Prosecution Witness Joseph Zig Zag Marzah Did Not Have A Sound Mind, He Took Drugs and Was Never Close To Charles Taylor. He Is A Liar, Witness Says

Prosecution witness and former member of Charles Taylor’s rebel group, Joseph Zig Zag Marzah, did not have a sound mind, he took drugs, he was never close to Mr. Taylor, and he is a liar, Mr. Taylor’s 11th defense witness told Special Court for Sierra Leone judges today in The Hague.

Mr. Timan Edward Zammy, a former commander in Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group concluded his direct-examination today, telling judges that his former colleague in the NPFL, Mr. Marzah, who testified against Mr. Taylor in 2008, lied when he told the court that he (Marzah) was very close to Mr. Taylor. Mr. Marzah in his 2008 testimony told the judges that Mr. Taylor assigned him to the First Battalion of the NPFL in the early days of the war in Liberia. Mr. Marzah also said that when Mr. Taylor became president of Liberia in 1997, he (Taylor) sent him to transport arms and ammunition for Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in Sierra Leone in exchange for diamonds and that on occasions, he shared food with the former president during which time they feasted on human intestines and other body parts. Mr. Taylor in his testimony regarded Mr. Marzah’s testimony as disgusting. He said that Mr. Marzah was an illiterate, was not of a sound mind, was a mere orderly to Benjamin Yeaten, the then Director of Mr. Taylor’s Special Security Services (SSS), and therefore would never have even come close to him while he was president. Today, Mr. Zammy shared similar sentiments about Mr. Marzah.

“Zig Zag Marzah is not a sound person. When Marzah was with Benjamin Yeaten, he used to take drugs and they tied him and threw him into dirty water,” the witness said as he described Mr. Marzah.

“Zig Zag Marzah was just a dirty man in the NPFL. We later came to know that he was not sound. Marzah lies like someone I will not be able to describe,” said Mr. Zammy.

The witness added that as a mere bodyguard, Mr. Marzah was not even allowed to go close to his immediate boss, Mr. Yeaten, the Director of the SSS.

“Benjamin Yeaten did not allow him to go close to him. He was always in the Kitchen. That is what I know about him,” he said.

During Mr. Marzah’s 2008 testimony against Mr. Taylor, he did a great deal to support prosecution charges against Mr. Taylor that the former Liberian president provided support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. Mr. Zammy, on his part today told the court that Mr. Marzahis not credible and should not be relied on to say the truth.

“All what Marzah has said is a lie. I do not believe him. Marzah is a liar,” the witness said.

On Mr. Marzah’s account that Mr. Taylor appointed him to the First Battalion Unit of the NPFL, Mr. Zammy, who served as commander for the same battalion for a one month period said that Mr. Marzah was never a part of that unit.

“Zig Zag Marzah was not appointed into any battalion by Mr. Taylor,” Mr. Zammy asserted.

Presiding Judge of the Trial Chamber Julia Sebutinde, who became concerned by the witness’s assertion, asked him whether his claim that Mr. Marzah was never appointed to the First Battalion by Mr. Taylor was based on the one month he spent as commander of the battalion.

The witness said that while he was head of that battalion in 1990, Mr. Marzah was never assigned there. He added that even after his departure, Mr. Marzah was way down the NPFL hierarchy for him to have received appointment into a battalion directly from Mr. Taylor.

The witness also refuted Mr. Marzah’s claims that he (Marzah) was a close associate to Mr. Taylor who dined with the former president and who Mr. Taylor sent on special operations.

“Marzah was way down the line. He was not even close to Mr. Taylor. Marzah would not even go close to Mr. Taylor for any appointment,” the witness explained.

Mr. Zammy, in his testimony today, refuted another aspect of Mr. Marzah’s account in his 2008 testimony that the NPFL would kill civilians, display their heads on car bumpers, and use their intestines to make check points as a means of instilling fear in civilians.

“It’s a lie. It never even happened. It’s a great lie. Nobody put human skulls on vehicles. It’s a lie,” Mr. Zammy asserted.

On the use of human intestines to make check points, Mr. Zammy said that “nobody ever used intestines as check points. It’s a lie.”

Prosecutors commenced Mr. Zammy’s cross-examination immediately after the conclusion of his direct testimony.

