Charles Taylor Received Money From Taiwan and Libya For His Presidential Campaign, He says

Charles Taylor today told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges that he received money from both Taiwan and Libya as contributions to his campaign to become president of Liberia in 1997.

“In 1996-1997, i received money from Taiwan and Libya,” Mr. Taylor told the court today.

Mr. Taylor explained that during his campaign in the Liberian presidential elections in 1997, the Taiwanese government gave him 1,000,000 United States Dollars to support his candidacy. The money, Mr. Taylor said was delivered through the Taiwanese embassy in Ivory Coast and was received by his Chief of Protocol Musa Sesay. Although the check was addressed in his name, Mr. Taylor said that it was cashed by Mr. Sesay in Abidjan, based on his (Taylor) authorization. Asked by lead prosecutor Ms. Brenda Hollis why the Tawainese government had given him such amount of money, Mr. Taylor explained that the Taiwanese government probably did so for Public Relations (PR) reasons.

“They developed an interest in me,” Mr. Taylor said. “At that particular time, it was clear that elections were coming up. There was this concern that after the elections, they were concerned that China will block their interest in Liberia. It was like a form of PR for them because they were concerned that diplomatic support will continue after i became president. It was part of a policy to try to court foreign countries or prospective leaders.”

Mr. Taylor further explained that the Taiwanese government provided him with two ambulances which he donated to the Liberian government. Part of the money received from the Taiwanese government was also used to establish the Charles Ghankay Taylor Educational and Humanitarian Foundation, the former president said.

Also in his cross-examination, Mr. Taylor explained that during the 1996-1997 presidential elections campaign, he received about 500,000 United States Dollars from the Libyan government of Muamarr Ghadaffi. The money, Mr. Taylor said was delivered in cash. He said that he cannot tell whether the Libyan government provided similar support for the other presidential candidates.

Mr. Taylor was responding to questions about the sources of his alleged wealth and assets while as leader of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) and then president of Liberia. Mr. Taylor has long been accused of enriching himself through receipt of diamonds from Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels. Prosecutors argue that Mr. Taylor benefitted financially from proceeds of diamonds supplied by RUF rebels and that in return, the former president provided the rebels with arms and ammunitions which were used to commit attrocities such as rape, murder, amputations, recruitment of child soldiers, and terrorizing the civilian population in Sierra Leone. The accused former president has denied receiving any diamonds from Sierra Leonean rebels. During his cross-examination today, prosecutors sought to elicit information from Mr. Taylor about monies he allegedly received from timber production in NPFL controlled areas in Liberia, monies used to purchase his White Flower residence, his fleet of cars and how he maintained himself and his family while in exile in Nigeria.

Mr. Taylor explained that some of his cars were given to him as bithday gifts by different individuals. He said that when he made international travels, he was most times provided with aircraft by the Libyan government. According to Mr. Taylor, on one of his trips to South Africa, the Libyan government provided him with 500,000 United States Dollars.

When asked about the source of a private presidential boat that he had while as president of Liberia, Mr. Taylor explained that “It was my property. It was a birthday gift given to me by a Greek shipping magnate.”

Mr. Taylor was also asked about percels of land that he bought in Liberia and he explained that some portion of land was given to him by his grand mother while he bought another 1000 acres of land from various tribal leaders just outside Monrovia.

Ms. Hollis also asked Mr. Taylor how he now gets money to maintain his White Flower residence in Monrovia while in jail in Holland. In his response, Mr. Taylor said that “I have individuals, i still have friends who help me to put food on the table.”

Mr. Taylor denied prosecution suggestions that he had been involved in various forms of business or that he has bank accounts opened in different places under different names.

Asked by Ms. Hollis about how he supported himself financially while in exile in Nigeria, the former president explained that “when i left Liberia, i was fully supported by the Nigerian government. Every month, the Nigerian government gave me subsistence.”

To dispute Mr. Taylor’s claim that he was supported by the Nigerian government, Ms. Hollis read portions of a letter by the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affiars, dated August 11 2003, which outlined the conditions of Mr. Taylor’s asylum in Nigeria. The letter indicated that Mr. Taylor will be responsible for his own communication and living costs as well as taking care of his family members who travelled with him to Nigeria. Ms. Hollis stated that there is nothing in the letter indicating that the Nigerian government would provide support for Mr. Taylor while in Nigeria.

