Taylor Denies Giving Money to Rebel Leader or Safekeeping Diamonds

Charles Taylor did not give jailed Sierra Leonean rebel leader Foday Sankoh $20,000 in 1999, either as a “good gesture” or as a payment in exchange for safekeeping diamonds for his rebel group, Mr. Taylor told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today.

“No I did not send Sankoh any money. If I had, it would have been a good gesture,” the accused former Liberian president said today in response to whether he ever gave Mr. Sankoh an amount of $20,000.

Mr. Taylor was responding to the evidence of a protected prosecution witness who said, in his 2008 testimony, that while the government of Sierra Leone and the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels were in the Togolese capital Lome for peace talks in 1999, Mr. Taylor gave a member of the RUF external delegation, Ibrahim Bah, an amount of $20,000 for the RUF leader Mr. Sankoh. Mr. Taylor said today that this was not true.

“If I wanted to send money for Sankoh, I would have done so through the Liberian Foreign Minister who was in Lome. It would have been a good gesture just like Eyadema and Obasanjo did give him money, but I did not,” Mr. Taylor said. [Mr. Taylor was referring to former Togolese president, Gnassingbe Eyadema, and former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo].

According to the witness, Mr. Sankoh was very agitated upon receiving what he called “a peanut” from Mr. Taylor because Mr. Sankoh had received reports that RUF commander Sam Bockarie had given huge amounts of diamonds to Mr. Taylor during Mr. Sankoh’s incarceration. Between 1997 and 1999, Mr. Sankoh was in jail in Nigeria and in his absence, Mr. Bockarie acted as leader of the RUF.  When rebels attacked Sierra Leone’s capital in January 1999, Mr. Sankoh was released and the government of Sierra Leone decided to hold peace talks with the RUF. This led to the signing of the peace agreement between the two parties in the Togolese capital Lome in 1999.

Prosecution witnesses have alleged that during Mr. Sankoh’s absence, Mr. Bockarie took orders from Mr. Taylor. Witnesses have also alleged that all diamonds mined by the RUF were given to Mr. Taylor for safe-keeping. Mr. Taylor has been charged by the Prosecution with aiding and abetting the RUF’s crimes through the exchange of weapons and other support for diamonds, and also with being in a position of control over the RUF so as to be able to prevent or punish crimes committed by RUF forces. 

According to the protected witness, whose testimony Mr. Taylor sought to discredit today, Mr. Sankoh was expecting to receive more money from Mr. Taylor because the former Liberian president was in possession of diamonds on behalf of the RUF. The witness said that Mr. Sankoh did not see it as a gesture for Mr. Taylor to give him the $20,000. Mr. Taylor dismissed the witness’ account.

“This is total foolishness because I did not receive any money or diamonds from Bockarie. If I had sent him that money and he had said that it was peanuts, then it would have been ungrateful of him. Bockarie did not say so in his report to Sankoh,” Mr. Taylor said.

“Sankoh never asked me a question about diamonds kept for the RUF,” he added.

The prosecution witness also said that while members of the RUF delegation to the peace talks in Togo were on transit in Liberia, Mr. Taylor gave each of them an amount of $300. Mr. Taylor admitted today that while he did give members of the RUF delegation some money, he cannot remember what the exact amount was.

“I did give them some money but I cannot remember the amount. I agree,” he said.

Mr. Taylor’s also today challenged the authenticity of a hand-written report from the Black Revolutionary Guard Unit of the RUF which was presented to Mr. Sankoh after his release in 1999. The report, which was presented last year as a prosecution exhibit, stated that the RUF received support in the form of weapons and military advice from Mr. Taylor while Mr. Sankoh was in custody.

“Why will this individual present a hand-written report when the commander is already there, that the commander cannot sign? This is the part of their handiwork here. This is fabrication, this is what is going on,” Mr. Taylor responded.

A 16-page minute of an oral report submitted to Mr. Sankoh after his release in 1999 also indicated that Mr. Taylor received about 1832 pieces of diamonds from the RUF for safekeeping while Mr. Sankoh was in custody. The report, however, does not make any reference to Mr. Taylor giving war-like materials to the RUF. All reference to receipt of war-like materials in the report were about help received from the RUF’s “main helper in Burkina Faso.”

