Charles Taylor Did Not Work For The CIA, He Did Not Manipulate Prosecution Witnesses, He Says

Charles Taylor did not work for the United States’ top spy agency while he was a rebel leader in Liberia, but did receive sophisticated communication equipment from the agency in the hope that Mr. Taylor’s forces could help protect American citizens and property during Liberia’s brutal civil conflict, he told the Special Court for Sierra Leone today.

Prosecutors have previously accused Mr. Taylor of working for the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) while at the same time collaborating with the Libyan government which provided support to his National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group. In his re-examination today, the former president denied working for the CIA.

“I have never, ever, and will not ever work for the CIA or any other intelligence agency, never, no,” the former president told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today.

Mr. Taylor’s lead defense lawyer, Courtenay Griffiths, further asked the former president about prosecution allegations that he provided information to the CIA. Mr. Taylor insisted that he did not.  However, Mr. Taylor did return to a statement he made during cross-examination on November 16, 2009, in which he denied that he was an agent of the CIA but indicated that his NPFL rebel group did share information with the US intelligence agency.

“The organization [NPFL] provided information to the CIA. The NPFL at the time did provide information to the CIA and there was information from the CIA to us too. There was exchange of information, mostly from between 1991-92,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor also said that the CIA provided sophisticated communications equipments to the NPFL because they wanted his rebel group to protect American citizens and properties in Liberia during the country’s conflict.

In other developments today, Mr. Taylor denied prosecution allegations that he used his telephone services in his detention facility to manipulate witnesses set to testify for the prosecution. Prosecutors have previously alleged that Mr. Taylor worked with associates in Liberia to intimate and discourage people from testifying against him.

Mr. Taylor today dismissed the allegations, telling judges that the court’s registrar, who oversees his detention in The Hague, has never accused him of misusing the telephone services provided to him. He said that all his telephone calls are fully supervised and are arranged after intensive investigations on who he wants to call.

“First, I have to submit a number of an individual that I would like to call at some time, the process takes two weeks for the Sierra Leonean court and the facilities to do their security checks on the number and the individual,” Mr. Taylor said. “After about two weeks, that number is approved for calling. I cannot just automatically get up and say, please call this number, no, it has to be vetted and approved by the Sierra Leonean court.”

Mr. Taylor also today distanced himself from a January 5, 1999 letter written by former Sierra Leonean president, Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, to the United Nations Secretary General in which the former Liberian president was accused of providing support to Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels who were at that time waging war in Sierra Leone.

“I have a mountain of evidence that rebel offensive has been supported and sustained by the Taylor government,” President Kabbah’s letter noted.

Dismissing the letter as nonsense, Mr. Taylor explained how he would have reacted if he had received a copy of the said letter.

“I would have taken a different disposition during that particular period that Kabbah — who was calling me and talking to me and visiting Liberia — could write a letter making such an accusation. It would have probably changed me significantly,” Mr. Taylor said.

The former Liberian president added that if he had received the said letter, he would have removed himself from the Committee of Five, a committee established by West African leaders to facilitate a peaceful end to the conflict in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Taylor is charged with 11 counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international humanitarian law in relation to his alleged role in supporting and controlling Sierra Leonean rebels who committed mass crimes during the brutal civil conflict in his neighboring country.

Mr. Taylor’s re-examination continues tomorrow.


  1. Am I hearing taylor admitting to being a DOUBL-AGENT for the CIA and Libya’s Ghaddafi? How can you serve two masters at the same time without being a super deceptive individual, to say the least, and not loving one more, nor being manipulative?
    Now ladies and gentlemen, do you see why i call this guy names at times? He makes such elemetary statements that raise doubts about his competency as head of state of poor Liberia! No wonder why he had so many sub-standared subordinates that worked with him and never quetioned his stupidity!

    1. Fallah,
      If and only if you say he is a double agent, well thats up to the correctness of your analitical thinking; but, in regards to your claims, double agents do n’t love. They do their jobs as prescribed and get paid. Besides, Fallah, are you saying a guy like Ernerst Eastman was sub-standard?Or, are you also referencing counselor Gloria Scott as being sub-standard? Lastly, are you saying that your president, ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF is sub-standard? Remember, she worked and supported the NPFL with him. Now, tell me the least that the Liberians are sub-standard, because more than 85% voted for this man. HELLO!!!!!…be careful how you use words FALLAH…..

      1. Noko5,
        Re-read the thread….he said “No wonder why he had so many sub-standared subordinates that worked with him”. He didn’t say all, he said, “so many”. Good questions though!