Also in court today, the judges refuted claims in the Liberian media that Mr. Taylor was absent in court on Monday because he had severe heart problems and that the court had refused him medical treatment. Mr. Taylor was present in court on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Charles Taylor trial today held its last proceedings in the ICC premises. The conduct of the trial will now move on to the newly established court premises of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) in The Hague. Thursday and Friday will be used to test equipment in the STL court room and therefore the trial of Mr. Taylor will only resume on Monday.

Mr. Zammy’s cross-examination continues on Monday.


  1. I am presently in the States and was able to watch the trial over the internet the last few days. Although Mr. Zammy made some strong points to refute prosecution evidence. In my humble opinion I believe the defense spent too much time on this particular witness who was asked about events in Liberia 98% of the time.. I see what appears to be fatigue setting in on the judges faces. The defense should concentrate on witnesses who can debunk the theory of Mr. Taylor providing support for the RUF. This will make for a more narrowly focused presentation unlike what the prosecution put forward.

    1. Aki,
      This witness has shown that if there ever was a prosecution witness who was paid to lie, it is ZigZag Marzah. Mr. Zaymay by 98% of his testimony being about the NPFL and the war that was taking place in Liberia at the time do indeed debunk the prosecution theory of Mr. Taylor, formulated a plan at Tajura in Libya with the RUF to take over political and physical control of Sierra Leone. To exploit its abundant natural resources and to establish a friendly or subordinate government there to permit this exploitation. A larger strategy that included helping others militarily in their respective revolutions to take over their respective countries, and the first one was to be Liberia. For that there was created the NPFL, and then of course there was the RUF for Sierra Leone. The agreement made by Mr. Taylor and Foday Sankoh was to begin, in Liberia with the help of Sankoh’s forces, and Liberia would then be used as a base from which to move into Sierra Leone with the help of the forces of Taylor‘s.

      None of these events ever happens and Mr. Taylor and his NPFL organization never came close to making these events happen.

      Looking at this theory of the prosecution, this training camp in Tajura, Libya was create and control by Mr. Taylor for him to help others militarily in their respective revolutions to take over their respective countries. Now, we all that is a great lie.

    2. Good point Aki, but we also have to realise that according to the revised rule of procedure and evidence of the court, the trial chamber can examine evidence that demonstrates a pattern of conduct of an accussed in determining his case. Now in this case it was the prosecution that brought events in Liberia into the case in an attempt to demonstrate a pattern of conduct that they say show that Mr Taylor has been supporting the RUF since Libya through NPFL in Liberia unto the presidency of Mr Taylor. The defence has a duty to answer to those charges by also bringing evidence about Liberia in order to raise doubt about the alleged support Mr Taylor gave to the RUF.

      However it is instructive to note that the latest witness list and summaries published by the defence shows that they will be calling less than 40 core witnesses which is less than half of the witnesses called by the prosecution.

    3. Aki, the persecution stratigic is during this entire trial is to used the Liberian conflict to show a pattern of the RUF in Sierra Leone. According to the persecution (someone correct me if i am wrong), the modus operendi of the RUF in S/L were identical to that of NPFL in Liberia and therefore Mr. Taylor had to be the “godfather” of the RUF. The defense is attempting to show that the NPFL did not have the same modus operendi in Liberia and as such identified two uniquely different sanerios. When you go back and read previous transcript, you will realized that 90% of the persecution premise was Liberia.

  2. Thank you Mr. Zammy. This crazy man Zigzag Marzar was brought here to tel pure lies. Why there was not even the least romour in Liberia that Charles Taylor feasted on humans? The prosecution has failed.

    1. Momo Dahn,

      Let me chip in here: could Zammy’s claims that one of their own was a drug addict and a lunatic give us a real insight into the mental condition of the rank and file of the infamous NPFL? Could Zammy’s words transcend specificity to reflect generality? Is he subconsciously admitting that the rank and file of the infamous NPFL were drug aficionados and lunatics? Hmmmmm….what more could best depict the insanity ( i.e., disembowelment, decapitations, castration, mutilations, rape, forced C-sections on pregnant women, terrorism, etc) that visited Liberia and Sierra Leone!!!!

      please delete the other.