Mr. Taylor denied receiving any such diamonds from the RUF.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues on Tuesday. There will be no court hearings on Monday as the court will observe an official holiday in The Hague.


  1. Another ACE for Mr. Taylor……FIRST…..The SALUTE REPORT…..SECOND…..The RUF MANIFESTO and NOW, a REPORT unsigned but fill with WOOs. Amazing.

  2. Okay mr. taylor, thanks for admitting under oath today, that you did give some money to the RUF delegations, on their way home, via Liberia, even though you do not remember the amount! But did you do this out of kindness, or with ulterrior motive, taylor? Don’t answer because your supporters will give me some answers and we will move on. I just wanted to let you know we will note this down as another admission of your connection to these RUF Rebels of Sierra Leone even though you sometimes refer to them as “.boys that I won’t sit at the same table..with.”
    You can run,taylor, but you can’t hide! Keep talking because you have no choice!

  3. I happened to listen to the part of the testimony concerning the hand written note by the Black Revolutionary Guard acussing Mr. Taylor of supplying arms and military advice. Alpha Sesay leaves out an important fact in that this hand written note was not signed. How can a document as important as this not be signed? The Defense theory was this unsigned document must be a forgery.

    1. Yes Aki,
      An UNSIGNED document put into evidence by the prosecutors last year…..Again, did the prosecutors COMPARED notes from the various written testimonies of her witnesses?? In this MYSTERIOUS EVIDENCE, it tells of diamond……yes this one diamond what was to go Mr. Taylor as told by one witness but now that very diamond is heading to Mr. Bah for arms….HOW??

      But amazing part, no one knows who WROTE this evidence….was it the witness or someone else??? How was this evidence collected?? Infact, this written evidence is NOT dated!!!. Now where within the US will such a document be accepted by a court but in the Hague, TO GET A MAN, it’s allowed…….LORD HAVE MERCY.

  4. I am very surprise that there are people in this chat room accusing John Thompson of lack of knowledge of the war, when infact they are the ones lacking knowledge of the war. Just to clear few things up, NPFL was in Gbarnga in July 1990 and secondly Sierra Leone was invaded until march 1991.

    I know this because in March of 1990, I had relatives who left buchanan and by July I know Taylor was already using the port in Buchanan. Not to dwell on that too much, there was nothing in a way of obstruction of any one travelling to Sierra Leone Via Lofa, as Lofa was one of the least affect places initially. There was no major Ulimo presence in Liberia before the end of 1991 and not in Lofa until early 1992.

    So yes, Taylor could have gone anywhere in Lofa in 1991, unhindered and even as late early part of 1992. I am not saying he did but to accuse John of lack of knowledge is not right.

    1. Eagle,
      Why don’t you let john defend himself about what he knows about the war? Infact, you who are trying to talk for john, I got a few for you.. Do you know when Prince johnson enter gbarnga and capture it? Do you know about one group that was formed by the mandingos lawyer to Doe, which was called the MRM( movement for the redemption of Muslims )and what was their row, who form them and how did they impact the conflict. Also, what did they turn into later? I am surprise taylor hasn’t start to talk about them.. You know what,some of you who are here crying wolf today don’t really ,really know what liberians have gone through in the hands of some of these bad sierraleoneans who say they got case against taylor. I think Liberian should be the ones taking sierraleoneans to the international court. Because they as a neighboring country, have never treated liberia fair. They always had some kind of group either passing through their land or organizing to kill us liberian.. I tell you more later !!!.. Disgusting neighbor>>>

      1. Dear readers,

        This trial provokes a lot of understandable emotion. It is a reminder of all the horrendous things that happened in both Sierra Leone and Liberia during their conflicts. Both Sierra Leoneans and Liberians have an interest in this trial, and the trial itself cannot hope to come to a proper historical reckoning of the interventions of one country into another. In light of this, and to the extent that we can avoid country-specific generalizations and instead focus on the issues at trial, we are more likely to continue our productive debates here on the site. Otherwise, we may get distracted from our key mission here – which is to discuss issues issues raised by the trial — and get into territory that we are not set up to debate in this forum. Can I ask for everyone’s help on this one?

        Thanks for your understanding, readers, and I look forward to our continued conversation.


