DCT-008 Concludes His Evidence

Today, DCT-008, the 20th defense witness who could possibly be the final witness to give oral evidence in the Charles Taylor trial, concluded his evidence.  The witness was re-examined by defense lawyers for the former Liberian president, who is on trial for allegedly supporting Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels during the 11 year civil conflict in Sierra Leone, which saw the commission of heinous crimes, including rape, murder, and amputations against the civilian population of the country.

Prosecutors allege that Mr. Taylor provided arms and ammunition to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone in exchange for Sierra Leone’s blood diamonds, a relationship that prosecutors say formed the basis of a campaign of terror against the civilian population of Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations, telling the court that members of his security apparatus in Liberia could have had dealings with the Sierra Leonean rebels without his knowledge.

In his testimony for Mr. Taylor, DCT-008 has supported Mr. Taylor’s assertions, particularly through testifying that Special Security Services (SSS) Director Benjamin Yeaten had a special friendship with RUF commander Sam Bockarie, and this friendship formed the basis of the support that the RUF received from Liberia. Mr. Taylor, the witness has maintained, did not have knowledge of such a relationship.

As defense lawyers re-examined him today, DCT-008 tried to clarify some issues that had come up during his cross-examination by prosecutors.

The witness clarified issues relating to the use of various floors of the Executive Mansion in Liberia while Mr. Taylor was president. During his cross-examination, prosecutors suggested to him that Mr. Taylor used the the 8th floor of the Executive Mansion to coordinate operations with RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. The witness denied this, saying that Mr. Taylor never lived on the 8th floor.

Explaining what he knew about the 8th floor, DCT-008 said, “On the 8th floor, that was where the presidents, starting from [William] Tolbert to [Samuel] Doe, they had their residence there but during the war, we were told that the place was ransacked and all the things that were there were looted by ECOMOG [Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group].”

“According to the story that I heard for the Mansion, it happened that when they [ECOMOG] were in control of Monrovia, they were in control of the Mansion, and so they used that opportunity to loot the place so nobody could see them,” the witness added.

He said that while he knew that Mr. Taylor moved into his White Flower residence in early 1999, he did not know where the former president lived between 1997 to late 1998.

He “however never heard that the president Taylor resided on the 8th floor.”

The witness explained that the 7th floor housed radio communications equipment and the 6th floor was the presidential kitchen. He said he never heard that the SSS used the 5th floor of the Mansion for radio communications.

The witness also tried to clarify issues relating to the use of the word “principal” in radio communications. According to a previous prosecution witness, the language used by radio operators whenever RUF commanders wanted to talk to Liberian officials was “my principal wants to talk to your principal.” DCT-008 has said in his testimony that radio operators used the word “master” rather than “principal” as the latter could have made it easy for people monitoring the communications to know what was going on.

When asked to tell the court why they used “master” rather than “principal,” the witness explained, “The reason was that the term principal, even within the Government of Liberia radio communications system, we referred to the commander of certain radio stations as principal and the term principal in Liberia means head of an institution.”

“So if the term principal is used, anybody who had been listening on the Government of Liberia side will know that there is an operator on the Liberian side and the Sierra Leone side.”

When he was responding to questions from the judges, the witness discussed the arms purchase that SSS Director Mr. Yeaten undertook for the RUF.

Justice Richard Lussick asked the witness that when “Benjamin Yeaten sent people to buy arms and ammunition from the LPC [Liberian Peace Council] and ULIMO [United Liberation Movement for Democracy in Liberia], where did he get the money from?”

In response, the witness said, “I did not say he sent men to buy arms from the LPC or ULIMO. I said those areas were controlled by LPC and ULIMO. To answer your question, I don’t know where he got the money.”

The witness has said that Mr. Yeaten’s radio operators communicated regularly with RUF radio operators and such contacts were not known by other radio operators working for the Liberian government.

Justice Lussick therefore asked the witness whether he used to monitor other calls made by other radio operators.

“As a radio operator, provided I stand on the frequency, I could monitor any calls…any operator could do that, even during the war, LURD [Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy] used to monitor our communications and we used to do the same,” he said.

He agreed with Justice Lussick that he would not know if somebody else was monitoring his communications.

As SSS Director Mr. Yeaten has taken center stage in this trial as the main person who was in contact with RUF rebels and having worked as a radio operator for Mr. Yeaten, Justice Teresa Doherty asked the witness whether Mr. Yeaten is still alive.

“I don’t know, since he left Liberia in 2003, I have not got any information about him…I do not know whether he is alive and even if he is alive, I do not know where he is now.”

