Charles Taylor Executed NPFL Commanders For Selling Arms To RUF Rebels, He Punished Those Who Committed Crimes Against Civilians, Witness Says

Charles Taylor ordered the execution of commanders in his Liberian rebel group because they sold arms to Sierra Leonean rebel forces, and he ensured that rebel fighters who committed crimes against civilians were punished, a defense witness for the former president told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague today.

Mr. Timan Edward Zammy, a former commander in Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group today sought to explain how Mr. Taylor frowned at any perceived NPFL association with Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone. According to the witness, Mr. Taylor ordered the execution of two NPFL commanders because they had sold arms and ammunition to the RUF. Mr. Taylor himself in his testimony as a witness in his own defense told the court that he had disciplined certain NPFL commanders because he found out they wanted to provide assistance to the RUF, an action which he was opposed to. Today, Mr. Zammy corroborated the former president’s testimony on this incident. Mr. Zammy pointed out that one of the NPFL commanders who had sold arms and ammunition to the RUF and therefore executed was Anthony Munkunagbe. Prosecutors have alleged that Mr. Taylor ordered the execution of Mr. Menkunagbe and a few other NPFL commanders because he thought they were opposed to his leadership of the NPFL. Mr. Taylor on his part has said that the men were executed because they committed acts of treason against the NPFL by forming a group called Black Ghadaffa and planning to associate themselves with the RUF.

To justify Mr. Menkunagbe’s execution, Mr. Zammy told the court that Mr. Menkunagbe himself had admitted to him that he had sold arms and ammunition to the RUF.

“He [Menkunagbe] sent me a hundred and fifty bags of rice  and some pigs feet, about five barrels, three motorbikes, and some food stuffs. And he told me that those are your own proceeds from the deal. He said but don’t worry, I sold the arms, not you. We are fighting a rebel war,” the witness explained.

The witness also dispelled claims that the NPFL targetted people belonging to the Madingo and Krahn tribes during the conflict in Liberia. Defense lawyer for Mr. Taylor, Silas Chikera, sought to know whether this was the case.

“The prosecution alleges that when you were fighting in Liberia in 1990, you were targeting Madingos and Krahns, especially civilians. Did you target Madingo and Krahn civilians?” Mr. Chikera asked the witness.

In his response, the witness said “no.”

Mr. Chikera also pointed out portions of a previous transcript where prosecutors had asked Mr. Taylor during his cross-examination about the NPFL rebels targeting Madingos and Krahns at check points in Liberia.

Again, the witness said, “No. No one attacked Madingo or Krahn people from the rear at check points.”

The witness explained that when NPFL recruits were trained, they were given strict warnings on how to treat civilians. He said that the NPFL recruits were told that “no rape, no civilian target, no one should kill civilian targets, except those who shoot at you.”

He added that the recruits were, however, told that if a person in civilian clothes shot at them, they were at liberty to treat such person as an enemy combatant.

“If a person fires at you even if in civilian clothing, you should consider that person as enemy.” the witness said.

This was because “some people will take off their uniforms and wear civilian clothes and so if a civilian shoots at you, he should be considered an enemy,” he added.

Some members of the NPFL, including senior commanders, were executed because they went against the advise given to them not to kill civilians, the witness told the court.

“Some fighters who violated were executed at the full level of implementation,” the witness said.

Such execution, the witness said, would be carried out only after the accused person had been investigated and tried by a Court Martial consituted by the NPFL hierarchy.

“When you violate, you’ll be arrested, investigated, and court martialed. And if you are found guilty, you’ll be executed,” he said.

Prosecutors have suggested that Mr. Taylor led a rebel group that committed crimes against civilians with impunity. Mr. Taylor, they claim, did not prevent the commission of these crimes and when he knew that they had been committed, he did not take steps to punish his fighters who were the perpetrators. Prosecutors say that RUF rebels in Sierra Leone-a group that Mr. Taylor allegedly had control over and provided support for during Sierra Leone’s 11 year conflict-conducted themselves just like the NPFL did in Liberia. They say that Mr. Taylor, while supporting the RUF, gave a blind eye to the crimes they committed. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations. It is in this light that Mr. Taylor’s witness, Mr. Zammy, has testified that Mr. Taylor did not only take steps to prevent the commission of these crimes by telling his fighters to treat civilians well, but also that when he knew that such crimes had been committed, he took steps to punish the violators.

