Taylor Says He Did Not Order Rebel Attack on Freetown; Calls Zig Zag Marzah A “Liar”

Charles Taylor did nor order Sierra Leonean rebel forces to attack the nation’s capital Freetown and to free the group’s leader from jail in 1999, he said during his trial in The Hague today.  Mr. Taylor also dismissed as “lies” the testimony of one of his former commanders that he was the “boss” of both Sierra Leonean and Liberian rebel groups during both countries’ conflicts.

The former Liberian president was responding to claims by a former insider of Sierra Leone’s rebel group, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), that the group had received orders and supplies of arms and ammunition from Mr. Taylor in 1998 to attack Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown and free RUF leader Foday Sankoh from jail there.

“That I sent people to Freetown to free Sankoh is a blatant lie,” Mr. Taylor said.

The protected witness, whose testimony Mr. Taylor sought to discredit, told judges in October 2008 that RUF commanders started discussing plans to attack Freetown in 1998. He said that while Mr. Sankoh was in jail, the group’s interim leader, Sam Bockarie, did not listen to members of the RUF War Council, of which the witness himself was a member. Rather, Mr. Bockarie traveled to Liberia to seek advice from Mr. Taylor and returned from Liberia with direct instructions from Mr. Taylor that the RUF should attack Freetown, the witness said.

“The instruction to attack Freetown originated from Taylor”  and it was a “planned invasion,” the witness had told the Special Court for Sierra Leone in 2008.

In an effort to distance himself from any such plans to attack Freetown, Mr. Taylor told the judges today that “I sure did not plan it. I don’t know if Sankoh did, but I did not. I did not plan any invasion of Freetown, never.”

The protected witness had also said that the weapons used in the Freetown attack were obtained from Burkina Faso and deposited in Liberia before they were eventually taken to the RUF in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor said that he had no knowledge of such shipment of weapons into Liberia.

“I have nothing to do with this so I really don’t know what this man is talking about,” the accused former president said.

“Bockarie went to Burkina Faso in 1998 with the acquiescence of the international community. If he came with arms and ammunition from Burkina Faso via Liberia, I did not know but if somebody came with such huge amount of arms and ammunition like that into Liberia, I would have known,” Mr. Taylor explained further.

Mr. Taylor also denied the witness’ claims that between 1997 and 1999, Mr. Taylor facilitated three major shipments of arms and ammunition for use by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. The witness said that diamonds were given to Mr. Taylor in return for the shipments. According to the witness, the RUF gave Mr. Taylor, “through his special envoy to the RUF Ibrahim Bah” about 90 carats of diamonds as payment for the first shipment of weapons.  As payment for the remaining two shipments, Mr. Bockarie personally delivered nine plastics of diamonds to Mr. Taylor.

“This is a number of complicated lies in this thing. It is so terrible. It’s a lie, no diamonds were given to me,” Mr. Taylor asserted.

Mr. Taylor is accused by the Special Court’s prosecution team of controlling the RUF rebels, including by planning attacks and supplying weapons for the RUF’s activities in Sierra Leone during the country’s conflict. Mr. Taylor is accused of receiving the country’s diamonds from RUF rebels as payment for the supply of weapons. By his actions or inactions, the prosecution alleges that Mr. Taylor is responsible for the crimes committed by rebel forces in Sierra Leone.

Also in his testimony today, Mr. Taylor dismissed as “lies” the evidence of “Zig Zag” Marzah, a former member of Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), who in his 2008 testimony told the judges that Mr. Taylor was the overall boss of both the RUF and NPFL. Marzah said that the RUF and NPFL were one and the same group. He said that when NPFL rebels crossed the Sierra Leonean border, they became part of the RUF and when RUF rebels moved to the Liberian side of the border, they became part of the NPFL. They all looked up to Mr. Taylor for instructions, Mr. Marzah had said.

“It is a proofing lie. RUF and NPFL were never the same,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Marzah also told the judges in his 2008 testimony that as Mr. Taylor’s Chief of Operations, he was in charge of Mr. Taylor’s operations in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast. (Mr. Taylor is also accused of sending RUF rebels to attack Guinea and Ivory Coast at different times). Mr. Taylor dismissed the witness’ claims.

“I swear to God. Taylor will have a man who cannot read or write and he is going to put him in charge of three countries? This man is sick. It is not true,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor also denied several other claims by the witness, including claims that Mr. Marzah  took diamonds mined by the RUF to Mr. Taylor on several occassions; that Mr. Taylor gave him arms and ammunition from his White Flower residence to take to the RUF in Sierra Leone; that Mr. Taylor had a pregnant woman buried at the back of his White Flower residence; and that Mr. Taylor gave him orders to execute many people including civilians.

“This boy is just one of the liars they brought for this case and he has really messed it up,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues tomorrow.


  1. And this is the NONSENSE the prosecutors brought into this case. Just to make Mr. Taylor the DEVIL, they truly didn’t care who came to testify. This fools claimed Mr. Taylor was THE BOSS for both group……how come Sam Bockerie, Sankoh and the rest didn’t know of such??

    Secondly, he claimed what happened in Sierra Leone was the same instructions given in Liberia by Mr. Taylor….if true, why didn’t we see any amputations in Liberia???

    And where is his mind today given what he told this court about opening up women bellies just for FUN……SICK!!!

