Prosecutors Question Issa Sesay About Charles Taylor’s Friendship With RUF Leader Foday Sankoh

Prosecutors today questioned the convicted former interim leader of the Sierra Leonean rebel group that Charles Taylor is accused of supporting about the friendship between the former Liberian president and the Sierra Leonean rebel group’s main leader, Foday Sankoh –  a friendship prosecutors say predates the invasion of Sierra Leone in March 1991.

Issa Hassan Sesay is testifying to exonerate Mr. Taylor from allegations that he (Taylor) was in control of and provided support to the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), a rebel group that waged a bloody civil war in Sierra Leone from 1991 to 2002. Today, prosecutors cross-examined Mr. Sesay, who concluded nearly three weeks of direct examination last week, about the relationship that existed between Mr. Taylor and RUF leader Mr. Sankoh. Prosecutors say that the two men became friends while they trained their respective fighters in Libya in the late 1980s and that the basis of such friendship was to provide mutual assistance to each other in their respective invasions of Liberia and Sierra Leone.  When he testified as a witness in his own defense, Mr. Taylor said that he did not know Mr. Sankoh prior to the RUF’s invasion of Sierra Leone in 1991. In his testimony yesterday, Mr. Sesay told the court that while they underwent training at Camp Naama in Liberia in 1990, Mr. Sankoh informed them that he was already friends with Mr. Taylor. Prosecutors today decided to dig further.

Prosecution counsel conducting Mr. Sesay’s cross-examination, Nicholas Koumjian, put to Mr. Sesay that in a previous BBC interview, Mr. Taylor had announced, “It is known by everyone that I have been friendly with Foday Sankoh for many years before the revolution.”

During his testimony, Mr. Taylor responded to the statement above by saying, “I said it is known by everyone that I knew Foday Sankoh before the revolution when in fact I did not.”

“Was it known by all of you at Naama that Foday Sankoh was friendly with Charles Taylor or Charles Taylor was friendly with Foday Sankoh many years before the revolution?” Mr. Koumjian asked Mr. Sesay.

In response, Mr. Sesay said, “I cannot say what was happening before the revolution, but Mr. Sankoh told us at Naama that he was friends with Mr. Taylor…[He said so] at Naama and also in Sierra Leone.”

Prosecutors are seeking to establish that the friendship between Mr. Taylor and Mr. Sankoh before the wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone saw the commencement of a joint criminal enterprise between the two men, and the purpose of such enterprise was to capture and control political power in their respective countries. In the pursuit of this enterprise in Sierra Leone, prosecutors allege that the RUF committed heinous crimes in Sierra Leone, crimes they say that Mr. Taylor bears the greatest responsibility for. Mr. Taylor has denied the allegations against him.

Prosecutors also pointed out that when the RUF invaded Sierra Leone in March 1991, they did so with the assistance of fighters belonging to Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group. Mr. Sesay admitted that there were indeed NPFL fighters among the invading forces in Sierra Leone in 1991.

Mr. Sesay, however, corroborated Mr. Taylor’s account that when NPFL fighters were withdrawn from Sierra Leone in 1992, Mr. Taylor did not have any contact with the RUF until in 1999 when the rebels were in peace talks with the government of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Koumjian read the testimony of a previous witness who told the court that in 1995, Mr. Taylor invited the members of the RUF external delegation to his NPFL headquarters at Gbarngha and then travelled with them to Ghana. When this was stated to Mr. Sesay, he said he did not know about it.

“Were you aware that Charles Taylor invited three members of the external delegation to spend three weeks with him in Gbarngha, and he took them to Ghana? Mr. Koumjian asked Mr. Sesay.

“No. I did not know about that because in August 1995, I was not in Sierra Leone,” Mr. Sesay responded.

Mr. Koumjian also put to Mr. Sesay that he lied when he told the court in his testimony that the RUF did not give Mr. Taylor a heavy artillery weapon that was captured from Guinean soldiers fighting in Sierra Leone in 1991. Mr. Koumjian read the testimony of a previous defense witness who told the court that the RUF did give the heavy artillery weapon to Mr. Taylor in exchange for automatic rifles and materials. Mr. Sesay said he did not know about this.

