“I Did Not Know Of Any Prior Plans For The Invasion Of Sierra Leone In 1991,” Taylor Says

Charles Taylor did not have any knowledge of plans by rebel forces to invade Sierra Leone in 1991, he told told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague today. In rebuffing prosecution charges that he was a key planner in the major rebel attack on his neighboring country during its 11-year conflict, Mr. Taylor dismissed the allegations as “lies.”

“I did not know of any prior plans for the invasion of Sierra Leone in 1991,” the accused former Liberian president said today.

Mr. Taylor was responding to the evidence of a protected prosecution witness who testified in 2008 that Mr. Taylor was part of a common plan with Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels to invade Sierra Leone. For purposes of protecting the witness’s identity, a huge portion of today’s hearings was held in closed session.

In his 2008 testimony, the witness said that in February 1991, he saw Mr. Taylor and RUF leader Foday Sankoh in a convoy.  When they got to the Liberian town of Voinjama, they made plans for the RUF to invade Sierra Leone, the witness had testified. The witness further said that he personally sat with Mr. Taylor and discussed the invasion of Sierra Leone.

Dismissing the witness’s account as a lie, Mr. Taylor told the court that by February 1991, he had not yet gone to Voinjama.

“It’s a lie. I had not even gone from Kakata to Gbangha and so I would not have moved to Voinjama,” Mr. Taylor said. “There is no way you can get to Voinjama except you go through Gbangha.”

The witness testified to being present at Voinjama in 1991, where he said Mr. Taylor and and Mr. Sankoh developed a strategy to attack Sierra Leone from Voinjama, Vahun and Zimmi. Mr. Taylor denied the witness’s claim.

“May be he saw a ghost of someone looking like Charles Taylor, its all a lie,” he said. “I was never present there. I never discussed any strategies or plans with Sankoh because I was not there.”

Mr. Taylor further denied the witness’s allegations that he (Taylor) dominated the meeting where the plan to attack Sierra Leone in 1991 was discussed.

“How would I dominate a meeting that I never attended?” he asked. “How can I dominate a meeting when I’d never gone through military training?”

The witness’ testimony reinforced prosecution allegations that Mr. Taylor was part of a common plan and purpose with the RUF to attack Sierra Leone in March 1991 and that throughout the duration of the 11-year conflict in Sierra Leone, Mr. Taylor exercised some control or influence over the RUF. The prosecution further alleges that Mr. Taylor supplied arms and ammunition to RUF rebels and that all diamonds mined by the RUF were taken to Mr. Taylor in Liberia. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations.

Mr. Taylor today also told the court how he executed four of his National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) Generals for conniving against him and helping the RUF in attacking Sierra Leone. The four men who were executed were Sam Lato, Oliver Vanney, Anthony Menkunagbe and Sam Towah.

“They put together a group called Black Ghadafa, an anti-NPFL group planning later on to kill me and destroy the leadership of the NPFL,” Mr. Taylor said. “They were arrested and it was at that investigation that it comes out that they were involved with Foday Sankoh. That is why they were killed.”

Several prosecution witnesses who claimed they were forcefully recruited when the RUF invaded Sierra Leone in 1991 had mentioned the names of these executed Generals as part of the group(s) that recruited and trained them in Sierra Leone. These men, they said, were Liberians.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. Another testimony that has left the MINDS to wonder. Never will the stories end. Record showed the man was NOT even in Gbangar til July, how in the world will be in Lofa??

  2. “How would I dominate a meeting that I never attended?” he asked. “How can I dominate a meeting when I’d never gone through military training?”
    See Taylor has to be careful, he’s contradicting himself on this, the whole world know he went to Libya for military training, for goodness thats where he trained the first group before they went to Ivory Coast to enter Liberia and start the war, he mention it in the 1989 BBC interview when he said Doe need to step down. I will get you guys the link.
    “There is no way you can get to Voinjama except you go through Gbangha.” another lie, there is several ways to get to voinjama, it might take longer but you’ll get there. Also is Taylor admitting to Murder by saying he did kill four of his own generals, sounds like a good reason to be on trial, did he give those four men a free and fair trial? probably or probably not. It could have been true they were plotting against him but how are we to know he did or didn’t give them a fair trial but now he wants a free and fair trial. Its funny how things work in this work. What goes around comes around.