  5. Alfa,
    Please I would like more information on the testimony of this witness. can you give the date for the transcript containing his testimony? I would also want to know if that witness testimony was given in open session or a private session. It would make interesting reading to expecially note how the witness fared under cross examination.

          1. Noko4 — sorry my mistake. I had forgotten that there is a holiday in The Hague today — there are no proceedings. It starts again tomorrow.

          2. Thanks Tracey…..I found out later it was a Jewish holiday….given that Mr. Taylor has changed faith….he wouldn’t have in court anyways.

    1. Hi Sam,

      I just checked in with Alpha. Unfortunately he could not find the specific date when this witness testified. Alpha said that the witness’ personal details. including his date of testimony, were all discussed in closed/private session. In fact, most of Mr. Taylor’s testimony dealing with this particular witness has been heard in closed/private session. This is because this particular witness testified completely in closed session and so the court has been working hard to protect the witness’s identity even at those times when Mr. Taylor talks in open session.


  6. Aki

    This is fabrication total fabrication even the amount of diamond allegedly give to Mr.Taylor leave me wondering. because i have small knowledge of diamond mining it would be absolutely impossible to acquire such amount of diamonds within that time frame.

    Diamonds are not surface minerals my people they are found under the Earth and it take days to dig and weeks to wash a pit. So to acquire that amount 1832 pieces over a period of three years it a lie big black lie.

    Menjor stop making Elementary comments because what you talking have no weight giving a rogue money do not make you a rogue Menjor .

    Have you forgotten that Charles Taylor was RUF Moral Guarantor so he need to establish contact with them so if he give them money it maybe was a way of keep them in touch and building confidence.


  7. Hello Tracey,

    Like I wrote the other day and you responded later, I have a lot of problem catching up with the issues. You asked whether I receive these information as an e-mail to my box or otherwise. The answer is I receive them as mailed to my e-mail box. But what I have realised is that I can still be a part of the debate even though I have interrupted provision of internet services. As you can see I have been out of connection since the past few days eventhough I work with one of the most “re-nowned” institutions in Liberia-Cuttington University. And this how Mr. Taylor and his suppoters wanted or want this country to be like. But they are wrong as we are nowing moving ahead.

    You also asked whether I needed some help. Yes indeed! That is apart from these information being delivered as messages to my box, what other way can I be able to get first hand assess to the trial itself? I wll be very grateful.

    Having Said that, I want to put my HAT OFF to Fallah Menjor and the few other guys for being able to add real flavor to the debates and not make it look like the old and malicious propanganda Machinery That Taylor had in place when he executed his wars in the sub region. Keep it up Fallah and others! I felt so bad the other day when you were some how frustrated by the blindfolded analyses by Noko, Aki, Harris and other guys and wanted to quit. That would have been suicidal for an indepedent-minded intellectual like you.

    I am very sure that Mr. taylor and his supporters will never have the opportunity to destabilize this country and the sub region again.

    1. Hi Sankolo,

      Glad you could join us again and sorry to hear about the interruptions to your internet service. I’m not sure if there is any other way to make sure you get regular access to the comments here on the blog, but in terms of getting more information about the trial itself, you can always turn to the transcripts which are available on the Special Court’s own website here: http://www.sc-sl.org/CASES/ProsecutorvsCharlesTaylor/Transcripts/tabid/160/Default.aspx. They are a little behind at the moment (the last one pasted was from September 17) but usually they are posted the day after the testimony in court. On that site, there are also some video summaries available, but only from the prosecution’s case – unforutnately there are none posted for the defense case yet — you can find them here http://www.sc-sl.org/PRESSROOM/VideoSummaries/CharlesTaylor/tabid/126/Default.aspx but I fear with the internet problems you describe, it may be harder to access them.

      Quite apart from that, information about the trial is also broadcast in Monrovia through different forums: the UN radio records the morning sessions and broadcasts them in the evening. The SCSL outreach unit sends the AV summaries to Infinity radio and Power TV located on Upper Carey Street, Truth F.M. Radio and Real TV located on Ashmun Street in Monrovia.

      I hope that helps?