Mr. Zammy’s testimony continues tomorrow.


    1. John thompson,

      For those who know President Taylor, this guy is not afraid of death. Death is a way of life to President Taylor. “Nobody will ever get out of this world alive.”

      So, if you are wishing death on another person, be careful, because you may be the first person to go out feet first.

    2. john thompson,

      Your wish for Mr. Taylor to die is a dream. Mr. Taylor will remain alive to see the down fall of all is enemies including you. Your post above clearly shows that you don’t have the fear of God in you. The Bible tells us that we should pray for our enemies; instead you are here wishing someone’s father death. What kind of man are you brother?


      Harris K Johnson

      1. I am a good man if you may ask, nevetheless, your religion is your choice, please do not impose your believes on me. Secondly, I have the right to say,think, or wish WHATEVER I PLEASE. Do you think Taylor had the fear of GOD in him when he and his thugs KILL, RAPE, AND DESTROY Liberian or did he PRAY for his enemies? Last I heard from Taylor is that he killed is enemies or friends who treating his so called revolution. Please GIVE ME A BREAK with the religion stuff PREACHER

        1. John Thompson,

          You have just helped us to know some of the triggered happy war monger who wishes to shoot President Taylor on this site. But bear in mind now, if you had attempted to shoot him unsuccessfully, you might not live to tell the story. I hope you know this. However, this was what happened to the Black Ghadafied including Oliver Varnay, One Man One and ect. John, The Liberian people are prepared to protect President Taylor with their bodies, because they believe in his message.

    3. John Thompson, why are you angry? You come across as mad and angry. A week ago, you wrote about your uncle’s treatment and now hate for Mr. Taylor. We agree to disagree. For once John Thompson, can you be objective? Are you the only person who lost a love one during the civil war in Liberia?

      John Thompson, I lost my twelve year old daughter during the war at the hands of Samuel Doe’s death Squatd (Krahn Soldiers) and my brother including sixteen other family members. Their killers were not members of Taylor’s group. Lurd killed some of my family members.

      John Thompson, my sister was Samuel Doe’s teacher., when the American conducted military exercises in the 70’s, Samuel Doe visited my office and extended an invitation to me. I attended the ceremony at BTC. Dispite all the above, Samuel Doe’s killers never give my family members a chance.

      Lurd also killed family members, not Taylor soldiers. I ‘ve moved on John. Those responsible for the brutal murder of my family will also die one day. You blame Taylor for everything, regardless – Rev. Dr. Ben Mason had nothing to do with Doe’s government. yet he was slaughtered in his church in Sinkor. Van Richards was killed by Doe’s soldiers. What did he do John?

      Charles Taylor’s father was killed in St Peter’s Luthern Church with others at the hands of Samuel Doe. It was Judge Nelson Taylor who earlier relieved Doe of an LPA debt. Doe was greatful and happy, yet, it was the same Samuel Doe who killed him. We were all affected, and most of us are trying to move on… we want to revitalized our resources to help reunite our people – two generations have been lost to war, proverty and dispair… what now John, will you let hatred ruin your life.. can you change a hair on Taylor’s head? To be frank, we ALL contributed to the war it did not start with Taylor, it started long ago even before we were born… check your history and learn. One thing I know that to err is human to forgive is devine. There are some young Liberians who have been placed on travel bans because of Ellen’s “fear” of Taylor… why handicap your own people? What purpose does this serve? She claims not to have had anything to do with the war.. yet, her name is interwine with Taylor and his so-called “warlords”.. wow, there are many ways to skin a cat.. right John?

      1. Abe Lincoln — I am so sorry to hear about your suffering and loss. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to move on. Thanks for sharing your experience here.

        1. You’re welcome Tracey. It is extremely painful to consider all things done by Doe’s tribal men ( Soldiers OF krahn Ethnic Group) when he Doe was a friend and yes, My sister his teacher. Did he give my family members a chance? None of them were government officials. Lurd also killed some of my families. I was nearly killed on May 13, 2002 by Lurd Forces. They killed my Uncle’s son.I’ve moved on. Life is short.