“It is very simple. The government of Nigeria provides millions of dollars to the Special Court for Sierra Leone. It is very easy for you to find out. The government of Nigeria provided me with assistance. You can find out,” Mr. Taylor responded.

Mr. Taylor agreed that when he was arrested along the Nigerian border with Chad in March 2006, he had over 50,000 United States Dollars in his possession. The money, he said was given to him by fromer Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo. In March 2006, when the Liberian government of Ellen Johnson Sirleef requested Nigeria to hand Mr. Taylor over to the custody of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, it happened that Mr. Taylor reportedly disappeared from his Calabar residence in Nigeria. Hours later, he was arrested in a convoy of vehicles while allegedly trying to enter into Chad. Many have alleged that Mr. Taylor was trying to escape arrest but the former president has insisted that he was on his way to visit his friend, the Chadian president Idriss Deby.

Mr. Taylor is responding to charges that he provided support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. Prosecutors allege that Mr. Taylor received Sierra Leone’s diamonds from RUF rebels and in return supplied them with arms and ammunition, which were used to commit attrocities in Sierra Leone. It is further alleged that Mr. Taylor occupied a position of superior authority to RUF rebels and that he knew or had reason to know that the rebels were committing attrocities in Sierra Leone but failed to prevent the commission of those crimes or that he did not punish perpetrators when he knew that such attrocities had been committed. He is now charged of bearing the greatest responsibility for the crimes committed by rebel forces in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied all the allegations against him. He has testified in direct-examination as a witness in his own defense and he is presently being cross-examined by the prosecution.

Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination continues tomorrow.


    1. Aki,
      If you read the prosecution motion they did not get what they really sought they got what they ask for which was guidelines to the use of fresh evidence during cross-examination to challenge the creditability of a witness.

      In reading the judges deliberations, you may find that the prosecution has cause problems for themselves especially if they have real new evidence to prove Mr. Taylor guilty. However, I do not believe they have anything new or solid that they did not have when they presented the case or during their presenation of the case.

  1. Alpha,
    A point of corrective suggestion; Charles did not say he received money from Libya and Taiwan for campaing purposes; This is what I heard him say. Money was given to him by these countries for personal use, and he use some of said money for his campaing. Infact , I saw Taylor tell the court that it is against the liberian constitution for a foreieng country to support any campaing process during elections in our country. I want to think you are kind of practicing bad journalism on this site . Can you please stop

    1. Stop it noko..leave Alpha need to put your blame on taylor who will continue to frustrate you guys from now on! Alpha is not your focus of intimidations. We know the game you are pulling from the advice of the mob strategy now in place! We are not sleeping Noko gankay!We are ready to put you guys on High Alert! Disrobe you all in the process!

      1. Fallah,
        I don’t know how much time you got to watch the trial? For me I tried to schedule my self in a way that allows me to watch and listen to most of whats going on.I am not going just accept anything form whats posted. For you, I believe if any of these moderators made a mistake ,you may not comment. regardless of my favore, I expect that facts from the trial would be told to the world. Especially for our brothers and sisters back home, who don’t have the kind of access we’ve got to the trial. Thats not fair to them….This trial is very very sensitive.. Lets not forget . This issue could bring serious, serious problems between liberians and sierraleoneans. The professional journalists on this site must be willing to give the right picture of the day to day activity, or should not report anything ,if it is not possible…

        1. Thanks Noko5 for being civil on the above comments. I appreciate your rational view this time. That is why I am fighting for , the fact that Africans need to understand that criminals must be brought to justice if Africa is to be like other continents! We have all the resources but we allow crooks to rule us just like in the case here Noko5.

        2. Fallah,
          Stop being sacastic. If mr. Taylor was a crook, he would have sold some of our resouces without accountability just to put Liberia in the welfare situation that you are praising ellen..mama ellen.. With all the rogues behind her..reble grand mother… I bet you she will lost the next elections to Ghankay just as was done before…Also I want you to understand that it is because of my rationality that I am advocating the undoing of the unlawful incaseration of President Taylor.. Fallah why you guys don’t stop your inhuman behavior against the very, very decent man(MR.TAYLOR).Fallah when you used to actively work, how much of your income went to charity??????

