Judges Give Prosecution More Time To “Rearrange Strategies” For The Cross-Examination Of Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor’s testimony was cut short for the second day in a row, as prosecutors asked for more time to “rearrange strategies” for the cross-examination of the former Liberian president on trial for his alleged role in crimes committed during Sierra Leone’s brutal conflict.

Today’s adjournment follows from yesterday’s developments, when Special Court for Sierra Leone judges refused to allow the prosecution to “introduce new evidence” in Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination. Instead, the judges asked the prosecution to submit a formal written application to justify why new evidence that had not been part of the prosecution’s case – nor part of Mr. Taylor’s direct-examination — needed to be admitted.

Yesterday, Mr. Taylor’s defense team had called the efforts to introduce “fresh evidence” a “trial by ambush.” Court was adjourned to allow the prosecution to “rearrange” their “strategies” and to continue their cross-examination of the accused today. When court resumed this morning, lead prosecution counsel, Ms. Brenda Hollis, requested an adjournment until Monday as the prosecution needed more time to plan. The application was granted by the judges.

The accused former Liberian president is facing charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international humanitarian law committed by Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone from November 30 1996. Mr. Taylor is alleged to have supported the rebel forces in Sierra Leone through the supply of arms and ammunition in return for blood diamonds, to have been in a position of control ofver Sierra Leonean rebels so that he could have prevented or punished their crimes during the conflict, and to have joined with them in a joint criminal plan — to install a friendly government in Sierra Leone and exploit its natural resources – which involved the commission of international crimes. The former Liberian president has denied the charges.

Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination continues on Monday.


      1. Tracey,
        I am confuse. who requested the rearrangement of the prosecutions’ crossxamination of President Taylor? Was it the prosecution herself, the defence or if it was judges, what’s behind it ???? Help us please…

        1. It is the prosecution that requested the crossxamination of President Taylor because they thought they can easily track Mr. Taylor this quick. The judges on the other hand are also getting confused because they were assured that the prosecution was going to have a free chicken egg cake.

        2. Noko5,

          The judge began the interrogation by registering his concern that Ms. Hollis was referring to evidence that wa not already before the court and asked if it were fresh evidence? After she explained, then the perry mason came in with a delta force of legal lethal thrust claiming an attempt to stage an ambush and that there was a mischief in the saga.

          The judge then give hollis time to respond, and in doing so she wanted a good faith window to use the document. then perry mason said no, it was like a backdoor entry.

          Interesting. perry mason even asked her for assurances and she said she could not guarantee any assurance.

          In short noko, they have an uphill task because it will be difficult admitting evidence after you close your case. There has to be sufficient reason.

          Was it a new evidence that surface?

          When were the prosecution aware of the existence of this evidence?

          What impact would it have on the case and in particular the testimony of the witness?

          Is this attempt to bring in this evidence intended to cover up negligence during the prosecution presentation?

          so noko, there is a host of grounds to cover before the evidence is admitted it it will be. We should prepare for a legal argument because I do not believe perry mason will allow the prosecution to have their way. They have had many already.

    1. Let my good guys check the link and after watching I’m sure you will recommed Mr Taylor be send to prison for the next 500 years. most especiallly my good friends, John Thompson, Ms Teage, Amara Sesay, Vaa Alie Mansaray, J. Fallah Manjor, and Noko5 and 6, these victory guys check it out you might find it very interesting.


      1. Varney the prosecution would need your help… no… just apply to the special court and take over the case from the prosecution you surely would do a better job than they are currently doing. for your information this case is not about Liberia it is about Sierra Leone and wether Mr Taylor has a hand in the war there. so far the prosecution case is… sinking!!!!! Go! Ghankay Go!!

        1. Sorry noko5,
          the link there is a tease for Ghankay haters we are on the same side please accept my apology it was an over sight. Sam i was trying to lead then to this link because i know they will not complete watching it, atleast to give then a false smile after the shocking retreat of the Hollis team.


          1. Varney Johnson — I am not sure that the link works (at least I could not get it to do so). Would you mind checking the link?




    1. Noko4 et al,

      The prosecution is in disarray may we have a short pray.


      1. Big B, you should have included Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth and Mr. Crook, I mean Mr. Cook for providing arms to Sierra Leone. Those arms ended in Bo Waterside, Klay, Bomi Hills, Lower Lofa County, Lofa County and yes, Gbarngba, Those were the arms I saw on May 13th, 2002 with yellow markings. More power to Charles Taylor.

        What did Brenda Hollis think? By this time, she should have concluded Taylor is not a push around? Damn, what is wrong with this woman? She is so mad, she’s not creditable. Is this what the US Army dealt with as a judge? I’m predicting Taylor will out do Ms. Hollis and rightfull so. Monday is around the corner and I can’t wait like the rest of the world.

  2. Hi Tracy, why if the judges continuously refuse to accept new evidences into the case? What happens to the prosecution’s case then?

    1. I was not that surprised by the slow start with the prosecution and their cross-examination of Mr. Taylor. When the defense team chooses to let Mr. Taylor testify in his own defense, making him the principle witness and be the first witness totally, cripple the prosecution cross-examination of Mr. Taylor and this case. The prosecution team with all the changes in their leadership did not prepare for this can of defense strategy. What possibly could this fresh or new evidence be that the judges would allow the prosecution to bring forward now? If this fresh or new evidence is the Loma peace agreement which Ms. Hollis refer to as an example, there is nothing in the agreement that will directly challenge Mr. Taylor on the accuracy, the truthfulness and the completeness of his testimony or link him to the charges he is defended. This agreement was between the RUF, Foday Sankoh was the leader and the Government of Sierra Leone, Tejan Kaba was the leader, whom both parties agreed, approved and signed.

      1. Ken,
        Mr Taylor didn’t choose to be the FIRST WITNESS…..that’s the RULE of this Special Court that the accuse be the FIRST WITNESS.

        1. Noko4,
          Ok, the prosecution team with all the changes in their leadership did not prepare for this type of defense strategy, Mr. Taylor even testifying, the principle witness and the first witness. The prosecution could not even put forward a cross-examination after listener for months to Mr. Taylor dispute their evidences and the charges against him. What kind of prosecution strategy is been plan now remain to be seen. Their strategy so far has been none productive.

    1. Hay, John Thompson has been converted to Christian what a wonder, monkey jam it eat pepper, john I hope you have seen the real truth by now and have seen the real fat liars in this trial, maybe you need to help ms Hollis organize her documents for cross examination because her entire team is in disarray. How in your right mind you take this man to court and accused him of crime that he did not commit than brought every unbelievable allegations against him and now asking for more time, you should have done your home work, but I’m not surprise because the whole trial is base on lies. Ms Hollis just take your balance salary and concede remember there is a vacant space for noble peace prize for best losers.

      For Ms. Tracy, Q.

      Is it possible for the former Nigerian President Olusugon Obassanjo to give evidence to the court since in fact he made the world to know that Mr. Charles Taylor was arrested while trying to leave from Nigeria and was arrested which Mr. Taylor said it was a setup by Mr Olusugon Obasanjo, Now Mr Olbasnjor been a UN special envoy and this is a UN back tribunal? And if Mr. Obasanjo fails to give evidence, can he be charge for trying to prevent justice had Mr. Taylor fled and his where about is unknown today?

      1. Yes…..he could and will be more to benefit the prosecutors than Mr. Taylor providing it. No WITNESS or anyone is FORCE to be part of this trial. I remember somewhere the prosecutors were THREATENING Mr. Blah with charges. I guess it was to scare him or false reporting.