      1. Noko7 turned Davenport,

        Zammy, as a witness for the defense, is agreeing with the prosecution strategy which is now in the direct line of fire. However, Zammy is only restating and verifying what the prosecution witness Zigzag Marzah self confessed human eater statement, mental retardation (crazy man), and drug addict. You, Noko7 turned Davenport, should find it much more easier and don’t struggle to accept the nonsensical strategy from your intellectually superior and nuanced lawyers who out of a dreadful act of desperation brought man like Zigzag Marzah who told the entire world that he is a human eater, drug addict, and crazy man. What a shame the prosecution recruiting and exploiting a crazy man to be one of their many discredited witnesses.

      2. Tracy, Tracy, if i say that “John Paul” who is a Liberia is a lunatic, does that transcriped into all Liberians being lunatics (just wondering). Again, if the court is going to convict Mr. Taylor, I think Tracy that you are a witness the persecution have overlook and that tells me about the ineffectiveness of the persecution – overlooking a key witness such as yourself to convict Taylor.
        For the sake of justice, we actually need people like you who have first hand knowledge of disembowelment, decapitations, castration, mutilations, rape, force C-sections on pregnant women, terrorism etc that visited Liberia and Sierra Leone and the direct involvement of Mr. Taylor in these brutal and inhumune actions. Please consider it – if the persecution can’t reach out to you, probably you should reach out to them because we all (Liberians and Sierra Leoneans) needs to find closure to this period in our history and the perpertrator which now happens to be Taylor give is due reward.
        This is just something to consider.

  3. Did any of them including Taylor have a sound mind? Man this witness has to be one of the worst thus far. To sit there and disagree with everything just makes you look bad.

    1. Hey John Thompson,

      President Taylor just had a mind sound enough to have about 80% of the Liberian people votes that elected him president. You get that?????

  4. All I found a very interest link about the whole West Africa conflict, please click on the link and give me you take on the article,,HRW,,LBR,,42c3bd190,0.html&usg=__u3QzFGAVucnk-GIxRVSs7IHxAKU=&h=1191&w=1712&sz=156&hl=en&start=10&itbs=1&tbnid=CvB7xVk6-3DSfM:&tbnh=104&tbnw=150&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dyeaten%26hl%3Den%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1

    1. The following quote was one of the best I read ” While most joined their first armed group under duress ( I SAY IT’S A LIED) , the vast majority of ex-combatants interviewed by Human Rights Watch willingly crossed borders to fight in any and all subsequent armed conflicts or ‘missions ” ( TRUTH)

    2. This article by Human Rights Watch shows the ineffectiveness of the United Nations when dealing with internal conflicts. Deeply sadden by the article and the struggle that Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia experience. Thank you for sharing



    1. Hi V-man — sory I have been out the last few days and colleagues have been taking over in my stead. Is there a problem that I can help out with?

      1. Tracey,

        It is not late. However, you can still post the “illegal” changing of the original testimonies of witnesses statement and give your take like the way you did the fake “Blood Diamond” interview/stories that Super Model had with ABC.

        1. Jose — if only I had more time to write! Alas I am travelling until about mid June, so will only be on here for a limited time the next few days, and my colleagues will take over for the following 3-4 weeks while I am away.

          Sorry not to be able to be more engaged — certainly this errata issue is one which we need to explain more. I hope we can do that sometime soon.


  6. PRESIDING JUDGE: Yes, Ms Howarth.

    MS HOWARTH: I am informed by Mr Koumjian there has been an
    errata in relation to this page in relation to the arrested

    PRESIDING JUDGE: What is the nature of the errata? Is
    this not the official record that we are looking at?

    MS IRURA: Your Honour, this is the official transcript.

    PRESIDING JUDGE: So what errata are we talking about?

    MS HOWARTH: I am informed it’s an errata dated 15 March
    2010 and it relates to page 5855, lines 8 to line 16.

    PRESIDING JUDGE: Could Madam Court Officer scroll down so
    we can see the lines 8 to 16. I don’t understand how this errata
    business works, but I thought that the errata means going back
    into the official transcript and actually correcting the errors,
    not having two records side by side. I don’t know how this
    errata business works. So, Madam Officer, I would like a word
    from you as to what we are supposed to do. If, indeed, there is
    an errata, let somebody bring it to our attention.

    MS HOWARTH: Madam President, if you will excuse me for
    interrupting. In that regard, our case manager is just printing
    out the copy of the errata, if that assists.

