Taylor Says He Did Not Order Rebel Attack On Freetown; Calls Prosecution Allegations Against Him “Racist”

Charles Taylor this week told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges that he did not order Sierra Leonean rebel forces to attack the country’s capital Freetown and to free the country’s rebel leader from jail  in 1999. Mr. Taylor also called prosecution allegations that he was involved in ritual sacrifice and cannibalism “racist.”

Mr. Taylor spent the week refuting the evidence of prosecution witnesses who testified in 2008 that Mr. Taylor was the head of Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone, that RUF commanders constantly took orders from him and that he gave regular supplies of weapons to RUF rebels in return for diamonds mined in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor dismissed these allegations as “lies.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Taylor dismissed as “lies” the testimony of a protected prosecution witness that he (Taylor) gave orders and supplies of weapons to RUF rebels to attack Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown in 1999 and free the RUF’s leader Foday Sankoh who was incarcerated by the government of Sierra Leone.

“That I sent people to Freetown to free Sankoh is a blatant lie,” Mr. Taylor said.

The protected witness, whose testimony Mr. Taylor sought to discredit, told judges in October 2008 that RUF commanders started discussing plans to attack Freetown in 1998. He said that while Mr. Sankoh was in jail, the group’s interim leader, Sam Bockarie, did not listen to members of the RUF War Council, of which the witness himself was a member. Rather, Mr. Bockarie traveled to Liberia to seek advice from Mr. Taylor and returned from Liberia with direct instructions from Mr. Taylor that the RUF should attack Freetown, the witness said.

“The instruction to attack Freetown originated from Taylor”  and it was a “planned invasion,” the witness had told the Special Court for Sierra Leone in 2008.

In an effort to distance himself from any such plans to attack Freetown, Mr. Taylor told the judges today that “I sure did not plan it. I don’t know if Sankoh did, but I did not. I did not plan any invasion of Freetown, never.”

The protected witness had also said that the weapons used in the Freetown attack were obtained from Burkina Faso and deposited in Liberia before they were eventually taken to the RUF in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor said that he had no knowledge of such shipment of weapons into Liberia.

“I have nothing to do with this so I really don’t know what this man is talking about,” the accused former president said.

Mr. Taylor also denied the witness’ claims that between 1997 and 1999, Mr. Taylor facilitated three major shipments of arms and ammunition for use by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. The witness said that diamonds were given to Mr. Taylor in return for the shipments. According to the witness, the RUF gave Mr. Taylor, “through his special envoy to the RUF Ibrahim Bah” about 90 carats of diamonds as payment for the first shipment of weapons.  As payment for the remaining two shipments, Mr. Bockarie personally delivered nine plastics of diamonds to Mr. Taylor.

“This is a number of complicated lies in this thing. It is so terrible. It’s a lie, no diamonds were given to me,” Mr. Taylor asserted.

Mr. Taylor further refuted the witness’ claim that Liberia under Mr. Taylor’s presidency was not a transit point but a base for RUF rebels.

“I will not use the word base but RUF were given a guesthouse and communications access in line with the peace process  but I will not call it a base,” he added.

The witness also testified that between 1997-1999, Mr. Taylor sent a series of envoys to the RUF including Ibrahim Bah, who was sent to meet with Johnny Paul Koroma, leader of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), a group of soldiers who overthrew the government of president Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in Sierra Lone in 1997. Mr. Taylor dismissed this assertion as “nonsense.”

“How will I send Ibrahim Bah to meet with Johnny Paul Koroma when I didn’t even know him?” he asked.

Also in his testimony on Tuesday, Mr. Taylor refuted the evidence of a prosecution witness and a former member of Mr. Taylor’s NPFL, Joseph Marzah (alias “Zig Zag” Marzah), who in his 2008 testimony told the judges that Mr. Taylor was the overall boss of both the RUF and NPFL. Witnes Marzah said that the RUF and NPFL were one and the same group. He said that when NPFL rebels crossed the Sierra Leonean border, they became part of the RUF and when RUF rebels moved to the Liberian side of the border, they became part of the NPFL. They all looked up to Mr. Taylor for instructions, Witness Marzah had said.

“It is a proofing lie. RUF and NPFL were never the same,” Mr. Taylor said.

Witness Marzah further said that Mr. Taylor gave him supplies of weapons from his White Flower residence in Liberia, which he took to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone and that on several occasions, he obtained diamonds from RUF rebels in Sierra Leone and handed them over to Mr. Taylor in Liberia. Mr. Taylor dismissed these claims as “lies.”

On Wednesday, Mr. Taylor called prosecution allegations that he was involved in ritual sacrifice and cannibalism ”racist”. Mr. Taylor was responding to the testimony of Witness Marzah who in his 2008 testimony alleged that he was present at Mr. Taylor’s residence when the former Liberian president buried a pregnant woman at the back of his house as a ritual sacrifice to obtain power in Liberia. Witness Marzah also testified that he feasted on human beings together with Mr. Taylor while he served as Chief of Operations for the NPFL.

A very angry Mr. Taylor today dismissed the allegations against him as being “racist.”

“It is not true. But you know, there is something deeper to this whole thing. I don’t care what the prosecution says but this is racist, it is as racist as it ever gets,” Mr. Taylor said in a very angry voice.

“All the murderous regimes of Europe throughout World War II coming on, nobody is eating human beings  and burying pregnant women and being sadistic as this as an African. You go to Liberia and bring four uneducated people that never even went to the ninth grade, Moses Blah never went to the ninth grade, Vamunyan Sherif  hardly went to school, Abu Keita hardly, and this other one that never entered a class room, never, cannot read, cannot write and you bring him here, and you have a president eating people and burying pregnant women, this is beyond racism, it shows bigotry, and that’s what this case is all about,” the former president said.

Mr. Taylor also vehemently denied allegations in Witness Marzah’s testimony that he (Taylor) gave orders for the execution of Superman, a Liberian commander of Sierra Leone’s rebel group RUF. Witness Marzah also said that based on Mr. Taylor instructions, Superman’s hand was cut off and his heart removed and taken to Mr. Taylor. Together with Mr. Taylor, they feasted on Superman’s heart, Witness Marzah said in his testimony.

Denying Witness Marzah’s allegations, Mr. Taylor said that “there was no hand, no nothing taken to my house. I am not aware of how Superman was killed, when or how. It is not true.”

Mr. Taylor in his testimony, also told the judges  on Wednesday that his trial is part of a wave of regime change policies by western powers especially the United States and Great Britain.

“I did know that certain countries like the United States and United Kingdom were against me and were seeking regime change in Liberia. I am brought here by Britain and America,” Mr. Taylor said.  “At this particular time in the world when there was Iraq and regime change, it was good to go into Africa, snatch one little leader from a small country, let’s set an example of him to show there is no impunity.”

“Listen, there is nothing that is just about this, I have no control over it, I am going through it, and I will go through it. There is nothing legal about this,” Mr. Taylor said. “Until I go to my grave, there is nothing just about this. The big powers have executed their powers, they have brought me here.”

Mr. Taylor denied other allegations by Witness Marzah that he (Taylor) ordered the NPFL and RUF to subject civilians to sexual violence and forced labour.

“To give any order for violence against women and civilians could have never happened under Taylor because all of those who did that knew the punishment they received. This is why the NPFL was the most disciplined force in Liberia,” he said.

He also denied giving orders to kill and eat the members of the Krahn tribe in Liberia, or to kill United Nations and West African peacekeepers.  Mr. Taylor further denied supplying arms and ammunition to rebel forces in Sierra Leone.

On Thursday, Mr. Taylor responded to the testimony of protected prosecution witness TFI-338 who in her September 2008 testimony spoke of the alleged relationship between Mr. Taylor and the RUF as demonstrated by the radio communications between the two.

Allegations that Mr. Taylor was in control of the RUF and in a position to prevent and punish crimes committed by the rebel group, along with allegations that Mr. Taylor aided and abetted the RUF in crimes committed in Sierra Leone during its brutal conflict, go to the heart of some of the key charges against the former Liberian President at the Special Court for Sierra Leone.  The existence of radio communications between Mr. Taylor and the rebels were part of the prosecution’s efforts to demonstrate Mr. Taylor’s alleged role in the crimes committed after 1996 in Sierra Leone’s war.

According to the protected witness, regular radio communications existed between Liberian radio stations controlled by Mr. Taylor and his Special Security Service (SSS) Director Benjamin Yeaten on the one hand, and RUF radio stations controlled by rebel commander Sam Bockarie on the other. The witness testified that the RUF also maintained three radio stations in Liberia, including one at Liberia’s main international airport, Roberts International Airport (RIA). These stations, the witness said, operated with Mr. Taylor’s approval. The radio station at RIA, called Sky 1, was responsible for informing the RUF whenever West African peacekeepers based in Liberia took off in their Alpha Jet fighter aircraft to bomb RUF positions in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor dismissed the witness’ assertions as “lies”.

“How will the RUF have a radio station installed at the international airport of Liberia? That is total foolishness,” he said.

Asked by his defense counsel whether the RUF could have had radio stations in other parts of Liberia outside of Monrovia, Mr. Taylor said that “it is possible may be they might know someone at the radio stations in Liberia but to have  a radio station there, it is impossible.”

Mr. Taylor, however, admitted that sometime in 1998, the RUF maintained a radio station with his consent at the guesthouse that was assigned to them in Monrovia. The guesthouse and radio station were mainly geared towards facilitating discussions with the RUF for a peaceful end to the conflict in Sierra Leone. Other West African leaders involved in the Sierra Leone peace process knew about the guesthouse and radio station, Mr. Taylor explained.

“The only RUF radio station in Liberia was in 1998, installed at the guesthouse allocated to them. My other colleagues involved in the Sierra Leone peace process knew about it,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor also denied Witness TFI-338’s testimony that members of Mr. Taylor’s SSS named Jungle, Samson and Junior visited Sierra Leone in 1997 wearing their SSS uniforms.

“That will be a silly thing to do, to send people in uniform to Sierra Leone. I am fighting for peace in Sierra Leone and I send my security men to parade in Sierra Leone? That is silly,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor is accused of providing support for RUF rebels through the supply of arms and ammunition in return for diamonds mined by the rebels in Sierra Leone. The prosecution further alleges that Mr. Taylor helped plan rebel attacks in Sierra Leone and that he occupied a superior position over RUF commanders, during which time he knew or had reason to know that crimes were being committed by the rebels but that he failed to punish or prevent the commission of those crimes. By his actions or inactions, the prosecution says that he is responsible for the crimes committed by rebel forces in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations and he is presently testifying as a witness in his own defense.

On Thursday, the judges also announced that the court will take a “much needed” recess from October 2-26, 2009 in place of the summer recess which it had refused to take because there was need to commence the defense phase of the case in July. Court resumes on Monday October 26, 2009 with a continuation of Mr. Taylor’s testimony.


  1. I won’t say RACISM but POLITICAL…….I truly believe the POWERS TO BE have seen that this is NOT a case but turning around at this junction will make them look SILLY, STUPID and FOOLISH.

    I say after the CROSS EXAMINATION and if the prosecutors dont’ do a TKO, let them throw in the towel using RULE 71.

    1. You know, when I look at the whole Tayler case, I just think the court is trying to make a fool of themselve and the world. What kind of case is this when every accusation made against a man is never proven? Taylor denied everyhting and if he is not guilty, please the world some money and set him free. The kids in Sierra Leone and Liberia need those millions of dollars used on this useless case. Please give the oney to less fortunate kids around the world and stop spending it on this special court for something that is not fruitful. Thtow Taylor in jail for life as a dictator or set him free. Save the money for development and the survival of less fortunate kids. May God bless you all.

      1. Sorry Aliyou,
        I don’t think throwing taylor in jail for crimes not commited by him make any kind of sence. My opinion is, that would be the most stupid juditial move on earth.. How would you feel, if you “aliyou” got arrested today and thrown in jail for something you know notthing about??? I await your answere…

  2. Hi everyone,
    did you read the zigzag man’s testimony? when he was asked a question he said I quote: “Eclessiastes chapter 3 says that everything happens three times. it is now the time for me to tell you the truth”. Did Ecllessiastes chapter three say that? what version of the bible is he using? the majority of sane people do not have that in their bibles. it shows you how confused and seriously sick this zigzag man is. his testimony is that of a sick man that cannot be taken seriously by any reasonable person.

