At Status Conference, Defense Say They Will Call One More Witness, Judges Dismiss The Defense Contempt Motion And Set Time Table To End Charles Taylor’s Trial

At a Status Conference held today in The Hague, the Special Court for Sierra Leone judges set a time table to end the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor. The judges also dismissed in entirety a defense contempt motion requesting an enquiry into how prosecutors conducted themselves during their investigations. Defense lawyers further indicated that they would call one final witness to testify for Mr. Taylor.

As the Status Conference commenced this morning, the Presiding Judge of the Trial Chamber, Justice Julia Sebutinde, first informed the parties that the Trial Chamber will deliver an oral decision without reasons on the defense motion that contempt investigations be established against prosecutors for their conduct in dealing with witnesses during their investigations. In the motion that was filed by defense lawyers for Mr. Taylor on September 24, 2010, defense lawyers alleged that prosecutors had misconducted themselves during their investigations by bribing, intimidating, and sometimes physically assaulting witnesses to testify against Mr. Taylor.

As she delivered the very short ruling of the Trial Chamber today, Justice Sebutinde said, “The Trial Chamber dismisses this motion in its entirety and will publish its reasons in due cause.”

The court then heard from Mr. Taylor’s defense lawyers that they will call one more witness to testify for Mr. Taylor. The witness, who is identified by the Pseudonym DCT-102, will commence his testimony on Monday, November 1, 2010. Defense lawyers intend to lead the witness in direct examination for two days, but it is not clear how long prosecutors will take to cross-examine the witness. According to Mr. Taylor’s defense counsel Terry Munyard, they do not anticipate that the witness’s entire testimony will last for more than one week.

The court heard from both the prosecution and the defense on various issues, including disclosure of materials by the prosecution, a time limit for the closure of the defense case, and the time limit and length of closing briefs. After a brief recess, the judges returned to the court with the following orders.

1. The defense case will formally close immediately after the testimony of DCT-102 or at the latest by November 12, 2010.

2. The the court will observe a judicial recess from December 17, 2010 and will resume on January 10, 2011.

3. The parties will submit their final trial briefs by Friday, January 14, 2011 but either party could do so at an earlier date if they wish to.

4. If they wish to, the parties should file any written responses to each other’s final trial briefs by January 31, 2011.

5. The court will hear final oral arguments from the parties for three days starting on February 8, 2011. Prosecutors will first deliver their final oral arguments on February 8, followed by defense oral arguments on February 9, then the court will observe a one day hiatus on February 10, and the parties will make any rebuttals to each other’s oral arguments for two hours each on February 11, 2011.

6. The the length of each party’s final trial briefs should not be more than 600 pages while any responses to the trial briefs should not be more than 100 pages from each party.

After the closing arguments, the court will then determine how long it will take before a final judgment is delivered. The court adjourned and will resume on Monday, November 1, 2010 with the commencement of the evidence of DCT-102.

DCT-102 will be Mr. Taylor’s 21st and final defense witness.


  1. Great Job Judge Sebutinde! This trial has to come to an end! We have heard enough from both sides. Taylor must face prison sentence or go free to live whereever he choses to live, beside Liberia. Reason being that we will apprehend and try him for crimes against the Liberian and sierra Leoneans if he dears step foot on the soil of Liberia! To the support group, we dear anyone to try to revisit harm on the people of those two nations now or ever. We are ready to end the fight just like this trial coming to an end! Bravo, Pro and Cons..Fallah will take a break from today..because all objectives are met..there is no more need saying more…jfallahmenjor, the General.

    1. jfallahmenjor, the General,
      I no you are ready to end the fight, you are losing, but in this case there will be “NO” negotiation, just a clear and hard fought win. FYI, it is not in the best interests of the losers to make redundant threats.

      Study this before you take a break : The [then] Chief Prosecutor, David Crane also made direct verbal threats and intimidated a potential witness. Crane threatened to imprison OCT-102, like Issa Sesay, if he did not cooperate. DCT-102 even has a souvenir from Crane to corroborate his account.

      jfallahmenjor, the General, the witness, with the Pseudonym DCT-102, will commence his testimony on Monday, November 1, 2010.

