Breaking News:Judges Grant Prosecution’s Request To Use “Fresh Documents” In Cross-Examination

The Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today granted the prosecution’s request to use new documents in cross-examination in order to impeach or challenge the credibility of Mr. Taylor and his testimony as a witness in his own defense. On November 10, the prosecution sought to use “fresh evidence” in the form of new dicuments which had not been submitted as part of the prosecution’s case and had also not been raised in Mr. Taylor’s direct-examination. Mr. Taylor’s defense objected, calling it a “trial by ambush.” The judges asked the prosecution to make a formal application for use of those documents and the defense be given the opprotunity to respond. After filing of motions by the parties, the judges delivered their ruling today granting the prosecution’s request to use the new documents. The judges also ruled that the prosecution may also use as evidence in cross-examination a certain category of documents in order to prove the accused’s guilt but such documents must be disclosed to the defense in advance.

“Starting Tuesday, we will begin making use of such documents to show Mr. Taylor was not truthful in his direct testimony,” Special Assistant to the Prosecutor, Mr. Jeremy Weiser said today in an email.

We shall endeavour to do a summary of the judgement for readers soon.


  1. Have the Prosecution gone to manufactured new documents? Where were these documents during the one year of their presenting of their case? I hope the Defence will also be allowed to examine these socalled new documents being allowed. This is very strange.

    It will not fly. They first of all need to establish linkage to the Sierra Leone crisis. We are not herer to examine Liberia.

    1. Helen,
      There aren’t any “FRESH DOCUMENTS”…..what happened was the prosecutors were left in the dust by what and with the defense presented during direct examination. They were LOST on the volume of DOCUMENTS presented compare to their HEARSAYS.

      Amongst those or these “FRESH DOCUMENTS”, the only one pertaining to Sierra Leone is the PEACE ACCORD; all else, Liberia’s war and personal info on Mr Taylor.

      I say GOOD LUCK.

  2. I only saw a small portion of the trial the morning session. Did the prosecution provide any of the “fresh evidences” they were granted in order to impeach or challenge the credibility of Mr. Taylor and his testimony as a witness in his own defense?

  3. Noko4,5,6,Jose, Helen, andrewjlay, Sam, and others of taylor clan, what have you to say about the decision today by th Judges to grant Prosecution right to provide new evidence in the cross examination of your chief? Is Hollis tough or Helen? Now you see all the gabbage you have being throwing out their because you want to save this undeserving common criminal? please let gankay come back to rule those of you that know no differnce between day and night!

    1. I don’t know about whoever else and what they got to say but I can say Menjor is exciting!!!!!!!! Once again je dit “GO PROS GO!!!!!.

    2. Fallah,

      the granting of new evidence by the judges to the prosecution clearly demonstrates how weak and lackluster the prosecution evidences are. However, weak enough to be granted, the opportunity to prove that this innocent man is guity as being charged by presenting brand new evidence. To me, it is a big and serious disgrace to the prosecution; who after all these years, boasted that they were ready and able to prove their case that President Taylor was in total control of the situations in Sierra Leone that led to the rebels’ behavior of carnage. It also tells me, that the judges donot want any excuse from the prosecution and its supporters why this man is to be set as a free man.

      So Fallah, how could you possibly consider this as a win for you. How can you interpret this as President Taylor will be found guilty. Nonetheless Fallah, there will be nothing new that the prosecution will present, that we have not already heard. However, the fact that you are even thrilled and excited for the presentation new evidence, tells me that Mr. Taylor has won the OLD FAKE EVIDENCE.

      So Fallah, let’s watch the new evidence as Presiden Charles Ghankay Taylor has already defeated the prosecution first sets of evidence. We look forward for the new evidence.

    3. Fallah,
      I am NOT surprise the prosecutors were given the judgement. I am glad also to finally see what the prosecutors are made of…..they hang their entire case on these “FRESH DOCUMENTS” after all these years of preparations…..what a shame.

    4. Fallah,

      In response to your post, I have posted word by word, the conclusion of the judges ruling. It said the introduction of fresh evidence to impeach taylor’s testimony will be determined or decided upon by the court on case by case basis. So this ruling is not a blanket authority to bring in fresh evidence. Secondly the evidence will be restricted to impeach taylor’s prior testimony and his credibility. thirdly any fresh evidence that supports the prosecution’s theory in chief will have to be disclosed to the prosecution in advance for their review and response.

      And another thing fallah, Taylor’s name rightful spelling is GHANKAY and not Gankay, so please take note.

      1. I understand that I spell it that way because you should know enough about phonets and that african names are usually spell depending on sounds and pronounciations. Besides, I really don’t care about how I spell his name anyway because this guy deserves none of my respect in the first place! Andrew, I do not fear taylor as some of you do.He is not better than jfallahmenjor except for those of you who benefited from his ill-gotten wealth and thus owe loyalty to him! Does this satisfy you, AndrewJlay?

  4. J. fallah manjor

    You bet there were some twisting hands from Washington and London that pursued those judges to rule to the contrary. But in the final analysis justice will prevail. The prosecution must ascertain that this so-called new evidence must connect Taylor directly to the atrocities in Sierra Leone. If this new evidence is to discredit Taylor’s credibility, than the prosecution is up for a rude awaken, because all of the prosecution witnesses had no credibility. The prosecution just can’t have it both ways.

  5. Hey,

    This report is misleading! After reading the transcript i do not see any difference between the ruling of the court and the previous position of the court on the issue of admissibility. What’s the breaking news about this?