    PRESIDING JUDGE: Madam Court Officer, the document you
    have just handed to the judges on the face of it shows that these
    were apparent interpretational errors that occurred. The
    transcript we are looking at is a transcript of 12 March 2008.
    The errata is done in March 2010 – that is two years down the
    road – by somebody who says that there was an interpretational
    error. Is that correct?

    MS IRURA: Your Honour, as far as I am aware, that is the
    situation. No transcript was re-issued, therefore, the
    transcript that we have before us presently is the transcript on
    the record.

    PRESIDING JUDGE: So who authorised this kind of thing to
    go on? Who authorises things like this to happen? At whose
    initiative was this correction done?

    MS IRURA: Your Honour, I would have confer with chief of
    languages, because that errata seems to stem from the language
    section of the Court Management Unit.

    PRESIDING JUDGE: Because where does that leave the
    official court record that we are aware of? Indeed, if there is
    an error done in translation, it’s usually corrected during the
    Court and before the judges. But who does this kind of thing
    privately two years down the road to change the testimony of a
    witness because, in their opinion, the whole testimony was
    mistranslated? This is what we are wondering, whether this has
    been going on or whether this is a one-off thing.
    Madam Court Officer, could you please print out a copy of
    this transcript for us, this page, so we can see what the
    differences are?

    MS IRURA: I will do that, your Honour.

    PRESIDING JUDGE: This is what I am going to say in
    relation to this discovery that we have made: First of all, we
    are shocked that proceedings can take place in court in whatever
    language the interpretation happens as it happens by people we
    trust the Court appointed knowing that they are capable of
    interpreting accurately. Two years down the road someone quietly
    determines to change the interpretation because they know better
    and actually publishes it as a correction of the official record.

    The Trial Chamber is the trier of fact. We do not recognise
    these additions and changes that are done behind the scenes.
    These changes rob the parties of an opportunity to comment on
    what was heard in court and frankly, I am shocked that this has
    been going on. I do not know how long this has been going on,
    but it’s not good and it’s not right. It is illegal; let me call
    it what it actually is. It is illegal for anyone, I don’t care
    if it’s the chief of languages, to change the official transcript
    outside of the court sitting, and I hope it doesn’t happen again.
    We do not recognise it and we will go by the official
    record in this case.
    Mr Chekera, please continue.

    MR CHEKERA: Thank you, Madam President:

    1. Momo Dahn — thanks for posting this part of the transcript. THis is worrying. I will check with ALpha and we will be sure to keep an eye out to report on what they find out about this translation issue.

    2. Momo Dahn, this is a copied and pasted post involving Tracey and Jose.

      This is to tell you what we are faced with. Good job Dahn. Please check this website out. And if you want to know why I copied and pasted this identical post, feel free to ask. However, Tracey and Alpha have failed again to include this very important information in their summary on the trial. Her excuse this time, she was away and your buddy was in charge. This speaks volumes.


      you have seen this video and website before. However, apparently you have forgotten. Therefore, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and I will not treat you like the others who treat President Taylor as though he’s a “SUN GOD or SUPER HUMAN” that knows and remembers everything. Nonetheless ma’am, this is the video that talked about Sierra Leone “BLOOD DIAMONDS”

      1. Thanks so much for posting the link Jose. I will look forward to watching it. Just to note as an aside, I am away the next couple of days so my time on the site will be short, and then I will be away for a number of weeks when my colleagues will be taking over for me until some time in July. I just wanted to give advance notice that I will not be able to converse as much because I am travelling with limited access to email.

        Good that you are back with us Jose– I was worried you had disappeared.


        1. Wow! The link posted by Jose tells a good picture of what has been going on. Recently , a story about one super model was posted on this site regarding this very diamond issue. So why has the moderator of this site failed to be balance in their reporting by posting this other link which points to a different source for the diamond conflict in SL.

          Am I sensing a real conspiracy here by those big corporations to distract from their dirty deals? OMG!!

    3. Momo Dahn,
      That is one of the shocking illegal things instigated by the prosecution to try to do damage limitation on the false testimony of Zigzag Marzah that has ben consistently shown by defence and even prosecution witnesses during cross examination to be completely false. The part of the transcript that brought about this exchange was about the way zigzag Marzah claimed he was arrested and detained along with Prince Johnson and taken to Mr Taylor. He claimed to have being confined in a car box like a container and fire was set on top of the container while he and prince Johnson and others were inside. He then claimed that he was later released on Mr Taylor’s orders and from thence he became loyal to Mr Taylor for saving his life.