      1. Ken

        Let’s try to get some clarification on this topic you keep blindly stating as if it means something. You are talking about a commonly use interrogation practice. Please “Study this before you take a break :” step 7 in the link below. “FYI;” The Reid Technique’s Nine Steps of Interrogation are a system wildly used. David Crane did not commit torture or any enhance interrogation technique. He just use a wildly accept interrogation technique.

        1. Al-Solo Nyonteh,
          Why would David Crane be using a wildly accept interrogation technique (The Reid Technique) on a “potential witness” he wanted to testify for the prosecution. Why threaten the person with jail, what is wrong with using the subpoena system.

        2. Ken

          Naomi Campbell is a perfect example of the results of the subpoena system process. It’s only one thing the common criminal understand and that’s “your caught so you might as well help yourself by telling the truth”. At that point the average novice criminal only thinks of one thing, which is helping themselves and the truth is not always the by product but it is very effective in getting information from an uncooperative witness. If Naomi Campbell would have committed any verifiable crime involved with the diamonds she accepted, I guarantee she would have gotten a similar treatment.

        3. Al-Solo Nyonteh,
          It maybe a pre-testimony tool the prosecution can use on an uncooperative witness. Your own link you posted stated “Supporters argue the Reid Technique is useful in extracting information from otherwise unwilling suspects, while critics have charged the technique can elicit false confessions from innocent persons.” Nyonteh, DCT-102 was not a suspect, so if the Reid Technique was apply to him as a witness it could have elicit false testimony or false confessions from him. If David Crane use this technique as you seem to believe he did then DCT-102 will have the chance to say what information the prosecution wanted him to testify too and tell his knowledge of it. It most likely will not be what the prosecution wants here. If David Crane felt so strongly that DCT-102 had information that could prove Mr. Taylor guilty, why do you think he are the prosecution team did not subpoena DCT-102 as they did Naomi Campbell. Nyonteh, where did you get your information that Naomi Campbell or DCT-102 are common criminals

        4. Ken

          Actually Naomi Campbell did break the law. The South Africa Diamond ACT 56 OF 1986 Chapter III section 18 & 25, section 18 states: “no person shall have any unpolished diamond in his possession unless- he is a producer who has won or recovered that diamond from a mine as defined in section 1 of the Minerals Act, 1991, in accordance with any license, permit, lease or other authority granted to him under the Minerals Act, 1991, or which remains in force under section 47 of the said Act;” and section 25 states “Any person who by chance finds or picks up any unpolished diamond at any place where he or his employer is not permitted to prospect, dig or mine for diamonds in terms of the Minerals Act, 1991, shall forthwith take that diamond to the nearest police station and deliver it to the member of the South African Police on duty.”


        5. Ken

          As for DCT-102 I’m talking in general (assuming the alleged threats holds water), I was stating an effective way to get information from an uncooperative witness since I don’t really know any thing about DCT-102.

        6. Al-Solo Nyonteh,
          South Africa has not charge Naomi Campbell with any crime related to the uncut diamond she was in possession of for that short amount of time. Therefore, Campbell cannot be classified as a criminal base on that issue. The Reid Technique is not an effective way to get information from an uncooperative witness. The Reid Technique is use mainly to get information from an uncooperative suspect which law enforcement use daily.

        7. Ken

          I don’t know why Naomi Campbell was not charged but her co-conspirator (Jeremy Ractliffe) was. She admitted to being in possession of unpolished diamond under oath, she is guilty of a crime so that make her a “common novice criminal”. I think she is the worst kind of criminal because she gave up her partner in crime to save herself.

          The key words are “get information from a uncooperative _______”. You can feel in the blank as you see fit. A strategy that is effective does not discriminate on a person because of their title. During the prosecution investigation phase, they can and will use similar tactic and technique in which law enforcement officer use.

