“Very Unlikely That We’ll Call Any Live Witnesses But We Can’t Rule It Out,” Defense Lawyers Say At Status Conference

At a status conference held on Monday, September 27, 2010, defense lawyers for Charles Taylor told the Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague that in their estimation, they will not rule out the possibility of calling any live witnesses, even though they have been clear that they do not have any such live witnesses in waiting. Whether to call new live witnesses or not will depend on the ruling of the judges on outstanding motions that they have already filed, defense lawyers said.

Stating the position of the defense team, defense counsel Terry Munyard informed the judges that “the defense position is as it was on previous occasions.”

“It is very unlikely in our estimation if we’ll call any live witnesses, but we can’t rule it out until we have the court’s decisions on our outstanding motions. But it is very unlikely,” Mr. Munyard said.

He added, “I am not suggesting that we have anybody [witnesses] in the pipeline.”

Mr. Munyard also asked that prosecutors be made to disclose details of all payments they have previously made to potential defense witnesses with whom prosecutors had prior contact.

Such disclosures relate solely to “potential defense witnesses, who were treated as potential prosecution witnesses before they became defense witnesses,” Mr. Munyard said.

In her submission, Chief Prosecutor Brenda Hollis said that while her team was willing to make the necessary disclosures as earlier ordered by the judges, she was not sure of the specific names of potential defense witnesses that defense lawyers were talking about because the defense had  earlier filed a list of over 250 witnesses as potential defense witnesses, most of whom she said had only been identified by pseudonyms.

Mr. Munyard clarified that they already had the names of the specific witnesses for whom disclosures were required.

Ms. Hollis further asked the judges to set a definite date for the closure of the defense case, saying that the defense did not have a right to an open-ended date for the closure of their case.

“We do ask your honors to set an end date for the close of the defense case. They do not have a right to an open-ended date,” Ms. Hollis said.

After a brief recess, the judges ordered, as requested by defense lawyers, the new date for a status conference will be set at October 22, 2010, rather than October 12 as earlier planned. Presiding judge of the chamber Justice Julia Sebutinde also told defense lawyers that on the October 22 status conference, the judges expect that defense lawyers will be very clear about the closure of the defense case.

“[On October 22], we intend to hear submissions from the parties and a final statement on closure. We really do not hope to hear the kind of statement you [defense] have been making…we really expect a final closure,” the presiding judge said.

Justice Sebutinde also added that on October 22, the judges expect to “hear submissions on time limits for filing briefs for final arguments and other incidental matters.”

Court will resume on Friday, October 22, 2010 at 10:00AM.


  1. “Papa land”

    “We want to know who own the land, papa land. Zambia wants to know who own the land. Namibia wants to know who own the land.” South Africa wants to know who own the land. Liberia wants to know who own the land. Sierra Leone wants to know who own the land. Mozambique wants to know who own the land. Uganda wants to know who own the land.

    “America is rule by Americans, England is rule by English, France is rule by French. Africa MUST be rule by African”.

    “Give us the land my papa land.”

    1. In addition, Big B, we want to know who owns the Natural Resources plus the Land. We want to know who amputated limbs and raped helpless african Sisters and Brothers in Sierra Leone, and Liberia. We already know who owns the Land, and for the song you are referring to; was meant for situations under the Apatheid Government of South Africa before majority rule under Mandela! This is no equation to situation in West Africa! This trial is nothing about who owns the land. Besides in West Africa, the Land is refied to as ‘Motherland’ and not as Papaland as in South Africa. Digest this piece of free History from jfallahmenjor for your future knowledge on this subject!

      1. My good friend fallah,

        One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who own the natural resources. For those who are short sighted and can’t smell beyond their noses, the natural resource (Diamond)in Sierra Leone is owned by DeBeers and Company. This is what this fake trial is all about. DeBeers alleged diamonds that were supposed to have gone to them (DeBeers) were diverted to President Taylor. The resources in Liberia are owned by Firestone etc…fallah, as a Liberians citizen do you have any real natural resources?

        In addition, let me tell you who “amputated limbs” the people of Sierra Leone amputated their own people limbs. Historically, amputation of Limbs was never a part of the Liberia civil war. So, the Sierra Leoneans did it to themselves.

        Finally, call it whatever you want to call it, papaland, motherland, but the bottom is neo colonialism is spreading through Africa like wild fire. Africa is not liberated until the whole of Africa is liberated from the hands of the “DEVILS”

        1. Moreso, Big B,
          Liberians didn’t tell their people that since the international community is saying that your have future of Liberia in your hands, we will cut your hands so you can no longer have the future in your hands! It was the Sierra Leonean who told their people just that and amputated their lims!!!!!! So please don’t hold the Liberians and Mr. Taylor responsible!

        2. Big B,
          I am in total agreement with you on the resource ownership,there is an unspoken understanding between the peope in africa that where born in the colonial period and the europeans that the resources underneath the land belong to the european,this understanding is under threat from young educated african and china,so they are trying to fudge a new scramble for africa with their dying old fools,but what they failed to realised is that the future did not belong to people like Sieaf-Johnson,obasanjo and kabba.

          i agree the older guys where educated too,but their aspiration was limited to a level which did not includes using what given to them by nature to make good of themselves.

      2. Fallah,
        Quick question; What was the plan during your incursion? Did you guys plan to loot the stores of all the rice and later on put it on the market for cheaper price?? Fallah, this is a burning issue, can you please address it?

  2. As promised by the defense; they are challenging all prosecution witnesses as potential recipients of the bribe as they highlight corrupt conduct of the Prosecution.

    The documents attached to this Corrigendum to Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecution and its Investigators gives you a clear picture of what money has been spent on some of the prosecution witnesses and reflect a minute glimpse into what has been done to bring Mr. Taylor to trial.
    Their contentions are:
    • In Annex N is a list of many smaller but equally improper payments that were made by the Prosecution to witnesses who came and testified before this Court. As the Trial Chamber would observe, these were payments which, according to the witnesses’ own evidence, were not justified by the explanations given by the Prosecution.

    • Aside from these, the Prosecution offered or made other payments or inducements to witnesses, potential witnesses or sources in order to elicit their assistance, cooperation or evidence. For instance, the Prosecution approached DCT-03238 and DCT-13339 with gifts of money before ever having a substantive conversation with them.

    • The Defence submits that for anyone or more of the foregoing reasons, and based on other examples abounding within the attached affidavits, numerous members of the Prosecution are in contempt of court. The instances highlighted above are sufficiently credible indicia of a reason to believe that contempt has occurred, warranting the appointment of an independent investigation. The issue at stake not only affects the integrity of the Prosecution, but the entire judicial process.

    • The Trial Chamber should, pursuant to Rule 77(C)(iii) and subject to the necessary protective measures in place and any other measures the Trial Chamber might deem fit, order an independent investigation into:

    i) The conduct of the Prosecution, including all its employees or agents, since the inception of the Court, in relation to witnesses and potential witnesses in this case, that is in breach of the Statute, Rules and Code of Conduct, including but not limited to the acts indicated in the attached affidavits and signed statements in Annexes B-J;

    ii) All payments and benefits, including ongoing payments and relocations, offered and/or paid by the Prosecution to witnesses, potential witnesses or sources in connection with this case. This investigation should explore the full mandate of the Prosecution’s Witness Management Unit, the source of its funding, and all disbursements made by that Unit in relation to this case.

    See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1090/SCSL-03-01-T-1090%20PART%201.PDF


    1. It appears as if the defense and prosecution are playing cat and mice game. But the defense seems to be more of a cat. The prosecution wants the defense to go on the record and announced a final date when the defense will end her case. Only rookie lawyers will adhere to such request when there are pending motions.

      It will be detrimental if the defense preempted her case while there are pending motions in the pipe line. Hypothetically, what if, the defense gives a final date, and a day or so prior the defense final date the court make a ruling on a motion that will need a live witness, written evidence or a motion from the defense. The time factor, there will not be enough time for the defense to get her ducks in line. Who knows, the court may not grant the defense addition time to introduce new evidence, hence, the defense has given a closing date. As I have vehemently stated, this court is more lenient to the prosecution then the defense.

      The defense is absolutely right for not pinning herself down by giving a final date until all pending motions are decided upon. What Ms Hollis should be doing is pursuing the judges to timely decide upon the pending motions.

    2. Sekou,
      Your information is invaluable please keep up the good work. For some reason I feel I might know you. Please answer are you from Zimbabwe and have you been to Liberia before ?

      1. Dear Aki,

        Thank you; no I am not from Zimbabwe; I have never been to Liberia. I had a brief visit to Africa in the Ivory Coast (Côte D’ivoire), Ghana and Nigeria in the summer of 1991.

        I am from the U.S.A. I am African and Native American. I am over the age of 55.

        Take care.

  3. Boy, Boy, I like how Justice, Julia Sebutinde, puts it to Defense about final closure of this trial;”On October 22], we intend to hear submissions from the parties and a final statement on closure. We really do not hope to hear the kind of statement you [defense] have been making…we really expect a final closure,” the presiding judge said.”
    This brings to closure about whether taylor had nothing to do with all the 11 counts against him, or not. But I think, even if he is found guilty of one, means a lot of justice for the victims! For example, if taylor is cleared of ‘not buying arms with ‘rough diamonds during his trip to South Africa and his flirting with Super Model, Naomi Campbell,but proven that,he,taylor,in fact, had rough diamonds, wil automatically prove some theory of taylor being in possession of ‘dirty stones’ that tie him to the BLOOD DIAMONDS war of Sierra Leone. This’s just one exampl, as I have many more to bring! Taylorites, what do you guys think about my piece? Or that taylor was right about not known about Yeaten’s friendships with top RUF members, but proven he and Mazza zigzay did enjoy meals of flesh together! Wow, How dumb will it sound not to convict!

    1. J. fallah menjor,
      Mr. Taylor is not on trial or any of the 11 accounts against him is neither “buying arms with rough diamonds during his trip to South Africa and his flirting with Super Model, Naomi Campbell nor that he and Mazza zigzay did enjoy meals of flesh together!”

      I see from you post that reality is setting in that Mr. Taylor has a 99.99% chance of being found not guilty. You should have realize that if the prosecution did not have concrete evidences that Mr. Taylor did those things he is charge with that the defense would have evidence that would show he did not do the things he is charge with. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. Jungle justice has no place in a westerner style courts.

      1. Ken, please leave this evidence thing alone.Nobody had video tape recorders nor cameras to photo taylor. You should know better about these things. Besides, there were no video tapes of SadamHusein turturing people, but stay got convicted and hanged. Taylor has a lot to defend and convince the world he never did and is cleared of all the 11 counts against him! Period!

    2. Fallah,

      He’s not going to be found guilty of at least the one that you hope for. So buddy, good luck with your wishful thinking. By the way, which one of the fake 11 counts do you think he might be found guilty of? Why or why not?

      1. Jose, you are probably one of the Justices in order to make such emphatic conclution on taylor’s guilt. whether you consider the 11 counts against taylor as fake, is simply your opinion. You’er entitled to that, Jose.

  4. Yes very unlikely I want to listen to more blatant lies. I can’t beleive this trial is still on after all these years, wasting tax payers money. Sierra Leone, Liberia, who cares, lock this Monster up and throw away the keys. Make sure he never see the light of day.

    Need i say more or do you get the point.

    Liberia is finally moving forward and all we hear is Charles Taylor trial and Prince Johnson wanting to be president. But I say this, Liberians will be very naive to elect PJ, a man with so much blood on his hand.


    1. john thompson,
      If you want Liberian not to vote for Prince Johnson or any warlords you should go to Liberia, run for president yourself, and give the people one more choice. If you are electe then the people will have a president that you are hoping for.

      1. Ken,
        Is it your suggestion that Liberians should vote for a warlord? Are you advocating that people should take up arms and shoot themselves into wealth or prominence and then run for the office of president? The worship of evil, violent and crooky people should stop. In order for us to transition from one administration to another in Liberia and Africa peacefully, we must not allow warlords to go unpunished or allow them to run for elected offices as this will encourage more violence and wars. It is about time that we allow civility to exist instead of giving the biggest piece of the pie to the man with the biggest muscle.

        1. Nosirrah,
          I am not suggestion that Liberians should vote for a warlord or any one who overthrow its government in a military manner. I am not advocating that people should take up arms, shoot themselves into wealth or prominence, and then run for the office of president. We have seen this with the Doe’s government and look what happen.

    2. John Thopmson,

      That’s why we say let Ellen and her government implement the TRC Report. However, if this was done, you will not be talking about Prince Johnson in the way you are. You know what John? The TRC was primarily intended for this innocent man in the Hague. Since they got him the back door way, they don’t need the TRC anymore; that’s why I supposed, they will not implement that document. Johnny, it is constitutional right to run just Ellen. The Liberian people will decide.

    3. I don’t need to and don’t want to run for president. My point is Prince has a lot of blood on his hands and lots of enemies. The minute you make him president there goes all our progress we made in the last 7 years. All his enemies will want to fight to take him down, and there goes another war.

      Look bruh, we Liberians need to move forward, we need new leaders, new thinkers and innovators. Those folks had their chances and did nothing with it, lets start to think outside the box.

      1. john thompson,
        If the people elect Prince Johnson as president, then no one should start a war to bring him down. Those enemies of his that you say “will want to fight to take him down, and there goes another war,” would be those who lost the election.

        This you describe that would happen to P.Y. Johnson was true for Mr. Taylor. Those who lost the election to Mr. Taylor did not accept the majority selection and started a bloody fight to install themselves without the majority of the people vote but by the barrel of a gun.

      2. John Thompson,

        Don’t lose any sleep over Prince Johnson. He will never be elected President by the Liberian people.

      3. John

        If the election of Prince Johnson would ignite another war, then Liberia has not changed one bit! Prince Johnson can’t fight a war alone with out money. Neither could CT, that is why Ellen provided financing to the NPFL.

    4. john thompson,
      You posted, “I can’t beleive this trial is still on after all these years, wasting tax payers money. Sierra Leone, Liberia, who cares, lock this Monster up and throw away the keys. Make sure he never see the light of day.” john thompson, jungle justice has no place in a westerner style courts.

      1. No I do not desire they be ban from public office, I am only suggesting that electing a former warlord who has enemies in all corners of the country will likely create another war. Liberians should’ve learn a lesson from what happen to Charles Taylor, he was elected by the people, but his enemies were not happy. As a result we had another bloody and nasty war.

        Same thing goes with CT, when Amos Sawyer was apointed president he(Taylor) wasn’t happy. Taylor continued his fighting till he was elected president. Do you get my point, do you see were this is leading. I will say this again, Liberia need new leaders and innovators that will take us forward. Its time to move forward. These guys (Doe, Taylor, Johnson, etc) had their chances, they rule by the gun and that got us nowhere.

        Its time Liberia got back to its roots of civil rule, no military or junta. Once a pig, always a pig. time to move forward. I am sure there are lots of bright and educated Liberians who are capable of running for president, give them the chance, be open to new ideas. NO MORE WARS, OR WARLORDS FOR LEADER.

        Do you fail to realize this was the same PJ who was making threatening comments about going back to the bush and getting his guns and boys to come back to Monrovia if they don’t let him have his way. Now why would he say such things if he was in the best interest of Liberia. After so much gain we cannot aford to go backwards.

