never be humanitarian, but military (weapons and other distructively meant equipment and advice) that are used to carry out more harms on innocent people. In Cohen’s book, he claimed that the CIA supported the NPFL; and was confirmed by CT– “to protect her interest”. This could mean that the USA no longer saw her would be so called interest save enough and so always got in quickly and help in the distruction of others inerest so as to save hers. Now if you want us to agree that the USA actions of giving such support just to protect her interest is out of question then why hold CT liable for (IF AND ONLY IF) crimes committed in SL. Have you thought of where the 1985 coup was organized, where Black Berek was organized, where ULIMO was organized and launched from, where the Liberia anti Taylor politicians frequently met to plan against CT, Where and which route LURD used to launch her attacks on CT? I’m very sure if you collected facts on these you will now agree that these were all but from SL.
    If these are facts, can we then say that CT tried to protect his interest by (again, if and only if) supporting RUF? Please help us understand something here people.

    Tracey, Thanks for your clear comment on Griffith’s poison issue. Now I am convienced.

    1. Hi Dolo — welcome back! No problem on the food poisoning issue. I think we are all relieved that it was nothing sinister.

    2. Dolo,

      You made some interesting points, especially your last question, “can we then say that CT tried to protect his interest”. I guess one can argue that this is the case; however, will it stand? Its clear that politicians and lawyers are experts in changing or distorting the meaning of words. Take for example, who is considered a terrorist, technically it is anyone who instills fear in people. But the definition varies, like the current use of the word, is in reference to people who hates or dislikes the West and their foreign policies, who would resort to violence. Now, when the west train people or encourage the arrest of another person in a foreign land (as the case of the bill that Bush signed $2M arrest warrant for CT) what is this considered? Years ago, the School of the America’s trained people (or as they want to refer to them as revolutionaries) then sent them to distablilize and instill fear–what will this be defined as in today’s terms and political environment?

      America’s involvement in Liberia is no secret, we had the Omega (remember the so-called navigational tower), RIA, Freeport of Monrovia, why do you think they were all built? Was it to assist Liberia, no! They were built and used to fight Germany as in the case of World War II and spy and launch missions to the Soviet Union (Omega Station). Has anyone wonder why Liberian held no management role until the collapse of USSR? I remembered Cohen said that the special interest that US and Liberia had no longer existed. So the CIA involvement with groups in Liberia is not for our interest, its all theirs and I am frankly not surprise. If Doe was playing or had not done things to embarrass the US, CT would not have been sponsored. The CIA new interest in Liberia is now because of the war on Terror. They are seeking a hob for their “Africom” base. Liberia is probably the most US-friendly nation in Africa. Establishing a base in Liberia allows the CIA to monitor terrorist networks in Africa..and probably strike before they can execute in the USA.

      I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me, I am not saying that the USA does not have the right to protect her vital interest? She has every right to, but at what cost? History shows us, “at any cost”. The mission is more important than individuals or hundreds of thousands of lives–See Iraq. So what’s the lesson here, Liberia and all of Africa needs to stop compromising their integrity for few dollars. I mentioned in some old threads, this is a lesson, African leaders need to be careful who they get in bed with. For the US their national security interest is paramount.

      Let me drift a bit, sometime back I was discussing the coup in Liberia, I said the worst thing that ever occurred in Liberian history was the murder of Tolbert;yet, it was one of the best things for the US in terms of their national security. The cold war was raging; who did Tolbert befriend? Then he was murdered… “go figure”.

      Does anyone remember the movie “Hotel Rwanda”, the main character was asking why is the US or UN stopping the war, the General replied saying (excuse me the language), “you are not even a nigger, you are an African”. So its all about national security interest, rarely humanitarian. Does the CIA sincerely care that 250,000 people died in Liberia? HELL NO!

  12. I can understand coming from an emotional stand point why Mr. Taylor should be convicted. But the law was created to protect the innocent. That is why the prosecution have to present hard core facts and eliminate all reasonable doubt. Personally I think Mr. Taylor and his defense team is doing a great job creating reasonable doubt (His RUF’s ties were for peaceful purposes). They are creating reasonable doubt with supportive evidence. The prosecution failed to make there case and this trail should have been ended long time ago. Mr. Taylor testimony have indicated that other West African leaders were in bed with the RUF for one reason or another and at one point in time, had some type of influence over the group (The switching of power). The prosecution need to regroup and build a stronger case if they plan on convicting Mr. Taylor.

    1. Al-Solo,

      Your points are valid and seem neutral…I must commend you. You are right, I personally think that CT was involved in SL, but my personal opinion does not mean squat; its all about the evidence. Though I am not a fan to Taylor (and I have said this repeatedly….sorry folks if you get tired of hearing it), I still want to see justice dispense equally and fairly based on evidence. CT defense team is good. I don’t think they are technically winning the argument, the prosecution defeated or is defeating itself. They’ve shot themselves in the foot.

      Good posting, my friend…

    2. Al-Solo,
      If they don’t do a better job on CROSS, the judges should interject and END this trial. The rest of the money needed to run the court should be send to the destitutes of Sierra Leone.

  13. I will have to take interest in what Dolo is saying here. I can remember when I was in Liberia during the war everyone was trying to get Taylor out of Liberia. Anyone could sit somewhere in the sub region or other places and say I have men enough to fight Taylor and git him out of Liberia and you will get support. I wil began with ULIMO in general, before the group seperated. Now both ULIMBO K and J have on goal and it was to get taylor out off Liberia. L.P.C., CRC of the then N.P.F.L., LURD, MODEL, all came with that same movtive and they were given the chance to enter liberia and they all cause us all lost of life with lot of damages in the whole country. The only group that was form to protect her people and not to fight the NPFL at that time was Lofa Defence Force headed by the late Fancis Massaquio. Beside most of the groups were founded in Guinea and Sierra Leone. While is it that their leaders went free and the International Communiy never said anything about it. We were in liberia and knew what all the factions did. We have to be fair here and as I said before let sleeping dog sleep for peace sake. Let the poor man go and live his life in as a former president in his country.

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