Your Questions Wanted: Interview with Courtenay Griffiths, lead Counsel for Charles Taylor

Dear Readers,

Some excellent news for us today. Courtenay Griffiths – Mr. Taylor’s lead defense lawyer — has agreed to be interviewed for this site next Wednesday. 

We are seeking your questions for him, which we’ll be accepting through until 9am EST, Tuesday morning (March 9, 2010).  We are still keeping in mind the questions asked when we interviewed Stephen Rapp, which are available here:

Mr. Griffiths only has limited time as he is so busy right now, so we will only be able to ask him a selection of questions, but we will try to ask as many as possible in the precious time we have with him.

As with Mr. Rapp,  I encourage everyone to be respectful of Mr. Griffiths in the questions they ask —  he has already been generous with us by offering his time and thoughts in response ot our questions. 

I look forward to seeing what you would like to know from him. We will aim to post his interview in installments the following week.


  1. How can you defend a man who surpervised the death of so many innocent people and the destruction of a whole country?

    1. Sansee,
      I would also like you to ask the man who indicted Mr. Taylor David Crane how come he can now come to the defense of the murderous Guinean Junta.

    2. Sansee,
      We have yet to see SUCH EVIDENCES in this court….where are you getting your facts from??

    3. Sansee,

      Your question is not a bad question, but a very easy one for Griffiths to answer. I Myself who is not a lawyer can easily answer this one for you. All Mr. Griffiths needs to tell you, is that all accused have the right to a defense council/counsel and he/team is the one providing that service for the accused.

      Tracey, all the “Big Mouth” these guys claimed to have and education, they can not even ask a question that will embarrass or corner Griffiths, but ask a question that ordinary person like me can answer. They are very luck, for America and Britain to come to their rescue. Had not it being for these two big countries, the people of Liberia would have voted and petition President Taylor to be president for life. These guys are not more smarter and educated than us. They are lying and the truth will and can not hide. Now you may see or know why Taylor dominated Liberian politics. WEAK OPPOSITION, TRACEY.

      1. Jose,
        Why don’t we do transparent justice to our brother by leting him know that the question asked was premature . Espcially for the quality of information shared around here. My brother instead of people like fallah, sitting in America after retirement , he should have been in his country (liberia), contrbuting what he has retired with”( DE EDUCATION)” to his younger brothers and sisters who are are in need right now. But you know what, mr. Taylor has made tremendous headways in this case , and with God on his side, the devils head shall bowed soon.

    4. Perry Mason,

      I am eager to know if the Staff of the Special Court treats the defense team differently from the prosecution, as far as obtaining information, sharing information, office assistance, i.e., making copies, faxes, asking for a stable gun, paper clips etc….?

      Not to lead you, something impossible for anybody to do. Do the Staff of the Special Court gives the defense team this funny look as if to convey a message as to what are you doing representing this guilty man, or because of you (defense team) our guilty man is going to be set free?

    5. Sansee,
      No one is guilty until proving….. before Charles Taylor and the NPFL started fighting in Liberia, people were getting killed nearly everyday by the government in power at that time. Don’t you remember that? Even now, people are getting killed in liberia and there’s nothing done about it! Let’s not forget, Charles Taylor is only the rope they are trying to pull but the bushes are still awaiting to be pull by the rope.

  2. Mr. Griffiths, let me first and foremost register my sincere thanks to the moderator and especially to you for your esteemed time. My question : Do you believe that Mr. Taylor is receiving a fair trial and no matter the result you would be able to live with it? And secondly, were he to be convicted, would his defense seek an appeal?

      1. Tracey,

        I will like to thank you and everyone that made it possible for us to directly ask Mr. Griffiths questions like the second chief prosecutor Mr. Stephen Rapp.

        Again, we say thank you on behalf of the defense team and supporters.

        1. Hi Jose — thank you. I am thrilled too that Mr. Griffiths has agreed to answer our questions here on the site. It is really such a unique opportunity for us to get his perspective on the trial, and it is generous of Mr. Griffiths, as it was of Mr. Rapp, to give us his time.


  3. Mr. Griffiths,

    First of all, I will like to thank you and the entire defense team for the superb and splendid job performed over the years For President Taylor. Your heroic intiative and great personal value in the face of intense international media blitz and pressure and yet able to do your job diligently is just phenomenally awesome.