        1. Bnker,
          Maybe I was being overly zealous in dealing with my oldman.Fallah, sorry sir, could you please explain in context what you meant by sub-standared?????

        2. bnker,

          I read your comments about ‘dumb boy’ get together in Buchanan with Jose and I said oh these bassolians and their dumb boy. Tell you what, you can count me in on this one and do not forget the club beer to wash down the dumb boy – no cane juice, bro.

          I love dumb boy!!!

        3. Bnker,

          Who are those so many sub- standard subordinates that worked with him Fallah was referring to?

      2. Hi John Paul — thanks for your note of 7:13pm today. Alas, I cannot publish it as it is as it does not meet our policy for posts. We asks readers to focus on the issues emerging from the trial and not to make any personal attacks on other readers. If you can just adjust the second sentence to take the focus of another reader, and resubmit, I will be able to publish it. Please let me know if you need me to email your comment to you — I’m happy to do so.
        Thanks in advance for your understanding.

  2. Hi Tracey, welcome back!

    If I am not mistaken, correct me if I am wrong, but the prosecution also accused Mr. Taylor of been a spy and collaborator for the Doe’s government by informing Doe of the coup against him. Prosecutors accused Mr. Taylor of working for the U.S. CIA and collaborating with the Libyan government. While Mr. Taylor was allegedly working for the CIA, what was he allegedly doing for the CIA? What was it he supposedly has been collaborating with the Libyan government?

    In Kabbah‘s letter to the United Nations Secretary General in which he stated “I have a mountain of evidence that rebel offensive has been supported and sustained by the Taylor government,” did Kabbah show his evidence to the United Nations Secretary General and if so what did the United Nations Secretary General do about this evidences.

  3. This is such a lenghty, rediculous trial. I can’t believe it has taking so long. I am surprised he has not confess to the horrible crimes he committed or was responsible for. My family is still displaceds after all these years thanks to him and his hooligans, whom are still running the Liberian Government.

    1. Lasana,
      It is so sad that your family members are still displaced up till now. But the fact of the matter is that instead of joining LURD rebles to ousted Taylor inorder to forcefully take back Ganta, Sanniqullie Bahn or Saclipia by force, it would have been worthwhile to advocate and convince your country men to wait for the ballot box. However, I will keep you guys in prayers.. Lets keep our fingres cross. Pretty soon, affordable homes will be built in Liberia..

      1. Noko5,

        Aww, I a proud of your. I thought you were going to tell this poor guy, this is war. These things happen, remember this is your means of consoling people who lost loved ones.

        1. Bnker,
          You made me laugh big time today..this is the most funny tread I’ve read this afternoon…good catch; brother it is not good to be nasty all the time..sometimes we lay Gbarnga to rest.

    2. Lasana,

      Where did that come from? “his hooligans, whom are still running the Liberian Government.” Is he still running Liberia through “his hooligans”? UNBELIEVABLE.

  4. Folks,

    Let’s call to conscience here. Let’s look at the evidence presented before those honorable judges in court Today.

    1. President kabbah said, he has “MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE” that President Taylor was training Sierra Leononean dissidents in Liberia to attack Sierra Leone. He however also said, there were five(5) training camps in Liberia that these trainings were being conducted. First of all, he did not provide a grim minimalist of his so-call “mountain of evidence. None, what soever. Secondly, he also fell way to short to name at least one of the five training camps. notwithstanding, the consequencies of his inability to provide his proofs undermines his already questionable credibility.

    2. The letter allegedly written by Issa Sasay that was part of the documents the prosecution gave Mr. Taylor and his defense team, was re-examined in yesterday trial. As you may recall, the prosecution chastised President Taylor and even accused him of writing this identical letter in the name of Issa Sasay. The signature of the supposedly Issa Sasay, is different on this letter from other previous signature of Issa Sasay. Note: How can Mr. Taylor who you accused of writing this letter misspelled his own name, Dahkpannah. However, Issa Sasay name misspelled, Dahkpannah misspelled, and even instead of spelling country, the letter said county, in this letter? How can Dr. Dahkpannah Charles G. Taylor misspelled his own name? Folks, the prosecution has lost the spontaneity and are becoming ritualized everytime they come up with another tricks. But you know something, Taylor is a very smart man. He said, this is what was given to me. Nontheless, one of the best contributors on this site, Mr. King Gray question this identical letter and expressed serious reservation of those documents the prosecution gave the defense.