        1. john thompson,
          Amos Sawyer was not president of Liberia, appointed or other wise. Taylor did not fight until he was elected president, unless you are calling Mr. Taylor and his political party campaigning, fighting. During the election, which Mr. Taylor won, there was peace, which was the main issue that had to be, for the election to take place. The so-called enemies were the loser of the election and some of them were his so-friends until he defeated them in a free and fair election.

          Liberia does need new leaders and innovators that will take Liberian forward. But these leaders and innovators needs to stop living in the past, get themselves together, leave the USA and other countries and do something to move the country and the people forward. Until that happen, the country and the people there will remain the same.

        2. John Thompson,

          Don’t you think Ellen has enemies also? Do you think the AFL is happy with her especially after dissolving the National Army? Do you think the Liberian people are happy with her after turning in their beloved president, President Taylor? Do you think the former interim president who conducted a peaceful transition to Ellen, in person of Charles Gydude Bryant, and Ellen intentionally jailed him on corruption charges, is happy along with his supporters? Do you think Opong supporters are happy especially when Ellen and her son Fumbah Sirleaf detained, seized his passport, and stop him from traveling outside the country at the RIA right after the election of 2005? Do you think the late Charles Judo supporters are happy after Ellen and her government lied on him on treason charges? Do you think marketeers are happy with Ellen, after she broke down their stalls? Do you think civil servants that Ellen made unemployed on her policy of “Right and Down Sizing and have her partisans and friends taking their job or replacing them are happy?
          John Thompson, all of these things that are going on, no one is talking about war. But if someone else becomes president, than it is war time. That’s why I always say, there are two fundamental reasons why Liberia has not yet re-emerged into another another civil war. 1. the trouble makers are now in power and they know who they are. 2. the presence of the 10-15000.00 U.N Troops on the grounds, make no mistake about this.

        3. John
          I here you. But, where does Ellen Sirleaf fall in your paradigm of Liberian politics? You are aware that when she provided funds to CT/NPFL it was not to run for office but to remove another by force even if it meant burning the mansion down? …so others have said.
          Are you also aware that she has been accused of rebel rousing as far back as the Tolbert administration?

  5. Where is Griffth?
    the last I read was his presence in South Africa, hoping to get Mbeki to testified in this court.Areas of Mbeki testimony is to say that Charles Taylor left office because of urging of African leaders, a contradiction when Looking back at the transcripts from november 16, 2009 page 31659 open session:
    Question/ Hollis: so when president Kufour said that it was the African leaders who took the initiative to convince you to agree to resign, he was telling the truth, wasn’t he?
    Answer/Charles Taylor: He was not telling the truth, and I am not sure that’s what Kufour was talking about.
    This goes back to the decision for allowing Charles Taylor to testify for himself, a decision that have backfire.No darmage control can save Charles Taylor, he was on the stand for too long, and implicating himself on all charges.

    1. Ziggy,
      I don’t know what your understanding is when it comes to Mr. Taylor taking the stand to testify in his own case. I think it was the right decision for him to testified because he told the court that he did support the RUF to fight his enemies in Sierra Leone which we all know. And that such support stopped in 1992 and I must tell you that he was saying the true when he said because ULIMO was in controlled of the Liberians- Sierra Leoneans border. I don’t think you know that.
      you may ask as how I know, It’s because I knew people who were when to fight in Sierra Leone as members of the NPFL. One of those people own sister testified in this very trial and prosecutor said that Mr. Taylor the brother of this lady and that she cook human heart for Mr. Taylor to eat!
      One of this lady brothers and I went to school together and he was one of those who were fighting in Sierra Leone with in the time period Mr. Taylor said he supported the RUF.
      Infact, he was the one who told me that my cousin John Sharp got killed by RUF Forces after they ( NPFL Forces ) were order by Mr. Taylor to Leave Sierra Leone!

        1. Look Fallah,
          There were family members of my killed by the NPFL and I can list their names as well! Mr. Robert Fegans from Careysbury, William Shaley of Bensonville, Mr. Richard Careal of Bensonville, Samuel Urey Jr of Careysburg, Mr. Eward Carter of Bensonville. But what many of us here have been saying that if Mr. Taylor is to be prosecuted for war crimes, then he should trial for what he did in Liberia.
          Infact, many of the testimonies in this case if not all, has to do with Liberia. And the bigger part of it all is the claim that blood diamonds from Sierra Leone were taken to Mr. Taylor which the prosecution couldn’t proved. Unless where the lives of Sierra Leoneans are better than the lives of thousands Liberians who were killed! Which I don’t think is the case but this trial is only a fake to mislead the Sierra Leoneans people! Very sad!

    2. Ziggy
      pray day and night that if you find yourself before an international court that Grifith will represent you. Not only is he worth his weight in platinum, he has a very thorough understanding of the larger picture behind these so called war crime tribunals. CT may be guilty of something. But is he guilty of the 11 charges he is facing in the Hague?

  6. Ziggy Salis,

    Lets assume what you are saying is correct especially with in the context that you portrayed it. How does that translate into this innocent man being in the command and control structure of the RUF, thereby bearing the “greatest Responsibility as a result of the criminal liability responsibility?

  7. Ziggy Salis,
    Do you know for sure that is what Kufour was talking about? You, (correct me if I am wrong) and others have said it was George Bush, LURD and MODEL who convince Mr. Taylor to resign.

  8. The battle is not over until it is over. God willing, Mr. Taylor will be back to mama Liberia and the people of Sierra Leone will know their real enemies.

    Harris K Johnson

      1. jfallah, this case is fake That is why Mr. Taylor is coming back to Liberia as a free man. Moreover, Liberia next independent president who will this time win 100% clean vote with no run off election.

        Harris K Johnson

      2. Fallah,
        I’ll help Harris with this; How did you vision yourself returning to liberia after invading monrovia with the group of thieves and rebles that you and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf used under the baner PPP to destroy properties of peaceful citizens, kill those who refused your orders and looting their homes during the 1979 riot. FALLAH, HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY?

      3. Fallah,

        President Taylor is a citizen of Liberia: therefore, he has every legitimate right to be in Liberia and to live there. Does that answer your question? Does it make sense? Remember now, if Ellen can live in Liberia, than Mr. Taylor can live in Liberia. If Prince Johnson, Dr. Sawyer, Dr. Fahnbulah, Damitee Conneh, Thomas Yaya Nimely, Brownie Samuka, Kabanah J’ ana, George Dweh, and etc can all live in Liberia, who’s to say Liberia’s beloved President can not live there, especially when he is acquitted? Fallah, he will live there and you and nobody can stop it. “God’s willing, I will be back”

        1. Cen,Rodriguez, Cee,Harris K. Johnson,and NOKO5, you are all lucky that my reply to you ‘did not’ meet standards set on this site! It was one of the strongest pieces yet from jfallahmenjor, the Warrior..you count yourselves lucky. I will relax and wait for another moment.. for now ..enjoy all your wishful and fatasy world that taylor is on his way to victory celebrations, even though, the Britons are preparing his cell as part of the contract with the Court of Sierra Leone! I feel sorry for most of those that got eyes, but don’t see, and ears, but don’t hear.You are right, taylor will rule Liberia and is candinate for 2012 presidential run. Not only that, taylor is candinate for Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless efforts in bringing not only peace betwen RUF and NPFL, but to West Africa! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. My brothers and sisters,
    No matter what happen in the days and months to come, rest assured that Taylor is a changed man. The years behind bar, solitary isolation, public ridicule and betrayal from his so-called friends have taught him a hard lesson. Furthermore, he had realized that freedom and peace of mind is better than silver, gold and raw power. Besides, what he had gone through has extinguished his zeal for troubling making.
    My intuition tells me that if, by any chance, Taylor was to return to Liberia, he will be the most peace loving Liberian.


  10. Dear Charles,

    It seems as if the door in closing on George Boley in the U.S.A. In testimony via videoconference from Liberia on Tuesday, September 28, 2010, Blamo Tuan said that he was one of the leaders in the attack on the mansion. He took his orders from Boley, he said. He and others smuggled weapons into Boley’s office in the executive mansion, then on Oct. 31 he and 10 men went and used the weapons in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Taylor, Tuan said.

    Thought perhaps you would be concerned with this.

    See link: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20100929/NEWS01/9290328/1002/NEWS

      1. Dear cen,

        I know as much of the person Charles as I do of you. Would you be more specific and ask Charles?

        You can read his postings on the September 13, 2010 daily summary.

        1. Sekou
          I went back and read the postings from 9/13/2010. I am now able to put your post in perspective. I agree, Charles may very well be interested on what is happening with Boley.
          I’m waiting to hear whether Boley did in fact travel on fraudulent documents OR whether he obtained his documents based on fraudulent statements.
          My gut tells me he is guilty of the atrocities that he has been accused of.

          As always Sekou, your comments and research are on point and appreciated by all.


    1. Sekou,
      Thanks very much. Please keep us posted. Is there any news today? May God keep and bless you all the days of your good life.

      Harris K Johnson

      1. Dear Harris K Johnson,

        I will say we all need that blessing.

        As you can see I have a post on this page at September 30, 2010 at 4:56 pm; I wanted to offer both sides here. I realize that it is equally important to see what the prosecution is saying concerning certain issues as well.

        Thanks for your comment and your blessing.

    2. Sekou,

      It was clear that there were numerous attempts on the life of President Taylor from both national and international. However, it was a cataclysmic plot of stink designed to immobilize this man. All failed. Now they have gotten him, everything is coming to light. When that assassination attempt on the life of President Taylor occurred at the Executive mansion, the press and other trigger happy warmongers said it was Taylor own plan and game carried out by Taylor himself. Taylor did this because according to them, he did not want to pay certain individual that was a part of his security detail. As the result, he planned the assassination attempt on his own live to have his securities killed. Taylor, God will bless you for being a God fearing and a good man.

      1. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

        I understand what you are saying; but I see Liberia on setting with the Animal Farm by George Orwell.

        To actually set and talk with Muriel a wise old goat who is friends with all of the animals on the farm; is chilling. She, like Benjamin and Snowball, is one of the few animals on the farm who can read (with some difficulty as she has to spell the words out first) and helps Clover discover that the Seven Commandments have been continually changed; gives you a picture of where the country has gone.

        The Pigs are the actual RULERS within the Animal Farm. But as the late Soul Singer James Brown put it; without an education you might as well be dead.

        See link: http://www.george-orwell.org/Animal_Farm/0.html


  11. Alpha

    What happend to Eric Witte? I went back and read some of his summaries from 2008. They were refreshingly informative, balanced and objective.

  12. Dear cen,

    And again; thank you for your gratitude with what I do.

    To give you an example as to what the Trial Chamber has before it; here is a list of 463 exhibits the defense has filed as “Defence Rule 73ter Filing of Exhibit List (Version XXIV).”

    The Trial Chamber really has its work cut out before it. This is Version XXIV; I have not gone back to see what the total number is within the 23 other Versions; but if they are hoping to render a verdict by the end of the year; I would think they would be a record maker if that can be achieved when awarding Mr. Taylor a fair trial. Nevertheless, they do have clerks that do their research for them.

    Take care.

    See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1085.PDF

  13. jfallah, this case is fake that is why Mr. Taylor is coming back to Liberia as a free man. Moreover, Liberia next independent president who will this time win 100% vote with run off.

    1. Okay, is all Fallah will say about your ‘wishful thoughts’! Go and have new child soldier recruits because no man, in his full senses, will participate. And let me tell you this, taylor will be apprehended the moment he stepts on the soil of Liberia! Trust me Harris K. Johnson.We will let Johnson and his boys do the Job for us! Why you, Johnson, and all these cocks that now crow, did not rise up to free taylor when he was brought back to Liberia in hands and foot, cuffed, via Hague? You guys are full of empty threats! If I were Ellen, I would get you trouble makers one by one! I know how I would do it! I invite some of you personally and give you hope of power and then have a BBQ party for you on the Independence day you are talking about so wishfully! This is what some deserved on this issue..this is the last time I will get this close to plans!

      1. jfallah,

        You must be ashamed of yourself to have issued such threat against people that have different view to yours. As to why we did not forcefully free Mr. Taylor, the reason is very elementary. No one group of people on planet Earth can fight the UN. Besides, we do not see the UN forces as enemies. fallah I thought you were civilized, but…

        Harris K Johnson

      2. Fallah,
        You killed me laughter today; what can a SORVEY JACK like you do… you think a man like you will have the spirit to even look in the eyes of NOKO5 in his war gears…Fallah don’t try me..

        1. noko5

          Correct me if I wrong but most of the fighter took off their “war gear” to wear “church cloths”. I think Fallah would have a feeling of relief to see a fellow Christian in his war gear. People are not afraid of a loin’s roar, they are afraid of his bite. No one fear a loin whom has been tamed not to bite.

        2. Perhaps I would fear you only if you were in ‘war gear’ like General B***naked, but, again on second thought, I would probably sray you like mosquito! Look Noko5, you cannot look fallah in the eyes and talk like you sometimes do on this site. Taylor would not accept to drink palm wine with me neither any of you, because that would be your last palm wine party. I am a deep traditinal man from Northern Liberia! If you are awared of that part of Liberia, you would know what I am talking about!

      3. Taegin, Alpha and Tracey,
        is there a policy for this site that such nonsense as that written “October 1, 2010 at 2:36 am, J. fallah menjor said,” will not be posted. This nonsense do not have anything to do with this site and the content it supposed to be putting forward.

        1. Dear Ken,

          There was nothing in the comment you refer to that did not comply with our terms for participating in this forum. Please refer to our policy for more information – http://www.charlestaylortrial.org/about/terms/. Our readers have a right to express their opinion as long as is complies with these terms, and we hope you also continue to read and participate in the discussion.

        2. Oh Taegin

          I remained silent, but you post just about anything fallah says. yet, some of my posts in response to him remain under moderation. please advise?

      4. fallah

        LOL @ U !!!!!!!!! I really needed that laugh at the end of my long day. Your comments are good banter in between serious discussions. Thank you for all of your efforts to keep us amused while at the same time reminding all of us why we can’t repeat history. What animal are you in The Animal Farm? My guess would be a rabid dog.
        You know full well that you agreed to carry CT on your back while licking his feet into Liberia.


    2. Harris K Johnson

      Hold up, I think I may have missed something. Did Mr. Taylor ever mentioned that he had plans to return to Liberia? I commend every one on their inspiration/imagination. Personal, I think Mr. Taylor is tired of fighting and after this case I can guarantee he will not have any more fight in him. Mr. Taylor is good at fighting wars but once a man finds peace (not just declares it is a time of peace), it’s almost impossible to return to the solider/general you were. Many people would look at this act as “going soft”. Mr. Taylor is getting to old for engaging in war. So why would anyone think this man would even engage in the idea of returning to Liberia. Besides, Taylor in Liberia equals “the withdrawal of investors” and stricter UN sanctions.

      J. fallah menjor

      I some what agree with you on your comment about “get you trouble makers one by one”. I agree if the trouble makers were conspiring to commit a terrorist acts against the government or conspiring a coup against the government. But the only problem is, when the government tries to round up “trouble makers”, the majority of the individual are people like Noko, Harris K Johnson and Ken whom are only trying to exercise their right of freedom of speech. I think a government should handle potential threats against the government with extreme caution, secrecy (foreign threat) and fragility. For domestic threats they should use the proper law enforcement to investigate and the proper judicial system to prosecute those individuals (There is no perfect way to handle threats against the government and keep the peace, but this way the accused can only blame the legal system). As far as foreign threats, I think they should secretly send trained individual to investigate potential threats against the government and if need be dismantle the operation.