Mr. Sesay’s cross-examination continues on Wednesday.


    1. Great piece…..

      Really, where are ALL the diamonds?? We saw the evidence produced by the prosecutors as to which African country sold the most during the civil war of Sierra Leone……GAMBIA.

      Here’s a country produces less diamonds as her natural resources but sold the most….HOW?? Mr. Ibrahim Bah, who is frequently mentioned in this trial lived there during the war years. Why wasn’t he on the witness stand or CHARGED??

    2. Helen , this writer seems running away from real points and developments within the Special Court by attacking the opinions of others regarding the Taylor-Naomi diamond issues and also by using the BP oil spill incidence. These arguments used by the writer to term the resent blood diamond evidence as none sense is purely opiniontic and has no propensity to make logic . I even have no doubt that he wishes to use the same unfounded ‘ Western Conspiracy Theory’. Thanks though for having me read it.

      1. Vem,

        The writer happens to be a very renown journalist and served as the editor of what was West Africa Magazine. He visited the region many times and is himself a Sierra Leonean. He is a very credible source as he has more than 30 years experience as a journalist and has done tremendous work both for the African Union anthe UN and is presently involved in training African journalists.

        Why is it when there is anything positive about Mr Taylor that people like yo and Fallah always say the report is not credible? Is it only the negative lies that are credible even when they are so ridiculous?

        I provided this so sound minded people could see that indeed there are some journalist who are not swayed by the lies out there and are honourable enough to speak the truth and voice an opinion inan objective way.

        Why do you not speak when journalist like our friend Alpha spoke his opinion in his analysis of the case and took sides. Why is this story any different? Journalists are allowed to voice their take on a situation and even if you do not agree it doesn not make it wrong especially if they make it known that this is their version. What is terrible is when journalist take the truth and twist it even when the truth is glaringly staring them in the face.

        As for you Fallah, you are just bitter period. Your bitterness has clouded your vision and reasoning. I pity you. No one should have this much hatred.

  1. Helen,
    Interesting piece. Thank you..One thing that’s puzzling me is , how come these human rights advocates; Yasmin jusu-Sheriff and Ibrahim Bangura are already asking for these diamonds to be transfer to Sierraleone eventhough, ther’s been no reports that say the stones came from their country (Sierraleone). Aren’t they jumping the gun? I just don’t get it. These are the same kind of assumptions that have bought untold suffereing to the region. Can someone help me, is there any report on the origin of the stones? Who told them that, if the stones even came from west Africa means, it is going to be turned over to Sierraleon. It may have come from Liberia, Guinea or who knows… WHY DON”T THEY WAIT FOR RESULTS FROM THE POLICE?????

    1. Pure SILLINESS if you ask me…….And these are the people who gathered evidences for Mr. Taylor’s trial……HUMAN RIGHTERS my foot!!!

  2. Fallah, I am still waiting for u and the prosecutor to provide video evidence,picture and voice recording,with Taylor and diamonds,or arms in SierraLonne,the western media was happy to show the guest picture with Campbell,Taylor,and the rest of the guest in it at nelson mendala house party,and I want u tell me if Liberia have diamonds or not,and please I am waiting on video evidence,sassey can not gave account for what he don’t know,so u guy need to show ,video to show their relationship or document to show their agreement.this case not going to rely on verbally argument or they say to find Taylor guilty,u guys need to start showing the court evidence,that sassey is lying before the court,I mean document.