        1. Noko4,
          if Mr. Obassanjo testifying for the defense will benefit the prosecution more than he will benefit Mr. Taylor, Mr. Obassanjo will never be call by the Defense as a wittiness. That would be like shooting yourself in the foot. Mr. Blah was threat with charges if he did not appear in court under a subpoena to him by the Prosecution. Therefore, he was force to testify and his testimony may have benefited Mr. Taylor and the Defense instead of the Prosecution. I really do not believe the Defense will make that mistake.

      2. Mr. Taylor arrest, how he came to the court and this personal disagreement between him and then President of Nigeria Obassanjo, has nothing to do with the charges against Mr. Taylor. Those charges against Mr. Taylor were in place when Mr. Obassanjo accepted Mr. Taylor to his country. If Mr. Obassanjo is call to the stand by the Defense there are more important issues that pertain to Mr. Taylor case he will be ask about.

        1. So said the charges were NOT in place Ken??? I won’t think it will be Obasanjo but Camparie of Burkina Faso.

          So far, the prosecutor is WASTING precious moments….she has a stage bigger than she could NEVER dream…..so to be pitching CURVE BALLS, can’t understand that strategy.

    2. Paster John Thompson, judge yea not, for yea shall not be judged. For the same judgement you used to judge, will also be used to judge you.

  3. Day 3
    The prosecution walked in the court room with sheets fulling all over the place. If that is a mind game we are not buying it.

    Hi Tracy,
    is this a joke? because most people we talked to, not happy with the prosecution needing more time.
    Can you pls asked Alpha what the ruling will be on the issue of submitting new evidence?
    If the application where to be accepted by the court/ judges, will Mr Taylor defense team get to through it with him Mr Taylor before the prosecution questioned him?

    1. Hi 4 ur eyes only,

      Good questions. I know many people on the site are surprised by the slow start with the prosecution’s cross-examination.

      Only the judges will decide about the ruling on the issue of submitting new evidence. But for a start, we don’t know if the prosecution will take up the opportunity to submit a motion justifying the need to submit new evidence. We also don’t know when they would make such a submission or when the judges would rule on it. Until the judges do make a ruling on the motion, the judges determined that the prosecution is not allowed to rely on, or make use of, any documents that have not been so far admitted into evidence.

      In terms of whether the defense team will be able to go through the Lome Peace Acord with Mr. Taylor before his cross-examination if it is admitted: this raises an issue that was discussed in court this week. A good article which outlines some of the issues associated with Mr. Taylor speaking to his defense counsel about new documents or about his testimony generally is here: http://www.voanews.com/english/2009-11-11-voa22.cfm. In short: the prosecution is worried that Mr. Taylor’s defense team may coach him on what to say in relation to documents such as the one being discussed, the Lome Peace Accord, which is not allowed by the court’s rules. They therefore want to limit Mr. Taylor’s contact with his lawyers to only that which is completely necessary for other aspects of the case, and for the defense to notify the court when they plan to be in contact with Mr. Taylor. and The defense counsel argued that giving notice on discussions between the team and their client infringes on attorney-client privilege (let me know if you want more information on this). Justice Richard Lussick ordered prosecutors to make a written submission on this issue by today, and for the defense team to file a written response by next Monday. Until then, the judges say taht Taylor’s access to counsel will be the same as during direct examination.

      Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question and if not, we can discuss it more.


      1. Tracey,
        why will the prosecutions even be worried, if President Taylor defense team coaches him in anwering questions on the Lome accord or any other documents? That’s how it suppose to be. He is a client of the defense team. However, the defense team is providing him legal council, advise, and guardance to their client. What is wrong with that? If the prosecutions are worried, I hope they worry more in order for them to have an heart attack and seizure. Again, their move is a plot of pattern designed to destroy this innocent man. But the truth has provided an ultraviolet light to bring out the fluorescence of justice. Their plot of stinks, designed to immobilize President Taylor will not work. It did not work in the past, it will not work now, and it certainly, will not work in days to come.

        1. Hi Jose,

          I will revert on the issue of contacts between the defense team and their client, Mr. Taylor, shortly. A number of people have asked about it on this forum.


      2. Hi Tracey

        I don’t want to predict which way the court is going to rule on this new back door evidence that the prosecution is petitioning the court for. If the evidence is permissible (The Lome Peace Accord) after the prosecution has rested her case, can the defense request for CT to be put back on the stand for direct examination on this new evidence even though the defense has rested? I am of the opinion that would possibly be the defense’s argument.

        Furthermore, as for the prosecution request for Taylor to have limit contact with his lawyers during this period of cross-examination on this supposedly illegal document is beyond my comprehension. I don’t think that this court would want to go on records under the circumstances of infringing on the attorney client privilege.

        Tracey, from my understanding the witnesses that are prohibited from makeing contact with anybody to discuss his/her testimonies are those witnesses that will come to testify on Taylor’s behalf. While on the other hand, Taylor is allowed to meet with his lawyers at any time, as the matter of fact to discuss his testimony with his lawyers as he sees faith. To the contrary, it would be a violation of court order if Taylor discussed his testimony otherwise.

        Tracey what is your take on the part of the prosecution to literally beg the court to allowed a document into evidence which should not be admissible in the first place, but by the same token suggested to the court that the accused should have limit contact with his lawyers on said document? I think it is absurd and arrogant.

        Tracey, for misleading the court and intentionally introducing new evidence with malice, is it reasonable to say that these are charges that the prosecution could be held in contempt?

        1. Hi there Big B,

          We will be trying to answer yours and other readers’ questions about this next week once the court has ruled and we have done some more research.


  4. I doubt MS. Hollis will participate in the trial after Monday section……I think when she comes in on Monday, it will be for the announcement of her resignation! I might be wrong about this, but what help will her participation in the trial do for the prosecution?

    They started their preparations years before the defense team……if they didn’t get ready all those years, what leavel of preparation they are going to gain in three days? This is not going to get any better for the prosecution. Too late and the world is watching!

    Can you imagine Ms. Hollis requesting from the court for CT to limit his access to the defense team during her cross-examination? She said “it is very important that this phase of the examination not be susceptable to rehearsal or other preparation”……..it sounds like she has given up already. If this request is not honor, then what? I belt it means disaster on the brink for the prosecution!

    I wonder if she knows about the intellectual ability of the man CT…….does she thinks he is that greened, she aint see nothing yet! let see what else they are going to request for next. my mind is telling me she going to request for CT to be silent doing his own cross-examination……….what a mess!

    1. Crown Hill Pekin,
      They didn’t DREAM that he knew the game called SCRABBLE….PLAYING WITH LETTERS TO MAKE WORDS!!!!! Their OWN trap got them where they are presently…..what’s in the Accord that a silly person negotiating won’t ask for themselves??? Like the saying goes, RAT TRAP IS NOT FOR RAT ALONE….IT CATCHES OTHER OTHER ANIMALS TOO. Maybe she believes this is a court in the US, where a BLACK MAN is just slow to pick up on the winding road ahead.

      I too believe there is a deal in place……the prosecutors will CROSS and if the judges determine that there is NO CASE, they will call both parties in chambers, RULE 71 is ask for and some kind of deal is agree to…..Mr Taylor stays far away from West Africa maybe for the rest of his life or DO NOT run in the 2011 election.

      1. Noko4,

        Whatever that Rule 71 is, WE the PEOPLE will not accept anything less than a total acquittal. I repeat, TOTAL ACQUITTAL, with emphasis! It MUST be Taylor’s decision to choose where he wants to live and his decision if he wants to participate in 2011 election in the Republic of Liberia. Anything less is TOTAL NONSENSE.