    1. Noko4, why are you so fired up my son? Everywhere I turn, it’s Noko4. You remind me about OLD KING GRAY FROM THE GREAT BASSA TRIBE OFWEST AFRICA about three weeks ago on this site. He was a fighting machine, motivated stimulated delicated and consistent. Keep up the good job guys. i’m so proud of you all.

    1. Okay John Taylor is a liar if that is going to make you happy. But John this is the tricky part. Even though, Taylor is liar as you alleged his lies will have to be proven in court. If you think that you can do a better job proving Taylor’s guilty why not join Ms Hollis, Ms. Dimitrova, Mr. Santora and Mr Bangura on the persecution team. Put on your robe and go to the Hague. Those guys are in desperate needed of help. Perry Mason has no problem taking on all of you. Piece of cake!

  2. And why is Taylor denying everything, whoa, all these people just made these stories up? I find that hard to believe, but let see what happens Noko, Jacone, I think Taylor is in a bad spot. The case, Taylor, and the witnesses all have funning stories, everyone one got something to say. Is Taylor lawyer going to call any witnesses on behalf of Taylor, cuase he need to get Taylor off the stand he damaging his own trial. Why don’t he try to get him one of those liers, “This boy is just one of the liars they brought for this case and he has really messed it up,” Mr. Taylor said. perhaps it might help his case. Nope, I don’t think so he’s fried.

    1. Thompson,

      For your information Taylor is parade no less than 200 witnesses. The court will order Zig Zag to pinpoint the location of the grave of the pregnant woman so that the body can be exhumed.

    2. THOMPSON!!!!

      Legal proceedings require; FACTS!!!!! not how many persons came on board to say what they had to say. It also looks for substance in what’s being said; The credibilty of who’s giving informations counts and very, very important. Un fortunately, the prosecution team did … not follow some of these common paterns, but chose to bring people who are already suffering from some form of destitution and despration.JUST FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY… I mean people who could accept anything to lie because things back home are tough…. Infact they abuse VAMUYAN SHERIFF by bringing him into thiis whole mess. STEPHEN RAPP knew that sheriff had been out of order before, he knows that guy is a former crazy man… why use such a man as witness… I think vamuyans’ rights have been taken away.. LETS put rights where it belongs’ ….Tom.

  3. Today was the worst lie the prosecution ever presented in this court by a socalled direct witness. i think the prosection was so desperate to bring in direct testimony against Mr. Taylor that they brought nothing but deceit and propoganda. What is wrong with these people? Because the prosecution realized that their hear say evidence was not holding up so they brought in zigzag to tell lies. But careful examination of Zigzag testimonies destroys all the other prosecution witnesses. Zigzag says around 1992 that that NPFL forces had no access to transport weapons through Lofa county so Taylor had to sent him through Guinea to carry weapons to RUF. This is a complete contradiction from most of the other witnesses if this same prosecution is telling us that Zigzag was speaking truthfully.

    But Zigzag also said that he travelled through Guinea to give the weapons to Jungle. So how did Jungle get to Guinea or SL if he also did not travel through Guinea? This lying human flesh eater called Zigzag Marzah who is regarded as a crazy man, in Liberia, also testified that he escorted Sam Bokarie and other RUF people to Liberia. So how was it that those RUF people who testified in this court did not mention this killer called Zigzag?

    One former RUF fighter who was among one of those that was granted Liberian citizenship by Taylor and inducted into Taylor’s ATU testified for the prosecution. The former RUF converted ATU guy indicated that Taylor did not gave any weapons to either Sam Bokarie or Issay Sesay during their visits to Liberia. But most interesting in the lies of this murderous imbecile Zigzag Marzag is his claimed that Taylor put him in charge of high profile government operations in for Liberia, SL and Guinea. This is ludricous. I think all of those killings that this sicko did might have tormented him so much that he believe he is cleansing his soul by accepting the prosecution make up stories against Mr. Taylor.

    So what happened to all the other top NPFL fighters or governemnt security operatives that was well known and well connected to Taylor. One think we know is that most of the things that occured in Liberia became public knowldege because those who were part of those things told their family members and their family members told their best friends and their best friends told thier own friends and everybody got to know, which became a public secret. So how is it that there was no romour mongering in Liberia about this Zigzar lies that he told this court.

    At the time Foday Sankoh was in Liberia , everyone knew. Sam Bokarie , Issay Sesay and others presence in Liberia were well known public secrets. Taylor importing arms into Liberia and later some of those arms were sieze by ECOMOG were known public secrets. It is just difficult in Liberia where everyone knows nearly everyone that such operations will be going on by Zigzag and it would not have been a public secret. Liberians know the real top NPFL or Taylor’s government security personels and Zigzag Marzar was never known in Liberia as a top commander.

    Zigzag testimonies are just like his name , it is zig-zag. How foolish for him to lied that he travelled all the way around Guinea to supplied weapons to SL. No wonder Taylor said , Zigzag’s logic is just like a man climbs a mango tree and instead of picking the mango, the man marks the mango and get down from the tree only to later throw rocks at the mango to fall down. Zigzag is really ZIGZAG, and like Taylor said he is lucky to be alive after murdering and eating innnocence humans. This human call zigzag is sick!!!

  4. In todays testomony, Mr. Griffith said the witness said the truck used to transport weapon had eight wheels. Something is wrong here. The US Military have transport vehicles with eight wheels. Four wheeels on each side. Now, If the Mack truck had double axle in the rear, you’ll have four tyres on the left rear and four on the right with two tyres on the front axle making a total of ten wheels, not eight.