      1. Fallah
        I see you are starting to make some sense now. You can see yourself as the owner and farmer in the animal farm. LMAO!!!! Now the next test question for you is, what impact would that have on Liberia or Sl now that you fully understand where you are in the pecking order?

        Agnes says hello


  14. I have posted Defence Motion for Admission of Documents Pursuant to Rule 92BIS – Newspaper Article and now I will post Prosecution objections to public with Annex A Defence Motion for Admission of Documents Pursuant to Rule 92bis – Newspaper Article; and the Defence Reply to Prosecution Objections to Defence Motion For Admission Of Documents Pursuant to Rule 92BIS – Newspaper Article to give you a clear picture as to what the argument is concerning this Newspaper Article.

    See link to Prosecution objections to public with Annex A Defence motion for admission of documents pursuant to Rule 92bis – Newspaper Article: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1091.PDF

    See link to the Defence Reply to Prosecution Objections to Defence Motion For Admission Of Documents Pursuant to Rule 92BIS – Newspaper Article: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1092.PDF

  15. Ithink ct trial should not take that long cause i think the international commetee knows every thing about every body they should be able to come out with an answer to conclude this trial i think they are taking too long and ct is a free citizen of this country and also an ex_president of the republic of liberia who also has family and need to see them. if he is guilty he should be punished according to the law of the court

  16. I have tried not to say much on here but this trial is crazy! Mr. Taylor is on trial for what happened in Sierra Leone but is he really the one who financed the bloody massacre that took place in Sierra Leone in their 10 years of war? My answer is no! Should he face Justice for what he did in Liberia ? Yes! And for Sierra Leone as well of course But the time period for which he’s charged does not cover the time of his involvement in Sierra Leone! Instead, there are others who are directly responsible for what happened in Sierra Leone. And what could become a miscarriage of justice must be closely looked at by those putting Taylor on trial; and witnesses who saw militias linked to the then government of President Ahmed Tejan-Kabbah, inflicting terror on their own people, should be called upon to share light as to what really transpired in the jungles of Sierra Leone.

    Sierra Leoneans around the world are furious at the mention of Charles Taylor’s involvement in the civil war that maimed and killed many of their family members but they overlooked the more serious crimes committed by their own president in his quest to returned to power he lost during the coup d’état by disgruntled military personnels who took power from him. Charles Taylor is accused of supporting the RUF in exchange for ‘blood diamonds’ but it was Sierra Leonean who waged war on their own people through Foday Sankor. Foday Sankor, who was once a corporal in the Sierra Leonean army, who dream of freedom for his people from their suffering. But it seems that the best way for him was to maim and kill them. He led an army of combined local youths, and mercenaries from Liberia, to stage the most atrocious attack on a defenceless people. The drug-infested militia operated with no mercy and unleashed the most brutal massacre ever witnessed by man. Let’s not forget that att the time of the civil war in Sierra Leone, Taylor was still facing a stiff resistance from rebels in Liberia and was concerned about their advancement into major cities in Liberia. For him that could have been more of a priority. No one is disputing the fact that he was involved in what happened in Sierra Leone at one point in time, but the question is , should the blame rest squarely on his shoulders alone?

    What happened in Sierra Leone, if properly investigated, would bring the former President Ahmed Tejan-Kabbah to trial. But the knee-jerk reaction by many, and the desperation to get rid of Taylor by Western power, may have left many stones unturned. The international community was determined to remove Mr. Taylor from power and was prepared to do whatever necessary to achieve this. Taylor exited the Liberian political landscape after being promised by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo who promised him safe haven In his country if he accepted the proposal manufactured by the U.S. administration. Obasanjo later abandoned his promise to Mr. Taylor who he once called his friend as a result of U.S. pressure, to hand him over. Taylor attempted to leave Nigeria following a tip-off, as it was reported in the news but was caught at the country’s border. Liberia being the only country in Africa ever to be colonised by the United States, she sees it right to continue to exert overwhelming influence as to how the country is run and the ultimate right to determine who man’s the seat of power. It throws a lot of money into the wrong hands to ensure its influence is maintained and wield political power remotely.

    Mr. Charles Taylor had never been keen on being a stooge for the U.S. administration, instead he saw himself as a revolutionary who had saved his people from the clutches of the U.S. government and a freedom fighter who had finally freed his people from ‘colonialism’ and from the bloody hands of President Samuel K. Doe. As we all know, the political history of Liberia is somewhat volatile. Several of her past leaders had been gruesomely assassinated or killed in such an unpleasant ways. The Liberians are seem to be spectators of human brutality unseen in African history. Our suffering may not have even been fully documented.

    When Ahmed Tejan-Kabbah was overthrown, he took refuge with some members of his regime, in Guinea. From there, he managed to sell the land of the Sierra Leonean people to westerner who help him secure the assistance of General Sani Abacha who then President of Nigerian, agreed to put together a West African military force (ECOMOG), to fight the rebels and restore his regime by ensuring his returns to power. Kabbah was also being supported by a local government militia called the’ Kamajor’, a loose bandit of reckless thugs who reportedly went on the rampage and couldn’t discriminate between rebel or civilian. It is indeed documented that the Kamajor’s inflicted a ruthless terror campaign that saw innocent people being killed and maimed after being accused of supporting the rebels. It is also documented that they were under the direct authority of Ahmed Tejan-Kabbah. When news broke that rebels were advancing to the capital, Freetown, Tejan-Kabbah then ordered (ECOMOG) troops to use fighter jets to repel the attacks and drive them out. In the ensuing bombardment thousands of homes were destroyed and thousands of civilians were caught in the cross-fire and ultimately killed. For Tejan-Kabbah, the anxiety to regain power far outweighed the due consideration for the precious lives of his people. There are reports that he ordered (ECOMOG) to get rid of all the rebels in the city even if it means there was only one person left he would still rule.

    So, in as much as Taylor is on trial for crimes against the people of Sierra Leone, there are Sierra Leoneans who are equally, if not more culpable, for the crimes committed against their countrymen. The world should tread carefully in its judgement of Taylor. There is no doubt that Taylor may have been consider a dictator to the Liberian people, but he could not have masterminded and financed two wars while fighting two or three rebel groups! Ahmed Tejan-Kabbah should be called to give account of his role in all this, and witnesses should come forward with detailed accounts of what really went on. It would be nice to see Charles Taylor convicted for what he really did, but the war in Sierra Leone had many dimensions that should be carefully disentangled to bring more clarity to what had been more or less a campaign of the international Community to get Taylor out of power. The special court of Sierra Leone has the mandate to go after anyone who might have been involved in the killings in Sierra Leone. The question is do they have the will and maybe courage to go after the likes of Tejan-Kabbah – who as president of Sierra Leone presided of the worst economic circumstances his country has ever witnessed? Even if Charles Taylor is ever convicted, justice will never be seen to have been served by many Sierra Leoneans who witnessed first-hand the reckless efforts by (ECOMOG) to restore Ahmed Tejan-Kabbah back to power! Let’s not forget, God doesn’t like inJustices!

    1. Jacone, The General, seems to give a ‘surrender’ speech in this piece! Or is this a nother ‘justification’ for why taylor might be found guilty, in preparation for support group to finally face reality of the day? Yes Jacone, to me, had taylor not tied his hands with his marriage to Gaddafi at the onset, after being freed, as also alleged by you same support group, to run Liberia by the the CIA, then, perhaps, taylor would have been ‘pro-West like all others! However, taylor may have seemed to the CIA as double agent and thus, not trustworthy, nor to do business of Liberating the people of Liberia from the despot,Samuel Doe! Taylor, clearly, is an ‘opportunist’ beside being routhless and cruel, and not to mention his ‘cunning, and quick in making empty promises that meet his immediate wit. This is the character, we are talking about, Jacone. And this is the same man that has clearly left his imprints on some souls in Liberia that will never see it the other way except by way of elimination, it seems! This is all I have to say this time to you, General Jacone. We will not only keep thinkers of this types from politics in Liberia in future, but make sure those who promote such will be made to re- think during Ellen’s second term in Office, Jacone!

      1. Fallah,
        I don’t what form of Justice you’re seeking for the people of Sierra Leone when those who actually killed them are still ruling them while holding someone who wasn’t on the Sierra Leonean soil as to speak, Fallah. Fallah what can you say about the fact that Liberians Soldiers were hired by the Government of Sierra Leone who later Joined other Sierra Leone Soldiers to remove Mr. Kabbah from power?
        What was the role of those Liberians Soldiers hired by Mr. Kabbah called the Special Task Force (STF)? These are some of the people your and the prosecution claim to be NPFL Soldiers speaking Liberian english! So prosecuting Mr. Taylor does give Sierra Leonean the Justice they’re longing for? I don’t think so! I wait to see Kabbah stand Justice for what he did in both Liberia and Sierra!

    2. Jocone

      “but he could not have masterminded and financed two wars while fighting two or three rebel groups!”

      I feel your point quoted above. After all of the evidence, Did the prosecution meet their burden of showing that CT mastermined the destabiliztion of that region and did he have the resources for 2 wars and multiple rebel groups. Lets not forget he was crippled by UN sanctions while his administration was under attack on multiple fronts. It seems the connection between CT and diamonds, weapons and child soldiers in SL remains wanting.
      The morality of trading diamonds for weapons or anything else is left with god to judge and not developed countries that were built on immoral institutions like slavery, colonization etc?
      @ Fallah
      When I hear people talk about what tribe or region they are from I cringe. Nothing is more profoundly ignorant and divisive than to describe yourself as a member of a tribe or region.

      1. Cen,
        You’re right that the prosecution didn’t prove the connections they were making in this case. All they did was to say Mr. Taylor the Liberian people but couldn’t prosecute him for what happened in Liberia because setting are being protected from facing Justice. Especially those who consider themselves as saver of Liberia…NONSENSE… COMPLETE NONSENSE!

  17. It is a sad news to hear that the lead defense lawyer is in South Africa to investigate an alledged arms deal with Charles Taylor from weapons maker firm in South Africa. To all pro-taylor worshipers and anti- Taylorist, let me make this point clear that the truth will never come out of that investigation.
    The absolute answer the weapon maker firm will give, is a big NO!!.
    The reason for that, the period of the said arms deal was a period on which both Sierra Leone and her sister Country, Liberia were under UN sanctions on arms, therefore by saying yes we did sell arms to Charles Taylor, then that firm in South Africa will be in trouble with the world body, “THE UN”.
    However, don’t forget that Charles Taylor in his own defense accepted smuggling arms to Liberia to fight his enemies, thus violating the UN sansaction.
    Mr. defense lawyer, if you feel this is the right way to free Taylor, you have missed the point. It is better to look for another avenue than to confront the weapons maker firm in South Africa. It is a big “NO!!!” they will give to you than to allow you implicate them to a UN trouble. Be happy with that NO! and you have won your case. God have mercy on you as it says go into the world and live by the fools.

    1. Faud
      I hear you. BUT, how do you reconcile the UN dictating to a sovereign country whether they can buy arms or who can and can not sell them arms. Particulary at a time when that sovereign country has a democratically elected government certified by Jimmy Carter?

      I don’t advocate child soldiers or atrocities, but I support the fair application of the rule of law to developed and developing countries. Moreover, as a descendent of Africans and the human race, I take exception to international courts designed to mete out justice to African leaders.
      Also, empire building is as old as the beginning of time. Modern empire building involves the accumulation of world resources( oil, DIAMONDS, iron ore, gold, timber, nurses, doctors etc.) and the opression of those who are in possession of the natural resources( most developing countries)


  18. You guys, pro-Taylors, may go ahead to live the illusion that Charles Taylor will go back to Liberia a free man; It is easy to create a proposition that’s debatable but not that easy to free Charles Taylor of the ‘Eleven Counts’. Go ahead, blow the whistles as we await justice.

    1. VEM
      As tragic as you may think it would be for CT not to be convicted. It is far more tragic that you fail to realize that you will still be waiting for justice if he is convicted.


  19. There are very good steps that Liberia is taken now toward establishing the stage for growth, very evident by world economic indicators and the Rule of Law. Liberians are more awaken these days to appreciating these needed positive changes the country is taking than listen to the outdated and divisive politics that had them (Liberians) ruled by despots in the past . Prince Johnson may be taking advantage of the tamp card of ‘fear of war by the people’ which brought his former boss Taylor to power but this is definitely a different era ; one of sober reflection with the minds free of captivity and prejudice , one of making decision not based only on what the nation creates today but also what such creation means for the next generations.

    1. Vem,

      Liberians are do well, but yet the majority live below dollar rate per day. To put it simple, the poor remain poor and the rich remain richer, while CORRUPTION remains hero of our day.
      Harris K Johnson

      1. It wouldn’t hurt to send couple hundreds of dollars to Liberians through money gram or Western Union, Dr. Harris K. Johnson. I hate to sit by and criticize others when I do nothing about a situation! You have always had the haves and the have nots in Liberia. What we should be asking ourselves now is ‘How can Liberians enjoy BASIC RIGHTS? My answer would be ‘ELECT ELLEN’ to continue Peace and Prosperity. Stability follows those two! We will be making a BIG mistake in electing anyone else to run and win international trust as ELLEN has done! Peace, Brother Harris. A hint to a wise is sufficient.

        1. Jacone,
          Sierra leoanean did not call for charles taylor to be tried for the wars in sierra leone.The people of sierra leone were told by the worlds intelligent and hegemonies that charles taylor was behind the wars.Evidence proving otherwise though!!

          I am always dubious about an african leader that gains western international trust,because it usually meant that they are selling out or selling cheap in a big way!!!,you can call me a cynic but history will be my witness,old habbits die hard.The africans have very short memory!!!But i sincerely wish i am wrong this time.

        2. Jfallah,

          Liberia does not need a puppet, but a president. The peace Liberians enjoy today is not as a result of Ellen western connections, but a collective effort of the brave men and women that stood the ground to battle with their sweat, blood and tears the evil forces of Samuel Doe. You all will agree that the benefits of such battle is peace, stability, democracy and development Liberians enjoy today. We remain grateful to the Man, President Charles G. Taylor who together with us led said effort when people like you and Ellen couldn’t do. You all ran away when your country and people need you the most. Ellen for a second term is a joke. Watch up for 2011 jfallah , no one country will ever impose a president on the Liberian people any more.

          Harris K Johnson

    2. Vem
      Sorry, I thought I was done with you…then I read your next post.
      Liberia today is replete with uneducated persons(through no fault of their own) that can’t see beyond what is in front of them. Moreover, the push to keep the educated Liberians in the diaspora from voting in the next election over shadows any milestones. Vem, I will reserve my praise and worship for Ellen when she fullfills her basic promises of electricity, transparency, and leadership by example. The only thing she can do now to save her self respect and show true patriotism is to withdraw from the next election. There can be no peace and reconciliation without putting LIBERIA first. A great president once said “ask not what your country can do for you, BUT what you can do for your country.”


      1. Cent,

        Hands up for yoy. Thanks so much bro, you wouldn’t have said it better then this. Bravo to all truthful Liberians on this forum.