    1. John thompson,
      I am suprised at the level of biase you are exhibiting against Mr Taylor. you have allowed it to cloud your objectivity in this case.

      Number 1: You said Charles Taylor whent to Libya to receive military training. do you have any evidence? please provide any credible evidence you may have. remember Mr Taylor has not denied that he took MEN to Libya for training but as to receiving military training himself, Mr Taylor has always maintained that he has NEVER personally received any military training. Prosecution witnesses have testified to that fact before the court.

      Number 2: to quote you, “there is several ways to get to voinjama, it might take longer but you’ll get there.” can you please provide any motorable route you can take from Buchanan to Voinjama without passing through Gbanga? Everybody in Liberia knows that there is only one main motorable road leading from Gbanga to Voinjama to Kolahun to Mendekoma except you are going to take bush paths through the forest and swim accross rivers, I do not see how you could get to Voinjama from Buchanan without passing through Gbanga.

      Number 3: You said Mr Taylor admited to committing murder. I wonder how someone who was courtmartialed and found to be at odds with the military code of justice and punished be said to have been murdered. Are you insinuating the Liberians do not know how to conduct free and fair trials? are you saying as the west always does that they alone know how to conduct free trials? well this trial is a good example of how fair western trials are. this case would not have even made it past the prosecutor’s office in the USA buit here they have even brought it before a court to waste the Honorable Justices’ time.

    2. John:
      You are attempting to tilt the information wrongly. Stop! follow the trail and gather information with clarity. Mr. Taylor was not one of the trainees in Libya but a leader.
      in the context of the statement “There is no way you can to Vionjama except you go through Gbarnga.” considered that Counties of Bomi, Grand Cape Mount , Gbarpolu( formerly Lower Lofa) and the main stratch of districts along the Gbarnga Kolahum highway is occupied by ULIMO ( a war faction againt taylor in the 1990s) and the latter occupied by LURD(anti Taylor faction in the 1999-2003 war). there is no way an enemy force can reach Voinjama and supplied weapon to RUF in Serra Leone deep into the enemy territory.
      from your posting, I can clearly see that you want Mr. tailor be found guilty. while that ramain you thought, give information correctly.

      1. Hi Roberts,

        You miss the point here; we are talking about 1991 when Sierra Leone was invaded through the help of Charles and the NPFL. The invasion started in March of 1991 when ULIMO was not in existence. How ULIMO could occupied the highway when they never existed at the time.

        This is the moment of truth; we will call you people out when you try to change the story.

        Write or say anything but the truth will prevail.

  3. Hey John;
    you need to be specfiic and realistic in your postings; stop trying to mislead the audience with your imaginations. Please, it is not because taylor was the head of a fighting force meant that he did or had military training. This is a statement that makes no sence and does not have any aorta of truth. Tell us what you know from facts and not things you think you know. You are behaving just like some of your prosecution witnesses.Learn this today…. TAYLOR DID NOT DO ANY MILITARY TRAINING. Try again…

  4. John,
    Please FOLLOW the trial I beg…..he had MEN TRAINING not him!!! 102 MEN I believe trained in Libya…..then joined by another group from from Mr. Fahnbulleh’s…..

    He was their LEADER and one of the FOUNDERS. He killed because they wanted to kill him….FAIR GAME.

  5. John Thompson,
    Mr. Taylor didn’t train in Libya himself instead he took people there to trained. Up to this date, the world know that he didn’t train as a military man instead he only served as the leader because he had the contact. Many of those guys were already training in the Ivory Coast before Taylor got in contact with them through his wife at the time.