    1. Jesus, can people tell the truth? Ecclesiastes chapter 3 says:

      To every thing is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
      A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

      A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to brak down, and a time to build up;

      A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

      A time to cast away stones , and a time to gather stone together; a time to embrace,
      and a time to refrain from embracing;

      A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

      A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

      A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace

    2. Why is this court making fool of themselves?
      They put witnesses on the stand that don’t make and any sense. I know it would be a shame for the court to declare Mr. Taylor, a free man, but the reality is the court doesn’t have a case against the man. Let me propose an idea, we all know beyond any reasonable doubt that the court has very little evidence to convict Mr. Taylor on the basis of supporting RUF. Set him free and then encourage the Liberian people (who already lack resources) to sue Taylor for all the terrible things he had done in Liberia. On this account, Taylor, the current Liberian president, Moses Blah, and plenty of other names that I can’t remember right now will be convicted in about a week.

      Instead of wasting money and resources on this case, it would be better to help the Liberian and the people of Sierra Leone with these resources. Currently, Liberian don’t have clean drinking water, Liberian children are dying every hour from preventable diseases/illnesses. Why? people the country doesn’t have qualify health personel to educate the population. All the money being used in this case could be sent to Liberia to help improve lives instead of hiring stupid witnesses who don’t know what they are talking about.

      This whole thing is making me sick!!!

  3. I just do not understand why certain people will want to bring other good people down. How is it possible that taylor will know about everything entering liberia without being a super man? Wow!! I did not think peoeple would be so artless to think like that. ok guys, let me try thinking like you; It looks like Samuel Doe new about the arms brought in by the NPFL to attack botuo.. ha.. ha.. ha.. whatever!!!!


  5. Hi Tracey,
    What does the Geneva convention say about people who come up in the open and confess that they actually killed or masacre peaceful civilians, even though it was during war time? Does the world just standby and let them walk without asking them anything?

    1. Noko5 – excellent question. I’ll add it to the list and we will revert as soon as possible.

  6. Tracey,
    How does the ICC replace used funds after a case.Do they just sit and wait for another indictment? Also, how would this case affect sierraleone, or maybe liberia ecomomicly. Be it positive or negative.Is there any money to loose or gain?

  7. Questions:
    What is it that has motivated Taylor’s prosecutors to allege that he was involved in ritual sacrifice and cannibalism?

    Are the people involve in the prosecution team revisiting their past of their ancestors during the dark ages of their civilization to create an emotional experience that can help them deal with their own resolved selves in the here and now?

    It is fair to argue that Africa is transformed under internal and external pressures. Famine and disease, as well as territorial conflicts such as the sierra- Leone, cause distinct changes in African society. The abolition of the slave trade, forcibly imposed on European interests in Africa by Britain, as well as the European Scramble for Africa leaves traditional cultures fractured and bleeding. A cause that student of Pan Africanism is struggling to cure. Faced with the evidence of European exploitation of Africa- Charles Taylor is a student of pan-africanism and a Pan-Africanist himself. Taking into accounts the colonial experience of 1870, the case of Germany’s imperial and economic quest, and leading to industrial revolution was a struggle for the than “Dark Continent“. The period of 1820 -1870 was centered on trades, imperial power and class, 1884-1885 brought about the Berlin’s conference. Leading up to 1914 World-War and after the War to present, institutional colonialism continue to have a heavy hand on modern African leaders with new thinking like Mr. Taylor and those before him.

    At this juncture, given (a): Mobile encounter: Mr. Taylor vs. Washington, (b): the “Red Deer exposure: Britain vs. Taylor (a counsel for “Red Deer“ is a judge on the bench ), (c ): and “Teach Peace foundation” article: “High Cost of Low Prices supporting Information” (CIA filed report, 1996) that are all self-explanatory, the question is, despite the failure of donor nations to support the peace process of Taylor’s government as argued by the UN head at a major point in west African history that was to no avail, set the stage for Africa and the world to see Western democracy and transparent American Style justice from the Taylor’s case? or will the credibility of the court to be seen as another “King Solomon’s Mines?”

    From colonialism to witch hunt: the case of Charles Taylor
    **** Read the summary of the story and form “a philosophical” correlation and share your thinking. Please be pluralistic. ******

    King Solomon’s Mines
    Allan Quatermain, an English adventurer and hunter based in Durban, South Africa, is approached by an English aristocrat Sir Henry and his friend Captain Good, seeking Quatermain’s help to find Sir Henry’s lost brother, who was last seen traveling north in to the interior, on a quest for the fabled King Solomon’s Mines. Quatermain obtained a map leading to the mines years ago but had never taken it seriously, but agrees to lead an expedition in return for part of the treasure, or a stipend for his son if he is killed along the way. He has little hope they will return alive. They also bring a mysterious native, Umbopa, who seems more regal, handsome and well spoken than most porters of his class, but who is very anxious to join the party.

    Traveling by oxen and cart they reach the edge of a desert. Quatermain’s map shows an oasis 60 miles, or halfway across, and they continue by foot, almost dying of thirst before reaching the oasis. They complete the second half of the desert without incident and reach the edge of a mountain chain. They climb to the top and enter a cave where they find the dried and frozen corpse of José Silvestre, the 16th century Portuguese explorer who had originally drawn Quatermain’s map. They cross the mountain chain into a raised valley lush and green and inhabited by a tribe of natives known as the Kukuanas, who are well organized militarily and speak an ancient dialect of Zulu.

    They are taken to see King Twala, who rules over his people with ruthless violence. He came to power years ago when he murdered his brother who had been King, and exiled his brother’s wife and infant son, who they assumed died in the desert. King Twala is King in name only as the real brains is an old scheming evil withered hag named Gagool.

    It is secretly revealed that the regal servant who had come with the Englishman is actually the exiled son of the former murdered king. A rebellion is begun and although outnumbered, the rebels succeed in overthrowing Twala and, in accordance with Kukuana tradition, Sir Henry kills Twala in a duel. The Englishmen capture the evil Gagool and he promises to lead them to the mountains where King Solomon’s Mine is located. On finding the treasure, Gagool tricks the Englishmen and a giant boulder seals them inside the mountain tomb. With no light and little water they prepare to die. With luck they find an escape route, bringing with them only a few pocketful of diamonds from the immense horde, but still enough to make them rich.

    The party leaves the valley and returns to the desert taking a different route, where they find Sir Henry’s brother stranded in an oasis with a broken leg, unable to go forward or back. They all return to Durban and eventually they all return to England, wealthy enough to live out comfortable lives.
    Does this court and it’s failure to consider UN Chapter VII statute project confidence in the eyes of Pan-Africanist, Middle East or Arab League head of states among others that they can get justice given the Taylor’s case (why or why not)?

    1. Andrew jlay,
      nice and awesome piece. Good narrative and parallel comparison.
      However Tracey, can you please check to see if one of the judges on the case of President Taylor has/had worked for “Red Deer” as a counsel. Is it possibel he recuses himself as judge based on conflict of interest?

  8. Hi Tracey, I hope you are getting enough rest while we are in recess. When we come back we are going to be vagarious then ever. It’s going to be WAR!

    1. Hi Big B,

      Thanks for your note: you know, I am actually in The Hague this week. I had hoped to see Mr. Taylor’s trial live while I was here and was disappointed to find out last Thursday that the recess would start last Friday. However, I’m glad the conversation is continuing here. And I’m am sure it will continue to be lively when the recess is over too.


      1. Tracey,
        Extend to Mr. Taylor and his team my LOVE and wish them the BEST. And please LOVELY BOO the prosecutors for me.

    2. Big B
      I am wataching out for those prosecution cowards; Where are you Fallah menjor, you didn’t have to geta job from taylor in order to like him. that is a form of bribery. If you didn’t qualify, that’s it..mr. taylor is a man of vision . He will nevr order a war in any neghboring coountry or the world atlarge. Please FREE THE MAN. HE IS INNOCENT!!!

      1. Noko5,

        I’ll tell you where those persecution cowards are…they are out of the kitchen because they can’t stand the heat. Cowards usually die twice, before and after an incident. The first stage of death is from traumatic shock and the second stage is when the coward actually dies. The trial has the cowards going through the first stage (traumatic shock), and when Taylor is acquittal that’s all she wrote. Done!

  9. Prosecution people ; why are you all lieing on mr. taylor? This man is a father ,. this man is a lover. I tell you the fact, taylor loves everyone. He is one of the best presidentS liberia has ever put up. He’s not a coward . Never , ever afraid . He believes in african solidarity. a true,true patriotic and steadfast leader. THERE IS NOWAY THAT HE COULD HAVE DONE WHAT YOU ARE CLAIMING.

  10. John thompson,

    What do have to say, I am here to take on you . Would you be happy with a man like ziza maza; Can you be his friend. Should he be walking after eating all his friend, neighbors and their kids???? Come on man….

  11. IT sadden me to read all these denials from supporters particularly about taylor’s invovlment into cannibalism during his terrorist reign in Liberia and how they are equating this to a set up and etc.You guys need to wake up and smeel the coffin! This very man you are defending cared less about your welfare,when he ruled your people, much more about what his rebels did to pregnant women nor how many of them gang- raped an underage liberian girl child, just to list few!
    All of a sudden taylor has become a family man and all that crap! Taylor loved only his son, chuckie, and that was it! All the rest of you probably got attached because you became an In-Law or other on the surface, but never really close enough to know this Holy Devil, Taylor! Are you guys going to rise up to carry out his mandate when he gets locked up for good? This is why the trial was moved to the Hague in the first place because ofd some of these dumb ignorance and insensitiveness of people who helped carry on these crimes agaist civilians not only in Sierra Leone, but Liberia as well! God shall punish you all!

    1. Fallah, can the Devil be Holy? The Devil, can not be holy. Holy means spiritually pure, or sinless. Where are you coming from with this “holy devil” idea? I know about the deities. Meaning, the state of being a god. According to Christian faith, God is manifest in three ways. The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit/Ghost. There is no such thing like “holy devil”. You may have religious book of a particular religion. These religious books are sometimes called holy books (Holy Bible, Holy Koran etc). So Fallah, how the devil, who we know to be evil, can be President Taylor and at the same time this bad devil Taylor, being without sin? Secondly Fallah, you said Taylor only loves his son. Who will not love their child? Even your so-called “holy devil” will love his demon children. Lastly Fallah, you claimed to be saddened by the fact that the Liberian people are defending this yourself described “holy devil”. Don’t be sad. History will always repeat itself. We the people, chanted with a political slongan during the july 19, 1997 election in support of Taylor and rejected the spoil meat and leathal proclivity of Western propaganda, opposition political parties, warlords and trigger happy war mongers’ message. However, he won with over 75% of the total votes cast. And the excuse for his victory was because if we the people hadn’t voted for him, he was going to wage war. So out of fear, we the people voted for him. Now this man is in the custody of the court where he can no longer wage the war you say he was going to wage. And yet again, we the people are saying this man is being falsely accused. However, this man was not accorded due process of the law. This man was illegally indicted, manacled, arrested and transfered to this court by President Johnson Sirleaf and her allies. We the people demand this court to acquit this man on the evidence presented. We the people want our beloved president back to his homeland where the dignity of life can be enjoyed by him to the fullest.

      What is your excuse this time that we the people are defending the truth? And the truth is Taylor is the postal child and whipping boy for the West.

    2. Fallah,
      Remember I earlier told you that your theories always contracdict your thoughts. How can you hate taylor rebels because of all the bad stuffs you have paraded in your last posting and like ziza maza who publicly anounce that ” he” ate most of our people who die in war. Fallah!!, maza alledged that he fought for taylor. HELLO!!!.. get it.. Also , Fallah!! . I tell you what, if I had gotten the opportunity to get close to any of taylors sisters to the point of becoming a brother inlaw, I would be damn happy. cuz those girls are nice and beautiful..man, come no..fallah, we talking about congoh .. girls.. boy. Fallah stop being old school.

      1. noko5,

        Please give me an update here. I might not have read the post. Did Fallah deviate from the issue to refer to Mr. Taylor female sibblings? You know where I am going. Please look up the post and give me the date and time. I will respond to it personally and get Tracey involved. I believe we should leave families out of this.

        Taylor is going through this fiasco. Can you imagine the first criminal court in the world accepting hearsay and lies and goes on to convict on that premise. This will be the worst precedent in legal history.

