RUF Did Not Have Any Radio Stations And Operators In Liberia, Taylor Says

Charles Taylor today refuted testimony of a prosecution witness who said that the Sierra Leonean rebels had three radio stations and operators in Liberia, including one at the country’s main international airport.

Mr. Taylor was responding to the testimony of protected prosecution witness TFI-338 who in her September 2008 testimony spoke of the alleged relationship between Mr. Taylor and the Sierra Leonean rebel group, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF).  Allegations that Mr. Taylor was in control of the RUF and in a position to prevent and punish crimes committed by the rebel group, along with allegations that Mr. Taylor aided and abetted the RUF in crimes committed in Sierra Leone during its brutal conflict, go to the heart of some of the key charges against the former Liberian President at the Special Court for Sierra Leone.  The existence of radio communications between Mr. Taylor and the rebels were part of the prosecution’s efforts to demonstrate Mr. Taylor’s alleged role in the crimes committed after 1996 in Sierra Leone’s war.

According to the protected witness, regular radio communications existed between Liberian radio stations controlled by Mr. Taylor and his Special Security Service (SSS) Director Benjamin Yeaten on the one hand, and RUF radio stations controled by rebel commander Sam Bockarie on the other. The witness testified that the RUF also maintained three radio stations in Liberia, including one at Liberia’s main international airport, Roberts International Airport (RIA). These stations, the witness said, operated with Mr. Taylor’s approval. The radio station at RIA, called Sky 1, was responsible for informing the RUF whenever West African peacekeepers based in Liberia took off in their Alpha Jet fighter aircraft to bomb RUF positions in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor dismissed the witness’ assertions as “lies”.

“How will the RUF have a radio station installed at the international airport of Liberia? That is total foolishness,” he said.

Asked by his defense counsel whether the RUF could have had radio stations in other parts of Liberia outside of Monrovia, Mr. Taylor said that “it is possible may be they might know someone at the radio stations in Liberia but to have  a radio station there, it is impossible.”

Mr. Taylor, however, admitted that sometime in 1998, the RUF maintained a radio station with his consent at the guesthouse that was assigned to them in Monrovia. The guesthouse and radio station were mainly geared towards facilitating discussions with the RUF for a peaceful end to the conflict in Sierra Leone. Other West African leaders involved in the Sierra Leone peace process knew about the guesthouse and radio station, Mr. Taylor explained.

“The only RUF radio station in Liberia was in 1998, installed at the guesthouse allocated to them. My other colleagues involved in the Sierra Leone peace process knew about it,” Mr. Taylor said.

Witness TFI-338 also testified that in 1997, a Liberian radio operator called Selay was based in Sierra Leone’s eastern town of Kenema to coordinate communications between RUF’s Mr. Bockarie in Sierra Leone and National Patriotic Front of Liberia’s (NPFL) Mr. Yeaten.

In response to this, Mr. Taylor told the judges that “I don’t know a thing about it and I don’t think it happened. I don’t think Benjamin Yeaten would have a radio operator in Kenema.”

Mr. Taylor also denied Witness TFI-338’s testimony that members of Mr. Taylor’s SSS named Jungle, Samson and Junior visited Sierra Leone in 1997 wearing their SSS uniforms.

“That will be a silly thing to do, to send people in uniform to Sierra Leone. I am fighting for peace in Sierra Leone and I send my security men to parade in Sierra Leone? That is silly,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor dismissed the witness’s entire evidence a “concoction.”

“None of this is true. This witness is just making this up and I can definitely say that she is confused,” he added.

Mr. Taylor also responded to the testimony of another prosecution witness who in November 2008 testified that during the war years in Sierra Leone, the RUF received advice and support from Mr. Taylor in Liberia. The witness told judges in 2008 that sometime in 1994, Mr. Taylor advised the RUF’s leader, Foday Sankoh, to attack Sierra Rutile Mines in Sierra Leone and terrorize civilians there. The witness said that Mr. Taylor also told Mr. Sankoh to arrest white employees at the Rutile Mines in order to get the attention of the international community.

Asked by his defense counsel whether he ever gave such advice to Mr. Sankoh, Mr. Taylor responded that “No I did not. This is 1994. There is no way I am in touch with Sankoh as of May 1992. I was never in contact with the RUF in 1994 and I didn’t even know what was going on with them.”

The witness also said that Mr. Taylor and Mr. Sankoh communicated on a daily basis in his presence within this period. Mr. Taylor dismissed the witness’s account, saying “It is blatantly false that between 1993 or 94, 95, 96, 97 or 98, I was in contact with Sankoh.”