    On the issue of fair trial, in every military operation, there is what we called operation orders. There are rules set up in those orders. For example, in the US military, any soldiers who goes AWOL during the time of war, the punishment suppose be death but it also depend on the kind of war.
    So if it was plan by these Generals who got executed to engage into that could have cause problems for the purpose of the NPFL for which they were fighting and fall with in the rules of engagement or operation orders then so should it be. Do you know that Prince Y. Johnson even killed the other brother of Oliver varney called Moses Varney?

    Do you know why he got killed as well? It’s true that you can get to Voinjama without going through Gbarnga but it means that you will have to walk through the tropical rain forest which will also take a very long time for you to do. Base on that, you know that Taylor will not go walking through the forest to get to Voinjama just for one meeting when infact he could have had the meeting where he was residing at the time.

    Taylor said it from the very start that he did execute some of his men who went on the wrong path. He didn’t hide it, when Sam lato was executed on Gbarnga manekoma high way, he allow people to see the body! One may have believed one of the prosecution witnesses who testified that Mr. Taylor had a meeting with Sankoh in 1998 in monrovia where as Mr. Sankoh was in Jail in Nigeria at that time.Huh funny, is it not! Charles Taylor case will be like the Libyan bomber who was set free for oil deal some time last month. This trial will not leave anything untouch… let’s wait and see what will come next!

  6. John, I think you have the fact a bit twisted. Taylor has been saying all along that he NEVER trained in Libya as military personnel rather the head of the NPFL. He was the facilitator. Taylor is not denying the fact that he doesn’t have some military experience but to be trained in Libya as a front line combatant it NEVER happened. Of course only a dummy will not have some type of military experience after seven years of fighting. Taylor’s testimony that there is only one route to get to Voinjama and that one route has to be through Gbangha, he was speaking in the context of ULIMO had full control on the Bomi Hills, Cape Mount side (the Gola forest) that borders Lofa County. So, for him Taylor to get to Voinjama the logical route was through Gbangha. Consequently, in rebuffing the persecution witness, Taylor denied being in Voinjama in February of 1991 as alleged by the persecution witness. John, those four men that were executed were conniving against Taylor to killed him. Don’t forget that there were many failed assassination attempts on Taylor’s life. John, for God in heaven sake what would you have done if you were Taylor? Invite them over for lunch? There are no CONTRADICTIONS in Taylor’s testimony. John, if you have not read “US Policy Towards Liberia from 1822 to 2003” by Lester Hyman, I urge you and everyone to please read it

  7. John Thompson,

    I would have loved to comment on your last post, but the good thinkers have covered all. It would be great were you to think a little better before you can pen a word on this site. I’m not sure that you are following this case with open mind because you behaving like a beheaded chicken that jumps from here and there. Lastly, I’m ashamed of your lack of knowledge about the war in Liberia, yet you say you’re a Liberian. Let me remind you that NPFL did not take Gbarnga until July of 1990. Mr. Taylor wouldn’t have been in Voinjama without taking Bong County. He will need a supply route if he is to remain in Voinjama and part take in the planning of war as claimed by you dreamers. Please open your eyes to the event of facts not what you imagine.

    Harris K Johnson

  8. Tracey,
    Could you please find out why when the court goes into CLOSE or PRIVATE SESSION , we viewing via the internet get BLOCK OUT?? The instruction from the bench states the public can view but NO AUDIO. Aren’t we part of the PUBLIC too??

    1. Hi Noko4 – let me check for the official reason from the court and revert. Meanwhile, I have not forgotten your other question about the travel ban.

