Defense Lawyers Want Former South African President Thabo Mbeki To Testify In The Hague

Defense lawyers for Charles Taylor have indicated that they want former South African President Thabo Mbeki to testify in The Hague about the circumstances under which Mr. Taylor stepped down as president of Liberia in 2003. 

This was disclosed in a September 16, 2010 news article by the Associated Press (AP) after an interview with Mr. Taylor’s lead defense lawyer Courtenay Griffiths, who is presently in South Africa on an investigative trip. In the AP interview, Mr. Griffiths said that he wants to speak with Mr. Mbeki about the circumstances under which Mr. Taylor stepped down as president of Liberia in 2003. Mr. Griffiths said he also wants to speak with South African weapons makers about allegations that Mr. Taylor purchased war materials in South Africa while on a visit there in the late 1990s.

“It is suggested by the prosecution that Mr. Taylor did not step down voluntarily as president of Liberia – he was forced out of office by among others, Thabo Mbeki…Mr. Taylor flatly denies that he was put under any pressure to step down,” Mr. Griffiths said in his interview with the AP.

Mr. Griffiths said he believes that Mr. Mbeki’s evidence about the issue would support Mr. Taylor’s account that he was not forced out of power by African leaders but that he voluntarily relinquished power in 2003.

Mr. Griffiths said he has asked to meet and speak with Mr. Mbeki in South Africa. The former South African President’s spokesperson, however, says that no request has been received to speak with Mr. Mbeki on the matter, the AP reports.

Mr. Griffiths has also said that he does not intend to subject Mr. Mbeki to any subpoena by the Special Court for Sierra Leone. He says he wants Mr. Mbeki to voluntarily speak about the issue, and if the former South African president decides not to testify about the issue, then Mr. Taylor’s defense team will not pursue it further.

Defense lawyers also want to disprove allegations that Mr. Taylor bought weapons from South African weapons makers during a 1997 visit to South Africa. Prosecutors allege that Mr. Taylor did buy war materials with proceeds from rough diamonds that were given to him by rebel forces from Sierra Leone. It is alleged that Mr. Taylor gave some of these rough diamonds to British supermodel Naomi Campbell after they both attended a star-studded dinner that was hosted by former South African president Nelson Mandela.

During Mr. Taylor’s testimony in January 2010, lead prosecutor Brenda Hollis suggested in her cross-examination that when Mr. Taylor returned from South Africa in  1997, he had a problem with the Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) commander General Victor Malu because General Malu believed that Mr. Taylor had brought war metarials back with him from South Africa. Mr. Taylor denied these suggestions.

Mr. Griffiths now believes that speaking with weapons makers in South Africa will help clarify whether Mr. Taylor was involved in any arms deals during his visit to South Africa.

The AP news article on the subject can be found at:


  1. Look here, If Griffiths thinks that Thabo Mbeki would better clearify How taylor gave up power, what about George Walker Bush explanation on the 24hr notice he gave taylor to “go” or leave in disgrace? Griffiths wants to tell us that he is not certain about all the evidence given by Defense witnesses that overwhelmingly said almost the same thing about taylor not being part of any of the 11 counts against him? Taylor suport group already started rejoicing and now, it seems, Griffiths is thinking twice to me! Is Griffiths really convinced that the testimony of Mbeki will save taylor neck? This is a Dream-Team! Why not also bring Gaddafi to testify about those who took up training in Libya and whether he agrees with all mentions of His Good Name by this tainted trial? This is simply ‘buying out’ of time to add some more years to taylor’s fate or to get more salaries from taylor camp since the money now seems useless to taylor, anyway, if he can not live to enjoy it! Good luck Griffiths..more money to you..!

    1. Fallah,
      No!!! Perry Mason wants to make sure ALL NUTS and BOLTS are TIGHT!!!. Mr. Mbeki does not have to appear in court. A statement or a press conference to address said issue…PERIOD!!.

      Fallah, this case is about a TIME FRAME…Nov ’96 forward…Mr. Gaddafi was MEANINGLESS at that point….DIAMOND and ARMS were the center piece.

    2. Fallah,
      Don’tn you think, its about time to also retire from postings; you are missing and mixing up things. Now ask yourself,how many times prosecution called in evidences and new evidences? Let me tell you today, we will bring every tom and dick to make sure Taylor gets out. Not only that. He will be your president again…..

  2. The diamond mines of Africa have always been a subject of the news media. These mines harvest millions of quality diamonds on the backs of sub pay labor. There have been many stories throughout the years of this type concerning diamonds and their Africa connection.

  3. I think the more information the court has, the easier it will be to make it’s determination. Therefore, if the defense wishes to call the former South African president, they should try it. Sadly, I think going after the arms dealers might be a little more tricky because they aren’t likely to talk even if they know something. Such an investigation by the defense team would uncover one of two things: either Mr. Taylor bought arms or he did not. It is time to finally settle this mystery once and for all.

    1. Paivy,
      I don’t think and believe they are going after ARMS DEALERS but rather to get FACTS on the book that AT NO TIME DID MR. TAYLOR BUY ARMS FROM SOUTH AFRICAN, MOST IMPORTANTLY, THAT TIME IN QUESTION.

      I don’t think Mr. Taylor would send his team to go seek such info if he knows that NEVER EVER happened.

    2. Paivy
      There is no mystery. CT purchased arms…as the leader of a soverign country, he had that duty and right to do so. Whether he instigated and/or fueled the SL conflict is the million dollar question. Also, what entities instigated and fueled the ongoing conflict in Liberia after CT election is also a critical question that needs to be addressed. We have to ask ourselves, who benefitted the most from the conflict in that region? The arms dealers, diamond dealers, who? We also have to ask ourselves, why the conflict in that region was allowed to go on for so long? What can be done to stop the exploitation of third country resources?


  4. Go Mr. Griffiths, history will surely be kind to you and your children’s children for stand up against lies. May God bless and protect you as you seek the truth in this make up story.

    Harris K Johnson

  5. I personally think that the appropriate person to bring to court to testify is former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo who gave Charles Taylor a political asylum in Calabar. Former Presidents Thabo Mbeki, Olusegun Obasanjo and others signed and dotted this agreement. I think Taylor was forced out. It was obvious!

    1. A. Wale,
      I agree and I believe Mr. Obasanjo DOES NOT want to any part to play with this case for he will be look at as TWO FACES. But Mr. Mbeki, given his relationship to the ILL TREATMENT he got from the apathied years, will be WILLING to stand up for JUSTICE.

  6. Griffiths needs to take up issues with the alleged shipment of arms that was sized at Roberts International Airport by ECOMOG, that support group on this site, repeatedly regrets, for to them, had that shipment not being intercepted, the papay would still be in power! I wonder whether Griffiths is fully taking advantage of this trial in order to delay Justice. Hope, also, that Support Group will not cry ‘foul’ if Prosecution decides to counter, and call additinal witnesses. Besides, I thought Jose, Sam, Helen, and others said the papay should go since evidence does not point to his guilt!

  7. I do not think that Mr. Mbeki will appear in court, but I do believe a formal legal statement of Mr. Mbeki’s account will be introduce into the court. If the judges want Mr. Mbeki to appear then they could subpoena him as a court witness. Mr. Griffiths’ belief that Mr. Mbeki’s evidence about the issue would support Mr. Taylor’s account that African leaders did not force him out of power but that he voluntarily relinquished power in 2003, is most likely true.