    1. Sylvanus,

      I think you are right, the main point was the case by case determination of the fresh evidence. So the ruling was not a blanket authority. But I posted the conclusion of the opinion of the court so that those who did not read the actual transcript can evaluate on their own.

  6. Maybe tomorrow the prosecution will finally bring out the smoking gun like the whereabouts of the $5 Billions, Arm merchants and audio recordings and documents….lol

    1. And she needed a RULING for that Mas??? I guarrantee you NOTHING new will be on display…..same ole and old WRAP AROUND THE CURVE.

  7. Everybody, this is the ruling of the court on the fresh evidence motion.

    For those who did not have the opportunity to see the handling of the ruling on the “fresh evidence” motion, I provide below word by word excerpt reflecting the conclusion, result or summary of the judges decision. You can find the transcript of the ruling on the special court’s website.



    i) The Prosecution may use documents containing fresh evidence in order to impeach the credibility of the Accused. The admission of such documents into evidence will be determined on a case-by-case basis;

    ii) In respect of document containing fresh evidence that is probative of the guilt of the Accused:

    a) the Prosecution must disclosed all such documents to the Defense forthwith;

    b) following such disclosure the Trial Chamber, on a cases-by-case basis, will entertain submissions from the parties in relation to the use and /or admission of such documents in accordance with the criteria above;

    iii) Defense Counsel may have access to the Accused to take instructions on any document falling within category (ii) above; and Dismisses all other applications by the parties.”

    Now, I Andrew Jlay, believe this ruling is fair because it grants the prosecution the latitude it needs in its cross-examination without infringing upon the rights of the accused. However, if the prosecution wants to produce evidence beyond impeaching or challenging Taylor’s testimony, but evidence that is trying to support their theory of guilt, then the defense will be entitled to a full disclosure of the evidence and timeframe to review and respond.

  8. So, it’s late in the fourth quarter, but the game isn’t over. Finally, some excitement! I can’t wait to see what the prosecution does with this so-called new evidence. . . This is a second chance for the prosecution team. Hopefully, this time, they won’t blow their chance for a touch-down.

  9. Fallah,
    Even before the news was posted “breaking News” on here, I was fortunate to have read the judges’ decision in its entirety on the SCSL website. It does not look like it’s going to be by “ambush” as they (prosecution) thought. Go back and read the decision it says “prosecution MAY use fresh evidence” but “It MUST disclose all such documents to defence forthwith”, which implies that “the prosecution request to use the “fresh evidence” to be used without first submitting same to defence – as Ms. Hollis attempted to do was denied. They can use new evidence, BUT 1). they have to provide such evidence to defence; 2.). Defence counsels will have access to the accused (CT) to take instruction on any fresh evidence.

    At issue, from the defence’s stand point, was not prosecution can or can not use fresh evidence, BUT the usage of same without proper disclosure of all new documents in the possession of the prosecution. In its request to the trial chamber, the defence requested, in part, that the “chamber must order the prosecution to disclose all

  10. My fiest posting continues…….

    new documents intended for use during cross-examination” and “access” to Mr. Taylor to advise on the material…..all of which was granted the defence. Is that anything to make you rejoyce? I really don’t think it’s any much of a victory for the prosecution. I will put the margin of victory to the one the prosecution score by bringing Moses Blah forward.

    Fallah, relaxed; don’t let your emotions carry you……I don’t know if I can get permission from the learned noko4 to score this one…..if I am, I will put it 5 to 3 for the defence. Why? Because the purpose for which the prosecution made the request was provide fresh evidence without proper submission to the defence. On the contrarary, those so-called fresh evidence will now have to be disclosed, and best of all, but worst for the prosecution team, Taylor’s counsels can advise him on the material, all of which the prosecution was trying to take a backdoor on. You have the right to prove me wrong otherwise, pls keep within the context, AND also don’t let your mind be over-carried by your emotion -as always. Remember we are talking about this decision, and not ELWA junction, attacks of Guinea, etc……

    Lastly, Alpha I wish your headline would have read “Judges grant prosecution request to use ‘fresh documents’ in cross-examination, but; which would have told a preview of the judges decisions as you elaborated in the body of your posting later. That way it would have helped people like Fallah who – it seems as if he didn’t read your entire posting, and got carried away by the heading. Peace and thank you Alpha for the great job, pls keep it up!

    1. Crown Hill Pekin,
      Fallah DOES NOT understand what would have been the DISGRACEFUL DISGRACE if the judges has decided the other way……MILLIONS spend could have gone into smoke.

      Again, since the prosecutors started, what have we gained???? ZERO!!!!. They have threw under hooks, side jabs and infact, hit below the belt, Mr. Taylor is still standing with only SWEAT dripping down his face.

      How can this prosecution be NOT PREPARE??? Today, an hour, yes AN HOUR was wasted on correcting her tricks….WHY??? Today we got the Immigration Statue of Liberia but what they don’t know is there are NO records of the ’53 everywhere to be found as far as I know….maybe the Library of Congress. Plus, it was a long standing practice for the Presidents of Liberia to grant citizenship to negro without going thru the PROCESS. Here she presents a document and part of it is missing….woow!!!!

      The current score reads……Mr. Taylor 10 vs Ms. Hollis & Mr. Koumjain 0.

      We’re still waiting for them to address the CHARGES for which Mr. Taylor is in this court for….it just seems like he’s on the stand for Liberia. And this is playing to his strenght; I hope they realize that…..he knows the FACTS as to them depending on notes from others.

    2. Crown Hill Peking, if you consider Noko4,a learned man then jfallahmenjor should be considered a Wise this logical enough? Anyway you guys hate well educated individuals just like gankay who fear his own educational inadequacy and thus surrounded himself with guys like Benjamin Yeaten,the cannibal,and Moses Blah,the informer and trusted cooleague! That is why we will get back at you each and every day from now on boy!

