Nobody Ever Transported Weapons From Taylor’s White Flower Residence To RUF Rebels in Sierra Leone, He Says

Weapons were never transported from Charles Taylor’s White Flower residence in Monrovia for use by rebel forces in Sierra Leone, Mr. Taylor told the Special Court for Sierra Leone today.

“Nobody ever picked up weapons from White Flower. Nobody ever picked up a single weapon there, not even Benjamin Yeaten,” the accused former Liberian president said during his testimony today.

Mr. Taylor was responding to the testimony the 33rd Prosecution Witness TFI-375, who in his June 2008 testimony said that while working with Mr. Taylor’s Special Security Services (SSS) Director, Benjamin Yeaten, in Liberia, he picked up arms and ammunition on several occasions from Mr. Taylor’s White Flower residence in Monrovia. TFI-375 testified that he then transported the weapons to Sierra Leone for use by Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels.

The witness had also testified that while in Sierra Leone in 1997, a Liberian rebel called Jungle took weapons for use by RUF rebels when he visited RUF commander, Sam Bockarie. The witness said Jungle told him he had picked up the weapons from Mr. Taylor’s White Flower residence in Liberia and in return, Mr. Bockarie had given him diamonds to take to Mr. Taylor.

In his testimony today, Mr. Taylor dismissed the witness’ account as lies.

“I say he is lying. He must be confused. How could I, as president of Liberia, take ammunition and give it to him?” Mr. Taylor asked. “I have nothing else to do as president but to take some ammunition like a shop boy and give it to him to take to Sierra Leone? In fact, White Flower does not exist in 1997. I moved into that building in January 1998,” the accused former president said.

Mr. Taylor explained that because of the presence of Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) peacekeepers in Liberia at that time, it would have been impossible for anyone to transport huge loads of ammunition from Liberia to Sierra Leone in big trucks.

“If ammunition is crossing from Liberia to Sierra Leone in a truck, ECOMOG must have carried it. Note that there were 18,000 ECOMOG soldiers in Liberia at this time,” he said.

Mr. Taylor also denied knowing Jungle who, according to Witness TFI-375, was part of Mr. Taylor’s close protection unit as well as liaison between Mr. Taylor and Mr. Bockarie.

“There is no such person called Jungle in the Close Protection Unit,” Mr. Taylor said.

“When I needed Bockarie in 1998, I sent for him. There is no liaison like Jungle. We’ll contact him by radio when we needed him,” the former president added.

Witness TFI-375, in his June 2008 testimony, also said that he was part of a team that took arms and ammunition from Mr. Taylor’s private farm at Gbangha in 1998 and transported them to RUF commander, Superman, in Buedu. The witness testified that these weapons were used by the RUF for “Operation Fiti Fata,” an operation he said was launched to capture the diamond-rich town of Kono. Mr. Taylor today denied having any arms storage on his private farm at Gbangha.

“If any president can make his farm or residence an arms depot, then the Secret Service should not even exist,” he said.

Mr. Taylor also denied the witness’s assertion that he had direct numbers for Mr. Taylor’s cell and satellite phones while he worked with Benjamin Yeatan in Liberia.

“That is the biggest lie I have ever heard. There is no cell phone number that the witness had. Even cabinet members did not have my cell phone number. It was the only protected number in Liberia,” Mr. Taylor said.

Also in his testimony today, Mr. Taylor denied ever knowing the Prosecution’s 21st Witness Joseph Marzah, a.k.a. “Zig Zag” Marzah, who in his testimony said he was the Chief of Operations for Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) and head of the Death Squad of the Mr. Taylor’s SSS that was headed by Benjamin Yeaten. Also in his testimony in 2008, Mr. Marzah said that he sat together with Mr. Taylor and feasted upon human intestines.

“I first saw Marzah in this court. I did not know him personally. I did not recognize him when I first saw him in court,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor also disputed the assertion that Mr. Marzah was a Colonel in the SSS. Describing Mr. Marzah today, Mr. Taylor said that “Marzah ends up being an Orderly to Yeaten. A Colonel? I doubt that very much. An Orderly who cannot even read and write? I doubt that very much.”