    2. noko5,

      I’m not sure if Alpha can do anything better than what he has continue to do despite our efforts to call him to attention. His kind of journalism, (short cutting people statement) reminds me of Liberian journalist Tom Kamara, one of the prosecution witnesses in this case. I suspect that Alpha is a citizen of Sierra Leone, and working in his country interest. I stand corrected and would appreciate a respond from Alpha.


      Harris K Johnson

    3. Noko5,
      The evidence as presented by Mr. Taylor was that it was against the law for a foreign country to provide such support for his party and that was why the check was made directly payable to him as an individual. The former president was certainly clear that Taiwan and Libya gave him support during his campaign. He added that it was part of a policy to court foreign governments or prospetctive leaders. On Libya, he also said he was not sure whether similar support was given to the other candidates such as Messers Kromah and Fambuleh who had also been to Libya before. So how does my report misrepresent the evidence. I have said this before, that while i am not the most perfect of persons, i realize the sensitive nature of my job and as a professional, i strive to report the evidence as it is, not as it ought to be.

      1. Alpha,
        I am going to be bold and simple to you. Our president is in jail for notthing and some of us here are very hurt. You ‘ev been corrected quite a few so in that light, we expect transparent stories . For me, when one mistake is being made twice, it tends not to be a mistake to me anymore.. All we need is a nonbias story periode…

      2. Alpha, again I can understand your need to prase word to give it that desire impact for sensationalism, which I believe is normal in regular journalism. But this is a legal situation and should strictly be based on facts, atleast you could have said, “Taylor recieved monies from Taiwan and Liyba but use some for his presidential campaign.” To me, this would be reporting the facts of what was said by Mr. Taylor.

        Again, I do not view your summary and analysis with contempt or uterior motive to smear Mr. Taylor but I just think that sometimes you allow the journalistic instinc in you to takeover the lawyer in you. I know your job is tough bro, but keep on cuz this crowd is deeply wounded emotionally to see what is going on.

        For most of us, this case is not just about Mr. Taylor but it says to all Liberians that our lives worth nothing that the same international system would prosecute our president for war in SL and yet not one SL or Guinean is being prosecuted for wagging war on Liberia. So take care my brother , we are all one blood.

        1. King Gray,
          Thanks for your usually very gentle caution on the nature of the reports that i post. You must have noticed by now that i am a person who does not claim perfection and i am always very willing to take corrections and make amends in situations where my use of words have required rephrasing. In this case, i have stated the evidence as presented in court by Mr. Taylor. I understand the emotions that are attached to this trial and i will continue to exercise due dilligence in the work that i do.

          You have my best of promises that i will continue to do the professional job that i am bound to do. And i agree, we are all one blood.


  2. Hi Gankay, more respect to you that Jfallamenjor continues to recognize your distateful name! Now we are getting closer to conering your lying character. Hail to the Prosecution for the BRILLIANT performance so far and Hail to the Able Judges who continue to show competence, in spite of paid lobbyists’ propaganda mechine on this site! Now let justice be done to all men..regardless of ill gotten wealth from sweat and blood of the poor! Gankay your name shall go in history like Count Dracula!

  3. Where there any “fresh evidences” provided to show Mr. Taylor enriched himself through receipt of diamonds from the RUF. Which he was able to purchase his White Flower residence, land, fleet of cars, private presidential boat, bank accounts and maintained himself and his family while in exile in Nigeria.

    A document from the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which outlined the conditions of Mr. Taylor’s asylum in Nigeria, was already in court. Did the prosecution provide any documents that showed that the Nigeria government did not support Mr. Taylor?

    We know the Nigeria government provided a house, security and means to travel. That document also does not indicate that other people or governments could not support Mr. Taylor while in Nigeria.

    I think Ms. Hollis use the wrong word when she said “support” and Mr. Taylor used the right word when he said “subsistence.”

    1. Thank you for this 8th grade self procaimed president by deception and now fighting for survival! Do you guys really believe in anything taylor said in the past and all of a sudden he is coming to reality and admitting to who gave him money and why not? This man is so deceptive that he would lie when caught sleeping! Go gankay with your big big coloma! Jose or Noko do you remember this song the claratown boys sang about your chief when he made an infamouse speech just before his departure to Nigeria in exile..’God willing i will return?” Taylor has not only being fugitive from Doe’s days but a jailbreaker and compulsive liar and a common thief! Taylor had always prey on ill gotten wealth all his pathetic short life!