Earlier in the week, defense lawyers indicated that DCT-008 might be the final witness to give oral testimony as a defense witness for Mr. Taylor. As the witness concluded his testimony today, the judges asked defense lawyers whether they had anything to say about the conclusion of their case. Defense counsel for Mr. Taylor, Terry Munyard, addressed the court on this and told the judges that the defense wants the court to have a status conference on Monday next week. Before the status conference, the team will meet with Mr. Taylor and get instructions from him on the way forward, he said.

He concluded, “At the moment, we are not anticipating calling any further live evidence, should that change, we will let the parties know.”

The court resumes for a status conference on Monday.


  1. Enought is enought! And if readers can remember since the begaining of this trial; I had entered a total disagreement with Griffith to have Charles Taylor testified in his own defense. For allowing the defendent Charles Taylor to testified for so long, resulted to implicating himself and even admitting at one point to lying to the court, under cross. Hope this upcoming verdit of QUILT will allow this peaceful region of west africa to healed.Paying witnesses seem to be the final arguements for the ill Faith Griffith and his Taylor defense team. What is konwing in this trial is that even the defense team has also paid witnesses. Notting new in trials as such. QUILTY it is.

    1. Ziggy,
      Have you read the RULES that govern this Special Court?? If not, please do!!! But to help you out….the DEFENDANT is ALWAYS, hear me out please, the VERY FIRST WITNESS to be call on the stand if he/she wishes to testify and that was the reason Mr. Taylor was put FIRST on the stand instead of the normal process of a regular court.

      Can you please tell us which one of the defense witness was PAID??

      1. Noko4 ,

        Please allow me to answer your question
        ” Can you please tell us which one of the defense witness was PAID”

        ANS: Uh Uh Uh mmm Uh Uh I ….will say…. NONE !!!!

      2. Noko4

        Why would the defense team pay their witnesses when their witnesses were willing to compare notes and if need be, manipulate their notes. It’s obvious that the defense team was unwilling to compare notes with DCT-008.

    2. In my opinion this court is most lenient towards the prosecution then the
      defense. At times, decisions and questions made by the judges appear as if the
      burden of proof rest with the defense.

      The decision by the court to give a partial judgment (“B”) to the defense on the
      exculpatory evidence of DCT-097 is unsatisfactory. The court requested global
      Witness to turned over all money receipts paid to DCT-097 with detail
      information describing each payment. The ruling came a day prior Global Witness
      indicated that she (Global Witness) doesn’t have any document on hand pertaining
      to DCT-097. All documents were shred.

      First of all, for Global Witness to say interviews she (Global Witness) had with DCT-097 are no longer in her possession is a lie. Why in the world would anybody think that Global Witness will be honest and open to give truthful information to the defense detailing the
      reason for each payment? Any payment information Global Witness will give the
      defense will be made-up and fraudulent. In my opinion the court wants to play
      it safe in favor of the prosecution. If the court had granted defense
      submission to have Global Witness turned over all exculpatory evidence it
      would have been damaging to the prosecution. And if Global witness refused to
      turn over the exculpatory, the defense will subpoena the court to make Global
      Witness turned over the exculpatory. Something the court doesn’t want to have any part
      of. It makes me wonder if the court and the prosecution are on the same team.

      Opinion exposing the court of unethical practice will not change anything, but will bring public awareness.

  2. I am very surprise this was the first time the judges have ever ask for Mr. Yeaten. He might help Taylor clear his name or lock him up for good.

    I would really love to see this guys come in as a witness.

    1. John,
      I believe the defense has reachout to Mr. Yeaten but he too is WANTED in the Hague and in Liberia for Sam Dokie’s death….what is the guarrantee that he won’t be arrested??
      I too will like to see him on the stand but his case will be tried in the shadow and it will be FOOLISH on his part to even attempt to leave his comfort zone.

      1. Are you guys reading? Please know that no other Liberian apart from Mr. Taylor is subject to prosecution in this court, not even Yeaten as you think.

        Harris K Johnson

        1. Harris,
          If Mr. Yeatan is call by the defense, what you think will become of him??? He is will be chop into piece eventhough he will be just a WITNESS. Yes will NOT be prosecuted in line with this case but enough of his DEALS will be put up if there is a guarrante that he will be let go after testifying.

          He is wanted also by the Special Court plus in Liberia for Mr. Dokie’s death.

      2. Noko4, I hate to have to respond to your piece about ‘Yeaten being foolish if he left his comfort zone to testify, being a wanted man!’ How would you, indirectly, warn yeaten about being arrested if he came out of his hiding place, and yet crying out that Prince Johnson and others should be tried? Following the pro-taylor logic about innocence, Prince is innocent, and was not awared of everything that went on in NPFL-J, just like taylor had no knowledge of what went on in the NPFL-T! You cry justice for taylor but seem uninterested of justice for victims, nor associates of taylor! What a man, you seem to be, NOKO4! I just wanted to let you know that even though I am on break, but I am following the trial and your ‘damage-control strategies’ of taylor camp, and will return ‘rapid fire’ whenever necessary.