      2. Noko4,
        Mr. Taylor has strongly said in this court he is not guilty. The deal I would like Mr. Taylor to agree with if the prosecution can not prove its case and wanted to make an agreement, without doubt include the SCSL drop all charges, issues an international apology to him and Liberia and give him a huge monetary settlement for false imprisonment and violating his civil and human rights. I know some will say that those provisions would benefited Mr. Taylor over the Prosecutor, but if it is agreed, approved and signed by both parties it a done deal.

        1. Ken,
          You need to watch COURT TV sometimes. Eventhough Mr. Taylor has told this court “NOT GUILTY” that still does not mean he and the prosecutors cannot strike a deal.

          Again, if the judges determine that there is NO CASE because the prosecutors didn’t do a good job on CROSS, they can call in both parties and get a deal broker. Mr. Taylor will NOT want to spend a day jail and MIGHT accept whatever that BENEFITS him.

          As you can see, the prosecutors have a LONG HILL to climb….BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT and so far ZERO….Ms. Hollis doing her best to establish FOUNDATIONS is NOT sticking.

  5. Boy the prosecution is really stumbling out of the gates here. I said Ms. Hollis has never come across a witness like Mr. Taylor. It a shame that she had so much riding on the Judges allowing her to introduce new evidence after the prosecution had closed it’s case. International Law is really different from the US law that I grew up knowing Ie: Hearsay allowed and now new evidence at cross.

  6. Tracy and Alpha, I understand you can’t be specific nor direct, but is it fair to to surmise that Taylor is winnig or has won?

    1. Hi Political-guru — I think this is the first time we have seen a comment from you — welcome to the site. Glad you have joined us.

      From our perspective as monitors, we don’t really assess the trial in terms of winning or losing, so I am not sure I can directly answer your question. But we do look at the trial to see if it is fair and meets international standards. In terms of assessing whether Mr. Taylor will be found guilty or not — I think it is too early to determine whether the prosecution has met the burden of proving Mr. Taylor’s guilt. The defense still has its case to present, and the prosecution still needs to cross-examine all the defense witnesses. So it is a long way to go yet before the judges are in a position to decide whether Mr. Taylor is guilty or innocent of the crimes of which he is accused. It is also one of Mr. Taylor’s rights, like any accused person, to be presumed innocent unless the judges decide that he is guilty at the end of the trial.

      Very best,

      1. Hi Tracey- thanks for the insight as to why you could not answer my question directly, I sincerely respect. Now in view of your role as a monitor, do you believe that CT is getting a fair trial? And if so, should the world be shocked if CT is acquitted?

        Tracey, please accept my profound appreciation for the work you and Alpaha are doing.

  7. Hey guys,

    There is a must read article on 11/11/09 post that Tracey provided concerning perry mason 2, Mr. Morris Anyah, Assistant defense lawyer. Everyone should read that please. Mr. Anyah diplomatically appreciated the difficulties that the defense team is faced with in discharging their duties.

    He mentioned the witness protection mechanism and how it prevents the defense from carrying out full scale investigation of these witnesses when their identies cannot be disclosed or discussed.

    Then he talked about some potential defense witness who fear that if they assisted taylor, they might face reprieved from the international community afterwards like travel ban, assest freeze etc, the same kind of fate that taylor and selected individual now face.

    Then he mentioned the unwillingness of states to cooperate with the defense evidence seeking effort for fear that granting such assistance might be counterproductive to their state’s larger interest. In short some big powers will block aid and other benefits that they might seek later.

    Look guys read this article and evaluate the fair trial rights of taylor. In view of this article, I believe those rights are being compromised greatly.

    Give me you take after you read it.

    1. Hey Andrew,
      Thanks for the Infor, I hope papay Fallah will take his time and carefully read that! I started to say the same thing in one of comments few days ago and Fallah came out to say that I was making this up, so as to speak. And that he had not heard of any possible defense witness or witnesses to come under or be under travel ban.

      The facts of the matter is that, some of us commenting on this site know alot involving this trial but there are reasons that stop alot of us from saying what we know….. not that we don’t want to but we’re not allowed to say it! And I want to make clear here once more, anything I say on here, I stand for it and it can be proven, it might take some time because I tried not to say things that I have been said by the witness, instead, I try to bring up issues base on the facts and I do know!

      1. Jocone,

        I was wondering where you were with all these happenings. I remebered you said that you were preparing to leave Iraq, so you must be busy.

        Brother everything that you said is true. Just the other day(11/11/09), a new democrat(monrovia newspaper) article repoted that it was Moses Blah’s special assistant, Eugene Nagbe(whom I know very well, he is a personal friend and we were in LU and Gbarnga together), who transported Bockarie’s body to the funeral home.

        This kind of compromised Blah’s testimony that he did not know about Bockarie’s death. Then how is it that your special assistant turns out in the picture?

        1. My brother Andrew,
          I haven’t had the time to say alot lately because we are getting prepared to leave Iraq some time in December.
          I have to make sure that my Soldiers are ready to go back into Civilian-Military life and it takes alot of work and detail to follow! But I am still around with all of your who are members of true Justice on this site.

          My thanks and appreciations go to all your for the great Job done so far as we continue to speak against injustice that is going on in this trial for both the accused and the victims! Jocone out!

      1. Hey Tracey,

        why we are enjoy the Hollis imposed recess, I was wondering if you could or Alpha if you may continue with the legal ramifications of this debate. From your experience what has happened in past cases? Are you aware of similar situation, and what was the ruling?

        This regards the two situations at hand, Taylor-lawyer access and introduction of fresh evidence after closing your case. what in you experience has happened and how did it play out?

        1. Andrew — I am not sure if this same issue has happened before at the Special Court and how it was dealt with. I’ll do some checking around and see what I can find out — it is a good question.

          I’m glad you and others are still lively with the debate though the courtroom action has slowed a little in the past few days.


          1. Andrew — an update. The fabulous Alpha has just alerted me to the fact that this same issue came up in the AFRC case. I am going to do some checking around and get the exact details and let you know what happened there.
            Great question!

          2. These same three judges in the AFRC trial, where the prosecution wanted to bring so- call fresh evidence after their presentation had ended, formal motions was dismisses. Their explanation did not pass the standard. Ms. Hollis formal motion if one is file may or may not pass the standard. If granted will it impeach Mr. Taylor truthfulness about his involvement with the RUF, I will say NO. The prosecution needs to try to impeach Mr. Taylor truthfulness with evidences that is available.

  8. What is happening to this trial? I strongly believe the persecutors got all of the time needed for this whole case. Before the indictment and during their presentations what more do they really need? From July the defend team had been examining Taylor so I thought the persecutors were putting their questions in place as well. Please free this poor man, we said this before no proof. After all of these years you want to tell me only this weekend the persecutors will get their acts together. This is a big shame. I am very disappointed in these people. I really expected something from their side to prove this man wrong but nothing. Is this the best the persecutors can do Fallah, Jonh Thompson, Big Joe, Ms Teage and the rest. Up till now they are still asking for time. Nonsense if I will borrow that phrase, total nonsense.

    1. Leroy, hold your cool, this is no nonsense as you may think. Gankay is free to go because, as you said, there is no case againt him,period! Plan on celebrating right away and get ready to prosecute fallah and others!

      1. Fallah,

        no one is prosecuting you or anybody here. By the way, are you afraid that you may have done something that warrants prosecution? if so, tell us. Also, be advised, we are not in the position of authority to prosecute anybody. Besides, we are just ordinary peaceful citizens who want to see the dispensition of justice being done to all, including President Taylor.

      2. j fallah manjor

        J fallah manjor, you sound as if you have thrown the towel into the ring. I thought that you were a die hard firm.

        Anyway, it took you a while to see the light, welcome on board!

