Prosecutors Conclude The Cross-Examination of DCT-008

Prosecutors today concluded the cross-examination of Charles Taylor’s 20th defense witness, a Liberian national who served as a radio operator in the Special Security Services (SSS) of Mr. Taylor’s government in Liberia.

The witness, DCT-008, in his cross-examination disagreed with prosecutors on several issues, including the manner in which the disarmament of fighting forces was conducted in Liberia, allegations of Mr. Taylor’s reliance on militias rather than the Liberian army, and the relationship that existed between Revolutionary United Front (RUF) commander Sam Bockarie and SSS Director Benjamin Yeaten.

Prosecutors allege that when the disarmament process started in Liberia in the mid 1990s, Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group did not turn in all their weapons, and the weapons they kept were part of those given to RUF rebels who used them to commit atrocities in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor has denied these allegations.

In his testimony today, DCT-008 insisted that the NPFL turned in all their weapons to Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) peacekeepers, who were coordinating the disarmament program in Liberia.

“I know that the NPFL disarmed. Even myself, I disarmed to ECOMOG,” the witness told the court.

When noted by the Chief Prosecutor Brenda Hollis that the NPFL turned in only fractions of their weapons, the witness responded, “To my knowledge, the NPFL turned over every weapon…it was not a joke, it was real.”

Ms. Hollis referenced a news article that quoted Mr. Taylor’s former Defense Minister Daniel Chea that the disarmament process in Liberia was a fiasco.

When this was put to the witness, he responded thus: “I believe that the NPFL fully disarmed to the peacekeepers…so if he [Chea] went on to say it was a fiasco, that was his opinion.”

“But what I know is that the disarmament went on very well, that is why we had elections.”

Ms. Hollis also asserted that because Mr. Taylor did not trust the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), he relied on private militias, which were controlled from the Executive Mansion. These militias, Ms. Hollis said, were notorious for committing crimes against civilians. The witness denied these suggestions.

“He relied on the national security of the Republic of Liberia,” the witness said, and “Charles Taylor to my knowledge never controlled any militia from the Executive Mansion,” he added.

When noted that Mr. Taylor controlled his militia groups just like the SSS, the witness said, “He never ran the SSS. The SSS were security assigned to the Executive Mansion and the first family.”

Ms. Hollis quoted Mr. Chea again, who in the same interview where he spoke about the disarmament process said, “Mr. Taylor had his own suspicions of the army, he transferred most of the duties of the army to his own militias. I thought that was a mistake.”

“President Taylor had his own disjointed militia that he ran from the Executive Mansion. Who will be in a better position to know about Charles Taylor’s militia, you or Mr. Chea,” Ms. Hollis asked the witness.

In response, he said, “To my knowledge, the president did not control militia group or militia from the Executive Mansion.”

The witness also insisted, like he has done right through his testimony, that Mr. Taylor and his government did not have any relationship with the RUF, but rather, it was SSS Director Mr. Yeaten who used his friendship with RUF commander Mr. Bockarie to trade arms and ammunition with Sierra Leonean rebels.

According to the witness, Samson Wai, a bodyguard to Mr. Yeaten was the person who coordinated efforts with Daniel Tamba (Jungle) on Mr. Yeaten’s instructions to transport arms and ammunition to the RUF. The witness has stated that Jungle was a member of the RUF, a claim which goes contrary to prosecution claims that Jungle was a member of the SSS.

In response to a suggestion from Ms. Hollis that Jungle, Samson, Mr. Yeaten, and others “were members of the SSS carrying out security duties in relation to the rebels in Sierra Leone…at the instance of Charles Taylor,” the witness said, “Jungle was not a member of the SSS. Samson was a member of the SSS and a bodyguard to Benjamin Yeaten…They did this at the instance of Benjamin Yeaten and Mr. Taylor did not know about this.”

The witness spoke extensively about radio communications that took place between Mr. Yeaten’s radio communications set in Liberia and those of RUF radio stations in Sierra Leone. When Ms. Hollis asked him whether there were no loyal radio operators who could have monitored these communications and made them known to Mr. Taylor, the witness said that such a thing never happened.

“And your story is that Benjamin Yeaten was able to do this without Mr. Taylor or anybody loyal to him knowing about it?” Ms. Hollis questioned the witness.