      1. Fallah,

        whether you like it or not, Mr.Taylor is more loved than you and he was also the legitimate president of the Republic of Liberia. You can not change these facts.

        However, your writing sounds like frustration, a very angry man, and lacking total hope, which is being characterized with dispair in this false case. Fortunately for justice, name calling is not a part of the evidence bro. So Fallah, you can call him all kinds of names as desired, it will not change any of the facts such as: the first truly democratically elected president of Liberia; and he is innocent, and remain so in this trial, until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubts. The facts that he still enjoys the greatest unconditional love of the Liberian people of our times and a growing wave of support for his acquittal will continue to make hater like you uncomfortable.

    2. Ken,

      Ms Hollis is known for using the wrong words. She asked Taylor “is this your story”? Taylor said Ms Hollis, “this is not my story this is my testimony”.

  4. If Mr. Taylor is going to claim that much his wealth came as gifts from others, then the question we need to ask is what he did to elicit such gifts? I mean, are these genuine gifts or are they gifts in exchange for business favors? Also, the prosecution should have questioned him further when he said that he had people who helped him put bread on the table. The question of how Mr. Taylor is surviving financially is an important one.

    1. Paivy or peewee,
      Wow !!!we are having some strange encounters, where are you from??? Are you from that big stupid country that got all the oil but no refinery??????? SHAME!!!!!!SHAME……shameless thieves… they sold mr. Taylor for few pieces of valuless silver

    2. Paivy,
      How does that PROVE that he traded diamonds in exchange for arms in Siera leone? the prosecution should focus on showing LINKAGE of mr Taylor to diamonds and arms.

  5. Everybody, this is the ruling of the court on the fresh evidence motion.

    For those who did not have the opportunity to see the handling of the ruling on the “fresh evidence” motion, I provide below word by word excerpt reflecting the conclusion, result or summary of the judges decision. You can find the transcript of the ruling on the special court’s website.



    i) The Prosecution may use documents containing fresh evidence in order to impeach the credibility of the Accused. The admission of such documents into evidence will be determined on a case-by-case basis;

    ii) In respect of document containing fresh evidence that is probative of the guilt of the Accused:

    a) the Prosecution must disclosed all such documents to the Defense forthwith;

    b) following such disclosure the Trial Chamber, on a cases-by-case basis, will entertain submissions from the parties in relation to the use and /or admission of such documents in accordance with the criteria above;

    iii) Defense Counsel may have access to the Accused to take instructions on any document falling within category (ii) above; and Dismisses all other applications by the parties.”

    Now, I Andrew Jlay, believe this ruling is fair because it grants the prosecution the latitude it needs in its cross-examination without infringing upon the rights of the accused. However, if the prosecution wants to produce evidence beyond impeaching or challenging Taylor’s testimony, but evidence that is trying to support their theory of guilt, then the defense will be entitled to a full disclosure of the evidence and timeframe to review and respond.

  6. what a liar. i was in calabar when he was in calabar. he and his family where spending money like mad. same now in monrovia. was there the last 9 months. money no problem for him!!

    1. Dummy, Dummy, Dummy.. he did not refused of having money. If you watched the trial, I think you would have understood that, the prosecution was interested in wheer the money came from, and he said it… Check the transcript

    2. Rodebu??? why didn’t you change this name before posting? I don’t think you are welcome on this site.. we haven’t seen such think before…here emmm….I want to vomate!!!!!!! You know, some nigerians stole from taylor while he was in calaba.. hope you are not one of those???

      1. Noko
        Everybody is welcome to debate on this site, as long as debates do not violate the policies we strive to maintain.

        Hope you are doing well,

  7. The decision of the court on the use of fresh evidence is a fair one. but I do not see how it will help the prosecution case at all of course any additional evidence the finally succeed to bring in will not be more than what they have already presented. even though they have a though fight on their hands to get any new probative evidence admitted by the court. anyway the trial is still intresting but I hope the prosecution will be able to do a better job this time since they have been crying that all their cross examination is based on the use of those additional evidence let us see what they will be able to do now.