Mr. Taylor is responding to allegations that he provided support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone through the supply of arms and ammunition and that he helped plan RUF operations, thus helping the rebels commit atrocities against the government and people of Sierra Leone. He has denied all the allegations against him.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Now Fallah listen to this witness concerning arms send to the RUF by Taylor. As a big book man as you claim this make sense to you. As president Taylor gave him arms from his WHITE FLOWER RESIDENT, for him to take to Sierra Leone in a TRUCK IN 1997. At that time with ECOMOG serving guarding every checkpoint in and around Monrovia. How did he passed with it Fallah? How? Where did he get the Truck in question? That is just one ok. 1997 the person in question say there was nothing like WHITE FLOWER which is true, and you know it. Who shall we all belive here Fallah help me here please. Note that there were 18000 ecomog on ground. Listen to what Taylor said IF THERE WAS A TRUCH CARRY ARMS AND AMMUNITIONS IN SIERRA LEONE IT MUST BE ECOMOG. Do someone need to finished with all of the uncersities in the USA like you before he or she can say or see the facts here. Each time someone says it you tell them you guys need to go to school. Is this not common sense Fallah? Even the town chief in my village in Grand Bassa can give a verdit in this case. In fact we should have not even come this far with this whole thing Falla. The botton line is the persercutors didn’t do their job well. From Jack Clain to Steven Rapp they both did nothing to help the poor people of Sierra Leone. Can’t you see the persecutors sinking in this case yet as a big book man on this site Fallah. Fallah you really tried but it never help the persecutors in any way at all bro. Good Luck and try again.

  2. We should belived witness TFI 375 because one can’t put anything pass Mr. Charles Taylor. although ECOMOG troups were present in Liberia and maning check points but Mr. Taylor himself has admitted that ECOMOG personnel were very corrupt and prone to bribery, and he [ Charles Taylor] did buy weapons from them during the conflict, which undermines the impossibilities Taylor is claiming to about truck loads of weapons leaving his house to the RUF in Sierra Leone. can’t wait until the peoples term to exposed Charles Taylor and his lies.

    1. Ziggy Salis,
      if there is any evidence that Charles taylor bribed some elements in ECOMOG to allow his truck load of arms to the RUF pass to Sierra Leone, then the prosecution should have presented the evidence. I cannot remember any prosecution witness that said he was bribed by Taylor to allow weapons pass to sierra leone. that was not part of the prosecution case.

    2. Ziggy Salis,
      This is not about ECOMOG, but it is about the existance of the so called white flower in 1997. Everyone in Liberia knows that there was no such name White Flower, until 1998 when Mr. Taylor was president of Liberia. All that we heard about betwwen 1996-1997 was a place refered to as ”Residence A” the supose official residence of Mr. Taylor during the power sharing government of Liberia. Please leave the trust of ECOMOG out of this and focus on the chain of incidents as explained by the witness against Mr.Taylor. It is clear that some of the guys were paid to tell lies. But beware that good alway previl over evil.


      Harris K Johnson

    3. Ziggy,

      I taught you told me the other day that you have seen the whole truth in this matter? Why are you flip- flaping?Both of us have agree that prosecution has failed; Stephen has got a new job; Brenda Hollis has got a new boyfriend; some of the judges might soon be resigning due to the fact that Rapp lied about the taylor alledged billions, NO BONUSES!!!
      WOW..come on ziggy…

  3. Ziggy Salis,

    Assumptions too? Why don’t you just join the prosecution team because you are rife with assumption, suppositions and scenario building. Look at the facts my brother. FACTS!!!

  4. Ziggy what have you just said here please clear that for me? I can understand anything you wrote here at all brother. So according to you Taylor said Ecomog was corrupt which is true I will agreed with you. Now if Ecomog is and a truck leaving for RUF positions in Sierra Leone it means those arms from Taylor house at white flower right? Ziggy there was no white flower at that time in 1997. Taylor was still at the old Moroccan embassy right next to the Nigerian house. Ziggy these people ate the UN money and they really got no case. We are just tliking about and I won’t be surprise if you ask me wether I was effected in during the war in Liberia. My answer to you is a very big YES.

  5. Look,Taylor or Peace-who would you like to reign in west Africa.The latter,I am sure.
    Since peace has been imminent in the sub-region following Taylors departure in 2003,let him be kept far away from the Mano River Union basin.Please,Taylor does not stand for peace

    1. Vaa Alie Mansaray,
      Why did you say that Mr Taylor constitutes a threat to peace in west africa? After the war to oust Doe (which was a necessary war) has Charles Taylor started any other war? was it not Ulimo, LURD, MODEL that started the other wars to destabilise his government?

      comeon people, lets be fair here ellen johnson sirleaf is as guilty of war monging as charles taylor is. Taylor does not constitute a threat to anybody. he deserves to enjoy the rights every other person on this planet has a right to freedom and a right to be with his family and to live in peace.