“I said this happened without Mr. Taylor’s knowledge,” the witness responded.

As his cross-examination was concluded, the witness denied suggestions that he has come to the court with an intention to lie and protect Mr. Taylor.

“This is not what I intended to do. This is the truth that I have come to explain to this court. It is not my version, it is reality,” he said.

Earlier in the morning, the judges issued their oral decision on the defense motion that prosecutors be ordered to disclose statements made to Global Witness by defense witness DCT-097, which defense lawyers say contain exculpatory evidence pointing to Mr. Taylor’s innocence, and that prosecutors also be made to disclose details of payments made to the witness when he was a potential prosecution witness, payments that defense lawyers say amounted to about 30,000 USD.

Delivering the judgment of the Trial Chamber, Presiding Judge Justice Julia Sebutinde ordered that the Chamber dismisses Part A of the defense application relating to the statement made by DCT-097 to Global Witness, and grants Part B of the motion regarding the payments that were made to the witness by prosecutors.

The prosecution was ordered to disclose to the defense:

a. All payments/benefits to DCT-097.

b. All documents relating to the payments.

c. Provide explanation for such payments.

As prosecutors concluded the cross-examination of DCT-008, defense lawyers commenced the re-examination of the witness few minutes before court adjourned for the day. The re-examination of the witness continues on Tuesday.


  1. So what did the prosecutors gained?? ZERO!!! If this witness was theirs, will they say he was NOT been truthful???

    I believe Global Witness is hiding those documents….so where are the documentary she collected?? But looking at what took place today in court, Mr. Taylor will NOT BE LET OUT. Those TWO WHITE judges decided to accpted into evidence REPORTS that were NOT put to the witness……STRANGE!!!

    1. noko4

      Why are you so glad. DCT-008 confirmed the prosecutions case, although he exonerated Mr. Taylor. He still confirmed that weapons were supplied to the RUF though the Liberian government. DCT-008 may have contradicted key prosecution witness testimony but he also confirmed major suspicions of the prosecutions case. I think he was trying to help Mr. Taylor but he is to clumsy.

      1. Al,
        What did he CONFIRM and what is this case about??? In case you are thinking, it’s about Mr. Taylor been the CHIEF BOSS of RUF. What have you heard that made his GUILTY of been the CHIEF BOSS?? What I believe the prosecutors failed to realize is, AFRICA IS NOT THE WESTERN WORLD where documents are kept and process are follow. Mr Yeaten did his thang and because he was CLOSED to Mr. Taylor, they assumed Mr. Taylor had a role to play. Now we are at a DEAD END…..

        Wasn’t DCT-008 once a STAR WITNESS for the prosecutors but fell off with them because he was NOT giving them LIES???

        1. Noko4

          You must be trying to impress me with your fancy use of the most trickiest languages in the world (English). Fortunately for me, I can recognize the language of a con man and your use of “CHIEF BOSS of RUF” to describe the prosecution allegation against Mr. Taylor, sounds like a con man talking. The prosecution alleged that Mr. Taylor backed RUF rebels fighting in Sierra Leone by supplying intelligent, weapons and ammunition through Samuel Bockarie. Up until the present moment, I was under the impression that the Liberian government did not have any dealings with the RUF during 1996 to 2002. DCT-008 confirmed that weapon were being supplied to Samuel Bockarie from the Liberian government. In a court case it’s not the one big piece (that makes perfect since) that gets people convicted. It’s all the small pieces that suggest without a doubt an individual were involved in the crime. If you are looking for that television versions of the smoking gun, keep watching television because you will not find it in a case that made it to trial.

        2. Al,
          Who in the Gov’t of Liberia issued such as you relate?? Mr. Taylor who is on trial?? Who ISSUED such order?? As we learned from the witness, Mr. Yeatan did it on his own….I think he used whatever LINK he had with Mr. Taylor to ENFORCE his dealings. Was Mr. Yeatan REPRESENTING the Gov’t of Liberia???

          No, I am NOT here to impress you or anyone but simply using phrases USED by the prosecutor…yes they coined Mr. Taylor as CHIEF BOSS OF RUF. And no, I was NOT looking for a SMOKING GUN but atleast some FACTUAL FACTS.

