1. Well, I have been up the whole entire night waiting for this trial to come back on from the closed session. But, the close session is taking forever and it has passed my bed time. I hope tommorrow news reporting will be a good reflection of what actually transpired in court and not someone’s interpretation.

    By the way, This identical witness must not be an ordinary person. He might be a ‘big man.” Either former president, current president, head of a revolutionary group, former rebel leader, top government official, or something. Who is this witness? I am trying to add up something here. But I still can’t figure out this person. I hope to know at the end of this trial.

    1. Jose,

      I too will like to know the real names behind all these numeric codes but I guess the identity of some witnesses will have to be protected forever by the court or until that record is released for public consumption.

      On a hilarious note, come to think of our penchant for pseudonymity on this website to protect our identity from the public…then I know why some witnesses have numeric codes.

      Hope you are doing fine, bro.


    2. Jose

      Once again you’re twisting the facts and saying a lot of things that are untrue. On March 9, your response to my statement about the infastructure in Liberia is not completely TRUE. Although there is no electricity in the Monrovia as a whole, Ellen Johnson administration did turn on the first street lights in Monrovia over 15 years.

      Has you may know her administration is due to complete a brand new 100 beds hospital in Tappita in July 2010, which is slated to be one of the best and most modern technological hospital in West Africa. (look it up or travel to Nimba if you think I’m lying). Also the Ministry of Health and the Nation Defense Ministry will both have new homes/buildings in Congo Town later this year which will also be state of art.

      Oh yes and don’t forget the New University of Liberia Fendall campus and the Yao Glarlay New Town Community school in Nimba Buuyao district. Just to list a few of the things that Ellen administration has done and is continue to do. You and I both knows the list goes on.

      So please Jose next time you start to say things please back it up with some facts like I just did.

      How come CT didn’t do anything for the people you claim he came to liberate, oh let me guest your excuse will be he was too busy fighting wars and no support from the international community. CT could’ve gotten any help he wanted from the International community if he had follow the rule of law. See Jose you can’t be fighting wars and destroying things and expect people to help you, then their efforts will be wasted.

      Do you think if Taylor or any other warload was to become president of Liberia in 2011 do you think Liberia will get the same International support it is getting right now. My answer to that is NO, because people will be afraid to invest, they will constantly be looking over their shoulders for another war.

      So please as Liberians lets start thinking forward and not backwards. If you’re a true Liberian you should have the benefit of the country at heart not he benefit of one man who destroys.

      1. John Thompson,

        What in my March 9, 2010 post that “is not completely true”?

        Why you have failed to pinpoint what was not true?

        How was it not true?

        1. John, Please answer my questions. By the wat, what facts you say you back your claims with?

          Grebo, I know you told me to forget about Ellen, but to concertrate on the Charles Taylor trial. But pekin, tell John not to provoke me on this Ellen business. Because when I start on Ellen, pekin, you know me by now from this site, it will not be too pretty for she and John.

    3. I feel the same way also. One thing I do know is this guy is educated and no small fish. He’s really sticking it to the USA and hopefully, Britain.. It’s wonderful to say what is on your mind and not be afraid.
      Fireston started business in 1926 and up to the begining of the war in 1980, Liberia never produced one automobile tire. Infact, one 13″ tire sold for $450.00 USD during the war. You had Lebanese producing recaped tires that lasted a day or two. Thereafter, it felt apart. Why?
      Bomi Hills began mining iron ore in 1957, thereafter, Mano River, Bong Mines, and Lamco. None of the above produced one steel rod in Liberia. They paid less than one penny on a dollar, yet, you paid over 6000% for a steel rod. Lamco polluted the St.John’s River, so did Bomi Hills and Bong Mines, why? Mano River never washed their ore. It was shipped the same way it came from the ground. Taylor wanted changes in Liberia, nothing else. African countries should trade with one another and not depend on the west. Can anyone explain as to why Africa is not the six security council member as opposed to five? Africa is at the mercy of so-called first world countries.

      1. Abe Lincoln

        Africa can not be the six security council member because Africa is a continent not a country. Also there is a six security council member, however the six seat is a rotational seat, meaning its not a permanent seat and does not have veto power.

        Do you have any facts (data) on the prices prices of tire sold and steel rod or are you just kicking numbers out. Secondly the companies that did business in Liberia before the war were established firms with their factories elsewhere, Liberia was just a partner, both Liberia and these firms sign a contract, Liberia was to provide the resources and these companies were to pay a certain fee. Now was the fee fair, that I can not speculate because I do not know detail of the contracts. Were there corruption, sure there was, there is corruption anywhere humans are located.