      3. Fallah does your comment imply thet you are getting frustrated by the performace of the prosecution? I hope you have finally seen the light and come to realise that the prosecution case is built on a lie. I just wish that Ms Teage and your other fellow Taylor haters tow the same line with you as soon as possible. Go! Ghankay Go!!

  9. Hi Tracey,

    I don’t know how to wacht the trial live. Can you please help me how to follow the trial live as of monday?



    1. Of course Abraham! Great that you will be following it live.

      Yes, the proceedings are broadcast with a 30 minute delay at 10am Hague time between Monday to Thursday (so if you live in New York, for example, you will need to get up at 4am to watch it — if you are in Liberia or Sierra Leone you can start watching at 9am). You can try either of two ways — you can watch directly through the Special Court’s own site (go to http://www.sc-sl.org and you will see on the right hand side of the page a box with the heading “watch the trial” — you can click on one of those links) or you can go through our blog — if you go to the front page of this blog, there is a large grey buttons on the right hand side of the page that says “watch live” — you can press on 1 or 2, and you will need windows media player to watch. Good luck!


  10. Hi everyone,

    While we await the prosecution, I wanted to share some information with you. During the NPFL and Taylor control of Gbarnga, the son of Sekou Toure, the late President of Guinea, came to Gbarnga and met with Taylor. His mission was to secure permission from Taylor so that he(Sekou Toure son) could use Liberian territory under Taylor control to launch revolution into Guinea.

    Taylor turned down the proposition. President Francois Mitterand heard of the adventure of Sekou Toure’s son. He developed interest in the report and sought confirmation from Taylor. Of course Taylor gave his assurances to the then President of France.

    This case in point rebuts claims that Taylor intended to destabilise the west african region.

    1. Wait a minute here Andrew, are you introducing new evidence in this case? Were you not the same crying foul yesterday that the prosecution was introducing new evidence? You see how you guys play double standards and yet point filty fingers at others? Who care if Sekou Toure’son came to Gbarnga or chuckie taylor had luncheon with andrew jlay? Let us focus on the present since Taylor is almost a free man according to your understandings because prosecution is deemed ineffective because it requested for time. This is no junior high scool soccer game dispute Andrew!

      1. Fallah,
        This is not about introducing new evidence in the case and I bet the prosecution knows that Mr. Taylor was not trying to destabilise the West African Sub-region as claime by them!

        I had Benoni Urey, Professor Jackson Gbologah, REV. Rolas, and one of Mr. Taylor cousin called vevien Coke, told my grandfather in Sanoyeah Bong County when Sekou Toure’s son came to Liberia. By then Mr. Taylor was making farm in our town in Bong Couty. If you don’t know the defense had rested their case, they still have many other witnesses who will be taking the witness stand after Mr. Taylor.

      2. Fallah,

        With all your degrees, can you not comprehend the coordination here? This disclosure debunks the premise that Taylor intended to cause trouble throughout west africa. But if this were the case, why did he not give in to the demand of sekou toure’ s son?

        But I tell you what. He should have allowed the revolution to have been launched from Liberia because LURD would not have had a territory to operate from and destroy Liberia as they did.

      3. Fallah for your information the defence have not rested their case yet they have just finished with only one defence witness out of about 200 others so as they say… you aint seen nothing yet. you see Mr Taylors testimony is so complete and overwelming that the prosecution just do not know what to do again in fact they are just grabing for straws now. so fallah… Sorry!!!!

    2. andrew jlay,

      This statement is 100% true. I can assist with more details if any one questions the truthfulness of your comment. l know this guy personally, but let’s wait.


      Harris K Johnson

    3. Andrew,
      I was there personally, and saw Sekou Toures’ son when he came to see presidentTaylor. But lets give them chance. Just as Harris said….

  11. Hi Tracy,
    I just want to know from you with all of your knowledge.Is it rigth for GHANKAY to have limited acess to his lawyer during cross examination.How free and fair is a trail when the one on the stand is limited from his lawyer.

    1. Hi WILK,

      It is a good question and one that a number of people have asked. Will get back to you on it shortly.

  12. Hi commentators,
    What is wrong if pros try to rearrange her duc.Is the Lome peace accord a new evedence to this case ? We now know some of u benefited from this bloody conflict . However, when Ex pres Mol gave eve
    against his formal boss some of u call it betrail which means Mr mol should bluntantly lie and mess
    up himself just for a piece of bread they shared few yrs ago at the expence of defenceless women and
    child whose future has been totally derailled.What is the benefit gain from these conflict Liberians
    are targeted go to Freetown and amptees.What u say for or against Mr Tay has northing to add or sub
    to the trial.People are still carring the scars of this senceless war.Healing is the only solution now
    for but some of your comm are so out of the way because u have the means for people to hare u some
    of these peo don’t even have axcess to express themselves .We know how CHEMICALLY inbalanced u
    can become in sup Mr tay .We know He Kill your Ma , He Kill your Pa u still made him pre,but for the
    people who lost their life let the court deciede please.
    Mr Will

    1. Willie,

      I don’t know whether it is your writing style or the computer you used, but I don’t understand anything you have said. However, if you could consider rephrasing and subsequent posting in a more clearer manner, I will appreciate.

    2. Welcome Willie,
      Just to give you a quick welcome, the Lome peace accord was signed between the Government of Sierra Leone ( Kabbah) and the RUF,( Foday Sankoh )as their leader, not Mr. Taylor as their Leader.

      Now here is the issues at hand, what those of us who believe in true Justice and are commenting on this site against this case are saying is that, Mr. Taylor was wrongly accused by the ICC for what happened in Sierra Leone.

      As I know, I’m not sure if you know this but we shouldn’t forget that ULIMO controlled the western part of Liberia cutting off RUF supplies routes from NPFL control areas in late 1991.

      Now from late 1991 to August 1997 at which time Mr. Taylor came into office as President of Liberia to have control of Liberia to an extend, how was the RUF getting arms to continue fighting from late 1991 to August of 1997?

      Another point here, have you read about the SALUTE report written to Foday Sankoh by Sam Bockarie, in which he Sam Bockarie stated how he was able to get arms to continue fighting while Mr. Sankoh was in jail and those he got the arms from? If you did read about it, did you hear or see Mr. Taylor name written anywhere in that report?

      During the war in Liberia did you see NPFL Soldiers cutting the hands and legs of Liberian as it was done in Sierra Leone? Diamond has been used as the backbone of this case, does Liberia have diamonds?

      If does she still have diamonds today and what control does the government of Liberia have over diamond trades?

      Now on the testimonies of Moses Blah: He lied in court that Sam Bockarie was with yeaten the day he ( Bockarie ) got killed when infact it was reported long ago then that Bockarie was fighting in the Ivory Coast. He also lied by saying that it just happened for him to be on his farm and came accross Yeaten and Yeaten told him that Bockarie was dead so as to speak, common brother!

      I do know living witnesses who was involved in the fighting with Bockarie on the Ivory Coast- Liberian border and one of them is my cousin COL Morden War ( Sundayboy Davis). He was one of the commanders who was order by Mr. Taylor to disarm and have Sam Bockarie arrested if he should step on the Liberian soil with Arms, ok?

      Let me tell you this…. If Mr. Taylor was charged with War and other crimes committed in Liberia while he was serving as the leader of NPFL, many of us here will have nothing more to say but prosecute him for what he did in Liberia and I could have been a witness to testify in that trial!
      If I was to tell you that, the US did give LURD $5,000,000.00 every Month through Guinea while fighting Mr. Taylor what will you say?

      The reason why they couldn’t charged him for crimes committed in Liberia is that, those who decided to distroyed him will be pull into the trial as criminals themselves!