      1. Fallah,
        Stop your JEALOUSY!!!……ha ha ha

        So WISE MAN, when will we see the ACTUAL CASE??? The one that is pertaining to the charges??? We’re told this is NOT about Liberia but for the last 11 days, NOTHING to show linkage or guilt….WHY???

        Oh by the way, the score reads today after the TRICKY moves by Mr. Koumjain, Mr. Taylor 11 vs Ms. Hollis & Mr. Koumjain 0. What was he thinking today Fallah??? Repeatly told NO NO and NO plus NO. His explaination was like my 8 years old son telling me why we should go to McDonald…..shame shame shame.

      2. Fallah,

        you claimed to be educated and you also accused Crown Hill Pekin and others, as haters of educated people and being less educated only because, there are diversity of views. However, your assertion has no facts to begin with. You have neither provided any proof to show that you are more educated than others, nor have you proven that we are less educated than you.

        Fallah, Jose Rodriguez openly challenge you to prove that you are more educated than others on this site. I am also openly telling you that I am more educated than you. Moreso, I am openly telling you for the first time that I’m a United States citizen with liberia being my country of origin, who fought the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. However, I lived in Al Ramadi, Iraq. A place, that you may never have access. Certainly, I have access to informations and sites for being who I’m that you will never have access to until you die. There are places that I can enter in America that you will never enter until you die. There are government computers that have “top secrets, confidential, and other classified secrets and informations that you will never have access to and I have access.

        What school did you graduate from? Can you compare your self described “one top school in Liberia”with Temple University and other prestigious schools around the world? However, we are talking about contemporary education, whereas, you are talking about obsolete and ancient education from some kind of “top school in Liberia during the 70s. However, I have “two master degrees.” How many master you claim to have? According to you, you have one. And the one you even claim to have, can not be compared to the intensive studies of the two masters that I have in Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering.

        I challenge you, from now on, there should be no grammatical errors between the both of us.
        Lastly, I am appealing to the audience to please leave this education issue between Jose Rodriguez and J Fallah Menjor. No interference. Notwithstanding, graduates, students, prospective students, and admirers of some kind of “one of the top schools in Liberia during the 70s”, I do not mean to look down upon “top school”. However, I have been compelled to fight back this narcissist, J Fallah Menjor.

        1. Jose and J Fallah,
          I am appealling to you both not to go into a contest of who has more academic qualifications over the other. That will certainly be a shift from the issues to be duscussed on this site. It will also be a question of what value that adds to the good debates that we have all been engaged in over the past several months. Let us please get back to discussing the trial of former president Charles Taylor.

          Thanks for your kind understanding,

        2. Hey fallih manjor ,

          I hope the spelling really doesn’t matter!Alpha, please leave us alone for a bite and let us deal with this so-called Educated Liberian. sorry Jose, but I have to deal with this analog guy of the 70’s too. I have always read your posting Fallih and instead of arguing about the issues, you always speak about your education etc. What kinds of extra education do you have to boast about? According to you, you’re a 70’s Graduate from a well known University in Liberia, well! let me guess, LU and Cuttington, that is funning. Both universities are okaygood enough but not extra as you claim. Maybe you were lucky enough through some corrupt means to earn a scholarship into the west, good for you but others didn’t had such opportunity.

          Lets be truthful here, you graduated in an analog and non-digital age, thereby learning everything new in our time, that’s the fact e.g. Computers, cable TV and the digital environment etc. I really don’t care to know your area of studies, but I can tell that you’re indeed the least educated person on this blog. All you’re posting are base on hear-say issues, and that’s the fact. You make all these utterances with-out even knowing the background of the people you’re talking to. I guess a well educated person(s) would never ever do such.

          Em! i m sensing an accountant degree here, not bad please count our money but an engineering degree is also not bad especially if those degrees were EARNED HERE IN THE USA. I know of two other folks that have such on this blog but never boast un-necessarily like you. Damn the syntax and grammar, this blog writing is neither a term paper nor an official communication, it’s a blog get it. Focus on the Charles Taylor court proceeding and discuss the issues, you’re all over the place with pile of BS. This case is about Sierra Leone not Liberia, so my dear Transistor era Fallah boot yourself up and discuss the issue. The prosecution had 4 yrs to produce evidence and we yet to see them corner Taylor on anything related to SL, WHY? Where are the $$$$$$. Alpha, Sorry but sometimes people have to know their limits especially if someone is consistently bragging about some education issue

        3. AYE!!!!!! mY man GREBO. YOU SOAK THE PAPAY BIGGG TIME!!!!!!! right now I am feeling the water for him. I say!! he wet like country chicken….good job pekin….

        4. My pekin Jose,
          When you get done, just take a beer on me…hahaha!!!!!! yaw send him to bed small…my god!!! IT WASTE.. Papay Fallah you able those boys????

        5. Hi there Jose — just a quick note to let you know I have not posted a comment of yours as it focuses solely on another reader. However, I did appreciate your affirmation to listen to Alpha’s appeal and move on to discuss the trial.

          1. Jose — thanks, as always, for your understanding (and thanks for your welcome).

  11. I doubt if this evidence is powerful enough to challenge the credibility of Mr. Taylor and his testimony as a witness in his own defense. I believe the persecutors have run out of ideas. The first evidence to them were superior and this one is just to buy time. They were wrongly prepared for Charles. Believe you me, Charles will not be found gilty.