      1. Noko4 and Aki — I have more information for you on this question. Let me post it for you tomorrow morning when I have all my notes in front of me.
        Best to both,

    2. Hi again Noko4,

      With thanks to Alpha for helping out on this issue and explaining to me exactly what happens in practice at the SCSL courtroom:

      First just to outline the difference between closed and private session: for a closed session, the public is shut out of the proceedings completely. For a private session, members of the public can sit in the public gallery and see the proceedings but cannot hear anything. However, the audio-visual system for the Special Court operates the same for both closed and private sessions, and can’t distinguish between the two — hence for those of us watching the live stream over the internet, the message that we get on our screens is the same: “Private or Closed Session.” In short, the audio visual system cannot separate the two. When the judges announce either a private or closed session, the audio visual system just shuts the system off completely. Even if you are in the court building, but sitting in the media room of the ICC (this is in a separate room from the courtroom, and it contains television screen which shows proceedings with a half hour delay like we see when watching over the internet), the screens there will also not show the court room. The screens there will show “Private or Closed Session” just like those of us watching it through the internet will see. The only way the public can view a private session is to be in the court’s public gallery. Unfortunately, Noko4, we do not know why the AV system can’t separate the two in technical terms – but I hope that answer assists in some way.

      This was interesting to me too as this process for private sessions is not set out or explicitly provided for in the Special Court’s rules which govern procedure (it only describes open sessions under rule 78 or closed sessions under rule 79 which you can find here: http://www.sc-sl.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=zXPrwoukovM%3d&tabid=176).

      Back soon with information on the travel ban question you asked.


      1. Thanks Tracey……I thought that was the problem but wasn’t sure. So WHY can the court fix it……all she has to do is turn DOWN THE VOLUME knob instead shutting the entire system down.

        1. Hi Noko4 — yes, I know it is a shame given how much interest there is in this trial and how many people still want to watch proceedings even if they can’t hear what is going on. I will try to find out whether there is a technical reason with the system which makes that option that you suggest impossible.

  9. Hi John- please excuse me, I meant to say July 1991 not 1990. Tracey, Alpha left one thing out. I asked if Keita presented to this court his letter of appointment written by Mr. Taylor as he has alleged. Kindly check this with Alpha and get back to us.


    Harris K Johnson

    1. Hi Harris,

      Yes we have not forgotten your question. Alpha is just checking with the court and the transcripts as that witness testified before he joined us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


    2. Hello again Harris,

      Well, our intrepid Alpha has done some checking around into your question with the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Witness Keita did not submit the signed letter by Taylor. He told the court that the letter was lost/destroyed when his mother’s house in Monrovia — where he had kept it — was gutted by fire when LURD rebels attacked the city in 2003.


      1. Tracey

        Thanks for this update. My bewilderment, did Keita reveal the fate of this letter during his testimony? Could Alpha give us an update on this as well?

        This fairy tale outweighs cinderella.

        1. Aye Andrew…..

          Are you sure it’s NOT Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs??? Ha ha ha.

          Isn’t it amazing that NO ONE else him was given THIS LETTER??? What part of Monrovia is he talking about…..from what I know, LURD didn’t enter Monrovia or did she?? So how did she burn down his mother’s house??

        1. Guys, are these people serious to use Kieta fake letter that he can not even produced because according to him, his mother house got burnt during LURD’S WAR and the undated, unsigned and unofficial letter was in the house when the house got allegedly burnt. UNBELIEVABLE. LORD, WHERE ARE WE HEADING? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COURT?

  10. John Thompson

    This is not a site for fun but a site mature and serious to discuss. Like I always say don’t allow others to Judge you buy your deportment. Seriously brother some of you comments sounds elementry.

    If you are new to this site then you have to do a lot of research before you come up with any comment because if you do we will see it right through you.

    To help you Moses Blah was ask by the prosecutor whether Mr.Taylor had military training and his response was no, so Mr.John Thompson you got it all wrong.

    To be honest with you i used to think that Mr.Taylor had a Military Training too but you see what you thinks is not always true so my brother try and compose your argument.

    These are some of the same misunderstanding assumption, Speculation, rumors, and lies that got Mr.Taylor to where he is my Brother.

    I will like you to check out the movie UNDER SUSPICION it will help you understand more.