    If you have a single rear axle with two tyres on the left and two on the right + two front tyres, that adds up to six tyres. Why eight tyres? I’m shocked. Something is wrong here. The witness said eight wheels.He did not say eighteen wheeler. Sometimes, people have to be careful before they speak.

    1. Hello Tracy.

      I most thank you and your committed team for keeping us informed on this historic trial. I have observed that ‘diamonds’ played a central roll in this case. For C. Taylor, it is claimed that his interest in masterminding the conflict in S/L was for ‘diamonds’. from what we have heard from the prosecutor, he had received much of the diamond and is hidden in acounts yet to be revailed in this trial. For RUF, the prosecution case showed that they mined the diamonds, sold them to C.T and continueously receive support from these diamonds mined to war the nation and its people. I would love to know if the leaders of the RUF who have already been tried in this court and found quilty were found with any reamians of these diamonds. If not what became of their resources without regard to their monetary value. was there any ruling for their material wealth? please shed some light for me

      1. Hi Sasco77 — I think this might be the first time you have joined the conversation here? If so, welcome (or welcome back, if you have commented before).

        Your question is a good one – it may be valuable for us to do a little summary of the RUF trial judgement and post here. My colleague is already doing an analysis of the appeals hearings for the RUF which happened in early September (though the Appeals judgment is not expected for a while yet). It may take us a bit of time to get this up on the site, but I think there would be value for readers to have an overview of the decision.

        We hope to post something as soon as we can.


        1. Thanks Tracy.
          I am looking forward to reading the judgment notes.
          Yes. this was the first time i made a post. but i have followed CT case from the start of the prosecution case to present unlike the other RUF leaders prosecuted in this court.

    2. Seems that some of CGT’s followers are getting a bit desperate here: the issue of the eight wheeler truck is just an example. There were various eight wheelers in European armies, US certainly had them and the Russians as well. What about Taylors link with Victor Bout again? I don’t know, what vehicles CGT had purchased, but to say that it couldn’t have been is naive at best.
      And what if the witness had merely miscounted, does that mean, if he is wrong on the type of truck, he is wrong on everything else? (Abe seems to confuse the common definition of wheels and tyres, an eight wheeler can have 8 to 12 tyres, ask the experts)
      How come, the Taylor lovers cry out for unbiased views constantly, but then believe only what CGT claims and dismiss any opposing views and occasionally cheer on their hero as if he was a pop star.

      For the sake of justice, give him a fair trial. But what Nokofo and his alter egos perform here is nothing like it. While it is difficult to find written evidence for many of CGT’s deeds, this in no way can proove that he did not commit them. It is just evidence, that there was not much written down during the jungle wars. And if CGT was not mentioned in some documents (like the RUF report) – he might have ordered that to avoid any evidence, who knows? He is not in court for being stupid.

      Can someone explain to me, what Taylor has done for our country, achieved or attempted? I cannot even see that he tried. But I am sure, that there are a few individuals, who were better off, when he was in charge. Sad to meet them here in anonymity.

      1. Sumoh,
        Sorry but during the testimony of of that witness, he was not asked to estimate the amount of wheel of the truck, I believe his answere was in direct propotion to what he was asked. Besides when all of us started learning to count in kindergarden, it was thought to us that an 8 is an 8 and when got to 18, 18 meant 18 especially in base 10. Now tell me why a professional team that is suppose to have substantial credibility make these kinds of mistakes if they are. On the issue of what taylor did for people,whether it was direct or indirect, I be frank with you, I will set myself as an example.The war posistively impacted me . In that I was able to come to the U S, went to school, and I am proud to say I do some of the best jobs in this country. I would have never gotten this opportunity if it was not for the war. I can say this anwhere without being shy, and I am sure , I am not the only liberian in the diaspora with this kind of experience. OK.. later

        1. Aye Cousin 5,

          You just told the TRUTH about the BENEFITS some gained from Mr. Taylor’s war….as bad as it was, many many Liberians couldn’t have seen this place called USA!!! Plus other parts of the world. They should be damn GRATEFUL.

          No, I came on Pan Am…..directly from Robertfields into New York City Sumoh in case you are wondering.

          Who in their right MIND will believe the NONSENSE Mazah is saying…..for a TRAINED MILITARY MAN as he claimed and cannot describe a truck??? GOD HELP US!!!

        2. Noko5,
          My response was to Abe Lincoln, not a comment on the numeric skills of ZigZag. Abe stated fairly clearly, that there is not and cannot be an eight wheeler Truck – and he starts counting tyres. He does this to argue that the witness lies: if the truck didn’t exist then the whole event cannot have happened.

          I am merely exposing the flawed logic, saying
          1.such trucks did exist and maybe Taylor had some or maybe not.
          2. ZigZag might have miscounted (we all do that at times)
          3. He might be mistaken about the details of the truck or just remembers that it was a huge thing. People have on occasion been absolutely sure about the color of a car as being red when in fact it was green.
          4.in isolation this point is absolutely unimportant, only together with other proven lies this could be indeed interesting BUT YOU HAVE TO PROVE FIRST THAT THERE WERE NO EIGHT WHEELERS.

      2. Sumoh,
        Are we talking about DEVELOPMENTS for Liberia or CHARGES of CRIMES been committed in Sierra Leone??? Do you know WHY he didn’t do what you and I wanted him to do for Liberia??? LIMITED RESOURCES!!!