      The prosecution have not shown any documentations to proved their case after bringing witnesses after witnesses. For example, vamuyan Sheriff who is one of the prosecution’s star witnesses even testfied that they ( ULIMO ) of which he was member controlled the border of Sierra Leone and Liberia from 1991 and controlled the whole of western Liberia up to the Guinean’s border for more than 6 years!

      Even the trial proceeding that went on in Sierra Leone, I don’t even think any of the former RUF Commanders who were found guilty in Sierra Leone ever stated that Mr. Taylor ever supplyed them arms during the period for which he Mr. Taylor was charged.
      How can you get true healing when those who are responsible for the crimes are still walking the streets and looking the victims in their eyes and making them to believed that someone else is responsible for their problems?

      As for me, I benefited nothing from Mr. Taylor or the War or even to say that I was fighting for him, that’s why I have no fear of anyone known my Identity. Because I didn’t fight or benefit from Mr. Taylor and the War in Liberia, It will not stop me from saying the true and what is right… JUSTICE for all and for the right reasons!

      Stay cool Brother, don’t let your emotions overcome you thereby making you biase in the face of JUSTICE, ROGGER?

  13. The days are few…………..
    The time is not enough………….
    The occasion is unknown…………
    The paticipants are many……….
    The judges are no where………………

    What am I pointing out? By the actions of the prosecution one can get the infinite impetus of the western plutocracies.
    Now the court room has been changed into a mere tragicomic against leaders of the African continent with no support of the plutocrats.

    Long Live Sierra Leone…..Long Live Liberia.

  14. Hi good people,

    My grade school teacher in Liberia once told me that October is too late for study. Meaning if you want to make a pass you must start to study in January in order to make good use of the school year instead of the last two months. In my view Monday is too late for the prosecution to study. They have wasted all these years making their case, yet they are ill prepared to cross examine Mr. Taylor. I’m not surprise in any way because there is nothing to prove. God please bless Mr. Taylor to open the eyes of our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone to know who their real enemies are in Jesus name…..


    Harris K Johnson

    1. Harris, I think they already know… they voted the SLPP out of power in the last elections. watchout! an huricane is coming in Liberia too!!!!

  15. Guys,

    from all indisputable evidence, this woman will still not be ready come Monday. if she even shows up on Monday, it will be to give more excuses why she is not ready. These prosecutors should be charged with dereliction of duty and bringing total disgrace and embarrassment to the people of Sierra Leone, in whose name they claim they are fighting for.

    Tracey, I need help. How are these prosecution people being paid? Is it by man hours, contracts, salaries, hourly wages, or something else I didn’t mention? However, their employer needs to start re-evaluating their pay.

    Ms. Hollis, equal pay is equaled to equal work. if you don’t work, you don’t get pay. So, please work for your money. No more free money for you. However, I beg you, please show up and come to work on Monday morning during normal working hours. If we don’t see you on Monday, we will consider you missing. Therefore, leaving us with no option, but to call 1800 US SEARCH. We will also ask the general public to inform the nearest law enforcement, if you are seen anywhere. We will also reward anyone who will provide information leading to your where about. One more thing before I leave, if you do show up, “NO GUN DECKING.” Do the actual work for which you are paid to do and fill out the proper paper work. For other people who may not know what gun decking is, this is the meaning. Instead of actually doing the job and filling out the paper that is accompanied by the work, you sit in one corner and fill the paper or job order under the pretense that you actually did the work. However,In other parts of the world, it is called checking the box without doing the actual work.

    1. Hi Jose,

      I am pretty sure the prosecutors are still working hard, as both they and the defense team always have. Let’s see what happens next week.


  16. Hi

    I am not suprise at the prosecutor behavior you know why? It is because they accuse Mr.Taylor falsely and to proved this false allegation is difficult.

    The defence has done a good work they left no screw untide .

    bravo !!!! Mr Graffith



    1. Zobon,

      Welcome brother, the house is on fire. Mr. Graffith is above the moon.


      Harris K Johnson

  17. Eagle Eye(returns),

    I was reading one of your post where you tend to side with the prosecution regarding Taylor expression of intending to step down from the presidency of Liberia. The prosecution maintained that Taylor did not use the word step down in his letter as he narrated during his testimony. Hence he lied to the court. Taylor said that the phrase considered recusing myself from the political process was sufficient to imply that he was quitting his office.

    Now brother, I admonish you to satisfy yourself by going to the Library and researching phrasing with similar construction in order to derive the connotative meaning. Second if you are in school or associated with a school, I urge you to go to that school and seek assistance from the english department or professors on the implication of that phrase.

    Maybe such outside help will bring you in line with discussion, for Hollis herself conceded and no educated person will push an argument of the nature that hollis propounded.

    The assertion is simple Jose, King Gray and others have commented sufficiently.

  18. Helen,

    We are missing you, this interval of quietude of yours make us nervous at times. But we understand we all have busy schedules. But I am sure you have been following the proceedings.

  19. Look folks this trial has a long way to go, it’s just one evidence the prosecutor try to present, I’m sure the prosecutor entire cross examination was not base on this Lome Peace deal, let’s wait and see, this trial is like playing poker, she’s not going to sure her hand.

    To make an assumption that Taylor will be find not guilty is way too early.

    1. John Thompson,
      That is a very good question, but why the prosecution could not move on when the judges ask them. Why they have not move forward with other evidence.? Why do they have to rearrangment their cross examination of Mr Taylor base on evidence that has not been approve by the court.

    2. John Thompson,
      what we are saying here is that the prosecutors are not up to a good start. After all these years, in fact, when President Taylor was still president, they told the entire world that they were ready for the trial. As a matter of facts, they announced that they have about forty thousand (40,000.00) page documents ready to prove their case.

      John, what had happened to the 40,000.00 pages? You want to tell me they can not take out at least, twenty (20) pages for the first two days from the 40,000.00 pages they claim they have. If they had done that, I think they would have been left with 39,980.00 pages.

      John, the bottom line, these people have no case against this innocent man.

  20. Recuse (resign, abdicate, relinquish, abstain)
    I think they all mean the same, and relative to STEP DOWN right, people?
    Well, I also agreed that Ms. Hollis made a very bad start here. So you can ask court for time to plan strategies as if you don’t know your way around when you are on the floor? SO INTERESTING MAN.
    Oh, Hi Ms. Teage
    What’s your view on Ms. Hollis first start Sister?


  22. Dolo,

    It is simple. Ms. Teage is disappointed with the performance of the prosecution. Trivial matter like the difference between recusing and stepping down is what the prosecution is capitalizing on so as to point to the dishonesty of taylor. interesting.

    Let her capitalize on major issues like the movement of arms and provide evidence. like th storage bunker under taylor house where arms were supplied to ruf, the grave of the pregnant woman, the name of the person who was eaten at the poro society, and what their family status is, the huge bank account taylor has from the sale of sierra leone diamond, the number of ruf fighter that taylor imprisoned for misconduct, the number of commands orders that taylor gave to the ruf on troop movements, promotions, executions, imprisonments etc.

    Let them be more substantive.

  23. Fallah leave me alone please. Is this what your team of expert reduce to so fast? Monday is just a days away you understand. Monday is not really you will be even more disappointed then the passed days. Monday is not just for the persecutors alone, the defend is also doing her check and balance as well. Beside I am not going to persecute you, no that is not what I am here for. I just came here to say the true about this trial. If Taylor is in court for the crime iin Liberia then this is a different ball game okay. So please watch the trial on Monday.

  24. To Andrew Jlay. This what happened.
    “Ms. Hollis asked Mr. Taylor to point out in the letter where he had said to Mr. Bush that he would step down as Liberian president, as claimed by the former president in his direct examination”.