    1. Ken,
      We do not need Mbeki to tell us that Taylor was forced out or he left willingly for the sake of peace as his supporters would like to believe.

      We all remembered the ultimatum president George Bush gave Taylor. He learned from Saddam that pres. Bush does not issue empty promises.

      Taylor has never done anything for peace, everything was done for his self interest and sustainability. The various peace accords that were violated by Taylor is vastly chronicled. 1)When Taylor felt his forces was going to take over Monrovia in July and August 1990, he rejected the intervention of Ecomog peace keeping forces and vehemently tried to prevent them from dockinging at the Freeport of Monrovia by hauling series of rockets and missiles at them while they were on sea. 2) When Ecomog in collaboration with Prince Johnson,s INPFL and AFL beat Taylor back to 15th gate and Buchana and he was about to be annihilated by Major General Joshua Dogonyaro (the only true field commander Ecomog had that wasn’t corrupt), Taylor cried for a peace accord like a girl and Amos Sawyer ( one of his patrons) prevail on Ecomog to cease fire. Taylor violated this accord after regrouping and launched “operation Octopus” in October 1992. Ecomog again in ventures with Ulimo, Black Berets and AFL repelled the assault and captured more grounds from Taylor and when he was about to be defeated, he appealed for a ceasfire. When Gbarnga fell briefly in 1994 he beg for a ceasefire while he burrowed like a squirrel in Ivory coast. Taylor never did anything for the sake of peace, he left in 2003 because pres. Bush told him to and LURD was about to kick him out.

      Griffith can try all his ploys to give his guy some international credibility and that is his job, but we can very easily see through it. Whether Mbeki and other African leaders asked him to leave, he wouldn’t have left outside the pressures from pres. Bush and LURD. He did not listened to Babangida, Rawlings, Eyadema, Conteh, Abacha later and others when he felt he could win militarily.

      1. Excellent points,Honourable Nosirrah! This is all that is needed! Bring out rational and coherent arguements that not only redicule these denials, but give factual points that they can only attempt to justify or walk away from, as always! That is the best weapon for the taylorites! I salute your insight,Nosirrah.

      2. Nosirrah,
        You are mixing up events and timeframes trying to prove what? The prosecution alleged that it was the African Leaders who force Mr. Taylor to give up the presidency in Liberia.

        George Bush only made an empty request. Mr. Taylor say he would not leave until peacekeepers were on the ground and he did not leave until peacekeepers was on the ground in Liberia.

        There was no winner between the GOL and the treachery group LURD. The members of LURD after the bloody war they launch against the GOL were over, was not even elect as dogcatchers. Therefore, what were LURD and MODEL goals other then killing their own fellow citizens for revenge for purging the country of Doe’s reign of terror? Nosirrah if you have fogotten the same people who made up LURD and MODEL are the same people who made up and cold bloody supported Doe during his all out assult on the citizens of Liberia.

      3. Nosirrah

        Why is it okay to force an elected president out of a country? Don’t liberian citizens have the right to impeach or elect another president at the next election. Country and their right to self determination is first.

      4. ps
        Before you boast about Bush junior, don’t forget the empty bag he left for the liberians in the diaspora!

  8. Correct move…leave no stone unturn!!!. He does not have to come to court but simply do a press conference and address the issue. As for weapons, track all and get documents to support Mr. Taylor….he NEVER EVER bought weapons from anyone in South Africa moreso, in ’97.

  9. Some more Mass Graves found, from Taylor reign of terror;
    More mass graves discovered in five Liberian counties

    Posted September 16, 2010

    There are reports of the discovery of more mass graves in several counties in Liberia. According to a local non-governmental organization the Liberia Massacre Survival Association (LMSA) operating in the country, the graves were recently identified in the counties of Margibi, Grand Gedeh Nimba, Bong and Montserrado.

    An executive of the organization Peterson Sonyeh who made the disclosure of the discovery said the mass graves were not part of findings which were recorded by Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) during its operation which ended in June of 2009.

    In June 2006, two separate mass graves were discovered in Tenebu village, Lofa County. A former town chief Jefferson Wanly at the time told reporters that “that over hundred persons, mostly women and children were “gruesomely” murdered in cold blood, allegedly by fighters of the now disbanded Lofa Defense Force (LDF) in February, 1993 at the height of the Liberian civil war. The smallest grave held about 78 bodies.
    The LDF was one of several warring factions in the country but operated principally in the northwest Lofa County.

    According to Ms. Corrine Dufka of the Human Rights Watch senior researcher for West Africa and an expert on Liberia, “Lofa County was an epicenter of both military activity and human rights abuses.”

    Another mass grave which is believed to have held over 2000 persons was discovered near the beach area in the diplomatic enclave of Mamba Point in Monrovia in the first quarter of 1996. This area was notorious for scores of executions carried out by the warring factions during a fierce and indiscriminate battle known as World War Three” between forces loyal to then former President Charles Taylor and dissidents.
    Health workers cleaning up after the fighting were forced to bury victims in mass graves. Even some of the factions also disposed of their victims by burying them in hastily dug mass graves.

    Liberia’s TRC has identified nearly 200 mass graves across the country.

    In October, 1996, health workers also discovered dozens of mass graves in Tubmanburg, Bomi County which lies about 50 miles north of the capital Monrovia. According to reports at the time, health workers were investigating the graves which contained nearly 2,000 victims of starvation and factional fighting.

    The Liberia Massacres Survivors Association says the 62 new mass graves discovered recently are believed to contain the remains of victims killed by the warring factions. The group says it will continue its work.

    By Emmanuel Abalo and Liberian Media Reports

    Liberian map
    Powered by The African Media Network, Lawrenceville, GA USA. Gabriel S. Gworlekaju Jr. President/CEO; Patrick K. Manjoe,
    Executive Director

    1. With this new discovery, of new mass graves, wouldn’t it be apprropriate to term the 14 years civil war of West Africa, as The Barbaric Taylor Rebellion? This was more of a rebellion than A Freedom Fight, as claimed by Staunch Taylorites! New Book Title; a Must Read! Have a nice day,Taylor!

      1. Fallah. Please know that this court have to with SierraLonne,not Liberia,so u guys need to stop blending what happen in Liberia to SierraLonne case,well as u say Taylor was force u lie there,cause Taylor made it clear in Ghana he was going to leave once he have peacekeeper on the ground,Bush could not take Taylor he had a lot on his plate at that time.Taylor left office on his own.

      2. Jfallahmenjor aka the joker aka the town crier
        You forgot to report on the mass graves your papy Doe left that sparked this turmoil.

    2. Fallah,
      I know you want to tie ALL around his neck….but as we read….ULIMO, LURD, LDF and NPFL were in Lofa County fighting…..amongst those listed, NPFL spend the least…..

      1. Noko4,
        Did Taylor and the NPFL do anything wrong during the fourteen years of the civil war in Liberia to the Liberian people?

        Forget the trial.