  6. Another HEARSAY. That jungle told this witness he had picked up weapons from Mr. Taylor’s White Flower in 1997. Mr. Taylor says there was no white flower before 1998. What will this court do with those lies? Yes, I agree with Mr. Taylor that there was no white flower any where in Liberia before 1998. What we heard about in 1997 was Residence “A” in Congo Town next to Old Road Junction. Sorry, Mr. Rapp did do a better job. What a big disgrace?

    Harris K Johnson

    1. Hi Harris — just wondered if you have managed to see any of the video summaries of the trial on Liberian television stations? I remember you had asked which ones were showing them.

      1. Sorry Tracy, I really forgot to get back to you. Yes, I was able to listen to playback on UNMIL radio and also watch the case on power TV. I will check the rest and get back to soon.

        Best wishes

        Harris K Johnson

        1. Hi Harris — no problem! There was no obligation — I was simply curious to hear your thoughts, that was all. Glad you could watch them.


  7. Ziggy Salis, you will wait for a long time perhaps to infinity or judgement day for the prosecutor to prove beyond all reasonable doubt. It is not going to happen because, there is nothing they can show. You will be disappointed again like the same way Mr. Rapp disappointed so many. By the way, when did you start believing in President Taylor’s testimony? So, you really believe President Taylor when he said that “ECOMOG personnel were very corrupt and prone to bribery” according to you? However, you can believe in TFI 375 all you want, but there is no such thing like “we.” You and who make “we” in the first place? Not me and vast majority of the posters on this site. Again, you are caught up in an inescapable network of personal falsehood and self destruct entrapment.

  8. The defense team is no small potato to joke with. QC Griffith AKA Perry Mason and his team are strategically mapping out a defense that would make it IMPOSSIBLE for the verdict to go contrary or for CT to be found guilty. From where I sit, this case is a combination of both CRIMINAL and CIVIL. in nature. In order for CT to be acquittal he must raise sufficient doubt CRIMINAL and preponderance of evidence CIVIL. The defense is aware of the two different charges and they also have two different defenses. The evidence put in by the defense team in the CRIMINAL case is overwhelm, it have placed enough doubt in the minds of any reasonable person. That concludes the CRINMINAL aspect of the trial. Even though, the persecution CRIMINAL case against CT is weak and should have been thrown out of court from the get go, CT vehemently defended a charge that the persecution failed to produce evidence to back her case. Now the CIVIL case, is the persecution’s best shot for a guilty verdict, they brought 97 witnesses (preponderance of evidence) to testify. Their testimonies were all based on hearsay. To the contrary, to out SMART the persecution Perry Mason and his team are bringing in 200 plus witnesses to testify for the defense, more witnesses (preponderance of evidence) than the persecution. No screws are left unturned! If the defense witnesses testimony are in alliance and coherence with CT testimony case closed CT is a FREE man!!!!

  9. Ziggy Sail

    I thing you will wait a very longtime ninety plus witnesses did not do it i really don’t know who can.

    If bribery was the way then the prosecutor need to prove it through her case but she fail to do that brother so stop speculating.


  10. hi find this trial amazing. taylor comes across as the most useless and powerless person/president in liberia during his tenure according to his own words. how credible is that.spend some time in monrovia and listen to ordinary people on the ground!! what else do u need??

    1. Rodebu,
      Is it possible for you to share with us what some of the ordinary people on the ground in Monrovia are saying about the trial? It will be very good if we get perspectives of ordinary people in the streets who do not have the time or means to post comments on this forum.


  11. Tracey,

    I realize this is completely off the subject. But as an admirer of your communication skills, What is your background and what are some of the things you did along the way(books, Courses etc) to refine your oral and written communication skills?

    1. Hi Mas,

      Thank you so much for the kind compliment. My background? My first job was as a journalist in a little regional paper in rural Australia. After law school I worked for the Australian Prime Minister’s department in its international division, and then for an Australian embassy in Central Europe. I returned to Australia to be an academic researcher in law while I did my Masters degree in international and public law. I then moved to the US and eventually ended up in this job working on war crimes tribunals. So a speckled history that involved a lot of writing! In answering your question, to the extent that I was able to improve my writing skills, I did not take any specific course, but instead relied on some great mentors and editors I have worked with. I think your compliments to me should really go to them — but I do thank you for them and appreciate them.