  2. so Fallah and co Taylor haters, is this witness lieing too? I will like some comments about your assessment of the prosecution performance in the cross examination of the witness. Also I hope I have now been vindicated by the oral decision of the court on payments by the prosecution to the RUF diamond dealer dct 097, in order for him testify against Mr Taylor.I was then accussed of making up the story when I first broke it here a few weeks ago.

    1. Dear sam,

      I have you to thank for leading me to information concerning DCT-097/TF1-354. I missed the decision since I can only view the trial from Windows Media Player live, and I am 7 hours between The Hague.

      I preferred to see more from the Trial Chamber other than granting part B of the motion and orders the Prosecution as follows:

      1. To disclose to the Defense forthwith, pursuant to Rule 68: (a) an account of all payments made to or benefits conferred upon witness DCT-097/TF1-354 by the Prosecution for the period 2004 to 2006 or at any time before or after that period; (b) all documents relating to such payments, including receipts, vouchers, MoneyGram receipts, et cetera.

      2. To provide an explanation for those payments.

      I think an order for his statement given to the prosecution would increase the impact on the charge of bribery.

      I salute you my man; you are a well informed individual!!!

  3. I am glad the Defense put witness DCT-008 on the stand. My belief all along was that Benjamin Yeaten was a renegade General who looked after his interest first and Charles Taylor and Liberia second. It has now been established by both the prosecution and defense that there was radio communication between Yeaten and the RUF. The judges will have to way the evidence as to who they believe. Let us remember that the burden of proof is with the prosecution. So if there is reasonable doubt between what DCT-008 says and the prosecution’s radio operator witnesses. The judges have to rule infavor of Mr. Taylor

    1. Al-Solo Nyonteh,

      NOKO 4 is absolutely right, according to the indictment, Charles Taylor bares the Greatest responsibility for CRIMES committed in SL I.e Rape , Torture, Murder , Recruiting Kids as solders etc. By 1-2 witnesses like DCT-008 and Sasey coming up and saying Yeaten sold arms to RUF, in no shape or form tie Charles Taylor to the GREATEST RESPONSIBILITY indictment as charge. I don’t know how did NOKO4 turn in to being a Con-man by saying ” BIG BOSS MAN” but I must stress that , those kinds of label are out-of-place especially if you really know who a CON-MAN is. You claim you were of the impression that No one in the Liberian Government sold arm to RUF, Okay so how do you explain ULIMO selling arms to RUF. Please remember, the head of ULIMO-J was at that time Minister in Taylor’s Government. Your emphasis on grabbing bits and pieces interest me, so I m going by your own standard of measurement here. Rooselvert Johnson faction sold arms to RUF and he was a Cabinet Minister, while Yeaten was just a Director, so who position was higher? Why are you ignoring another Top level Government official Like R . Johnson sales of arms, but you’d rather raise the issue of Yeaten because the quick connect is Charles Taylor. Look MY-MAN, those Judges all know RUF got ARM from everywhere they had opportunity to buy arms from including but not limited to LPC , ULIMO-K , ULIMO-J, Ecomog , Guinea, NPFL fighters like Yeaten, Oliver Verney, etc. So please don’t hang your heart on the statement that Yeaten selling arms 1-2 times makes Charles Taylor baring the greatest responsibility charge. Those Judges are smarter then that, because it’s all in the public domain now. Everyone knows RUF bought arms from everyone including the piece keepers

      1. GreBo

        A con man and a lawyer can manipulate words to their advantage and persuade people to believe their version of a situation. I never called noko4 a con man. I indicated my knowledge of their language. Also I assumed that noko4 was not a lawyer and said it “sounds like a con man talking” (sound being the key word). That greatest responsibility lingo you are talking about refer to the mandate of the SCSL. The prosecution is pursuing Mr. Taylor under guilt by association and his alleged association is an ongoing business relationship. The prosecution claims that Mr. Taylor financed weapons to the RUF in exchange for diamonds (That is why “show us the money” augment is valid and cast doubt on the Prosecution case). The correct terms to use would be, Mr. Taylor is being accused of being the “blood line of the RUF” because the RUF was the hand that committed the crimes. Without blood flowing to the hand the hand will eventually stop functioning. Weapons, ammunition, intelligence and tactical techniques are vital to sustain a war and the individual whom supplies it, bears a great deal of the responsibility. This is how the prosecution derived to the point of Mr. Taylor bearing the greatest responsibility.