“This doesn’t stop. It is a blatant lie,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor is accused of providing support for RUF rebels through the supply of arms and ammunition in return for diamonds mined by the rebels in Sierra Leone. The prosecution further alleges that Mr. Taylor helped plan rebel attacks in Sierra Leone and that he occupied a superior position over RUF commanders, during which time he knew or had reason to know that crimes were being committed by the rebels but that he failed to punish or prevent the commission of those crimes. By his actions or inactions, the prosecution says that he is responsible for the crimes committed by rebel forces in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations and he is presently testifying as a witness in his own defense.

Mr. Taylor’s testimony continues on Monday October 26 when the Special Court resumes after recess.


  1. Wonders shall never end. These prosecution allegations are getting more rediculous by the day. How will a country allow Rebels from another country to establish a radio station in its international airport? does it not consider its own security first? Also who was in control of RIA at this time was it the Liberian Government? Come on everybody knows that these allegations are not true and they even challenge common sense. ECOMOG was in control of RIA at this time with all their capacity they would have found out that that radio station was operating from their own base and shut it down because it compromises their operation. for the sake of argument let us assume that ECOMOG was n ot in control and had no capability to shut the station down. they would have complained to the international community about it but that never happend. this means that the allegation is false how would you hide the antena of a radio station to covertly operate without being detected?

    The prosecution should come up with better lies than these.

    1. Did you not hear Taylor confess that he used to bribe ECOMOG to secure an oversight in the execution of some of his operations?I wonder you are closely following this trial.

      1. Fallah, vaa, sankolo
        Please over the days of the recess, I hope we will all go on our knees and continue our prayer for mr. taylor sincerely as you guys have been doing. thank you.. GOD BLESS all…

      2. Mansaray,
        ECOMOG was in control of the airports a witness is saying that Mr. Taylor had Radio Stations and Operators station there pass on information about ECOMOG operation in Sierra Leone. These Radio Stations and Operators was common knowledge of Mr. Taylor but not of ECMOG. How could ECOMOG let that happen? It is plain fabrication.

        ECOMOG was an unfit organization to provide security and peace but they did their best. Some of the members of ECOMOG could be bribe but not all the members of Ecomog could be bribe.

      3. My friend,

        Taylor had a constitutional obligation; Which was to protect the territorial integrity of the state, (LIBERIA). Unfortunately, the united nations and its’ evil partners, decided to massacre the people of liberia by imposing uneccessary sanctions couple with one of the most notorious forms of arms embargo. Taylor had no alternative, but to protect that soverieng nation. If he did , so help me god, it was right. You know what ,I probably would have been dead today if he had not done that. Buying arms from ECOMOG got notthing to do with sierraleone…stop speculating. BRAVO GHANKAY!!!

        1. What constitution? Doe, Taylor, Johnson, et. al, made up their own constitution as they went along. The constitution of Liberia before Sgt Dr President Samuel kenon Doe has been re-instated under the current legitimate government, including the sections that make legal real property ownership only by Liberian citizens of (Black) African descent — non Liberian citizens, non-Africans, non-blacks can not own real estate in Liberia. Sounds quite liberal and equal to me.

    1. Okay, Fallah, Vaa and the rest,

      Here we go again.with living people in our midst who can contribute to the case. Remeber we have the live testimony of bockarie arrest situation that no one has come out yet to refute. And here we go with the second live testimony of Harris who is live and well throwing out a challenge. No one will come out again to refute.

      Guys, these issue speak volumes. Mr. Taylor is telling the truth. No other conclusion.

      Thank you Harris. And no one will come out with different story. If it is possible, get Alue to post his own story.

      I am scheduled to come to Liberia early January 2010. By January 2 or 3, I will be there and I hope to meet you so we can post from Liberia. I hope to do some independent information gathering.

      Thank you again brother. These guys want to take Taylor down but it should not be based on lies.

      1. Andrew — that is great that you are planning to continue posting from Liberia in early January. It will be fascinating to get your sense — and that of others who are based in Liberia — about how this trial is being perceived in Monrovia and outside the capital. I am planning to be in Liberia and Sierra Leone in February next year for a few weeks, if plans pan out, and I would also like to post updates from there too.

      2. Yes,in the opinion of those who see looting as a livelihood,Taylor should be released.Such would enable these criminals to again plauge sweet mama Liberia in mere anarchy

      3. Dear andrew jlay,

        Good news that you are coming to Monrovia. I’m sure that we will meet cause I’m always around. We have documentary evidence to prove what we have said. Alieu is also in Monrovia. He lives at 72nd military barrack in Paynesville. Here is my phone number brother if you don’t. +231 6 411 709.