  12. I AM one of those Liberian that was temper with to lie against Mr.Taylor through a friend who introduced me to the members of the special court,(if you want me to call name of that friend ,please let me know)Because my boss was a senior member of Mr.Taylor gov.,I can prove this beyoung all reasonable doubt, I met with all senior members of this court,those guys were very corrupt in ther fact findings against Mr.Taylor,but I am waiting for the appropriate time to prove this to the court.I am not a witsess for Mr.Taylor ,but I am a Liberian who is interested in fair justice.Those guys paid people to lie.I have in possession all of their call cards and even E-mail communications to show to the court.


    1. Boima,
      You are a true liberian; God will bless you and your what soever you endevore; My man I will pray so that god forgive even your original sin. I mean the one commited by Adam and Eve.. that how serious the prayer is going to be..

    2. Tracey,

      It looks as though Boima Kamara has got something interesting to tell us. please can you encourage him to be a little bit more explicit?


  13. Boima, in the interest of justice I would think you have a moral obligation to assist the court in this regard. Do not be afriad, expose the truth for all to know. You would not just be helping Mr. Taylor but you will be helping the many poor people out there at who’s expense this trial is being held.

    I am sorry to say that I have lost faith in the international system for bringing such deception to these judges. No wonder many people are sufferings and dying accross the world due these types of lies. This was the exact type of lie that force America into a war in Iraq. Why are some humans so greedy for personal wealth that they would do these types of things.

    I am equally reminded about those slave castles in Ghana, if anyone has visited any of those slaves castles, one will be amaze to see man’s inhumanity against man. One of most distrubing thing about those castles is to see that just above the dungeon where the slaves were kept, before boarding the slaves ships, those slaves merchants had the guts to hold regular church services calling and praising the name of God. How wicked they were, but also wicked were the Africans who sold their brothers into slavery. And today we are witnessing a repeat of history that some Africans have practically sold Mr. Taylor just for crumbs while the African people continue to suffer in the midst of plenty. Is this a curse on the African people?

  14. September 15 2009
    Nobody Ever Transported Weapons From Taylor’s White Flower Residence To RUF Rebels in Sierra Leone, He Says

    “When I needed Bockarie in 1998, I sent for him. There is no liaison like Jungle. We’ll contact him by radio when we needed him,” the former president added.

    Now what does the above quote tell you about Mr. Taylor’s testimony. He denied every connection to the RUF but let slip the quote above.

    Interesting, very interesting

    1. Joe,
      I do not see the point you are trying to make here can you expanciate?

      I hope you have not forgotten that he has never denied having contact with Sam Bockarie in 1998 for the purpose of bringing peace to sierra leone. so I do not see any connection between this and sponsoring the RUF.

      I will appreciate further expaltions.

    2. Joe,

      Do not satisfy your emotions. There is nothing incriminating in Mr. Taylor as president sending or summoning Bockarie who was in our country. So get it straight. Do not insinuate anything, because there is nothing absolutely wrong.

      God Bless you, Mr. Taylor will be set free because the prosecution case is balooned with lies. There are some degrees of truths but the witnesses extended the truth. Now after Mr. Taylor is set free, guess what we will win the next elections. We will encourage him to contest, and right now if he is set free he will win any elections.

      Again God Bless you.

  15. Boima Kamara sounds like Flanzamaton, or the 50 calibre liar who claimed to have been paid to assasinate Sgt Doe! Please get back to the main point about the murder, rape, force marriages, sexual slavery, and other charges your man, taylor faces.
    Boima, do you really think people will buy these tall tales you are claiming here that people from special court contacted you to go and lie on taylor and etc..? Are you also being offered payment in exchange for this testimony on behalf of your man, gankay? You see, this is what we are saying here, If you have nothing to say, don’t say anything! Think again about the charges above,and tell me your logic of this manufactured tales you are attempting to sell here,Boima Kamara..Taylor never rape daughters of his own fellow Liberians have them given into marriages to his militants?

    1. Fallah,
      I do not think that it is in dispute here that the prosecution has spent vast amounts of money on thier witnesses in the name of paying for lost wages, health, family upkeep etc. I do not know of anywhere in the world (I stand corrected) where this type of thing is done. and just so you know, those sums spent by the prosection on these witnesses are vast sums speaking in west african terms. so witnesses will probably never have access to such vast amount of money again in their lives.