    1. Bruko, I do not need to repeat this but refer you my my post here; “On August 15, 2010 at 3:14 am, J. fallah menjor said: General Jacone, you are back again with your “show me proof arguements” and no substance. I think Alpha Amadou Jalloh puts it simple and clear for lay men on this forum who find it difficult to put one and one together in analysing taylor’s crimes in the entire West African Region. most of you who claim and are hiding behind citizeships of Liberia seem to be the biggest liars on this site. you wouldn’t possibly be Liberians if you did not experienced any of those atrocities carried against the people of these regions except if you were close associates and part of these crimes and lived in areas particularly secured for the few Generals such as Jacone, or Jose Rodriguez,AKA General Fix It! How dear you call Amadou Jaloh a Malian? Because of his name? That is why i feel you guys who seem to have earned your Liberian Citizenships from else where are not only naive, but very insecured about proof of citizeship whenever you have nothing to offer to the debate. Are you guys worried that we wil disrobe you too after taylor falls! I believe this is the fear amongst you guys! Keep writing Amadou and Fallah stands by your great thoughtful presentation without fear of these “bullies.” If this doesn’t make sense to you, then I do not know what will..I have no videos just like there were no video when two men handed the “dirty stones” to Naomi that night, that has taylor in hot seat plus you supporters, on your toes!

      1. @ Everyone

        I vote that we all just simply ignore anything that jfallahmenjor posts unless it is the truth , relevant and logical. Clearly he just wants to incite meaningless exchanges.

        1. Cen, that won’t do you guys any good, because that will not make me go away as you are assuming, except people start being objectine and rational in their intellectual presentations, and not all this garbage of “show me proofs and videos!”

        2. @ jfallahmenjor

          Okay, I was afraid you would not go away. Since your unwilling to leave us in peace,
          what historical account can you provide or opinion regarding Samuel Doe’s reign over Liberia?
          In fact, isn’t it true that both Johnson and Taylor initially started out to rid Liberia of Samuel Doe? Ms teague declined to comment on this issue.

        3. Cen,
          Thats true and thats why I have chosen to ignore his comments unless there is a little bit of sense in it. I only wish to carry out intelligent conversation with people who are willing to debate logically, even if their view point differs from mine. This case is a serious case and I take it seriously, I do not have time to join issues with those who see this as a childs play.

      2. Fallah,

        I am just reading this absurd proposition and idea from you, which of course, has been dissolved into a steamy anarchy by Jose Rodriguez and accompanied by the truth. Seriously, did I hear you saying, what I thought I heard you saying, that the Naomi Campbell story has put President “Taylor in hot seat plus you supporters, on your toes”? Fallah, HOW????? You fell way too short to show how. As a matter of facts, the Naomi Campbell story has vindicated President Taylor. More importantly, it was increasingly embarrassing to this fake prosecution to the extent that Ms. Hollis disowned and disbanded your own Star Witness in person of Super Model Campbell. Ms. Hollis said Naomi Campbell was not the prosecution witness. However, Ms Hollis was openly challenged in court by one of the judges who than told her the witness was not President Taylor witness and this witness was brought in as the prosecution witness and was requested by the prosecution to testify. Sorry Boss Fallah. Your rosier assumption that Naomi Campbell has put this innocent man on the hot seat is just immensely naive. By the way, what trial are you talking about?

        One more thing Fallah. Do you stand by what you wrote below? If you do, than the prospect for the quick turnaround for this fake case is really dismal: especially while we all are watching the sudden death of this false case.

        “you wouldn’t possibly be Liberians if you did not experienced any of those atrocities carried against the people of these regions except if you were close associates and part of these crimes and lived in areas particularly secured for the few Generals such as Jacone, or Jose Rodriguez,AKA General Fix It!”

        Jesus Christ!!!!! Where were you during the war Fallah? Were you affected in any way, shape, or form?

        1. Because, on one hand, Jose, you guys augue as “insiders” then turn around and present your arguements, another time, as outsiders. That is why I am saying that you guys would possibly not be Liberians, if you were present in Greater Monrovia during taylor reign, and did not experienced any of the atrocities,which follows, you must have been in a secured place! How diifficult is this to understand? Where was I? In the US, watching the moves closely. I know more about what went on than you can imagine, Jose. Already I am piecing one and one together to know who is saying what and how they were associated to taylor. Believe it or not! This is no play thing if you are thinking so. Jfallahmenjor and associates will bring those responsible to justice even if this means using our traditional methods of justice that we, all are accustumed to..Have a wonderful weekend..guys!