        1. Nosirrah,
          Taylor lead a popular revolution which got side tracked by the powers that be who first supported him and then said no. Would you have fought all the way from Nimba County and reach to City Hall in Monrovia only to be told that Amos Sawyer should lead the country ? It is at that point which the statemate devloped which caused most of the mayhem carried out by all sides.

        2. Nosirrah,
          Of course he did….now if you’re asking me to list some….I will have to see the charges against him on the Liberian front but if I should put my fingers on one…PROLONGING the war.

  10. Fat chance that the lawyers will get Mbeki to give evidence. Former Heads of States somehow always feel they should be above judicial process or inquiries.

    1. Why are you guys confusing this trail with what taylor did in Liberia during the fourteen years civil war? It is not about Liberia, its about Sierra Leone. I strongly oppose Taylor’s trail over Sierra Leone because we get nothing out of this outcome. If Taylor were to be trailed over Liberia, I would have been interested.

  11. Mr Mbeki,should not attend this court to give evidence,i support the view that he should hold a press confress,where he can address this matter,because if he comes to court he will be villified by the western press and the knives will be out, as he would be seen as undermining their authority…I am sure we will be reminded of stuff like his HIV/AIDs denial which they will say is based on ignorance and they will also go on about how he tried to block the new president Jacob Zuma from accessing power.

    But whether he comes to court to give evidence or hold a press conference,he will still be slated by the Western press for getting involve,

    Mbeki in the other hand is a principle man with integrities, which is lacking from some older people in the west africa region and he likes mixing it with these people as equals and on principle.Very intersting witness suggestion!!

  12. Cee,

    Just as a reminder, don’t you see how they demonized Naomi Campbell by calling her all kinds of names. This all happen because she will not lie on this innocent man. Some on this site including Nosirrah willfully lied when he said Naomi Campbell said Taylor gave her diamond. So Cee, if Theibo Mbeki decides to testify on behalf of this innocent man , or remotely say anything nice about him, they will do the same thing to him like what they did to Naomi Campbell.

  13. Aki,

    Yes, i would relinguish the fight if my sole objective had been accomplished. According to Taylor and his followers; his mission was to free Liberia from the tyrant Doe and that was accomplished, so why continue the fight? Taylor’s goal all along unknown to some of his supporters like Ellen and Amos Sawyer was to seize power at all cost. His intention of becoming head of State became apparent when NPFL reached Buchana and Taylor killed Moses Duopo and Prince Johnson split from him. It is even rumored that Taylor killed Emmett Glee Johnson because of his objection and not the AFL.

    1. Now I want to hear from Jose, Cen, Cee, Helen, about alleged taylor involvement in Emmett Glee Johnson’s murder by treacherous taylor! Come on, give me some reasons, and also for the murder of Dr. Stephen Yekeson, President of the University of Liberia, around the same time? Murderers’ led Freedom Fight, my foot! Come up with your phony justifications; “oh, war is war” and all the garbbage! Thank you Nassirah.

      1. Fallah,
        Could you and Ellen please give the Liberian people atleast an account of those death during the 1979 rice riot? Remember people die by bullets, got missing, got eaten and etc.. May I ask sir, Why did you introduce reble activity in Liberia?

      2. jfallah,

        I have since warned you and other to desist from pointing fingers at Mr. Taylor for the death of my uncle Emmett Gee Johnson. My uncle was ambushed and killed by members of Doe armed forces of Liberia near St. John River Bridge towards Buchanan. NPFL forces were nowhere around to shoot a single shot at Emmett as they were stationed in Buchanan advancing toward Harbel, Firestone areas. A survivor of that ambush is still alive to give you details if you so wish. Also we have photos of the AFL commander and junior officers that were killed when Emmett and his men returned fire at their position. My uncle died as a hero, and must be respected as that. We have shared our blood, sweat and tears to bring peace and true democracy to this nation when people like you shamelessly ran away like chickens to countries when your country need you the most. With all these noise, what do you have to show as your effort towards democracy in Liberia? You must be ashamed of yourself for parading lies about the deaths of men and women that died for you to live. Remember there is no freedom without blood share, even Jesus died for you to live. Lastly, write me at for details.

        Harris K Johnson

        1. Dear J. fallah menjor,

          We could not post your comment due the a sentence you wrote in the third line of the paragraph. If you remove the sentence starting with “You are…” we will post your comment.

          Thank you.

          1. Dear readers,

            This is just a friendly reminder that as a matter of policy we ask all readers to focus on the issues and the substance of the postings and comments on this site, and not the personalities who make the postings. As a technical matter of moderating the site, we also reserve the right not to post comments which do not meet our terms and conditions for using the site.

            Thanks again for contributing and I hope you will continue to post your thoughts on the trial.

            Kind regards,


          2. Hi Noko4,

            I am fairly new, so that is okay. I am a colleague of Tracey and Alpha’s at the Open Society Justice Initiative and very happy to be a part of this project monitoring the Charles Taylor trial. We have a revised “Who We Are” page, in case you would like more information.



          3. Dear Aki,

            Tracey is still here and following the conclusion of the trial closely. She has been taking on new projects, and that is why I am helping with the website.


        2. Harris, you will be one of the least fallah will believe on this site! Do you really think I believe your deceitful claim here? How do I know Emmett was your uncle and etc..? What about Dr. Stephen Yekeson…You should answer that too since you are now claiming your family root as being heroes? This is where I believe this fight has just begun.. because fallah’s family members were murdered for no reasons and did not take arms, as yours did, Harris K. Johnson!

        3. jfallah,

          You don’t have to believe me, but I’m happy to educate you that Mr. Taylor did killed my dear uncle Emmett, as you have said.

      3. Outside my scope Mr J.Fallah Menjor,
        I only know about the going ons in the Sierra Leone wars,don’t know these people. sorry!! …but what i have learnt from studying the evidence on this trial is that the backers of the RUF were many and varies with Libya,Ivory Coast & Burkina Faso playing a big part and liberians playing a very small part,the same part i beleieve the sierra leonena played in the liberian wars…which is fighting for a fee!!!!.

      4. Fallah,

        First of all who told you that Taylor was responsible for the deaths of these men? Have you forgotten that Doe displayed the body of Gleh Johnson in Monrovia? How do you think he came upon the body if his troops were not responsible for the death of the poor man? Let’s be logical here please.

        Gleh was a very good friend and senior commander of the NPFL. Why would Taylor want to kill his own and thereby weaken his organization?

        As to the other gentlemen, Taylor never ordered any murders of these men. You are fully aware that there were people who took matters in their own hand and did things. Putu Major who was subsequently tried and executed was known to be responsible for a series of killings in Bassa that were totally outside of his remit during the early stage of the war. For this he was dealt with by the authority of the NPFL.

        Some of you are neither here nor there. When Taylor took action to discipline his fighters you Fallah said he was killing his own. However nevertheless when the fighters commited atrocities, it is blamed on Taylor. Which is it then? Either Taylor disciplin his men stringently or leave them alone to continue to commit mayhem. It could not be two ways. You were the same person saying Taylor was killing his own. Well his own who were killed was because of things they did to civilians.

        Go figure now.