        Harris K Johnson

      2. Cee , why you guys make assertions that hold no single data or refrence or link to drive one to logical reasoning? If one can reasonably draw the chart for growth economic indicators are naturally rudmental and a big necessity. You see , clearly there is a difference between you and me in this case. The poor is well off when his economic needs are met and they are the masses for whom I care in my aguement . Unlike you, your aguement is based on illitracy rate which is dates far back in history and, as a mater of fact, which can’t be improve when there is no economic growth and solid rule of law. You are only being political and and very deceiving to the people. You speak like the politician who promised to get rice for the people at under $10/bag without first acertaining it’s price on the market. Let me tell you something ,cee or any pro-Taylor , history has shown that our nation (Liberian) is not quite furtunate at breeding good leaders and Taylor was the worst, therefore, if Ellen proves to be one of the few good ones, Liberians would rather re-elect her than look at the sample space for now. Teachers in Liberia now make better salaries yet you don’t see that as anything; The highest Learning institution is having it’s Fendel Campus rebuilt yet you don’t see it as educational stimulus; inspite of the discouraging WAEC result, students in rural Liberia are making good at National level yet you resent it. Your propaganda is very achaic among Liberans. Try to be pramatic rather than continue this dugmatism that continues to reduce our country to nothingness.

        1. vem

          It is no secret that the illiteracy rate in Liberia is very high. The new campus is a wonderful thing. However, I would be more impressed if Ellen accomplished that with Liberian resources. There is an old saying “give a man a fish and he will learn to keep begging…teach him how to fish and he will learn how to survive.”
          Additionally, what about the primary educational system? I understatend that there are substantial educational deficiencies and gaps even among your generation. However, there must be a firm commitment to the primary system that includes competent teachers. Vem, the doors must be opened to Liberians in the diaspora b/c as of right and they have first rate education and training that would sustain Liberia moving forward.
          Again, I will reserve my praise for Ellen when she fulfills her promise of electricity, transparency and leadership by example. Hell, I’ll settle for leadership by example. She should withdraw from the next election and acknowledge the impact her actions and inactions had on the civil war. The presidency is an institution and does not belong to one party or person. When Liberia makes the turn from one president to another without civil unrest, then we will have true progress. The arguement that Liberia needs Ellen to move forward is dangerous and just plain ignorant. The arguement that CT returning to Liberia would cause the UN to levy snactions is what we call modern day colonialism. Liberians must be free to elect the leader of their choice with out outside influences. If they elect Ellen, then they get what they get, more of the same until the next election.

        2. Vem,
          I sincerely hope this new relationship you people are building with your old bad masters works out,becuase according to historic data people like you are usually accused of corruption by your masters if you stops cooperating,Vem you are cooperating to help the people of american and europe get out of recession at the expence of the liberians mate!!.

          Knowing you guys you might probably realised this in 20years time.

    3. Vem,

      What good step? Do you mean not implementing the TRC Report because this triggered happy warmonger and rebel grandmom is on the list?

  20. Tagien
    why have my posts in response to fallah been deleted or remain under perpetual moderation?

    1. Dear cen,

      Your posts from 2010/09/29 at 5:59 pm was not approved because of the content in the last sentence. Your comment from 2010/10/04 at 10:58 pm has been approved.

      Kind regards,


      1. Taegin
        Sorry, I had to refresh my page to see the 9/29/ post. The last commet was funny and I’m sure fallah would have appreciated the comment. However, I respect the rules of the site and the importance of following them. Can you delete the last sentence or do I have to resubmit without the sentence?

        1. Dear cen,

          Would you kindly resubmit your comment, deleting the last sentence. I will then approve.

          Thank you.

        1. Dear cen,

          Unfortunately, Eric Witte no longer works on the Taylor trial project. He was hired only for a short term to write articles for the website, and I agree, his writing is excellent. He has moved on to work on other projects in the legal field. I am sure he will appreciate your comments.

  21. Cee,
    Sierra Leoneans did believe in they were told by the World that Mr. Taylor was responsibled for the war in Sierra Leone but the sad thing is that the Sierra Leoneans are not benefiting anything from this trial. They still live with pain when they sees those who were carrying out the killing of them. Moreso, these people were their own Sierra Leoneans brothers and sisters!In short, they allowed themselves to be misled!

    1. Must agree with you Jocone,Sierra Leonean including the tejan kabba government allowed themselve to be mislead,but in complice with the Liberian Including Ellen Johnson and her government and the Nigerian president at the time obasanjo,these people were hood winked into conspiring against Mr Taylor by his enemies in the west.,eventhough they have agreed at the regional level how Mr Taylor should be dealt with,they all went back on their promise because the west do not respect or believe in the african judgement even if it concerns africa,I hope this is a generation game,that will not repeat itself in the future.The AU seems to have put a stop to it,but will WEST AFRICAN abide by this policy,GIVING OUR CULTURE OF SELLING OUT OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS TO EUROPEANS.

      My point really is that the average Sierra leonean do not think of charles taylor when they think about the peope who cause so much pain to them during the wars,i am sure if they were asked they will mention foday sankoh,mosquito,johnny paul and issa sesay.

      In my assessment as a sierra leonean after looking at all the evidence in this trial i believe the libyan,burkinabe and ivorian where the backers of the RUF.If that what this court is seeking!!!

  22. Look here, people; all these talking about Ellen not making progress at a rate you guys wish to see, or electric city being on every ghetto of Monrovia, nor Liberians in diaspora being hired to return home to help in the building of the taylor shattered economy he ruined for the Liberians with his greed and stupidity during the 14 years he held liberians hostage, and finally, this claim by CEE, CEN, JACONE of how little this IRON LADY,ELLEN has done is not only political, but silly attacks of things they only dreamed of in crazy taylor days in Liberia.
    How can any sound educated Liberian be so judgemental and short sighted about experinces under taylor that vissibly left scars on even the very ignorant supporters,and the improved Basic Needs that ELLEN Government has brought to the People? The farmers of Lofa care less if they Had electricity on their village allys or not. what they want and need is security so they can farm in peace. They lived this way for generations, Cee!
    Nor does the market Woman in Duala wish for paved street to Duala Market as the only means of making her livelyhood. These people only need security, shelter, and food for now! And you know what,Ellen has provided that for them through STABILITY! Liberians in diaspora will return in numbers if there is stability! This is not Marxist thought as someone earlier claims of fallah being! These are realities, Cee, Cen, Jacone, and others!

    1. My good friend fallah,

      That’s correct your thoughts are no more Marxist, you are more of a Capitalist then President Taylor. Ghana in the 80s when you Sawyer, Tepoteh etc… were preaching Marxism was best for Africa, President Taylor stood up to you guys and said there were no room for Marxism in Africa.

      The reason I referred to you as my good friend because you and I have come a long way. Your dislike for President Taylor didn’t derive from this fake trial. You hated President Taylor from the time we were in Ghana through his Presidency. I respect you for that. Notwithstanding, President Taylor never did considered you as an unfriendly opponent.

      Jfallah, don’t have to go underground, I am not going to unmasked who jfallah is. There is a Liberian proverb, when you bend down to look under somebody; you leave yourself exposed for someone else to look under you.

      P/s Agnes extended her greetings to you.

      1. Thank you Sir..I understand your coded message loud and clear…I remain jfallahmenjor, the warrior..The issue here is taylor’s crimes against the people..we will never sleep while taylor walks the earth!

    2. Fallah,
      I will tell you this much that you really don’t know went on in Liberia during the war! What different does it make when she ( Ellen Johnson) order Mr. Taylor and the NPFL to level the city of Monrovia and only leave the Mansion standing,they were going to built it? So you’re telling me Ellen Johnson has nothing to do with the death of hundreds of thousand of Libeians at the hands which she commanded? Don’t you know that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was involved with every that cause the lives of Liberains in the process of removing Samuel Doe from power? You got to be kidding me FALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Jocone

        How can a man speak so highly of the hand (Mr. Taylor) that caused all the destruction but speak down on the hand (President Ellen Johnson) of reconstruction. It is extremely hard to rationalize with “a man whom picks apples from the orange the tree”. The only justifications for an act of this manner is anger. When a person gets angry, the blood in their eyes reduces their vision without their knowledge. You have to know if you are in your normal state of mine before you make an observations. Are you angry with President Johnson because she is not being punished like Mr. Taylor? How can you forgive Mr. Taylor and not President Ellen Johnson. I since a sign of envy induced by anger in your post.

        I want to take a journey through the many intersecting thoughts in your mind. Please give me a solid understanding on what’s going on in there.

        1. I am not angry, what I am saying here is that…… if Mr. Taylor was give an order to the NPFL Ordering them to level Monrovia and only leave the manson standing, it could have been in the heart of this trial! My point is that, you have to be the over all boss to have given such an command.
          Let’s not forget that Monrovia was housing about a million or people, so what going to become of those people if Mr. Taylor was going to carry out such an order? Remember that Ellen created the NPFL and asked Mr. Harris Yuoan to recruite his tribe men from Nimba which of course Mr. Taylor wasn’t a part by then.
          It was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who hired Mr. Taylor to lead the NPFL after Nov. 12, 1985 failure to remove Doe from power. So my question to you Al-Solo Nyonteh is that, the man who created the robot and the robot who when in the street to cause distructions of lives and properties , who is responsible?

        2. Jocone

          My friend I can understand your frustration, but I’m troubled by the source you received your information from. The “Liberian CNN” (gossip in the Liberian community) can sometime prove reliable but please don’t quote information you heard from the “Liberian CNN”. This type of behavior can take partial credit for the position in which
          Mr. Taylor is currently in. Your post sounds like something out of the play book of the prosecution team. President Sirleaf admitted to her early support of Mr. Taylor but she claimed she withdrew all ties. My friend a robot is programmed and a human is unpredictable, so the question you should be asking yourself is “did I indirectly support Mr. Taylor”. President Sirleaf was not the only person supporting warlords/, she was one of the few that had the courage to confess her sins to God and the world. I think the TRC report became a joke when they recommended punishing a siting president for her “financial contribution” but not recommending any punishment for a individual whom were directly responsible for the execution of almost 1% of the total death that took place.

    3. Fallah,

      If there is any credt that should be given to anyone for stability, I think it should be given to Gydud Bryant and President Taylor. For example: Gydud Bryant had a peaceful transtion of power to Ellen. There were no gun sounds for two years strict in the role when Brayant was interim president. I will also give credit to the 15,000.00 U.N. troops that are on the ground. When it comes to this innocent man sitting in the whiteman jail cell, President Taylor, He left just so we can live and enjoy live to the fulleset. He himself said it. He said I will leave just so my people will live. Because these wolrd powers will continue to kill my people through their backed rebels LURD and MODEL. Not Ellen Fallah. If you think it is Ellen, than advocate for the immediate departure of the U.N. troops from Liberia.

    4. WOW!!,
      FALLAH.. So you mean, the people of Lofa county, in accordance with your defination, are a bunch of fools who do not deserve electricity or know the purpose of its use..This naieve post of yours gives me the opportunity to ask my self again and again, wether your a true Liberian nationally. Fallah, looking at Lofa from a perspective of agro-science. Don’t you think the introduction of electric power in that part of Liberia, means, openning doors to mechandise farming, and a hudge influx of agro-economic developement, education,healthcare and socio-economic stability? I don’t believe you would reduce your own peoples integrity the way you did. But one thing I know is, the people of that county are not low. THEY KNOW BETTER…….

      1. Noko5, you have every right to voice your opinion about my posting and how you view it as belittling my kins of Lofa. Any rational individual reading what I wrote will not interpret as you just did, and you know what..Fallah cares less how NOKO5 views his posts, now what interpretations Jacone the General has! Also, I really have difficulties understanding people who got Liberian citizenship from taylor questioning legitimate sons of Liberia in the first place. Big B, is mixing jfallahmenjor in a land deal, he says, involving Agnes, and in which, taylor saved me! How dumb that sounds! This is a man you guys question his Liberian Nationality, and yet believe he was close to taylor, the alleged convict. But let me say this again; I have no interest in how you guys accept me or not, all I am concerned with, is to see taylor face justice and pay the price for what he did to my people! Period!

        1. Fallah,
          I think it’s about time you and Ellen face justice for lost of livesk,valuable properties, and at most, the destabilization of Liberia during the april 14 , 1979 rice riot. I believe our people (Liberians) are still feeling the Wraft of your incursion today. There’s a need for you and Ellen to go court… AM I RIGHT??

  23. I just wanted to add that Ellen would be a threat to Liberia’s peace if the international community imposes her upon the Liberian people by the use of UNMIL security forces. Liberians should be allow to choose their own leader and still enjoy a good working relationship with the world. Ellen was and is a bad choice for Liberia’s progress and America’s long term national security interest in Africa.

    The sooner the Americans can support the people of Liberia to stop Ellen from running the better American investments in Liberia will have sustain competitive advantage. Ellen is not a wise choice to support, the west must rethink this strategy.

    1. Momo , the fact is you want a fragile leadership in Liberia so that another era of evil can engulf that nation . It is preposterous and vague to say that the international community is imposing President Sirleaf on the Liberian people . Are you just waking up or just intend to look at the dark side of society ? Democracy is at the highest esteem in Liberia now. Rule of Law has finally found a path in a country that was once a proxy of despots ; check and balance system has found its grips on greed ; the whole nation, for once, in decades has become one . With all these priceless advances , people like you, Momo, are still bent on the old propaganda . well you are few in your school of thought as many Liberians are moving ahead and prepared to constructively fight the vices of society. Backward, Never My Friend!!

      1. Vem
        The very fact that you are suggesting violence if Ellen is not president proves the point that Ellen is a warlord who will wage war upon the Liberian people if she is not in control. The Liberian people will not accept any kind of violent act from Ellen. Ellen is a failed presidency and the international community will do themselves good by removing support from behind a corrupt government.

        To Nosirrah
        Prince Johnson is simply exploiting the arrogance of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf disrespecting the laws of the land. Ellen continue to abuse power by refusing to obey the TRC Reports for justice , truth and reconciliation. Ellen has not funded the Independent Human Rights Court and she has refused to implement the full TRC Report in keeping with the Accra Comprehensive Peace Accord.

        So I guess Prince Johnson can also exercise similar arrogance just like Ellen. I am not worry about Prince Johnson, it is Ellen violent behavior that I am concern about. Remember that we have evidences in this trial about how international companies have sponsored wars in Africa. Most of those big companies now doing business in Liberia are link to those war sponsoring companies. So if ordinary people voted Ellen out of office, just like how those mercenary soldiers were sent to Sierra Leone, to fight the citizens for their own natural wealth. We will see the same thing happening in Liberia.

        The Liberian people will be punish by big companies for voting against their puppet Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and those big companies will hire mercenaries to kill the poor in Liberia. Ellen is really a heartless old lady.

        1. Momo Dahn, Fallah won’t call your piece here as total ignorance, but, rather, it seems you are one of the least informed on Liberian politics on this blog! I say that because of how confused you seem in your written presentation and disjointed thoughts. How can you say Ellen is arrogant because she has refused to implement the TRC foundings, and knowing fully well that the government of Liberia is diveded into three branches of which Ellen Heads the Executive branch only? You seem to also forget that this is the first time you ordinary liberians have come to enjoy Basic Demorcracy, even if it is not equivalent to the Great United States! Believe it or not, Dahn, you will regret the taste of Democracy under Ellen, if you get Brumskin type or the Prince Johnson, who though I admire, for having guts to face Doe and reducing him to dust as man to man, but also one who will put your rights ‘one side’ as we say in Liberia, in place of total authoritative level to rule you! this is what I am talking about, Dahn. Stop all this rumbling and face reality, and that is do you rather have the Dvil that yiou know or the angel you never met?