        1. Africa is a continent, therefore, any one of many countries in Africa should have the same veto power as Chine, France, Russia, United Kindgom and United States of America. Mr. Thompson, can you please tell me which African counrty has veto power in the UN? Is the United States in North America? What’s about Canada? It is time for an African nation to have the same veto power as the other five. Can you tell me when did the USA give up it’s veto power in the UN? It has never taken place and will never.
          Mr. Thompson, I own two rubber plantation in Liberia, I lived in Liberia, and yes, an engineer. Please tell me and the other readers when was a tire factory created in Liberia to manufacture tires? What we had on the free-way was a company producing re-capped tires. Not manafacturing new tires. So, Mr. thompson, are you suggesting since 1926, Firestone was not required to produce autimobile tires if they chose? What is wrong with producing tires in Liberia and selling to other African countries? Would this have created jobs for Liberians?
          I was in Liberia during the war and you could not find new tires. I travelled to Ivory Coast to purchase four 13″ tires at USD $450.00 per tire. This is not hearsay, facts. Liberia was one of the founding members of the UN in 1945. It is about time Liberia became the six country with same veto power as the rest. I hope you understand my point.

    4. Jose and Davenport,

      Flash your email addresses to me and I will fill you in on the identity of this witness. Tracey REDACTED, if you may, my post on the identity of this witness. So there you have it. If you are interested, send your email. Mine is ajarwey@gmail.com. So long.

  2. Tracey,

    How often does this sharing of space occur at the Hague?
    Is it something you folks get to know ahead of time?


    1. Hi Davenport.Noko7,

      Yes, this sharing of space at the ICC happens each week. We set out a schedule a few weeks ago, which you can find here: http://www.charlestaylortrial.org/2010/02/02/why-is-a-different-trial-being-screened-sometimes-on-the-live-feed-update-on-the-new-scsl-trial-schedule/ — but it is clear looking even at last week and this week, that schedule must have changed again. I will try to get an updated schedule and see if I can set it out for readers here so they know what to expect.


  3. Abe Lincoln

    In your March 9, 2010, 10:37pm you stated ” Can anyone explain as to why Africa is not the six security council member as opposed to five? Africa is at the mercy of so-called first world countries.”

    My answer to you again is Africa is a continent, not a country, only countries can be member of the security counsil, not continents. China is a country in the continent of Asia. United States is a country in the continent of North North America, Great Britain, France are countries in the continent of Europe. Russia is a country in the continent of both Asia and Europe. These are the five permanent members of the UN Security Counsil with permanant veto power. The six seat also have veto power but is not permanant

    To elaborate more for your understanding there are 10 non permanant member countries on the security counsil, which include NIGERIA, GABON and UGANDA all countries in Africa, non of wthich are CONTINENTS. Again brother, Africa is a CONTINENT not a country, get it right. Get you facts right

  4. Abe Lincoln

    To answer the rest of your question. I am very disturb as an Industrial engineer my fellow engineer does not understand business principals. I never once said in any of my posting there was a tire factory build in Liberia (FACTS FACTS FACTS). Was Firestone obligated to build a factory in Liberia, was it part of the contract they sign in 1926 or whenever. If you answer that it was part of the contract then Firestone is in breach, however if it wasn’t part of the contract then Firestone has no obligation to build a factory in Liberia.

    To answer your next question, nothing is wrong with Firestone building a factoiry in Liberia, that is up to Firestone if its in their best business interest. Keep in mind most of Firestone tire sales were to automobiles company in the U.S. (Detriot, Michigan to be exact) so it is only wise to munufacture close to your vendors this way you can drastically cut your frieght cost.

    As an engineer like you claim what good would it have done Firestone to manufacture tires in Liberia and ship it overseas to the U.S to me put on cars that will then be shipped back and sold around the world including Africa. That means they will be doing double handling of materials and paying double on frieght cost. And you know what that means, the consumers will suffer.

    And do me a favor please read the whole posting carefully, take a deep breath before you you reply and don’t make us engineers look bad my brother.

  5. Jose

    No one is afraid of you if you want to talk about a topic please do but don’t sit there and tell your buddy Grebo about what you will do. Be a man and do what’s necessary, oh you don’t have nothing but rhetoric. You better start speaking with facts because from now on everything you say I will look it up.

    Its people like you who always talk because they feel they can talk louder. Well for me intelligence is better then loudness. Its not my aim to provoke you but if you feel provoke so be it, I don’t back down from no man.

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