    I may be an illiterate as you claim but I am quite sure that is what she was asking. “would step down” and “would consider stepping down” are different. Anyway, I believe Ms Hollis got what she wanted and moved on. You see my brother, this issue of Taylor’s involvement in Sierra Leone is been laid bare for all to see. It is only people who refuse to see, won’t see. I don’t need a teacher and I believe I am educated to a point where I can look after myself , don’t a teach to analyse a sentence as simnple as that. CRITICAL ANALYSIS.

    1. eagle-eye(returns),

      Concerning this issue of Taylor and Sierra Leone, I advise you to watch the video on the link provided by winakab on november 12, 2009 blog. All that taylor mentioned during the final days of his testimony are on that video. executive outcome hired by Kabba to restore him to power and sandline the mercernary imported 2500 yes two thousand five hundred pieces of AK47 assault rifles into Sierra Leone admist a UN arms embargo on the country.

      Then they accuse taylor? no case, let the man go. what sort of justice is this.

  25. Charles Taylor is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. I am waiting to hear his fate which i hope will be a guilty verdit and a sentence. Thanx to the British who have already provided a prison for him.
    May God bless Sierra Leone and Liberia.

    1. Brave,
      You are acting like the prosecution team. You just hurl statements without being able to back them with documentary evidence. Give me one documented fact that makes you say Charles Taylor is a patholigical liar ?

  26. I have faith in the Justice system. Ms. Hollis and your team re-group, come back and finish what you started, “Put Taylor” behind BARS! It is kind of awesome to me that Taylor and his son Emmanuel were both on trail at the same time. I am very certain that Taylor will be found guilty and I look forward to hearing the final verdict. I think the prosecution is off to a rough start, but the judge has to make sure that whatever happens whatever verdict is desired that justice must truly be served and Taylor needs to be convicted fair and square so if they say no New EVIDENCE, than NO NEW EVIDENCE, I have a lot of respect for Ms. Hollis she took on a very difficult task, and I know she is a smart woman, as smart as Taylor thinks he is I know he’s not smart enough to fool those who have sat in that court room and heard the atrocities he committed against the people of our neighbors Sierra Leone. WE all know that Taylor being cross examined will be him denying every allegation, and everything…But I know that Taylor and is entourage have fooled enough people and it ends here.
    So Ms. Hollis, regroup come back. I’m rooting for you and so is many Sierra Leoneans, Liberians believe it or not Americans and just many people!!! After the trail I pray I get a chance to meet this amazing woman!!!

    I know i spoke about following the cross examination, it’s exciting that it’s actually happening, and even though I’m not able to follow as often as I would like to, I appreciate you and Sessay,( I hope I didn’t get his name wrong if i did I’m very sorry), keeping us all to date with the trail.

    1. Thanks Ms. Teage — yes this whole trial process is fascinating, right? Let’s see what the cross-examination brings. Tomorrow should be an interesting day.

    2. Teage,

      you got me cracking up today. Let me tell you why you made me laughed so much today and I just can’t stop, when ever I re-read your post. This was your line that got me cracking. “GO PROS. GO !!!!!! YOU GOT A HARD JOB MS. HOLLIS BUT YOU CAN’T DO IT!!! Teage, I’m responding to you and I’m still laughing. I just can’t help it. But anyways, I will try to be more serious for one minute. No way guys; I can’t type, as the result of me still laughing. Ok, I have a strategy. I will walk around my house three times and come back, maybe, that will help me settle down just a little bit.
      Ok Teage, I’m back. However, in the exact line that is making me to laugh, you acknowledged that Ms. Hollis has a hard job. Therefore she “CAN’T DO IT.” You know what has just happened to you? It is the power of reality. Reality is closing on you. Nevertheless, I know you meant to have said, she can do it. Instead of “CAN’T DO IT.”However, I will help you here a little bit, by giving you the benefit of the doubts: eventhough, you will not give President Taylor the benefit of the doubt.

      Teage, why do you think this is a hard job for Ms. Hollis especially after she asked for more time in order to rearrange and reconsolidate? When and how do you know it to be a hard job for her? Please answer me Teage.

        1. And it’s not my behavior that is the Freudian slip, it’s the mistake that I made that will be considered a freudian slip. But since I was not thinking to say CAN’T I meant can’t and it was a Typo it was actually not a freudian slip. Nice try though.

      1. Rodriguez,
        Very childish again. A joyful heart is good medecine. I’m glad my typos made you laugh. Laugher is the best medecine for a person.

        1. Teage,
          it is not your “typo” error that made me laughed, just so you know. Besides, we all make mistake and that’s why I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Nevertheless, it was the entire quote. Don’t make it seems like it was your typing mistake that cracked me of. Notwithstanding, you are still making the same mistake with this “can’t” and can. This time, I will not be generous enough to identify where the mistake was made again. However, it is your responsibilty to correct it, if you deem fit.

          Finally, I asked you series of questions based upon the specific qoute that made me laughed and you are yet to answer. However, this was your quote and I will restate my questions and expect answer. “GO PROS. GO !!!!! YOU GOT A HARD JOB MS. HOLLIS BUT YOU CAN’T DO IT!!!! This was and still my question. Why do you think this is a hard job for Ms. Hollis, especially after she asked for more time in order to rearrange documents and reconsolidate your position? However,when and how do you know it to be a hard job for her? Did she tell you it was hard or you suspect it to be hard?

          Teage, you have all the time in this world to respond. But, please answer these questions before the posted date expires.

    3. Well, I will make onething clear here, Mr. Taylor son wasn’t on trial for what happened in Sierra Leone as Mr. Taylor is now! Now, during the trial of Charles Taylor Jr, did you hear anyone of us here writing comments about his trial?

      I had contact with some of the Lawyers from Liberia who were involve with the trial in Florida. In fact some of them and myself travel on the same flight from the US to Liberia in October of 2008 when the trial was going on. Charles Taylor Jr. was charge for crimes he committed in liberia while serving as a commander of part of the liberian security forces!

  27. Hi Ms. Teage,

    Just for a point of understanding,……the trial of Charles Taylor has nothing to do with that of his son. I say this in regard to your your comment on this panel of how awesome it is for the father and his son to be put on trial at the same time.
    I say this and can openly say, even in America or wherever that if Mr Taylor is taking to court by the people of Liberia or in the name of the people of said republic, he will have a fair chance of only 1 in a 1000th to walk out of that court a free man.
    I say this to say that the man in court today owe the Liberian people a great deal of appologies than any other Liberian for the civil war or for any mayhem for whatever only in Liberia.

    As for Chuckie, he is an American citizen and if he can be charged by the US Court of Law for activities he must have been a part of or directly responsible for (as a US citizen) then with fair justice as the US claims to represent, their are uncountable US citizens who fate for similar trial for which he is accused of.

    In October of this year, if you are well informed as I expect of you, the Italian court convicted a number of US citizens serving as the CIA for the unlawful abduction of a muslim cleric in the heart of Italy and taken to the US for judgement in the name of anti-terrorism but the US refused to hand them over to serve their sentences.
    The unjustify war in the gulf state of Iraq killing almost half a million of innocent Iraqis and the number going up as you read this post is also enough to put behind bar men like Collin Powel, Robert Gates, George Bush Jr., Condoleeza Rice and the list keep going on, Ms Teage.
    Why should the justice system be only directed to Emmanuel as the only….”ONLY” US citizen held responsible for acts commited overseas in the history of the Great United States Of America, the land of LIBERTY?

    Let put aside nepotism and talk the real issue at hand, people.
    A man like Ahmed Tejan Kaba is not facing trial after forcing his way into power at the lives of innocent Sierra Leoneans with the help of the British and the US governments just because he has dance according to the tones of the western autocrats.
    After so many innocent Sierra Leoneans died just because they dared to bring back to power a man that will do whatever they wanted without comments, a UN diplomat…….!