        Where is the “ALTER EGO” Sumoh??? I was NOT in Liberia, Sierra Leone or Africa to know what he did or didn’t do but we are in a court room where JUSTICE is been sought. How do we go about seeking TRUE JUSTICE??? You care to answer???

        Well, let me tell you how; FACTUAL EVIDENCES or FACTS are display and we judge…..PERIOD!!!. And if I don’t see them been produced by the prosecutors and point out their ERRORS and the VALUE of the various testimonies mean I’m on “ALTER EGO” trip??? Really???

        Did you read the MANDATE of this court for this case?? If not, please go and read it; if so, please RE READ it to know and understand WHERE I stand. I don’t care if he is GUILTY but I will NOT hang him if the case cannot be proven that he’s GUILTY……

        So Sumoh, I don’t come in here beating my chest but rather looking at the EVIDENCES and making a call.

      3. sumoh,
        Speaking of the big trucks that carry those supplies, did the prosecution team present any photos of any trucks of the size you are talking that Mr. Taylor NPFL group or Mr. Taylor government had in their possession at any time.

      4. Sumoh,
        You asked what did Charles Taylor do for Liberia. What about him being the first duly democratically elected president of Liberia. Does that mean nothing to you. The problem was the West decided to punish us Liberians for voting for him. Thus denying the country of needed aid to rebuild. If this was not enough they then slapped an arms embargo on the country and at the same time armed two rebel groups and Guinea to fight against him . Would you be able to do any development under these conditions? The fact is if Taylor is freed and allowed to contest the presidency he will win hands down. You know this and this is why you want him to be found guilty.

  5. Oh Boy, Zigzag Mazah’s testimony is the most insane testimony I have ever heard. What on earth will an ordinary illiterate bodyguard to Benjamin Yeaten who is not even a Special Force be doing as Taylor’s Chief of Operations in three countries? the man is really a Zigzag man. Maybe he has forgotten that he was not the only one that fought for the NPFL and that there were at least 30,000 other people who were directly involed with the NPFL as fighters with various ranks in the NPFL hierachy whose testimony could proved him wrong!!

    You Taylor haters watchout! you will see witness upon witness that will provide testimony in defence of Taylor to show the world that the testimony of the prosecution witnesses are noting but LIES!

  6. Thanks alot King Gray,
    I have said this over and over that there were no way that Taylor could have transported weapons to Sierra Leone by March of 1992 because ULIMO was in complete controlled of the Liberian Sierra Leonean border.

    Let’s not forget that some ULIMO forces were trained in Guinea and Air lifted to Monrovia starting late 1991, and also ULIMO came from Guinea to capture Lofa as well in the early 1990s. So there’s no way that this witness can be telling the true of Taylor sending him to Guinea to buy arms for RUF in 1992.

    He can tell the court that he was sent by ULIMO in Guinea to buy Arms for RUF that will make sense. I am trying not to say much now a day because I notice that I a comment I made few days ago was not posted for whatever reason, I don’t know!

    But the good thing is that I didn’t insult anyone. I will try to comment some time because I was in Liberia from Dec. 24, 1989 to July 18, 1997. I think I can say I saw alot during the war in Liberia and later Sierra Leone.

    Thank God I didn’t become a fighter in the war; therefore, I can testify in open court without any problem. Those testifying in closed door have something to hide. So those of you turning your eyes on ture justice just to conclude that Mr. Taylor is guilty without even waiting to see what the more 200 witnesses Mr. Taylor have are going to say.

    1. Hi Jocone,

      I have just gone through the recent lists of comments that I have not been able to approve, and I do not have one from you. Do you have a copy of it or can you resubmit? I will be hapy to post it as long as it meets our policy for this site. Thanks for alerting me. I will also double check in case for some strange reason you comment was diverted elsewhere on this site (sometimes, though rarely, genuine comments go to the spam box along with the regular spam mail that we get daily). I will check.


  7. I am very sick of this some of these witnesses that the persecutors using in this case. Look this is a man who they considered as an insider on this case concerning the arms shipment. I mean the protected witness. He said arms came from liberia after Bah Jonny Paul met in Freetown. After the meet Bah was give diamond for the first consignment to come for the RUF. Now he said an air craft brought the shipment in at Mabruka: He was asked did this air craft come from Liberia? Yes or No he never said a yes or no. Nothing at all. Another witness said he saw the shipment was loaded on trucks for RUF and it was pack on the Kakata Gbarnga high way. Another said white flower so who is saying the right thing here about one shipement.

  8. As for Zigzag as he called himself, he is sick as taylor said. He is saying as an insider again that that Taylor make him his operation man for three countries Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast. What a big big lie. How could he be in the first place. Why was he not known in the country my the common people like others. He is really sick as Taylor put it and besides he is lucky to still be alive. In fact he lied he can not kill those amount of people without anyone daying something about it at that time. NO its a lie. Even the special forces were going to get the news and something could have been done. Killing those amount as he claimed No. I remember a group in the 90s calling themselves casaca in number four district Grand Bassa that were killing civilians and he news got to Taylor, and Taylor send soldiers from Gabarnga and members of that group were arrested and trial or executed from there the Bassa people were free. How could this man Zizag doing all of these without no one know about it. Do you belive Taylor can use man like that Zigzag to carry on anthing special for him. These persecutors must be joking here to bring someone like that man. They need to do more if they really want Taylor guilty. Good days to you guys…… Helen I miss your post ma and Jose as well it good to hear from you all. ……

    1. Leoroy Dennis, I understand that you and so many people are missing my insightful and thoughtful posts. Notwithstanding, that’s why I was born to do. To inform the general public of hidden facts the powerful, biased, prejudiced and wealthy don’t want you to know. However, I’m studying for an exam that is due Tuesday October 6, 2009. Upon completion of my exam, I can assure you and the rests that Jose Rodriguez will not only be in full force but also, here to stay.