    My question is, how confident are you when it comes to the making of an impartial judgement free from international influence and pressure by the judges? Do you really trust the judges and their final verdict? Why/why not

    1. John T.
      how much is the prosecution being paid for the lies ?
      how much did the prosecution pay others to tell lies?
      how much is the prosecution the past and present have received from the people that trusted them? ( The People Of Sierra Leone)
      where is all the so-call evidence they had? and don’t leaved out the five (5) BILLION dollars account.
      Pls if you don’t have QUESTION(s) for Mr Griffiths, used the time to LEARN from others and try not to disrespect the defence counsel.

      Pls reply

  4. I will like to know

    1. What MOTIVATED him to take this case??
    2. Given what the prosecutors have shown us, what other SUPRISES he think they have??
    3. What will he do if Mr. Taylor is convicted???

  5. Mr. Griffiths; I understand how difficult your job as defense lawyer must be, expecially so in defending one of the most wanted men in the world for crimes committed against humanity. At such, have you considered chances of you winning this case as easy as you present your professional skills in court and perhaps make taylor believe in you as his final savior before meeting the one above? If not, have you begun to prepare taylor for the inevitable that awaits him if convicted? And if so, what do you plan to do next; defend other war lords of Liberia since you seem to know the criminal minds of Liberians better they know themselves?

      1. I thought this was a site for readers to post questions to the defense team! Are we now having Jose, Aki,Helen and the bunch answering for the defense? Why not let the Dense lawyer have the chance to respond? This is very sickening! What is this mentality?

    1. Fallah, who knows the minds of others except god? Griffiths does not know or seem to know the minds of other Liberian rebel leaders or any other person or war lord. How do you expect Mr. Griffiths to know the minds of war lords when he is not a mind reader or in the minds of people? Fallah, you may want to embarrass Mr. Giffiths, but this not how you do it. Because you might have just given him a leeway.

    2. Fallah Menjor,
      You see, I don’t know where you are coming from with this kind of sacastic statement that you are terming a question. Look oldman, you have the right to express your opinion, but please let it be in a proffessionally respectful manner. Reason I say so, is that you should please remember that you intend to communicate with a season laywer that is representing your president ok…. Thank you

  6. Question for Mr. Griffith: What does a lawyer do in a case such as this when the accused ( Charles Taylor ) under cross and under oath has admitted that he has given inconsistent statements during his direct examinations about issues involving the former UNITA strongman Jonas savimbi? and his first witness Yankubah Samateh AKA Yank Smythe contradictions regarding punishment to Benjamin Yeatent for the executions of Mr. Sam Dorkie and his family which ( Charles Taylor ) has denied under oath? finally, could this defense team be held for possible contempt charges as witness Yankubah has stated that his written testimonies were misrepresented or change without his knowledge? best luck

  7. Mr. Griffins, I want to thank you very much for taking such a heavy case that is against the people of Africa. I think the people of America are good people and if they get to understand the reality of this political trial, they will cry out against using their name to suppress others. So why have the defense not been able to wage a serious public relations campiagn in the United States , on CNN and other media outlets, regarding the politcal nature of this trial?

    2. Will the defense summon Issay Sessay to testified on behalf of Mr. Taylor?

  8. Hi Mr. Griffiths,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for such an outstanding performance. You are the best in the business.

    Hope you don’t mind if I referred to you as Perry Mason (AKA). My question to you is this. What if President Taylor is found guilty, which is highly unlikely, would you represent him at the appeal level? Even though, we are not at the bridge yet, but it’s nice to plan how to cross the bridge before reaching to it.

  9. Perry Mason,

    Under the circumstances President Taylor has proven his case beyond reasonable doubt while he was on the witness stand. 8 out of 10 persons believe the prosecution has not proven her case against President Taylor.

    I am not sure how many witnesses will testify on behalf of the defense, and I don’t know the strategy the defense has as to the number of witnesses.

    What are the pros and cons if the witnesses are limited to perhaps 10? Fewer witnesses will yield to fewer contradictions.

  10. Tracey Gurd,

    This is for you. The current defence witness has just said, some Australians and Europeans were in Libya as an instuctor/trainer. He also said the Australians had their group there. And their group was the Australian Poeple’s Congress. In fact, he named the late Australian People’s Congress, Robert Pash and the IRA as also being present in Libya teaching the Third Universal Theories to these Africans. What is your take on your country Australia being named agaain in this trial? Are you pride of your countrymen training in Libya whether for good or bad reason?