        8. Al-Solo Nyonteh,
          Ms. Campbell admitted she was in possession of unpolished diamond, not a criminal conspirator of Jeremy Radcliffe. At the time, she stated she receive those diamonds as a gift, Jeremy Radcliffe was not charge with any crime. How can you come to conclusion that Ms. Campbell is a criminal when she has not been charge with possession of the diamonds nor has she been trial and convicted, except by you?

          The key words in the Reid technique are get information from an uncooperative____. Nyonteh you have chosen to fill the blank with witness. It is a very effective technique to use on a suspect of a crime, but a very poor choose and ineffective technique to use on a witness as the prosecution will found out if they in deed use the Reid technique on DCT-102 as you believe.

        9. Ken

          See link below before continuing:

          Now that we are on the same page. Do you real think Naomi Campbell should not face justice? She was the mastermind whom had illegal possession of rough diamond and she conspired with Jeremy Ratcliffe to covert them into cash. Naomi Campbell is not innocent she is privileged. She use Jeremy Ratcliffe like a pawn and left him high and dry. Is that fair? Is that justice? Stop the denial, Naomi Campbell is a privileged criminal.

        10. Al-Solo Nyonteh,
          Jeremy Ractliffe is a South African, who has knowledge of the laws of his country. Jeremy Ractliffe was the one, who when he came into possession of those diamond was to turn them over to the authority right then not 16 years later when it is discover he had them. The link you posted the South African Authority state “Our case has got nothing to do with the case happening in The Hague. This is a local case related to possession of rough diamonds,” said Mhanga. The Hague case will have no bearing on our case. We intend to present the diamonds in court as evidence.”

          Nyonteh, Naomi Campbell as she stated, had nothing more to do with those stones she receive as a gift from unknown persons, once she gave them to Jeremy Ractliffe (a South African). Jeremy Ractliffe excuse for keeping the diamond that he did not want to involve the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund is very weak. Nyonteh, Naomi Campbell should face justice for what? Naomi Campbell was the mastermind behind what? Naomi Campbell conspired with Jeremy Ratcliffe to covert the diamonds into cash for whom?

    2. Folks,

      Though the prosecution had finally rested their case, but yet they were given an opportunity to reopen their fake case and even bring in fresh evidence including Super model Naomi Campbell to testify. However, my question is, why can’t that be applicable to the defense?

      1. Al Solo Nyonteh,

        Though not surprising, but familiar, your comment of criminalizing people who do not subscribe this fake prosecution of this innocent man, President Taylor. Why will you criminalize Super Model Naomi Campbell? She presented the facts. What is your problem? Please engage me. However, I won’t write much this time because I expect you to respond if you have the time.

        1. Dear Al-Solo Nyonteh,

          We are unable to approve your comment at this time because the last sentence, starting with “Link to…” does not comply with our website policy. We cannot post comments that accuse specific individuals of committing, or being responsible for, specific crimes made as a statement of fact if that individual has not been convicted of the crime by a court of law. We will approve your comment once this sentence is rephrased.

          Thank you.

          1. Dear davenport,

            Tracey is not on sabbatical, but she has been busy working on new projects. This is why you have not seen her on the site recently.


          2. Dear Ken,

            We apologize for the delay is putting the summary onto the website. It is available now.

        2. How can you talk about “freeing this innocent man in the name of justice”. If you really believe in justice and not using the terms as a “slogan for the sake of argument”; You should agree, it’s an injustice not to prosecute a person whom broke the law. Jeremy Ratcliffe (The South African whom Naomi Campbell give the rough Diamonds to in order to convert to cash for charity) was charge by South African authorities for being in possession of rough diamonds. It is a crime to be in possession of rough diamonds in South Africa. Jeremy Ratcliffe was an accessory after the fact, Naomi Campbell was the person whom took original possession of the rough diamond and conspired to convert them into cash. It is funny how you and others use slogans inwhich you do not believe in. I heard you mention how the west takes advantage of African countries. This is a clear cut case in which a British citizen is taking advantage of the South African legal system. It’s sad because the South African authorities seem like they are scared to prosecute Naomi Campbell in fear of the repercussion of the British government and international influences. If Naomi Campbell is/was tried, it would be a lot of international attention and we will get first hand knowledge on the respect people have for the African legal system. You and Ken are Africans and it’s clear as day you nor Ken have respect for the South African legal system if you believe Jeremy Ratcliffe should be charged but not Naomi Campbell.