    1. Hi Emmanuel — yes, you are right, the transcripts are running a little late. At the moment they are only actually a day behind, as the last transcript currently posted is Thursday September 24, and we did not have proceedings last Friday and this past Monday. The Court has not yet posted yesterday’s transcripts but I hope they will by tomorrow — they usually post them a day or so later, but sometimes they run a bit late. I’ll double check tomorrow and if there are still none posted I will check in with the court.

  9. Hi Tracey, while watching the trial this mooring at a trice the court went into private or closed section on my end without any warning from the judge. This is unusual, especially at the time when Taylor was speaking out about the USA and GB conspiracy plan to remove him from the presidency. I don’t want to speculate but my six “sense” is tingling?

  10. THOMPSON !!!
    what the defence is doing at this point , is “Pre- emption” that is ,asking CT the toughtest questions and at the same time , increasing the pressure and by the same token , preparing him to withstand any future prosecutorial onslauhght .
    Secondly , this zigzag is not a credibly witness as we all have seen ; he should be sent to a funny farm .

  11. Fallah, eagle eye, etc.

    Let us discuss the issue of cannibalism. This witness Zig-Zag Marzah claimed that Taylor partook in eating human beings. The witness implicated himself during the testimony. To date I have heard of any attempt to rehabilitate this witness or prosecute him for engaging in cannibalism. Being a fighter with the NPFL in one thing, but admitting under oath that you ate human beings is a grave matter and should be treated at such. The international community should contact the government of Liberia to ensure that some therapy is established for this individual or that he is brought to justice.

    Therefore I ask you opponent of taylor acquittal why is it that the prosecution only heard this dismal testimony and no further action was pursued?

    I do not want you to address the issue of taylor alleged involvement in eating human being because you and i know that it is not true.

  12. For justice sick let the prosecution stop bringing crazy people like mad zig-zag, i personally know zigzag from Sinji Grand Cape Mount County Western Liberia, who murder and ate human being. Oh My God the prosecution are now going after mad people to testify against Mr Taylor. john thomson let me let you know that Liberia is rich with minerals and Mr Taylor never needed diamond from Sierra Leone to fight the war. maybe thomson is not living on planet earth, but let me tell you that once you have the money even the pentagon can give you arms, and the ecomog peace enforcers was in liberia and operating from Lungi airport Sierra leone, so it was very easy to give the RUF arms and send some also to Taylor to fight. remember you are talking about africa (poverty) where anything can happen for money. so why look for something in the air when you can find it under your feet? why waste your time going to eastern europe for AK47 when you can get it from the Ecomog for few carat of diamonds. common sence thomson stop dreaming. the case of charles taylor is not for sierra leone there is more behind taylor than sierra leone.

  13. If you really want to find Charles Taylor guilty, bring the case of Liberia i personally with testify against him because i know all the stories from the finding of the NPFL. but sierra leone sorry.

    1. Varney,
      Even if the case of liberia was brought, trust me that is a different thaeter that got its’ own scenarios. I can bet any one, the war fought in liberia was not started by taylor. Liberia already had a serious civil crises going on where people were being abitrarily picked up and killed by other liberians. But we will cross that bridge if we ever get there… I pause for now. Back to what’s on hand…….

  14. Ladies and gentlemen; please, please lets get serious here.. You Fallah Menjor a real kisi man from kailahun or kolahun and John Thompson. Could you guys please tell this forum , which of liberian native societies include a man and a woman ??? Also ,look at this scenario; Zigzag maza said a diamond was brought from sierraleone for mr. taylor to monrovia by issa sesay, the same diamond according to another witness, was taken to burkinafaso by issa. Another witness came up again, ( I stand corrected), and said again that , that same diamond that should have been brought to taylor got lost according to issas’ account. Now praY tell me guys where are we going with this whole thing??? what is this ?? Could you put this puzzle together for meee!!!!!?? I await your answere…..

    1. Noko5,
      Let me help Fallah and his anti Taylor colleagues to answer the diamond question. Issa Actually left SL with the diamonds to be taken to Mr taylor but he went through Burkina before going to Monrovia and after giving the diamonds to Mr Taylor, he was given peanuts as payment so he went back to Sierra Leone disapointed. Upon being asked by his colleagues about the payment for the diamonds, he replied that the diamonds went missing because he could not face the embarrassment of telling his colleagues that he has eaten the peanuts given to him by taylor as payment for the diamonds!

      So you see all the accounts by the witnesses are correct! its just three ways of saying the same thing. Haaaahaaahaaahaaa LOL

      1. ok sam,
        I respect your take on the diamond , even though notthing as such existed; but how about man and woman going to the same zoe bush in liberia???

  15. Guys, how long would it take to identify a grave or any form of human remains in a small place like taylors yard (white Flower). Oh my god, please sure us the money; please show us the grave; come on !!!! show us everything. Let this whole mess be over with, so that justice can be done to those who bled, die and suffered. Orelse set taylor free. NO PROOF = NO CASE!!!…. periode.