    2. Nosirrah,
      Where are you getting your tales from?? “TAYLOR KILLED MOSES DUOPO”?? Do you know WHY Mr. Prince Johnson left and who was his sponsor??? From ALL ACCOUNTS, Mr. Glee Johnson troop was ARM BUSHED….now it was Mr. Taylor??? Chay

      I do agree that he HELPED in prolonging the war but he was not FIGHTING against himself….ULIMOs and INPFL plus ECOMOG.

    3. Nossirah,
      You are defeating your own agrument. Let Amos Sawyer become president my foot. Amos Sawyer, Baccus Matthews, Titpoteh and Henry Fahbulleh are the root causes of our problems starting in 1980. Don’t you remember they are the ones who instilled into the minds of Doe and the rest of the PRC members that they could rule thru the barrel of the gun. Their thinking was that they could used an uneducated Doe to carry on the selfish ambitions. As we all know the plans backfired tremendously.

    4. Nosirrah,
      Let get real here. The reality is, Mr. Taylor is that when he was in college in the USA long before he organized the NPFL, Mr. Taylor was positioning himself to lead the country on day. It was apparent to most of the Liberian students, the organization Mr. Taylor was leading and President Tolbert. Mr. Taylor never mislead any of his supports about his role he would play in the governing of Liberia. Even to the likes of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Amos Sawyer, who knew of Mr. Taylor long before the organizing of the NPFL, and knew how he was into politics. This Nonsense of “Taylor’s goal all along unknown to some of his supporters like Ellen and Amos Sawyer was to seize power at all cost,” is just that nonsense.

      Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Amos Sawyer organizations too was set to seize power at all cost along with others who was determine to rid Liberia of the tyrant Doe. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Amos Sawyer was never a supporter of Mr. Taylor, but rather a supporter of the military organization that Mr. Taylor has created to overthrow Doe, something that Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Amos Sawyer did not have and did not know how to created for themselves. They both assume what they wanted and was living in their own little worlds.

      According to Mr. Taylor then and now his mission was to free Liberia from the tyrant Doe and hold free and fair elections. Y.P Johnson rid Liberia of the tyrant Doe and Mr. Taylor perused and won in a free and fair election.

      Nosirrah, I think you are ignoring that all of Liberia’s rebel group leader ran for president and Mr. Taylor won. After Doe was Killed it was those other rebel groups that had been created for varies reasons by varies people and governments were fighting Mr. Taylor, so why would Mr. Taylor stop fighting after Doe was killed. After Mr. Taylor won the election it was those losers of the election who attack Mr. Taylor to seize power at any cost.

    5. Nosirrah,
      You must try and read the post of people that are not liberian,you might be able to see how differ the views are outside the pro & Anti taylor camp.

      How many sierra leonean for a start are involved in this forum?and how many sierra leoneans are calling for Mr Taylor to be convicted for crimes he may have commited in sierra leone,if one read’s most of the post in this forum you might think Mr Taylor is been tried for crimes commited in liberia.

      Very unsteady thought parterns!!If it is not deliberate its could amount to regional liability,,,,i respect some of the intelligent displayed here and i hope it deliberate for the sake of the region,

    6. Nosirrah,
      What would you have done after risking your life and fighting against Doe and getting him out of power? would you have honestly allowed anyone else but you take over power? look man lets be honest for once here. What did Amos Sawyer do to merit his taking over power? if not for the struggle initiated by Charles Taylor against Doe will Amos Sawyer have had any power to take over? and need I remind you that there was actually an election which was adjudged by the international community as free and fair which Mr Taylor won? he could have simply taken over power and not succumbed to any election but he did not do that. Instead he submitted himself to the electoral process in which he defeated other candidates including Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to become the democratically elected president of the republic of Liberia.

      1. Sam,
        Prince Johnson with Arnold Quinoo’s (Ecomog first field commander) help, removed Doe from power. Quinoo disarmed Doe’s forces at Freeport’s entrance and allowed Prince johnson and his forces to enter the port fully armed and Doe and his forces became sitting ducks.

        To answer your question; if i claim to be a freedom fighter and to distinguish myself from Doe who shot himself to power, i would allow the democratic process to prevail, if that means allowing another to get into power.
        Are you seriously asking someone to be honest on this site, considering you , your collegues , Taylor’s defence team and Taylor himself total denial of any wrong doing of Taylor? However, i am being honest.

        Let me address this free and fair election of Charles Taylor in 1997 that you guys percolate all the time as a badge of honor on this site. According to the international community’s standard, votes were cast and counted without fraud and that is not the point of contention. The Liberian people voted out of fear. Having experienced seven years of carnage from the various warlords, the Liberian people decided to appease Taylor so he does not return to the bushes like his mentor Jonas Savimbi incase he lost. Weeks and months leading up to the elections, there were caches of arms and ammunitions still been discovered by Ecomog. The playing field wasn’t leveled. A little analogy; if you had a gun to my head and asked me to vote and you were on the ballot, who do you think i would vote for? THERE IS NOTHING DEMOCRATIC WHEN YOU ARE A HOSTAGE.
        As for your point that Taylor could have forcefully taken power, but he succumbed to the electoral process, is wishful thinking. He could not and did not. Taylor got stuck at the city hall and the Pan plaza for over a month and couldn’t take over the mansion less than half- mile away in 1990. Why do you think Ellen made the infamous “level Monrovia and we will rebuild it in three days” statement? Her frustration was due to Taylor’s inability to capture the mansion from so short a distant. He tried to forcefully take power during the octopus in 1992, so what are you talking about?

        1. Nosirrah,

          So bossman, those that voted against President Taylor, were they also afraid of him or had gun put to their heads? Is that why they voted against him? Genius!!! However, those that voted against him were not afraid, I will suppose. But we that voted for him were afraid according to you. Truly, you are a genius. You are just too clever by half genius. Bossman Nosirrah, International acclaimed press including the BBC interview of Liberians in Liberia, has said if Taylor was to come today and participate in the presidential election, he will win. Is it because he has a very long gun from the Hague that can reach Liberia and put to the ear, nose, mouth, tongue, facial hair, beard beard, birth mark, nose hair, god mark, mold, and ultimately HEAD of every Liberian to vote for him?Genius!!! Nosirrah, why is he dominating this website again? Is it because we as Liberian have been put at gunpoint by this innocent man from the distance as far as the Hague? GOOD LORD, ALMIGHTY, WHICH WAY SHOULD WE TURN?

    7. Nosirrah,
      I asked that you should go and read the open letter written to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by Mr. Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu. You can find that on (
      It’s outline in that letter the connection you’re looking for and how Mr. Taylor got involve with the NPFL.
      you will also know why Mr. Duopu got killed because the over all leader of the NPFL at the time wasn’t supporting Moses Duopu instead that supported Mr. Harry Yuan over Duopu. I am not going call the name of the but you will find out for yourself if you do the letter!

  14. i am saying to you out there talking about the war in sierra leone, and liberia the people in sierra leone wanted change just like the people of liberia changes does not come easy remember changes bring developement if you take it as positive.because of the war we have forgiven each other all our debts has being given zero liberian has travel and learn in different parts of the world coming back home and opening bussiness they building new homes everwhere.few years from now liberia will be the small america as they use to call liberia.the people of south africa learn to forgive they cry for many years no one listen to their cry until those students were kill their lives broght changes to day in sa.the people of sierraleone must learn to forgive each other for theirt country to develope if they keep the revenge they will always be poor they needed the change for the fair of political leaders we must all learn to forget the past move forward and make it positive sacrifice has to be made for better future we must never give up our children has travel and learning in diferent parts of the world they will bring development in sierra leone and liberia

    1. Hope fallah and his like will listen and put their lives back together rather than pointing fingers at one man, Mr. Taylor.