        Please take a look at the top of this page, the big bold words state “The trail of Charles Taylor”. LPC , ULIMO-K , ULIMO-J, Ecomog , Guinea are not on trial. When I said “I was under the impression that the Liberian government did not have any dealings with the RUF”. I was referring to the presentation of defense case and Mr. Taylor’s testimony. Mr. Taylor claimed that the weapons obtained by him through his covert account were used for the defense of Liberia. The fact that the weapons that were supply to the NPFL were undisputedly purchased by Mr. Taylor makes Benjamin Yeaten look like a middle man at greatest. In addition during Mr. Sesay trial he testify that Sam Bockarie
        send him to pick up weapon from Mr. Taylor (not Benjamin Yeaten) .

    2. @ Aki et al
      I am left almost flabbergasted at this new and absurd notion that ‘Yeaten’, Taylor’s ultra loyal and long serving, blood thirsty, and murderous factotum (some how) was not doing his masters bidding when he was arming and facilitating the forces that unleashed such destruction on the population of our region. I find this incredulous in the extreme. This is a man(yeaten) who not only murdered and tortured his victims personally, but oversaw the mass killing and torture of his masters opponents , this is a man who was personally selected and groomed by Taylor, he was one of the first of the so called special forces trained in libya he was involved in the first armed action by the NPFL etc etc ….Yet, we are invited to believe that his violent rampage over a number years was done without his masters knowledge…To accept this tall tale at face value we would have to conclude that Taylor was one of the most incompetent, pathetic, deficient and ineffective ‘Heads of State’ that Africa has had the misfortune to accommodate. The idea that Taylor, a power hungry control freak, would tolerate or allow his head of the SSS to conduct an independent foreign policy at odds with government policy and wage a personal war against neighbouring friendly nations, borders on the risible, imbecilic and ridiculous.
      What we are witnessing from the defence is an attempt to deploy the ‘Mafia Defence’ which is that the Don/Godfather is innocent and that it his subordinates who were responsible for the carnage, however, given the overwhelming body of evidence, I doubt whether this ploy will succeed.
      A brief question for you all, what kind of ‘President’ has a self confessed cannibal as a member of his security force, and dines with the said cannibal on ‘Human Flesh’?
      As Always Wadi’The Zima’

      1. Wadi Williams,
        I will answer you last question first. Where have you ever heard that Charles Taylor said that he knew Ziazag Marzah was a cannibal? It was only at the trial this came to light. Marzah is a non entity in the eyes of the judges as too many witnesses have discredited his testimony.
        You claim Charles Taylor must have known what Yeaten was up to due to their close relationship. My second question to you is ” Did Thomas Sankara know what Blaise Campore was up to ? Remember they were very close but Campore assasinated Sankara. Did Julius Ceasar know what Brutus was up to ? Food for thought !

  4. Bingo the ball is in the prosecution camp. Can they play it? Hmmm..exculpatory evidence indeed. Well done QC, you are a very claver man.

    Harris K Johnson

    They wouldn’t inform Taylor or the GOL of Yeaten relationship with Bockerie because Yeaten threating to deal with them. Going by this witness’s logic, if they knew that Yeaten has a plan to kill Taylor they would also have kept it to themselves. Wow! Yeaten must has been the most powerful man in Liberia to the extent that this witness wants the world to believe that even Taylor or GOL couldn’t protect any Liberian from Yeaten.

    1. vanie,
      Let me remind you, if you can remember, Mr. Taylor had Gambian protecting him, what you think he did that? There were people with in his government who wanted to kill him but they didn’t just come to light at that time. Even in Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government, there are people who are doing things that she doesn’t know about!
      By the way, there were report some time this year that there were weapons going through Liberia to Guinea, is it possible that it could happened? Of course it’s possible but does it mean that she know about it? She may or may not know about it!

      I think the international community should order Bokina Faso to turn over Mr. Yeaten to answer question about all that has been said about his involvement with the RUF and the extend to which his relationship went!