    3. Foday Sankor was in jail in 1997. In 1999, Sam Bockarie wrote a letter to Sankor and said, as per your instruction to get help from Alihaji Kromah ULIMO, we are getting some assitance from them. This account of his version is in the RUF’S SALUTE REPORT, which also said, the RUF established contacts with ULIMO since 1996. However, where is Taylor name mentioned in the SALUTE REPORT? We have video recordings in circulation on this website and all over the entire world who, what, when, how, and where arms came from. Who took the Sierra Leoneans diamonds? What country (GB) broke the arm embargo on Sierra Leone. SCSL, go after them and leave this innocent man alone. Because there is no case on him.

    1. Jose Rodriguez

      That was a very educational video clip. I always agreed that other groups contributed to the war in SL. Unfortunately the war is not what’s in question, the Special Courts of SL is in search of the individual and groups that were responsible for the “war crimes” committed during the “war”. President Kabbah nor the “blood sucking” cooperation’s are under investigation or accused for war crimes. The main contributor to the atrocity that took place in SL, were the rebel groups. The Special Courts of SL is not interested in the individual and groups responsible for contributing to the war. They are only interested in individual and groups which bears the most responsibilities of war crimes that took place is SL. This would include any one who helped fund, gave orders, or collaborated with the rebel forces who committed the atrocity in SL. See Mr. Taylor had ties with the wrong side. The amount of funds used to fund and supply ($10 Million) the military operation they mention in the video clip was interesting. That’s less than 5% (correct me is I wrong) of what Mr. Taylor used through his “covert account” to purchase arms for his defense against rebel forces. Less than 5%?????????

      1. Al Solo Nyonteh,

        I wouldn’t say much this time, in terms of analytical thinking that will eventuate into a common sense approach. However, I will just point to the post that I am responding to from you. Solo, did I hear you saying what I thought I heard you saying, that the Special Court for Sierra Leone is in search of those individuals and groups that was responsible for “war crimes” committed during the “war”? Solo, where are they looking? Apparently, they are not looking in the right places. You and I have video on this website in circulation, we all know about the RUF Salute Report, and those names that were mentioned. Solo, this is just a navigated diversionary sheme of scapegoating President Taylor. If they are actually searching, they would have gotten Kabbah, the Canadians, American, British, and others. Taylor is just the fault guy for them. And we will not subscribe to their lies.

  5. Taylor and his defend team need to ask the judges for another adjournment in order for Taylor to rehearse the scripts. The director and the chief actor are clearly not on the same wavelength. Besides contradicting himself in his convoluted answers to simple questions, Taylor, in desperate attempts to resurrect his dead and buried testimonies, is now destroying his alibis that has help him convince few gullible persons about his innocent.
    A classical point is his wild claim that ECOMOG Supreme commander General Victor Malu was recruiting Liberians to fight for the Kamajoirs and Malu wouldn’t do that without direct mandate from his President, Abacha thus destroying the very argument they were building up today( he couldn’t supply the RUF with Arms between 2006 and late 2007 because he was heavily guarded by a company of ECOMOG soldiers headed by a Captain ALLI). The overall Commander is corrupt but the Captain can’t be!!! The ECOMOG general wouldn’t recruit Liberians to fight in Sierra Leone without the consent of his President who was thousands of miles away from Liberia but some of Taylor’s generals, commanders or government officials may have sent men and weapons to Sierra Leone without Taylor’s consent and Knowledge despite the fact that Taylor is just inches away.
    Moreover, Taylor has always argue that Liberia’s borders is large and porous and inhabited by tribes that share affinities with tribes in the Neighboring countries so it was impossible to fully guard those borders and stop the transfer of weapons and men but now he couldn’t supply men and weapons to the RUF between 2006 and late 2007 because ECOMOG (complete strangers to the Liberian terrains) were guarding the borders. Anyone with basic arithmetic knowledge can add up the one plus one of the figures of ECOMOG AND UN Military observers and the number of sites around Liberia were they were deploy and quickly see that their arguments about free and fair election and that Taylor wouldn’t have had those weapons mentioned in that Nigerian author book are very weak.
    The script has gone so wrong that Taylor and his leading consul are now having problems with their own language. When did the statement ‘started fully deployment in March’ translates to ECOMOG was fully deployed three months prior to election which was held in July? When did the statement ‘ECOMOG discovered hiding Weapons at the Executive Mansion’ becomes ‘ECOMOG took back some of its weapons given to us’?
    The Defend really did the prosecution work today. Going by the Defend argument today it is much easier to conclude that during the disarmament time Taylor sent back his RUF fighters and some of his NPFL men along with enough arms to Sierra Leone in order to avoid giving them to ECOMOG (considering his testimonies of bribing ECOMOG and others around the world in order to get weapons, this would has been a very easy thing) than to conclude that Taylor wouldn’t have being arming the RUF because he was disarming.
    Taylor own Defend Minister said the disarmament in 2007 was a fiasco and he was under no duress when he spoke. The Man know fully well what he is saying.