        1. Fallah,
          Rapid responds are on both sides, remember? Look , my young man, I don’t know if you read and understood NOKO4 very well. a sensibly thoughtful individual, would gather that, he is espressing common sence. Benjamin Yeaten is one of Taylors very trained special forces comandos. Hes got a thousand and five(1005)stratiges to keep himself safe. Believe me, he’s not a small potatoe….

        2. Fallah,
          I am NOT warning him….he knows!!!

          Yes if this case was about Liberia which you truly it’s about, then I want Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Prince Johnson, Roosevelt Johnson and ALL the MAJOR players put on display…..is that FAIR?? Yes.

          What is your next question??

  3. Please give former President Taylor a free and just trial as the world is watching you. Look at the testimonies of the witnesses; is there any claim against the man. Mr. Taylor keep trusting in the God of your heart for he will surely set u free and whether u live in Liberia or not let His will be doen.

  4. hey!!!!!!!! Good that this thing is being finally wrapped out. I just pray that justice prevails and that the judges and jury find him guilty if he is and find him not guilty if he is not. But frankly I think the guy should be set free as i haven’t seen anything concrete against the man.

  5. Koko4,
    Thanks for alluding to my earlier point and will quote from your publication ” The very first witness to be call on the stand if he/she wishes to testify and that was the reason Mr. Taylor was put on the stand first”. The wishes to testified which was endosed by Griffith was a miscalculation which resulted into an over exposure of Charles Taylor’s personal involvement with the RUF rebels. He was caught in many lies and contradictions, all because of been permitted by Griffith to exercise his wishes to testify. This was an ill professional judgement by the Griffith lead defense. And because of this, Charles Taylor will be pronounce QUILTY! and Quilty it is.

    1. Ziggy Salis,
      That is your personal opinion, not the ruling of the judges, which they have not even started to go through the evidences to match the charges. The vast majority of the linkage witnesses the prosecution produced were Mandingo from Liberia with a strong bond to Sierra Leone mainly family ties. Liberian Mandingos most of them, has an extreme dislike for Mr. Taylor and tried as a group (LURD) to overthrow the government. I would think that the judges would study this fact in deciding who is most likely telling the truth. The alleged arms dealer Gus Something, who was acquitted mainly because the court stated that the majority if not all of the witnesses was Liberian, therefore they had a strong reason to get this person convicted, their testimonies was rule not creditable. Salis, these judges have issues to dealing with other then Mr. Taylor’s testimonies. Both prosecution and defense witness had some contradictions.

  6. Personally, I wish the court would summon Mr. Yeaton. I think the more information the court has, the better it will be able to make a sound decision–guilty or not guilty. If Taylor and Yeaton were such good friends, I would think that Yeaton would want to help clear Taylor’s name. Mr. Yeaton may be hiding, but I doubt he’s gone far.

    1. Hey Andrew,
      I am not too sure..stand corrected; but I think, Judge Sebutinde asked the witness about his where about..Maybe Alpha or Tracey can precisely help, or any of the brothers who saw the finals of the last witness…Trust me, I had serious problem even hearing the judges….I hope during final arguments the sound problems would be solved..

      1. Andrew and Noko5,
        I am sorry to know that you guys had problems hearing what was being said in court on that day. On the issue on Benjamin Yeaten, the judges did not indicate in anyway that they were requesting for Mr. Yeaten. After DCT-008’s testimony, it was Justice Teresa Doherty who asked the witness whether he knew the whereabouts of Mr. Yeaten. When the witness said that he does not know Mr. Yeaten’s whereabouts and had not been in touch with him since he (Yeaten) left Liberia in 2003, that was the end of the issue. There was no follow up question or no comments suggesting that the court will require Mr. Yeaten’s presence. Justice Doherty probably asked because the witness said in his testimony that he worked as radio operator for Mr. Yeaten, and that the witness’s evidence focussed mainly on the relationship that existed between Mr. Yeaten and RUF commander Sam Bockarie.

        I hope this explanation helps,

  7. Oh it judgement time soon!!!!!!!

    It seems the only people in the world that will be happy for a guilty verdict in this rougue trial are emotinally inbalance liberians that hated charles taylor so badly that they are prepared to go with any accusation levelled at him regardless of it implications for even themselve in the future,they are forsaking all their principles and the african principle just to get one man,And the obviously usual suspect Western countries including Britain and USA.These 2 countries are mere lynch mobers and control freaks they have an inherent culture and tradition of lynch mobbery against the black man and they enjoy playing with your little minds emotional liberians….you are playing a fine slave game at the moment.

    The Sierra Leoneans which i am one of don’t understand what is going on…we think the people that causes all the suffering in our country during the wars are either dead or are in prison,but we are presented with this new enemy in the name of charles taylor by satan and their advocate.