  8. Indeed, Ghankay is a funny character. I remembr quite well during one of his flamboyant campaign speeches in 1997 where he said that “the UN Agencies and NGOs will vividly tell me what they are doing in Liberia when I’m President and if not sufficent enough I will ask everyone to leave because my personal wealth can develop Liberia to the level of any European country”. I wonder it was the US$1,000,000 or the $50,000 that he got from his “evil genius” I mean Ghadaffi and Taiwan that he was depending on making such blaphemious satatements.

    Fallah and the rest of the well meaning guys thanks very much for keeping the conciouses of our people awake. I’m very sorry that The internet services in my office have been off for the past month or so. This is so because the mess created by this ‘Dracula of Liberia’ and evil genious will take a very long time to clean up. It is my wish that the internet will stay on for a little longer while we watch these proceedings.

    1. Brother Sankolo,

      Could you please provide the source of your quotation. Because verbatim quote is a citation and should have available source. Please provide the source so we can ascertain its validity. Below is your quote:

      “the UN Agencies and NGOs will vividly tell me what they are doing in Liberia when I’m President and if not sufficent enough I will ask everyone to leave because my personal wealth can develop Liberia to the level of any European country”

      1. Sankolo,

        As that rude Congressman said to Barack Obama during his State of the Union Address ” You Lie “

    2. Sankolo,
      You must not bethinking straight. You are blaming Charles Taylor who left Liberia six years ago for you not having stable internet connection? I live in Liberia and my connection is stable. Check your account you probably owe the internet service provider a past due amount.

    3. Sankolo, as a matter of fact, Col Kaddifi have visited Liberia since Ellen became president and Ellen herself have visited Libya several times to beg for money just as Taylor has stated that most African leaders goes to Kaddifi for assistance. Check these websites to see some of the things Kaddifi is doing for Liberia for and not to exploit. This is why Kaddifi is hated by those who want to expliot Africa:

      But Fallah, on a serious note , Taylor has never boasted in Liberia that he would use his personal wealth to build Liberia. Taylor has always inspire Liberians that there was no need for us to be begging for international aid when our country is rich in all kinds of natural resources. Taylor have said repeatedly that if they could just leave Liberians alone to decide for themselves, he would make Liberia better than any Western nation. Do you remember vision 2024? Did you see the vision of Charles Taylor what he thought Liberia would have become by 2024 if his social program was implemented?

      Sankolo, it was the first time for us Liberians to imagine our nation looking great when Charles Taylor put all of those billboards accross Liberia to show that Liberia can develop into modern cities will all of the trappings of western societies. But because some socalled international justice system wants to see Liberians live in continuos poverty and backwardness, they decided to bring Taylor down. What good has it done for Liberia? “PURE NONSENSE!”

  9. rodebu,
    You are 101% right. I was also in Nigeria in 2003 and heard about how Zenith Bank, Calabar was shut down from the general public when Taylor went to deposit some money. I also heard an his personal airplane he was attempting to give for commerce use.

    1. Big Joe, I also heard that you use to be ULIMO field commander and that you spearheaded the Gbrakedu massacre. I heard that you kill pregnant women and ate their babies. You know Big Joe, these hearsays are just that hearsays. So stop feeding on trashy information and look for facts. Why would Taylor hide if he had a bank account in Nigeria? Do you think the prosecution would not have presented that evidence during their testimony? Stop daydreaming and think about something else.

      I realized today that Koumjiou attempted to displayed the socalled smoking gun of LBDI account that have been reported in some UN reports, that Taylor had a bank account in Liberia and one million was transferred the same day and withdrawn by Taylor for his personal use. “Pure NONSENSE!

      Taylor has already testified that OTC had a covert account at a bank under the Liberian presidency for security operations at one time. Now you will note that at the time this account was functional at LBDI , it was already during the period of LURD and MODEL wars on Liberia. So if this was a real saving account or an account to keep money , then why was the money taken out the same day? The money, in my analysis was a transferred to the government from OTC for security operation because depositing such amount at the central bank would require all kinds of government beaucracy. A war was going on and the government needed quick money so the money was deposited at central bank and immediately transferred.

      So Koumjiou simply acted like Ms. Hollis today and went ballistic calling Mr. Taylor names. “TOTAL NONSENSE!”