    1. Hi Jose — this is very interesting. I had actually never heard of this group, Robert Pash or the Third Universal Theory until this testimony, and I did not know there were any Australians training in Libya at this time either. You have sparked my interest to go find out more about them, why they were in Libya and what their aims were.

      1. Tracey, you go girl. Go find out more and come back to tell us what you found. PLEASE.

        1. Jose — you make me giggle sometimes with your enthusiastic exhortations! I will indeed go, find out more, and let you know if I discover anything interesting about these Australians.

    2. Perry Mason,

      You and Marcus Garvey have many things in common. Both of you originated from the West Indians. Marcus studied in England, same as you.

      Marcus was against, lynching, Jim Crow laws and racial discrimination. He recruited African Americans who were willing to go to Africa to “clear out the white invaders” In short; Marcus was a revolutionary, who stood for justice, freedom and equality.

      My question to you is this. One of the reasons you agreed to take this case, is it because you have similar characteristics imbedded in you to that of Marcus?

  11. 1.Why did you choose to defend Mr. Taylor, a man who Washington and London see as a terrorist planted in West Africa, and what do stand to gain?

    2. From a legal stand point what do you make of this case so far, are you wining or loosing?

  12. Tracey,
    Please let me ask a favor of you. Would you repost Mr. Rapp’s answers to our many questions please? Better send them to my email if reposting will not be necessary at this point.

    Thanks for your usual understanding.


    Harris K Johnson

  13. Mr. Griffiths,

    Have you seen the video on sandline the diamond outfit and executive outcomes the mercenary group hired by sandline to reinstate Kabbah to power in Sierra Leone. You covered this during taylor’s testimony. But the video documentary produced by the canadaian media outlet called the FIFTH ESTATE confirmed all that you said on this issue. See the video and you will be encouraged to let the judges see it too.

  14. If your client confessed to you that he committed henious crimes to you still go ahead to defend him? Where do you draw the line doing your job and the morality with the job you do?

  15. Mr Griffiths ,
    What measures are in place to deal with those on the UN Travel Ban and Asset Freeze who were placed there because of “ongoing to ties to Mr Taylo,r” considering that they have no recourse to justice in their own rights under any legal national jurisdiction? Could this issue be dealt with at this quasi-international level considering there apears to be no legal basis for this action by the UN and that this punitive action is directly linked to their “ties to Mr Taylor”?

    What is the implication for the trial of Pres. Taylor and witnesses? What is the implication for interational justice and the rights of these individuals vis a vis Mr. Taylor?

  16. Mr. Griffiths,
    Bravo to you and your team. On this site you have been called the “Perry Mason” of the trial. My question to you given the fact that the prosecution has had so many years to prepare and a war chest at their disposal. Were you surprised when the evidence was presented by them how very little hard evidence they produced. ie: no sales of diamonds, no billions of dollars in bank accounts, none of the RUF or AFRC members on trial implicating Mr. Taylor etc.

  17. Mr. Griffitths,

    What do you make of your counterparts, Ms. Hollis and Mr. Nicholar Koumjian? Are you convinced with the evidence they have presented thus far as far as the 5 billion dollars claims, The RUF’s Salute Report which did “not” mention President Taylor as being in their chain of command?

    Do you respect the council opposite you? Why/why not?

  18. Mr.Griffiths,
    If in the near future you are to write a book regarding this trail(Mr. Taylor’s Trail), what will be your take on the way the presecutors asked question during this trail?
    Secondly, what new things have you learned from this trail?

    1. Aki – hi there. Your comments should be posted now. I just returned from The Hague and was not on the computer yesterday for very long.

  19. Dear lead Defence,
    I will like to know whether Mr Taylor wiil be vandicated,secondly is he in the haque
    for crmes he comitted in liberia or s.leone,reason of me asking this questionn is because 75% of the trial is all about liberia.

  20. Mr. Griffith,

    I believed you and your defence team are doing a great Job, I don’t think Taylor could have ask for anything better then what he has now. My question to you is, since the Prosecutor failed miserably in bringing witnesses from The RUF to directly link Taylor, will you and your team bring such witnesses.