  11. Guys, you all make a good point but are you easily persuaded, do you believe a man who starts a full scale gorilla war had no formal or informal training at all. Lets be serious, I find that very hard to believe. Fighting a war takes serious training, even Bin Laden and his boys gets trained before going out. It would’ve been a very stupid thing for Taylor to start a full scale gorilla war without formal or informal military training; and you and I know Charles Taylor is not that naive. On the next issue do we all then agree its possible to get to voinjama without going through Gbangha.
    Noko should the people who Taylor kill or wanted to kill go and kill him also, will that be fair game, or should he be or trial and let justice prevail. Don’t you think Taylor should’ve had some form of trial for his disgruntle generals?
    Big B don’t play word games; facilitator, leader, fehrer, whatever you want to call it Taylor’s role or training purposes in Libya went to Libya for a purpose and we all find out that purpose in 1989. So evenn if he went to Libya to train as a leader or facilitator like you said, military training doesn’t mean just jumping, crawling and shooting guns. Do you know there are several war colleges around the world, such as the US Army war college, (not the Army or Navy Academy) were so called liberators get train on war strategies. Do we call that military training or what??? lets pick a word.

    1. John,
      They wanted to kill him and they were found GUILTY by their peers in an OPEN TRUBINAL….That was the sentence given by the judges and NOT Mr. Taylor…..DEATH BY FIRING SQUAT.

  12. John Thompson,

    Why are you making these calms, if you have evidence of Mr. Taylor military training, why didn’t you present it to the persecution? My brother, keep you bitterness about Mr. Taylor and discuss the issue at hand on this site.


    Harris K. Johnson

  13. John Thompson,

    I wonder whether you were in Liberia during the Taylor invasion. If you were I believe most of your concerns would not have even surfaced. Besides, if you follow the trial you will be informed and your concerns would be allayed.

    Said that I would like to inform you that yes, the NPFL did have a military tribunal in place. There was a public defender for the accused. Cllr Francis Y. F. Garlawolo and cllr Richard Flomo served as public defenders at varying times. The tribunal was headed by General Mcdonald Boam. These men, Yegbeh Degbon, Oliver Varney, CO Dry Pepper, etc got tried, convicted, sentenced and executed. It was Taylor’s to exercise his discretion as leader to either pardon the accused or approve the sentence.

    On the issue of accessible routes to Voinjama, I like to also inform you that at this time Taylor or the NPFL did not have access to highway leading to Voinjama. So secondary bush routes could have been used. But the major point is whether we accept that Taylor used bush routes to attend meeting in voinjama when he had to persecute war at frontlines in Harbel, Kakata, etc?

    1. andrew

      I keep reminding you people that there was a motor road that passes through Vahun to Voinjama during the war. One did not have to use the Gbranga route to get to Voinjama if you had car, which Taylor did as leader of the NPFL. Why are you people trying to make it look likes there was no way you would have gotten to Voinjama during the war except through Gbanga? Additionally, ULIMO did not exist during the invasion of Sierra Leone in March of 1991. I hope you will stop the lies. Right now, only the truth can free Taylor.

      Write or say all you want, at the end the truth will prevail.

      1. sunshine,

        Are you suggesting that Taylor should have gone to Monrovia, pass through Bomi, cape mount, vahun and then voinjama? You can reason this out. the second point we did not say a route does not exist, our contention is on ACCESS. i hope it is cleare.

        1. Hi Andrew,

          People continued to give the impression that there was no other route to get to Voinjama during the war; especially 1990-1991. That is not true. Actually, Taylor could travel to Voinjama in 1991 without passing through Gbranga. The route through Vahun is even shorter than through Gbranga.

          Even though we all want a fair trial, we should give the true picture. What we say may go down in history, and as Liberians, we do not want the world see us as liars. Whatever the outcome of the trial, we will all remain Liberians who love their country so much. Why not be fail to Mr. Taylor and us by being truthful. I strongly believe it will help the process. The Judges are experience people and will decide this case base on merits.

          We can say anything or write anything; in the end, truth will prevail.