    1. Hi Jose — I have a comment which you just reposted again, but it is still centered only on another reader. I cannot post it as we have to focus on the issue arising from the trial. You note at the end that you will listen to Alpha’s appeal and move on – that is an excellent idea, we are grateful, and we look forward to your continued contributions which focus on Mr. Taylor’s trial.
      Very best,

  12. Fallah,

    What is meant by “Is Hollis tough or Helen?” I think this is a very irresponsible statement on your part as I am not in competition with Brenda Hollis so any comparison between me and her is of no relevance or importance. What is your point exactly, or are you once more confused? Am I a defence lawyer or am I the defendant in this case?

    If you have nothing of substance to add or say do not just make statements with out first thinking it through. Speak with some sense of maturity please. I expect this at the very least.

    1. Helen,
      Even my UNEDUCATED GRANDMOTHER would have done better questioning Mr. Taylor than Ms. Hollis…….a total DISGRACE to say the least.

      Fallah just need your attention….pass him by

  13. J. Fallah Menjor,

    If you read the Judge’s decision at SCSL it says that the evidence can not be used to derermine guilt of the accused and may or may not be admitted into evidence. So actually as I said in a previous post both the prosecution and defense got a little of what they wanted from this ruling.

  14. Let me repost it for the Taylorists to again take a look and see how shameful it is my Taylor to continue disgracing Liberians.


    Applicant, who shall be a negro or of African descent, must possess a valid passport and an up-to-date Resident Permit;

    Must have lived in the country for a period of not less than two (2) years proceeding to the submission of application for citizenship;
    A letter of application to the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization, expressing a desire to become citizen of Liberia , with the reason (s) stated therein;

    A background check by the Protective and Internal Security Division (PISD) of the Bureau, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Liberia National Police (LNP) after submission of application;

    A letter from the Bureau to the Circuit Court of the County in which the applicant resides, after they shall have received a favorable responses from both the Police and NSA, for the issuance of a Declaration of Intention to the applicant;

    The applicant is required to wait for the period not less than two (2) years or more than three (3) years after the issuance of the letter of Declaration of intention by the Court;

    A certificate of Citizenship may be issued to the applicant, following the filing of a Petition by the applicant or his lawyer;

    Two (2) letters of recommendation from two prominent persons in the community in which the applicant lives;

    After the issuance of the certificate of citizenship, the same is brought to the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization through the Division of Naturalization for official endorsement;

    Eight recent Passport size photos;

    Filling in an Application

    Noko4, Noko5, Helen and the rest of the Taylorists. Here is an act to amend certain sections of the Alien and Nationality laws of Liberia that is currently being debated. Strangely, one of the co-sponsor of this act is the then wife of your Papay, ewel Howard-Taylor Senior Senator, Bong County. So, your Papay should stop lying and making mockery of our beautiful country.

    OF THE

    WHEREAS, Article 11 (b) of the Liberian Constitution provides that ” All Persons, irrespective of ethnic background, race, sex, creed, place of origin or political opinion, are entitled to the fundamental rights and freedom of the individual, subject to such qualifications as provided for in our constitution”; and

    WHEREAS, Article 11(c) of the said Constitution guarantees that “All Persons are equal before the Law and are therefore entitled to the equal protection of the Law”, and

    WHEREAS, Article 28 of the Liberian Constitution provides that “Any person, at least one of whose parents was a citizen at the time of the person’s birth shall be a citizen of Liberia; provided that any such person shall upon reaching maturity renounce any other citizenship acquired by virtue of one’s parent being a citizen of another country. No citizen of Liberia shall be deprived of citizenship or nationality except as provided by law; and no person shall be denied the right to change citizenship or nationality”; and

    WHEREAS, Article 34(h) of the Constitution also gives the Legislature the authority to “establish laws for citizenship, naturalization and residence” not inconsistent with the Constitution; and

    WHEREAS, believing that the intent of the quoted provision is to ensure that Liberians who are citizens of Liberia by virtue of the provisions of the Constitution are not deprived of their citizenship on account of events of necessity for life, preservation and survival which are largely out of their control and/ or which are the results of natural occurrences over which they have no control; and

    WHEREAS, Article 13(a) of the Liberian Constitution also provides that “All Persons lawfully within the Republic of Liberia shall have the right to move freely throughout Liberia, to reside in any part thereof and to leave therefrom, subject however to the safeguarding of Public Security; and

    WHEREAS the circumstances stated herein, i.e. the departure of our citizens to other lands for their safety and security, and their lives and the lives of their families and relations do not present any interference or imposition to the safeguarding of the Public Security to the nation;

    WHEREAS the Liberian Constitution, at article 2, states “This Constitution is the supreme and fundamental law of Liberia and its provisions shall have binding force and effect on all authorities and persons throughout the Republic”, and further “Any laws, treaties, statutes, decrees, customs and regulations found to be inconsistent with is shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void and of no effect?.”; and

    WHEREAS, certain sections of the Aliens and Nationality Law of Liberia, enacted prior to the coming into effect of the new (1986) Liberian Constitution, stand in contrast to provisions and intent of the Liberian Constitution, referenced above, thus defeating the objective of the provisions of the Constitution and the equal protection of the Law; and

    WHEREAS, it has become imperative to amend certain Sections of the existing Aliens and Nationality Law of Liberia, consistent with current National realities and international best practices, to have them conform to the present Liberian Constitution, and as would grant to all Liberians the preservation of the right of citizenship guaranteed by the Constitution; and

    WHEREAS, free movement of the individual and the creation of an environment free of intimidation and harassment are important conditions for long-term national and individual development, social progress, peace, unity and security:

    NOW, THEREFORE, THE Liberian Senate and the House of Representatives in legislature assembled hereby amend certain Sections of the Aliens and Nationality Law of Liberia as follows:


    Section 1: Chapter 20: Nationality at Birth, and specifically Section 20.1, Citizen of Liberia at Birth, which reads:

    “The following shall be citizen of Liberia at birth:
    A person who is a Negro, or of Negro descent, born in Liberia subject to the Jurisdiction thereof:

    A person born outside Liberia whose father
    (i) Was born a Citizen of Liberia;
    (ii) Was a Citizen of Liberia at the time of the birth of such child, and
    (iii) Had resided in Liberia prior to the birth of such child,

    Is hereby amended to read as follows:

    “The following shall be a citizen of Liberia at birth:
    A person who is Negro, or of Negro descent, born in Liberia and subject to the Jurisdiction thereof:

    A person born outside Liberia whose father or mother
    (i) Was born a citizen of Liberia;
    (ii) Was a citizen of Liberia at the time of birth of such child; and
    (iii) Had resided in Liberia prior to the birth of such child.

    Section 2: CHAPTER 22: LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP, and specifically Section 22.1, Acts Causing Loss of Citizenship, which reads as follows:

    “From and after the effective date of this title, a person who is a citizen of Liberia whether by birth or naturalization shall lose his citizenship by:

    (a) Obtaining naturalization in a foreign state upon his own application; upon the application of a duly authorized agent, or through the naturalization of a parent having legal custody of such person, provided citizenship shall not be lost by any person under this section as a result of naturalization of a parent or parents while such person is under the age of 21 years, unless such person shall fail to enter Liberia to establish a permanent residence prior to his twenty ? third birthday; or

    (b) Taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof; or

    (c) Exercising a free choice to enter services in the armed forces for a foreign sate unless, prior to such entry or services, such entry or services is specifically authorized by the President;

    (d) Voting in a political election in a foreign state or voting in an election or plebiscite to determine the sovereignty of a foreign state over foreign territory; or

    (e) Making a formal renunciation of Liberian Nationality in a court in Liberia or before a diplomatic or consular officer of Liberia in a foreign state in such form as may be prescribed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia

    Is hereby amended to read as follows:


    Acts causing Loss of Citizenship

    (a) From and after the effective date of this title, no person who is a citizen of Liberia at birth shall lose his /her citizenship for reasons of marriage to a citizen of a foreign state; naturalization in a foreign state or naturalization of a parent or parents in another state; entering or serving in the armed forces for a foreign state or voting in a political election in a foreign state;

    (b) From and after the effective date of this title, Liberian Citizenship by Birth is hereby restored to all persons who were citizens by birth and who lost citizenship as a result of the conditions laid out in the previous Aliens and Nationality Law;

    (c) A person who is a citizen of Liberia at birth but who makes a free choice of a formal renunciation of Liberian nationality before a court in Liberia or before a diplomatic or consular officer of Liberia in a foreign state, in such manner as may be prescribed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia, and not growing out of circumstances over which he or she has no control or is not in control of, shall lose his/her citizenship;

    (d) By the passage of this Act, the Republic of Liberia shall, within the limits prescribed herein and under the conditions stated hereinbefore, RECOGNIZE “Dual Citizenship” in which a citizen of Liberia at birth may become a citizen of another state without losing HIS/HER Liberian citizenship; and

    (e) This Law shall apply only to persons who are Liberian Citizens at Birth.




    SPONSORED BY: Cletus Segbe Wotorson
    Senior Senator, Grand Kru County

    CO-SPONSORED BY: Sumo G. Kupee
    Senior Senator, Lofa County

    Jewel Howard-Taylor
    Senior Senator, Bong County

    Abel Massalay
    Senior Senator, Grand Cape Mount County


    CHAPTER IV Article 28 (The constitution of Liberia)
    Any person, at least one of whose parents was a citizen of Liberia at the time of the Person’s birth, shall be a citizen of Liberia; provided that any such person shall upon reaching maturity renounce any other citizenship acquired by virtue of one parent being a citizen of another country. No citizen of the Republic shall be deprived of citizenship or nationality except as provided by law; and no person shall be denied the right to change citizenship or nationality.

    CHAPTER III Article 20


    No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, security of the person, property, privilege or any other right except as the outcome of a hearing judgment consistent with the provisions laid down in this Constitution and in accordance with due process of law. Justice shall be done without sale, denial or delay; and in all cases not arising in courts not of record, under courts-martial and upon impeachment, the parties shall have the right to trial by jury.

    For Noko4, Noko5 and the rest of the Taylorists who want to justify the lawlessness Taylor carried out in the Liberia, here are link to the current debate about dual citizenship and more information on the ALIEN AND NATIONALITY LAWS of Liberia.

    1. Big Joe,
      These prosecutors DO NOT understand the workings of the African style…..they need to look to the LONE AFRICAN on their staff; ask him questions about the culture and how things are done as compare to the Western world.

      Now as to your CHESTING you posted…….I don’t believe Mr. Bockarie and his followers sought CITIZENSHIP….I guess, it was a decision agreed upon by the Nat’l Security Council of Liberia to eliminate RED TAPES especially trying to induct those fighters into ATU….

      Again, a President of Liberia using an EXECUTIVE ORDER to grant such move is NOT unique to Mr. Taylor; I can remember the late Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela and many South African given Liberian citizenship without going thru the PROCESS. What Mr. Koumjain was WASTING his effort on was the PROCESS and the Western way of comphrension of the situation.