    2. sankolo,

      If you are an academician as you claim then I believe that you should opt for perfection. You have a case where witnesses claim that:

      1. Taylor supplied arms to Sankoh in Monrovia at the same day, hour, minute and second that documents proved that Sankoh was in jail in Nigeria,

      2. Taylor supplied ammunitions to them from his whiteflower residence in Congo Town when documents proved that Taylor whiteflower house was under construction at the at the same day, hour, minute and second and no one was living there.

      3. United Nations helicopter transported arms and ammunitions from Taylor to RUF.

      By extension, if the prosecution witnesses lie in aspect of their case then they compromised the integrity and credibility of their case, for we do not know which other lies are embedded.

      So if you support such a case then I believe you are misusing your money at Cuttington. That institution is molded some of us so do not involve its good name with your prejudice. Mr. Taylor during his rule in Gbarnga protected that instittution, in fact it was the seat of the National Patriotice Reconstruction Assembly, the body that served as the legislative branch of the Taylor led government in Gbarnga. Do not challenge this because one of the many Lome accords recognized two de facto governments in Liberia, and the NPRAG was one.

      For your information, upon the closure of the prosecution’s case, legal experts expressed disappointment over the evidence presented to link Taylor to his indictment. I urge you to remain objective.

    3. Sankolo,

      You can go to http://www.sc-sl.org for more info on the Taylor trial such as the transcripts. You mention that you are at Cuttington University in Gbarnga the former strong hold of the NPFL. The fact that you are there shows the Charles Taylor took care of that institution and his people made sure the University was not destroyed.

  8. hey,

  9. If it’s true that President Gnassingbe Eyadema and President Obasanjo did give Sankoh money while at peace talk in Togo then, it shouldn’t be a problem if Taylor did give members of the delegation some money since it was alright for the Nigerian and Togolese Presidents to do so.

    If it wasn’t right, why the Nigerian President is not accuse or on trial for supporting the RUF or giving them money? Mr. Taylor have admitted giving the delegation money for good gesture, so does that make him the dying heart supporter of the RUF?

    THE REPORT IN QUESTION: We all know that any good or factual report will be signed by the person who prepared it. Why this report wasn’t signed by the person who sent it to Mr. Sankoh if at all this is the real true been stated by whom ever prepared it? Could it had been just something written by some RUF member to bring problems between Sankoh and Bockarie; therefore, they didn’t signed it?

    Was Bockarie responsible to make reports to Mr. Sankoh as a senior Commander on the ground? If so, are there any evidences to indicate that Mr. Bockarie reported to Mr. Sankoh that all diamonds from Sierra Leone was sent to Mr. Taylor for safekeeping?

    If at all this report or letter written to Mr. Sankoh by this unknown person only made reference to war-like materials received from RUF main helper in Burkina Faso, Did the prosecution investigate who this main helper in Burkina Faso was?

    Could it had been Mr. Taylor in Burkina Faso as the main helper at the same time in Liberia receiving all diamonds from Sierra Leone? Somebody me please! Why will the RUF will want to leave their main helper and give all their diamonds to someone who is not of much help to them?

    Did Bockarie say in his final report to Mr. Sankoh about giving Mr.Taylor 1832 pieces of diamonds? Did he tell him ( Sankoh ) what the values of these diamonds were as far as size go?

  10. why is it some of you are saying things with no sense at all. The like of Fallah and his crew, if the late president of Togo and the former president did give money to the RUF leadership and Taylor gave some member of the the same group money what really is the problem Fallah. According to the witness 300 US each I may say. That make him the leader of the group or is that the link the persecutors have been talking about? Again Falla with wo master and just common sense to apply here to see the truth is hard for then I am confused how you think. As for mad man he is out of touch completely. He needs to do a bit of research and contribute later.

  11. Eagle Eye thanks a lot, for some reason there are people who doesn’t want to hear or know the other side of the story, few of them either considered Taylor has a hero, leader, or innocent.

    Please folks lets have a free and balance conversation, everyone is entitled to his or her’s opinion, if you don’t agree simply say so and then try to provide some facts to back your comments

    By the way didn’t Taylor say he didn’t support any rebel groups in SL, well given any funds to anyone will be considered a form of support to me. Has anyone look up Taylor’s net worth. The British Paliament is holding a special session soon on the Taylor’s prison cost if find guilty.

    I think its a good idea to plan ahead because its not looking good for Taylor. I would like to know what his supporters think.