          If your post are not phony and slogans use for the sake of argument. I think this injustice and disrespect towards the South African legal system should get your blood boiling. I know it got my blood boiling

          Article about Jeremy Ratcliffe :

          see Chapter III section 18 & 25 for possession of rough diamonds crimes

        3. Jose Rodriguez

          My post above is replying to your post dated October 28, 2010 at 5:12 pm.

          I’m not “criminalizing people who do not subscribe this fake prosecution of this innocent man”. I just believe all foreigner whom come to an African country and participate in an illegal act should be made an example out of with no questions asked. Failing to do so will open the door for all hard-core foreign career criminals to manipulate the system. I also believe that making an example out of Naomi Campbell would open the world eyes on the seriousness and South Africa’s stance on unpolished diamond laws.

    3. Fallah Menjor,
      I, NOKO5, dare any of you hipocrates that introduce rebel activity in that region to come up with any court action against Taylor when hes returning to his presidency in the Republic of Liberia. YOU WILL SEE WHO BORN DOG….And will be delt with drastically, like we did before, and will always when the need demands….

      1. Noko5, in response to your ” who borns dog” jfallah replies,”dog borns dog!” You said ” YOU WILL SEE WHO BORN DOG….And will be delt with drastically, like we did before, and will always when the need demands….” Jfallah knew all along that most of you on this site, it seems, were the same people who carried on all the sufferings on the citizens of Liberia and sierra Leone, You just confessed Noko5! Thanks for the information! Jfallah is done for now!

        1. YA! right..
          Fallah, remember you and Ellen brought war ,death and destruction on the people of that soverienge nation (LIBERIA) april 14,1979? All I am saying to you in short is, please accept defeat in these coming elections. Do not impose your selves on Liberia anymore. Orelse NOKO5 will go barefooted again, just as he did before for the sake of freedom..Thank you

        2. Al Solo Nyonteh,

          As the result of the disorganized manner in which our posts are now ordered, one can not determine who specifically a post is being addressed to except the person name is mentioned. Anyways, this is my respond. If you truly believe in democracy, you will accept everything that comes with it, even if the outcome does not favor you. However, it is the responsibility of the District Attorney, in this case, South Africa, as part of his/her job to investigate as well as prosecute. The duty of the DA is equally charged with the duty to investigate and prosecute crimes and these functions are inseparable. In this case, what crimes have Super Model, Naomi Campbell committed for which you have intentionally criminalized her. As evident, the DA does not think that there are sufficient reasons to remotely criminalize her like you. According to reports, she was an invited guest at the Nelson Medala’s Dinner and was given two Dirty Looking Stones by two mysterious men. Those Dirty Looking Stones were immediately turned over to the Nelson Madela Charity. So buddy, what is your problem with the South African Laws or with Naomi Campbell? Notwithstanding, you continue to invoke the peril of Africa by “big countries”. What was your double standard of measurement and blatant display of moral and legal hypocrisy of the two most Western sponsored notorious mercenary groups, like Sandline and Executive Outcome that was directly involved in the savage murdering of the Sierra Leonean people in Sierra Leone? Why are you not criminalizing Sandline and Executive Outcome and their western sponsors who violated U.N. arm embargoes and savagely murdered the people of Sierra Leaone? Is Sierra Leone not part of Africa? Al Solo Nyonteh, you are only angry because the prosecutors thought Super Model, Naomi Campbell would have gone along with their cataclysmic plot of stink designed to immobilized this innocent man, President Taylor and to ultimately lie on him. Listen up Solo, you should take Ms. Campbell to court if you think she broke any laws. FAKE CASE!!!!!!!!

