Charles Taylor’s Defense Case Resumes Today

Stay tuned for Alpha’s update on the first day back in the courtroom, with the resumption of the defense case of former Liberian President, Charles Ghankay Taylor. Today Mr Taylor continues testifying in his own defense.  He is expected to continue on the stand until early 2010.

Back with more soon.


  1. May God, almighty continue to bless and guard Mr. Taylor through out his fight for freedom and true justice, free from all evil thinking human minds.


    Harris K Johnson

  2. Why is this trial going on??? Really, whatelse there to know???? Again, a witness gave TWO or MORE accounts of the same action…..wonderful if you ask me.

  3. Oh my God!! according to them , Taylor send men to fight in the Ivory Coast as mercenaries ; Now today he has thrown their own GB back to swallow an vomit!!!. How would I send men in the Ivory Coast and after attacked these same men that have gone to accomplish my mission ?????? Could you prosecutors help solve this puzzle too… PLEASE!!!

  4. Noko
    This trial is going on and must, inorder to seek justice for the innocent ones that lost their lives as a results of the defendent in question, [Charles Taylor] his influences, judgements and his personal involvement with the RUF according to witnesses accounts at the ICC!

    1. Ziggy,
      We are just going in CIRCLE…’s witness gave us THREE ACCOUNTS of how he got to Ivory Coast….which one do we believe???

  5. Amazing DISGRACE!!!! A low staff law firm on peanut budget could have done a better job atleast screening her witnesses. How in this world we send a man to jail for life based on what we’re hearing as testimonies in this case??? How can this HIGH PRICE prosecution team let down the citizens of Sierra Leone down like this??? Yes HOW???

    Some in here point to others as SUPPORTERS of Mr. Taylor but they too I believe are in shock!!!! To have a SINGLE incident and the prosecutors put up FOUR WITNESSES with FOUR DIFFERENT tales and NONE connecting???? Which one are we to believe???? A incident concerning the DEATH of Mr. Bockarie….a PRINCIPAL FIGURE in this case.

    I am sure and certain if you’ve asked the citizens of Sierra Leone what would they have preferred…….the money spend on this case be given to them or send Mr. Taylor to jail, they will in the MAJORITY picked GIVE US THE MONEY.

  6. Ziggy Salis,
    We all agree that there should be Justice for the innoecnt ones that lost their lives in war in both Countries but the facts of the matter is that, the wrong man is been held responsible for the wrong Country. In the testimonies of the very witnesses has proven that indeed the prosecution ogt in contact with wrong people to testify.

    For example, man like Moses Blah, Marzah, Vamuyan Sheriff and others. The reason is that, if you choose people who have committed crimes against other in the same manner as those they want to prosecute, what you those witness will do? They will give testmonies so they establish good face for themselves.
    Even Moses Blah lie that he saw yeaten and Sam Bockarie together shortly before his death which is a lie.

  7. May justice and fairplay be paramount as this trial continues and may we have open rational minds in analysing the proseedings and not our baises. And may the victims sufferings be remembered through out this trial!

    1. Fallah,
      We on the side you put down ALWAYS have “OPEN RATIONAL MINDS”….you yourself must be wondering HOW COME…..tell me what is your thought about the prosecutors and her witnesses???

      In one case(RUF) they used a witness and when it comes to Mr. Taylor’s, they used another witness plus HIDE the previous witness…..WHY??? Then come to find out, this witness story DOES NOT add up. Did they checked or PROOF READ his testimony???

      In as much I believe the MANDATE of this court EXCUSE Mr. Taylor of his dealings in Sierra Leone, I strongly believe the prosecutors got OUT SMARTED by the defense!!!!!!!

      We remember the VICTIMS and those that are/were responsible have been found GUILTY….the sad part, Pres. Kabah should have been amongst.

  8. If this case is based on he say, she say, and I say then why should the court take the statements of the prosecution witnesses over Charles Taylor’s statements??? They say Taylor did this and Taylor I did not do that: so who is correct??? This case demands independent and objective evidences to sustain the prosecution lies. Todate, the prosecution have not provided a single independent and substantive fact.

    Let them produce transcripts of radio communication . Why is so difficult for them to produce such evidence?

    1. King Gray from the Great Bassa Tribe of West Africa, you are phenomenally awesome. Excellent point brother King Gray.

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