  10. It is so disheartening to note that these blindfolded guys (Noko, Harris Johnson, Jlay and Big B) are turning their madness to Alpha. When their blindfolded boss was having his ‘love affairs’ with his lawyer, Griffiths, they were all laughing and boasting and thought that was the end of the road. But I warned them that time that they would some become uneasy and ruthless when the table turns upside down. And precisely, they have so soon started it.

    Alpha, please keep up the good work. I beg, don’t mind their blindfoldedness. I guess you are very well familiar with their behaviors. Those of us with conscious minds know that you’re doing a very professional job. Pls keep it up.

    1. sankolo,

      Do not distract attention and avoid the challenge. I have challenged you to provide the source of the alleged Taylor quotation. Please do not post any statement here until you shall have complied.

      It is irresponsibility to post unfounded and fabricated statement that you can not prove.

      Provide the proof. These empty statements like the theory of this case should stop. You need to go and help look for the 5 billions just like you will be looking for that proof i am challenging you to provide. You are just a big liar.

  11. Andrew Jlay’

    I was quoting from what I heard Mr. Taylor say (and I really hate to call him Mister) on the radio during his desperate campaign to gain the presidency. Quite sincerely, I wrote those bragadous words down in my personal memoir. But to further clear your doubt, you may please check with those in authority at the time of YOUR Liberia Communications Network (Radio Liberia, then in Totota and Kiss FM in Congo Town). I,m sure they still have the clips. And I’m quite sure you know most of them or their addresses.

    1. Sankolo,

      Thank you for affirming that the quote is from your personal archives and there is no independent third party validation or verification. Pending its substantiation it stands as another vague accusation.

    2. Sankolo,

      It is your responsibility to provide us proof that that Mr. Taylor really said these words. It is shameful for you to blank us as blindfolded and at the same time act as blind as a bat. If your eyes were really open as you think, you would have shown us the link. Let me assure you that lies and hit will not help you here cause we will challenge all of your many nonsense.


      Harris K Johnson

    3. Sankolo,

      so you have no source for your self made quotes? What a shame. Now you are instructing us to check those in authority of the Liberia Communication Network. However, why you guys continue to embarrass yourself? It is the same lies that got us where we are today in court. The entire world against this one man and yet they can not show and concrete proof and link of this man involvement.
      Sankolo, you have lost all credibilities on this website.

  12. King Gray,
    For your information, I am not on trial. It is Taylor who is on trial. But if you strongly believe in your claims against me, you can take me to the TRC or any Court of competent Jurisdiction. This is my challenge to you.
    Wait and see, the Prosecution will soon bring out the smoking gun. Trial is like a game of poker. A very good poker player end the game with his A’s. He doesn’t start the match with A’s.

    1. Big Joe,

      we have being waiting since six years and we are yet to see the proofs. Again, you are telling us to wait and we will see the proofs. I don’t know of others, but for me, I’m tired waiting, especially for the past six years.

      Big copy and paste Joe, how much more longer should we wait? JUDGEMENT DAY!!!!

  13. All of you people who still proclaim that Charles Taylor was the legitimate president of the Republic of Liberia during this time frame, need to go back and do a little research. Legitimacy suggests fairness and free from corruption, according to an international body that oversaw the elections and the governmental processes thereafter none of this is true. Google the Carter Foundation and their results on those elections…

    1. Concerned,
      What kind of CURVE BALL is this??? So what happened to the VOTES casted??

      Name for us a FREE FROM CORRUPTION GOV’T

    2. While would you sent us to google. Just post the link here. copy and paste. You know how to do that.You guys just can’t accept the fact that taylor won a free and fair election. a election classified as one of the best in history. How much % did george bush and blair win?
      how much did elen win… Kabbah fron sierra leone??????? I search you link you talked about here iswhat i got :

    3. Hi Jose — I have held back a comment of yours submitted on 2009/12/03 at 9:41pm – it requires a slight modification to fit with our policy – basically if you remove the first two lines it will be okay to post. Can you revise and I will moderate it?

    4. Concerned Liberian in the US,

      You go and do the research that you have asked others to do, because it is a known fact that President Taylor was legitimate. However, if you are really sure of what you are saying, bring us the proof. As far as the entire world is concerned, he is the first truly democratically elected president Of the Republic of Liberia, not even your so-call prosecution will believe you on that one. Bro, you’re stretching the truth way too far.

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