  16. Fallah Menjor,

    Do not go there with Flanzamaton because whether you believe it or not In Bob Woodward’s book “Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987” , Woodward did attest to the fact that the CIA did contact Flanzamaton and encouraged him to overthrow Doe. So that was not a lie. Now following your logic then it also follows that what Boima is saying is also true.

    I have also heard form other sources that people were offered money to testify against Mr. Taylor. So what about those who are on the UN ban for having ties to Mr. Taylor? Witness tampering can come in two forms either by providing an incentive in the form of monetary compensation or other forms of compensation and it can come by providing a disincentive for those who want to come up and challenge the status quo against the prosecution by the threat of UN sanctions.

    If this process is to be free and fair let the UN remove this whole cloud of UN sanction (Travel Ban and Asset freeze) from on those who could testify only because they have as they put it “Ongoing ties to Taylor”. What is this whole concept of “Ongoing ties” anyway but a load of nonsense geared towards scaring people from coming forward: A total disincentive. This is another example of the political nature of this case Tracey, where the powers that be are influecing/ interfering with the process.

  17. Of course guys, taylor is going to deny every bit of charges levelled against him by prosecution and that is why he pleaded not guilty of all counts against him in the first place! This is a simple logic in criminal defense if some of you are aware of such procedures. The defense,in this case, is taylor and he will attempt to answer questions, carefully posed to him by his defense lawyers, so as to convince the judges that these charges, in the first place, are baseless! Therefore, it will be premature to shout “victory” simply because taylor cleverly answers the already coached replies from his lawyers and tell the world your man has said these charges are false and therefore the case should be thrown from court. As for the International justice portion and crimes against Humanity taylor is being charged with by the Special Court of Sierra Leone in addition to all others, there is no reason to dream of Gangay walking this earth as free man again. His games are over and supporters better get this in their heads! I may discontinue posting because most of frequent visitors of this site offer very little substance in their thoughts for the benefit of their fellow africans! May come back on if I need to hit on some postings in the future!

    1. Hi J Fallah Menjor,

      I hope you do continue posting. Your comments are valuable, and you promote discussions and debate here. You add to the diversity of opinion on the site and we welcome that.


      1. Tracey;
        Don’t worry let fallah leave; the kitchen is hot and those who cannot take the heat will leave. He is just the first, there will be more following . He has got no cotribution besides mascurading his 1970 some kind of university degree. I think we should all be happy that he is not going to annoy us anymore. We can now debate this issue in peace… good GOD.. fallah..bye..

    2. Dear J Fallah Menjor,

      Please know that the going gets tuff, when the tuff gets going. This site is not for babies, but MEN. The best thing you can do is to keep the debate on not to run away. Please do not throw stone if you live in a glass house.

      Best wishes

      Harris K. Johnson

      1. Hi Harris — let’s remember it’s a site for us girls too! In fact, it is a site intended for everyone and we continue to welcome all comments.

      2. I hate to do this but I am compelled to veer from substantive matter to triviality for a moment to express my concern over the flagrant denigration of women by Harris. I believe this site is open to the world and anybody, not just MEN, is welcome to post their comments as Taylor’s testimony unfolds. The emphasis the author placed on a particular gender is objectionable and unwarranted. Even if his use of the term MEN is figurative has , it sends a negative message and in a way unmasks the author’s gender prejudices and perceives subordination of women. Let us respect gender equality. I call on the author to please recant his comment.

        1. Duke, we have already dealt with this issue long time ago. Even, our moderator Tracey, understood the content of the post. However, if you so much care about women in the way you professed, you won’t consider the matter of women to be a trivial issue as you have said in your previous post. I think you are just a narcicist looking for attention. Find something different to use your newly learned vocabularies on, because Harris Johnson said nothing wrong about women.

      1. Dear Duke,

        You have posted a comment here that unfortunately I cannot approve. However, I remain very happy to approve it if you can reformulate it in a way that meets our policy on this site (ie that focuses on the issues raised by the trial and not others posting here). If you like, I can email you the content of your post separately, you can reconstruct and I will post it.

        I do look forward to hearing from you, Duke, and hope you continue to contribute postings.