  2. Indeed the legal process is no win, win business, but a complete battle ground where one side has to go down in order to settle the dust. However, the defense team has done a brilliant job so far and is close to winning this case with ease. We are confidence that the judges will give Mr. Taylor justice by clearing him of all charges before this court.


    I am convinced that each party fought tooth and nail, however, the verdict lie in the legal judgment of the “judges”. Whatever the outcome of this trial, I think it should set as a precedent, that no one is exempt from prosecution. I have my personal opinion about the nature of the trial, at this point, my views are irrelevant. But, I would hope that it somewhat serves as a deterrent to abuse of power and human right abuses not only in Africa, but globally.

    Whatever the outcome of this trial is, Liberia still has a difficult and challenging road to recovery. All of us, irrespective of our individual political affiliation or likes and dislikes for CT, have a role to play. I challenge us to take an introspective search or soul finding and discover our “better angels” work toward improving the lives of someone or people in Liberia. We have had heated discussions for and against CT, which I am convinced was healthy. Frankly, Liberia with or without Taylor, Ellen, PYJ and the rest of them is still our country and our destiny is the same. Face it, the presence or absence of these individual does not alter or overnight eliminate the suffering of “our” people and those of Sierra Leone.

    To our brothers and sisters of Sierra Leone, we collectively apologize for your mishaps. We hurt you all. CT admitted his early involvement in your country (but the time under prosecutorial review is what the trial is about). For the time that CT was involved, we say sorry, even if CT was never involved, we still had our Liberia brothers and sisters “freelancing” as soldiers of fortune, we still express our sympathy and empathize with you and your cause.

    Finally to our intelligentsia (Andrew, our hispanic Liberian, Jose, Fallah, King Gray, Noko1, 2,3,4,5,6 and the rest of Nokos, Wade, Simeon, Aki and the rest that I fail to mention), I say thank you for the fun ride and discourse. The discussions were intense and very passionate at times–that’s healthy. At times it was immensely passionate; I was even invited to get into a fist fight (don’t remember who, that’s how irrelevant the individual was). I say thank you all…

    To Alpha, Tracey and the rest of the team that ensured that we are informed, “merci”. At times you all were attacked because someone felt there were omissions,inclusions or distortions. Several times Alpha was attacked either because of his summary, or his opinion on radio. Alpha, don’t take it personally, it just shows how submerged Liberians get at times. Tracey, thank you!

    We have seen the forum grow, some left and were replaced by newcomers. Now, we are at the climax of the trial. Guilty or innocent verdict does not add to or subtract from who we are, what we have and have accomplished. None of us will become instant millionaires or revert of abject poverty because CT is found guilty or acquitted. I am saying that the verdict has no bearing on our personal net-worth. Bury the hatchet, and let’s rebuild our countries—Liberia and Sierra Leone and God Bless the Brothers and Sisters of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

    Thank you all! My words are “bnkable”!

    1. Bnkr2000,
      Welcome back but please remember it is the people of Sierra Leone who first brought war to Liberia. They need to apologize to us for sponsoring the Quiwonkpa fiasco which helped to bring about the 1990 war in Liberia. Sierra Leone was also the first to sponsor the Doe dissidents who attacked from there into Liberia.

      1. My Brother Aki,

        Thanks for the welcome!

        Frankly, I don’t need an apology from the people of SL and neither should you! Why? I know they sponsored the 1985 (Nov 12), but someone has the be the responsible group…if no one wants to come up and apologize, so be it! The point here, someone or in this case, our group (Liberians), have decided to take the mature and more sensible role and apologize. Remember, I don’t think we had any SL physically fighting in Liberia on Nov 12th, but we had Liberians physically committing atrocities. Do you understand how long the line of apology will be if we expect everyone to say sorry–check out this list (I know many are left out)

        US for the 1980 coup
        Doe and alleged coup plotter for killing the 13 and other crimes
        SL for Nov 12
        US for allowing CT to escape jail (allegedly)
        Burkina Faso–for sending troops to fight with Taylor
        Ivory Coast–for allowing CT use their territory
        Liberia–to Guinea for starting or fighting there
        Liberia–to Ivory Coast
        Liberia–Sierra Leone
        Liberia–Gambia for hosting the members of the 6 day coup in 1981
        Liberia to (Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Mali) for killing their citizens
        Rebels to Liberia for raping, and executing people
        and several degrees removed, Executive Outcome and Victor Bout, Mohammed Bah

        Got the hint, this could go on forever—-so we need to take a responsible and mature stance–We don’t need an apology–we need solutions!