    The people of Guinea are left to die today by the hands of the military who deposed a democratically elected government after the death of it’s president and the reason given is that there was no president deposed!

    There’s non a single South African taken to a war crime court for the attrocities carried out during the appatheid era after the death of scores of innocent people just for voicing out their right as citizens.

    The only thing the US president could say to a military government in Myanmar today at the APEC summit is to appeal for the release of Aun San su kyi from detention after all the brutalities by the Military Generals against it’s own people for the past decades.
    The US would not bring to the table any plan of military actions to remove the military and restore a civilian government as in Iraq because there is no interest (gas or oil)?

    Omar El Bashir is on an arrest warrant by the ICC today because he refused to trade the national resources of Sudan with the US and it’s closest friend UK whilst he do business with China and Russia.

    The truth of the matter is Charles Taylor was targeted for not dancing to to the tone of the autocrats of the west, Ms Teage.
    Why not a war crime cout for Liberia? I know the answer and you know the answer, Ms Teage. As long as we have in Power a person willing to dance to our tone there will be no plan of a war crime court for Liberia, PERIOD.

    What has become of the TRC Report in Liberia today? It has not been on the agenda of the US and the UK just because it reccomend that certain people be bar from politics for not less than 30 years and those people are the interest of the same autocrats I am pointing out, Ms Teage.

    I belief the sanction on Liberia during the regime of Charles Taylor was deu to the fact that he failed to meet the orders of the same autocrats but here today the government of Liberia which is headed by someone the TRC Report reccomends be bared from the political scene for not les than 30 years still gets an overwarming supports from the west.

    Hopen you come to understand my point been expressed here, Ms Teage.

    Please NOTE: This is Bartus Taylor, Jr. a nephew of Mr Charles Taylor but my view does not represent that of the Taylor family but rather myself as an individual taking part on this forum as a freedom of expression.

    Thanks to Tracey and fabulous Alpha and your entire team for the hard work you undertake in regulating this forum.

    Long live Liberia and long live Sierra Leone.

    1. Good courage Bartus! I hope you remian courageous and learn very well for tommorrow you might be able to make an important contribution to Liberia. This forum is richly educating. Keep the faith my brother!

    2. Bartus Taylor Jr.

      i understand the desired impact and personal interest you have relating to this case; especially, when your cousin Charles Taylor Jr. name is being called. Your point is well taken. However, I’m asking you to please quit posting not only on this site but any other site. I understand your family is going through a whole lot, including yourself. People will personally inflict you with severe pains and say things to hurt you more. please quit like the rest of your family member is doing. However, leave it with the Liberian people to handle it. I can assure you, the Liberian people have a very strong grip and very passionate grip on this trial. Look at what is happening on this website. look at what is happening in Liberia, especially with the just ended by election. Look at what is happening on other website. Look at what is happening in the court room itself. Nevertheless, please do not read into my post that I’m silencing you or denying you the rights to express your views. As you may be aware, this case is not based on the rule of law. But rather on powerful people in high places desire, and “might makes right” justice system.
      I wish you and the Taylor family well.

      1. Jose and Bartus,

        A note just on the policy on this website: anyone and everyone is welcome to comment on this site and express their opinion on the trial, as long as they stick to our one rule: to focus on the issues and not attack other readers. Jose I understand what you are saying to Bartus, but it is ultimately his choice to post or not to post. Each person is treated as an individual here, entitled to express their own opinion, and for their opinion to be debated on the basis of merit, not on the basis of who they are or who they say they are related to. In addition, if anyone attacks any other reader on this site, and hence their comment does not meet our policy, I will not allow the comment to be posted.

        I encourage all readers then to continue to comment in the spirit with which the readers on this site have been doing: engaging with the issues emerging from the trial.


      2. Jose, while one can understand your interest to protect Bartus’ emotional state. i think the brother has shown that he is strong enough to undergo the rigors of this site. I am sure he has been confronted with worst situation face to face given the high intolerance some Liberians have towards Mr. Taylor.

        It is healthy for Bartus to vent out his feelings otherwise he could suffered from some serios physchological or emotional depression. Bartus, do your thing!!!

    3. The reason why Emmanuel held responsible for what he did in Liberia is that, he wasn’t sent by the US to seek her interest… He did those on his own order! Now with the issue of collin Powel and Robert Gates, Robert Gates wasn’t the Defense chief when the war started in Iraq. With Collin Powel, he was misled and he finally realized it, he started to correct it but he was fire from his position!

    4. Great Post Bartus,

      Let’s see what Ms. Teage response will be. The issue of executive outcome and sandline undermining UN arms embargo on freetown with the supply of over 2, 500 pieces of AK47 and other ammunition in my opinion exonerates Taylor completely.

    5. Bartus,
      I believe it is quite ok for me to mention that Taylor and his son was on trail at the same time. If my entire posting was about that it will be a problem. I am 100% aware that this trail is not about Taylor’s son.
      You and I share a lot of the same sentiments about the double standards that exist in the American or I can go as far as saying the Western world’s judicial system. Now as far as what you said about Bush and Powell etc…The law that Emmanuel was tried on states that if an American citizens goes to another country and commits acts against humanity. Emmanuel did that directly. The trouble with prosecuting Bush and Powell is that they themselves did not commit these acts, and it’s hard proving that they ordered these acts. There are several American soldiers who are currently on trail for rape and murder committed in Afghanistan and Iran. These cases was cut and clear easy to prove and so these people are on trail. Powell and Bush and many others it will be almost impossible to find evidence to say that Powell and Bush ordered American generals to rape, murderer and maime innocent citizens, for that reason they will never be brought to trail. But as I stated before there are many American soldiers who are on trail for crimes against humanity as Chuckie Taylor was on trail. Bush and Powell and the administration could say that they did not know that these crimes were going on, they did not order it, that the casualties of innocent civilians were all accidental and not plan. But who goes on Trail? Bush and Powell the generals who were on the grounds and made the orders, the soldiers who carried out the orders……………
      I am by no way shape or form supporting Bush or Powell, as I said before I share the same sentiments about the hypocrisy that exist when it comes to justice in Africa, and Justice in America or any other places.
      But I just wanted to say while some comparison exist between the Should be prosecution of people like Bush and Powell, and Chuckie Taylor. The similarities are not that for lack of better words “similar’. Chuckie was put on trail for crimes he himself committed the prosecution sought to prove that Chuckie Taylor committed crimes against innocent Liberians. Proving that the American army committed crimes against humanity is not hard, proving that Bush and Powell and people of the administration are to blame for it is a bit of a different situation. Innocent Afghans have died Innocent Iraqis have died, someone must pay!!
      Americans and other Western nations have had their hands in human rights violation, but are they going to be prosecuted most likely not. This is the hypocrisy that exist. It will be ridiculous for anyone to deny that there are two standards that apply to Africa, and the West.
      But that does not change the fact that I am still support the fact that a murderer like Chuckie Taylor is paying for crimes he committed in Liberia. If Chukie was an innocent person I would honestly have problem with that. But as an American citizen Chukie tortured and murdered many Liberian citizens. The court had sufficient evidence and witnesses to testify to Chukie’s brutality. So whether or not there is a double standard for African leaders and Western leaders, whether Bush and Powell needs to be brought to justice is a topic for another day. Chuckie Taylor did something horrible and he is paying for it. I’m pretty sure if another ordinary, white or black or asian citizen commits a crime abroad as Chuckie Taylor did, they would be trailed for it. It get’s complicated when several people could be blamed for a certain event.