    2. Really??? NPFL had a military tribunal in place?? Stop fooling yourself…. remember Border Patrol & Puto Major ect. ect…

      1. Sammy Boy,

        It is proven that Taylor Greater Liberia was better managed and run than Monrovia enclave at the time. If you are not aware of the existence of tribunal in Gbarnga, then you are doing a disservice to yourself. It is the responsibility of man to be cognizant of his environment.

  14. Hi Guys

    keep up the good work, What did Liberians think of this so call court. The west is trying to prosecute all the former african presidents after Mr Taylor.

  15. Dear John;
    I must let you know today that you seem to be out of touch with history and reality. Therefore, Dear John, like other before me had warned you, this is a place of serious intellectual discourse about a trial, which result will have a serious implication on further international legal precedent; whereas the determination and destination of Africa as a whole.

    Having said that, Dear John, it is sad that while other people take this deliberation serious, people like you come on here to make funs and play with the intelligence of those that are following the trial keenly. Dear John, there are constructive way you can disagreed, although the manner in which this trial has gone – so far it is easy for anyone with sound judgment to assumed with certainty that the prosecution has an up-hill battle, with people with opposing views without showing insensitivity to their reasonings. They have continued to work hard to make this forum the number one place where we all can come and discuss this landmark trial.

    Dear John, this place is not for joke; neither it is for assumptions, hypothesis, etc. This place is for exchanging of views base on facts and not fictions, seriousness and not jokes. Millions, if not billions, are watching and waiting for the final judgment. People that have the clearer understanding of international relations and western hypocrisy, like I have said before in my previous posting, know the rationale behind this whole trial.

    Unfortunately, Dear John, it seem as if you are one of those who don’t have such understanding. For the record, you make a proposition in your last piece that it is stupid to believe that a man who started a war does not have any military training; Dear John, Richard “Dick” Cheney, who was the Secretary of Defense of the US that oversaw and engineered the operation desert storm in 1991, has no formal military trainings. Dear John, CT, like Cheney, depended on their generals to strategize their wars! I have picked the word, like you suggested, what’s next?

  16. Well at least I got your bloods pumping this morning or night wherever you are. It seems like you guys don’t want me to have a different opinion or a different say, what you want me to jump on the Charles Taylor band wagon, sorry folks thats not going to happen. Don’t try to twist the facts, lets balance the forum, what’s wrong with been anti-Taylor. You all know there are several ways to get around in Liberia and I’m sure Taylor could’ve find several routes to get to his destination. And yes Andrew Jlay I was in Liberia during the Taylor invasion, and thanks for your info but I would like to know your source and who appointed the public defenders for the accused.
    Guys I also need a response on the military training issue, what’s your defination of military training, specially Big B.

    1. John Thompson,

      I lived and worked in Gbarnga with the United Nations from from July 1991 tthrought August 2001 when I left Liberia for the US. Taylor had an entire government set up, the NPRAG. Economy was resucitated and the society was robust and vibrant. Let me not bore you. But all government functionaries were revived including the legal system. Tribal authorities, justices of the peace, magisterial and circuit courts, all operated freely. Militarily, the tribunal was established.

      If you follow this trial, document surfaced in which a journalist questioned Taylor as why his presidency was not as vibrant and enthusiastic as his rebel period. This is an independent attestation of the positivity of life in Taylor Greater Liberia.

      Yes brother I am a living witness so are many others that.

    2. John you explicitly asked me what my definition of Military Training is. Sorry John I can’t help you at this time I plea the 5th. John, the reason I plea the 5th this case is not a joke, it involved someone’s LIFE. Secondly, if I had the slightest notion that you would accept my definition I would be obliged to respond to your question. Instead, you will come up with another paradoxical comment or question. I do not have the time to waste. SORRY!!!

    3. John,

      Taylor did not take any military training. I just spoke to five former special forces and they all assured me that Taylor did not even live on the base but only visited them there from time to time. As to whether it was possible to launch a war without prior military training, I will respond that indeed it is. Take Benjamin Franklyn in the US, he did not have formal military training but yet he led a war. It takes a tactical and strategic thinker to be able to launch a war and succeed; not how much military training you have. I am not however saying that those with military training cannot launch a war; however you could have all the training but without the strategic mindset and logical way of thinking you would just be a foot soldier.