        Harris K Johnson

    2. When was it that Chatles Taylor had to force innocent Liberians to fence the entire Roberts Intrnational Airport during his reign in the country.

    3. Charles Taylor never force Liberian to fence the Roberts International Airport, but wait a minute, if Charles Force Liberians to fence the airport than it’s a pity that siarra leonean were brutalized and humiliated to fence the lungi international airport. sorry no room for complain because at that time the human right avocaters had no time for you. vaa Alie Mansaray you need to think twice, the gatwick, hethrow and london city airports in the UK are all fence my friend. Get out and see, maybe you will think better than zig-zag mazdan.

  2. Thanks be to God that atleast Taylor could agree that there existed in Liberia a radio operated by the RUF. I think he’s lied so much that he’s confused now or is it because his colleagues in sub region knew of this particular station? This is really interesting. I hope the guys (Noko4&5, H. Johnson, Jlay and the other propagandists will try to understand this clearly – certainly I know they understand but I wouldn’t be surprised if they thwart the explanation to suit their purpose.

    I am sure there will be more revelations and admittance when we (prosecution) take the stage to cross examine this notorious liar when this “love and play affairs” is over b/w him and his coach – Courtney Griffiths. Let’s just wait and see.

    1. Sankalo,

      I don’t care what you think about this witness lies, but I challenge anyone on earth to prove that RUF established and controlled any HF radio station located in RIA called Sky 1. I’m the brain behind Sky 1 that you call a radio station. I will wait to hear from Tracey before posting full detail on this so called Sky 1 radio station.


      Harris K Johnson

    2. Sankolo,
      Since Charles Taylor is a liar. What about all of you who were saying you heard Taylor say on the BBC that ” Sierra Leone will taste the bitterness of war” We now know that he never made that statement. I await your response!

    3. Sankolo,
      Please let the sleeping dog lie. I be very, very sincere with you, for some reason today,
      I have actually been feeling down since I sat and taught deeply about mr. taylors’ situation. There is noway why such a very, very, decent and peace loving heroe of our time, should be subjected to the kind of treatment that he is going thruogh. later ..sankolo. NOT FAIR AT ALL !!!!!!!

    4. Mr. Taylor never said there was not a Radio that the RUF could use to communicate in Liberia. Mr. Taylor said there was not a radio station and operator at the airports that was in complete control by ECOMOG for him or the Ruf to use. Which sound more right than the witiness who say there was a radio and operator at the airport.

    5. Sankolo,
      There is a parable in the liberia society the says’ “when it was raining, your bucket was sitting in it and never got fill until the rain stopped”. ” Now that there’s only dew falling, you are expecting a fill bucket. Impossible!!! This is to say, the prosecution had more then a year if I am not mistaking, to present their case in ever aspect of credibility, but instead chose to present trash , hear say, they say, rumors, lies and liers. They further chose to present carnibals with the sole intent of making taylor to being one. Also, they decided to bring forth shaky and fishy evidenses. How the heck some of you ignorants can be sitting by, dreaming that the cross examination phase of this case would make a difference. Could you tell me some of the facts that you are building your empty hopes on????

  3. Woo no doubt why some of these witnesses are in hiding under the pretend of being a protected witness. This protected (Radio Operator) witness TFI – 338, is a very silly liar. This witness has again told one of the many lies against Mr. Taylor like the many other crazy witnesses that the prosecution has paraded before this court. I remain and worked in Liberia from 1989 up to today. I have worked as a Safety/Communication Officer for an intentional organization since 1997. I controlled over seventeen HF radio stations for said organization. We have always had constant radio contact with government radios for security update. In order to do this, we entered into MOU with Liberian government in 1997. Part of the MOU is that we share radio frequencies and call signs for smooth operation at all time. I have the Call Signs list of all government HF radios that were operational in Liberia during 1997 and now. You will be surprised to note that the call sign Sky 1, has never existed in Liberia as HF radio station not even to say that it was operated by RUF operative at RIA. I challenge this witness and the prosecution to prove me wrong. I based close to RIA and supervised our main HF station in one of our many clinics that were catering to thousands of internal displaced people in Margibi County. There was only one HF radio station operated and controlled by the SSS. I agree with Mr. Taylor that there was no other RUF station in Liberia except for the one at the guesthouse because we also monitored their station daily. Let me stop this far and ask Tracey if I can discuss this so-called Sky1 in detail in this public discussion? I’m not sure if the defense team will use this Sky1 to destroy the witness testimony. I’m the brain behind this much talked about Sky 1 that is now used as evidence against Mr. Taylor, thank God that I’m alive. I will fire back as soon as Tracey gives me the green light to do so, but please check with the defense team.