  6. I think it is a mistake on the part of the defense not to call DCT-097 to the witness stand known very well that, he was pay to say things the prosecution wanted to hear, since they couldn’t hear that from him or her, they decided not to have him as a witness! I wonder how many of the prosecution witnesses were pay so much money Just to tell lies for the prosecution of Mr. Taylor?

    Is this what is called Justice? Justice by seeking lies to prosecute the wrong person inorder to protect those who actually caused the death of thousands or million of both Liberians and Sierra Leoneans? I hope the Liberians and Sierra Leoneans will read between the lines and ask for their voices to be heard by requesting the prosecutions of those who are really responsible for the death of their loves ones! Peace to the people of both Liberia and Sierra Leone!

  7. It is sad how Taylor Supporters can go to Live in fool’s paradise: you think you have won your papay clear of these problems by bringing forth Sympathizers , exclusively, of Taylor to as witness not even a single neutral soul as witness. Your witnesses have blatantly denied things that were even the obvious and this was even purposed by their appearance pseudo names. Why hide to say the truth? Do you think the world is blind not to say the judges of the trial? Continue you false belief friends but the time is near.

  8. DCT-097 is another witness brought forth with Pseudo name to have so called material evidence of bribery. should this be proven false , i bet these Taylor supporters will say it has nothing to do with their boss’es conviction. With all the links and evidences the prosecution has unraveled, they are now saying things done by close confidants of Taylor those does not mean Taylor acquiesced to them , the Ruf was trained in Taylor’s proximity but he did not know about it , his sss director was a friend of SAM Bockerie who he Taylor Decorated and inspired as a Liberia soldier yet it does not mean Taylor was backing his exploits . You guys will be left in illusions.

  9. Mr. Taylor will be found guilty only to protect setting people who caused the muders of so many people! Take for example, an open letter written to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by the former Defense minister during the NPRAG government in greater Liberia. He outline in detail the involvement of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf with the NPFL before Mr. Taylor ever got involve with the NPFL.
    But she’s one of those being protected for which Mr. Taylor is paying the price today.”LEVEL MONROVIA AND ONLY LEAVE THE MANSION STANDING”, THAT’S WHAT SHE ORDER Mr. Taylor and the NPFL to do.
    Only a commander in-chief whose Generals and Soldiers are in the field can give such an Order! So the question is, the man who created the Robot and the Robot who went in the street to cause distructions of lives of properties, who is responsible? Is it the robot of the creator of the robot? Until those who are responsible for the Murder of both Liberians and Sierra Leoneans can face Justice, we should forward for another conflict in both Country. I am not praying for it but it’s the facts! So let’s pray!

    1. @Jocone
      The outcome of Taylor’s trial cannot, must not and will not be allowed to detract or deflect us from pursuing the other ‘Authors’ of our recent ‘blood bath’. This issue is far from closed, we have to purge our People, our Nations and our Continent of the rapacious scourge that has so blighted our Continent.
      As Always Wadi’The Zima’

    2. Jacone, you do not sound like a professional soldier I thought you were! Ellen is not on trial here because she supported taylor initially, even before taylor started , as alleged, riding in Jeeps with human skulls display on the bumpers through Nimba County to Bong, and then to Montserrado! She was freedom fighter for Liberia even before taylor existed, if you were not too young to remember ‘April 14,’ in Liberia, led by the PPP, Baccus Matthew and progressive followers, that,I, jfallah menjor was fully part of! She stopped her support and interest because of the cruelty taylor had adopted in the NPFL ansd use of murders to intimidate the entire Liberia! That is where the difference came, Jacone! We would not support such, as the aim was to free the people from suppression and not murdering nor intimidations! Will tell you more as time goes on, Jacone. I have the entire knowledge of what led to what in the Liberian revolution because I was there and…..I am witness to history!

      1. Look Fallah,
        For me being a professional Soldier, what does that have to do with my posting here or this case?
        I was old enought to a know remember 1979 when Liberia hosted the OAU; moreso, Tolbert was my grand Uncle. Tolbert was a brother to my grandmother, ok and I told you this bbefore. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was part of what happened in Liberia on April 14, 1979. Remember that she resigned as finance minister during the presidency of Mr. Tolbert!

        If I had the opportunity to email you an open letter written to Mrs. Sirleaf by Mr. Jucontee Thomas Woewiyeo in which he outline all that Mrs. Sirleaf was involved with througout from start to end. Fallah, remember that Mr. Taylor was not a founding member of the NPFL which of course Mrs. Sirleaf was and remain a member up to today date!