  17. Thompson,
    Don’t try to be smart, or mediocratic; You actually exposed your ideolocal limitations in regards to the issue under the scope. Now that you’ve been thought , I will see it expediant were you to give your thanks and appreciations for the education given free of charge, instead of trying to be mr. Einstein…thank you.

    1. Dear Readers,

      A reminder that I will not post comments that personally attack or insult other people commenting on the site. I have not allowed a few just today. Let’s focus on the substance of the issues at hand – there is plenty to talk about without resorting to insults.

      Best, and thanks for your understanding,

  18. Hi Sam,

    Vehicles can get to Voinjama through Vahun or Bopolu without going through Gbranga. During the war, many people travel from Buchanan, Monrovia, or Bomi Hills to every part of Lofa including Voinjama through either Vahun or Bopolu by way of vehicles. Therefore, you have no point here.

    Your can write and say all you want to say but the truth will prevail.

  19. Crown-Hill Peking— Dick Chaney was the secretary or state, the one who made the case for war to the Saudi’s and the rest of the world to drive the Iraqi’s out of Kuwait. Remember 1991 was not a war against Iraq instead it was a military operation to drive Iraqi’s out of Kuwait after Iraq invaded Kuwait, no one enter Iraq during that conflict.

    Secondly, Gen. Collin Power was the man in charge of the invasion. Now if you want to compare the leaders, both George Bush Sr. and Jr. leaders of the US. during both wars respectively with Iraq do have military training. Bush Sr. served in the US Navy and Bush Jr. serve in the US Airforce. Look it up buddy.

    Thanks Sunshine there is more than one way to get around.

    1. Yes John, it looks like you are picking on everyting. I guess my message was delivered that there are many routes to Voinjama and not just through Gbranga. I also know that Bush Jr. serve in the US Airforce.

    2. John Thompson, I agree with my colleagues that sugeest that you do some research before posting on this site. Did I just read what I thought I read from you, that Dick Cheney was the Secretary of State of the US during “Operation Desert Shield/Storm”? Gentlemen, this man is truly clueless. He has no idea of what he is saying. Crown Hill Pekin, I agree with you that Dick Cheney was the Secretary of Defense who had no prior military training and was head of the defence Department during “Operation desert shield/Storm.” John Thompson, it was James Baker who was the Secretary of State during the first gulf war and not Vice President Dick Cheney as your attempts to mislead or deceive us. james Baker primary job was to put a coalition of nations together to liberate Kuwait. There were 34 countries that formed this coalition. There was a UN Resolution of 660 and an Arab League Resolution also. Not every country committed troops. For example: Japan and Germany didn’t send troops but, they gave about $10,000,000,000,.00. John, I hope you will learn a valuable lesson from this post.

      1. Tracey, I submitted my post on the 26 of Sept. 2009 in response to John Thompson post concerning Dick Cheney being the Secretary of State of America during the first Gulf war, but I have not seen my post. If you have time, please check for me.

        1. Hi Jose — I will be happy to post your comments if you don’t mind just reformulating them slightly to fit with the policy of this site. Would you mind resubmitting? I can send you the text of your comments if you don’t have them, and once you have revised I can moderate them. The one about Dick Cheney basically just needs one line taken out to fit in with our policy and it is fine to go up.
          Very best,

  20. Most of you have good points and some of you are just speaking from your biases. Africans on this forums should know that if there were some form of gain to be gotten in the war in Serria Leon, it will be the Most powerful people around at the time who will be the ones enjoying it at the expense of the mass population. It is not highly impropable to conclude that the defendent had no dealing with this war, especially when at that time the most sort after commodity coming out of this country was the so called Blood Diamond which international wacth dogs claim to have been very profitable for those involved. Don’t you find it incredibly hard to believe that Mr. Taylor never took part in the Diamond rush in some form or the other. And by default by particating includes him in being a contributing part of the problems that prepetuated this event.
    I leave you to your own conclusions.