        2. Momo Dahn,
          Your response to Norrisah & Vem,

          Momo i am with you ,we are in serious mess in our thinking in Africa.People like Vem,Norrisah,fallah the list is long….these people believe the only way forward is by mortgaging africa to europeans,and sit back and hope the eorapean companies can develop their countries economy for them….the authors of ruthless capitalism and exploitation.

          The investment these people talks about is mainly mining mineral resources by a foreign companies,sold by the foreighn companies and the government is giving a percentage of the profit and in some instances a miniscule lump sum is paid to exploit for 20yrs or more.TALKING ABOUT SELLING THE FAMILY JEWEL CHEAP.!!

          As in Sierra Leone these people have mercenaries to protect these dodgy deals and their goverments in europe and north america support them politically….Charles Taylor is in this court,becuase he threaten their diamonds in sierra leone.

          We should understand that the European acted like the owners of the resources in africa,my worry is that there will be more war(hopefully idealogical) because we will have to convinced our brothers and sisters that are trained over the years to have a persive understanding that the europeans are the owners of our resources,and that resource management is no business of the african,eventhough it belongs to them.

      2. Vem
        As long as Ellen is president, Liberia has not moved forward. When Liberia elects a president not named on the TRC list without civil unrest, the you can praise and worship.

      3. Vem,

        The country is already fragile for the mere fact that you have up to 15,000.00 U.N. troops in Liberia providing security. What are you talking about boss?

    2. Momoh Dahn,
      What do you think of Prince Johnson running for president?

      The American people are not going to be in the voting booth with Liberians; therefore, it is Liberians that have the willpower to vote for or against a candidate.

      1. It’s repulsive, it’s shows a lack of respect to the families murdered and affected by his rampage! No rebel leader should have ever become president, but the Liberian electing Taylor open the door to this type of stupidity!
        It’s embarrassing to think Liberians could possibly vote for the man who was seen by millions sipping a beer and torturing a head of state. It’s just another thing to give the West to ‘LOL’ about.

        Reformed or not, converted or not, this man needs to NOT run for presidency!
        There are people in Liberia who bare scares @ his hands, how can he think of leading those people?
        He refused to testify in the TRC and has refused to apologize, for the people him and INPFL killed, he says he did everything in the name of a ‘revolution’. How can you calculatingly murder civilians in the name of a ‘revolution’?
        It’s such a shame.

        It’s already propostrous that such a person is in the government and has had no charges brought against him because we have to ‘war tribunal’ but to run as a president, is pure stupidity!!!

        I’m done ranting.

        1. Ms.Teage,
          Samuel Doe was Liberia’s first rebel leader elected that open the door for other rebel leaders to become president of Liberia in the same manner. It was a mistake for Liberian to accept the constitution drawn up by Doe’s government. With a clause that excluded Doe’s, rebel group from any wrongdoing for executing a head of state and his admin. If one rebel leader can do it and get away with it then others will do also until the people put a stop to it.

        2. Teage

          Ellen also refused to testify before the TRC about her role in the NPFL. But you know that already. Why leave her out of your rant?

        3. Msteage,
          As I told someone else in an earlier post. Do not worry Prince Johnson will never be elected president of Liberia.

        4. Ms. Teage ,
          Well, my understanding of your post is that, it is also stupid that ELLEN is president of Liberia. Also, it is additionaly stupid that Fallah Menjor who join and personally brought the first set of rebels to Liberia, to be posting trash against Taylor. Because, first and foremost he Fallah, together with Ellen give the I dea of destablizing a nation to Charles Taylor, by bringing their led thieves in monrovia during 1979 april 14,riot. AM I RIGHT????

        5. Ms. Teage,
          Mr. Taylor was carrying out the orders of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf! If you old enought to remember in July of 1990, when she order Mr. Taylor and the NPFL to level the city of Monrovia and just leave the mansion stand, that they were going to rebuilt it? As for me I’m not against Mr. Taylor being prosecuted but I do believe he should be prosecuted for the right reason. That’s, for those who were wrongly killed in Liberia. If the international Community could leave out those who recruited Mr. Taylor to lead the NPFL after failing so many times to remove Mr. Doe from power. Is it that the founder of the NPFL did used Mr. Taylor to do the dirty work so they can be in the back and seeing as God for Liberia? I hope not!

  24. Yesterday decision by the trail court further increases the susceptibility of this case as a political trial and to some small measure bordering on racial justice. The court rejected a defense application to admit a newspaper quoting the South African Justice Minister that Charles Taylor did not buy weapons from South Africa as alleges the prosecution. Judge Sebutindi dissented from majority opinion.

    “I do not subscribe to the view that the safe guard in rule 92bis was intended to preclude an accused who is standing trial alone from tendering into evidence, exculpatory information i.e. information including statements and transcripts that in any way tend to suggests his innocence or mitigate his guilt or that affects the credibility of the prosecution evidence, such as in this case. Such an interpretation would not only be contrary to the purpose of rule 92bis but it would be highly prejudicial to the fair trial rights of the accused.”


    1. King Gray
      Thank you for sharing. If only the collateral stake holders(those living in that region that are at risk for no justice and more exploitation) fully understood the benefit of this trial to the real stake holders.


    2. King Gray,

      I really do not think you should be surprised at the judges’ decision(s). I have noted right from the onset that the white lady judge fron Ireland has a huge bias against the accused and his witnesses hence convincing her fellow caucasian judge Lussick should not be too hard. It is quite sad the way international justice is being played out.

  25. Hi Taegin,


    The general FINDING of the court the above motion was DISMISSED. However, in a “separate dissenting opinion” Justice Sebutinde grants the motion and admits the Newspaper Extract into evidence pursuant to Rule 92bia.

    Which is which? Was the motion dismissed or granted?

    The motion was dismissed or ganted send out a clear signal there is a split amongst the judges. Justice Sebutinde in my opinion is calling it right down the middle. She’s not taking side. Conversely, because of majority rule justice Sebutinde had to be a team player. But she (justice Sebutinde) didn’t stop there, she made her view clear.

    1. Dear Big B,

      The “MOTION FOR ADMISSION OF DOCUMENTS PURSUANT TO RULE 92BIAS-NEWSPAPER ARTICLE” was dismissed by the majority of the judges in Trial Chamber II. The majority held that the excerpt from the newspaper does not fulfill the requirements under Rule 92bis. Therefore, the newspaper article will not be accepted into evidence.

      Although Justice Sebutinde wrote a thoughtful dissent, her finding will not be implemented. However, if the defense appeals this decision of the majority, there is always the possibility that the appeals chamber could reverse and accept Justice Sebutinde’s reasoning.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Thanks Taegin for the clarification.

        My fellow Comrades,

        Based on this so-called majority decision by the Trial Chamber to dismissed the “MOTION FOR ADMISSION OF DOCUMENT PURSUANT TO RULE 92BIAS-NEWSPAPER ARTICLE” judge Sebutinde’s descending reminds me of the Biblical story in the New Testament.

        Judge Sebutinde is playing the role of Pontius Pilate. In Matthew, Pilate washes his hands of Jesus and reluctantly sends Jesus to his death. Mark, Pilate depicting Jesus as innocent of plotting against Rome, portrays Pilate as extremely reluctant to execute Jesus, blaming the Jewish priestly hierarchy for his death.

        The verdict will be the same as the dissent in the “MOTION FOR ADMISSION OF DOCUMENT PURSUANT TO RULE 92BIAS NEWSPAPER ARTICLE” The justice from the Samoa (Lussick) and the justice from the Ireland Doherty, will find President Taylor guilty, while justice Sebutinde will find President Taylor not guilty, but reluctantly sentence President Taylor based on this so-called majority rule.

        Judge Luissick and Doherty just don’t get it. They are not Africans, and have no knowledge of past and present injustice the white man has inflicted upon Africans. In my opinion with caution, I wouldn’t hesitate to categorized Justice Lussick and Doherty as part of the oppressors.

      2. Dear Taegin,

        Your post of October 8, 2010 at 6:28 pm to Big B that states:

        • The “MOTION FOR ADMISSION OF DOCUMENTS PURSUANT TO RULE 92BIAS-NEWSPAPER ARTICLE” was dismissed by the majority of the judges in Trial Chamber II. The majority held that the excerpt from the newspaper does fulfill the requirements under Rule 92bis. Therefore, the newspaper article will not be accepted into evidence.

        It is incorrect when you state [The majority held that the excerpt from the newspaper does fulfill the requirements under Rule 92bis.]

        The Chamber’s finding is:

        • FINDING therefore that the material sought to be admitted into evidence, which in essence goes to prove that the Accused has never done business with the South African Government or South African arms manufacturers and has never applied for a “contracting” or export permit in respect of South African arms, is a statement that goes to proof of the acts and conduct of the accused and is thus not admissible under Rule 92bis.

        Even though the motion was dismissed; this defense Strategy serves to dispel the prosecutions claim that Mr. Taylor purchased arms from South Africa; it will be interesting to see how these two Justices will rule on this issue in the future.

        I believe Justice Julia Sebutinde is well balanced and will render a fair assessment of the fact.

    2. Dear Big B,

      Your question to Taegin concerning Justice Sebutinde’s dissent perhaps opens a clear perspective into the final reasoning within the Chamber and as it addresses Article 17 of the Statute in a similar manner as I stated to sam on the September 17, 2010 daily summary at September 23, 2010 at 3:35 pm concerning a defense to hearsay evidence.

      I am impressed when Justice Sebutinde state:

      • In my view, the safeguard in Rule 92bis(A) excluding information that “goes to proof of the acts and conduct of the accused” from admission into evidence, is primarily intended to protect the fair trial rights of an accused as guaranteed by Article 17 of the Statute, by ensuring that he has an opportunity to confront live testimony on matters pertaining directly to his guilt and to cross-examine witnesses against him, which opportunity he would not have if the incriminating evidence were to be admitted in a form other than oral testimony, such as statements or transcripts.

      Nevertheless, I believe it would be wise to subpoena the South African Justice Minister to verify this article; that request can be made on the 22th of October; in the next two weeks.

    3. Big B
      Justice Sebutinde dissent was more than thoughtful, it was a legally correct application of the law of that court.(both satute and case law) However, an explanation by the majority of the Justices would be interesting to say the least.

          1. Dear cen,

            The correction was made in the original post. I apologize for not explaining that more clearly.



  26. According to The New Democract News based in Liberia, taylor wins the 4th place ion the world hearless leaders!


    New Democrat (Monrovia)

    Liberia: Charles Wins 4th Place Amongst “World’s Most Ruthless Dictators”
    Tom Kamara
    7 October 2010

    President Charles Taylor continues to rise as a world’s leading dictator, according to European and American newspapers. The Times ( London ) and The Dutch daily De Volkskrant, have both listed the Liberian as a world’s leading pariah tyrant, with The Times putting his fortune at US2.8b.in an article headlined, The Dirty Dozen, featuring the most corrupt and criminal heads of state and gangland gurus. Now the American magazine The Parade, in its February 16 edition, has chosen Mr. Taylor as number four amongst the globe’s “most ruthless dictators”.Taylor remarkably beat his sponsor, Libya’s Qaddafi, by four points to become the world’s 4th most ruhtless tyrant. The winners were compiled by the respected international journalist David Wallecchinsky, and they are:.

    1. Kim Jong Il – North Korea

    2. King Fahd/Crown Prince Abdullah – Saudi Arabia

    3. Saddam Hussein – Iraq

    4. Charles Taylor – Liberia

    5. Than Shwe – Burma

    6. Theodoro Obiang Nguema – Equitorial Guinea

    7. Saparmurad Niyazov – Turkmenistan

    8. Muammar Al-Qaddafi

    Be the first to Write a Comment!

    1. For your information, that list was printed in the magazines you referenced and Tom Kamara’s newspaper back in 2002. It is not at all a new article. Tom Kamara has a practice of republishing old arteries in his paper as if to regurgitate old head lines. Hope this helps.

      1. “No news is an old news” Mass. Besides, what about all the references you guys post on this site just to clear your chief’s side? Give me a break, you guys are hypocrites! Practice what you preach, Mas, if that is really what you are! Fallah has answer to any trash send to his posting about taylor, until He sees taylor in final lock-up in the United Kingdom! Peace, Brother!

    2. This goes to show the New Democrat is nothing but garbage. Because the New Democrat is owned and operated by Ellen that’s the reason her name was omitted. She (Ellen) should have been the number 1 on the list. Ellen not only has blood on her hands, her entire body is covered with blood. Ellen not only has skeletons in her closet, she has the cemetery in her closet.

      Ellen aided and abetted the downfall of Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, Bryant and Blah. But ever dog has its day.

      1. Big B. if your rants about Ellen Hands being covered with blood is really what you believe, What about most of you taylor generals that now carry on the rebellion under-cover, and on this blog hands being coveredwith? Tell me one murder commited by Ellen Johnson from all the TRC testimonies, or Ellen’s name being mentioned by Sankoh, Boakerie, zigzag Mardah, Moses Blah, the Senegalese,or chief taylor in all this garbage you are talking about? Maybe you are right, taylor’s hands are covered with ‘Blood diamonds’ instead! Nonsensical rant to the highest,it seems, B Big.



      1. I understand your anger against Ellen’government. Here is the Lady who has stopped all the looting, raping, murder, and freedom to do ‘whatever’ taylor support group wishes during taylor reign,to stability, respect and recogniton of Liberia by the international community. This has not only exposed you guys to the world, but has left you fending for your livelyhood in the civilized world where ‘rule of law prevails! I would be angry too, Big B, if my livelyhood, abrouptly, came to an end and my BOSS being behind bars, with no hope of freedom, nor my own life being in limbo and constance fear of being exposed of my own sins of full participation! I definitely agree that a sinner hates light, just as the devil prefers darkness, and that ‘no’ taylor supporter will like what Ellen has brought to the People of Liberia, stability, Freedom, and Peace. But let me say this to you, Big B, and all other Generals of taylor; the days of looting are over, while the dawn of accountability is here! The days of exploitation of national resources are gone, while all belongs to one nation! Get over it, because your types is history!!!!!!!

        1. fallah,

          All I can say is you are an opportunist. You were one of those who hate someone for no particular reason. Give me one reason why you are so bitterly against President Taylor? Unlike most haters on this blog because of their short sightedness they hate President Taylor for the crime David Crane et al made up against President Taylor. But for you fallah, you hated President Taylor going back to the 80s. Why? Don’t forget fallah, it was President Taylor who saved your life in the deal with Agnes.

          The reason you are bending down to Ellen because you were the only person who got paid from the Dokor hotel land deal.

          I don’t think you want to play hardball with Big B.

      2. Big B. Fallah has no idea what you are talking about here; Dukor Hotel land deal? Agnes who? I never owned a piece of land in Monrovia, to begin with, neither do i know who Agnes you are talking about taylor saving me..? What are you talking about, Big B? I owned 175 acres of farm land and that’s all I can say about land ownership, Big B. However, that’s my business and has nothing to do about why I dislike taylor. Taylor’s cruelty is my reason for hating him. If you were to ask Brutus why he slew Julius ceser, he would reply”not that I love Cesar less, but that I love Rome more..” Big B, it’s not that I love taylor less, but that I love the Motherland more. This is all fallah is about..love of the motherland! Taylor is history..but Liberia lives on for my great great grand children..my ancestors owned liberia before the colonists came to that part of the world. We own the land and believe it or not, fallah will reclaim the land in the near future, Big B! goodnight!