      I have come to the conclusion that Ms Hollis and Mr. Koumjain believe Mr. Taylor was a DESK OFFICERS running a cafeteria instead of been the President of Liberia who had STAFF and ADVISORS.

    2. Big Joe,
      Nothing of what you have posted rescind or replace Chapter 4, Article 27, of the Constitution. You have fails to look at CHAPTER I, Article 2 of the Constitution.

    3. Big Joe,

      One only has to look at the affixed signatures of Cletus Wotorson and Jewel Howard Taylor to know that this document was signed by the Legislature long after Charles Taylor had left Liberia. If you are not aware both of them became senators at the same time Ellen Sirleaf was elected. I suggest you read Alpha Sesay’s summary of December 2nd for a clearer understanding of the Law that was enforce when Charles Taylor was in power.

  15. Application of Fresh Evidence Ruling,

    Everyone who witnessed the trial this morning can adduce the determination of the judges to be fair. The ruling that the judges give that fresh evidence may be allowed only to the point of impeachment is serious. That means the judges would determine case by case and accept or deny the admittance of evidence. As we saw this morning, not all fresh evidence was admitted.

    So the ruling should not have been misconstrued as a blanket authorization for choruses from Fallah and Ms. Teage. I believe they must have been disappointed from today’s proceedings.

  16. It is so amaizing today that those who have been sleeping ,feeling frustrated and subjected to their defeat are all jumping, taking off their lapas and short trousers with a high degree of jubilations. My people, I just don’t know if the dancers on this floor understood the acceptance of the Judges. Could you stop the dancing, read the documents, understand it so that we don’t repeat the Quiwonkpa/ Doe coup situation in 1985 that had people emotionally jumping in the streets and when Doe spoke, they had nowhere to turn. Have any of you seen any of these evidences? Are they facts? Why don’t people think these are some of similar mess that have been brought here hefore…

  17. Koumjiou returned today with tactic pekin style after Ms. Hollis rebounced failed to make a shot yesterday. Like some of us have always indicated, these judges have proven to be fair in this trial but the rules of this court is politically motivated and ties the hands of the judges in rendering any fair decision. The judges are compel to follow the law of the court and that was why they had to balance their decision to allow the prosecution to present new evidence. What a TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE? That the prosecution could simply be on a witch hunt to criminalize this man.

    But we saw in court today that most of the socalled new evidences were not real evidences but another strategic attempt by Mr. Koumjiou to ambush Mr. Taylor. Take for example, after Taylor said faltly NO that he did not want to see a newspaper report regarding the date of his wedding. Yet Mr. Koumjiou proceeded to distribute the newspaper and was aksing Taylor questions when Justice Lussicck reminded Koumjiou that Mr. Taylor indicated clearly that he did not want to see the newspaper. In that same newspaper report was photos of Mr. Taylor and his groomsmen who have been accussed as co-conspirators. Perry Mason’s Griffens was on top of his game and fire back smoothly making Koumjiou to confessed about the creativity of Griffens. Koumjiou keeps playing these small logic and mind games with Taylor.

    But interestingly, for Mr. Koumjiou to rely on a mere propoganda news report from Star radio was shameless. If that is the case, then Mr, Taylor can produce millions of newspaper reports from “The Patriot News” and other newspapers that reported contrary to the international sponsor Star Radio. On the question of Taylor’s traditional title, Mr. Koumjiou wants to challenge what was public knowledge and information in Liberia. Dakpannah Dr. Charles Ghankay Taylor gained the highest chieftian title after he became president of Liberia and not before. That ceremony took place in Gbarnga, Bong county and was broadcast nationally that the people of Bong county had adopted Taylor as their son and chief traditional leader of Liberia.

    It appears that Mr. Koumjiou is clueless about this case, because he spend all of his time today discussing Liberia and petty stuffs just like Ms. Hollis did yesterday. But on the whole, I thought Ms. Hollis was better yesterday than she was ever in crossing Mr. Taylor. The facts are not just on the side of the prosecution so let them call this case a quit and give it up. African people are watching and we know what Mr. Taylor is talking about except the few honchos.

    But why does Mr. Koumjiou wants to use Taylor’s activities in Liberia to , as he puts it, discredit Mr. Taylor? Did’nt Stephen Rapp , the former chief prosecution said that it is not a crime to wage war and capture one own county? So what is the point about Liberia? Yes, this case is “TOTAL NONSENSE!”

  18. Whats the jubillation ms teage and the rest of you people who are controlled by western media? the proscution have nothing about Charles Taylor on Sierra Leone but Liberia, you bet me. so stop forcing meaningless joy. God will bless mr Taylor out of the internationla conspiracy.
    God bless GHANKAY

  19. Guys,
    We should all know by now that lawyers play games with each other, the lead defence for Taylor knew that new evidence will be introduced in this case because it happened before. Defending or procecuting a case is all about strategy. Holding evidence is a strategy that is commonly used by prosecutors (as a bait). No soon the defence took the bait, the new evidence is introduced. The prosecutor knew if it is not accepted the first time, that is grounds for appeal and once the appeal is granted that evidence will be introduced. LET’S ENJOY THE GAME BETWEEN THE PROSECUTOR AND THE DEFENCE TEAM.

  20. King Gray:

    You said…”But why does Mr. Koumjiou wants to use Taylor’s activities in Liberia to , as he puts it, discredit Mr. Taylor? Did’nt Stephen Rapp , the former chief prosecution said that it is not a crime to wage war and capture one own county? So what is the point about Liberia?”