        1. I have read lots of mixed reviews on this trial. Are people talking cuz they were members in the Taylor’s Administration or their families were part of that Administration? Where were you guys when all this brutality was going on in Liberia or Sierra Leone? We are talking about people lives lost here, so everyone needs to shut the F up and let the system takes it course.

          1. SK,
            You posted a comment that has not been approved because of your use of the “F” word. While we value contributions from everybody and remain appreciative of the contents of your post, we regret that we cannot share those contents with the rest of the readership. Kindly resend your comments without the use of that particular word. We encourage everybody to use decent language and focus on the very important issues that are being discussed.

          2. Tracey & Alpha,
            I posted an article on Vicktor Blout on the 20th and it’s still hanging?? Any reason WHY???

          3. Noko4,
            We have seen the article on Vicktor Blout but it was not approved for viewing because it is OSJI policy not to post excerpts of articles from external sources. I am sure Tracey has said so to several people on this forum already. We’ll rather advise that your post the link to that article and we’ll be glad to share it with everybody. Please do not take this personal, it is not about you but about the institution’s policy. We hope that this will also be an advise to everybody that excerpts of external articles will not be posted on this site but we’ll be happy to post the links to such articles.

          4. Hello Alpha Sesay,

            Nice to see your post in response to Noko5. Are you well rested from the recess and ready to go hopefully by the 26 of October 2009? Alpha and Tracey, we are all learning from this trial. And I convinced the UN is also learning from this historic trial. You guys should continue to keek up the good work.

          5. Tracey and Alpha,

            I was expecting some postings from you in regards to questions that Noko5 and others submitted. I guess you might have been preoccupied. I have you all are well charged and ready to go the final yards.

          6. Dear Andrew,

            You are absolutely right and my deep apologies for the delay. Alas I have been both travelling with limited internet access for much of the last three weeks, and also out with a small illness for a few days. I am back today, however, and have not forgotten the questions — we will tend to them in the coming weeks. Thank you, as ever, for your patience.

            Very exciting that the trial continues Monday — our conversations here will restart in full again then, I am sure. We will also have the appeals judgment in the RUF trial coming down on Monday as well which will give us all more to talk about once we know what teh judges decide.

            THanks for checking in,


          7. Thank you so much, Jose, for your well wishes. I very much appreciate them. I am fine now, thank you.

          8. Thank you King Gray. I missed being part of the conversation too — but am back now and looking forward to continue our discussions about the trial.
            Very best,

          9. Dear Jose,
            Thanks for your comment. I am well rested, fired up and ready to go. Looking forward to getting started on Monday.

        2. SK, let me accept the fact that your post has been shared to other readers. Therefore, I must respond. SK, we all know of the lives lost by both countries including Liberia and Sierra Leone. We are in sympathy with both countries. I personally lost love ones from ULIMO K and LPC. I hail from Grand Bassa County, Liberia. During the war in Liberia, my older brother was killed by LPC in LAC, Number three District, Grand Bassa County. My brother was savagely murdered by LPC Rebels who used dull cutlasses to chop him into pieces in the rubber plantation only because he was a “big guy” and a “very huge man”. Is that sufficient reason to savagely murder someone because of their look? My Aunt was summarily executed by ULIMO Rebels in Bomi County for refusing to allow ULIMO fighters to occupy one of her houses. Is that enough reason to kill someone because they try to protect their properties? Look SK, this thing is not about Liberia and Sierra Leone. And these white guys know it. it is about control and resources. These white guys can’t charge Taylor on Liberia; because, their hand picked Johnson Sirleaf and others will fall prey also. And they don’t want to embarrass Johnson Sirleaf and their makeup. I hope you take a cue from this post.

    3. Fallay Menjor, Your coment was a breath of fresh air!!!!!!! I am so upset every time i come to this webpage. It’s one thing to support Taylor but to close your eyes and to suggest and insist that Taylor is not guilty is horribly digusting and just down right apalling. Living in Gbranga as a 6 year old girl, I saw a lot!!! Taylor is not a very smart man as everybody thinks he is. The idiot did his dirt out in the open, we lived there during the end of the 1990 war when NPFL ruled the land and we saw some of his “HANDY-WORK”!! If what i saw is any indication of who Taylor is than he is by all means in my book guilty for crimes committed in Sierra Leone. God is not dead he’s a live and we all know that Taylor NPFL and his supporters killed a lot of innocent Liberians. Justice will be served for all the young boys that Taylor stole from Liberia in his sensless fight for power, all the innocent girls raped, my uncle who was tortured and murdered by NPFL, Krahn and Mandingo men and women who were killed senslessly for their tribe (I’m not Krahn or Mandingo) all the men and women and children caught in the cross fire of NPFL’s bullets, missles and bombs and ALL the citizens of Sierra Leone who had limbs chopped of or lost their lives in Taylors plight for diamonds.
      LET JUSTICE ME DONE TO ALL MEN, including Taylor who never thought he will be caught.

  12. Abraham Maslow said, “When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail.” This is the problem with western powers, they believe that military might can slove all world’s problems and so they always uses brute force to resolve conflict. The Taylor’s case is a classic example of the brute force of western power.

    1. Total foolishness Mr. Abraham Maslow, BRUTE force, brute force was NPFL cutting pregnant women’s stomach open, brute force was Charles Taylor shoving a stick through a man like a roasted meat, brute force is Chuckie Taylor with the consent of his daddy killing young men in the name of “training camp”, brute force was Taylor forcing himself on young girls, Brute force was Taylor getting Emmanuel at the age of 11 or 12 to fight a soldier; and having Emmanuel shot when Emmanuel did not want to fight anymore paralyzing him for the rest of his life. Brute force was Taylor recruiting young babies as young as 5 years old to put a gun to my mothers head and ask her what tribe she was, Brute force was Taylor ordering Krahn and Mandingo men women and children to murdered systematically in cold blook, Brute force was Taylor going to Sierra Leone and ordering limbs chopped off (you say no proof, i say suffient proof). Brute force is murdering some Krahn and Mandingo men, and putting their bones on the front of your car. Brute force Mr. Maslow, I don’t think so. When Justice starts looking like Brute force Mr. Maslow, you start looking like someone who is willing to turn a blind eye to murder, genocide of the Krahn and Mandingos and atrocities committed in the nameof “REVOLUTION”. Taylor is by no means the only guilty party, in the whole matter, but if all Liberian citizens decide to take sides and support their fellow rebel leaders, who will be left to prosecute i wonder?
      Thank God that the “WESTERN POWER” decided to use brute force and drive out Taylor, or else the body counts would have kept rising, who knows maybe Liberia would have been in World war 18, but the “World War 18” itself would not have been BRUTE force, just the prosecution of the participants.

  13. What kind of weapons is this witness talking about that the alleged diamonds given to President Taylor made have paid for the weapons? How much arms and ammunitions and types of weapons this amount of diamond can provide? Ninety carat of diamond and nine bags of diamonds sold on the BLACK MARKET? For me, I don’t know about diamond business. Therefore, I find it very fascinating and with peculiar interest, in this story. But one thing I know, if the witness story is true and to be believed that President Taylor instructed the take over of Free Town with these weapons that the alleged diamond paId for, than I will want to know more about what types of weapons these diamonds paid for. My reason of wanting to know, is predicated on the fact that President Taylor is not stupid to wage a full scale war on the British Military (SECOND MOST POWERFUL MILITARY TO THE U.S.A IN THE WORLD) that was present In Sierra Leone and fully engaged in a full combat tactical war. However, there were also foreign mercenaries from Europe like the “EXECUTIVE OUTCOME” fully armed to the teeth in favor of Tejan Kabbah’s Government. while the divided Sierran Leonean Army and the Rebel militia group, the kamonjor, was also fighting for the control of Free Town the Capitol, on behalf of Kabbah. lastly, the U.N and America was supporting the side of the British. I also know that “CREW SERVED WEAPONS” cost a whole lot more than you can possibly imagine. For Liberians and others, CREW SERVED WEAPONS is what is known as HEAVY WEAPONS, meaning, two men operating it. One for loading and the other for firing. However, just one Two Forty Bravo(240 Bravo) costs about $ 17,000.00 USD. Liberians know it to be M-60. There is no more M-60 Liberians. 240 Bravo replaces M-60. On the other hand, the price of Mike Nineteen(MIKE -19) costs about $57,000.00 USD for one and it is mounted either on a hill or vehicle. However, Fifty Caliber machine gun, costs about $60,000.00 USD for one. I’m not going into an Air Craft carrier and other weapons in the TOA (Table Of Allowerance of Gunner’s mate). Because, I know President Taylor didn’t have it, neither the means to other weapons, while under the watchful eyes of the U.N Sanctions. Nevertheless, In order to have these weapons to defeat the world’s most second powerful, the British, and its allies, President Taylor will need just more than an AK-47 in Sierra Leone. Mr. Witness, How much of these alleged diamonds cost, and how many guns and what tpes of weapons these diamonds purchased in order to execute and be sucessful of Presidebt Taylor’s plan to take over Free Town?

    1. Jose,

      Interesting points. What is the bottom line of the alleged diamond dealings and how much arms and ammunitions can that acquire on the market?

      The prosecution should be able to tell us the sum of the money accrued from the deals and how much arms were bought.

      Fallah should help us arrive at this answer.

      1. The prosecution doesn’t need to tell you or any one anything. The prosecution will not have started a case had Taylor not been guilty they will prove their case and Taylor will pay for the limbs cut off and the lives lost. I will raise my fist in the air that day and exhale an old cry from South Africa AMANDLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Teage, you will not get away with your nocturnal activities. However, the prosecution is accountable to the people; be it Sierra Leonens, Liberians, the court, sponsers, or the world at large. However, I guess the prosecution disapported you also. Notwithstanding, the prosecution has just brought a case that evidence shows the man in question is not guilty. So you and your “AMANDA wish is a fleeting illusion to be pursuit.

  14. Noko4, 5, King Gray, Jocone, Sam, Harris K. Johnson, Fallah, Helen Andrew jlay and the rests,

    where is Bnker? Bnker, where are you? Since I responded to your last post by debunking the issue concerning Abraham Bah, and the politics of the three(Israel, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia), we have not heard from you on this website. However, we will still like to hear from you.

  15. Jose,
    Banker is AWOL….. he can’t stand the heat from the powerful voices of those of us who are speaking for the fairness of Justice. I think he is some where thinking on what to say next without getting take on so badly!

  16. Fallah,

    I did not appreciate your response to the issue to cannibalism that Marzah injected into this case. But I concluded from your comments that you are a member of the poro society. If Marzah claims that poro society members engage in cannibalism then is it fair to conclude that you also engage in cannibalism?

    The nature of the comments from you tend to attack taylor character but not the substance of this case. As you tend to support the distorted testimony of cannibalism, you subconsciously aligned yourself. So I urge to be more intellectual about this case and desist from focusing on trivial issue.

  17. If memory serves right, the witness said the size of the diamond given to Mr. Taylor was that of a human head. On September 20th, 2008, DE BEERS found the world’s largest diamond in South Africa which is 603 Carat and is flawless. Don’t forget when you deal with diamonds, you take into consideration what is called three C’s… clarity, carat, and color.

    For God’s sake, If it’s true Taylor received a diamond the size of a human head, don’t you think it would have been on the news around the world? To date, have anyone read anything concerning this allerged ‘HUMAN HEAD DIAMOND’/


  18. Fallah,
    I just came back from combat missions and I am tired but I will not let you get away with this….. You have said before that you left Liberia since 1984 ( I stand corrected on that );about five years later the war started in Liberia.

    You were not even there to see some of the things the late Doe was doing to the Liberian people before the war started on December 24,1989. Therefore, you really can’t say much about things that happened in liberia from 1989 to 2003 because you have no idea at all and you should be man enough to say so!

    And from your comments on this site tell many of us that you really don’t know much about the situations in both Liberia and Sierra Leone during the war. You continue to say that Mr. Taylor killed the people of Sierra Leone for diamonds and what have you but your as the prosecution’s people have kept the evidences of Mr. Taylor involvement in Sierra Leone secret, so as to speak!

    But ULIMO who killed and inslaved your people in Lofa county remain unknown to you to this date. Are you a Sierra Leonean who is claiming a Liberian citizenship? If so, then I do understands your emotions and your hatefulness toward Mr. Taylor because your have been brain wash and made to believed that Mr. Taylor got Sierra Leone into war.