      Harris K Johnson

      1. Harris,Is it about putting our lives back together or talking the truth? As for me my life is well together inspite of your papay’s devilish attempt to shater it. His greed kill my relatives but not my destiny and the fulfledged gifts of the Holy spirit.

        1. Preacher man Vem, if you are looking for redress or justice for the death of your relatives, better tell the UN to establish a war crime court in Liberia and stop pointing fingers at Mr. Taylor for what when wrong in Sierra Leone. The people of SL are fully responsible for their actions and must face it that way.

          Harris K Johnson

  15. everthing happens for a reason just like THE BIBLE say the is the time to die,time to be happy, time to forgive, to eat not to eat. that time came we must forgive to forget. we all has done somthing wrong in our lives before. learn to forgive people stop the revenge. revenge always bring more war it never ends

    1. I do not seek revenge , Mr. Bar, that is why i am still alive and thriving . I seek Justice for those who lost their lives or limbs to the machination of Mr. Taylor.

  16. WOW,
    It’s been a while! I’ve missed this site!
    I wonder how Mbeki could truly contribute to Taylor’s case of the crimes he’s accused of in Sierra Leone? It will be a very interesting testimony.

  17. SierraLonne people only use to fly to England but today they are all over the world,the village man have family abroad now,it not only americo Liberian or Britain sierralonne.that a big change.well I notice people bringing what happen in Liberia to this case,so they say because Taylor cause problem in Liberia,so any problem that start in SierraLonne is Taylor,cause the two country is close,anyway we need evidence and proof,please don’t bring Liberia issue here cause it have nothing to do with Liberia,I am talking to fallah and Nassiri.

    1. You are darn right bruko, that today everybody is traveling and not just americo liberians! But you know why, they are not traveling on their ‘free will’? They are coming to America as refugees or on resettlement. And for the americo liberians you mentioned, they think they were priviledged step children of Uncle Sam, until he abandoned them starting in 1980! Anything smart again, bruko?

      1. Fallah yeah today people benefits because of the war by traveling all around the war on Taylor name,I am a Taylor hater but my code value is the truth and I want to know what happen in Liberia,so I see no good evidence against Taylor cause SierraLonne fight in Liberia war and Liberian fight in SierraLonne war,I live in Logan Town and it not far from SierraLonne.

        1. Logan Town is not far from sierra Leone? “Uh” you sound much better this time, and don’t you ever try to bring smart talks in this taylor thing next time. The issues between Native Liberians vs Americo Liberians are the roots of all these evils today, bruko, if you are not aware! This is why anyone injecting this issue in this trial only adds fuel to the fight. I am willing to compromise but not through arrogance of some taylorites who think the death of 250,000 natives was not important equal to the deaths of 13 Americo Liberians at the hands of Samuel Kayon Doe! Tha’s where I disagree! Evil is evil and regardless to who the perpetrator! I never supported what Doe did to the former leaders of Liberia! We would have had a peaceful hand over of power to the majority without bloodshed! Don’t you agree with me, bruko?

        2. Bruko, i don’t that believe that one can assert that there is no evidence against Taylor’s involvement in the Sierra Leone conflict on the basis that” Sierra Leoneans fought in Liberia and Liberians fought in Sierra Leone”. This is a sickening analysis, i believe.
          On the basis that you lived in Logan Town does not in any way certify the objectivity; Logan is three counties away from Sierra Leone, How could you sit there and ascertain concrete observations . I would have asked you some questions had you said you lived in Sierra Leone and in Liberia between both wars or lived in Kola hun or in Bo- Waterside.
          People who traveled during the WAR must not be considered as lucky or the travel should not be considered as a benefit as it was done involuntarily, i could be corrected, and as a matter of necessity. I know Mr. Taylor caused mayhem in both countries; i saw them and the prosecution has proven it. Justice above all…..!!!!

        3. bruko,
          The issue of americo liberians is not an issue here as Fallah is trying to put it! I do agree that the americo liberians treated native liberians badly but it came to a time that the native Liberians were in control of their land but what happened next was the native started killing eachother as it is in Iraq today. The native man who removed the americo Liberians from power didn’t work in the interest of his people and in returned everybody saw what happened!
          For fallah to say that there could have been a peaceful hand over of power while Mr. Doe was president is a joke!!!! He fallah can’t be that serious and if he is, that only show how out of touch he is with the liberian people and the conflict!

          But my question to fallah is that, how many people you fallah think Samuel Doe killed from April 12,1980 to Dec. 24, 1989? And if Doe were to stay in power up to today, how many liberians would have been killed by now? What could have been your position of Mr. Doe supporters killing so many Liberians especially so the children of Nimba County?

        4. I agree with u Fallah,Taylor should face justice but not for SierraLonne crisis,what about the Liberian people that suffer,the reason I find this trail fake is because this court is a skip goat to the reality of the problem Liberian went through,so are we Liberian going to get a they say history of what happen in Liberia,I want my children to know the true history,who spend their money on the war and why was we fighting for and how Taylor came to about,Until Liberia can bring justice,we will never know.

        5. Vem Logan Town was a save area,we only experience the war so badly octopus, war 1,2 and 3.I had SierraLonne refuge in my class in Catholics school. And from prince Johnson time to the last war u was in Liberia,I experience everything even run from school under bullet,both SierraLonne and Liberian fight in each crisis,Taylor not even know them,had their own greed to vem did u see Taylor in SierraLonne gaving orders to ruf or do u have clip or voice recording for me to see,cause we know about Liberia and we all hear him gaving orders to npfl.

  18. Dear sam,

    As a follow-up on our posts dated September 16, 2010 at 1:16 am and September 17, 2010 at 5:22 am, as it relates to the ICC I find that the applicable Rules of Procedure and Evidence are based on those of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), with amendments that were made over the judges’ subsequent plenaries. See Special Court Statute, Art. 14.

    This information comes from The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) at page 23.

    • So far the Appeals Chamber has often relied on common law precedent, as most of the judges derive from common law jurisdictions, but jurisprudence from the other international tribunals has also been used, as was anticipated in the Statute. In its first year the Court’s decisions were not widely available or posted on its website. Important decisions are now readily available, although motions from the parties, such as the pre-trial motions, are still not posted. It is also difficult to systematically track the development of certain legal issues. In this respect, the Special Court has not performed as well as the other ad hoc tribunals in terms of transparency.

    • Article 20(3), “The judges of the Appeals Chamber of the Special Court shall be guided by the decisions of the Appeals Chamber of the International Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda.”

    See link:

    Here in the link to ICTR:

    I have not had the opportunity to research the merits of the ICTR acquittal of Rwandans, but there appear to be some reasoning within the ICTR to accept certain legal issues that are not so popular with the nation.

    See link:

    Here is a decision I find interesting and will perhaps have some affect with Mr. Taylor’s appeal if need be.

    Let me hear your opinion.