          1. Abe Lincoln– life is indeed short. How terrifying to have your experience in 2002. I am so glad you are here with us still today.

    4. GreBo — I do know from another comment of yours that you feel restricted on this site, and I am sorry that you feel that way. We’ve tried to be as transparent as possible in providing a guide on what we can and can’t publish, which you can find here:

      One of the rules here is not to focus on other readers but to focus on the trial — for that reason, I am afraid I cannot publish your 12:04am comment on May 13. If you can reformulate it and resubmit to focus on the trial and to fit with our policy, I will happily publish it.


  1. Nosirrah,

    I agreed with most of what you wrote. I differ, on the evidence part. Supporters of President Taylor don’t want an exclusion of Liberia in this case as you put it. In a criminal proceeding the prosecution MUST first prove the core charges(s) leverage against the defendant, and then bring in the circumstantial evidence as a backup. For example, A is on trial for armed robbery of City Bank. However, A has robbed other Banks in the past. The prosecution MUST first prove that A indeed robbed City Bank, and then bring in the other Banks A robbed to strength her case.

    To the contrary, this case is the exact opposite. The prosecution has failed to prove the core of the indictment, but relying on circumstantial evidence. This is putting the cow ahead of the horse. In the final analysis it’s the judges’ decision to decide if these circumstantial evidences are enough to convict.

    Taylor supporters simply want the prosecution to prove her case. Where the billions of dollars alleged by the prosecution President Taylor supposedly have? Where is the diamond as big as a human head?…

    Judge Sebutinde had it right. The burden of proof is not the defense’s responsibility. “A hint to the wise is sufficient.” I don’t know what the defense strategy is. I believe the defense is doing too much by bringing in all these witnesses. This is not a civil case whereby the decision is based on preponderance of evidences. At the moment, the defense has raised enough reasonable doubts for a not guilty verdict. After all, President Taylor proved his case while on the witness satnd.

    And, if the evidence is not there the judges MUST acquit.

  2. King Gray, Aki, Nosirrah,Big B, Noko4&5, I am totally confused and wonders if you guys have been around anyother trial beside this? and the reason for my question is that in most trial judges asked both prosecution and defense as to the length of their case and I stand to be corrected Brenda Holis was asked semilar question during their presentation, so to speculate that this entail Charles Taylor will be aquitted is a far cry for mercy and there is none to be spare at this time. Charles Taylor is charged with supporting the RUF by providing training and arms under the leadership of Foday Sankor & Sam Bockarie as they level carnage against the innocence and peaceful people of Sierra Leone he denied, as is expected, but his accounts under oath & his witnesses, have been tinted with lies & contradictions, case in point his current witness Timan Zammy testified today that NPFL fighters sold arms and ammunitions to the RUF even if they were executed the darmage was already done. Munkunagbeg & Lato’s execution is again another big contradiction CT testified that these men were executed for ploting to kill him in an armbush, & Zammy said they were executed for selling arms to the RUF. contradictions such as these are very major and will return to bite! this man Charles Taylor has lied to these judges and will be found quilty and QUILTY it is…

    1. Ziggy,
      You have just completely distorted Mr Taylor’s testimony in your desperation to uncover ” lies & contradictions”. At no time during Mr Taylor’s testimony did he say that the ONLY reason why Mekunagbe and others were executed was because they were “ploting to kill him in an armbush”. He consistently said that they were court marshalled and executed becasue they were planning and conniving with the RUF by traing them and providing weapons in order to form a group called Black Ghadaffa so as to overthrow the NPFL hierachy which Mr Taylor leads. Now pray tell me Ziggy how Mr Taylor’s account “contradicts” what Mr Zamay said?

    2. Ziggy Salis,
      This is not the demage being done instead, it’s about what Mr. Taylor did to those who did the wrong thing. It has been stated in this trial so many time that some commanders in the NPFL sole weapons to the RUF but the question is, did Mr. Taylor order the sale of arms to RUF? This is what prosecution have to prove but she hasn’t done so up to press time! Did Mr. Taylor punished people who committed crimes during the war in Liberia ? Of course he did! For example, the killing of General Sam Massaqoui in Kakata by General Sam lato; Sam Lato was put to death order by the Central Revolutionalry Council (CRC ) of the NPFL.