    Did Mr. Taylor support the RUF in Sierra Leone? Of course he did and he have said it over and over that he supported the RUF and the war in Sierra Leone at one point in time. Is he lying about that? Of course not. So, what is really your problem Fallah Menjor? Because you hate Mr. Taylor so badly, you can’t stand to see him get a fair trail or see others advocating fair trial for him?

    The issue of Chuckie Taylor, his father used to punished him as well. Infact he Taylor told chuckie to leave the military business alone and that the situation in Liberia wasn’t for children!
    Mr. Taylor also went on his daughter campus while serving as President of Liberia and beat her for misconduct in School and he was critized by the West for doing just that! So tell me if he wasn’t a family man in that case?

    It wouldn’t be a surprise if it should come out that you were involve with rebels groups that were fighting Mr. Taylor government and killing innocent Liberians!

  19. How come President Taylor is not in the subregion and yet we have about 157 people died last week in the civil unrest in Guinea?

  20. Gentlemen,
    President Bliss Campaore of Burkina Faso has been named the Chief Facilitator of the Guinean crisis by Ecowas Chairman, Yar’ Adua of Nigeria. However, President Campaore, be very careful and beware. Your appointment could be a trick to have you indicted like President Taylor. Especially, when the French Foreign Minister, Mr. Bernard Kouchner has called for International intervention and his request turned down by the Head of State of Guinea, Captain Moussa “Dadis” Camara, who sees Minister Kouchner statement as a direct affront to Africa. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient. Nontheless, if you were to be indicted for causing trouble in Guinea as a facilitator, Some Africans will not back you up. If I were you, I will not help to bring peace to Guinea. Because helping to bring peace is like signing to your own demise. Charles Taylor is an example. Don’t do it Bliss, refuse that job offer.

  21. Jose,
    Thanks for your details on the prices of these weapons. Very educative. I wonder what the opponents got to say on this ? B ut asusual , a guy like fallah will come up with a vague alternative. I realy don’t T aylor would have been so foolish to try fighting Great Britain in Sierraleone with AK-47.’ It is just impossible. The prosecution and her bosses are just making this wonderfull leader to look bad in the eyes of the international community.

  22. Hi all,
    it seems this debate is cooling down anyway let me make you laugh a little with something I read from the testimony of the Zigzag man. Did you notice that he said Mr Taylor provide weapons to the RUF so that Babylon would fall? for God’s sake I do not know that Baybylon was located in Siera Leone and the Babylon I know fell thousands of years ago.

    Guys go back and read this zigzag man’s testimony despite how sickining his testimony is, believe me it is the most amussing thing I have read in the past few days. Many things he said are just incredible. He is everywhere Taylor is, he participated in everything Taylor did, was given all instructions by Taylor directly and had 24/7 unrestricted acceess to the President of Liberia at the time.

    1. Sam,
      It is true that the momentum on this website is cooling down. Perhaps because of the break in the trial and Tracey being away or something we don’t know. But we are not taking the drug of cooling off or the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. We are on the match. And we will continue to make the most compelling arguments of President Taylor’s innocense. However, I agree with you Sam. Nontheless, Zigzag claims of being everywhere and knows everything as being gratified by the prosecution, is an act of desperation by the prosecution. Especially a man like Zigzag Marzeh, who openly told the world that he is a human flesh eater. And yet, the prosecution has don’t nothing to help rehabilitate this man and dismiss his entire testimony on grounds of POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER OR INSANITY. That is why we need to hold the prosecution accountable for the statement they make, the charges they present, and the credibility of their witnesses. The prosecution can not continue to conveniently ignore the critical question we ask. “Where is the proof beyond all reasonable doubts?” However, the prosecution also realized the more they make themselves and their evidence known to the public, the more President Taylor innocense is conspicuously reveiled and known.

  23. The Guinean situation is a classic example of the lies and deception on the part of the international community coming back to bite them. Powerful countries funded, sponsored, trained and armed ULIMO and LURD from right inside Guinea. Now these elements have taken over power in Guinea and but those powerful countries do not want to take responsibility for their creation but they want to put the blame on Taylor by blaming the attacks in Guinea on Liberia.

    What about the powerful countries that trained and armed the Guinean army? Why are they not taking responsibility for fueling war in the region? My six sense is telling me that this situation in Guinea is a smokescreen for some other devious act by those powerful forces that are arming the Guinean military. I do not believe the hype that this attack on civillians was an innocent and isolated situation that a group of thugs engaged in. This situation in Guinea was a well orchestrated move by some big power to reverse social progress in West Africa.

    Liberia’s Ellen Johnson better watch out because the elements in Guinea could lauch a surprise attack on Liberia. I am convince that ULIMO and LURD forces still have access to the forest area in Lofa and with their connection in Guinea, they could destablize Liberia. Lets remember that war is the new business product by multi-national corporations and they careless for ordinary people’s lives. War provide more profits for manufacturing companies to sell food products and other basic living needs.

    Above all, the political trial of Charles Taylor is posing a serious problem now for international intervention into the Guinean situation because African countries has no TRUST in the international system. The international system has BETRAY Africa and insulted Africans intelligence by imposing the arrest and prosecution of Taylor. While some of us wish the people of Guinea well, I am skeptical that the war powers will exploit this situation to bring more sufferings to the people of Guinea.

    1. King G…..
      China just signed a multi BILLION dollars deal with Guinea….some BIG NATIONS are mad and instead of WISHING Guinea well……like always, ARMED some NO BRAINERS to start trouble…..

      Where is the UN??? The citizens of Guinea need protections…..Opps, I forgot, until the US and Britain say MOVE, before she moves…..what a DAMN SHAME

  24. Hey guys, stop these scare mongering about situations in neighboring Guinea or how Ellen needs to watch out, and etc..for God sake! Is this all you are wishing for so that you can go there as mercenary fighters? Your generation seems to wish for nothing good but always for horrors!
    What is happening in Guinea is usually associated with what follows after a coup as you are well aware of having lived 2/3 of your life with violence in Liberia. The Men in Uniform in Guinea will have to consoladate power if the must hold unto power be it for good or bad, and therefore, a risky move for civilian to stage demonstration at this time even it is a peaceful one! People need to learn from past experiences and act accordingly
    Taylor’s loyalists correctly put it in context about how electing taylor in Liberia was beneficial to all since his accendency to power stopped 14 years war. For the moment, the People of Guinea need to negociate without antagonizing the Military Power for their own safety reasons only! This, I think, is prudent. President Ellen, therefore needs no worry as the Guinea Military seems better educated and run by educated generals unlike Taylor’s illitrate generals that went on feasting on victims remains in the NPFL regiments!

    1. Look Papay Fallah,

      You really made me laugh today. Are you against taylor so bad, do you think liberians are that dum again, look Fallah, I believe taylor will be free and be your president again. This time , I will personally help to get you a job in that goverment.

      1. YOu made me laugh Mr. Noko, “Taylor will be free again?!!! And he will become a president”? There are Liberians who know the true Taylor, trust me. We’ve seen the murders, we’ve drank out of the pond in the night, not seeing the bodies left by NPFL, we lived on fendell, and we saw the people who were taken every night by the dozens who never returned, we’ve seen the tortured mutilated bodies carried from the houses of Taylor general when Taylor was there, we’ve seen it all go try and convince somebody else that Taylor is innocent!!! If Taylor goes free in Sierra Leone he will not go free in Liberia, because there are lots of evidence. When they ask us for evidence we’ll point them to the mass graves with an entire Krahn family, or the burial site in Gbranga where they left the bodies of their victims after torturing and murdering them.

        1. Ms. Teage, there is nothing that you are saying we have not heard before. As the matter of fact, that’s why the Liberian chanted in a very loud voice during the 1997 election, ” you killed my ma, you killed my pa, I will vote for you “inspite of the west depicting a picture of President being the only rebel leader. We were protesting the west and opposition political parties message of Taylor being a vitriolic person and not the others and happy trigger war mongers and warlords..

        2. Dear Jose,

          You had asked about the approval of postings. I am very happy to approve any post so long as they focus on the issues and don’t attack others on the site. If you or any other reader does not see your posts approved, please let me know — I am happy to send them to you by email if you are willing to repost them to fit with our policy for the site, and then approve them immediately.

    2. Fallah, since you claimed to know more about the Guinean Military as being educated, what is the education level of the Head of State of Guinea, Secretary of Defence, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps? What is the education level/requirement of the Commanding Officer of a Batallion? What is the education level of S1, S2, S3, S4, S6, S7? What is the education level of a Company Commander, Platoon Commander, squad Leader, Fire Team Leader, Granadier, Rifleman#1, and Rifleman#2? What is the education level of a JAG Officer? Let me help you here Fallah. JAG is a military acronym meaning, Judge Advocate General.

      Fallah, I can guarantee you, you have no clues as of now. these simple questions are just from the surface and not in depth. However, you can take all the time you need to do some research and come back with answers. But please, answer my questions.

      1. Jose, let me attempt to answer your silly questions as I believe you were simply joking here and not really serious about me knowing all the garbagge you all talking about!
        All I am saying here is that the Guinea Military seems more professional compared to the Military Regiments of the NPFL under charles gankay mcarthur dakpanah taylor! How many of his generals like you had a GED at the unset of your mayhem in Liberia in 1989? How many of you earned higher learning degrees after 1989 to present? If you can correctly answer my two questions then you will understand my comments on the capability level of the Guinea Military as compared to that of your gangster type military under taylor in Liberia.

        1. J. Fallah Menjor,

          I asked you simple questions based on your claims of the Guinean Military being educated. However, instead of answering my questions, you reverted to your same old tactics of asking me questions as an answer and infusing “professionalism” that was never mentioned by you in the post that precipatated by questions. Nonetheless Fallah, the bottom line here, you are clueless when it comes to militarism. By you scurrying will even expose your limited knowledge and prove your ignorance, thereby, making you even more confused as evident of your “military regiment” term and the military as being the same comment. Fallah, regiment is a “Unit” in the military that is smaller than a division or batallion and is responsible for the systematic organization of the division or batallion. I don’t know who you want to impress with this word “regiment”. For military people, it is just another word. Nevertheless, you are going to be just as unhappy as the way you came after this whole thing is over. Fallah, you talked about Jose understanding your comment on the capability level of the Guinean Military, if he answers your questions. What is in there for me to understand, if I answer? Do you want me to tell you that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was seen weariing Military Uniform in Gbangba and was the NPFL International General that graduated from Harver? Do you want to know that Tom Wowiyou (Defence, Labor Minister) taught Labor Law at the universaty of Liberia? Do you also want to know that Momolu V. Sackor Sirleaf had two Master Degrees, or John T. Richardson having two Master Degrees in engineering, and etc?

          Fallah, you will be even more surprised when you get to know my age as a very young man with three degrees. I graduated from Temple University on 1800 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA USA (Engineering Technology). Devry University, USA. You know what? I don’t have to prove anything to this man. This man is clueless. However Fallah, please answer my questions that I have asked.

  25. I am a little confused. Tribunals are supposed to be based on law not hearsay. I understand that the whole prosecution was based on the testimony of many witnesses. More importantly, the defense cannot rely on Taylor’s witness statements as the only mitigating evidence to the accusations against him. After all, he is fighting for his life and the truth about what happened and whether under oath or not, he will refute anything that makes him guilty. I think the defense should simply say that Taylor deinies all allegations against him and then find other witnesses to provide testimony.

    1. Kimo,
      In a trial of this magnitude, the court and the world need to hear from Mr Taylor directly especially as he is doing so well in defending himself no one can defend you better than yourself. Even if he has to deny one million lies against him, he will do so.

    1. Dear Andrew,

      I hope you don’t mind but I just had to delete the text of the BBC article you included just in case it creates any copyright problems for the site. I hope people will access the link you provided to read the actual story itself. Thanks for posting it. It is great when readers post links to related stories and blogs.


      1. Hi Tracey,

        There is no problem. I am quite comfortable with that. The basis is just information for now so the media of access is of little importance.

        what is of major importance and the law suit that we will file against Rapp to produce the money in those accounts that he references. we will form an citizens action group to recoup that money for Liberia.

        Let Rapp get ready. We are not concealing our intentions, it is clear and simple.