      Well the man that was the commander of the battalion that Zigzag Marzah claimed to be a part of when he was arrested Mr Zaymay has clearly denied that such an incident ever happened. he has also denied tht infact prince Johnson was never arrested as their attempt to arrest him failed.

      Zigzag Marzah’s testimony is being torn to shreds everyday.

    4. The judges should be more than outrage with the tempering of court records, an investigation should be lunched to find out who the perpetrator(s). Hence, judge Sebutinde has said the act is illegal.

      An illegal act shouldn’t knowingly exit within a legal trial. Intentionally, tempering with court records by the prosecution/defense or an agent of the persecution/defense should result into a miss-trial, if the act was committed by the prosecution and a guilty verdict if the act was committed by the defense. It has the same weight as witness or jury tempering.

      “I am shocked that this has
      been going on. I do not know how long this has been going on,
      but it’s not good and it’s not right. It is illegal; let me call
      it what it actually is. It is illegal for anyone, I don’t care
      if it’s the chief of languages, to change the official transcript
      outside of the court sitting, and I hope it doesn’t happen again.”

      A serious crime has been committed; for the credibility of this court, an investigation is needed to find out what happened to deter future occurrences.

    5. Wow!!!! Momo Dahn,
      You are spectacular…. You are a very great discverer. This actuality has to do with the integrity of the court. This also has to do with how these Judges keep their jobs. ( THE PREVALENCE OF JUSTICE).. I want to thank the all mighty God for Justice Sebutindy..she is such a fair woman. These liars have failed and have now chosen to go through the back doors, but the lord our God is awake and will expose their dirty deeds….CHARLES MCARTHUR GHANKAY DHAKPANA TAYLOR ALL THE WAY…

  7. Hello Tracey,

    An incident arose in court during this witness’s testimony whereby the judges discovered that there seems to be some tampering going on with the past transcripts and the presiding judge actually warned that such “illegal” practice must cease. Now, the question I would like to ask is this, is such a development not noteworthy for it to be included in the summary? We all appreciate the fact that mentioning zigzag marzah generates interest but I want to believe this site and forum is not for sensationalism but legal goings on in the international court.

    1. Hi rgk007 — thanks for your note. I’ve actually been away this week and my colleagues have kindly taken over in my absence, Let me look into this and see what I can find out and revert.

    Q. You referred to a drug called Ten Ten that Zigzag Marzah brought in. When you say brought in, what do you mean?

    A. You know, those drugs were discovered during the ECOMOG raid, during Octopus, when ECOMOG was bombarding us. The ECOMOG used to take those drugs with them in their chopper and they used
    to drop them all over around the NPFL-controlled area so that when you took it in you will become dizzy and you could even take it and then you end up shooting your own friend or maybe you end
    up shooting your own hand or your own palm. You would not even feel it – get a feeling of it. So it was Zigzag Marzah who discovered that. And he brought it. Now —

    Q. Just before you proceed, do you know why ECOMOG was dropping off these drugs?

    A. Yes. To make the NPFL soldiers dizzy, to make them useless. Because at that time the ECOMOG were fighting against the NPFL. So when the leader, Charles Taylor, got to know about those drugs, he informed each and every one of us that the ECOMOG were dropping certain drugs into your controlled areas. So he said, “You guys should not take any drugs that had not been prescribed by your doctor that you find in the streets or you find on the ground – on the floor or that you find in the jungle.” So that was how we got to know about those drugs.

    Q. And you said when Zigzag Marzah discovered these drugs, what did he do?

    A. Zigzag Marzah brought it in the midst of his friends, in the midst of his colleague forces, friendly troops, and the boys started taking it in. So sometimes some people started acting funny. So that was the time that Benjamin Yeaten got to know that it was Zigzag Marzah who brought the drugs. That was how Zigzag Marzah was disciplined. He was disciplined by dragging him.

    Q. What do you mean disciplined by dragging him? Can you just – I don’t want you to give a long explanation. Disciplined by dragging him, what does that mean?