      No matter what, some Sierra Leoneans can’t read between the lines to understand and uncover the facts in this case instead, they allowed people to tell them what they should believe and it’s sad…… I am sorry but the true is that, the Sierra Leonean problems were created by the Sierra Leonean themselves!

    3. Ziggy,
      Quite frankly, the ICC needs to redirect her spendings on rehabs and integration of the integrity of the people of Sierraleone, if they need help, which I think they do. The money that is being used on this trashy case just doesn’t worth it. Reason is that , in the finaly, mr.Taylor is going to be set free, all the lawyers on both sides are going to become millionares and Sierraleone plus her citizens are not going to make anykind of progress that you and I could immagine…..let the brother WALK FREE…He just did not do it…

      1. Noko 5,
        The ICC will do no such thing. Justice is just as important as rehabilitation, etc… You all see to think that justice is a waste of money, what a sad thing to think.
        Whether or not the person on trail is innocent once they are indicted it is imperative that that person goes through the justice system for the sake of the people offended, and the name/integrity of the accused. If Mr. Taylor is innocent the court will exonerate him, but how about all the other actors in the Sierra Leonean war that have been charged and convicted of crimes against humanity, should the money have been spent on other things. What happens when all the courts ICC et al decide that they will spend their money on helping the victims of crimes and let the perpetrators walk free, what type of society will that be. A society where we are so “consumed” by catering to the needs of victims to the degree that we let the perpetrators walk free and create more victims? What is the logic in that.
        Justice is just as important as healing and forgivingness and reconciliations.
        NGOs exist for ordinary people to be able to make a difference in the lives of war victims, victims of catastrophie etc….
        I suggest that if we are all really concern about the victims left behind by the civil wars whether in Liberia Sierra Leone or wherever, than i suggest that WE do something to change whether it’s giving of our time finances or resources to help victims or starting an NGO ourselves, whatever it is…..we can do. But I think that the ICC is using it’s resources just well!!

  3. For this witness say that NPFL Soldiers did not target Madingos and Krahn is not ture but the fact is that, the Madingos and Krahns were the one who started it all when Doe was president. For example, in 1985, Madingos were showing hideout of Gios and Manos who were not involve with those who wanted remove Doe from power. These people were killed by both Madingos and Krahns! So what should do when they had the opportunity to fight back?

    Krahn Soldiers targetd the Gios and Manos people in their homes and every where they the Krahns and Madingos could find them during that time! Even as that, the Krahns and Madingos fell out later during the war. Moreso, this doesn’t prove that Mr. Taylor is guilty of what he’s accused in Sierra Leone! This case and this trial is now a trial for the war in Liberia instead of Sierra Leone!

    I think the Sierra Leonean people are being misled here by the international community in this trial and the wast of needed resources that the people of Sierra Leone need so badly to restatrd their lives!

  4. Acquit Mr. Taylor! Is that so hard since there is no facts in the prosecution case?

      1. John Thompson, you keep sleeping and don’t wake up from your sleep. Show us your proof.

  5. The prosecution having found out that their case is weak, gave a hint to the court on Monday that they intend to call rebuttal evidence at the end of the defence case. At the moment we do not know the nature of the rebuttal evidence they intend to call but one fact remains – rebuttall evidence is exactly what it is – rebuttal. they cannot bring in any new evidence in support of their case they can only bring evidence at that stage to try to contradict aspects of the defence case which the prosecution did not make in its case in chief.






  7. Is Mr. Taylor been trialed for act committed in Liberia or Sierra Leone? If Mr. Taylor is been trialed for act committed in Liberia, then acquit him now because you done have any case on him concerning Liberia. Or If he is been trialed for act committed in Sierra Leone, then forget about whelther NPFL targetted people belonging to the Madingo and Krahn tribes during the conflict in Liberia.

  8. My Liberians brothers and sisters,
    This is something that I think will cause a bigger conflict in the MANO RIVER UNION! The Republic of Guinea is encroaching on the Territory of Liberia and I think it t will creat a big problem it doesn’t stop and have Guinea to leave our territory! Liberia and Liberians are not what they used to be. Liberians are more willing to defense it torritory against any encroaching Country! I bet you this wouldn’t had happened if Mr. Taylor was president today. Guinea has planted it Flag deep into the Territory of Liberia and I hope the international community will step in and stop this act of Guinea.