        1. Andrew,
          You just hit the nail on the head; That is one of the reasons for me asking tracey as to wether taylor could file a suit if these alligations are found to be baseless in the court of law. These fools have cause this man alot. This case in my view has tainted our liberian presidential history and the morale of this very good nation (Liberia). This sweet land of liberty. This great land where all peoples of our west african neighbors convurged for jobs between the 1940s and 1970s. RAPP GET READY!! You have gotten your blood money. Trust me. You will spend some. Taylor is the first and last liberian president for your mess… The liberian people will come after you…

    2. Andrew,
      I read the story, but my view is that if Rapp has this kind of information, why cann’t he present the official documentation to the court? Where is the account number? Which bank was this money deposited? Where is the deposit slip? Taylor has challenged these liers. Why cann’t they proof him liable? This case is public for god sake !!!!!. Trust me , this is another lie for public attractraction…

      1. Noko5,

        That is the interesting thing about this case. They claim to have all these convincing evidence but failed to produce them during the trial. It is strange.

      2. Noko5, asking for lawsuit against the court will just complicate matters for Mr. Taylor because they court will make sure that he is guilty to that he cannot sue. I think Mr. Taylor should only fight for his freedom and leave the rest to posterity.

        1. I hear you Janice,
          What is really,really hurting some of us is that , why should somebody else be blamed for a Freetown man cutting the hands of another Freetown man. They got people like Tejan Kaba sitiing home and having taylor in jail. I mean, that is very, very unfair. These people suffered some of our liberians brothers and sisters when they were refugees in their country. They always supported some kind of rebel against liberia. Why cann’t they be taken to court too . Look liberians need to sit down and take a closer look at the sisterly relationship Sierraleone says she got with us as a nation.Where are those who form the kamajors. Did any amputee had taylor name written on his hands or forehead? This is gross diavantage. WILL NEVER GO UN PUNISH!!!!!

    1. noko5,

      I am doing fine, thanks for asking.

      I am speaking about the trial. There is a lot of he said/she said and very little hard evidence. Also, what kind of defense has the defendant refuting testimony. I hope for Mr. Taylor’s sake the defense attorneys have more testimony or evidence. I think this is a typical problem with international crime tribunals in general.



  26. You are right kimo,
    But alternatively, the burden actually lies with the accusers. They are the ones who paraded all these war crimes and crimes against humanity against the accused. They must proof beyond all reasonable doubts that he did these things, or else, the case is a waste of time and resources. NO Bank accounts, No dead pregnant woman grave, No receipts for arm transactions. Bringing Carnibals as witnesses, bringing retarded people as witnesses.. I mean where are we going here.. ??

  27. Look here you guys; Is Andrew Jlay really seriuos or frustrated when he threatened to sue Rapp over the $5 billion that Rapp, He alleges, claimed taylor had in his personal accounts? Who is his Citizens Action for …? The Supporters on this site or are there others in Liberia forming such action group to distablized Liberia in order to loot the Little that International groups have managed to assist with? I think it becomes very unpatriotic when citizens of any country make these baseless allegations in the first place and indirectly make written threats even if they amount to nothing other than frustraions over havng lost means of hope in their own personal lives or any hope of getting over personal failures in Life!
    Why not wait for the end of trial and see whether this stolen amount wil come to light and don’t you forget that any amount tracked shall go to the Victims first and not to Liberia as you are assuming Andrew. Calm down and stop this senseless distractions from the real thing here; that Charles was responsible for all the mayhem in the Sierra Leone and that he is presently locked up until proven guily because he is “escape risk!”

    1. Fallah are you Liberian or Sierra Leonean? what exactly is your interest in this case is it to see to the eternal incaceration of an innocent man in other to fullful your own hateful inclinations to Mr Taylor?

      Look if you know anything about justice you will know that a man is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. now owing to the fact that the prosecution has concluded its case how then are you suggesting the prosecution goes about bringing in new evidence? going by the evidence produced by the prosecution so far, even a blind man can see that they have not succeeded to prove anything.

    2. Fallah, I’m happy to know from the the snippet of your utterances against Liberia and on behalf of welfare from the International Community who literally buying our country for little or nothing. You are just one of the few left. But I can assure you, Liberians will get their country back, no matter how long it takes. And no matter how long U.N occupies our land and provide security for their puppet and backed government (Ellen Government). However, keep doing what you know best by selling Liberia for handouts and supporting the demise of Liberia. Notwithstanding, you asked who are those that are going to sue Mr. Steven Rapp for defamation of charecter of Liberia for the five billion dollars that Mr. Rapp said President Taylor has and can’t prove. It is Liberians? The very Liberians that you Fallah said, are reasons why the trial was transferred to the Hague. The very Liberians, that made Steven Rapp and his UN employer to transfer the trial for “Security Reason to the Hague. The very Liberians, that are saying their president was falsely accused. The very Liberians, that are on this website home and abroad. The very Liberians, that are demanding the “Status of Forces Agreement with everybody being involved. The very Liberians, that voted overwhelmingly with 75% of the total votes cast in favor of President Taylor. The very Liberians, that are on the U.N Asset Freeze and Travel Ban List, without litigation. And the very Liberians that want their country back. However, I hope that answer your question.

      1. Jose,

        Thank you very much for answering Fallah. You said it all. As we say in Liberia I could tote you on my back. Thank you and you always use the right word clueless on fallah.

  28. Hi everyone including Fallah,

    Below is a link culled from bbc news. It reports Taylor denying claims of billions of dollars in foreign banks and offered to resign his presidency if such were proven. I would appreciate some comments from those who claim that Taylor is simply denying accusations during his trial. Because here is a challenge thrown out long before this trial and no proof has ever emerged.


    1. Andrew, thanks for providing the BBC website link below. However, I strongly recommend others to read that link before it is deleted. Reading that link will enlighten you to things you made not already know. Andrew, it is a long haul and hardship for you if the west is against you, whether justifiable or not. These people have so much resources, influences, and powers to crush anybody in this world, even their own. But one thing I know, I appreciate a man; and President Taylor, is a “MAN.”

    2. “Rebel ‘massacres in Liberia” http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2738387.stm

      “Liberia breaks arms embargo” http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2893081.stm

      “Liberia rebels fight for diamonds” http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2638629.stm

      These are also interesting news report by the BBC dated 2003. I do not understand why some are claiming that Mr. Taylor is not telling the truth. There is no way in hell that these judges will convict Mr. Taylor of any crimes that took place in Sierra Leone by the RUF.

    3. Andy,
      We asked Mr. Rapp….and he gave us the WAY WAH…..that was the proof. He got it from the UN Panel Report and ran with it…..fooling and blinding us to the fact that such does not exist.
      What I have noticed, Gambia, according to the UN own investigation, had the MOST sales of diamond. Mr. Bah, who was the go between for RUF and BUYERS is from Gambia. Why didn’t the prosecutor bring Mr. Bah in as a witness???

  29. J. Fallah menjor,

    I am sorry to say that I am totally disappointed at your level of understanding. Taking Rapp to court for alege crimes that he has commited against liberia got notthing to do with insurgency or rebel activity. You see, cowards die many times before their real death.Liberians are now far beyond the taughts of being rebellion. We have gotten to know that war solves no problems, besides imposing death
    and destructions. Our beloved president was lied on, and we are going to make sure those responsible be brought to face justice. Sorry to say again, your deliberations just don’t represent what you claim to be. I told you before, there is a course called “CRITICAL THINKING”. If you actually did two masters without this subject, there is a gap that needs to be filled. There is noway that taylor will be having serious issues with the U.S. and at the same time, saving billions there. He may not have two masters degrees, but he is far, far sensible then some of you who claim to posess such level on this site… I don’t know if you have an idea of what savings or checking accounts are. I believe if any of such did exist, those banks would have exposed those in a minute. WE don’t need to call JOHN GLEN for this … Very simple…..

  30. Look Noko5 & 4, Jose, Andrew, and the rest of the bunch; I will say this again: I was born in Liberia,lived in Liberia and benefited from its learning institutions that I am still proud of today. I am now a Us Citizen but that does not exclud me from voicing my anger against any unpatriotic acts against Liberia, the only Motherland that I know! Call me what ever names you want but that won’t make me what you wish because I am content man and only feel the pains that victims of the dispecable crimes committed against them for personal gains by charles, must have felt. What is wrong if I were a Sierra Leonean? Do you think I will hide my nationality? I would be proud if I were Guinean,Ghanaian,or Senegalist as long I am African. So Gentlemen please stop the sectionalistic views because you may think you know a lot but really know very little from your writings and mind expressions along on this site! I am not your level but decided to join this forum just to stimulate your thoughts and keep you thinking right! That’s all !

    1. J. Fallah Manjor, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, you are a Liberian. My argument is not negating that you are not a Liberian. What I am saying here is simple. J. Fallah Manjor is not a patriotic Liberian. If CT was indicted for the atrocities his NPLF showered on the people of Liberia, most of us who are defending this innocent man would have been SHOUTING crucify him. Instead, this God fearing man was indicted for the atrocities allegedly committed in Sierra Leone. Consequently, if you were a patriotic Liberian and a Nationalist you would have no other alternatives but to defend this man.

      J. Fallah Manjor, May I asked you a direct question and I would highly appreciate your respond. When George Bush and Tony Blair went into Iraq and killed thousands of children, women and elderly under false pretense, knowing fully well that Iraq didn’t have any weapon of mass destructions (WMD), destroyed Iraq’s infrastructures for no reasons whatsoever, what happened to Bush and Blair? Where they indicted for crime against humanity?

      To illustrate what patriotic means, despite the anthracites in Iraq caused by Bush and Blair, the people of America re-elected Bush for a second term as well as Blair, the people of England re-elected him as Prime Minister for his second term. That’s what we are speaking about!

      1. Big B, the people of the United States re-elected Bush to complete the job he started! Thanks to Bush because had it not being for him, gankay would have reduced West Africa to ashes and sell most of you into slavery as he did to the many of you who lived in refugee camps before findind your way back to civilization here in the states or other Western Nations that you pretend to hate so much! I rest my case ..think of a better arguement next time Big B!

        1. Fallah, it is about time for you to acknowledge and say what you said concening President Bush and Taylor. I agree partially with you that hadn’t been for President Bush, Taylor will still be president because the Liberian people would have voted him into office every election circle. Gradually you are approaching the fact that the US and Great Britain are behind this whole fake case. Now you are indisputably telling us it was President Bush and not the Liberian people that took President Taylor out of office.

          Fallah, let me ask you some questions. What if the US and GB decide to drop this fake case (financial, logistic support,etc), what will you do about it? What if the UN remove those that are on their travel ban and asset freeze list, what will you do about it? However, what did you do, when the Dutch nationale Gus, that was accused of supplying arms and ammunitions to President Taylor, was acquitted on all charges brought against him? Fallah, these questions that I have asked you, have the obvious answers in it. Vast majority of us know the obvious answer. And the obvious answer is “NOTHING”. You did not do nothing and you will still not do anything. So, stand on your own two feet and don’t depend on others to fight your battle.

        2. J. Fallah Manjor, I am flabbergasted with your invasive respond to my question. What kind of job did the Americans re-elected bush to complete. Are you speaking about the job of taking his eyes off the ball from Afghanistan to Iraq?

          My question posted to you was simple and direct. Were Bush and Blare indicted for crime against humanity for the carnage of women, children, elderly and the total destructions of Iraq, knowing fully well from CIA report that Iraq did not have any weapon of mass destructions? (WMD) Mr. persecution witness, J. Fallah Manjor, please answer my question, stop being invasive. I wouldn’t be surprise if you answered YES, that Bush and Blair were indicated. You have been brain washed and demonized by your earthly gods Steven Rapp, George Bush and Blair not to speak the truth even if you see it.

          J.Fallah Manjor, Americans did not voted Bush in for the second term to finished killing everybody in Iraq, if that’s your definition of “to completed the job”. Bush and Blare killed those innocent people without any justifiable reasons. There is nothing the UN can do or say, because America and Great Britain literally are the UN. PERIOD!