    A. They punished him. They build a circle, they put him on the floor and he was being dragged from one point to the other for bringing bad drugs in the midst of the soldiers.

    Q. And when was this that this happened? You said — JUDGE LUSSICK: How was he dragged? On the end of a car or at the back of a horse or what?

    MR CHEKERA: Yes:

    Q. How was Zigzag Marzah dragged around? Can you just briefly describe the dragging process? I don’t want you to give a long explanation. Just to give us a picture of the punishment you are talking about.

    A. The soldiers formed a circle about five metres from one person to the other and they will hold his two legs, they drag him on the ground and pass it on to another person and the person too would drag him from one point to the other point and give it to another person. It was not by car.

    Q. And you said that lasted for two hours?

    A. Yes.

    Q. You mentioned that the drugs were being dropped off by ECOMOG around 1992, did you say?

    A. Yes.

    Q. And when was this punishment when – the punishment that Zigzag Marzah got, when was this?

    A. It was during the Octopus when those drugs were discovered.During Octopus, ’92.

  9. Like we have been saying all along that this trial is base on falsehood; this incident just prove some of the falsehood of this case! How can reader or viewer trust this kind of court system? More investigation is needed going back to day one of the trial!

  10. Folks,

    This is sad. This is a nauseating disgust of justice. But no matter how hard they try to lie, steal, cheat, and ultimately and illegally distort, change, and alter the originally recorded testimonies of the witnesses, the prospect for the quick turnaround of the prosecution fake case is dismal. I wouldn’t say much. Thanks to the judges for calling out this filthy abnormal fraudulent deeds illegal as we all watch the death of the prosecution.

    Tracey Gurd, We as citizens of both Liberia and Sierra Leone demand a full investigation leading to the illegal changes of witnesses testimonies whether the chief of Language is involved or whosoever. These people who are charged with these entrusted positions of justice are just mere stewards. They are not elected to remake, reform, alter, or reshape anyone’s testimony. But they have taken it upon themselves to do it with an intent to deceive and create an acrimonious environment among the innocent and poor Africans. They did it because they know the Big Countries need a villain. They need a demon. And this Innocent man supposedly fits that profile. They also know, however, nothing will happen to them. In fact, I will want to believe that they were instructed to do it. They are just following orders. Again, will powerful interest drive out our voices? Will we get an answer to what went wrong? Again folks, it is an inexplicably self negation of guilt and falsehood by the prosecution and this fake court as evident of the changes of witnesses testimonies nefariously. Quite frankly, President Taylor has won this fake case against him already when he completed his truthful testimony while on the witness stand. And there is no other way to put it. What the prosecution is doing now is just exposing the international Community and the very few who just want to see this innocent burnt for things he did not do more.

  11. Well folks,

    There you have it again. Another cataclysmic plot of stink designed to immobilize President Taylor. I mean these people are not even bothering to put on their masks anymore: though not surprising but familiar. Instead, they are just doing it in the open daylight. This Kangaroo court has again returned to its roots of changing and altering court documents. Officials of this fake court has once more undermined the already fragile and legal credibility of this court. Why will they change witnesses testimonies secretly? Why will they undermine their own integrity? Seriously, do they expect the world to believe a guilty verdict based on False Official Statement? Notwithstanding, with these kinds of dreadful acts of survival by the court, one can say with absolute ontological certitude, that the prosecution is heading towards the unpromising land. Folks, make no mistake. We are talking about eel, snake-like slime here. We are talking about true justice here. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLE. However, whether you are for or against this innocent man, you must reject, rescind and refuse to accept this serious flagrant violation of justice. The only way you will not get upset or be outraged with this diabolic behavior is because you don’t care about the truth as usual, and you are just a one way thinker who wants to see this innocent former president nail to the cross at all costs. But folks, it wouldn’t take too long before somebody somewhere calls it a day. GO HOME MR. TAYLOR. THERE IS NO CONCRETE EVIDENCE AGAINST YOU.

  12. Tracey,
    Could you please make this discovery of Justice Sebutindy a headline breaking news…. please in the name of justice and fair play….Can we see this in major news papers please… People in Liberia and Sierraleone who don’t have acsess to computers will be very very amaized with such developement…thank you

  13. Davenport and John Thompson
    So the way we have many Americans as drug addicts means that all Americans are drug addicts? Zigzag was crazy and that is a fact. He is not or was not the representation of the NPFL .