    2nd, what are your views about the prosecution strategies. As you’re aware, they have deployed severals, their major ones are on Taylor’s Character and the notion of whatever that was done in Liberia was also carry to the RUF, Can you please share some light on those issues

    3rd, Are you convinced the Prosecution believe in their own case considering the break down in their own witnesses testimonies, couple with the mountain of documentary evidences you and your team has presented

    Fourthly, How often do you read content on this blog since it’s the #1 online media covering this trial with 100% objectivity although with counter views

    5th, If you have not been reading contents on this blog, can I recomment you start, if No, why.

    6th, When will you visit us again or how often will you come bye since your strongest supporters are here

    7th, Not many times we’ll hear good new about C G Taylor, can you tell us something, anything about Taylor.

    8th, What do you have to say to all those who still believe Taylor is guilty

    9th, What kinds of favor will you like from the Liberian people, Taylor’s supporter to be precise

    10th, What kinds of websites C Taylor are allow to browse and do you know if he browses website like this one

    Thanks to Tracey and Alpha

  21. Mr. Griffith,

    Few well meaningful criticism questions to you and the defence team.

    1, How and why did the defence fail to convence the jusges about introducing new and fresh evidence eventhough the prosecution case was over

    2, Why the defence haven’t been able to point to the same TRC report in which many questions, comments, and lies were directed at C G Taylor

    3, Why the Judges hasn’t had the opportunity to know that the same TRC category Taylor was place in , our current President is in that same category ;knowingly, it’s a welcoming news to Liberians and other western power that she is contesting the up coming election

    4, What is your take, on how C G Taylor performed on the stand and if you could change any strategy what will it be looking back

    5, How many witnesses are you planning on calling

    6, Can you share some light on what TYPE of witnesses you and your defence team are planning on bringing I.e Characters witnesses etc

    7, My learned Counsel, so far what are the things you’re proud of in this case and which once you could’ve change if any

    8, How can you and your defence team be reach, if posible

    9, There are lots of video documentaries out there explaning the truth about SL diamonds, why haven’t the defence team been able to show them to the Judges, or going further, are you planning on showing objective video clips documentaries, many of which are on National Geography channels

    10, What type of contructive differences you and C G taylor has, if any, apart of the capitalist and socialist views that was display in court amongst you two

    11. Considering all those stories said about C G taylor, does Taylor strick you as a man you would’ve befriend

    12, My learned Counsel, many times, lawyers defend their clients base on how much money they stand to gain, what kinds of emotion are you attaching to this case and why

  22. Tracey, thank you for bring us this chance to ask Mr. Taylor’s defense team questions.

    Mr. Griffiths,
    I think you are a great criminal lawyer and your team has shown that the Prosecution had no solid evidences to the charges they brought against Mr. Taylor. Having said that, what is your take on why Mr. Taylor is been brought to Trial in an experimental hybrid court of the IJC and not the IJC itself? Is the SCSL setting the standard that any hybrid war crime court of the IJC can bring Leaders of another country to stand trial in their war crime court for their involvement that took place during a war?

      1. Tracey,
        When will we know which questions will be ask to Mr. Griffiths. I know you mush have some kind of selection process, because of all the question that has been put forward.

        1. Hi Ken — after all the questions are gathered by 9am tomorrow, we will indeed go through a selection process for the questions: we will try to group/consolidate those which focus on similar issues; we will try to get a fair selection of questions covering the spectrum of the debate we see here on the site; and we will also give prioirity to those questions which have emerged repeatedly on this site as well. And, in large part, it may depend on Mr. Griffith’s time as to how many questions we are able to get through. Perhaps the best thing might be that after the interview with Mr. Griffiths is done, we can publish a list of the questions we were able to ask him in the time allocated. Does that sound like a fair plan?


  23. Mr. Griffith,
    How secure is mr. Taylor rightnow? Why shouldn’t we be worried that our dear president could get shot or killed just before he wins this case, looking at the slappy job done by the prosecution and the marvelous performance that has been exibited by you and your team?