    MY RESPONSE: Mr. Gray, according to the prosecutors, Charles Taylor’s activities with RUF and their commanders IN Liberia, is very crucial to this case. The prosecutors accused Mr. Taylor of using Liberia as a base to transport arms out of Burkina Faso via Liberia, to RUF fighter. To prove their point, of course they’ll have to discuss what happened IN Liberia, and what happened to Sam Bockarie.

    The prosecutors presented witnesses who testified that Mr. Taylor had contacts with, and was supporting RUF while serving as President of Liberia, and that Mr. Taylor sent his reps to help secure arms for RUF. So when you see the Prosecutors scrambling over Sam Bockarie’s death, how he died, who Mr. Taylor sent to Burkina Faso, who accompanied Bockarie there, etc…they are attempting to prove that indeed, Mr. Taylor used Liberia as a docking base to transport arms to Sierra Leone.

    The death of Sam Bockarie, the whereabouts of Johnny Paul Koroma, the whereabouts of Bockarie’s family…all of these are very, very, important and crucial to this case. So, it is not fair to categorize this as pure NONSENSE. Liberia is important to this case, because the accused is the former President of Liberia, and is accused of using his position as President of Liberia, to support RUF.

    1. Noko6,
      Do you mind if I interject a littlie, bit with a question? First of all you stated great anology. But my question is how long is it going to take the prosecution to directly link the indictment to the alleged crimes of the accused.. because in my view , these crooks have been given lots of chances including the latest decision.. unfortunately, I didn’t see the trial today. But could you say, if anything substantial was introduced ???

  21. Alpha,

    Why is it that my post of December 2, 2009 at 6:52 is still awaiting moderating moderation? Please let me hear from you.


    Harris K Johnson

    1. Harris K Johnson,
      Your comment of Dec. 2, 2009 at 6:52 was not posted because of the language used. The phrase “your criminal grandmother and father,” addressed to somebody else violates the site’s policy of not directly attacking another person. This phrase did just that and so i had to hold on to it. Can you please rephrase so that i can post it immediately?


      1. Alpha,

        I knew this would have been your exact answer of which I’m not surprised in any way or form. You have from time to time allowed fallah use such world like criminal against Mr. Taylor. Those abuses are always paraded on this site under your watchful eyes. Is Mr. Taylor not someone’s father or grand father? I think Mr. Taylor deserves his rights and respect until proven guilty before this court. Alpha, from all indications you have not been fair to some of us that you guys have labeled as Taylor loyalist. Finally, we would appreciate were you to warn fallah and other to stop insulting Mr. Taylor and also block post that expresses those kinds of words.


        Harris K Johnson

        1. Harris,
          First, let me make clear that i do not distinguish between who is a “Taylor loyalist” or who is “anti-Taylor.” I treat everyone the same with the full understanding that readers have different views on this trial, which is something we must all respect. You’ll recall that when I travelled to Liberia in September 2008, I sent you a personal email informing you of my visit and expressing an interest to talk with you and get your perspectives on this process. Our meeting could not be made possible because you had a work related trip to make outside Monrovia which coincided with my visit. Remember? This tells you how much i respect and value the different views that Liberians and Sierra Leoneans have on this process. To say that i have labelled you as “Taylor loyalist” and that I give a blind eye to insults from persons with whom you have different views is unfair. I am sure you agree that Tracey and I have tried, under very difficult circumstances to regulate the languages used by people on this site. Now on Fallah’s use of words like “criminal” against Mr. Taylor, what we have tried hard to do is to make sure that people do not throw personal insults at other readers on this site. You’ll agree that it is very hard to hold onto posts because of words used against people who are not participants on this site. That is why i have never withheld any posts that make derogatory comments against defense counsel Courtenay Griffiths, prosecutors Brenda Hollis and Nicholas Koumjian, Mr. Taylor, Ellen Johnson Sirleef, Benjamin Yeaten, Sam Bockarie, etc. You’ll agree with me that at one point or the other, all of these individuals have had derogatory comments used against them but once the same comments are used against you the readers, we have tried to raise the red flag. I agree that more needs to be done to regulate the comments posted by readers and while we have tried to achieve this, we have on several occassions admonished readers to use good judgment in their use of words against others. Once Tracey comes back from vacation, i’ll certainly discuss this particular issue with her, ie, how do we handle derogatory comments made against persons who are not participants on this site. I know that several concerns have been raised about the comments posted by Fallah and I will use this opportunity to admonish him to choose his words wisely. At the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters and we can disagree and register our points in a very civil manner. Harris, please understand that we do not take sides and we do not draw a line between who is pro or anti Taylor. It is everybody’s right to carry his/her own belief and that must be respected.

          When next i come to Liberia, i’ll certainly give you a longer notice of my arrival so that we’ll plan to meet.

          Hope you have a great day.