          J. Fallah Manjor this is the 21st century, it is time for this sleeping giant (Africa) to wake up from her 18th century coma and stand up for what is right. The West still have this mentally that Africans are barbarians including you. Only Africa can solve her problems, because if we relied on the West to solve our problems they are going to pick and choose between which problems to solve. Guess which one of the problems the West will choose to solve? They will only choose to solve those problems in the countries that are rich in natural resources for their own selfish gains. Only you and few others non-patriotic Africans see the West as a messiah for Africa problems. Take Sudan, the Darfur for example, is mostly dessert; people are dying like flies from famine and the nonsense WAR. J. Fallah Manjor, if America and Great Britain want to put a halt to the killings they could. Unfortunately, Darfur has nothing to offer, but Sierra Leone has. J. Fallah Manjor, STOP and think for a moment, are you now beginning to see the light or are you still encapsulated by the DEVILS? The only reason Taylor is incarcerated because the diamonds that were supposed to have been going to Great Britain were allegedly going to Taylor. That’s the Fact. “TOTAL NONSENSE”

          J. Fallah Manjor, if you want to continue having a personal relationship with your earthly gods it’s up to you. SORRY PAL!

  31. Fallah,
    I understand your frustration. Some of you came to America zillions of years ago. Most of you think liberia and liberians are still the same. But I tell you what, it is very, very imperitive that those of you who think that way revisit and make admenmends to those preconceived or premature perceptions. Liberians are not babarians. We know what rule of law is, and that’s why Stephen RAPP must and I say again, must be ready to return to court after taylor has won this unneccessary fabrication. We will stand for justice no matter what……The integrity of our nativity has been tempered with nagatively. The perpetrator, “STEPHEN RAPP” WILL NEVER< EVER< GET AWAY.

    1. Noko 5,

      I am in total agreement with you 100%. Steven Rapp must be brought to justice when Ct is acquitted. But at this junction our primary focus should be on the acquittal rather than the disposition of Rapp. When we get to that bridge we’ll cross it, we are not there yet. CT life is still in the hands of the DEVILS, so we must take precautions not to frighten the Devils with punitive liability.

    2. Stop right there Noko5..I visited Liberia in March 2006 and was impressed with President Ellen’s Progress and sincerity in cleaning the mess left behind! I spent two weeks in Liberia and met few friends and relatives,,therefore don’t think you are the only guy that has means to travel to the Motherland.
      UNFORTUNATELY most Liberian did not say good about charlie as I hear being expressed here and in fact many are grateful to Mama Ellen especially the girls and women..they nolonger worry about being raped nor killed! I shed tears when I saw the infrastructureof that once beautiful country this is why when I listen to the rubbish from some who helped to distroy that land I get furious!

      1. Falllah,
        I went to liberia in fubruary too. I must admit that there is infrastructural developements going on . But you know what the pace of at which it is going is very , very slow for a western hand picked goverment. Remember, John Morlus’ discription of corruption level in that goverment. “3 times the previous”. Also remember Goerge Soros description of their beaurucracy .” Bulgy.” Remember taylor had to be fighting the rebels that were supported by some of you , the U. S., Great Bratain and the same neighbors that are crying foul today( SIERRALEONE), and Guinea. Only a heartless liberian who is not awear of liberia situation under taylors goverment will make noise about developement. Trust me, if Ellen gets rid of most of the rogues she got in power now, liberia will be far, far, better then it is today. Cuz , she got notthing to complain about. Shame on you to blame taylor knowing all the facts.

      2. Fallah,

        if there is anything such as blame for the infrastruction destruction of Liberia, I think the blame should be squarely put on the lap of the International General( President Johnson Sirleaf of the NPFL) who ordered President Taylor to level Monrovia and the Executive Mansion and she will rebuild it, if that what it takes to get President Samuel Doe. Thank God, President Taylor did not follow that Lawful Order. However, the Executive Mansion got destroyed anyways right under your own eyes and administration. And yet, she can’t rebuild it. I guess, the International Community has not allocated funds for that purpose yet. Good try though, Fallah.

  32. J. Fallah Menjor, the fact that you were born in Liberia does not make you a Liberian. You further states that you benefited from its learning institutions which suggest further that you were born in Liberia but to a Sierra Loenean parents. Only a non-Liberian will say what you said earlier. Now I do not wish to be sectionalitic as you have caution; but I wish to emphasize the point that your contribution to the Taylor trial must be base on the merit and de-merit of the case. but must not be lock in your personal hatred for the the accused. This will not enable you to be objective as possible and will also not make you to speak up to the issue as they arise. I believed this is the point that noko4 and the rest of the guys have called you to. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with you being a Sierra leonean and if you decide to speak from that point then the readers on this site will understand your position and why you will not speak to the issue. Its better to be strict, then to live in disguise. and I believe that what you are doing.

    1. What good will it do me lying to you that I am Liberian? Do you think being a Liberian is something so big or I would forsake my nationality for G. Hardy? Let me say this to you since you seem new here that I am Liberian and next time you question me again I will surely respond in kind! What matters here is the trial of which gankay is accused of and that is: sexual slavery, rapes, force labour, just to name few,and for which he is being locked up until found guilty. Do you get it? I am a Liberian but proud of my new citizenship and benefits I also enjoy while loving my motherland at the same time! If this is a problem for you then it will remain for you!

    2. Gemenie Hardy,

      I will give your post an “Outstanding High Marks”. Right on Target Gemenie. You were straight and to the point in addressing J. Fallah Menjor. Welcome brother, and good on you.

  33. taylor look you can full some poeple some times but you can not full all the all the time ,the time has come for you to rip what you sow..why you can not confess and ask for forgiveness to the poor poeple of sierra leone you hurt so badly ..now you talking about racism..come on man..that stupidness, time has pass when you talk abt racise poeple think to diffend your black brother ,here we talking something serious ,you have all the time when you was in power to unite poeple but you choose the wrong road ,kill your black brothers and sister for your gain ..you kill you lut you rape you lied, you convince the poeple poor that you will make life better for them in liberia . you are a shame to humanity..poor people..why wast time and money on such people that did not diserved life you kill doeky i was in liberia you promise to bring does responseble to justice may ALMIGHTY GOD have mercy on you..viper,,flesh eater…

    1. Excellent Abu Kamara, you guys need to come on this site and express your feelings against this..” flesh eating viper..’ taylor!
      you see, charlie’s loyalists think they are in majority on this site and are convinced that the more noise they make, the better they are turning minds to their chief..wrong! Taylor was guilty from the moment he was captured by the Nigerian Security forces during his attempt to escape to Bokina Fasu. This is why the World Body thinks he is a ‘Flight Risk” and must be kept shackled at all times and watched! He can do nothing to us that speak out because right now taylor knows he is in a deep mess and is scare to death! As for supporters. they are going to pull any garbage the can and have even tried several times to drag President Ellen into this mess instead of being thankful for her able Governance that now some of the loyalists can boast of going to Liberia for vacation from the States, and shamlessly bragging about it! Sierra Leonean Brothers and Sisters..where are you?

      1. Fallah, why are you literally begging your “Sierra Leonean Brother and Sisters” to come on this site in order to express their views? Why are you also asking, where are they? I think most of them are in Sierra Leone. and some are in other parts of the world. Some have also commented on this site defending President Taylor. Fallah, you are caught up in an inescapable network of reality. Reality is just closing on you brother, every day and night. You want more people to agree with you on this site and it is not happening. You have been swamped and consumed by the truth. However, keep on crying for help. Help is on the way. Maybe you have just little convincing to do in order to convince most of us. For me, I leave all options open. Who knows? You could use your power of persuasion to convince Noko4 and 5, King Gray, Andrew, jocone, Helen, V- man, Harris k. johnson, john, not John Thompson, Aki, Big B, Abe Lincoln, Sam, Chris Sossou, Leoroy Dennis, kay 1410, Via-Gbana, 4 ur eyes only, Crown hill pekin, jeremy, Sylvanus, T-bone, Lovette, Edward Foiryolo Sr. Dolo, Zobon and many others I can’t think of now.

      2. Fallah,
        This is a statement I copy and pasted from your posting, 10 / 20 2;05AM;”Taylor was guilty from the moment he was captured by the Nigerian Security forces”. Wow!! Fallah,as educated as you claimed to be, sir! are you actually subjecting your integrity to the least of prejudism as you have done??? Why are you saying taylor is guilty after being captured. Is this your defination of justice??? Man.. you are very , very strange!!! Falah please look in a mirrow today and you will see the wicked you possesed

      3. I beg the differ Fallay menjor, Taylor was guilty from the first time he killed a Liberian citizen in the name of “revolution”.

        1. Ms. Teage, this case is not about Liberia. Stop making every reason to justify your self fulfilling prophecy of seeing President Taylor being incarcerated. It did not work and it will still not going to work.

    2. Abu,
      I don’t think the ALMIGHT said LIE ON THY SELF or did he??? Maybe you need to read some of the transcripts of this case before lecturing yourself into NONSENSE.

      Oh by the way, this case is NOT about Liberia okay………

    3. WHAT is abu kamara saying, Who is abu kamara, where is this guy actually coming from????? ABU!! How was the COLA market today in LOLA or ZOREKORE? I bet you can better talk about that then this trial we are deliberating… CUZ my boy, you absolutely got no clue…

  34. Abu, what nationality is Sam Dokie? Is he Liberian or Sierra Leonean? Bro. this case is about Sierra Leone and not Liberia. Nice try though.

    1. If What Taylor did in Liberia Mr. Rodriguez is any indication of his true character then it’s ok to say he’s guilty for crimes committed in Sierra Leone. Taylor son was the 1st to recieve what he deserves, and it will happen the same way for Mr Taylor. IT might be a slow process but believe one day Mr. Taylor will be behind bars for what he did to not only Sierra Leoneans but Liberian.

      1. Ms. Teage, very well. However, you want to make up lost grounds for coming in late. And I don’t have a problem with that. As far as we are concerned, President Johnson Sirleaf and her government told the entire world ” Liberia has no charge on him” in 2006. He has been vandicated by Johnson Sirleaf ‘s government about Liberia. Besides, I don’t know what you are talking about. Nic try though.

  35. Transcript of sept.30th,2009 page 29905 Taylor testified the followings”you go to Liberia and you bring four uneducated peole that never went to the 9th grade Moses Blah never went through the 9th grade,Varmuyan Sheriff hardly went to school,Abu Keita hardly, and this other one [ZigZag Marzah] never entered a class room.” I am very disgusted with these revelations as it was he Charles Taylor who appointed Mr.Blah as his V.P. and to other positions in his government before his appointment as V.P.and it was also Charles Taylor who brought the Varmuyan Sheriff, Abu Keita, Yaeten, and Zigzag Marzah to promonence during his brutal regime in Liberia.why should anyone beleive you now? are we only hearing these claims now that these individuals have decided to testify against you? your racist cries are stupid, and will not hold, these individuals were very close to you and should be taking serously by the ICC.

    1. Ziggy,

      Anyone can promote another person to position of trust. It is left with the encumbent to justify the confidence reposed in him/her. If you concur with Taylor than the argument is concluded. Sometime I wonder if Moses Blah considered the appropriateness of his action.

    2. Ziggy,

      Varmuyan Sheriff and Abu Keita were brought in the national security aparatus/SSS during the six man council by Alihaji kromah. Don’t twist the truth here brother. These two individuals fought against President Taylor NPFL and carried out an assassination attempt on his life. However, President Taylor told the world that it was an act of reconciliation he maintained them in the SSS. There is nowhere to hide ziggy; because we no where you are.

      1. Truly relevant information there Big B for us all to know, thanks for sharing, now i know that the name Ziggy and Zigzag are synonyms.

  36. Guys,

    Did you see Fallah post concerning Charles Taylor’s prison accommodation and life in Holland? He has no clue as Jose puts it. He does not know that despite Taylor’s imprisonment, the Netherlands still have some dignity for his person of his profile, former president. He has a computer, satellite tv to view programs from all over the world, dvd movies setup. Fallah please bring yourself up to date so as to save us the time from continually educating you.

    1. Andrew Jlay,
      In addition to the benefits you mentioned concerning Taylor’s prison accomodation. Charles Taylor is also allowed congenital visits. There is a rumour that his wife may even be pregnant.

      1. WOW, he gets to have sex in prison, great information guys. Every day i learn more random facts about Taylors prison life, and i thought i already knew too many random facts, after we’re done talking about life behind bars for Liberia former head of states, can we talk about, what his favorite hobbies are too, and how far along his wife could be?