      2. Tracy,
        In all fairness, we have seen postings that have absolutely nothing to do with the trial. They were saturated with vulgarity, negativity, triviality, and absolute nonsense. Yet you took the liberty to post it. Mine is a far refined version of some of those postings. I hope this is not prejudice!!! However, to reach the intended author and audience, I will reformat my posting and you can decide what to do.

        1. Duke,

          Thanks for your note and I do take your point. There are indeed some comments that are really borderline that I do decide to post but could go either way. The deciding factor tends to be whether it singles out another individual posting on the site or not — but still, I agree with you that there are grey areas, and I hope you and other readers will pull me up when you think I have allowed something through that doesn’t meet our own policy. I consider it important to be challenged on the merits of decisions that people consider unfair.

          Duke, you are an eloquent writer and I do hope you continue posting. You add to the quality of the conversation here.

          Best, and thanks for your understanding,

      3. Tracy,
        Second thought!
        I decided in the past to read Taylor’s testimony and not the postings but went against my decision. So there is no need to reformulate my comment. Just delete it. It is better to just read substantive material (i.e., Taylor’s testimony) than pork my nose through the heap of inflammatory comments and garbage some of the folks post.

  18. Thanks Tracy, I definitely will continue to defend the defenseless victims of Sierra Leone so we can not forget what they may have gone through in their last moments on earth. I shall remain active until taylor gets the full weight of the law for his role in Sierra Leone guys I am back!

    1. Hi J Fallah Menjor — I am so glad you will be staying with us. Your views and opinions contribute greatly to the debate here.

      1. Tracey,
        Menjor is not going anywhere…..regardless of what he says in here, he loves us just as we love him. Infact, he loves the flow that goes on in here eventhough he prevents not to like it.

    2. Menjor,
      We all will call out for their JUSTICE but we SHALL also cry out when there is a FOUL….in this case, there is a FOUL.

    3. Fallah,

      The discussions here are not meant to persuade individuals to cross carpet so to speak. Okay. We just beleive that after all these years, wester countries still consider africa to be their farms and our leaders are to be bag-boys. If any african leader stand up to them, they will consider that abominable. That is what is happening in this case. This case is not about Taylor commission of atrocities. NO. It is about Taylor having the guts to dare the west america included.

      Remeber in this trial, evidence has been led to the effect that Taylor was being pressured to give in to a Mobil deal. And if Taylor did that, the benefits would be the opening of IMF and WORLD BANK DOORS. Yes that is the eligibility standard to secure WORLD BANK FUNDING. It is no longer structural adjustment programs and fiscal discipline that determine eligibility of international funding.

      Do not forget, Firestone has been operating in Liberia since 1926, tapping our rubber exporting latex, with dispropotionate benefits for the country. Liberia with all that rubber cannot produce a rubber band. Even if we were producing condoms we would be able to pay off our debts. That is why Taylor revised the Firestone contract.

      Not only that. Our maritime program where we issue flag of convenience. Other ships register under Liberia’s maritime program for affordable fees, and they carry our flags on their vessel as though the vessel was Liberian owned and operated. Since 1948, the ITC Bank(american owned) managed the maritime program for the liberian government. During the time that ITC managed the maritime program, Liberia was not entitled to know how much was generated from the program, and how it was spent. Liberia was only entitled to collect whatever ITC provided as Liberia’s percentage of the net profit. It was in 1998 when the contract expired that Mr. Taylor administration refused to renew the ITC Bank/Maritime contract.

      As a result ITC Bank folded up and left Liberia to this date.

      Do you really believe america loved all of these. You have to be kidding me. So this trial is not about maiming. Do you believe America cares do much about the plight of ordinary african? Do not kid yourself.

      As you said, take a break and sober up.

  19. Dear Tracey – I’m not looking down on girls. I really appreciate the work of girls; I’m talking here about common gender which includes girls. Like we say let justice be done to all men. Please see me as the girls’ best friend. Have a nice day yah!

    Best regards

    Harris K Johnson

    1. Harris — I was just having fun with you! I knew you meant your comment inclusively. Wonderful that we have a new girls’ best friend on the site!

  20. Welcome Tracey – you are always sweet. Please excuse me for this, are you married? Your husband must be a very lucky man.