    1. After Mr. Taylor is acquitted, we will ask the british government to redirect that money to Liberia so that it can be used to improve prison conditions. That money would have already been allocated to supported Liberia-related issue.

  12. For those of you that call us Taylor supporters, is it fair for some one to send a document of such and the pesecutors considered it as proof. Document with no name, no date, no signature in case of such. Even in the very Sierra Leone this kind of document will never be consider, it wll be term as nothing. This is what we are always saying and you guys call us Taylor supporters. We are just talking a justice that all. If any of you was in this case will you consider this kind of document that will have you in jail for the rest of your life? I know we as Liberian got some issues with Taylor inculding myself, but let us be fair here. Look the quantity of diamon mentioned here, do you guys think it is a small amount for you to get by using your common hands to dig for the ground? 1835 or so pieces it is much and given to Taylor to be give to a man who is to give weapon. Why not give this man the Diamond in exchange for your good once and for all. why this was not in that report that the general gave to his when the chief came out of prison: Why? Because it is important here. And to that Keita can someone help me again, what is his military capabilities or importance so much that Taylor wrote him a letter of appointment? What can he really do? Arms suppy to RUF, I must tell the world today if Taylor have those arms they say he supply the RUF with LURD was never going to come near lofa county before I talk about Monrovia. The man simply has no arm for himself before giving some to RUF. Supply of arms at that time is a lie. Diamond giving is another lie. Five billion dollars for the sale of Daimond is another lie.

  13. Leoroy its the discretion of the court to allow the document as evidence, I guest Taylor’s lawyer was not good enough to get it thrown out, opps the prosecutor got this one in, remember both sides is trying to win their case and to do so you have to prove to case to resonable doubt.

    I think the diamond quatity is an overall number over a time frame.

    1. john Thompson, you are clueless. Taylor was never part of the process that led to the establishment of this court. Neither was the Liberian government part of the rules that governs the court. Just imagin, this is a hybrid court. Meaning, both Sierra Leonean and International Laws are applicable to prosecute this innocent man. Do you think President Taylor would have signed unto this nonsense not only for himself, but also any citizen of Liberia to be sujected to this illegal process? However, this case is all about “might makes right.” if this court accepts evidence from the prosecution or as you put it, prosecution evidence slipt through and the judges accepted it; President Taylor defense has no power to change it. That doesn’t make it right or acceptable by the defense. If President Taylor had means to resist his arrest, he wouldn’t have been in this court in the first place and you know it. So don’t boast of the prosecution fake evidence passing through.

      1. jose Rodriguez

        Big brother I respect you but I fell sorry for your ma. How can a human being insult a man from a computer screen. You misunderstood what I was saying. Please refere to a posting Tracy made on September 24, 2009 at 2:30 pm (September 23 Daily summary). Personally, I don’t like to repeat myself and Tracy asked several time to stick to the substance of the case and respect others. As a man that appreciate what Tracy have provided on this website, I thought it would be a honorable thing to apologize (for the insulting comments made) for everyone. It’s called “respect”. The President and the flag are symbols of a country. So burning a flag and insulting the President are forms of disrespecting the country. If you attack the president policies, it’s called politics. In the case of Mr. Taylor the prosecution is not insult him, they are attacking his policy (alleged activities in SL). Yes, I think it’s wrong for a former president to be brought in front of a court without an “airtight case” but if a men has an accuser he must answer to them. If this was a petty crime, I would be furious but this is a major crime. Mr. Taylor needs to answer to his accusers. In reference to your post on September 25, 2009 at 10:16 pm (September 23 Daily summary),
        “Your post is one of the most blatant forms of immoral and illegal hypocricy.”. Please respect yourself and keep those comments to yourself. Those types of attacks belong in a boxing ring.

        1. Hi Al-Solo Nyonteh,

          Thanks for your note and reinforcing the idea of mutual respect on this site. Everyone here has provided interesting perspectives and I appreciate your help in fostering that spirit of a good debate which has us focussed on the issues raised by the trial.