    1. Stop the war mongering and scare tactics already, the people of Liberia had enough fighting, if not doing nothing to Guinea will keep peace in Liberia so be it. 1

      1. I will say you should think before you go talking! No one is trying to scare you or anyone else and not to say carrying War mongering John thompson. Even the Liberian President is speaking out against Guinea encroaching on the territory of Liberia and infact she has said that she is going to take matter to the international Community. If you are not well informed of what is going on in and around Liberia, you need it be. I hope you will live longer to see what will happen if this action of Guinea continue.

    2. the border betweenn Liberia and its neighbors was establish long long long time ago before any of its neighbors got independence. So please stop the scare tactics and war mongering, plus America will never allow any to infringe on Liberia land, remember the border was established by America and who dare goes against what the GIANT says… Do you thing America will sit there and allow a country like Guinea to undermine what it did in 1847?

        1. America was staying out of it, it was an internal conflict, Jacone is refering to a regional conflict, please go back and read the post, comprehend what is being said before you reply. Thanks

      1. John Thompson,

        I have not posted for awhile now, but continue to read the comments: even though, backed by popular demands from posters, appealing to me to comment and continue to write, I have continue to remain silent. However, folks, something has percolated here. John, are you serious about your comment that, ” do you think America will sit there and allow a country like Guinea to undermine what it did in 1847?” UNBELIEVABLE!!! John, who owns Liberia? Is it Americans or Liberians?

        John, where was America when Sierra Leone allowed its border and country to be used as a launching pad in order to invade Liberia in 1985 by General Thomas Quiawonkpa? Where was America when Ivory Coast allowed its border to be used as a launching pad for Charles Taylor incursion? Where was America during the heat of the war in 1990, when George H.W. Bush said the war was Liberia’s internal affair? Besides, where did you get the remotest notion of America establishing the borders between these two countries? John, again, your statement which you are entitled to, is another poor impulse control which is characterized with the alignment of nations rooted in the cleavages of our nation. It is that kind of mindset that continues to make Liberia and Liberians lazy in developing their own country, thereby relying on the International Community and “big countries including America to develop their homeland and also protect it. Mindset like that expects America to develop and do things for Liberia. With that kind of mindset, entitlement is of an essence and it’s a must, which I think is a fleeting illusion to be pursuit. This mindset is just a reminiscent of this fake case against this innocent man, President Taylor. And if that mindset is the norm of entitlement, than entitlement needs an entitlement reform. Free President Charles Ghankay Taylor, the innocent.

        1. Jose – welcome back! your reply to John Thompson was dead accurate… I do not need to reply him anymore.

      2. John Thompson,

        So John, if Guinea encroaches on Liberia’s land and both countries are in the same region, that is to say, the Mano River Union Basin, isn’t that a regional conflict? And if this is so, what America has to do with it? What is the difference between this and Guinea and Sierra Leone supporting war in Liberia, and America did not do what you are saying?

  9. John Thompson do the U S A ready care about Liberia? the answer is NO but now a day the world is a big village so let Liberia take her case with Guinea to the international court of justice. Liberia and Guinea don’t need go to WAR. let Liberia and Guinea development their countries and the mind of their poeple NOT WAR

    1. true to that, that is why I was telling Jacone, Liberia does not need another war, nevertheless, the US will not allow Guinea to undermine the border they establish in 1847. This will not be about Liberia, it will be about US policies around the world. Remember the US will not want to look weak to the international community.

      Again, I am not saying Liberia and Guinea should go to WAR, Jacone was supposely refering that LIberia go to war with Guinea

      1. It is not impossible for Liberia and Guinea to go to war if Guinea should continue encroaching on the territory of Liberia as she is doing now! You say whatever or call me what ever you want, it is possible for such a thing to happen! I’m not saying Liberia should go to war but waht I am saying is that, it could happen. Maybe, Guinea feels that Liberia and Liberians are weak defense their Country.

  10. Wow!!!!!


    These guys must be testifying to another Liberian civil war fought somewhere in our galaxy and not the Liberian civil war we all experienced on planet earth.