  14. Tracey,
    Did the trial resume on today Monday? There was no internet streaming and also you have not updated the blog site since Friday.

    1. Dear Aki — you are totally right and I am sorry to have let the side down by not updating over the weekend. I am travelling now and so am posting later than usual as I am in meetings all day and in part of the evenings. You have raised a good opportunity for me to let people know that posting may be a little delayed in the coming days, and then my colleagues will take over for a few weeks when I will be largely out of internet range.


  15. Jose Rodriguez and Dire-hard Supporter of Taylor,
    You guys are reading too much into the issue of the errata.
    Apparently, in desperation you are quickly making conclusion without investigation and losing sight of the meaning of the word ‘ERRATA’.
    According to an errata is
    a list of errors and their corrections inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or other publication; corrigenda.
    First, you need not be a rocket scientist in order to see that only a fool will attempt tempering with a document through errata.
    Second, only a fool will temper with a document and still be the first to call attention to his/her tempering publicly.
    Let not have dislike for investigation and let stop coming up with rash judgement when even common sense betrays our claims. Let be careful the words will utter, for these very words may one day come back to hunt us.

      1. Hi Noko5 — I do understand that you are making a different point, but I have to ask: don’t you think it is a good idea for people to have a common understanding about what errata means? I am worried that not everyone would necessarily be familiar with this terminology as there are so many different terms ad procedures used in these trials, and hence it is worthwhile defining them every now and again when it is not a word in every day use. But perhaps you may disagree (and of course, that is totally fine too!)

        1. Tracey Gurd,

          I thought you told us that you don’t have enough time to write on, and, or, talk about the “illegal” changes that the judges talked about in the witnesses testimonies, because you were leaving? But you have enough time, however, to agree, write, or defend people’s idea, like Morris Kannah, who want to see this innocent man burned at all costs, when he is intentionally spinning or distorting what the Judge said about witnesses testimonies being added or changed and not the definition of the word “errata”. Look Tracey, the judge was very clear. She said the changing and adding of witnesses testimony is illegal. The judge did not say anything about the definition of errata. If you want to help those who may not know the meaning of the word “errata”, you could do it in another manner, but not this Morris Kannah’s way. Tracey, let me ask you. The time you are taking to write what you have written, why don’t you take that time to post what the judge/judges said about the “illegal” alteration of witnesses testimonies without the consent and knowledge of the court? Tracey, to be frank with you, your character is on the line and I am afraid.

        2. Ok Tracey,
          If Morris feels that defining the word errata may interest him more as compare to the act of fraud that was commited, good for him. But I believe it would be an act of “prima facie negligence”, for any one to sideline the prevalence of justice to an individual that has been incasurated for no apparent reason as in Mr. Taylors’ case. Besides, I want to also point out that, you and your team haven’t made this issue a part of any of your headlines. That is also a form of injustice in itself.

    1. Morris Kannah,

      I have some questions for you before ripping into your not surprising, but familiar snafus here. Are we in danger of not knowing the meaning of the word “errata”? Is it really important for the viewers to know the meaning of the word, even if they already know, like Jose Rodriguez knows, when in fact, the judge was very clear? Is the word in contention? NO. Morris Kannah, there is no issue of contention here on the definition of the word errata, except you just want to show off of how much you do research or know about the word. Look Morris, the judge was very clear. She said the adding and changing of witnesses testimonies were wrong: whether it was done by the Chief of Language or whosoever. Her exact word was “illegal”. So Mr. Man, Why are you and this biased and prejudicial moderator, Tracey Gurd, advancing this faked increase robust growth of the meaning of the word. Now let me rip you and this fake moderator apart. tHE JUDGE SAID, THE TRIAL CHAMBER DOESN’T

      1. Morris and “Fake moderator Tracey”, I didn’t complete this post. But I don’t know how it was sent. But I will still do what I have to do.

        Tracey Gurd, from now on, I will call you “FAKE MODERATOR TRACEY GURD”.

  16. So we are DOWN to TRICKS and TREATS….

    So in FAIRNESS truly believe the case against Mr. Taylor has been proven?? Fallah, Ms. Teage or ???. Look what we are down to…CHANGING TESTIMONIES to fit a purpose….WHY??

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