  3. Helen,

    Thanks for the link, I hope Alpha and Tracey also read it!! These so-called human right group knows the real culprits but always tried to scapegoat innocent individual like Charles Taylor. If SL haven’t yet realize how wicked some of their own people are, and try to correct those ill problem(s), the smoke is never too far from the fire

    1. GreBo,
      That is a very good point. Out of all the diamonds the RUF and others used to fund their war, these so-called human right people want diamonds return to SL that the prosecution say Charles Taylor had. Why they do not want the diamonds return that those white people brought from the RUF and others. Yasmin jusu-Sheriff and Ibrahim Bangura are just showing their ignorance.

    2. Fallah,

      Can you begin a sentence with “because” as you did? However, you claim to be more educated than some of us on this website and even going to the extent of criminalizing people who disagree and see things differently from you. Now you are beginning a sentence with “because”, which of course is a fragment and incomplete sentence. Anyways, I will intentionally double down my rhetoric on your fragmented English and return to the issue you raised about being a Liberian. Fallah, you talked about one being an insider one moment, and being an outsider the other moment. What that has to do with the same person Liberian citizenship right? I see a rupture here Fallah. The more you tried to defend so hard, the more I understand just what a huge win for freedom and liberty.

      1. Jose, I wish we do not bring in the Grammar business here because I have to speak to the level of comprehension for some. If this is offensive to you, my apologies. There is nothing wrong with beginning a sentence with a”because” since, in fact we are having a “dialogue” and fallah not writing a Term” paper for Dr. Jose!

        1. Fallah,
          quite frankly, there was notthing like Greater Monrovia during Taylors Presidency….don’t know where it’s now coming from…

  4. “Scapegoat innocent individual like Charles Taylor” , wow, Choice of words tells many things about people including their karma. We are patiently waiting for justice for we’ve been through the storms.

    1. Vem,

      Yes!!! Grebo is right. SCAPEGOATING!!!!! Indeed, this abnormal filthy fraudulent deeds of the powerful has been massively decimated by the truth and President Taylor.

  5. Vem ,

    Sorry my brother but the “Scapegoat” choice of word was/is well in place. Taylor was un-doubtfully amongst the many other peace brokers that brought peace to SL and LIb. By criminalizing this single guy amongst the bunch, the word Scapegoat is well in place for such a scenario.

  6. The maps and satellite images presented by the Prosecution were not adequate for establishing routes and actions taken by the RUF. Mr. Sesay was disadvantaged using these poor quality documents. Are Google maps not available during trials? A road from Ivory Coast at Danane into Liberia referred to does not actually offer a continuous route – but the prosecutor stated that it did.

    1. Yes even the presiding judge was at a loss as to the usefullness of the videos and the maps because as she rightfully pointed out, it added no value to the evidence given. This is just a ploy by the prosecution to buy time and extend the cross examination of Issa Sesay until the court rules on their aplication to appeal the decision prohibiting them to use Issa Sesay’s custodial statements.

  7. My previous comments about inadequate map documents removed?? More of this again today at the trial – 19th August from the Prosecution. Poor presentation of google earth images – even confused the Judge.


  8. K fallah we in court and I ask for evidence and u telling me,that I am talking crap,don’t u know court house is all about evidence,you think u can find a man guilty with out evidence but they say,yesterday new york governor,that was excuse of selling Obama senate seat walk out free cause there evidence,so we will see,when the final day.come and the jury never see no evidence.

    1. Some people thinks this is a village square (Bari) where people sit down to talk stories at night under the moon light. They need to know that we are in court, and in a court of law, a case is determined by the evidence before the court not on sentiments or emotion. In a criminal case, the evidence presented by the prosecution must be beyond reasonable doubt, anything less, the case must be decided in favour of the accussed. Simple!

      1. Sam,
        Pro-Taylor folks on this site have become deluded and fixitated with this show me video and documents and the lack of should lead to the acquittal of Taylor. I am sorry folks; the case of legal matters is not as simple as apples and oranges. There are times when direct evidence is crucial and other instances when it isn’t necessary as in a circumstantial case as this one.
        In a circumstantial case, judges and juries are looking for who had the most culpability, probability and oppurtunity in committing the crime/s and who is credible.