  24. At the beginning of this trial, Sir, there was out cry, especially from taylor’s fan that “this was a waste of time and money” and not to mention how this trial was about a conspiracy by the West(USA&Britain),supporters claimed. Now that sufficient time has been spent on this trial and democracy being in practice, why would you say to those that still believe this whole trial was a waste of time and money? Secondly,would you recommend that taylor be housed in African prison if convicted since this would not only cut cost but in consideration of your client’s fear of the West, and all this cry from supporters of conspiracy theory in the first place? Thirdly, what would recommend Africa does with all these countless leaders that are accused for crimes against humanity and against International Laws?

  25. Mr. Griffith,
    I want to first of all thank you and the defense team for the wonderful job your are doing in the face of Justice. However, my question is, How confident are the defense team in defending Mr. Taylor against the charge of – crimes against humanity, since it seems to be the most difficult charge among the 11 counts because in my believe, it is easier to prove?

    When the prosecutors were presenting their case against Mr. Taylor, 90% of their questions were directed at events that took place in Liberia instead of Sierra Leone….. did any of those former RUF leaders who were found guilty in Sierra Leone ever testified that Mr. Taylor supported them with weapons during the time period for which he ( Mr. Taylor ) is charge? If not, will it be in the best interest fo Mr. Taylor for any them to testify for Mr. Taylor?

  26. Mr.Griffiths:

    As a lawyer I know how difficult it is to defend certain client, especially the likes of Taylor and other warlords, but no matter the situation everybody needs legal representation.

    How are you going to reconcile the events that lead to the death of Sam Bockerie, who dead body was found in the hands of Taylor and delivered to the government of Sierra Leone, and Taylor’s vice president providing evidence to this account?

    As we all know if Sam Bockerie was alive he would have provided evidence for or against Taylor and this was a risk that Taylor was not prepare to take. Do you think that the judges will buy your client argument about the circumstances leading to his death?

  27. Mr. Griffiths,
    i was wandering why, the defence did not call Tejan Kabbah as a witness?
    Because, we all know that, Tejan Kabbah is responsible for the death and destruction, that took place in Sierra Leone.

  28. This is for Mr. Griffith
    What do you have to do to get Mr. Taylor off the hook, being this case is about rush to judgement? Do you understand it was other countries involved in removing diamonds from Sierra Leone and providing arms? Why are the following leaders not on trial, George Bush, Tony Blair, the United Nation”s boss, Kofi Annan and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? What happened with Prince Johnson et al? Can you have more witnesses like DCT-125?
    Thanks for a job well done at this stage in the trial. More power, brother.

  29. 4 ur eyes only,

    you were told to asked the defense counsel questions, whty are you questioning me, do you not understand the heading or do you feel its necessary to attack me because I do not support CT. Please refer your questions to the defense counsel, you will have to pay me for me to answer your questions. Plus I have the right to ask whatever question

  30. My question has already been posed by Ambulai March 7th. I s Charles Taylor being tried for crimes alledgedy committed in Sierra Leone or Liberia? The basis for the question is obvious. I am apalled at the prosecutions presentation. But I am not a lawyer. I fear that I may be missing something. That I am so stupid and dense in my cerebration that I am incapable of understanding the very “clever” and possibly “convincing” presentation of the prosecution’s case. Tell me that I am wrong. Thanks

  31. Hello Tracey & Alpha.
    These were asked before, but have been revised given the recent testimony (although I confess that I haven’t been able to follow the trial too closely, so I apologize if some of these questions have already been answered — although even if they have, I would appreciate Cllr Griffiths views on them too.)

    1. I understand that Mr Taylor is ‘partially indigent’. Can you please explain:

    a) What does it mean to be ‘partially indigent’?

    b) What is Mr Taylor’s current financial situation?
    c) Does he continue to receive any income from any investments, businesses or otherwise?

    d) The UN Panel of Experts disclosed that:

    i. Mr Taylor owns property in his name in Monrovia worth hundreds of thousand of US $; and that,

    ii. Since 2003, the company PLC has received millions in US$ from Lonestar cellphone company in Monrovia
    Is this correct?
    e) Does Mr Taylor have any other assets?
    f) There is confusion regarding Mr Taylor’s bank accounts. Can you confirm that the US accounts had ~$5 billion in transactions? How much of it was ‘new money’ (as opposed to sweep account transactions)?
    g) if the purpose of the LBDI account was a ‘covert account’ from which to buy weapons in violation of UN Security Council sanctions, why is the account in Mr Taylor’s own name? Wouldn’t it have been more useful to keep a covert account in an unknown name (given the ‘Suspicious Transaction Reporting’ regulations that existed at the time)?