    1. Big Joe
      There are documentary evidence presented in this court from the SL TRC that clearly support Taylor version that the Kamajors were recruited and trained in Liberia. If you have been watching this case from the get go, you would not be so surpise. This is not the frist time that Taylor had said this in this trial, he emphasized this piont several times during his examination in chief, it was before his cross examination by the prosecution. Most of the things Taylor is saying now was already said by him during his examination in chief. His defense cousel is only expanding on these issues.

      As per the CIA issue, Mr Taylor stated that he has never worked for the CIA as was alledge by the prosecution.

    2. Big Joe,

      Which one of the statements should we believe on the disarmament process in Liberia in1997; U.N. OR DANIEL CHEA STATEMENT IN 2005? BRO, THERE IS A BENEFIT OF DOUBTS. AND ONCE THERE IS A DOUBT, THE DEFENDANT WALKS FREE. SECONDLY, TAYLOR WILL NOT ASK FOR ADJOURNMENT, BECAUSE HE IS WINNING THIS THING ALL BY HIMSELF WITHOUT ANY WITNESS HELP YET. TOO BAD BROTHER, THE PROSECUTION COULD NOT SHOW THE BILLIONS AND ANY CONCRETE PROOF. I tell you what, it wouldn’t take too long when Taylor will leave the witness stand and someone will call it a day, and say, go home, there is no case.

  6. OK!

    This CIA issue is going to raise questions forever!

    Taylor was released from jail by CIA as he suggested, I plunder why he would be release if they had no interest in his service? Second, others were captured who left with him, but CT was able to leave the country…Interesting!

    This is off the CIA thing a bit, but did Taylor say he was in jail when Novermber 12 took place? Someone please correct me if I am wrong (really). According the news articles, he broke jail on Sept 15, 1985. Is the timing of his release suspect?

    1. Hi Bnker — here is the report we did on Mr. Taylor’s description of the jailbreak back in July last year — I will also double check the transcripts on the timing. My recollection (which I need to check) was that the “escape” happened just days before the coup attempt by Quiwompka but that Mr. Taylor did not make it back to Liberia in time for it, and it would still be a few months before he made it back to Africa. Here is our report: – and here is our weekly report where we covered it too:


        1. Thank you so much, $$Ker-bnker! Nice to be back and continuing the conversation with you and other readers here.

        2. Bnker, you asked for correction from Tracey just how you asked me for proof about the Politics ot the Three. Even though, you posted one of the sites that I provided. bnker, Taylor is winning.

        1. Because when I am not sure, I make that know…you still have not provided us proof on your theories connecting Israel to Taylor’s failure and all the others fairy tale.

    2. bnker
      Taylor did not say what you have stated. Rather he testified that he was released and was expected to join Quiowonkpa for the November 12 invasion but that he missed his flight. So he was already released from prison and stay in the US for two months before leaving by way of Mexico through the help of Dr. Boimah Fahnbulleh and others. He arrived in Ghana from the US and met with the other Liberian dissents including Tom Kamara.

    3. Bnkr,
      The CiA and the American government were once friendly with Saddam Hussein. Rember the picture of Donald Rumsfield Visiting with Saddam when Rumsfield worked for a previous administration. The CIA was friendly with Emmanuel Noriega of Panama once and look what happened. As Boimah Fahnbulleh once said ” America does not have special friends it has special interest”

  7. Noko5,

    Just trying to pick your bones brother….but you are right, lets “lay Gbangar to rest”.

    Always fun! :o)

  8. Aki,
    I suggest you re-read my thread….then come back and I will comment

    Bnkr and Fallah,
    Name some of the substandard individuals that worked with him.

    1. Bnker,

      President Johnson Sirleaf is sub standard according to Bnker, because she worked with Taylor. Youguys will always be a victim of your own trap.

      1. Jose,

        Frankly, you are disappointing, I thought you would actually read this and understand that the original thread came from someone. As I posted, but you are somehow blinded, let me help you out here…..

        IIIiiiiiiii saaaaiiiiid ttttthhhhaaat eeeevvvverrry govvvv’t iiiiinnn deeee paassst hhhaaavvvvee haaaadddd sooommme sssuuubsssstttaaannndddaarrrdd pppeeeeooopplle! Got it now?

        I need not comment further, right?

        1. Bnker,

          You brought it on yourself. We all know the originator of the post. But you decided to take charge and defend it. Now it’s your. Bnker, now I am disappointing according to you.