        1. Dear Big B,

          We cannot approve your post as it is currently submitted. Comments focused soley on the identity of another reader will not be approved. The privacy of our readers is very important, and we would like to keep the comments focused on the issues of the trial.



          1. 10/14/2010

            Big B

            Liberia is a great country and the conclusion of the trial is near. Although, I think the court would like to make their decision after the election.
            In any event, may I suggest we ignore Fallah for now and focus more on the substantive posts by Mr. Sekou.
            Fallah is like a fly waiting for the next pile of crap to land on. I.m sure you have noticed he avoids Mr. Sekou’s posts like the plague.
            Also, I think you make meaningful and intelligent points and Fallah is a distraction.

          2. Ah ah…Well said Cen,some people’s comments are so naive.

            In Africa we have many western educated but not intelligent people …also known as the interlectual parasite crew…these are afrcians that believes if they reason like a european ,they are working on the path of righteousness.!!!How wrong can they be!!With mind set like that, they will find themselves expose to one conn trick after another.Science and technology is universal and believe me its not the monopoly of the west,but social,politics and economic policies have to be based on the peoples resources (Human & Natural),culture and habbits.

            The said thing is not only africa is guilty of this the Arabs and india are also guilty…
            With regard to Africa & India i will put it down to colonial witch-craftry.And the arabs are sitting on the black gold,so arabs living in the west who dreams of been a leader of their country are been cohersed into invading their country with western military and overthrown their governments,they become the vanguard leaders of their people and the oil theft continues.Case in point Iraq,and also all the kings and emitates in other arabs states that where hand picked by the british.

            We will have to be more strong spiritted to fight this ….China, iran and some south american countries are doing a good liberation fight…some people on this blog are surrenderers and enpowerers of suppressors…..with excuses like i only let the trickery devils in to come and help me kill my uncivilised brothers.What a shame’.

          3. Here we go again..Western Conspiracy Theory! Why not accept responsibilty for your own ignorance as you go on killing one another? Was it the West That asked taylor to, allegedly, kill 250,000 unarmed brothers and sisters? Is it the West that got into the mind of Mugabe to distablize the economy of his country? Come on guys, you guys are basing your ignorance on the West for no good reasons. Period! wake up and accept some rational rersponsibility such as greed, bigotry, and trabalism, and coupled with ignorance, as I have always reminded you guys! These are the real reasons you are behind in almost everything. The Arabs brothers are far ahead of you African Brothers in managing their resourses!

          4. Fallah,
            So how many were kill by the rest of the warlords for it seems like Mr. Taylor killed all according to.

          5. Cousin4
            according to Fallah himself, he and Ellen destroy some lives and properties in their april 14 1979 saga. So, hpoe fully, he will add those numbers too. just a friendly reminder, Fallah..

          6. “Retire Like Mandela”

            Publication Date: October 18, 2010 – 2:57pm
            Updated: October 19, 2010 – 5:24am
            News Section:Politics
            Sen. Prince Y. Johnson
            Prince Johnson Tells Prez Sirleaf
            By: Keith Morris

            “I am appealing to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to respect her word when she begged for a one-term of office and the Liberian people, through God, gave her the chance. We want for her to retire and be like South African President Nelson Mandela. Let her not plunge this country into another crisis,” declared Prince Y. Johnson, an executive of the newly registered political party, National Union for Democratic Progress (NUDP).

            Mr. Mandela fought for the liberation of South Africa from Apartheid rule, contested and won credible democratic elections, peacefully governed his country for a single term and honorably retired from South African politics, Senator Johnson told his supporters. Johnson, also a former general and leader of the disbanded rebel group, Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), has interestingly expressed his intention to contest the Liberian presidency come 2011 general and presidential elections, which President Sirleaf had also declared her intention to contest as a “formidable candidate.”

            Addressing his partisans in Monrovia recently, minutes upon his arrival from a tour of some countries in the West African sub-region, Johnson, who is also senior Senator of Nimba County, warned President Ellen Johnson not to seek a second term of office if, according to him, the Liberian leader is to maintain the honor she now enjoys.

            “President Ellen Johnson supported the 1985 failed coup against the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe for rigging the 1985 presidential and general elections. She also supported us in 1990 to topple President Doe. But if she makes any attempt to rig the coming elections (2011 general and presidential elections), I will resist her actions at all cost,” declared the Senator and ex-rebel leader.

            Before he headed the INPFL, Johnson broke away from Charles Taylor’s then armed insurgent group, National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), which he Johnson insinuated at the time wanted to take over the leadership of the country by force of arms.

            He left the NPFL on the philosophy: “The Guns that Liberate Should Not Rule.”

            Senator Johnson has been recommended by the erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to face prosecution on charges ranging from war crimes to crimes against humanity for his role in the Liberian armed conflict, in which approximately 300,000 persons were killed, over a million externally and internally displaced and the country’s infrastructure destroyed.

            Johnson has challenged the TRC report and insisted that it be dumped in a trash can as it lacks “credibility.”

            President Sirleaf and about 29 others have also been recommended similarly by the TRC not to seek public offices for 30 years for their alleged role in the Liberian armed conflict. But the TRC set a condition for such persons to contest elections, viz., if they would appear in palava hut round tables around the country and obtained forgiveness from the chiefs and people of Liberia.

            The President had also admitted before the TRC that she initially provided US$10,000 to Taylor’s then NPFL but clarified that the money was given for relief purposes and that she departed from the NPFL when its revolution lost its focus.

            Commenting on the certification of his party by the National Elections Commission (NEC), Senator Johnson said, “We thank God for the Election Commissioners, that they did not allow external influence to overshadow their work.

            “ I am calling on the international community, including America and Britain to ensure that the 2011 elections are free, fair, transparent and credible, because if there is any cheating, we will have ourselves to blame,” he told his supporters as they sang and danced on the occasion of his safe return from abroad.

            Copyright Liberian Observer –

          7. On October 19, 2010 at 9:10 pm, jfallahmenjor said: Big B. Be thankful to Ellen as a true revolutionist who kept her promise for ‘liberation of the masses’ from the yoke of oppression! Be thankful to Ellen for restoring not only dignity to your country, but bringing about peace and stability to the helpless and down trodens! Ask Ellen’s forgiveness for ‘bad-mouthing’ all her efforts to bringing dignity to your mesirable kins that that have known no peace under you and taylor for 15 years! You also should be ashamed of your comments of apologies from jfallahmenjor, because he is a true pioneer of revolutionary road to freedom that Ellen now makes a ‘reality!’ Wow, and thank fallah for opening your eyes to being able to express your thoughts so freely without fears! Say thank you fallah that you are able to taste freedom once more. Yes fallah has helped shape your country while in exile all these 27years! Isn’t 27th a luckie number? Yes, and it is time to return to help Ellen in Her second term..and believe me I shall reveal my identity when that time comes! This is all for you Big B, and all taylor generals!

          8. Dear J .Fallah Menjor,
            The people of Liberia ,Sierraleon,west africa,africa and the world atlarge, will highly appreaciate were you in this pubhlic forum,to appologise for the intrduction of reble activities in Liberia, which over 15 years, engulved our west african region and took the lives of more then 500,000 peaceful people, including the elderly, women and children. KINDLY APPOLOGISE FALLAH…Thanks NOKO5..your monitor…

          9. Cen, I delibrately avoid responding to Sekou, not because I fear him, but I really do not think Sekou’s an insider, rather, Sekou sounds like an ‘informant’ that has no clue of the real ‘fight.’ Besides, he seems experienced and does not usually attack others unnecessary! This is why I have respect for Sekou..somewhat rational! But look here, Cen, Taylor is the subject and Sekou not being the Predicate! We are concerned with your chief’e crimes, he allegedly, committed against the people of both nations in West Africa. That is what fallah is concerned with!

          10. Cen,

            Yes. I noticed our posts being out of orders and confusing. I don’t know what is the motive and problem.
            Could the moderator comment on this issue?

          11. Jfallah,

            Why are you changing your language about Mr. Taylor involvement in Sierra Leone? All along you have said that Mr. Taylor coordinated crimes against the population of Sierra Leone from inside his mansion office Monrovia. But of late, we hear you say he allegedly committed crimes against your people. Which is which my fallah? Please help us here, you can not stand on both sides of the coin because Helen, Joes, Cen and Big B might just kick you outside down.

            Harris K Johnson

          12. Fallah,
            Good job, you are commited to your alleged allegations against Taylor. But in the mean time, you need to answere and give account of those who lost their lives in the 1979 april 14 reble activity launched by you ,the PPP and Ellen. This is a burning issue. We’ve long been looking for the culprit and thank God you are now available. That was being kind and honest. Now, hopefully, you ready to face the UN, and other humanitarian organizations so that you go to court and give justifications for what you did????

          13. Dear cen,

            What exactly do you mean when you say:

            • I am not a Taylor supporter one way or the other. However, I am an advocate of truth first and foremost at the risk of no justice.

            How can you be neither or other, and seek no justice?

            See your comment at October 12, 2010 at 5:56 pm.

            Do not try and play me against anyone on this site; I am not here to play games.

          14. 10-15-2010
            First, I sincerely apologize if you felt I was playing you against another blogger. My only intention was to point out to Big B that Fallah has no interest in serious discussions. Your posts are always thought provoking, informative and help to keep us on track.

            Last, I am more interested in the truth over justice. Sometimes, we sacrifice justice for truth.

          15. Dear cen,

            I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion; opinions are like the anatomy and physiology of the human body; with some it works well, and with others there are problems. When it comes to this blog, I do not want to have personality challenges from the participants; that would not serve me at all!

            Your apology is accepted.

            To farther by opinion on common sense; read the information on the guy that structured the phrase. This guy reasoned in a style that common people understood; forgoing the philosophy and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers. I would like to have compassion for the common people; but one must read through the lines. I have no time for a person that wants to waste my time. Some people want to see how far you will go with nothing!

            Have a good weekend my friend.

            See link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Sense_(pamphlet)


          16. Dear cen,

            I once read somewhere “If we waited to speak only when there was something important to say, we would suffer from uttered silence.”

            Have you given it any through where the people of this blog will go once it is shut down? In your daily life, do you ever think that the person you do not recognize in the crowd may be someone you have commented to, or, about?

            Think about the good you have attempted to impart and ponder that which you have seen; try and find something you can use in your personal life and pray that someone lost have been found.

            Your friend Sekou,

          17. 10-17-2010

            I have often thought about what is next for my fellow bloggers. Personally, this trial has made me pay more attention to what is going on in other developing countries. I have already started to follow some of the other ICC cases. No thoughts about strangers in a crowd, but some of the bloggers here remind me of persons I know. In fact, you remind me of someone I have worked with very closely. However, that person never served in the US service.
            peace and blessings

          18. Hello Sekou,
            I’m Rgk007 based in the United Kingdom. Based on my frequent readings of your objective posts, I was hoping you might be of help in providing information concerning the whereabouts and doings of Hassan Bility – disgraced and serial prosecution witness – as I hear he is at present based in the U.S.A .
            Secondly, any update on Ms Dufka? Most obliged.
            Rgk007 .

          19. Dear Rgk007,

            In response to your post of October 19, 2010 at 9:58 pm; my knowledge of Hassan Bility whereabouts and doings is limited to the information you provide. I suggest that you contact the Liberian or American embassy in the United Kingdom to see if they will provide you some information. All I know about him is Mr. Taylor accused him of being a combatant and not a journalist. I am not sure which Hassan Bility you are talking about; there is one Musa Hassan Bility who is the president of Liberia Football Association; perhaps that is who you are talking about.

            See link: http://www.thepatrioticvanguard.com/article.php3?id_article=3596


            In relations to Ms Dufka, to the best of my knowledge she is a senior researcher with Human Rights Watch’s Africa Division, and was a criminal investigator in Sierra Leone in 2002. She claims ownership of the photos within the link below.

            See link: http://archive.worldpressphoto.org/search/layout/result/q/ishoofdafbeelding/true/trefwoord/photographer_formal/Dufka%2C%20Corinne

            Hope this helps.

          20. Sekou
            Wow. Those pics in the link for Ms. Dufka were powerful and sad at the same time. I can only imagine what the person being hurt was going through at that particular time. I know you may have seen a lot in the US service. However, for a civilian like myself, the pictures made me want to vomit. My heart aches for the people who have suffered and those who have inflicted the suffering. Where was the humanity? How does a country slide into such an uncivilized war? When will we learn from our mistakes?

            Sekou, thank you for researching and sharing the link. As always, you really inspire us all to think about what is happening in the world.

            peace and blessings my friend.

          21. Dear Rgk007,

            This site prohibits its participants from exposing the identity and whereabouts of others.

  27. On the 5th Day of October 2010 the defense filed its “Defence Reply to Prosecution Response to Defence Motion to Exclude Evidence Falling Outside the Scope of the Indictment and/or the Jurisdiction of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.”

    It appears that the grasp of the prosecutions response has failed to cite any authority warranting the relief they are requesting. It seems as though the prosecution is fishing for bias within the Chamber as they found with their response to the “MOTION FOR ADMISSION OF DOCUMENTS PURSUANT TO RULE 92BIAS-NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.” Should there be a split between the Justices during this round; I would suggest a competence evaluation be made to determine the extent of the Justices view with fair jurisprudence. I have not followed this trial as long as some; but I strongly believe that this indictment against Mr. Taylor is not on behalf of the Sierra Leone people; but to prosecute those the UN believe was responsible for the plight of UN Personnel that were detained by the RUF; as stated in its 2000 resolution which formed this court.

    The defense argument states:

    • The Response argues that the Motion is (i) untimely; (ii) insufficiently specific; and (iii) contrary to accepted international jurisprudence.” However, the Prosecution has failed to grasp the essential nature of the Defence’s complaint or of the relief being sought, arguing that, so long as its nebulous concept of “relevance” is satisfied, there should be no limit to the introduction of evidence falling outside the scope of the Indictment.5 It is more than noteworthy, therefore, that the Response fails to make a single mention of Rule 95, despite a primary basis of the Motion being the effect of adverse prejudice.

    The defense went on to say:

    • The Motion makes clear that its concerns are ex-temporal and ex-territorial evidence led by the Prosecution. The Defence submits that such evidence is easily identifiable and discernible in the trial record of this case. For example, any evidence concerning the Accused’s involvement in, or connection to, crimes occurring in Liberia are clearly distinct and identifiable for purposes of exclusion as requested by the Motion. Secondly, Article 1(1) of the Court’s Statute makes clear that the temporal jurisdiction of the Court starts on 30 November 1996 and its geographic scope is limited to the territory of Sierra Leone. Thirdly, the Indictment at bar goes further by prescribing 18 January 2002 as the end date for all crimes alleged therein and in particularising the geographic scope of the pleaded counts to specified districts of Sierra Leone. Those districts are explicitly stated in the Indictment in relation to counts 2 through 11 and Count 1 incorporates them by reference to sustain its own viability. Accordingly, evidence occurring before 30 November 1996 or after 18 January 2002, or outside those specifically-pleaded districts Sierra Leone are the subject of the Motion.