    2. “GUYS”,
      So what if Mr. Fallah is not aware of the luxuries Mr. Taylor enjoys in Holland prison, how relevant is that information to someone who is more concern with justice than his personal enjoyment while still in prison. He “guys” umm Taylor eats fillet mignon, on mondays, salmon on tuesdays, du pain avec du fromage, on because he likes to rest on wednesday, and on sundays for desert he has le gateau de cholate……any more information you want to share with the “guys” about Taylors accomadation and how wrong Fallah is about Taylor. What relevance does that have with the issue at hand justice. In a due process where justice is taking it’s course the ICC cannot condemn a person before they are actually pronounced guilty, so even though we may have our reservations about Taylor’s innocence in Sierra Leone, the ICC is responsible for hosting the legal process, so what do you suggest they keep him in a rat hole until he is pronounced guilty. What does Taylor enjoying satelite priviledges have to do with his “Person of his profile”. I’m pretty sure the guy from Congo on trail is enjoying the same priviledged, because the ICC needs to properly treat a prisoner until they can be sentenced or else they will be accused of human rights violations.
      This was the most childish and irrelevant comment i saw and i had to comment.

      Have a wonderful day!!!

  37. j.Fallah Menjor,

    I like to recommend you as a prosecution witness incase there may be the need for an addition. What do you say about this. I believe you could best serve in Dee Capacity. Let me know…

    “In what was once viewed as a major coup for U.S. law enforcement, Bout was nabbed by Thai police in a Bangkok luxury hotel last year as part of an elaborate Drug Enforcement Administration sting operation. Bout has been indicted in a New York federal court for conspiring to supply the Colombian FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), which the State Department has designated a terrorist organization, with 700 surface-to-air missiles, thousands of guns, and airplanes outfitted with grenade launchers and missiles. Under U.S. law, supplying weapons to any such organization can be prosecuted in American courts”.

    So because the US has an enemy out there means NO ONE should deal with that enemy?? Here’s what the US own court is telling her….

    ” The most stunning defeat came in August when a Thai criminal court rejected the U.S. government’s extradition request—on what U.S. officials viewed as the ludicrous grounds that the FARC was a legitimate political organization and not a bona fide terrorist group. The ruling prompted the burly mustachioed Bout to stand up in court and flash a victory sign. Bout, for his part, has maintained his innocence and his associates maintain a Web site that calls the charges against him “ficticious” and “propaganda.”


  39. I am talking about the menu, Andrew. Good to hear from you that charles has access to computer so he can watch and read what we are saying to him! What a recreation time charles must be having in the Hague! You see Andrew; It doesn’t matter how much you want us believe, the buttom line is that gankay is a prisoner with minimum freedom! Like it or not this will be his life for the time he lives!

    1. Fallah,

      There is no dispute about Taylor being in a cell. Taylor himself refer to his domicile as a cell. But Fallah, admission of his accommodation does not validate the erraticity and elongation of the prosecution’s testimony. Those testimonies are convulated with lies. One major lie that you refused to accept is the claim that Taylor shared human parts with our chiefs and elders at a poro society gathering.

      With reference to Taylor’s meal it would please you to know that Taylor dine only on African dishes. Yes he is not going to trust his life with those westerner preparing for so that he can end up as Milesovic did. If you should have any other question, I would be glad to school you.

      1. Fallah,

        By the way vacationing in Liberia is our right and not a privilege. Said that I want inform you that we are happy that Taylor had to answer to the allegations. Now it not one sided propaganda of the prosecution any longer. The tide has turned and the defense is the pilot now. The prosecution allege Taylor having meeting in Monrovia when he was in Nigeria, Sankoh giving diamond to Taylor when Sankoh was in jail, Taylor having and selling a diamond as big as a human head that no one in the world has heard about, UN helicopter transporting weapons for Taylor, and Taylor foreign bank accounts that we are still awaiting proof of whereas the prosecution has rested its case. Oh did I mention the prenant woman that was buried alive without a grave? Fallah, we the people, now dictate the outcome of this Trial. No longer your falsifying Rapp, Hollis, Bush and Blair. Ok.

        1. Please Andrew come out with substance and stop this crap about consparacies theory and diamonds as big as human heads! As for your vacationing to Liberia you are welcome but I am only saying that you should be appreciative Of Mama Ellen’s efforts and the fact that you can now travel to Liberia and not worry about road blocks run by child soldiers pravelent under charles’ regime. That’s the difference I am talking about! Next time you criticize,think about the benefits too Andrew.

    2. Fallah, you didn’t tell us anything about menu in the post that Andrew is responding to. You wanted to know from Tracey how President Taylor is liking his new food. In fact, were you also talking about “menu” when you asked Tracey about President Taylor self described “newly converted religion”? Fallah, stop playing games with yourself. No wonder why Taylor dominated and is still dominating Liberian politics. It is because of guys like you who thinks you can coerce the people by manipulation and deceit. Fallah, the people are way too smarter than you may think of them. And we are the people.

  40. Fallah,

    I will attempt to organize my response so that I do not vacillate as much.You claim that I should be substantive. It was your prosecution witness who claimed that Taylor was in the Liberia meeting RUF commanders and distributing arm while documents show that Taylor was attending an Ecowas meeting in Nigeria where he signed the final communique. It was your same prosecution witness who said RUf gave Taylor a diamond as big as a human skull(that deserves a laughter). So what other substance do you need? On the issue of Taylor security apparatus, at least we slept peacefully and there were not armed bandits robbing us at night. Well my vacation to Liberia has to include personal security because I could be a target for armed robbers. And by the way did I mentioned that Ellen sent Charles?

    Fallah I want to ask you a question. Consider the terms of this trial where concealed witnesses gave testimony, where other testimonies are given behind closed door and not even the defense attorney are allowed to comment on them, where heresay testimonies are allowed. Now Fallah if it were you, Bush, Blair, Hollis or Rapp in Taylor’s place would they accept a trial under these terms?

    But Fallah, this is not our concern now. We are aiming at winning. The prosecution helped us because the prosecution stretched the truth so much that the judges are ambarassed. If the prosecution had a genuine case, there would be no need to inflame the truth. Now the judges will have to see what they can salvage out of this make-belief case.

    Good day Fallah.

    1. Good job Andrew,
      This time I don’t think we will ever have Fallah say anything contrary to the facts that havebeen pounded into his head anymore. Fallah , what is it going to take you to state your admittance. Should it take SWAN FLU VACCINE ha, ha,?? Come on, you know taylor has open your eyes to issues of your country that you had absolute no idea about. At least you Fallah, can proudly sit any part of this world and talk to anyone, anytime in liberia. Believe me , You may not want to admit to this , but you , me and every liberian knows that, that is a very, very hudge accomplishment.. Old man,WAKE UP !!!

  41. hey guys any comments or observations on Moses Blah’s testimony? you know … on how many times he had to use the restroom during his testimony? … on how he as V.P knows nothing about anything happening in government during his tenure? … on how he coincidentally was involved at every stage in the events leading to the confrontation with and eventual death of Sam Bockarie … on his reaction when he was confronted with the truth about who took Sam Bockarie’s body to the mortuary in Liberia? Oh Boy! as good a man as Moses Blah is, he is a traitor of the highest order!!!!

    1. Sam,
      I actually believe that Moses Blah’s testimony backfired on the Prosecution. He was the only true insider witness to testify. On both examination and cross he knew of nothing that would be incriminating against Mr. Taylor concerning the Sierra Leone conflict.

      1. Very well Aki. You know what Aki? I was just thinking about you and King Gray. I don’t know, but for some apparent reason, I thought about you. Nice to hear from you.

        Before I get off the computer, do anyone observe that the lay chance the west approve of President Taylor’s voice being heard by the world, he is dominating Liberia’s politics again? Just look at this website, he is dominant again. Let’s pray for this website. My reason is simple. On this website, there is at least equalled and levelled playing field. And the other side is drowning. What if this site was not available? The west and likes of Fallah will say everybody don’t care about Taylor and he is a none entity, so let move on. Now they can’t say that. CAUTION!!
        Aki, when is day in the US, it is night in Tokyo, Japan. When it is 11:15 AM Friday morniing in Japan, it is 10:15 Thursday night in the US(Eastern Time). So buddy, I got to go to bed and get ready for work tomorrow. I will talk to you tomorrow.

  42. Noko4, Noko5, Andrew, Jose and others,
    Let’s leave papy Fallah alone…. since he think that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a God to him. What he has forgotten is July 1990, when Ellen Johnson Sirleaf order Mr. Taylor and their NPFL forces to level Monrovia and only leave the mension standing. That’s the person he’s prasing now, hum what a shame!

    Did she care about the infrastructures of Liberia when she order Mr. Taylor to distroyed them? Your know gentilmen, there is something called educated fools, those are people who claim to be intelligent, yet and still their mind set is that of a stone age person! The fact is that, the man who created the robot and the robot that carry on the distructions of lives and peoperties, who is then responsible?

    1. Thanks JACONE For telling these guys to leave Jfallahmenjor alone as this trial is not focused on his personality nor his opinions! What menjor is saying here is simply; Charles just realized that he had great intentions for building West African Empire in the 21st century, but The West turned against him and arrested him without any justifications,shackled him and threw him in prison, simply for his efforts of helping his people by building schools, clinics for the sick and agricultural centers for his citizens and etc..etc! I am with you loyalists of taylor! From now on we will explore the benefits you supporters received from charlie’s regime;for example; the opening of diamond trade with Sierra Leone and the help to that Sisterly Nation advancement to Democratic feedom and all the rest! Go charlie..go charlie. Boy oh Boy..is this what you guys want to hear? Not from jfallahmenjor! I am going to point to all that this guy did to harm,distablelized,and loot from Sierra Leone, and for which he is paying the price!

      1. Fallah, Jacone is actually talking about leaving your frame alone, when we get done. So , do’t be too happy. Sorry fallah, I forgot to ask you something.. uh.. that girl you were talking to at work, did everything go well?? You guys started now.. aye!! happy boy….I am sorry ..didn’t mean that. But.. I believe you are still determine to go tothe hague.. but that’s ok. onething I am sure about is that, there’s notthing you can do to change the danimics of this case.. so keep trying..

        1. Now I have the last laugh Noko5,because you don’t have anything to say of these comments from jfallahmenjor but to talk nonesense about girl? What are you talking about?

        2. Fallah,

          You are on record again for saying that you are retired and living on your pension. However, you claimed that you do not work like Noko5. Be advised, you volunteerily provided this information to us at your free and willing mind, without intimidation, expecting special favor, or being coerced. This record now becomes a public record and can be scrutinized by the public. However Fallah, after several ranting from you by looking down upon us with outer condescension and denigration as being less educated and you being more educated, I was inclined to asked you some questions. My questions were, how far did you go in school? What are some of the schools you attended and do you know the education and lifetime experience others have? This was your response on September 11, 2009 at 12:54 PM. “I am older than you, better educated than you, more experienced, and well off. I am a US citizen and live in the US, but was born in Liberia and graduated from one of Liberia’s top Universities in the 70’s.” Again Fallah, on September 14, 2009 at 7:48 PM, You said “we are low class thinkers and supporters of taylor and we need serious learning.” However, you did not stop there. Just last week, October 16, 2009 at 4:58 PM, you said, ” we are not at your level but decided to join this forum just to stimulate our thoughts and keep us thinking right. You can tell from our writing and mind expression.”

          Fallah, we can care less of you being a narcissist. That’s your problem.
          Gentlemen, this man has developed a pattern here. And it is good to bring it to his attention. Like I said Fallah, if you only known other people accomplishment and experience here, you will not look down upon others that have different views from you or boast.

  43. Look Freetown people,
    I don’t care if you guys want to kick my butts or slap my ears for this one. Lets be realistic , with the amount of thieves and corrupt officials you got in your goverment.. does anyone need to cut anybodys’ hand to get your diamonds out of sierraleone??? What is so special about your diamond that this time, taylor is suppose to be ordering amputations of poor people inorder to get it.. Look I can sit from right where I am and buy diamonds from sierraleone today if I wanted. Stop blaming taylor for notthing. Liberia got vast deposit of mineral resources including diamonds… we don’t need yours ok… please.!!!

  44. Well, well, some times it is good to hear so many views from diverse background before making contribution. Forgive me God for using the word “SWEAR” but I swear if I had the opportunity to speak directly to all those digging diamonds at the ICC, I will tell them that both the unborn and the present generation will hold them accountable for misusing huge sum of money such as the one being use on this so-called Charles Taylor’s Trial. I some times wonder why people and educated people think and do things like they never been to school. The ICC as far as the issue of Sierra Leone war is concern, do not have case against Mr Taylor, it is the Liberian people that has a real case. I wish the ICC will now see reason and let this man go. STOP wasting all the huge sum and donate such to charities that will help both Liberia and Sierra Leone in their reconstruction period.