  16. It is really awkward to follow the trial via this homepage.

    The trial is not a parody. All the statements from Taylor is a parody.
    Can the man not stand up for anything he did?
    All the headlines on this site start “Taylor denies….” “All witnesses are lying…” “Taylor had no idea about …”

    Is this an objective reporting of the trial according to you.
    I only see it as a forum for Mr Taylor.
    Unfortunately most of his victims have no forum for polemics. They are dead.

    Good luck with better reporting!

    1. Sorry Erik;
      The reason he is not standing for anything is that, there is notthing to stand for. Plain and simple. I my self is in sympathy with you too brother.. I wish there was something for him to stand for… It’s a pity.. right!!.. kind of hard to handle this kind of case that is full of lies, deceptions, disinformations, misinformations and you name..it. If you probably go and help the prosecution with some credible infos.. I believe thing could be over soon…

    2. Erik Lindstrom,

      Welcome to this forum. Here the trial is being evaluated from varying perspective. As you claim Taylor is not admitting to anything. Could you be more specific as to what he is not admitting to? Could you please provide time, date, location of incident, etc so that we can assess its validity? It is not sufficient to say Taylor is not admitting to anything and steer away. You should be able to validate you statement by providing examples. So please shoot.

      You claim that the reports from the trial as carried by this site is not objective. Please substantiate your claims with proof. Give examples. Not being objective implies subjectivity. So give examples as to where, when and how you believe that this site has infused opinions into their accout of what transpired in the hague. We will be happy to confront Tracey and Alpha because I am sure soros appreciates fair work on this site.

      As you claim Taylor says they witnesses lie. Well That is why he is on the stand to accept or refute testimonies. When a witness claimed that Taylor met Sankoh in Monrovia at certain time whereas record shows that Sankoh was in jail in Nigeria, what do you expect Taylor to say, it is true? Be realistic with yourself or you will commit suicide seeing Taylor acquittal.

    3. Erik,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I value the opportunity to find out more from you about your thoughts on the reporting. If you will allow me, may I explain our reporting methods and perhaps you could provide us with your thoughts on how we could better improve our reporting on the trial each day?

      Our reports are intended to be an objective reporting on what happened in the court each day. At the moment, Mr. Taylor is testifying in his own defense, with his own defense counsel examining him. As a result, the testimony that is coming out each day at the moment largely reflective of whatever Mr. Taylor presents. Once Mr. Taylor is cross examined, I imagine there will be a different “lead” sentence each day, because Mr. Taylor’s side of the story is likely to come under active scrutiny by the Prosecution. During the prosecution case, we had a different style of reporting on this site — in that we did three reports each day which contained the testimony of each session (we changed to make the site more reader friendly at the start of the defense case, given people often didn’t have time to read through everything that we wrote or to understand how the testimony was relevant to the charges) — but back then, there may have been some who would have the opposite complaint (ie that we were only presenting the allegations and testimony against Mr. Taylor). What we are hoping to build with this site is a daily representation of what happened in trial throughout its entirety, not only in an effort to assist with information about the trial for those who are unable to watch the proceedings or read the entire transcripts, but also provide a forum for discussion about the day’s events. We also include a monthly report which gives an overview of the trends and issues within the trial (just a side note: our colleagues at Berkeley who usually do the monthly reports are waiting to compile all of Mr. Taylor’s testimony into one report, so we have not posted a monthly report for July or August, but you can see the others if you go to our “monthly reports” tag on the site. You will also see an overview of the prosecution case written by our monitor, Alpha, and we will do the same for the defense case).

      Our aim on this site is to be objective and neutral in our monitoring — we do not take a position on Mr. Taylor’s guilt or innocence as that is for the judges to decide (while recognizing that one of Mr. Taylor’s rights throughout the trial is to be presumed innocent unless determined otherwise by independent judges) — but in the day to day, we must report what happens in the courtroom. The content of that we cannot control, but we do try to contextualize the testimony by including each day a reminder of the relevant allegations against Mr. Taylor in relation to that day’s testimony, as well as the main points of the witness testimony to which Mr. Taylor is responding. We hope that this serves as a reminder that there are different sides to this trial and arguments over the allegations against Mr. Taylor.

      We would welcome comments from you or other readers about how to improve our reporting.

      THanks for raising this issue and I look forward to continuing the conversation with you, Erik.


    4. Erik,
      Should he agreed to things JUST because you want him to???? He has told this court what he did from Dec ’89 thru Aug ’03.

  17. Zigzag said it all why is it that the prosecutors can’t just go and dig this grave out to get some proof. Diamond the size of a passport, where was it sold? No body make note of said Diamond at all in the world. Five billion dollars no bank in the world have a record of such on Taylor name or anyone doing it on behalf of Taylor. Arms shipments no link, nothing at all. zigzag is sick and really sick. He should even be in prison by now telling those lies. Why is he lying on himself in the first place? Now I see he trying to make the case against Taylor fearful in the eyes of his employers. Keep trying Zigzag. You are sick by all accounts.

  18. hi tracey
    I posted since this morning but I just found out that my post is still under moderation why please.
    The court just went into private session without any notice today why please help.
    Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you.

    1. HI Leoroy — apologies for the delay in posting. I was half way through moderating when I had to go to a meeting. Your comment will be moderated soon. Thanks for your udnerstanding.