        The judges are aware that these rebel organizations i.e NPFL and RUF did not have adequate record keeping and if records did exist, incriminating documents have the tendency of dissappearing even in cases involving governments, agencies and companies. I have asked the pro-taylor folks on this site whom are i say agian are fixitated with evidence and documents and i am asking again; can the NPFL provide evidence/records of the trials of several of her Generals( Sam Latoe, Cassius Jacobs, Nelson Gaye, etc) that subsequently led to their executions? If any of you or members of the NPFL including Mr. Taylor can do that, then the prosecution will have the burden of proof to provide evidence of orders Taylor gave to Issa or evidence of direct exchanges of diamonds between Taylor and the RUF. Because Taylor did not record his clandestine activities, we cannot now expect them to be manufactured. Same as Taylor’s billions were deposited by other people and that is why the stolen money hasn’t been traced. Immediate family members and friends of Taylor should have their financial records audited.

        This prosecution have provided evidence that have been collaborated unconciously by the defense. 1) The existence of a criminal enterprise have been confirmed by the association of Taylor and Sankor whilst they trained in Libya and continued throughout their wars and the aknowledgement of the training of the RUF in camp Nama military barracks in 1990 while it was controlled by the NPFL. 2) Issa acknowledged purchase of weapons from Benjamin Yeaten, a close allay and security chief of Taylor, hence confirming the charge of gun-running between the RUF and the NPFL. 3) Naomi Campbell’s admittance that she recieved diamonds on this 1997 trip to South Africa that included Mr. Taylor, which was initially denied or was brushed aside as total nonsense confirmed that Taylor did gave diamonds to Naomi on a trip that he also purchased weapons for the RUF that was delivered couple of weeks later. 4) The cordial relationship between Taylor and the RUF is evident of the influence Taylor had with this organization. What kind of leader would want to associate with the RUF? Unless the two were bedfellows. These guys were allowed free ride in and out of Liberia and were on occasions hosted by Taylor. What kind of man would consider a relationship with a serial muderer like a father and son relationship, unless that man is a mentor to that child in whatever criminal enterprise that was?

        This case is not a slam dunk for either side, but i feel strongly the prosecution presented an okay case that is good enough to win the case and the defense’s strategy of denying everything will backfire as lacking credibility.

        1. @ nosirrah
          You are flat out wrong about the what a “circumstantial” case is or is not!
          Moreover, you are glaringly wrong about an “okay” case being good enough to win.
          who are you? why are you posting? this is a site for educated and at a minimum reasonable exchanges.
          the basic position of ANY criminal defense is deny…deny…and wait for it…………………. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….DENY!

        2. Excellent presentation and this should do it for them; keep them “awake” your Honour, NOSIRRAH! These guys have no abilities, it seems, for them to look and analyze objectively as you have done here! All they think is that the more they “shout” the more sympathy they gather for taylor. Their sole objective is to muster support and are truly delusional and naive about this case and sesequent trial. Also, they are probably paid to defend taylor through popular demand with the millions stolen from the Liberian coffers. These guys live among us and know what awaits them! Nosirrah, don’t you see how they feed into each others’ postings? it doesn’t seem random as you and myself once in a while agree on ideas! They are are united as ever! They refer to one another as “comrades” General Fix It, AKA Jose Rodrigues, Helen, and etc..This is why we will need to follow this case further after the trial and hand prosecution to them, chase them and make life difficult for them. It’s easy as we have lots of information already on taylor and his dark opperation in Liberia!

        3. Nossirah,
          You couldn’t not have said it better! I’m not sure people know about legal proccedings and that an indictment can be brough against an individual solely on circumstantial evidence. there are people in the U.S wo have been tried and convicted of a murder and the body has never been found. Thousands of individuals are indicted convicted on crimes all over the world based on circumstantial evidence.
          Pro Taylor people are calling for video evidence because they know there isn’t much of it. That does not mean that these madman did not comitt the things that they have been indicted for and some convicted.
          Why would NPFL/taylor, or RUF/Taylor/Sanko/Sessay have someone walk around holding a camera recording all their dispicable acts they were committing?