    1. Sekou,
      I agree with you that many of the rules of procedure of this court were borrowed from the ICTR however unlike the ICTR or ICTY rules, the equivalent rules in the SCSL have been modified in such a way that the rules have looked ridiculous. Take the issue of hearsay as an example if this case was before the ICC or even the ICTY or ICTR, it would have been struck out a long time ago. however, the west craftily modified the rules of the court in order to find Charles Taylor guilty. However, they are going to find out that he is much smarter than they thought.

      1. Dear sam,

        I have compared rules of evidence from the ICTR with the SC-SL and found no mention of [hearsay]; I assume you are referring to Rule 89 as it is governed by Rule 95. There is a stipulation here that is designed to protect the accused rights to a fair trial.

        In particular, 89 (B) prescribes “In cases not otherwise provided for in this Section, a Chamber shall apply rules of evidence which will best favor a fair determination of the matter before it and are consonant with the spirit of the Statute and the general principles of law.”

        The pivotal points here are fair determination of the matter before it and are consonant with the spirit of the Statute and general principles of law. Even if 89 (C) allow the chamber to admit any relevant evidence; that evidence must be relevant within the general principles of law to impact the final decision of the chamber.

        Mr. Taylor’s rights to a fair trial in this regard are protected under Rule 95:

        • No evidence shall be admitted if its admission would bring the administration of justice into serious disrepute.

        Mr. Taylor has the right to face his accusers and to defend against those allegations. Rule 89 cannot impede those statutory protections. It is impossible to defend against hearsay allegations since he is unable to examine the original witness against him. See the Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Article 17.4(e); Rights of the accused:

        • 4. In the determination of any charge against the accused pursuant to the present Statute, he or she shall be entitled to the following minimum guarantees, in full equality:

        • e. To examine, or have examined, the witnesses against him or her and to obtain the attendance and examination of witnesses on his or her behalf under the same conditions as witnesses against him or her;

        The administration of justice will be casted into serious disrepute if the accuse is unable to examine the witnesses against him; the person providing the hearsay evidence is not the witness Article 17 purports; would you agree? As I have stated earlier, Issa Sesay did not receive adequate assistance of counsel; I believe Mr. Taylor has a more astute legal team and it shall reflect upon him.

        So, the defense against hearsay is available under Article 17 of the Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

  19. Taegin,

    Most of the post on this site is about Mr Taylor’s dealings in liberia during the wars in liberia and during his term as president of liberia….have’nt you guys got a clue yet!that sierra leonean do not care about the guiltiness or not guilty of Mr Taylor,but we are however grateful that we are able to see according to the evidence given on this trial the real people that were actually supporting the RUF.(Libya,Burkina Faso & Ivory Coast)

    I will like to express to you my intention to continue scrutinising the mischief and the politics behind this trial,as this court is evidently a political court.

    I dare this court and it backers to make an effort to bring the really backers of the RUF to justice.instead of trying to confuse the people that have already been through so much.with false prepositions!!

  20. On 22 September Trial Chamber II published its decision on Public with Annexes A to D Defence Motion for Admission of Documents Pursuant To Rule 92bis – Contemporaneous Documentation.
    The “Public with Annexes A to D Defence Motion for Admission of Documents Pursuant to Rule 92bis – Contemporaneous Documentation,” filed on 20 September 20 10 (“Motion”) wherein the Defence requests the Trial Chamber, pursuant to Rule 92bis of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence (“Rules”), to admit into evidence four documents (“Defence Documents”), on the grounds that the material sought to be admitted into evidence satisfies the requirements of Rule 92bis, namely:

    (i) Letter from Alimamy Pallo Bangura, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to Col. A. K. Sesay, Secretary-General of the AFRC, dated 13 October 1997 and the attached “Report of the AFRC Delegation to Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Burkina Faso, and Niger: 23rd August to September 26, 1997” which documents the Defence submits, show a fledgling AFRC Government looking for support from countries other than Liberia and are further evidence that the AFRC had independent link s to Ibrahim Bah and Gilbert Diendere in Burkina Faso, without the assistance or intervention of Mr. Taylor;

    (ii) Letter from Gibril Massakhoi [sic], RUF Spokesman, to His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, dated 4 October 2000 which document the Defence submits, corroborates the testimony of Issa Sesay as to hi s request during his first meeting with the ECOWAS leaders for a satellite phone and the subsequent undertaking by President Obasanjo of Nigeria to provide the satellite phon e throu gh Mr. Taylor.

    (iii) Standard Times article, titled “Prosecution Witness [Abu Keita] May Take Legal Suit Against Special Court …Breach Of Agreement”, dated 29 September 2009 which document the Defence submits, gives the court an insight into Abu Keita’s motivation for testifying against Mr. Taylor and should assist the court in assessing his credibility. And

    (iv) Letter from Brigadier General David L. M. Bropleh to Acting CDS at DHQ, dated 30 November 2000 which document the Defence submits, further explains the presence and allegiance of “Liberian fighters” in Sierra Leone during the Indictment period.

    The Chamber GRANTS THE MOTION and admits the Defense Documents into evidence as follows:

    (1) Letter from Alimamy Pallo Bangura, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to Col. A. K. Sesay, Secretary-General of the AFRC, dated 13 October 1997 and the attached “Report of the AFRC Delegation to Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Burkina Faso, and Niger: 2yd August to September 26, 1997”, is admitted as Defence Exhibit 0 -466;

    (2) Letter from Gibril Massakhoi [sic], RUF Spokesman, to His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, dated 4 October 2000, is admitted as Defence Exhibit D-467;

    (3) Standard Times article, titled “Prosecution Witness [Abu Keita] May Take Legal Suit Against Special Court […J Breach of Agreement”, dated 29 September 200 9, is admitted as Defence Exhibit D-468;

    (4) Letter from Brigadier General David L. M. Bropleh to Acting CDS at DHQ, titled “Request for Redress on the twenty-six (26) Liberians Rejected at BTC BSTTT 4 Training Programme on Constitutional Grounds”, dated 30 November 2000, is admitted as Defence Exhibit D-469.

    I will cite here the particulars of Annex A – October 1997 Report of the AFRC Delegation:

    • Attached to the cover letter dated 13 October 1997 from Pallo Bangura to Col A K Sesay, who was Secretary-General of the AFRC, is a Report by Pallo Bangura of the AFRC Delegation the Republics of Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Burkina Faso, and Niger in August and September 19997. The cover letter is on official Government of Sierra Leone letterhead and both the cover letter and the Report bear Pallo Bangura’s signature. The Report details the success of an AFRC delegation authorized by Major Johnny Paul Koroma, who was Chairman of the AFRC at the time, to travel to Guinea, Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso, and Niger, in order to solicit support for the AFRC regime, following the 25 May 1997 military take-over.

    • The Defence submits that the political overtures of the AFRC regime to these West African countries is relevant in that it shows a fledgling government looking for support from countries other than Liberia. The summary of the delegation’s meetings in Burkina Faso is especially relevant in that it describes the circumstances under which it was received by Ibrahim Bah, of the People’s Army, and the “No. 2 man in the State, Col. Gilbert Diendere, the Defence Chief of Staff of Burkina Faso.” The role of Diendere and/or his connection to Ibrahim Bah was discussed by several Defence witnesses, including Mr. Taylor. This Report is further evidence that the AFRC had independent links to Ibrahim Bah and Gilbert Diendere in Burkina Faso, without the assistance or intervention of Mr. Taylor.