    According to the evidence i have sutudied to date the group or group of countries that may have control over and supporting the RUF thugs are the Libyan,Ivorian,Burkinabe.

    Please emotional liberians’ control yourselves!!!…pull yourselves together and stop acting like a buffoons!!

    Do the right thing guys don’t sell yourselves and africa short and we will help you create a court for liberia!!!

    1. Cee, if you are a true Sierra Leonean you claim to be, then you should not only be appreciative of fight we have put up here in your interest, but say thanks to Court of Sierra Leone for taking the initiative of bringing justice to your people! However, if you are an oppportunist Sierra Leonean, turn Liberian, under taylor amesty, then you are right to say what you just said. I have nothing else to say to you, but this; we are not emotional Liberians here, we are authentic Liberians that are not only looking after our brothers and sisters of Sierra Leone, for injustice at the, alleged, hands of taylor, but telling the world that the days for african leadership that do not respect fundamentla rights of its people has come to an end!

      1. JFmenjor
        the days of lack of self respect have also come to and end along with petty divisive labels. Like, S leonians, Liberians, congo, country, tribe this tribe that. Never mind, teh ate in your jeart is too great and you are incapable fo understanding….

    2. Cee

      According to Mr. Sesay testimony during his trail, he stated Mr. Taylor was involved in supplying Sam Bockarie weapons and ammo. Although this information was obtained unethically, the fact that a top commander of the RUF said it is fact enough to know Mr. Taylor was involved. But it’s not about if Mr. Taylor was involved in the atrocities that happen in SL, it’s can they prove it in court.

      1. Al solo Nyonteh,

        The same Issa Sessay said President Taylor didn’t appoint him as interim leader of the RUF as alleged by this false prosecution. He also said President Taylor was not aware of whatever thing that existed between Sam Bockarie and Ben Yeatan; so what is your respond problem?

  8. Cee , i think you are the most unbalanced in this case; of all the evidences ranging from confessions by defense witnesses, circustantial and material to that of accounts given by neutral bilateral and multilateral institutions , you are yet to admit that Mr. Taylor takes any responsibility for the war in Sierra Leone. You ,instead, eratically evade the truth and expect emotions and hulabalo to gain a result that is completely the opposite of what Mr. Taylor deserves . Think again brother, you can’t harvest what you did not plant.

    1. Fallah,Al Solo,

      I suggest you are trying to turn logic upside down to satisfy your vengence…!!It is you emotional people and your mad backers who want to use the special court for Sierra Leone a as a conduit to try Mr Taylor for crimes and grievances stemed from liberia as it is inconvenient to try him in liberia.for reasons you know very well.

      And don’t patronise me by saying you are trying to bring justice to my peope maffafakka!!!,The special court for sierra leone had done a damn good job unbehalf of the people of sierra leone to date,it has convicted the sierra leoneans ring leaders and have put them behind bars for a very long time,but if we are going to prosecute other foreign enterprise that may have involved in that war the list will be very long…although people in liberia including charles taylor may have involved ,the RUF leaders evidence in this trial has shown the involvement of liberians in terms of financial support and arms purchase is miniscule compare to the support and aid given by the Libyan,Ivorian and the Burkinabe.What the hell are you people going to do about them???

      You people are trying to tell me who hurt me the most when i was the one taking the punches…no doubt you are hoping i was unconscious…well i was’nt and i am just been rational Vem and trying to look at the bigger picture.

      My anger as a Sierra Leonean is with the Libyan,Ivorian & Burkinabe for aiding the RUF and UK & USA for aiding the Kabba government instead of helping the peace processes,which resulted in the death and destruction of thousands.

    2. Vem,

      who are the neutral people in this case? Jehoviah Witness, Global scammer, global witness or maybe Naomi Campbell? Corruption and bribing case. These world powers are about to steal Liberia’s oil. Watch out!!! The puppet government of the west in Liberia has signed oil contract with Chevron. These were the same people that said President Taylor was lying when he said he was not going to accept 7cents on every dollar from these corporate giants.

      1. Stay focused Jose, we are not talking about your greivances against Ellen’s government because tyou have no place in it this time. We are talking about the closing arguements on taylor trial, Jose. Take Ellen Government to the UN for diverting your economy, that was booming under taylor’s NPFL government, to the West for possible profit for the nation of Liberia. What did your taylor do with the profit on the Liberian Timber and Iron Ore? Buy lexus cars for little girls that were mates, or little boys that served his appetite? What amount of money was left in the nation’s coffer after taylor left with this infamouse rubbish;’God willing, i will return.’? You are despicable in this piece,Jose!

  9. Its such an significant subject and dismissed by a great number of people, even pros. I appreciate your help making people more aware about that subject.

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