        Thanks Bro!

        1. bnker
          In 1958, there were SLeons that physically fought in Liberia along with the Quoiwonkpa’s group and also that same year Kekura Kpoto of the NDPL recruited SLeons into the NDPL youth wing and they brutalized Liberians. So the fact is obvious, SLeons had been terrorizing Liberians for a long time before the advent of the SLeon war.

        2. bnker,
          I was minding my bussiness, but you touch something that pricked me; MATURE..”this is my view”. Technically, I will think the peoples of Sierraleone and Liberia, are equally mature, and in this light, Sierraleone or Sierraleoneans should be obliged to starting this reconciliation process. For the fact that they are a part and parcel of the embryonic implimentation of the functions and functionalities of de NPFL . Beside, regardless how long or lenthy the line of appology, it doesn’t matter. If that is what we need to bring total peace , so be it. If they owe Liberia appologies, they better give it. Now, just to speak a little about the NOV. 12, 1985 invasion, I tell you my brother, it was not as light as you are crediting it. Charles Julu was looking for my mother for more then 3 months to have her killed. Thousands of Nimbaians died in Nimba and Monrovia…..I rest my case..

    2. bnker2000,

      Are you sure no one is exempted from prosecution? What’s about this trigger happy warmonger and rebel grand mom, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? What’s about Prince Johnson, Brownie Samuka, Thomas Yaya Nimely, Diminte Conneh, Kabana J’ana, Butt Naked, and ect?

    3. 10-24-2010
      This trial would have been precedent setting if the ultimate benefactors of the SL war were made to face justice. By the by, who do you think the ultimate benefactors of the SL was were or are?

      1. Who do you consider the primary benefactor of the Sierra Leonean war my friend? I certainly know who the victims were…now you said there are victors?

      2. Dude (Cen)

        You asked me a question for which I don’t know the answer so I revert it to you and you refuse to assist me? So who do you suspect or know the benefactors of the SL war are?

  4. Enought is enought, Griffith! The trial chambers, have had enought of your delays. Time is nearing, and it all points to Charles Taylor’s guilt. Too many evidance were provided here by Charles Taylor himself, pointing to his influence and involvements with the notorious RUF, during their carnage of the innocent and peace loving people of the Mano river union. QUILTY it is…

  5. Let the word go forth that when all is said and done, CHANKAY will be cleared of all the contrived charges. The anti Taylor campaigner must now find place close to any medical center to begin consulting heart specialist as they are about to be attacked. PRAISE THE LOD for this INNOCENT MAN who will soon be freed.

  6. Fallah,

    Since you want to apprehend him at all cost, than let him return to Liberia if he is acquitted from this fake case. However, if he returns to Liberia, he makes your job of apprehending him a lot more easier because you know where he is, and you can do what ever the hell you want to do to him in Liberia. But I tell you what, good luck with that in Liberia.


    Greetings to all….

    This thread is very different from others that have been expressed by me or others in this room. The trial is a lesson for all world leaders, no one is above the law. My personal opinions about the trial and CT are being thrown out the window. World leaders have for many years orchestrated some of the worst human atrocities against their own people and other people in the name of preserving peace and holding to power. While power in the presidencies are good, absolute power leads us to create the perception that we are “above the law” and/or international tribunals legal reach is limited. I think this trial has erased all myths about that. Sure, most leaders have committed crimes against humanity, and many have escaped the dragnet of the law, either because they met their untimely demise, or are sheltered by their “super power status”. History is rattled and scared by these events. While the crimes in Sierra Leone were not unique to that country in particular, yet, crimes against humanity should not be taken lightly. National leaders must understand that they are to preserve and learned to respect the integrity and sanctity of life, simultaneously holding and acknowledging the sovereignty of our fellow neighbors. Note, in today’s global world, our neighborhood is mush larger–Liberia’s neighbors are now China, Mali and all nations of the world.