    • The timing of this delegation’s trip to Burkina Faso in September 1997 IS especially relevant given the Prosecution’s theory that it was Mr. Taylor who arranged the shipment of arms from Burkina Faso that was delivered to the Sierra Leone Junta at the Magburaka airfield in October 1997.15 The Defence disputes this theory, and the Report at Annex A illustrates that the AFRC had its own representatives in Burkina Faso meeting with the Chief of Defence Staff in September 1997.

    • Furthermore, the Report at page 5 suggests that the Nigerians and Sierra Leoneans had “long-standing relations” in the diamond mining areas of Sierra Leone, which is a point raised by several Defence witnesses.

    See link of decision:

    See link to motion:

  21. Dear Taegin,

    As for clarification purpose, I have been posting on this site since August 10, 2010 at 5:27 pm under the name of Sekou.

    On September 21, 2010 at 5:31 am, there appears another Sekou has posted and I am concerned that this person and I have conflicting views on this trial. For clarification purpose, would you please state the policy of your site as it relates to multiple persons with an identical name.

    Thanking you in advance

    Sekou of August 10, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    1. Dear Sekou,

      Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. On this site, we do not allow readers to impersonate one another, and those who do, will not have their comments approved in the future. The earlier comment you referred to was posted by the reader “sekou” without a capital “s” as you write your name Sekou. For now, other readers will have to distinguish this previous comment by the capitalization of the name. We will, however, continue to monitor the situation.

      Kind regards,


    2. Sorry Sekou if you felt you have been impersonated by me on this site. I haven’t been on this site until the day I posted my comments out out of frustration the duration this trial is taking. And to all the readers, I am a different Sekou and I am sorry for not properly identifying myself. in the future, I will follow all protocols. Next time I want to post any comments on this site, I will use another name. Again, I am sorry Sekou.

  22. Ken,
    You got schooled well. Just like your pappy, Taylor. When someone disagrees with you, you dismissed them through executions or in your case as my view being nonsense. I am not shock at all. You see, you don’t have that power to shut me up, SORRY.

    1. Nosirrah,
      I am not trying to shut you up. To me what you wrote was total nonsense. It is base on the assumptions and theories of others who will do anything to cover their own tracks. There are no documented facts or legal findings that “Prince Johnson with Arnold Quinoo’s (Ecomog first field commander) help, removed Doe from power and that the Liberian people voted out of fear to appease Taylor so he does not return to the bushes.” The rest of what you wrote was your own personal assumptions and theories and you have made it clear that you will say anything to portray Mr. Taylor as the only Liberian who was the cause of the downfall of the country.

  23. Hi Taegin;
    Welcome to the site ; I’m happy to hear about Tracey . Her silence for the past few weeks got me wondering. Thank God she is well and busy. I look forward to her coming back on to the site.
    Once again, i say welcome!

  24. Mr. Harris Johnson, I understand your extremist point of view and on grounds of tolerance and intellectualism i respect it. It is a necessary occurrence that you and i defer in opinions and spirituality. I lost my lovely ones a decade and half before but it is not only because of them that i am on this site but for other dead that lost their lives in the same Taylor exploit, whether in LIberia or in Sierra Leone and more over for the victims that roam the street of Sierra Leone and Liberia. If you love one was killed by the madness of the Taylor fracas and you count him out of it, it is not strange for similar responses were visible during the wars. However, it appeals to our changing and disproportional schools of thoughts, clearly possible . Whatever limit of the degree to which Taylor should be charged for the trouble caused in Sierra Leoan must be enough to keep him off repeating the known and unknown but to clear him completely is the view of extremism and stereotype.

  25. While i lived within the vicinity of the so call ‘white flower’ between 1999 and 2002, there was a boom in petty business because Charles Taylor brought with him electricity. Having electricity then proved your degree of closeness to the first family and the kind of man you were and obviously the “kind of fire you warmed yourself with”. Oh, it was a dazzling and evolutionary moment . To make it or get electricity , one had to adapt Charles Dowing’s Law of Natural Selection. I saw Generals beating up electricians for connecting neighbors to government poles at the front of their yards. Yenk Smith , defense witness of Taylor was one. To give my business a lustrous image , i took on the risk; So i paid a rebel turned electrician a thousand LD only to see that very man disconnecting my line on grounds that a genera (EASTER GBOLIE) did not approve my business. These were the orders of the even though no account was given for the millions of dollars taken off the coffers of the people…..
    You guys will not and never have the cake you have already eaten!!!

    1. vem
      Your whole stroy sounds like one of those prosecution witnesses who would say anything against Mr. Taylor. Check the illegal behavior you have posted about yourself in this public palce and tell us the real facts.

  26. Very interesting decision from the trial chamber on September 22, 2010 showing that the prosecution case is seriously fake. The court has accepted documents from the defense which does not go to proof the acts and conduct of Mr. Taylor. The document reveals sharpening contradiction in the prosecution false accusation:

    1. A letter from the former Foriegn Affairs minister of the AFRC government. Col A. K. Sesay who was also secretary-general of the AFRC produced a report about AFRC delegation to several countries seeking assistance. The document shows the indepedence of the AFRC minus Charles Taylor and that Mr. Taylor had no role to play in the international operations of the AFRC as alleged by the shameless prosecution.

    2. Document showinig RUF spokesman Gibril Massaquio wrote to Nigerian president Olesugen Obansanjo requesting telephone services, which led to President Obansanjo asking Mr. Taylor to give the RUF cell phone since Taylor was the point man for peace . So that he (Taylor) would be in direct contact with the RUF.

    3. This one is damaging to the prosecution because, a document shows that one of the socalled prosecution star witness, Abu Keita had taken a law suit against the prosecution. For breach of contract, relating to payments, for Abu Keita to testified against Mr. Taylor. This goes to the credibility of Abu Keita that his testimony was never motivated by the truth but financial rewards from the prosecution.


    Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecution and its Investigators

    • The Defence files this request pursuant to Rules 73, 46(C) and 77 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (“Rules”). Specifically, under Rule 77(A)(iv), the Defence submit that there is reason to believe that the Prosecution and its Investigators have knowingly and wilfully interfered with the administration of justice by, inter alia, threatening, intimidating, causing injury or offering bribes to, or otherwise interfering with witnesses or potential witnesses. Rule 77(C)(iii) gives the Trial Chamber the discretion to appoint experienced independent counsel to investigate possible instances of contempt.

    • The Defence attaches several affidavits and supporting documentation as Annexes B-J.

    • The Defence submits that there is reason to believe that the Prosecutor, David Crane and all his successors in title, through their own acts of commission or omission and/or through the acts and conduct of their subordinates and/or agents, have violated the Statute, the Rules and the Code of Conduct in that they have: i) assaulted a suspect and/or potential witness or source; ii) exerted undue pressure by threatening, intimidating, or harassing suspects, witnesses, potential witnesses or sources (“undue pressure”); and iii) offered and/or provided improper, unjustifiable or undue payments, benefits or other incentives, including relocation, to witnesses, potential witnesses or sources (“improper inducements”).