      Other readers have also raised the issue of the closed session today without notice. Let me try to find out more and revert.


  19. Erik Lindstrom!!!
    CT has , on a number occasion , and in fact , accepted responsibility a lot of times for things he did .
    You can therefore not of him , that which you cannot demand of yourself . CT has not only been refuting these allegations , but also , coming up with facts and documents .
    So , your assertion thath CT is polemical , is sadly very uppish .
    This case is not about justice ; this is a geopolitical battle been waged in a court of law . It is about dominance and control by the big powers -using this court as a “PROXY”.

  20. Let’s analyze just alittle portion of taylor’s denial of ‘Zig Zag’ testimony that he was never involved in the invasion plans of Freetown;
    ‘When NPFL rebels crossed the Sierra Leonean, they became part of the RUF, and when the RUF rebels moved to Liberian side of the border, they became part of the NPFL,’ as they both looked up to taylor for istructions, “Zig Zag” Marzah says!
    Taylor:”I swear to God. Taylor will have a man who cannot read or write and he is going to put him in charge of three countries? This man is sick. It is not true.”
    This witness testimony has tied taylor to not only being involved on supplying arms to the RUF rebels, but helping in planning and carrying out the invasion of Freetown as claimed by the Prosrcution Lawyers all along! This testimony carries weight since it comes from top taylor generals or an INSIDER than we have ever heard.
    Secondly, the relationship between RUF and taylor’s NPFL seem to be one! Even taylor himself has unconsciously admitted to this mutual relationship between NPFL and RUF when he did not only welcome these rebels into Liberia any time, but given Liberian Citizenship to them as well.
    Thirdly, the auguement of taylor that this man did not read or write and therefore, he, taylor would have not put him incharge of such responsibily, is invalid as most of his Generals were illitrate and yet he waged a war that lasted for 14 years in which he used them as his generals.
    What I think is that things are not looking good for taylor or his loyalists! Truth is coming to light day by day taylor, you can run but you can’t hide!

    1. fallah,

      Do you believe that Mr. Taylor will entrust Marzah with strategic responsibility like being in charge of three countries. I was in Gbarnga all along and never heard of this three country command and its commander. Never.

      Secondly, Taylor knows how important weapons are. Do you believe Taylor will have all these many individuals coming for arms from his house? Keita, Sessay, Bockarie, Marza, Jungle, Bah, you name it. You do not trust so many people with you ammunitions like that. And Taylor knows.

      I asked you to comment on this issue of Marzah confessing to eating human beings and no action taken. what do you say?

  21. Fallah I personally want to question the masters you have? Taylor said he joined forces with the RUF early 90s and ended that relations in the same early 90s. This is the time the NPFL and the RUF were one form what I know. This is also were the prosecutors are missing this whole case. The time frim they chose to hold Taylor responsible for war in Sierra Leone is not it. By 97 and then there was nothing Taylor doing agian. The NPFL and in facts all warring factions in Liberia have disarm, and those arms were burn. This is my last time explaining this to you. Brother sorry you went to the US in 1984 and you don’t really know more about the country like you think. Fallah why was Zigzag not popular like other generals? To be in charge of three countries do you think that is a small post? Look that guy is really a Zigzag. With all the lies he said about himself they should have arrested him and put him in prison for those crime he commited right away.

  22. Leroy, please forget about the masters business here.You do not have to believe me. What we are talking about here is about the conflict in which taylor participated and as a result many lives were wasted to put it in simple English!
    You need to refrain from personal attacks because we know each others academic abilities otherwise we would not be able to communicate,in the first place,on this site! Let’s focus on the trial and leave all these petty attacks. I agree you are more educated than I and in fact I am illitrate!
    What matters here most is about ‘Justice” for the victims of Sierra Leone!

  23. ok Fallah I understand but just sometime the way you put things. I am sorry if you I went so personal. Forgive me for that brother.
    I must say that your witness Zigzag got this wrong here really. All that he said he needs to be put in prison brother. We are not on the same side but I know you felt very sick in the belly when you heard that. Diamond was give to Taylor for shipments of arms. This same Diamond was give to Taylor agian for save keep until the return of Sankoh from jail. This same diamon again was given to Bah for him to get arms from Bukinafaso. Daimond again got misssing from Issa in again. This same diamond again was give to Taylor for for arms. This same Diamond was sold by Taylor and he got over five billions of dollars in banks, with no written documents. Sumof is also out of the whole topic as well.

  24. Sumoh,

    Have you heard about the super highway leading from Grand Bassa to Greenville through Rivercess? Yes, Taylor believed in value-added economics. The EXOTIC logging company that had concessions in that part of the country agreed to pave that highway. It would have been a four lane highway. All earth moving work was completed and I understand the road is being used as we speak. It is the mean route being used now to get to the southeast.

    Second, did you hear about the maritime contract and ITC departure from Liberia. You know that since 1948 ITC managed our maritime affairs but Liberia was not entitled to knowing how much was generated yearly. What Liberia was entitled to was its percentage from the net proceeds, meaning ITC deducted expenses and taxes. The question is from what sum are you deducting these expenses and taxes to arrive at the net income? If this was correct then Taylor is guilty. It had to take a Taylor to reverse that.

    Did you hear about the changes in Firestone contract, it had to be a Taylor to do that.