        2. Al Solo Nyonteh, where are you coming from with this burning flag business. Criticizing public official, government and its policies are all part of free speech. It is not amountable to burning flag. Citizens demonstrate carrying posters with written signs demeaning the president and his/her policies. These are all parts of their constitutional righs. So, if some someone differs and critizes Ellen publically or even calls her name, it’s not amountable to burning flag.
          We all agree that our conviction should be advanced with civility and not curse words. Tracey has amonished us so many times. That is not the issue. In fact, one of the persons that you share similar view( Taylor’s trial) is the one that is known for names calling and curse word. You made mentioned of a line of my post belonging to a boxing ring. That’s your opinion. I don’t have any problem with that. However, I will not allow your opinion being my reality. Lastly, who insulted who on the computer screen?

          1. Thanks Jose — I really don’t mean to admonish anyone! I do hope, however, that we can all work together to create a debate that is respectful of each other and I appreciate the efforts that everyone has made to try to do this.

        3. jose Rodriguez

          You are right. People have the right to say what they want, thanks to freedom of speech. It’s obvious I’m trying to open a lock door. All I’m saying is “it’s a form of disrespect” and when you disrespect the president you disrespect the country. In contrast, burning a flag is a form of disrespecting the country. Criticizing public official, government and its policies are part of the political process and should be done in a intelligent and respectful way. I’m not comparing criticizing public official and there policies to burning the flag. I’m comparing disrespecting the president is like burning the flag. Every story has two side, the majority of people are quick to jump on the side they see more logical while other may have an emotional attraction. In my case I like to understand both sides. Mr. Taylor defenses have done a great job establishing how he was targeted and victimized by the UN, introducing the possibility of other supplying the RUF and contradicted the testimonies of several of the prosecution witnesses. The prosecution established that there were former NPFL members fighting in SL and produced several witnesses that claimed to even talk to or overheard a story about Mr. Taylor’s affairs in SL. Even if the testimonies may be hearsay it has to receive the appropriate weight. Honestly, do to Mr. Taylor testimony and disregarding his past history in Liberia, I’m “semi convinced” he is a victim and may be innocent. In addition I think the prosecution missed the target (Mr. Taylor’s actually relationship intentions with the RUF). The prosecution has not dig deep enough.

        4. Tracey, I submitted two posts on the 26 of Sept 2009 in response to Fallah’s post, but I have not seen my posts. If you have the time, please review my posts and see if it meets your requirement.

          1. Hi Jose — yes you make interesting points in those comments — however, they just need to be revised slightly to fit with our policy. If you don’t mind editing slightly and resubmitting, I would be very happy to post them. I can send you the text if you don’t have it.

  14. As for Sankoh’s whinning that the $20,000.00 taylor sent to him was “Peanut”is simply silly on his part. That is what Sankoh got for dealing with a SUPER CROOK like taylor! Taylor probably got his hand in Sankoh’s death while in prison in Sierra Leone too! You Taylor boys want to bet me on this too? Just kidding here..ha ..ha..as Noko4 and 5 would put it!
    Now back to business; who cares about the amount of diamonds involved in taylor’s transactions with the RUF rebels of Sierra Leone? What matters here is simply the admission or proof that, in fact, such transaction took placed as charged by the Prosecution Lawyers againt gankay taylor! That’s all needed here guys. And as we can see, such transaction most likely took place but we will leave that to the final decision of the court.Welcome back Sankolo, the struggle continious in the cause of the people of Sierra Leone!

    1. Fallah, you’re not even funny; so don’t invoke Noko4 and 5 in your fake joke. You are like a baby or grown snake that has to play in his mouth.he only has poisonous venoms that is leathal. However, based upon your though process, growing evidence has suggested to me that you are dead serious about President Taylor hands was behind the death of the imprisoned Foday Sankor and the alleged $20,000.00 that you Fallah says Sankor was disatisfied with.

    2. J. Fallah Menjor, your joke is not even funny. So don’t invoke Noko4 and 5 in your fake joke. Bye the way, your joke is like a baby snake or playing snake that has no jokes in his mouth. It only has poisonous venoms that is leathal to any living thing. However, based upon your thought process, growing evidence has suggested to me that you are dead serious about President Taylor hands behind the death of the imprisoned Foday Sankor and the alleged 20,000 you say Sankor was dissatisfied with.