    Here’s an excerpt: “The prosecution alleges that when you were fighting in Liberia in 1990, you were targeting Madingos and Krahns, especially civilians. Did you target Madingo and Krahn civilians?” Mr. Chikera asked the witness.” Does this sound like what happened during the civil war? Absolutely not! At every checkpoint I passed, I was asked for my tribal identity, depending on which area one lived in Gios and Manos were separated from others as Krahns and Mandingos were separated for annihilation. The rest of the population thought that these four tribes (Gios, Manos, Krahns, and Mandingos) would finish off one another based on the mentality of hate introduced to the war. As to which tribe caused the most damage and population decimation, only history will tell but one thing we know is this: the NPFL was involved up to their throats in decimating Liberia’s population and the populations of Mandingoes and Krahns tribal groups. And this was what we on earth experienced…

    1. Noko7 turned Davenport,

      The same Alternative Universe that you continue to defend with respect to the 5 billion dollars the prosecution deliberately lied about, the Mayonnaise Jar full of diamonds that President Taylor allegedly sold or exchanged for arms with a mystical company, the Naomi Campbell diamond story, the RUF’S SALUTE REPORT, and the charges against President Taylor, may be the same scenario that this witness may be talking about. Let me ask you. Is President Taylor on trial for the death of Liberian tribes including Gio, Mano, Krahn, and Mandingo and ect in Liberia? The answer is a RESOUNDING NO!!! Bro, there is no clarity of purpose here by you. But there is certainly a unity of purpose by you and the prosecution to continue to zigzag on Liberia and Sierra Leone just because there is NO PROOF to convict this innocent man on Sierra Leone. Just a reminder, Charles Taylor is not on trial for the tribal onslaught in Liberia. Of course, these are all full fledge lies by the prosecution of President Taylor being responsible for Sierra Leone mess. And it has been revealed and proven to be a lie and the prosecution is just scapegoating and delaying the inevitable acquittal of this innocent man. Folks, if it wasn’t a lie by the prosecution to falsely accused this man for what Sierra Leoneans did to themselves, than they, the prosecutors, were just dead wrong. Folks, make no mistake, “BIG COUNTRIES ARE BEHIND THIS FALSE PROSECUTION. But they, and Noko7 turned Davenport, are not going to get away with this. They will only get away with this stuff, when no one shines the spotlight on it, and I, Jose Rodriguez, has proved time and time again, the spotlight light will be shined. And as people around the world pick up on this, as evident of the Mia Farrow interview when the ABC journalist said to Naomi Campbell that Ms Campbell was not helpful to the prosecution and Ms Campbell said, she(Ms. Campbell) did not receive any diamonds from President Taylor and she was not at ABC interview for that, clearly shows that people are picking up on Noko7 turned Davenport and the prosecution fake case. So Noko7, the prosecution told us that the 11 counts was about what the accused allegedly did in Sierra Leone and not Liberia.

  11. The witness is correct. The NPFL as an organization did not target Mandingoes. It was individuals taking revenge on their own that targeted Mandingoes and Krahns. If the NPFL had a policy to target Mandingoes and Krahns , do you think all those Mandingoes and Krahns that survived in NPFL territory would have live?

    1. Momo Dahn,
      The NPFL as an organization targeted Krahns and Mandingoes. It was an implied order to do just that. Where was the disciplinary action taken by the NPFL to prevent this from happening?
      Krahns and Mandingoes that survived in NPFL controlled areas were disguised as members of other tribes. The killing of these people were greeted with exhiliration even by civilians and fighters of NPFL. Don’t tell me otherwise, because i lived in NPFL area and saw it. If the NPFL organization did nothing to prevent this from happening, then they endorsed it. THEY SURVIVED BECAUSE THEY HID THEIR TRUE IDENTITY.

      1. Nosirrah,

        What do you mean when you say it was “implied order” by the NPFL to target Krahns and Mandingoes? Is this innocent man on trial, in the Hague, for what you consider “IMPLIED ORDER”?

        1. Jose,

          Welcome back from your hiatus.
          What i meant by being an implied order was explained further in the post: What punishment was given to individuals that exacted revenge as stated by Momo Dahn? If you did not punish perpertrators, that meant it was okay for them to do what they did. Imagined all the executions that were carried out according to several defense witnesses for treason, wouldn’t you think executing somebody for murder on a civilian would be logical? Taylor is on trial for crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone, but crimes committed in Liberia preluded what happened in Sierra Leone and therefore directly correlates.