    What did Taylor do for Liberia, he opened our eyes to see the ill treatment our so-called traditional friends had meted to us for so long. It is just disgusting. After so many years it is now that Firestone is assess whether it can start to produce plastic product in Liberia. This is just sad.

    Should I continue? Did you read the evidence presented in this trial about Taylor being blackmailed by America. These Americans wanted Mobil to take over the funtions of LPRC without any value-added component. Taylor refused. They wrote taylor a letter pursuading to allow mobil and doors of economic benefits would open for Liberia, IMF, WORLD BANK, INVESTORS, etc.

    Come on Sumo, this case is about the mighty and little boy. It is not about Sierra Leone and Liberia.

  25. I do agree with Marzah for saying that when RUF fighters crossed into Liberia they were part of the NPFL and when NPFL member crossed into Sierra Leone they were part of the RUF. The reason is that, there were no uniformity to distinguish both the NPFL and the RUF, as the results, anyone could go any where and do or say anything, simple as that.

    There were even civilians who posted as soldiers during the war for personal reasons. I was a civilian who was able to move through both ULIMO and NPFL controlled areas only because I do speak Vai, Kpelle and Mandingo but I am Kpelle by tribe.

    The point is that, I was vai and Mandingo when I was in ULIMO control areas and Kpelle and vai in the NPFL controlled areas as well. So for Marzah saying that RUF fighters became NPFL fighters after crossing into Liberia and the same with NPFL fighters crossing into Sierra Leone means nothing at all!

  26. Andrew jlay, to answer your question on alleged cannibalism that occured during taylor’s rule in liberia, that you specifically asked of me, will be answered after taylor’s trial, that we are presently focused upon, ends. The reason being that you and I know that getting into that portion will distract the real concern here, about atrocities caused by taylor to the free citizens of Sierra Leone! Taylor’s trial is the beginning of prosecutions that will eventually follow in Liberia! Remember How The State Of Isreal followed the NAZI war criminals after the second World War? That’s how those who participated, will be hunted and brought to justice! You may laugh at this especially as loyalists, but you will be surprised of what awaits those involved who keep talking and boasting! For now this trial is about Taylor’s crimes against the Peaceful Citizens of Sierra Leone!

  27. Well folks, the prosecution intentional deception to allow zigzag to testified,in this case, is the final comfrimation that this trial is really politically motivated. In America’s justice system there is a legal theory or legal process call ‘civil commitment.’ Civil committment means that the prosecution can determine guilt base on political decisions and not the law itself. This requires the prosecution to lock away an individual who is percieved as danger to society. In these civil committment trials, it does not matter whether facts are present or not.

    What is important is the establishment of a prima facie case. And to establish such an illegal prima facie case, the prosecution only has to bring in some lying witnesses that have their own personal motivation against the accused. The prosecution uses witnesses that lack real credibility but only interest is to see the accussed punish. They present such witnesses in court and justify that even if all the facts are not present, they argued that the accussed freedom would pose a danger to society. They based their false view on an emotional appeal to the judges that the accussed behavior have cause serious harm to society and therefore he must be punish.

    This is exactly what I am seeing in this trial in which the prosecution decided to present an emotional case instead of facts about what they are claiming Mr. Taylor did. But the recent resistance by the African Union should be a clear message to those socalled international justice people that keeping Mr. Taylor in jail will send a very negative message to the world especially Africa. Such political justice could harden other leaders in Africa and creates serious obstacle to conflict resolution in the future, because of the international betrayal this case represents. That after Mr. Taylor resigned his presidency for the sake of peace to only be arrested and prosecuted. This is a travesty of justice.

  28. Sumoh,

    I understand exactly where you are coming from, I know no one is perfect, not leaving myself out. But you see in these type of very, very, important issues like what we are discussing, either side must be able to exibit materials that will be evident beyond margines of errors. Remember we are speaking about a case that concerns prudence jurisdiction. Something that has to do with the life and or liberty of another human being stopped forever. I am sure , the prosecution knew they were going to meet season defence lawers. They knew they were going against a man called charles Taylor. These guys are being paid big money for what they are doing. I don’t think it is fair to the people of sierraleone for Stephen Rapp and his team to be paid millions of dollars for his created schem, only to exibit a bunch of criminals and carnibals who cannot even differ 8 from 18, infact these papers were read and proofread before submission. So we are taking no excuses…nothing for granted, no stone unturn…the algorithm of scrutiny will remain prcise and discrete.. until.

    Sumoh, this whole creation is a calculated lie. Fact of the matter is that notthing as such ever occured. NO TRUCK of ammunition, NO bank account, No diamonds link, absolutely. C T should be set free… The liberians ,Africans, blacks and whites, the world atlarge need this very brilliant son of our soil… please!!!

  29. Noko5 are you serious here crying Liberty and Justice for this notorious criminal..taylor/ GIVE ME A BREAK! Once again, let us complete the trial for taylor’s crimes against victims of Sierra Leone for his schems, murders, rapes, force labour, just to name few, and then you can appeal to the court for all these Injustices you few supporters are claiming, have been done to your chief! You must miss whatever this guy was to you beyond comprehension,Noko5 or 4! Where you one of beneficials from taylor? I will do research to find find out! Because you seem more concerned than the man himself!

  30. MI BANOORAMMAS, you can not just put people in jail because you have the power to do so. This is not about might making right scenerio. It is all about the law. That is why the side you are supporting are giving President his day in court; instead of them just locking him up as the way you want it. It doesn’t work that way Bro.

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