  15. John what are you hard to learn. This man said he supported the RUF in the early 90s and ended that relationship in the same early 90s. The time set by this special court is what we are speaking on. God this is common sense please. We are all looking and we will see the out come of this case. I personally belive that true justice will previal one fine day.

  16. Zobon, again your last posting concerning diamonds shows how little people know about Sierra Leone’s diamonds. Yes, it is impossible to get that amount of diamond in Liberia over that period of time, except where mechincal equipment is used over a very large area. This is not true for Sierra Leone. In certain part of Sierra Leone, especially in Dry Season, that amount is very small. In the Kono area for example, If the national mining area is taken over 2000 pieces of diamonds is nothing. So by adding Kono, Tongo, sewa, moa rivers etc, that amount is highly probable.

    I will repeat this again, there is every reason in a book why someone purely interested in diamond will head to sierra leone instead of liberia.

  17. Whats Up with all these holiday in the Hauge? The judges were lenient enough to allow Mr. Taylor to only testify four days a week. If holidays fall within any week then I feel they should do Friday sessions to make up.

    How do others on this site feel about this ?

  18. Eagle-eye(returns) , are you suggesting that Taylor could not do mechanize diamond mining in Liberia if he wanted to? Look , in Liberia, we know who love to trade in DIAMONDS. It is the MANDINGOES, we know for a fact that ULIMO comprise of pre-dominately MANDIGOES. In this court , evidences has been presented even by prosecution witnesses that ULIMO traded arms with RUF for DIAMONDS.

    No one can dispute the fact that ULIMO was only interested in the DIAMOND areas of Liberia because DIAMON AND GOLD is a main trading hobbies for MANDINGO PEOPLE. So stop this knee jerking reaction to Taylor.

    1. Nimba,
      You are right…..I don’t know how many in here care MORE about diamond than gold until recently…….and anyone could have a digging team as long they were able to provide the shovels and manpower.

  19. Please speed up Tayloy trial. We need him back in Liberia. He is a great leader. “Taylor is not guilty.”

  20. Hi Sankolo,
    good to see you on this site, but you and I on the opposite in term of opinions.
    Mr. Taylor is is not yet quity untill it is proven.
    goodbye big brother, chris

    your perkin, Victor

  21. If memory serves right, there will be five day court session after Taylor’s complete his cross and re-direct. On Friday, you’ll have a half day session. The Court granted Griffith’s request.

  22. Eagle-eye

    I say to you that if Sierra Leone was that rich war was never going to ENTER PERIOD. For you information not Every diamond that is found has value Some worth less then a Dollar.

    Any your assertion that 2000 pieces can be found is a lie pure lie my brother.



  23. I see the same dangerous evil view that allow killing groups to murdered and destroy Liberians surfacing on this site. Some people in here believes that those who advocate for real justice are Taylor’s supporters and by such extension Taylor’s supporters have no rights to participate in the decision making process that affects Liberia and Liberians.

    It is this same kind of mindset that mobilize international support against the Taylor’s government despite the fact that LURD and MODEL were murdering peaceful citizens and looting the nation. Those who oppose Charles Taylor do not care about human life, their only interest is to destroy Mr. Taylor personallly because they do not have the kind of popular support that Mr. Taylor continue to enjoy in Liberia. Taylor’s opponents are simply jealous of him and hate the fact that this man actually represent the aspirations of ordinary Liberians who do not have the voice to speak out against the exploitation of our nation.

    But is it also fair to describe those in opposition to Charles Taylor as bunch of former ULIMO, LURD, MODEL, AFL, SLA, KAMAJORS, and other combatants? This irrationality by those who are intellectually disable only hurts our progressive march to creating a democractic nation. This false view that anybody who supports a fair trial and true justice in this case are simply Taylor supporters is dishonest . There are many Liberians , some that hated the guts of Taylor but given this trial have lost respect for international justice because they know that the prosecution of Charles Taylor is unjust.

    I know people who were very vocal and strongly opposed to Charles Taylor from day one but today most of those people are hurting due to the betrayal of the international community to use Mr. Taylor is an instrument to gather support only to allow the exploitation of Liberia rich natural resources. Since the Ellen Johnson government came to power, most of those Liberians that opposed Taylor have come to realize that international opposition to Taylor was not in the interest of the Liberian people but rather big corporations to rob our nation.

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