      After blabbing for like a million paragraph what am I saying simply……

      Andrew since you wanted to hear my opinion,
      There is a double standard when it comes to justice within the international community. There are several people who SHOULD be on trail and aren’t on trail, in any case, guilty people are being let go, while other guilty people (Chuckie Taylor, Charles Taylor) are being prosecuted.
      This is going in another direction and I’ll try to end this post soon, but the world sat back and in 100 days 1,000,000 Rwandans were dead, the French helped the Hutus is the french being prosecuted. Years before the Belgium planted hateful ideologies that lead to the genocide in 1959, and the most devastating one in 1994, did someone bring Belgium officials to justice, NO. I don’t believe that it’s ok, or fair, one bit. Clinton’s administration decided to refer to the genocide in 1994 as “acts of genocide” rather than genocide, because if they said “genocide” they were legally bonded to act because of the law made at the genocide convention in December of 1946, after the holocaust? Yet in 2000 when there was a genocide in Kosovo, thousands of American troops were in Kosovo in days. I say all this to say….There is a double standard that exist. You and I both know that very well.
      It’s an injustice to let murderers, go free.
      But is is not an injustice to prosecute someone who is guilty of charges against humanity i.e a murderer. So while Rice and Powell and Bush should be held responsible, that does not change the fact that Emmanuel was and is responsible for the torture and murder of many Liberians.

      1. Ms. Teage,
        Please tell us in this forum, the importance and reason of the war in Iraq in the first place before, we go into what individual sodiers or personells did. Also, let us know why the UN did not participate??? What was role and findings of the IAEA.

        1. Noko5,

          Are you kidding me. You think I agree with the war in Iraq, why don’t you tell me the importance of the war in Iraq, once again you who have told me a million times to stick to the point needs to do the same. I mentioned Iraq to Answer Bartus’ question. You asking me about the Iraqi war is Irrelevant. I DO NOT support the war in Iraq, I never did……

      2. Teage,
        Have you heard about the phrase”those that bear the greatest responsibilty”? However, according to you, ” the trouble with prosecuting Bush and power is that they themselves did not commit these acts, and it’s hard proving that they ordered these acts.” However, I beg to differ. The reason why they have not been prosecuted is because they have the “Biggest Guns.” This is a world of “might makes right.”

        Teage, don’t you think the same standard of measurement that you are applying on President Bush and General Power could be used on President Taylor too? However, according to both the defense and prosecution, President Taylor did not personally commit these crimes for which he is being charged. Not only that, he was never seen or captured in Sierra Leone as an illegal enemy combatant. Instead, they are holding him responsible for the crimes, because according to them, he had influence, control, and supported the RUF.
        Teage, one justice system, but two different standards, unbelievable.

        1. 1000% absolutely NOT!!! Taylor directly ordered, plotted, and hashed out plans to murderer intimidate civilians in another country because of personal gain and greed. Bush with the Head of State, Powell was the Secretary of State, The Bush administration and Powell went into Afganistan to “fight terrorism”; (whatever you interpret that to be) because of 9/11, they went to Iraq for “weapons of mass destruction”, that was never found and than to liberate the Iraqis from Sadam Hussiene. There is no proof that Bush and Powell and his Bush’s administration went to Afganistan and Iraq to murder innocent people and to gain “oil” as everyone says. When Soldiers got on the ground, many of them committed heinous crimes against the natives of those two countries, was it because they were under pressure, did the general say “shoot and rape”, did the soldiers themselves become lawless or did Bush the Bush administration order dirctly the murder of these people……???
          You see Jose it’s NOTHING simillar about these two cases except atrocities were committed in another country. OH I forgot to say was Taylor “President” when these crimes in S.L begin or was he a rebel leader……..
          When someone can prove that the Bush administration (Rice Powell et al., ) intentionally and directly ordered the massacre maiming and rape of Innocent Iraqi and Afgans people as a “war tactic”, and it wasn’t the soldiers under stress acting that way, or the general ordering it, than we can have a conversation about it.

          Oh yeah one last thing several Soldiers have been trailed and sentenced to life in prison, some like Pfc. Steven Dale Green, could have even gotten the death penalty. Even as I’m typing there are a couple of Soldiers on trail for murder and rape committed in Afganistan. Even Canada is facing the same situation.
          Herendous crimes have been committed against the Afgan and Iraqi people, If there is any proof that it was ordered by BUSH POWELL RICE, or anybody else I PRAY that they be brought to justice. But as of now, No proof, No trail.
          To even compare the two situation is actually quite laughable.
          With that said I think I’m pretty much done talking about BUSH et al., let’s get back to Sierra Leone and Taylor.

  28. Jacone,

    I have mentioned Mr Robert Gates because he was also a member of the Bush Jr administration by whom Donald Rumsfelt was replaced.
    This equits him to every other Bush Administration’s member.
    I didn’t have to name every other member of the said administration as a reference.
    AS of Colin Powel, he was the key orchestrator of the Iraqi crises so his stepping aside does no obscure him of inclusion if a trial for war crimes is call for.

    Jose Rodriguez,

    I’ve got your message but as I’ve also stated in the same posting, my comments on this forum are just as any other person in this chat room posting as an individual in related to its pact of a freedom of expression as permited by the moderators in this room (Ms Tracey Gurd and her team members).

    Since I have not personally attributed any attack “PERSONALLY”, by verbal contents or direct insult, I do not think it is right to stop posting on this forum.

    Please take to note, I consider this forum as a course or a way in improving our communicative skills interlectually. In other words, I am a social student and I am also using this as an internship in my thirst to learn so I will not adhere to your advice, eventhough I respect your comments.

    Remember, this is a statement of an individual like any other person in this room and should not be used to refer to the Taylor family.

    Thank you once more Tracey for your reminder.

    I love this room.

    Long live Liberia, Long live Sierra Leone!

    1. Bartus,
      Your point is well taken but what I was say is that the misleading on the part of the adminisration of Mr. Bush is the same thing that was said in the cross examination of Mr. Taylor yesterday!
      That he Mr. Taylor was misled thinking that the exchanged of informations between his government and the CIA was in the interest of his government but it turned out not to be the case and that’s what happened to Powel and few others!

      But on the otherhand, I disagreed with you to say that every member of the George W. Bush administration is responsible for what ever went wrong! Those personnel serving in the government are subject to order by the president as well, ok.

      And as such, they could have gotten involved into setting things against their will to protect their political future since American politice is so base on nationalism! Therefore, your disagreement with the president on setting issues does set the stage for a career end like in the case ofgeneral wesly Clarke!

  29. Jacon,

    your point is duly noted and I do agree with you on the part of “not everyone in the Bush Administration need be bleem”, that for sure true.

    Ms Teage,

    You are such an interesting commentator, I love your postings and open sayings.
    I will agree with you in some of the highlights you expressed, but, what I said was to allowed equal balance to prevail in the global judicial as the world is a global village and that everyone is perceived equal due to human right.
    No one US Citizen or any citizen of whichever country should be targeted by global judicial by nepotism as in the case of Chucks.
    I am also a US Citizen and this could apply to me as a citizen as should anyone else who is a US Citizen.
    Get me on this, not because Chucks is my 1st cousin, I am not in support of some of the acts he was accused of if they are true. Anyone, be it me or my brother, once you commit a crime of such nature must bear the full weight of the LAW if proven guilty.
    This is why I said it is not fair for the US Justice System to target a particular person…………

    it’s just ……Bartus Taylor Jr.,…again.

    1. I can honestly say I agree. Everyone should be perceive equal whether African, black white whatever…but you and I both know that that is not the case. It’s quite disheartening, but this is a reality. There is a double standard that exist in the global judicial system. Some people pay for what they did, and others are free to do whatever they want and never pay it’s not fair. But this is the state of how things are……

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