  12. Jose!!!

    Where’re you, my half brother? When the cat is away, the mouse sure going to play. With so much restriction on us…. the Pro Taylor folks, it scares me to take up my precious time away from my three beautiful kids and compose, just to be told otherwise and not publish. The entire case is so out of place, I really don’t fault many Pro Taylor folks from holding back…. just as Me ( Grebo), Jose, King Gray, and many other are just reading and reserving their comments. I hope the Judges can stop the case now, because the score is too high for CT… he’ll surely walk a free man. I believed the judges have already seen through the whole case, and they are just awaiting the time to sound-out on their verdict, NOT GUILTY.

    1. Hi Grebo — I’m so sorry to hear that you feel restricted on this site. That is certainly not our intention, and I hope you will still continue to post. We do not place restrictions on any particularly person or point of view — as long as it fits within our criteria for comments, which you can find here, we always remain happy to publish the comments:

      I look forward to continue to hear from you.

      1. Tracy,
        I strongly believe that the criteria you have pointed to above is selectively applied by you. I am not accussing you of specifically targeting pro Taylor commentators in all cases but you have obviously applied this standards with varying degrees. Even comments that do not contain any abusive words or that do not specifically target any individual but goes to disproving a baseless allegation made by anti-Taylor commentators are not allowed by you to be posted. while even pointed insults and demeaning comments by anti-Taylor commentators are allowed by you to be posted. To be frank, that is why I have decided to limit my comments on this site because lively debates based on informed opion is not in all cases allowed by you if you deem it to not meet the criteria in the link above although one is at a loss about which part of the criteria one has violated.

        1. Hi Sam,

          Thanks for letting me know how you feel about this. If there is any particular posting that you think I have not posted unfairly, or which I did not explain why I did not post it, please do let me know. I am happy to discuss it.

          You are right — it is not always easy to work out where to draw the line, and I know I am not going to please everybody all the time. I do not intend any bias towards one side or another, but I do want to know if people consider they can point to specific instances where I have unfairly applied the criteria.

          I look forward to hearing from you,


    2. Grebo,

      My whole Liberian brother, I entirely agree with you. Can you imagine our moderator Tracey Gurd telling me, “SHE’S GOING TO BURST MY BUBBLE?” My brother, that’s what we are faced with. I however, stop posting for some time because of the deliberate denial of some of my posts that is not in any contradiction of the rules. And is just one of the main reasons I stop. Notwithstanding, I have some of those rejected posts on my computer here as we speak. But the other side can call President Taylor criminal, murderer, and all kinds of despicable names which according to the rules are not allowed, since he was never convicted of anything in court. But yet, those comments are posted. Some of them even go to the extent of even threatening the man’s life, by saying they wish they could shoot him or they will shoot him. So my whole brother, just continue to defend the truth, no matter what.

    3. Pro Taylor Folks,
      You guys are holding your comments because of your failure to follow the simple civil rules of this site.

      1. Hi Jose — I cannot post your comment of May 18 at 4:27am because it does not fit with our policy. If you can remove the focus on the other reader in the second last sentence and report, I will post it.

  13. Davenport,
    Let these criminals keep indicting themselves wilfully lying about the atrocities they committed in our beloved country. In their desperate and failed attempts to free the monster let them talking thus making their prosecution very easy.

    1. Morris Kanneh,

      Prevail upon the government and Ellen to implement the TRC Report and refrain from using this back door means of getting at others.

  14. Dear all,

    Where do we go from here with this news coming from the court room that unknown person has been changing witnesses statements? It is unthinkable in this modern computer age that such thing could ever happened in high places like in this court. I’m sure some evil hands are behind this, but God will continue to expose them until this man is granted his freedom. God bless Mr. Taylor.


    Harris K Johnson

  15. John Thompson, where was America when England took Liberia’s land? Part of what is known as Sierra leone was Liberia. What did America do? John Thompson, in what year did Liberia become a Nation? In what year did America recognize Liberia’s independence? John, day dream!

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