    2. a) How much of Mr Taylor’s bills are being covered by the Court?

    b) Presumably the Court is paying for his keep while standing trial, but does this also extend to other expenses, such as his clothing? Who pays these bills?

    3. Has the defense or the Court paid any of the expenses or given any other benefits to any of the witnesses that the defense will call?

    4. Why did Mr. Taylor talk to potential defense witnesses on a secure/unmonitored telephone line?

    5. a) While he was on the stand, you asked Mr Taylor to explain the Liberian shipping registry. His explanation was factually incorrect. What was the purpose of asking him to explain the registry?
    b) Did Mr Taylor ever benefit personally from the Shipping and/or Corporate registries?
    c) LISCR has admitted to buying arms for Liberia in contravention of the UNSC sanctions. Was this regular? Were any arms shipped to Sierra Leone?

    6. During Mr Taylor’s cross you seemed to portray two Liberias after his 1997 election:
    i) a Liberia that was broke after decades of theft and war; and
    ii) a Liberia rich in natural resources.
    It appeared that the purpose of the second depiction was to suggest that Mr. Taylor had no interest in SL’s riches because Liberia was rich enough.

    a) But doesn’t the first depiction of a broke-Liberia undermine this defense by contradicting the argument?

    b) Regardless, when does someone have ‘enough’ that they won’t go after other – especially easier – money?

    7. I understand from the media that Mr. Taylor does not have any Sierra Leoneans or Liberians on his legal team. If this is correct, why doesn’t he? If this is not correct, what positions do they hold?

    8. a) Can you explain your position on whether or not the UN Security Council was justified in sanctioning Mr Taylor personally as a threat to regional peace and security?
    b) Were they justified in sanctioning anyone or any other company with regards to the conflict in Sierra Leone?
    c) How can these individuals ensure that they receive ‘due process’ while at the same time allowing the UN to try to reduce conflict in the region?
    d) Likewise, in this trial, how do you think due process/fairness is best achieved when documentary evidence is difficult to obtain? What do you think of using witness testimony? How do you think the judges will be able to sort through contradictory testimony? Do you think this is an advantage for the defense or the prosecution (given the asymmetric jobs that they must do regarding proving guilt vs. raising doubt)?

    9. Given that the SCSL was to try ‘those most responsible’, do you believe that there are other international actors that were most responsible that should have been indicted? Who and why?

    10. a) What do you think the role of commodities, especially diamonds, had in the SL war?
    b) do you think instruments like the Kimberley Process are sufficient to ensure that diamonds don’t fuel conflict again?
    c) in the cross-examination, Mr Taylor explained how he had set up a government (the NPRAG, albeit not recognized by anyone in the international community) to conduct business in territory that the NPFL controlled. How, if at all, did the ‘business model’ used by the NPFL differ from that used by the RUF in SL?

    11. Defense witnesses have been explaining how training in Libya was used to further a pan-African movement. Does Mr Taylor believe that violence is an acceptable way to achieve political change in Africa? When used by others elsewhere? Do you believe this too?

    12. a) What attracted you to the trial?
    b) What has surprised you the most (and the least) about the proceedings?

    13. a) What legal precedents/theories are likely to come from this trial?
    b) What will be its lasting impact on international law?
    c) What do you think is the appropriate role of international criminal trials/domestic trials (war crimes tribunals) in post-conflict countries? Do you think the cost is warranted given their role in re-establishing rule of law? Do you think there are alternatives that are better use of money, time and political will?
    d) Would you have preferred that the trial was held in Sierra Leone?

    14. How do you think that the conviction of Mr. Taylor’s son on torture charges in the US will affect Mr. Taylor’s case? Is it possible that Mr. Taylor’s son might give evidence against Mr. Taylor in order to reduce his sentence?

    15. How do you think Mr Crane/White’s involvement with the Guinea coup members will undermine the prosecution?

    Thank you. I appreciate your willingness to give of your time to answer our questions.

    1. Questions — those are a lot of very good and precise questions you have asked. I’m not sure we will be able to pose all of them to Mr. Griffiths given the time available, but hopefully at least some can be included. THanks for posting them with us.