    Coming soon

    Harris K Johnson

    1. Hi Harris – I think you are free to discuss your thoughts on Sky 1 in this forum. It is only cases where discussions may expose the identity protected witnesses or otherwise create legal problems for the site that we have concerns about posting. In those cases, I will alert the person who wrote the comment as to why there is a problem. Why don’t you go ahead and if there is any issue, I will raise it with you before posting it?

    2. Thank you Harris,
      I hope mr. taylor has the opportunity to read some of these comments; I feel so bad about the inhumaine way our president is being treated right now. This really , really hurts. Not fair at all…

      1. Welcome noko5,

        We will do everything humanly possible to expose some of these so-called prosecution witnesses that were paid to tell these unthinkable lies about Mr. Taylor. I will fire back with more details about my friend and brother Alieu, AKA Sky 1 if any of the guys on the other hand challenge my last post. It is disgraceful and disappointing that Mr. Rapp would fail to recruit credible witnesses before presenting his case.


        Harris K Johnson

      2. Cousin 5,
        Maybe Tracey can answer that question for us all…….Tracey does Mr. Taylor or his team has access to this site?? Do you get any comments or feedback from them?? If so, what are they saying??

        More on, what’s about the prosecutors??

        1. Noko4 — I don’t know whether Mr. Taylor has access to the site. I understand both the prosecution and the defense have accessed this site. We hope to ask Mr. Griffiths for feedback on it when we speak to him after Mr. Taylor’s testimony, when we ask your questions from the site. The prosecution has told us they think the site is a good resource (Mr. Rapp mentions it in his interview on here), but they have not said anything specifically about the conversation component of the site. I will try to follow up and ask for more specifics.

    3. Harris K Johnson,
      you could have been a good witness for the Defense team but you have thrown that opportunity way. I am sure there are other people who have been contacted to testify on this matter and have given there statement long before you gave your in public. I do not think the defense team is looking for any witnesses to refute prosecution witnesses on a internet forum.

      1. Ken,

        I don’t have to be on the witness stand in order to say what I know about testimonies in this court. I was once approached by the prosecution to serve as a witness, but I turned them down. As for the defense, I don’t think they need the entire citizenry as witnesses.

        Harris K Johnson

  4. What profit will some one gain if s/he is paid to lie.Former president Taylor was NOT in any contact with the RUF as the witness paid to lie. Charlie has other rebel groups fightung against him at that time. Will he leave the Liberians and to cater to total NONESENSE?Wake up Liberians(Africans),don’t let the western world to enslave us.We are watching the ICC with eagle eyes.
    Where is Bush in the Iraqan war, millions of people were killed by bush and his coleagues.
    Africans should try to establish an ICC for those whites causing trouble in Africa.
    Charles Taylor is not the first to wage on the planet earth.
    We will see that justice previals!!!
    We Liberians are with you in spirit as you go thru these difficult days.

  5. Tracey,

    What is going on here? my commet is awating moderation, but I see it here. Please do something so that Sankolo will wake up from his dream.



  6. For those of you who think that Mr. Taylor could be that crazy to allow a rebel group to establish a radio station in RIA, called Sky 1, under the watchful eyes of ECOMOG, let me educate you about on this. Like I have said before, I’m the supervisor of over seventeen HF radio stations that are operated by an INGO. By MOU with the government of Liberia we share call signs and frequencies for security up date. We also help to train radio operators for MOH at county level where we operate. What happened here is that the socalled RUF radio operator was able to tune to government frequency and minitored the call sign Sky 1, but failed to verify whether the call sign was an individual or station call sign. Sky 1 was the call sign of one of the government radio operators during Mr. Taylor presidency. This radio operator, a former member of the ATU, is called Alue Sengbe. I personally trained him on the operations of HF radio. Sky 1 was one of the operators of ATU HF radio station called Garden, and located in the compound of the Executive Mansion in Monrovia. Alieu, AKA Sky1 is still alive and works with us as one of our supervisors. Finally, the only SSS HF radio station that was at RIA 1997-2003 was called “Cane” and operated by two SSS operatives. Their call signs were Bob blue and 966, they are all my friends and alive. Like Mr. Taylor said, this rebel radio operator is really silly and confused about what she said in this court. Thompson, Sankolo,and Vaa Alie Mansaray please wake up from dream land.