    • These acts amount to acts of misconduct, abuse of process and most importantly, contempt of court. The Trial Chamber must therefore order a thorough investigation of these instances in order to establish the full extent of the Prosecution’s investigatory misconduct. From the outset, the Prosecution approach to this case has not only been overly zealous, it has also been underhanded, malicious and overboard, and this has corrupted its entire investigation and case in the courtroom.

    • In addition to being ultra vires and contemptuous, the Prosecution’s acts also affect the case in two principal ways. Firstly, the Prosecution’s conduct casts doubt on the credibility of its entire evidence before this court. An investigation into the manner in which the Prosecution conducted itself in relation to witnesses, potential witnesses or suspects in this case, in view of its tremendous powers and resources, and its veil of secrecy, would assist the Trial Chamber in fully assessing that evidence. As argued above, the Chamber has the discretion to disregard any evidence that would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

    • Secondly, the Prosecution misconduct has negatively affected the Accused’s fair trial rights in that it has generally poisoned the environment and has made it difficult to for the defence to find witnesses who have not compromised themselves with Prosecution.

    • Causing an Injury: Assault on a suspect during questioning

    • There is sufficient reason to believe that in the course of questioning a suspect and/or potential witness, Gilbert Morissette of the Prosecution, physically assaulted a suspect and/or potential witness, in order to elicit his cooperation and confession.'” The Defence submits that this is a knowing and wilful interference by the Prosecution with the administration of justice in order to secure favourable evidence.

    See link:

    1. Defense seeks yet another accounting of moneys paid a potential witness for the Prosecution; Defence Witness DCT-032.
      n this motion the defense challenge the prosecution to produce evidence that Johnny Paul Koroma is dead, let alone, that Charles Taylor killed him.

      • On the contrary, according to the affidavit of Defence Witness DCT-032 (attached hereto as Annex A), who by his own admission was also a potential witness for the Prosecution at one point, the Prosecution exhumed and conducted DNA tests on two corpses that were separately indicated to them as Johnny Paul Koroma’s, and at least one of them turned out not to be that of Johnny Paul Koroma. Defence Witness DCT-032 got this information directly from one Mustapha who was an investigator for the Prosecution. The details and results of the investigation, and in particular the DNA results on the supposed corpses of Johnny Paul Koroma would refute the Prosecution’s allegation that he is dead and that Charles Taylor had a hand in his death.

      See link:

      1. Here is an interesting motion concerning South African made arms sales.

        • “The National Conventional Arms Control Committee authorises arms by government and South African arms manufacturers. The committee has in the past been criticised by organisations like Ceasefire for selling weapons to countries with sketchy human rights records, and for failing to keep a proper database of where South-African-made arms eventually end up.

        • This week, Justice Minister Jeff Radebe, who heads the committee, denied the country or its arms manufacturers had ever done business with Taylor.

        • Ministerial spokesperson Tlali Tlali said the committee’s records reflected there were ‘no applications for issuance of contracting or export permits’ on behalf of either Taylor government [sic], Liberia or the RUF.”

        See link:

        1. On September 24, 2010 the defense has filed a Defence Motion to Exclude Evidence Falling Outside the Scope of the Indictment and/ or the Jurisdiction of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

          As an insight into the motion, the defense asserts that:

          • In the present case, the Defence did raise specific objections at the time in certain instances. However, the use of ex-temporal and ex-territorial evidence by the Prosecution has been so widespread that it proved impractical for the Defence to raise the same objection at every turn. Nevertheless, the Defence’s objection to the overarching inclusion of ex-temporal and ex-territorial evidence has been well-noted. Indeed, the Defence’s Pre-trial Brief contained a specific section urging “the Trial Chamber to be vigilant in ensuring there is no expansion of the territorial or temporal jurisdiction of the Court via the back door. There is no reason, therefore, why the Defence should be barred from raising this matter now or later on appeal.

          • The Defence submits that much of the ex-temporal and ex-territorial evidence adduced in the case is irrelevant to the Indictment, falls outside the jurisdiction of the Special Court and should be excluded from the Trial Chamber’s consideration of the evidence in the case when it retires to consider judgment.

          The motion is only 12 pages.

          See link:

  28. Dear sam,

    Perhaps, and just perhaps, the Justices are listing to our conversations after all; as seen in their decision for defense motion for Disclosure of Statement and Prosecution Payments Made to DCT-97. Here are the excerpts:

    • The Trial Chamber adopts the view of the ICTR in the Prosecutor v. Karemera et al where the Trial Chamber in interpreting a rule similar to our Rule 68(B) stated:

    • Materials or information within the Prosecutor’s knowledge concerning any benefits paid to and/or promises made to witnesses and victims beyond that which is reasonably required [for the management of witnesses and victims] has a different character and should therefore be disclosed as evidence which may affect the credibility of witnesses under Rule 68.

    • There is evidence to suggest that between May 2004 and January 2006 the Prosecution interacted with and/or interviewed Witness DCT-097 (otherwise known to the Prosecution as TFl-354), notwithstanding that he ultimately was never called to testify. The Prosecution admits making redacted and un-redacted disclosures to the Defence of nine statements and/or correspondences in relation to these interactions, on 17 May 2006 and 14 June 10, respectively. The fact that the Prosecution obtained protective measures from Trial Chamber 1 for this individual including the use of the pseudonym “TFl-354” in order to protect his identity as a “Category l (C) insider witness further illustrates the Prosecutions’ regard of this individual as a potential Prosecution witness. This evidence strongly suggests that for all intents and purposes Witness DCT-097 or TFl-354 was a potential Prosecution witness.

    • With regard to the alleged payments made to or benefits conferred on Witness DCT-097, the Trial Chamber notes that the Prosecution has neither challenged the contents of the 17 Money Gram receipts annexed to the Motion nor the fact that the payments were made by five of its staff to Witness OCT-097. Furthermore, the Trial Chamber notes that some of the “sender names” indicated on the 17 Money Gram receipts are names of Prosecution employees listed on a Special Court telephone directory attached as Annex H to the Motion. In the Trial Chamber’s view, these 17 receipt s link the Prosecution to the payments mad e to Witness DCT-097 during the period 8 April 2004 to 19 June 2006. The payments do not appear to have been made by the Witness and Victims Service of the Special Court (WVS) and on the face o f it, appear to be beyond that which is reasonably required for the management of witnesses or victims. Accordingly the Trial Chamber hold s that they should have been disclosed by the Prosecution as evidence which may affect the credibility of the Prosecution evidence under Rule 68(B). The Trial Chamber is satisfied in relation to the alleged payments, that the Defence has (a) identified the material in question with sufficient specificity; (b) made a prima facie showing o f the exculpatory or potentially exculpatory nature of the said payments; (c) mad e a prima facie showing o f the Prosecution’s custody or control of the materials requested; and (d) shown that that the Prosecution has, in fact, failed to disclose the said exculpatory material. The Trial Chamber finds that the Defence has discharged its burden of proof under Rule 68(B) in relation to the payments made to Witness OCT-097.

    See link:

    1. Hey Sekou.

      Keep coming at us Bro, I m loving it. I’ll await any effective counter to your posting on these motions and DOCUMENTED FACTS !!!!!! Bravooooooooooooo

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