    Best wishes

    Harris K Johnson

  21. I MET Mr.Rapp in congo town, Mr.Gilbert, a Canadian who is his chief investigator at the new hotel right by the NPP HQ on third street in 2007 ,where they meet most of their people,those guys offer to relocate me if and only if I could appear and say Mr.Taylor committed those crimes.The senior investigator at the time who was also a canadian met my boss in his sick bed at the catholic hospital in congo town even paid the bills assuming that my boss could help them but I told him that man will never heed to your request,I said he prefere death to helping you people and that exactly what happened.After the death of my boss he then decided to contact me to directly tell the court these things happened.Mr.Rapp,the chief investigator Mr.Gilbert,the senior investigator Mr.Chris Bomford,Mr.Dave Coneguian,Steve,Blondy ,Mustapha who is a siralonian,Visa who is a Liberian this is the guy who reccomended people in liberia to the court because 95% of the investigators are canadian most of them were their first time in Liberia we all met on several occations at a different times and locations.I first said I have never directly work with Mr.Taylor,but I served as special Assistance at the executive Mansion to my boss from 1998 up to his death in 2007.I personally know all senior officials and military commanders including AIDE DE CAMP,SSS,SSU later ATU all Malitials generals which sheriff was one.sheriff was never an aide directly assigned to mr.Taylor residence but he claimed in his testimony to be one.Sheriff joined the rank of the NPP comanders when fighting intensified on the government and this took place right in my presence.Sheriff though work at the mansion as SSS but that was during the LNTG time appointed by Alhaji G.V.Kromah because sheriff was a senior ULIMO K general.he served in the SSS up to election when got crazy and he left.Please look for a book call predential papers that mr.Taylor after the election the first bacth of SSS directors names are listed sheriff was nowhere around he also claimed to be one these are all lies that this guy put together.If u want me to post the last email communication b/w me and Mr.Rapp I will do then you read the content.I got in possession a letter written by Mr.David Crain to my boss assuring him that he will not be arrested and his assets will be released if he could help the court.This happened when I told them my boss feel threaten that he could be arrested.
    lots more to say later.


    1. Boima Kamara, your revelation could have a chilling effect with far reaching and irreversible consequencies to the prosecution. I’m interested in your story even more. By the way, I’m a Mexican Liberian, with mom hailing from Grand Bassa County, Liberia. The name Jose is pronounced in Spanish as HOSEY. However, I made it my obligation to visit LIberia every year. Just two years ago, I was in Monrovia. I read in one of the local daily newspapers about two Whitemen from the Special Court of Sierra Leone. These men mission was to find witnesses to testify against President Taylor in the ongoing trial. They talked to a former General of the defunct NPFL by the name of General makazohn. Upon listening to these guys, Makazohn said in order to testify, he will have to consult someone on the issue. He got in touch with Sanoe Johnson a former Senator from Bomi County in the Taylor administration. When Sanoe came, these guys were already formuliar with him. These two white guys with their UNIMIL SECURITY FORCES decided to force them into their car. General Makazohn and Sanoe Johnson screamed on the top of their lungs until bystanders and onlookers started calling for help. The next day, it was reported to the Liberia Government. The government respond was they were not aware of anybody coming from the court to kidnap citizens of Liberia with the sole purpose of taking them to the court. General Makazohn also stated that he was offered special favor and protection if he was willing to testify against his former boss. Boima Kamara, I see a direct corelation to your story to what I read two years ago.

      Tracey, this case is deeper than anyone can think. According to their own standard of measurement, HEARSAY is permissable. That’s OK. They will be defeated at their own game. The defense is bringing about 200 witness to debunk, destroy, dismantle, demolish, and dismiss the less than 200 witness testimonies the prosecution presented.

    2. I don’t want to burst no one bubble but it is a common practice for the prosecution to offer deals in return for a witness testimony ( taking the death penitie off the table, reducing a sentence, witness protection, travel and financial reimbursements, etc..). I’m not trying to jump to conclusions with out getting more information from BOIMA KAMARA, but his statement “Those guys paid people to lie” makes him sound like one of the prosecution witnesses. Did the prosecution approach him and directly offer him money to tell a story they fabricated or did he overhear the prosecution offering his boss a “commonly practice deal” in exchange to testify. His evidence is hard for me to digests. You telling me, a highly trained lawyer is going to email incriminating documents. These documents at its greatest can only prove he was in contact with the prosecution.

  22. B. KAMARA,

    The first batch of your story is all true. Please go on with the rest. Visa is my personal friend, I’m his one time boss man he knows that very well.


    Harris K. Johnson

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