        4. Nosirrah,

          I will just go strictly to the core of your false evidence. However, you talked about the existence of criminal enterprise between President Taylor and Foday Sankor in Libya. First of all, Foday Sankor was never the leader of the RUF in Libya. The leader of the RUF in Libya was ALLI KABBAH. According to the prosecution own star witness, Vice President Moses Blah, he said, Foday Sankor was a TEA BOY amongst the the trainees and he was not residing where the leaders of the different revolutionary groups where residing. Therefore, it could not have been possible for Mr. Taylor and Sankor to have met to sign a pact. And if they did, where is that document? Is it like the 5 billion dallars? Notwithstanding, you made mention of Naomi Campbell admitting that she received diamonds, but what you can not explain to us is whether she said this innocent man gave her diamonds. Nosirrah, just when I think this case can not get any much dumber, is when you prove me wrong. Where and when did Naomi Campbell say President Taylor gave her diamonds? Seriously, you are living in an alternative universe here buddy. This was what she said. Two men came knocking on her door on the night of the infamous dinner and handed her a pouch. She opened it the next morning and she saw two “dirty looking stones.” She also said the two men said “this is a gift for you” and did not leave a note. Stop lying Nosirrah. However, you talked about Benjamine Yeaten selling arms to the RUF. It is true Issa Sesay said it; but he also said Taylor was not aware or part of any dealings with the RUF within that regard. However, do you consider Issa Sesay to be credible now? Lastly, you made mention of the cordiality between President Taylor and RUF. Be advised, President Taylor was the “point man” on the Committee of Five, charged with the responsibility of bringing peace to Sierra Leone. Therefore, he had to deal with all of the parties involved. And his dealings with them as a point man brought lasting peace to Sierra Leone.

  9. Nosirrah ,

    You said

    ” This case is not a slam dunk for either side, but i feel strongly the prosecution presented an okay case that is good enough to win ”

    I say really! I m beginning to realize that many of you Taylor haters are Cracking, not under pressure, but rather slow bleeding. I/we were made to believe that Taylor had 5 Billions, RUF took instruction from him, he receive diamond in exchange for gun. All those lies upon lies without any documented or solid proof is making the prosecution to struggle ridiculously and sooner, Taylor is going to walk a free man. Now that all those hear-say and they-say are going no where, you’re questioning our reasoning of continuously asking for proof. Maybe if the proof were there in the first place, we wouldn’t be asking

    1. Ms. Teage,

      According to you, people have being tried and convicted in the U.S in a murder case without the body being found. For the record, which case that you are aware of with such a pernicious myth? Also, please explain the extenuating circumstances surrendering such conviction. For me, this is just a wide allegation made by you without providing specifics. I understand how desperate your attempts are in wanting to burn this innocent man. But if you want to draw an analogy between this inherently flawed court to that of the U.S court, you should for the most part state the case and the court with the prevailing circumstances.

      1. Sorry Jose Rodriguez
        Teage is right on this one point

        Notable cases where the prosecution was able to get a conviction despite the homicide victim’s body never being recovered:


        In the 1950s, West Palm Beach municipal Judge Joe Peel was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Experts regard it as the first time a conviction was achieved without a body.

        More recent cases:

        An Alva, Okla., jury deliberated two hours in September 2007 before convicting Katherine Rutan in the murder of her 6-year-old son, Logan Tucker. She was sentenced to life in prison.


        Nina Reiser, wife of Linux software designer Hans Reiser, disappeared in September 2006 in Oakland, Calif. Four months after being convicted of first-degree murder her husband agreed to lead investigators to his wife’s body in return for a lesser sentence. He is serving a 15-year-to-life sentence for second-degree murder.


        Tom Capano, a wealthy lawyer from a prominent Delaware family, immediately became a suspect when one of his mistresses, Anne Marie Fahey, went missing in 1996 shortly after she broke off their affair. But without a body, prosecutors were stymied until they successfully pressured Capano’s younger brother to admit that he helped dump Fahey’s body at sea after she had been fatally shot. Capano, who claimed the shooting was an accident, was convicted of murder in 1999 and is serving a life sentence.