    See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1100.PDF

    1. Sekou
      Thanks for sharing and keeping us on track!

      Clearly, there are seems to be some serious fidelity issues emerging for the Justices. The statutes written for this court are very simple and the case law is simple. The application of fact to statutory and case law should be very elementary for these justices. Yet, they decide by a majority to marginalize CT’s right to a fair trial by excluding exculpatory evidence.
      I am not a Taylor supporter one way or the other. However, I am an advocate of truth first and foremost at the risk of no justice. The secret witness testimony in conjunction with the volume of hearsay evidence is the equivalent to a modern day lynching.

      The most devasting part of this whole circus, is that it is a distraction and keeps Liberians and Sls divided between and among each other while our resources are once again being sucked out by other developed countries for pennies. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      1. Dear cen,

        I learned many years ago that an education without an application is void! What this perhaps appears to show; is the majority’s belief; in their mind; that the newspaper article proves that Mr. Taylor is not guilty of purchasing arms from South Africa; therefore the article is inadmissible since it tends to prove the innocence of the accused. They did not rule on its reliability. For this reason I feel the defense should subpoena the Minister to clear up the issue.

        The defense has planted the notion in the mind of the court; they must now execute their call to defend Mr. Taylor. This is an issue that the international community has witnessed. If the court finds Mr. Taylor guilty of purchasing arms from South Africa; it will send a clear the signal to the world that Mr. Taylor is not entitled to a fair trial. This issue has taken a great deal of wind out of the sail of a corrupt court; if this one happens to be such.

        I believe that if Mr. Taylor was tried in Sierra Leone he would not have had the opportunity to defend himself; they did him a favor.

        1. 10-14-2010
          Interesting analysis, as always. It seems the move to the Hague was intended to intimidate the accused and mask the lack of interest on the part of the SL people and others from that region.

      2. cen,

        As an ex-US Army Ranger (Special Forces) I was trained never to back down from a fight. “GO HARD, OR GO HOME” fallah is hiding under the shadow of the moderator simple because they are kinsmen. The moderator allows fallah to run around like a loose cannon but when you returned fire, your comment don’t meet the policy of the site. Same problem we had with Alpha. The good thing is I know who fallah is.

        I wall seized fire for the moment but, if fallah continues his attacks, I am willing to fight from street to street, house to house until I smoke fallah out of his hole.

        1. 10-14-2010
          Big B
          I am having visions of Fallah being smoked out of his hole. Thanks for the good cheer.

  28. Cee,
    I am not advocating neither others who resent Taylor the exploitation of Africa’s resources by the western world. Development is gradual. I am not a supporter of Ellen, but you have to give credit to where it is due. Her administration has provided peace and stability contrary to what Taylor’s administration did. We do not need a ruler that attracts all the negativities, sanctions, wars and enemies that Taylor atrtracted. Taylor’s belligerent behavoir caused the isolation of Liberia and the ordinary man suffered. The reason most of you on this site support Taylor and that dark period in Liberia’s history is that you were either participants or direct beneficiaries of his doom and gloom.

    I am sick and tired of hearing about Africa’s Material exploitation, when if fact you guys advocate the exploitation and murder of Africa’s most precious possession ( African People) throught the support of wars and warlords.

    The reason we hailed Ellen is that she is providing peace and stability that allows ordinary people to pursue their endeavours without fear of intimidation and death. The more peaceful envoirnment we have, Liberians or Africans will use that time to pursue education that will enable her citizens and governments to have equal and equttible discourse with the western governments in political and economic transactions. We can not archieve this with the likes of Taylor who is a war and anarchy magnet. When there is war people intellectual growth is halted by no choice of their own. That is the predicament we face in Liberia. A whole generation became illiterate during the fourteen years of war.
    A drowning man will accept any branch that is offer him. I understand that the deals been brokered now might slightly be disadvantageous to Liberia, but as we remain stable, we will understand the practice better and therefore be able to negotiate from a position of strength.


    1. Nosirrah
      You have to be kidding. You have to be kidding. Otherwise, I can’t believe you are literate in Africa’s exploitation by Western nations. I beg you, look beyond what is right in front of you. Just a small clue, Chevron signed a deal with Liberia for oil. Chevron! An american company! Who on god’s green earth do you think will benefit the most from any oil that is found? When Liberia does their own oil exploration, then we have come out from under the grip of western exploitation.
      I agree with you that the literacy rate in Liberia is a serious serious problem that affected your generation. What plans has the Ellen administration designed and implemented to reduce illiteracy?
      Make no mistake about the fact that Liberia is stable because of the UN forces. A fact that goes to show that the UN could have entered Liberia and Sl years earlier to stop the fighting. May I suggest that you make an educated and honest assessment about why the UN failed to act for so many years?

      1. Cen,
        Please reread my post. My point was first things first. Liberia has to be peaceful and stable before she can advance to other oppurtunities like better education and infrastructures, clean drinking water, better roads, electricity for everyone, etc that the citizens can enjoy. If we have unhindered peace, we the people of Liberia will be able to advance and better negotiate deals and concessions by being educated and informed. Our governments hands are tied in negotiation when the people that provides us security offers a deal. Wars will only increase our dependency on others and thereby reduce our bargaining chip. Taylor’s conviction will prevent many wars in Africa and Liberia.

        My assessment as to why it took UN so long to intervene was the continious refusal by your cheif warlord Taylor’s insistence of the conflict being a civil war and resented foreign intervention. You guys talk about western influence but it was Taylor who rejected the intervention of his African brothers in the first place. Secondly, they did not come to avoid the protection of a dictator( Taylor).

        These biases by the UN and western powers and companies should serve as a catalyst for us to control our own destiny by being civil and denounce rebels like Charles Taylor and others who thrives on wars to enrich themselves in the FAKE name of revolution.

        1. Nosirah
          I respect your position. However, I respectfully disagree with 90% of what you believe.
          First, any any discussion of civil unrest in Liberia must begin with that fatal day President Tolbert was killed. If we skip over or marginalize that fact then we are doomed.

          Secondly, an elected sovereign governemnt can’t be forced out by other governments period.

          Third, here is where our minds meet, Liberia is negotiating from a position of weakness.
          Fourth, our minds meet again, Liberia is “stable and holding” as long as secuirty is being provided by outsiders.
          Fifth, our minds meet again, African countries should control their own destinies.

          Our minds drift apart here, The fact and manner in which CT is being tried is an expansion of western dominace and expoitation of not only Liberia, but other developing countries. It causes me great pain to see that this is missed by many Liberians.
          Nosirrah, I beg you to take a closer look at African history and the lengths western countries have taken to continue their expoitation of our countries.

          To be clear, I’m not pro or anti Taylor. I am pro African, pro developing countries, pro self determination and realization.

          Please, if you have not already, do some research on what has happend and is happening in Sudan. Like, Liberia people from that country were offered TPS because the country is so unstable.
          Do you undersatnd or believe that the US has the power to stop civil unrest in developing countries?

          Last point, Ellen refusal to testify before the TRC or to respect the reccomendations is selfish. She said, she would not testify because what she had to say would be said in her auto biography when she retires.
          Country before self!

        2. 10/14/2010

          Only time will tell if a conviction of CT will prevent wars in Liberia and other developing countries. Personally, I disagree with your anaylsis.
          A closer look at ICC’s involvement with Sudan, may broaden your perspective and possibly cause a shift in your paradigm. Are you keeping up with the current events in Sudan? Are you aware of the ICC ongoing cases against Sudanese Kushayb, Bashir and Huran?
          Have you visited the ICC web site? Are you aware that all of the onging cases are against men of color? Does this shake or shift your paradigm?
          I’m not advocating free passes for those who commit atrocities. I’m advocating for competent and impartial tribunals for any one that is indicted for war crimes. I’m advocating for “rule of law” for all countries.
          Patriotism is a great catalyst for change and improvement of any country. So I understand and appreciate the Ellen supporters. However, blind patriotism, selective patriotism or patriotism out of ignorance can be fatal to a countries development. CT stepped down, despite being a US certified democratically elected president of Liberia, so that Liberians could live and see peace.
          I lost all respect for Ellen when she refused to testify before the TRC. I am reserving my vote for sainthood for Ellen until she puts aside her own political and personal aspirations. An educated and informed patriot would not vote for Ellen and would not cheer the prosecution of their elected leader by an incompetent partial tribunal. Moreover, my concerns about the competency, partiality and political over and under tones of the ICC will not diminish even if CT was acquitted.

          Country first!

          Country first!

    2. Nosirrah,
      I am not a liberian,i don’t know anything about liberia politics.I have learnt a lot reading you guys comments.I am a sierra Leonean that left sierra leone as a child during the war,i and my family have however been keeping abreast with whats going on in sierra leone.I am interested in international law and politics.

      I understand your cry for justice in liberia,but you are going about it the wrong way…in Sierra Leone we’ve had closure from the wars,the people responsible had been tried and convicted.

      I find it frustrating to watch the pschology of an african nation been manipulated this way….Nosirrah have you heard any sierra leonean in this blog calling for charles taylors head…NO’ because he has done nothing to us,giving the charges levied on this man you may expect sierra leonean writting and calling for this mans head,but all the comments on this blog is about liberian politics….The people that really want charles taylor convicted are liberians….this case is supposed to be about sierra leone right .


      Nossirah,I will advice you peopel to set up a court in liberia if you have the guts or reconcile and stop using sierra leone as a conduit for your vengfool freaks bouts.

      1. Cee
        Interesting, and well said. However, Liberians as a whole do not want CT tried. It would make better sense to attempt to prosecute him for actions in Liberia. Although I think the case there would be even weaker. Moreover, how do you keep Ellen’s name out of a Liberian was crimes trial?


      2. Cee, it is interesting to here that you are a Sierra Leonean but do not blame Charles Taylor for the evil that was committed in that country. It is even erroneous to say that there has been no Sierra Leonean on this site wanting justice for Charles Taylor. Saying that you see only Liberians calling for Taylor’s head is not correct for we stand against Mr. Taylor’s spirit of evil not his head; calling for his head is nothing different from what his gangs used to say. If you were a child when you left Sierra Leone, you must be counted Lucky then because those who stayed and witnessed every thing weren’t that lucky. I am a Liberian , was partly schooled in Sierra Leone during the early 90’s and saw many things . Haven seeing all those hard evidences, your statement cannot change my position. I don’t just speak as a contributor on this site , rather, i speak because i saw carnage and disaster , i saw the devil those years in both countries.

        1. Vem,

          What Cee is saying to you Vem as a Liberian, is to establish your own court in Liberia to prosecute this innocent man, if that what you want and don’t use the back door means, in the name of Sierra Leone and this fake case to get even with President Taylor.

    3. Thank you very much Nosirrah. There is no better way to put it except that the supporters of Taylor will rather have Africa consumed in chaos than accept your reasoning. I personally will be waisting time telling them that i have no connection with Ellen’s government but rather speak the truth the poor needs to hear so as not to be brain washed,like before, by any greedy and devilish incognito just to destroy what we have patiently waited for , prayed for , and built in Liberia. Your world , pro Taylors, is no more if you don’t learn to accept this civilized one.

    4. Nosirrah,

      One of the reasons, in fact, it is the main reason why some of you anti-Taylor support and defend this happy trigger warmonger and rebel grand mom, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in Liberia; the reason is that she turned over your arch enemy, President Taylor to this fake court. Can you imagine, you guys believe and agree with the prosecution that President Taylor was the head of the RUF, or a part of the command and control structure of the rebels, even though, documents have proved the contrary, but yet don’t want to accept the fact that Ellen was the head of the NPFL, or part of the command and control structure of the defunct NPFL; not only that, but gave direct orders to her commander, Taylor to level Liberia and she will rebuild it. Nosirrah, what is your standard of measurement here? Are we talking about one rule but two different standards?

  29. I am waiting to see what happens to the “Public with Confidential Annexes A-D Defence Motion for Disclosure of Exculpatory Information Relating to DCT-032.”

    It is interesting to see that the prosecution does not challenge the focus of the motion. See Defence Reply to Prosecution Response to Defence Motion for Disclosure of exculpatory Information Relating to DCT-032; filed on 5 October 2010.

    • The Defence notes that the Prosecution does not challenge most of the factual allegations in the Motion. Specifically, the Prosecution does not dispute that they, with the assistance of DCT-032, carried out an investigation into the death of Johnny Paul Koroma and exhumed two corpses which, upon testing, were discovered to not be the remains of Johnny Paul Koroma. The Prosecution does not dispute paying money to DCT-032, estimated at $1500, or promising DCT-032 an additional $5000 if he actually led them to the body of Johnny Paul Koroma. Furthermore, the Prosecution does not dispute that the [then] Prosecutor Stephen Rapp gave a letter of indemnity against prosecution to DCT-032.

    It really is unethical for the prosecution to PAY individuals who are responsible for crimes to inform on others. A letter of indemnity against prosecution is the standard employed by jurisdictions that have fair ethics toward prosecuting persons for crime.

    If they did this to Mr. Taylor; there is no doubt they have done this to others. To promise a person $6,500 to lead them to a body that this person may be responsible for killing; clearly establishes an activity centered on bribery.

    The special Court for Sierra Leone is jam-packed with dishonors that illustrate infected illegalities. What is expected here is to see a higher-ground taken by the court even if the person(s) on trial is in fact guilty; nothing less is accepted here.

    The case of DCT-032 and DCT-097 are clear examples of bribery that can fairly be presumed to have extended through-out this court’s trial of persons who are alleged to have committed crimes.

    A motion from the defense asserting the claim that the prosecution has bribed all of it witnesses that was subjected to a criminal charge; is long behind schedule!

    See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1098.PDF

  30. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

    Your post and link on April 26, 2010 daily summary at April 28, 2010 at 6:36 pm; is interesting.

  31. On October 6, 2010 the Trial Chamber handed down its decision on defense’s “Defence Motion to Exclude Evidence Falling outside the Scope of the Indictment and/or the Jurisdiction of the Special Court For Sierra Leone.”

    • FINDING therefore that the Motion is premature at this stage of the trial and that the said issues are more appropriately addressed by the parties in the final trial Briefs and/or closing arguments.

    See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1101.PDF

  32. Dear cen & Big B,

    But, is this not true, as to what Animal Farm excerpts are now accepted in Liberia and Sierra Leone:

    • “You have heard then, comrades,” he said, “that we pigs now sleep in the beds of the farmhouse? And why not? You did not suppose, surely, that there was ever a ruling against beds? A bed merely means a place to sleep in. A pile of straw in a stall is a bed, properly regarded. The rule was against sheets, which are a human invention. We have removed the sheets from the farmhouse beds, and sleep between blankets. And very comfortable beds they are too! But not more comfortable than we need, I can tell you, comrades, with all the brainwork we have to do nowadays. You would not rob us of our repose, would you, comrades? You would not have us too tired to carry out our duties? Surely none of you wishes to see Jones back?”

    • The animals reassured him on this point immediately, and no more was said
    about the pigs sleeping in the farmhouse beds. And when, some days afterwards, it was announced that from now on the pigs would get up an hour later in the mornings than the other animals, no complaint was made about that either.

    Because no one is teaching the people the means to survive; they linger within a refuse pool.

    Tell Muriel she cannot allow public officials to dine on FRIED ICE-CREAM with the people’s money; she will know what I am talking about; since 1993.