    2. Dear Mr Griffith,
      You have been a redeemer of logic in an area where the art of illogic has been played to the full/fool.Mr Griffith,do you believe you are defending an international political prisoner and secondly,given the intentions of the prosecutions (USA,GB & UN) Should’nt Mr Taylor be charged with afronting the wish and will of the USA & GB in the West Africa region.

  32. Mr. Griffith,

    I found that Mr. Smythe testimony, and Taylor’s testimony did not compliment but contradicted each other. What was even more alarming was that Mr. Smythe’s written testimony given to your team contradicted his oral testimony. Mr. Smythe asserted that his statements were misrepresented. Since your team was responsible for recording the witness’s written statement, i ask you how do you account for the discrepancies in Mr. Smythe’s written testimony that was given to you, and his oral testimony given in court?

    1. Teage,

      Could you state specifically the contradiction of Mr. Smythe and president Taylor testismony? However, could you also pinpoint exactly the misrepresentation of Mr. Smythe written statement and his under oath statement for the learned counsel and or the audience?

      1. Jose, I hate to say that this question is not being directed to you for God’s sake! What is your problem here Buddy? Is this your intention to chase others off this site or mere “bullying?” Why not give others chance to express their freedom? I believe there needs to be “limit” how you are constantly throwing attacks on others. Now let’s get back to basics; taylor is accused of being the Big fish in all the troubles in Sierra Leone, and therefore bears great responsibility of rapes, and many other atrosities commited. For that reason , he is being tried, but for the Prosecution to prove linkage of taylor’s involvement, there has to be pattern of taylor’s past treatment of his own people(you and Me) in Liberia prior to his association with the juta government of Sam Boakerie? This is simple English, just so we know were we are,Jose.

        1. Jose, AKA ” GENERAL FIX IT”
          My pekin, You are a damn good soldier. I am realy, realy enjoying your swift, persistant and proffessional attacks on these war mongers. Fallah Menjor, their most educated, is now crying foul.. You are doing a very good job. Give it to them hot like holy ghost fire. We will and have the right to sifter, correct and control every question ask by them. Go ahead my very fine soldier, do it…

  33. Tracey

    Can a plea agreement be establish in this court? If so my question for Mr. Griffith is:

    Did the prosecution team offer Mr. Taylor a lighter sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. If the prosecution team offered a deal, what was Mr. Taylor response and what was the prosecution team offer.

  34. Jose,
    Absolutely not.
    These are questions to Mr. Griffith, not to Ms. Teage. Plus you and I both read the testimonies you saw no contradictions…i saw many, contradictions….how will me pointing out the contradictions help you see them. You know and I know your question is rhetorical and once I pointed out the contradictions…you will do what every other Taylorist did, which is explaining away the obvious. So I say to your request absolutelty NOT!

    1. Teage,

      You said you see many contradictions, but yet you can not show any or at least one. I hope counsel just tell you I don’t know what you are talking about ma’am. End of discussion.

      1. Rodriguez,
        Please revert to my response to Noko5. If you cannot comprehend or understand my response then I guess that’s too bad.

  35. Noko5, please tell me how taylor likes his new home away from Whiteflower villa? How about the food, is it different from the familiar spicy west african dishes he loved? Boy, you guys need to stick to the trial or else we should, then, be discussing how many women taylor slept with during the invasion of Freetown, or how many girlfriends were given motor vehicles for birthday presents with tax payers money! Is this what you guys prefy? If not, let’s get back to topic: taylor is charged with 11 counts of crimes against Humanity!

    1. Fallahm, does Noko5 work at the detention facility? However, one thing we know, he made mention of things when it was not right and corrections were made.

  36. Fallah,
    I am happy you ‘ve acknowleged that Charles Taylor is a lover and not a fighter. It is good to be nice to ladies because they are our mothers .. so that was not wrong , as long as it is affordable . Besides , You and I know Charles to be a ladies choice..the boy is smart , handsome good looking and has a perfect sence of humor. Even Ms. Teage admires him alot…

    1. So Nokn5 are you saying that this’s why taylor probably encouraged rapes in his NPFL rebel group that later spred into Sierra Leone junta group supported by taylor? A lady’s man my foot, noko5. If women fall for a rebel warlord, would you call this “charm?”If you also know that we know about “little boys being poked too” by your secret admirer! Is this clear? Do I stand corrected on this,Noko5?

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