        After Jami Shearer told her abusive husband, Steven, she was leaving him in September 1990, she disappeared. Steven, who had accused her of cheating on him with his friend, had told her he was going to kill her Police charged him with first-degree murder and, though prosecutors lacked a murder weapon or eyewitnesses, he was convicted nearly 10 years later and sentenced to 60 years in prison.
        peace and blessings

    2. GreBo,
      That is the difference between you and i. You are a fanatic and i am a realist. It is not cracking, it is called having an objective view.

  10. Nosirrah,
    Can you prove that it was charles Taylor that gave Ms Campbell the Diamonds????????? How do you know that? Ms. Campbell herself said that she does not know who gave her the diamonds…. There is no denial that the NPFL and RUF did not have a relationship but from 1996 to 2003, there was a government in Liberia and not the NPFL… The Prosecution have to prove that between those years Charles taylor had a link to the RUF….. And another fact, Charles Taylor showed this court numerous doucuments showing that he was involved in the Peace process…. What did the prosecution show???? Zip….. Stop saying CHARLES TAYLOR GAVE MS CAMPBELL DIAMONDS UNLESS YOU CAN PROVE IT PLEASEEEEEEE PPL….

    1. John Doe needs to ask taylor where all the proofs are that he did not do any of these things! Where are his alibi, which means taylor was”elwhere” when all these crimes where taking place?Tell me new commer! Hope you are not stepping in a danger zone without caution! Please reply me so I can follow up with what I have to say next to you about proofs and what is called ” circumstantial evidence.”

      1. Fallah,

        Present Taylor has nothing to prove. Instead, it is the prosecution that has to prove her fake case against this innocent. Fallah, are you aware of the RUF’S SALUTE REPORT that exonerated President Taylor? Are you are of the RUF Main Rebel Leader,Issa Sesay saying he was not appointed by Taylor? Are you aware Taylor “has” no 5 billion dollars as alleged by this fake prosecution? Are you also aware that Naomi Campbell did not say Taylor gave your diamonds? Finally, are you aware of so many things that overwhelmingly acquit this innocent man, President Taylor?

  11. Jose,
    Only a dumb person will believe that Naomi Campbell recieved a present from two total strangers in the wee hours of the night and not know their identities nor the source of that present.

    1. Nosirrah,

      The fact that you saying what you are saying about these two unidentified men that allegedly gave Naomi Campbell these “Dirty Looking Stones” reinforce and validate the instinct that people have in the acquittal of this innocent man. I thought you said however, that Naomi Campbell said, Taylor gave her diamonds? After your lies were exposed by Jose Rodriguez, you became spooked and retreated in fear, thereby compelling you to agree that Ms. Campbell said two unidentified men gave her the dirty looking stones. Nosirrah, the truth can never hide. However, you were hell bent on convincing us with your lies. Folks, I am the guy who follows, understands, and repeats the news without spin and embellishment. In fact, I am on the cutting edge of following the news. Can you imagine Nosirrah saying only “a dumb person” will believe what the Super Model said about the two unidentified men? Nosirra, we are in court here. We can care less if you believe what she said or didn’t say. She was the prosecution witness who said she didn’t receive diamond from Taylor in an interview with the ABC News and repeated the same in this inherently flawed court.

    2. Nosirrah,
      Maybe Nelson Mandela sent her the diamonds. He was president of the largest diamond producing country you know.

  12. Cen,
    Amazing. Just because someone as me have a different viewpoint from yours, you have the audacity to brand me uneducated. I am not going waste valuable space by digressing from the trial to explain my educational achievements or the lack there off according to you, but interestingly, i have communicated and that was my goal. You understood what i wrote.

    1. Nosirrah,

      NO, NO, AND NO!! it is not because you have different viewpoints as you say. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinions. But what you Nosirrah is not entitle to is your own facts like Naomi Campbell said Taylor gave her diamonds. Sir, she didn’t say anything remotely close to your false assertions.

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