    Harris K Johnson

    1. Harris — thanks — have received your comments on Sky 1. Just doing a check to ensure there are no problems that we can foresee. Hopefully back with an answer on moderating it very soon. Thanks in advance for your patience.

  7. Harris K. Johnson
    This is what I have been saying all this time… It is not hard to get credible witnesses to testify on behalf of charles Taylor and tell the truth….

    1. Surely john- this is why over 200 witnesses will come to destroy these lies. We are coming to set an example for others to follow. Let it be known that Mr. Taylor has been wrongly treated for crimes he did not commit in Sierra Leone. But with being on our side, the truth will come to light.


      Harris Kortu Johnson

  8. Wow, Andrew and others, it’s amazing to see all of you taylor boys in such panicking mood since the last questioning of your Boss! You wait there is more coming! Cannibalism is just one of more revelations to come. We have not gotten to to details of Sexual Slavery and Rapes that taylor subjected the victims of Sierra Leone and Child Soldiers!
    You supporters are so short sighted that it leaves me wondering about your maturity or what powers you guys are depending on! And for some who offered for us to pray for the Devil; let me say this; we pray that you repent because the Devil is already in Hell! This Trial will bring Africans to the realization that fellow humans should be respected in future and that the days of lawlessness are over and a dawn to new civilization to the Motherland has begun!

  9. Tracey,
    Can the prosecution or defence parade any amount of witnesses? I believe at some point more and more people will want to volunteer as defence witnesses. This is a man that is loved by more then 90% of liberians

  10. Fallah,
    this posting reads to me like you are bore and need company. Trust me, if you add some substance and make it interesting , we will chat. I wonder why a human rights lawyer like sephen Rapp will let a carnibal who has openly confess that he ate people, to be his prime witness? What is mr. Rapps’ defination of being a human rights advocate???? FALLAH, could you help with this time please.. Would you do the same if you were? Or, would you ask his country to have him arrested and send to court…Tell us what you know…Is this thing just for money?????

  11. Wow, Harris K. Johnson trained the radio operator; Alue Sengbe? That’s why I have said all along that this site is full of ex.NFPL fighters! Thanks for this new revelation on this site Mr. Harris K. Johnson! Perhaps you may need to get on the witness stand in the trial to come in Liberia. For now we are only concerned with the crimes gankay caused the victims of Sierra Leone and you need to relax until that time comes! We are not fools for anyone to come out being so enfactic about their roles and think we will fall for it! Keep talking boys!

    1. Fallah,

      I though you would have challenged me, but you when accusing me as ex-NPFL simply because I trained Alieu. So are you saying that the UN is also ex-NPFL/RUF because they trained ex-fighters in SL and Liberia? What if I’m ex-NPFL? Please focus on the discussion here not individual Mr. Fallah.



  12. Dears,

    Sorry that I will not post until 15 October cause I will be out of Monrovia for work in Grand Kru County, where there is limited access to the internet. I will join the discussion hopefully on October 16. I’m not suprise that no one has challenged my last post that there has never been a sky 1 HF radio station established and operated in RIA by the RUF. The reason is that the witness lie in order to make some cash from the prosecution.

    Best wishes

    Harris K. Johnson

    1. Hey Harris,

      We all know this. Thank you again. Since you threw out you challenge no one will come out. And Jocone also explained about Bocakarie arrest, but no one challenged it. Fallah and the rest.

    2. Thanks Harry,
      Tell the folks of Grand Kru I say you’re a FRIEND and should be taken care of…..ha ha ha
      How can I reach you… will do

  13. Wow,

    Harris has really brought light to the forum by the clearifications on this so-called sky-1.
    If all he said is the entire truth, then I think the prosecution has really spent lot of money un-neccessarily, man.
    Oh my God!

  14. PROSECUTION PEOPLE WHAT DO YOU KNOW , TELL US>>> What can you do,or what kind of lies are you planning now against CHARLES GHANKAY DAKPHANA ( the head of the great zoes) MCARTHUR TAYLOR.

  15. i dont have comments but i woulike to be informed about the full details of the case of charles taylor. am a student at the national university of lesotho school of law and writing a dissertation on whether there is a need for lesotho to maintain the death penalty. am making a critical analysis of section five of the 1993 lesotho constitution which provide for death penalty at section 5 (2) thereof. therefore, i have to make a brief comment about the case in question hence the request for such details. thank you in advance.

    send the responce to

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