    That said, the trial of CT, the discussion that accompanied the progression of the case, and the verdict that awaits him does not remove the daunting question that Liberia is face with. We have a destitute people and an generation educationally lost and unskilled. We have high and unsustainable unemployment rates…the challenges are many. We have made some strides, but the task ahead remains challenging. So what does, CT trial do for us collectively and individually? Personally, whether CT is acquitted or found guilty, it does not change my financial status overnight and I bet it does not change anyone immediately. However, the result has long-term implication on Liberia. We must challenge ourselves irrespective of our political belief and association, we must work and improve the lives of our brothers and sisters in Liberia. The war didn’t come because Doe was terrible, but it came because illiteracy lead to a wider and wider inequality gap, followed by favoritism and nepotism. A jailed or freed Charles Taylor, does not remove or dissolve the prolonged and deep rooted problems that we’ve experienced. Charles Taylor, Ellen, PYJ, Boley and the rest is not the solution. They can all be gone today, but our troubles still persists. We must channel our valuable discussion and disagreements into transformational opportunities. Donate books to schools, even when opportunity exists, speak or teach at schools, invest in the private sector, become political and human rights activist (but protest within the context of the law). Liberia is an untapped resource mine. Our political struggles in the form of civil war is off the past, yet not forgotten. We have to commemorate the events, the celebrate the dead and visual the future. We MUST move forward and not stumble. A failed presidency means a failed state, especially for a country with weak structures such as Liberia and Sierra Leone. We should support our leaders and oppose the vices that they might introduce or reintroduce that may divide us again.

    This forum has been a rewarding experience for us all. At times we seem divided, but deep within, our overall objective for Liberia is the same–a stable country where our people can live. Some do not intend to live in Liberia again because of their traumatic experiences during the war, however, they have family members and friends who still live there. Our disagreements at times were heated… at times, frankly, I got “vex”, especially when someone declared that even though CT was in jail, he still had some people who could take me out—Childish threats I thought! I want to thank all who have made this forum a reality–I may leave some out, and if I do it was not intentional…

    Tracey, Alpha, George Soros Foundation and team for bringing us together to discuss this trail
    Andrew, Jose, Crown Hill, King Gray, Wade, Simmeon, Aki, Noko (1,2…), Fallah, Harris, Sekou and the list goes on and on…

    While we thank, we must also apologize. We also want to apologize to the people of Sierra Leone. We say sorry; some of our brothers and sisters were involved in your war. We know we had some freelancing mercenaries—sorry. We understand that your wounds are deep and the pains still exist. The lost you experienced are similar to those we had in Liberia. As you had foreign soldiers on your soil killing you, we did also (Gambians, Guineans, Burkinabes, Ghanian), all soldiers of fortune. We understand your plight—sorry!

    People, we have a personal challenge, CT, Ellen, and the rest will go, but the poverty cannot be reduced unless we individually invest our resources to eradicate suffering, thus, drastically reducing the chances of future disasters! God bless Liberia and the People of Sierra Leone!

    We await the verdict!

    1. You are Welcome Banker,Very thoughtful words.Your apologies is accepted, but Mr Taylor had done nothing to us Sierra Leoneans as the evidence shows….!!!

      I think our people have a common enemy outside africa(The Western true enemies of humanity)…that have based their prosperity on our naievity,weakness and lack of respect for each other.

      We will have to grow together and defend ourselves from attacks by these enemies,a none decent bunch that are trying to teach us decency!!!!

      1. Cee,
        Just follow the objective opinion of Banker instead of adding diviseness in your response by denying the involvement of Charles Taylor in the Sierra Leonean conflict. While the prosecution did not include significant time frame in their indictment, it is well documented and aknowledged of the initial involvement of Charles Taylor and the NPFL in the launching of the war in Sierra Leone by the provision of logistics, training and manpower. Please for once in your life call “a spade a spade.”