    1. Sekou

      I.m not sure. I had the privilege of a secondary education in the greatest country there is, the USA.

      1. Dear cen,

        Perhaps it appears condescending to mention the status of education in Liberia and Sierra Leone; but what I gather from the Animal Farm is, common sense is more powerful than just being academically trained. Nevertheless, the world requires some degree of literacy. My concern is that the youth receive an education in consciousness.

        This may appear too farfetched as stated by a Kenyan Mau Mau’s daughter concerning Black Africans; [Keep] them uneducated and you will always rule them!

        It is now time that the educated Black African show love for his people by educating them.

        It is my opinion that Black South Africans prior to Stompie Moeketsi (James Seipei); and his generation opposing the apartheid educational system there; were the best trained in Africa.




        1. 10-14-2010
          Interesting. I agree that more has to be done to secure basic literacy for all.
          I disagree with the premise in Animal Farm. I feel that an education is far more powerful and useful than common sense. Besides, common sense is relative. Imagine a country where the majority of voting age have illiteracy in common. What they agree on or their sense of understanding about how things or events or who they vote for could impact them is scary. Everyone has common sense, but the quality and type of education or the lack of education it is rooted in is critical.
          As always, thank you for keeping us on track and pushing for meaningful discussions.


  33. 10-14-2010

    Big B

    So tell me, how long have you been following the trial? Are you following any of the other trials at the ICC?
    Also, have you been able to find Taigen corrected comment stemming from our brilliant fellow blogger, Sekou?

    1. cen,

      I have been following the trial from day 1. For the record, I am not related to President Taylor or never did work in his government. When Taylor was President of Liberia I was in Iraq in the fox hole. The reason I became interesting in the trial was when Ellen first denied that she (Ellen) didn’t asked President Obasanjo to turn over President Taylor. When President Obasanjo spoke on the issue indicating Ellen in fact wrote him (Obasanjo) a letter asking for President Taylor to be turned over to the SCSL, I was flabbergasted. That was vindictive on the part of Ellen and the beginning of the conspiracy.

      No, I have not seen Taegin’s “correct comment” I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he did the correction in his sleep. Lol.

  34. It is not a surprise that cee considers Amadinajad’s Iran game as a liberational struggle. That’s the stance Africans must take, otherwise , you are not intelligent and your are empowering suppressors and surrendering , as cee puts it. Well cee these are strong rhetorical and empty words that African have heard for years but brought nothing progressive. What idea of economic growth have you got in this world if capitalism, socialism or mixed economy. Have you crafted any economic idea that is non European or non Western ? Does practicing either makes one a surrenderer? In your case, yes. Then it proves your look at China hypocritical because china is using these economic ideas, non Chinese ideas, to change its course in the global world. Now where do you stand with all the anger vented against western ideas? Stagnation , poverty, and division caused by the extremeness of many African politician. The path taken by Amadinajad in Iran is very similar to that of Mr Taylor during his campaigns in Liberia and Sierra Leone, so it is not a surprise to have you compliment such fight. China see democracy and its principles as a stumping block to her agenda so she is comfortable doing business with any group , be it a despotic one, like the case of Mr. Taylor in Liberia, Mogabi in Zimbabwe , Omer Bashea in Sudan. I challenge you to make comparism between the struggle of Mr Taylor in Liberia and that of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, Or Gandhi in India . These are people who disagreed constructively with Western ideas that were divisive and unpopular yet embraced the ones that were good for humanity

    1. Vem
      I am flabagasted with your insinuances ,if infact you are not a westerner your utterance is shameful if you are an African.

      Firstly, Iran have never attacked any of its neighbours for many centuries,Iran is a democracy,Irans economy is very good,Iran has a highly advance technological and economicly self reliance through hard work,not patronage!!!!!…I am an african ,Iranian are not my enemy or enemies of africa and are no threat to me or africa!!!,Iran is the enemy of the west because iran chooses it own destiny,they choose not to cooperate in slowing their development by being technologically advance without the permission of the west.i know its in contrast to what you understand or been told,i agree with you irans president had been taunting the tormentors,with the holocaust denial and the 9/11 gaff.i am not oblidge to follow that train of thought as an african…LET ME CHOOSE MY OWN ENEMIES OK>>>.

      Secondly,China is a central command market economy,which is also outside the control of the neo-liberals free market crew in the west.This economic model has turned the world upside down if you don’t realise.A non democracy economicly and technologically advance, guess your nose is stuck in the neo-liberal free market corrupters rules of market,which has proven hardly beneficial to africa or any developing countries that rely on it over the years.

      In South America all thr countries that ditched the Neo-Liberal,IMF, world bank western model of economics are the ones doing well,Brazil,Venezuala,Bolivia just to mention a few.

      Vem the world is moving on if you are an african,don’t allow yourself to be drag back to slavery .Believe me Vem,there is another way…this was’nt the case twenty years ago the world is indeed moving on you are allowed to think outside the box… i mentioned these countries above because they think outside the box and are developing rapidly!!you seem to be praising an economic model that is under serious questioning these days!!!WE SHOULD STOP BEEN LAZY BY EXPECTING OTHERS TO TELL US WHAT IS GOOD OR BAD FOR US,ITS A SIGN OF IMATURITY.

      I have given you a synopsis…not enough time to provide you with datas but this is present day reality.Vemous

  35. Why was Charles Talor allowed by Griffith to testified on his own behalf? I maintained that this decision was mis calculated and will eventually comes to bite Charles Taylor big. See this below
    Transcript Nov 16, 2009 page 31756 open session:
    Question Mis.Hollis: And during the time that Ecomog was in Liberia, there were times that in facts their financial problems led them to not being able to pay their troops for periods of times, Isn’t that right?
    Answer Charles Taylor: I am sorry counsel, I don’t know I really don’t I am sorry I don’t know.
    Question Mis.Hollis: During the time that they were there, in fact, their troops, their officers and their firgters, some of them were willing to sell their weapons for money that is correct isn’t it?
    Answer Charles Taylor: Well no. I am not aware of that phenomenon. I am not.
    Question Mis. Holis: Mr. Taylor, you ‘av told the court that in fact, you bought weapons from Ecomog.
    Ans. Charles Taylor: Yes; I told the court that I bought weapons from Ecomog.
    Again allowing Charles Taylor the accused, to take the stand and contradicting himself will eventually be the justification of his ill fate. QUILTY it is.

    1. 10-15-2010


      Did CT buy weapons from ECOMOG, the entitiy, or ECOMOG fighters? What is your point?
      Is it not plausible that he purchased weapons from the enitity and not the officers or fighters individualy? Is it plausible that he did not buy the weapons for money. Is it not plausible that he purchased weapons from ECOMOG before they entered Liberia. Do you see where this is going? I will go back and read the transcript.
      Sekou, see what I mean about common sense being relative and rooted in a sound education.

      1. Dear cen,

        The correct inference of Mr. Taylor’s testimony of 16 NOVEMBER 2009 Page 31756-7 is as follows:




        Page 31756

        There were times we would hear – when I had the time, you know, we would hear that ECOMOG was asking for more equipment. But I’m afraid, counsel, I will be deceiving the Court if I answered that in a yes or no. But I say they did have some problems that we heard of but, like I said, for me, I was paying attention to getting elected and my campaign, so I don’t know the details of their problems. I don’t really know.

        Q. And throughout ECOMOG’s time in Liberia, ECOMOG also suffered financial problems. Isn’t that correct?

        A. Oh boy, talking for ECOMOG is a hard one for me. I really can’t say with any degree of certainty, counsel, because military complaints are always there. We were – well, I know ECOWAS at the time was constantly asking the European Union and the international community for financial assistance, financial assistance. Now, if I can conclude that this constituted to the type of question, you know, that you are trying to get to, I don’t know, because in trying to solve the – most of these crises around the world there’s never an end to asking for money and logistics and logistical supplies, so I would beg to be not pressed on this issue. I really don’t – I can’t say with a degree of certainty, but I do know that there were times when they would ask for money. That I do know.

        Q. And during the time that ECOMOG was in Liberia, there were times that, in fact, their financial problems led them to not being able to pay their troops for periods of time. Isn’t that right?

        A. I’m sorry, counsel, I don’t know. I really don’t. I’m sorry, I don’t know.

        Q. During the time that they were there, in fact, their

        Page 31757

        troops, their officers and their fighters, some of them were willing to sell their weapons for money. That’s correct, isn’t it?

        A. Well, no. I’m not aware of officers and men selling their weapons for money, counsel. No, I’m not aware of that phenomenon. No, I’m not.

        Q. Mr Taylor, you’ve told the Court that, in fact, you bought weapons from ECOMOG.

        A. That is correct, I have told the Court that I bought weapons from ECOMOG. That is different from your question of the individual selling his weapon. I’m saying no to that. I’m not refusing the fact that we bought weapons. Your question was to the effect that individuals were selling their weapons. I’m saying, no, I’m not aware of that.

        Q. Who did you buy them from?

        A. Commanders. From their stockpile.

        Q. How much did you pay them for these weapons?

        A. It depends on – sometimes 2, 3, 4, 5 thousand dollars, depending on what was available. We would buy weapons from them. Mind you now, I want to be clear about this, we’re talking about during the war now, counsel, and not during the time of disarmament. We’re talking about during the war, during the fighting.

        JUDGE SEBUTINDE: $5,000 per what?

        THE WITNESS: 5,000 United States dollars, depending on what’s available to buy. The question was how much did I pay them, and I said depending on –

        MS HOLLIS:

        Q. What did you purchase for those amounts?

    2. Ziggy Salis,

      You still don’t know how to spell “GUILTY” even though you’ve been on this site for years and continue to see the real spelling of the word but yet spelling guilty as “QUILTY”. However, your side falsely claimed to be more educated than some of us who continue to stand for real and true justice. Nevertheless, if President Taylor bought weapons from Ecomog to defend the lives of his people, what is the big deal? You wanted him to sit supinely and see the rebel groups you desire to savagely murder our citizens in cold blood? You are only angry because he defeated all of the groups and individuals you support including this happy trigger warmonger and rebel grand mom, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. What is the difference between this innocent man sitting in the whiteman’s jail cell who they have accused of supporting the RUF and the rebel grand mom Ellen who openly supported Taylor? Why are you not holding Ellen responsible for what her subordinate Taylor did in Liberia? Buddy, it is hard to defend Ellen. FAKE CASE.

  36. Noko5,
    I’m pretty sure you’re capable of assuming something based on the statement that i made, but I spoke about Prince Johnson, running for presidency, not about Doe, Ellen etc….so get it together.

    I stand corrected Doe was the one who open the door for Taylor, I totally agree with that.

    I’m not sure who you got your information from, Ellen Johnson stated that she financially supported Taylor but that when she saw that Taylor was not serious with his rag-tag boys in Nimba when she visited she pulled her support back. So like someone stated your Liberian CNN news source is just what it is, gossip and talk, but yet you state that information as a fact.

    I do not support Samuel Doe never have never will, I consider him as much a madman as Taylor and the rest.

    Secondly, Ellen Johnson has admitted her support for Taylor, what ever consequence she deserve the judicial system should decided, while they decide the fate of Taylor, P Johnson, Boley etc……..but to equate her participation to Prince Johnson and Taylor is a joke!!! She never lead a batallion for 14 years, she has confessed her participation so i go by what she say. Everybody wanted Doe out and did what they thought was necessary to get him out, but she WAS NOT the head of Taylor, she is not to be blamed for Taylor’s madness, that too is a joke!!!

    1. Thats okay Ms. Teage,
      It is just disheartening that Fallah will not address this issue adequately..but theres a need to know…

    2. Mrs. Teage,

      Did President Taylor lead a battalion for 14 years in Sierra Leone? Ma’am, re-read your own post; you will see a very huge contradiction of yourself. However, I don’t think your contradiction is based on ignorance, because you have acknowledged that Ellen admiited her support to President Taylor; but your contradiction is base on defending the indefensible which is this trigger happy warmonger and rebel grandmom, Ellen.

  37. Big B. Be thankful to Ellen as a true revolutionist who kept her promise for ‘liberation of the masses’ from the yoke of oppression! Be thankful to Ellen for restoring not only dignity to your country, but bringing about peace and stability to the helpless and down trodens! Ask Ellen’s forgiveness for ‘bad-mouthing’ all her efforts to bringing dignity to your mesirable kins that that have known no peace under you and taylor for 15 years! You also should be ashamed of your comments of apologies from jfallahmenjor, because he is a true pioneer of revolutionary road to freedom that Ellen now makes a ‘reality!’ Wow, and thank fallah for opening your eyes to being able to express your thoughts so freely without fears! Say thank you fallah that you are able to taste freedom once more. Yes fallah has helped shape your country while in exile all these 27years! Isn’t 27th a luckie number? Yes, and it is time to return to help Ellen in Her second term..and believe me I shall reveal my identity when that time comes! This is all for you Big B, and all taylor generals!

    1. fallah,

      To tell you the truth the only props I can give Ellen is her out maneuvered of Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, Bryant and Blah. For a woman to have out smart five men and caused their downfall is a paradigm that no woman I believe in the world has accomplished. So I take my hat off to Ellen. However, I will not refer to Ellen as a “revolutionist” because if she were a “revolutionist” she would not run for the second term. She had liberated her people. It’s time for her to quit. Read Prince Johnson piece I posted on 19 October. Prince is appealing to Ellen to “Retire like Mandela” after a one term.

      Rather, Ellen is someone who is vindictive, a warmonger, greed and someone who throws stones and hides her hands. (She lies).

      For you fallah, I will put you and your darling girl in the same category. You guys are nothing but bunch of troublemakers. We the People will Unit and boot your out of office, and I wouldn’t be surprised your will go into self imposed exile and begin to plan war.

      If fallah is in “exile for 27 years” while his darling girl is president, then I have been in exile for 55 years a much better lucky number according to my Chinese fortune cookie.

  38. Dear Charles & Rgk007

    I have come across some additional information on George Boley and Hassan Bility; review the links.

    See link: http://search.democratandchronicle.com/sp?skin=&aff=1100&keywords=boley



    Rgk007 here is an article that tends to detract Hassan Bility’s efforts to help convict Mr. Taylor, His Son and members of the RUF; reliable information is highly sort after these days.

    See link: http://johnnydwyer.net/crashinslowmotion/?p=451

    By the way; Rgk007 what religion are you?

    1. Mr Sekou,
      Thank you very much for the update. I must admit i have not yet opened the link before typing this response but I am sure what you’ve posted would be surely interesting. To answer your question I am a muslim . I reside in london but I’m African ( Nigerian to be specific ). My interest in this trial and events is based solely on true justice and fairplay . Cheers.

  39. Dear colleagues (Big B, Noko5, Noko4, Jose, Harris etc.),

    This could be the final nail in the coffin of the dead prosecution case. The prosecution has not only failed to disclose exculpatory materials which tends to suggest or mitigate the innocence of the accused but has also failed in assisting the trail chamber in the administration of justice. These are not not my words but those of the trial chamber so please don’t get confused J. Fallah and start posting your usual ca**age because I no you very well just follow the link below to get frustrated more.

    Mark my words all you misguided fokes J. fallah, Fallah, Teage, Ziggy Salis etc my PRESIDENT CHARLES TAYLOR will be set FREE.

    Charles Taylor for life.

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