      1. Fallah, why are you silencing other people who don’t agree with your thinking or view points? Is this what you consider democracy? What this innocent “Amax” did or say to you that have provoked you to tell him/her to sit down and just read but not to comment or say a single word on this trial?

        Gentlemen, by their fruit, we shall know them. Fallah is anti democratic in this line. Shame on you Fallah.

        Amax, you have earned every right like anybody on this site to express your opinions or views about this trial. The only requirement is to abide by the rules of this website. Please, don’t listen to Fallah. He is not the Commander in Chief of this site. Don’t obey his order, because it is not lawful. However, I think the points expressed by you clearly was on target and it hits the “bull’s eye”. Always still motivated.

      2. Fallah,

        I believe that I differ with you strongly on the substance of Amax post that you responded to. Amax has a valid point. He implied that the Taylor case is a make-shift case and that those who created it did so for personal and selfish reasons. The money and other resources that have been employed could be diverted to more important judicial or social needs in both Liberia and Sierra Leone. Most contributors here have made similar interjection.

        Fallah please read between the lines so that we can have ample time to focus on other matters.

    1. I agree with you somehow telling me that I should get on with reading and have nothing to offer. Well, you appeared like someone who knows everything about this case and I will suggest that you ask the ICC so that you can go and testify against Mr Taylor. It is better to talk about issues that you are well informed of than to just say what you fell things should be like. It is better to keep silence and observe issues such as this case even if you know little about it than to keep writing only to satisfy your little mind. I wish you were truly a Fallah Menjor, a name that I am very much formilia with. I will once again say what you don’t want to hear, which is….the so-called ICC do not have any case against Taylor as far as the Sierra Leonian war is concerned. It is better to spend the money been wasted in this trial to assist Liberia and Sierra Leone. Once again I am not hear to discuss Menjor or counter argue with you as others do, but to comment on what is going on at the so-called ICC.

  45. Noko5,
    The infrastructures papy Fallah is talking about in Liberia are infrastructures built by those of us who love mama Liberia. For example,I am building schools in Kakata and Robertfield high way, I am also building an apartment complex in Barnersville, behind the Estate and Johnsonville called Conto’s and kids apartment homes. So this is not the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Government carrying on all these constructions in Liberia.

    As I served the U.S. Military in Iraq, this is what I decided to do with my money. But I bet people like Papy Fallah will love to see those who distroyed Liberia to be called God as he now see Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to be! I think Charles Taylor could have done better for Liberia if he really had the opportunity as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf does now. Instead, he was force to leave the Presidency because he couldn’t agree to be used as a coward by the West.

    One may think that the Sierra Leonean problem is over but I bet you 10 years from now they will start to kill eachother again and cutting the hands of their brothers and sisters. This will happened because those who committed these crimes against the people of Sierra Leone are still there and they can see them each and everyday. On top of that list is President Kabbah.

    Like I have said before, if there is true Justice and it is there for everyone, Mr. Taylor will be set free. I don’t care what J Fallah Menjor and his Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters have to say; the fact is that, Sierra Leonean are responsible for what happened to them.

    If we should hold other responsible for what happened to Liberia and continue to happened, then, Sierra Leone and Sierra Leonan are responsible as well. Liberian are being killed by Sierra Leonean today in Liberia. Bill Nyae got killed by Sierra Leonean who went to carry on an arm robbery in June of this year at Hon. Richard Holder house in Bensonville. 7 men, all of them Sierra Leonean. CHARLES TAYLOR FOR PRESIDENT 2011 ELECTION!!!

    1. Jocone ,
      I must hail you for job well done! bravo bro., and keep it up . God will richly bless you and your family. Actually , I graduate wilth a brother and friend call John Conto from BWI. We did job training together in Gbarnga. We been lost from eachother for a while now. He, the late Mike Yadama and I got a nick name called, “whiperlistic”… but ..uh anyway, I hope people like some of us “(fallah)..ha..ha” on this site who are claiming that we graduated from all the top universities in liberia, will think and use your example as a yard stick and stop depending on Mama Ellens’ welfare initiatives. Let us do things that would bring our belove Liberia from the stage of being a begger to a giver. HURRICAINE GHANKAY ALL THE WAY!!!>

      1. Noko5, so many Liberians are building in Liberia including myself. I will strongly encourage people to do the same. Fallah thinks by us rebuilding our country is because of President Johnson Sirleaf stewartship. Remember, this old lady advocated the destruction of Liberia by her NPFL Rebels. We don’t care about her. However, we are doing what we think is right.

  46. Jose,
    He’s actually refrencing noko4, but thats ok, sometimes i tell the girls that i am noko4 and after all when they find out that it was 5, they get piss but it’s late.. and they usually get over it.

  47. Fallah,

    Has any of you anti-Taylor gotten another version of the so called Sky 1 rebel RUF radio station, rather than what I have posted on this site? I’m stay awaiting your challenge to prove me wrong or else, you better keep silent and stop confusing yourself on this site.


    Harris K Johnson

  48. A MUST READ……

    “In what was once viewed as a major coup for U.S. law enforcement, Bout was nabbed by Thai police in a Bangkok luxury hotel last year as part of an elaborate Drug Enforcement Administration sting operation. Bout has been indicted in a New York federal court for conspiring to supply the Colombian FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), which the State Department has designated a terrorist organization, with 700 surface-to-air missiles, thousands of guns, and airplanes outfitted with grenade launchers and missiles. Under U.S. law, supplying weapons to any such organization can be prosecuted in American courts”.

    So because the US has an enemy out there means NO ONE should deal with that enemy?? Here’s what the US own court is telling her….

    ” The most stunning defeat came in August when a Thai criminal court rejected the U.S. government’s extradition request—on what U.S. officials viewed as the ludicrous grounds that the FARC was a legitimate political organization and not a bona fide terrorist group. The ruling prompted the burly mustachioed Bout to stand up in court and flash a victory sign. Bout, for his part, has maintained his innocence and his associates maintain a Web site that calls the charges against him “ficticious” and “propaganda.”


  49. Where is Jakob?????

    Gross ABUSE of power…..
    Federal authorities accused Bout of four terrorism offenses: conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals, conspiracy to kill U.S. officers or employees, conspiracy to acquire and use an anti-aircraft missile, and conspiracy to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, the designation given to FARC by the U.S. State Department.

  50. Boy oh Boy, I had the best laugh today from all the latest attacks on jfallah menjor personality and opinions! I must be doing a good job exposing you guys’ inner thoughts and mind set to have you coming back for some more! But let me say this; If I tell you more than I have, you may get idea to know who I am and it will appear like I am bragging, therefore you will never tempt me into that since I am What I am. For those of you who have prematurely giving us more information than necessary you may remember that you really never know who is your next door neighbor. You will forever continue to guess who is this jfallhmenjor and that is how it will remain.
    I can’t wait for the trial to resume so we can expose and disrobe the chief in the webs of lies and deceit. He probably got new lies in his defense corner but you wait when the Prosecution takes stage to question him that’s when you will see real fun guys. You will see how confused the chief will become then since he will remmember very little of all these lies upon lies! We already have predictions on the outcomes!

    1. Fallah, brag all you want. we already know from your track record who you are. There is nothing you will say that we have not heard before from you. You are free like an eagle flying in the open sky to say anything. Don”t pretend that you are so much cautious, careful, and don’t want to appear boastful. That will not fly with some of us. However, you have the floor.

  51. Noko5,
    John Conto is my Uncle. I am their oldest brother son and my Father name is Joseph yah Conto from Careysburg. John Abiaka Conto is currently in the United States, he and his family live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here is his number brother,(704) 599-8298 and if you should talk to him, tell him that his nephew Joe in Iraq gave you his number. I do live at the Military base called Fort Campbell in the State of Kentucky but I live on the TN side of the base and I will be leaving Iraq on Dec. 15 for the States.

  52. Wow! the guys are pounding the hypocrisy out of this trial but history teaches us that the powerful never give up their wicked ways until the people demands it. Like Martin Luther King did, Africans need to begin a passive-active non resistance struggle to the criminality of big corporations that is destroying the earth,

    This case is only in the interests of the big profiteers and exploiters that is funding the criminal leadership of Ellen Johnson through their Bretton Woods Organization, morphed into a socalled PARIS CLUB.

    Ordinary Americans have gotten the message and with a friend of the poor now in the white house, we are seeing here in America that ordinary people are mounting pressures on Wall Street gamblers, huslters, and cheaters. We can no more allow theives to rule the world. Decent people must stand up for justice. Like the American people are acting, so too must people of goodwill band together in a common call to fight back against the war profiteers.

  53. I really don’t understand the defense by Noko and the rest of Charles Taylor cronies, lets tried again, Liberia has a population of at least 3 millions, and of all these she has at least thousands of its citizens with graduate and post graduate degrees, and for a national president at the time in question [Charles Taylor] appointing a vice president [Moses Blah]who did not make it the the 9th grade speaks volume, as to this man judgement, leadership abilities, and his true converted intrest in Liberia and its people. since this case is about his judgements and the consequences that occurs as a results of these judgements these witnesses Blah,Marzard,Sheriff,Kieta, Yeaten, Sankor, Bocharie, some he was able to eliminate, some paid to remain in hidden.the others now at the ICC testifying should be highly trusted by this court.I don’t buy the expressions advanced by Andrew jlay,and will quote him here with my reasons ” Anyone can promote another person to position of trust, it is left with the ecumbent to justify the confidence reposed in him/her.” first of all Charles Taylor was president of Liberia and not just anyone. second of all we are talking about an appointment to a position of vice president, which is a heartbeat away from the presidency this is not just any position! sorry this is too little and too late for Mr. Taylor.

  54. I will say this in a loud and clear voice that, I have noting to hide; therefore, I fear nobody but God. So, getting to know who I am is the best thing because I stand for what I say on this site which is Justice for all. As the saying gos, if it’s good for Peter, it should be good for Paul. If Charles Taylor should stand trial for what happened in Sierra Leone, then Sierra Leonean should be put on trial for what happened in Liberia as well.

    Especially so, President Kabbah, the boss for J Fallah Menjor, Abu the Killer Kamara, Vanmuyan the Cannibal Sheriff, Marzah cannibalism lies teller, Marzah the most educated and trained man that had to depend on while serving as president and Abu Keita the unknown man!
    And you Abu Kamara, I do have something for you to check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmrkTi3EHqk, go on that link and tell us later who you think those people there are. If the guy in the BDU wearing the 2 star General rank look like Charles Taylor to you or if you really believed they are NPFL fighters….. We’re waiting to see how truthful you are!

    I wasn’t going to say anything on this site if Mr. Taylor was on trial for what happened in Liberia from Dec. 24,1989 to 1997. By theway, Abu Kamara don’t forget about the 2 men you and big Musa ( the brother of Kromah, the former ULIMO BOSS ) asked to digg their own grave on the MVTC Campus in Monrovia, shot them but they didn’t die and your buried them alive as they were fighting under the dirt as your were covering them.

    Just to let you know, J Fallah Menjor, one of the 2 men was your tribe man ( a Kissi young man ) and he wasn’t killed by Mr. Taylor, instead, he was killed by forces of your cousin, Vamuyan Sheriff and others! Their remains are still there today less than 5 feet underground, directly in line with the handpump about 30 meters pass the pump.

    He was killed because he was to become the chief of Staff of the AFL after the death of General Mohamed Domuyah. Did Charles Taylor order that? Of course not! I was there when those guys got killed like chicken and it was during the April 6,1996 war in Liberia. I can name more than hundred people who were there including my former classmates from ST. Francis High School in Jacob’s Town when they got.

  55. Tracy,
    The appeal decision is a forgone conclusion. We know that the RUF, AFRC, Kamajors and unindicted co consiprator Tejan Kabbah are the true villians in the Sierra Leone conflict.

  56. Now guys, todays testimonies reveiled that one of these prosecution witnesses alledged that, DEE ATU .. was in hiden.. Even though , the same ATU was assign at the U. S. embassy in monrovia as a protection foce.. os then HOW….. fallah and the rest can you help with this please sir!!!

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