      2. Let he just put excerpt of my threads that led to Aki misreading (again) and you blindly following. When you are done tell me where is the so-called trap? You know you too much of a city boy because you don’t know how to set trap anymore. I can probably set a better snare than you or fence trap?

        Re-read the thread….he said “No wonder why he had so many sub-standard subordinates that worked with him”. He didn’t say all, he said, “so many”. Good questions though!”

        And later my response to Aki

        Even though I didn’t make the comment on the “substandard” individuals that worked in Taylor’s government. Historically, we’ve had people who were unqualified for positions but held them because they were in the “inner clique”. This goes back many years ago, Tubman had Jake Milton (there is a joke about “Comfortable” and “Comfort Miltion”); Doe,John P. Beh (student from Maryland visited the Mansion to express their support for Doe, Beh, says, he is touched, he feels “it in the bone in his heart”. Hello! Can anyone say “duffus”. Taylor had his share, my very own cousin, Henry Cassell, Momo Jebah (sure if he entered a classroom) and more. Remember the statement, that Jebah made that he was “donated to the police department”. Past administrations have been infested with individuals who were embarrassment to our nation.

        Hope I answered any doubts you had.”

    1. BNKER,


  9. Aki,

    Even though I didn’t make the comment on the “substandard” individuals that worked in Taylor’s government. Historically, we’ve had people who were unqualified for positions but held them because they were in the “inner clique”. This goes back many years ago, Tubman had Jake Milton (there is a joke about “Comfortable” and “Comfort Miltion”); Doe,John P. Beh (student from Maryland visited the Mansion to express their support for Doe, Beh, says, he is touched, he feels “it in the bone in his heart”. Hello! Can anyone say “duffus”. Taylor had his share, my very own cousin, Henry Cassell, Momo Jebah (sure if he entered a classroom) and more. Remember the statement, that Jebah made that he was “donated to the police department”. Past administrations have been infested with individuals who were embarrassment to our nation.

    Hope I answered any doubts you had.

  10. Jose Rodriguez,
    Dahkpannah is neither the name of a person nor is a very known title in Liberia. Spelling it leaving out an h and a single n is not the same as spelling a Sierra Leone name with a its Liberian version. Clearly, there were be serious suspicion if a letter purported to be from a french spell the french name Jean as its english version John.
    Definitely, nobody is saying that Taylor himself wrote the letter. The prosecution is convinced that letter was written by Taylor’s people. Considering that many very badly written public releases from the Taylor government have been read in that court, it will comes as no surprise that they may have also written that letter. Moreover, the mere fact that Taylor would dare submit an unsigned letter and poorly written documents done by his government to the courts simply show the high degree of incompetency of him and his associates.

    1. Big Joe,

      You have no proof. You have two different standards for one letter. GOOD LORD, ALMIGHT, WHICH WAY SHOULD WE TURN?

  11. Jose,

    Et tu Jose? You joining Aki in this one…you go back and read that thread, I was correcting Noko5…Y’all picking fuss oh, alrite! LOL! Anyhow, I still answered the question.

  12. Jose,
    You wrote.,


    You brought it on yourself. We all know the originator of the post. But you decided to take charge and defend it. Now it’s your. Bnker, now I am disappointing according to you.

    To answer your question, Yes, I am even more disappointed. Because I didn’t defend it, but rather suggested that Noko5 was painting a broad brush. Fallah didn’t say that all individuals were substandard. Then Jose saw an opening that he could through a small jab….It was ineffective.

    Speaking about owning something, since you owned Noko4 response, even suggesting that he relax and that you can handle this argument. I commend you for owning it, but you still have not provided me the links and information for your stories. Jose, so were you lying to us? I would hate to think so! I’ve made this request several times, do you need, “hearing aid”? Come on man, tell me really. I am a sucker for learning, really.

    Later, the dumboy thing, I will have some next week….I have a friend who makes it with goat soup, bitterballs, okra, bene-seed and pepper! Hungry yet!

  13. One wonders at the US involvement from the word go when M Taylor originally dissapeared from the USA and turned up In Libya. Those things that are not officially sanctioned will always remain secret.
    Conspriacy theories are many especially concerning Libya yes training camps were in that country but read your articles and you will see that evidence was suposidly made to fit with Al Megrahi and he was just released so its does seem possible that Mr Taylor could have involvement with Gaddafi and the CIA after all they do not make these things public.
    But I think the big but is you dont see those who comply with the US in these trials I am thinking General Pinochet to name just one, yes these courts have only existed in recent years but there is so much hippocracy in this world, be on the correct side and your gaurunted complete freedom.

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