        The question you didn’t answer is that, who chose Taylor to lead the NPFL into Liberia? Who creatd the opportunity for the very murderous you are speaking about? If you don’t know, it was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Someone who you consider a freedom fighter will order their Generals and Soldiers in the field to level a city like Monrovia which was housing more than million people who were stranded!
        If Mr. Taylor wasn’t going to listen to the United States asking him not to continue fighting in Monrovia and he should open a couridor to allow civilians to leave Monrovia, what you think the out come would have been? Is that who you would consider a freedom fighter…. ordering her Soldiers and Generals to level Monrovia and only leave Mansion standing? common, Fallah you can’t be serious about what you’re defending here!

        I must tell you today, if Ellen Johnson Sirleaf lost the election today in Liberia, less than a year there will be problem in Liberia again!

        1. Jacone, I am sorry that President William Richard Tolbert was your Uncle and was brutally murdered by Samuel Doe and his men in the violent coupde’tate in 1980. it was a deplorable moment of our History of Liberia! Also I must confess that I did not agree with that very approach of the then,PRC decision to further execute other prominent members of the Tolbert Government. I nearly lost my job, then for saying that “all those rejoicing today, would regret some day to come and wish to errect a monument in honor of Tolbert!” I did not have voice then and seeing what I saw, convinced me, then, that I had to leave Liberia immediately, or turn valian, and get murdered by the order of things those days. I, fallah stand for no injustice, be it from anyone! I believe in ‘fair-play’ that is why I talk as I do, and act as I do. Taylor had personal agenda and that agenda did not seem in the interest of his Country, Liberia! That is why I fight taylor even in my dreams!

      2. Fallah,
        In Liberia, theres a saying that says ,”TALK BRING TALK”. Now you have finally confess why you hate Taylor so much. Your post to Jocone, tells me , you ‘ve been one of the prime introducer of rebellion activity in Liberia. I am quite sure you remember how people die during that nonsence april 14 saga. Eventhough I was a little boy in Yekepa, but I remember there vwas distruction of lives and properties..Oh my God, now I know why you hate Taylor…

        1. NOKO5 and don’t forget that that ‘move’ got the Nimbanians on the political map of liberia! Nimba and Grand Gedeh had lot of opportunities to stair the affairs of Liberia, but blew it due to tribalism. The April Revolution failed because of tribalism and ignorance. I was one who immediately thought that Liberia was better off under nuetral body,the Congos, because tribalism was in the way of any particular tribe leading in Liberia. If I am wrong, check your history, NOKO5. However,we still have a chance to re-think after taylor’s fiasco, that that may not be a solution and now we have to come together under, perhaps, Federalism in Liberia! What that means will be handled in my Book that will come out soon! You will come to love me NOKO5 after the trial, because Liberia will live again and be happy!

  10. Raph kumladsh of Bosnia was not found guilty of war crimes because he personally went in to camps murdering or raping people but because he led a group of fighters who committed these atrocities. Taylor, it has been established Taylor led a murderous campaign in Liberia and that gave free training base to a conjugate group that carried out one of the nastiest atrocities in human history. He will never go unpunished. He escaped and was not punished before which resulted in such regrettable chapter of our lives but now is the time so he won’t repeat the abominable days in the life of mankind.

  11. If Taylor’s fate was in doubt, it is not anymore. His own defence witness has confined him to almost certain quilty verdict and a long prison term, probably life.

    DCT-008, has finally done the damage that even the prosecution witnesses could not do, that is confirm that arm flow from liberia under Taylor’s watch(not that was news to many of us). You see the Yeaten tactics was very high risk and the defence failed badly. The fact the allegation was over several years and was reported by almost even major media houses in the world inlcuding liberia and supported by almost all major organisation including ecowas, au, the UN etc, will make it difficult for Taylor to plead ignorance of the matter.

    In any case, ignorance or cover-up, even if he is, will still not hold because there is no evidence he/his govt ever conducted any credible investigation into these allegations. On the contrary, there have been reports of his govt obstructing people from investigating the allegations. For those waiting for pictures etc to confirm Taylor’s guilt will have to wait a long time.

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