  21. Again and again, some in here think we are DREAMING……

    Today in court a piece of paper introduced as EVIDENCE by the prosecutors was beyond OOOHHH NNNOO TELL ME ISN’T SO JOE. A paper with NO DATE, NO SIGN OFF but we are to accept it as PROOF. Two sheets filled and full with LIES…..Lord have mercy!!!

    And which court did such happened??? The Special Court of the UN!!!! How can that be when nations that are sponsoring this court WON’T allowed that within their own courts. Just to HANG this man we turn BLIND to PROCESS??? This is the COLLECTIONS of the EVIDENCES I speak about.

    So who accepted?? NO RECORD!!! But it was represented in court.

  22. it sound foolish to say taylor dose not have military training, it sound stupid, hi John it is true taylor have some kind of military training

    1. Saw, you write very well, is that makes you a trained journalist? Taylor does have some military experience but he was not trained as a military personal. Hope this analogy will help simplify this very complex issue.

    1. Let’s us pray…..

      Holy Mother Mary full of DISGRACE, have mercy on us; for us are WATCHING the trial and making judge on the evidences…..in her devilish way I ask…..AMEN.

      1. noko4!
        you had me screaming wth laughters at my desk this morning; The other engineer thought I was going crazy or on drugs…you are bad!!

  23. Tracey Gurd

    I apologize on the behalf everyone. I just wanted to add to your statement and say it ok to attack President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf policies, but please stop with the insults. It’s like burning the Liberian flag.

    1. Al Solo nyonteh, why are you apologizing on behalf of all of us. What did we do? What did Trace Gurd say about President Ellen Sirleaf? Where are you leading us to? Please explain this Ellen and burning of Liberia flag. I don’t get it. By the way, when did you realize that insulting the President of the Republic of Liberia and the policies is like burning Liberian flag? Can you imagin you defending the indictment,handcuffing, arresting and prosecuting of the former president of the Republic of Liberia for Sierra Leone mess? But when it come to criticizing Ellen, it is abominable and comparable to burning Liberia flag. Your post is one of the most blatant forms of immoral and illegal hypocricy.

      1. jose Rodriguez

        Big brother I respect you but I fell sorry for your ma. How can a human being insult a man from a computer screen. You misunderstood what I was saying. Please refere to a posting Tracy made on September 24, 2009 at 2:30 pm (September 23 Daily summary). Personally, I don’t like to repeat myself and Tracy asked several time to stick to the substance of the case and respect others. As a man that appreciate what Tracy have provided on this website, I thought it would be a honorable thing to apologize (for the insulting comments made) for everyone. It’s called “respect”. The President and the flag are symbols of a country. So burning a flag and insulting the President are forms of disrespecting the country. If you attack the president policies, it’s called politics. In the case of Mr. Taylor the prosecution is not insult him, they are attack his policy (alleged activities in SL). Yes, I think it’s wrong for a former president to be brought in front of a court without an “airtight case” but if a men has an accuser he must answer to them. If this was a petty crime, I would be furious but this is a major crime. Mr. Taylor needs to answer to his accusers. In reference to your post on September 25, 2009 at 10:16 pm (September 23 Daily summary),
        “Your post is one of the most blatant forms of immoral and illegal hypocricy.”. Please respect yourself and keep those comments to yourself. Those types of attacks belong in a boxing ring.

  24. Saw,
    If you say and believed that Mr. Taylor had Military training, When, where and by whom was he trained? Even the World knows that Mr. Taylor didn’t get Military training from any where.

    I don’t know if you’re following any part of this trial. It seems that you’re speaking from HEARSAY and we don’t want any more HEARSAY, we’re having enought already!

  25. Noko, I’m not saying Obama got military training, read the comments, why would you even mention Obama, was Obama president in when both the Iraqi’s wars (1990 and 2003) were start? Come on man don’t start twisting facts.

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