  22. King Gray,
    If anybody has ever sought out the character calling himself King Gray then you statements ” It appears that Mr. Koumjiou is clueless about this case, because he spend all of his time today discussing Liberia and petty stuffs just like Ms. Hollis did yesterday” have just exposed you.
    How can anyone in his sound mind refer to issues discussing the President of a country making criminals and murderers citizens of his country completely contrarily to the laws of the land and this same self-style ruler giving the order to execute most of the educated and influential members of his rebel organizations as petty stuffs?
    Your example ” after Taylor said faltly NO that he did not want to see a newspaper report regarding the date of his wedding. Yet Mr. Koumjiou proceeded to distribute the newspaper and was aksing Taylor questions when Justice Lussicck reminded Koumjiou that Mr. Taylor indicated clearly that he did not want to see the newspaper” give credence to the sayings “even in mirror people only see what they want to see” and “the wish is the mother to the thought.” If you have just a modicum of objectivity, you would be more concern about your godfather telling the court that he doesn’t remember his own recent wedding date and refusing help in recalling it. What impression do you think your godfather is giving those judges? We know that your wishes for Taylor’s release has translated into your belief that he is winning the case despite the contrary. Very soon the rudest awaking will dawn on you that your godfather will never again see freedom.
    Griffens is only doing his job. Don’t mislead yourself. Griffens is not on a holy crusade to rescue an innocent man. There is nothing that show that he is convinced that Taylor is not guilt. Griffens’ body language yesterday and today shows that he is becoming more uncomfortable as more and more evidences about Taylor’s lies are being exposed.
    I almost forgot. Did you forget that Taylor said that Nigeria was spending millions to support the Special court. Oh! Africa’s most popular country, West Africa superpower and Taylor adopted home supporting the special court! I thought we were told this was an American and a British plot to get rid of Taylor.
    King Gray, is there an explanation for why Nigeria will be spending millions to support the Special Court when there are millions of Nigerians living on less than two dollars a day?

    1. Big Joe,

      where in Griffith body language that says he is becoming more and more uncomfortable as Taylor self made lies is being exposed. Are you now a body expert? So you change from copy and paste expert to body language expert, right? Big Joe, you wish President Taylor self described lies are exposed. Bro, aint happening. Instead, it is the prosecution lies that have being exposed every day.

      Big Joe, President Taylor overwhelmingly won the first fake evidence the prosecution presented. However, we are now waiting on the second round of new evidence that will directly link or prove that Taylor is responsible for Sierra Leoneans killing each others.

    2. Check Big joe maybe you’re dreaming but the special court donors also include nigeria, forget about people living on $0.50 a day, but there are nigerian with two to three private jets and fleets of falsy cars. let me tell you big joe western newsphobic, the Charles Taylor trial is a personal problem not in the interest of Sierra Leone nor Liberia. when last you sat and thought about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? the same music about Iran, North Korea, those countries have been label EVIL and DEMONIC, but Pakistan and India with Nuclular weapons are the good saviour, but do not be surprise to live and see that india and pakistan will one day become the evil and deomic ones because they fail to favour the west.

      Have you ever wonder why the late President Samuel Doe left the forty fil executive mansion? Because the american came and told former President Doe that all was set to leave for nigeria, i’m telling you this because i was in the mansion and work with President Doe. not hearsay or theysay, Do you know that President Doe tried to talk to mr Taylor and the american told Doe that it was not neccessary because Taylor was a rebel and do not talk to him? because the american knew that if Doe and Taylor met or talk fighting would have stop and it would have been easy to find a solution to the situation in Liberia at that time.

      the american had falling out with Doe at the time they were giving intelegence imformation about Doe to Taylor than felled out with Taylor so they turned to Doe again and became the good saviour. because they could not trust President Doe anymore dispict the pretending friendship, and Mr Taylor being so smart, so they handed President over the idiot.
      the western powers can use all the tools to turn any good leader into a dictator by the ppowerful media that they control. Today President Johnson is the best leader in africa if not the world, but lets pray to live and see every movies have a climax.

  23. WOW!
    Thanks to the court for releasing Ms. Teage and others from heart attacks. They have been very worried about the positions of the prosecutors being so poor. Now the granting of right to use fresh evidence in cross examination sounds like their only hope of getting some amount of air to hang on. BUT what effect their of after fresh presentation/s? Let’s look out poeple.
    Welcome back, Big Sister Teage. It’s good to have you back on board. I think we can all keep in to share our views and learn more from others. The fact is we were all seriously affected by the war in the sub-region and are hurt one way or the other. But what was the route cause of this whole MESS. I’m very sure if we all get to know it we won’t blame just one person for it. There is a common saying, “don’t frown on where you fall but where, on what and why you stumped your toes.

    Now, to

  24. Alpha,

    You did not give me a space to respond to you reference to my post of December 3, 2009 at 5:24. However, your respond is comprehensive. Hope we can now move on and turn over new leave for new beginning as this trail moves on. Remember despite you are Alpha and I’m Harris, we are all Africans we must hold together as brothers.


    Harris K Johnson

  25. Mr. Alpha, thanks for your detailed explanation to Harris K. Johnson on his constant cry of foul only when the tables seem to turn against him. I like how you demonstrated anology of name callings against Hollis, Rapp, and, in fact against anyone that has come contraly to Harris types on this site and those posting making it through, yet it is a crime when others post same! What a double standards harris!
    Sorry Alpha I personally understand the bais scrutiny and how disrespectfully some have even try to think… all because you are Sierra Leonean.This is rediculous and simply a way to leave the main focus here! Keep the fine work and please trash my postings as seeing fit. I have no problems as other babies on this site! I am 4 years senior to their chief..gakay.

  26. Everyone on here is missing the point, which is that this case against Charles Taylor is a complete travesty and makes a mockery of judicial processes the world over. Why do you think that this court was never established in the United States, given the fact that President Bush personally requested that Taylor himself stepped down? One simple reason, this trial wouldn’t stand even a puncher’s chance on US soil. Having said that, I want to reiterate that this nonsense of a trial is the best thing that has happened to Liberia in a long time. How else could Charles Taylor ever receive any justice for what he did in Liberia? By bringing him to trial in Liberia? Let me remind you that Prince Johnson is a senator in Liberia (LOL). He’s been in jail for a few years now, and given his previous lifestyle is uncomfortable and probably has a million thoughts racing through his mind any given second. I hope that this trial gets delayed until he dies of a stroke or heart disease or something. Its the least punishment for someone who inflicted so much pain on our country.

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