        1. Norissah,

          I am a sierra leonean looking at the bigger picture soberly,i refused to act like a simple dog gnashing at a bone given to me with no flesh.Yes the RUF and CT cooperate in 1991 at the beginning of the conflicts which is outside this indictment.But he was not the planner or the sponsor of the revolution in sierra leone.

          I think you are giving Mr Taylor too much capacity,just to execute your vegence…it all so twisted.

          Norrisah,you will no doubt tell me differ.

    2. Bnker,
      This is a very objective piece and it is hopeful to know that there are people like you with your viewpoint and the vision you hope Liberians and humans alike will strive for and the work that lays ahead for future generations. I sincerely shared this view as is evident in most of my posts on this site and hope that our collegues can escape the fox-hole mentality and for once think about the future of humanity.

      1. Cee and Nosirrah,

        Thanks for your responses. I was trying to avoid the “blame game” and the “exoneration exercise”. Cee you bring up an important point that we have allowed ourselves to be used. Even though, I will not use the words, “enemy” to describe western nations, I think the true enemy is found “within”. Our leaders have all failed to address the pressing and old age problems on the Continent, “illiteracy and poverty”. Our leaders have only considered amassing sufficient wealth for themselves and their children while neglecting and suppressing the majority. Because of this, the “Western nations” come to play, the vulnerable is easy manipulated. There is a theory, the best population to use to start a war, is the impoverish and deprived. I think one of our greatest problems we have as a continent, we seek to look externally for your problems, rather than taking an introspective look. The questions I believe the Continent needs to ask are the follow: Why are we continuously targeting ourselves, Why are we vulnerable to the devices of others, what trend or inference are we to gather from the demography that is generally targeted to start or prolong strive? You will discover that most if not all the answers are found because of a fundamentally flawed system of governance, security and weak financial management system–in a nutshell, the “lack of nationalism”.

        Norissah, you are correct also, it’s only fair to call a “spade a spade”. No one can ignore that Liberian’s were involved in the Civil Crisis in SL, albeit, Taylor or other Liberians. I was hoping that we would have solutions by now rather than “blame this and that person”. We still have not cultivated the proper “nurturing environment” to present solutions. I certainly hope that we all can muster the courage and find solutions rather than problems. True, the problems have to be discovered before formulating a solution. In this case, Taylor is not the problem and neither is Ellen. The problem is the cracks and the lack of will power to work toward solutions to our prolonged African curse (illiteracy and poverty). Taylor, Ellen, Brumskine, PYJ and the rest, are not the problem, they are a problem of the failures of the system. Countries that have embarked on sustained poverty reduction strategy, pursued education as a means to the end. It’s been proven that the more educated the population, the greater that population and reason and rationalize. Conversely, the larger the uneducated, the greater chance of manipulation by the “educated elite”. Liberian history is lined with this sad reality: The events leading to the Rice Riot 1979, the concept, growth and spread of the NPFL. I am sure that others can name others.

        Anyhow, thanks for your contributions and I am genuinely hopeful that you and others will contribute to our national development!

        1. 10=24=2010
          I tried to ignore the ignorant undertones to your comments. I lost that battle. Your comment about nationalism broke the camel’s back!
          If you had AAAANY sense of nationalism, you would not base your so called objective ramblings on CT being guilty. You are profoundly naive about this trial and the message it sends to developing countries.

  8. Fallah,

    What objectives are met? Your comment sounds more like a submission comment then accomplishing your objective. Your only accomplishment on this blog is talking loud and saying nothing. “Tooting your own horn”. If anyone should ever bring war to the peaceful loving people of Liberia it’s going to be you and your vindictive darling girl when WE the People Unit and boot her off her throne.

    I always thought Hellenism was a social norm but I was wrong fallah. Hellenism is a genetic trait embedded in a small number of people fallah.

    Do all of us a big favor, take a permanent break, a small shame is better then a big shame. Save your face. If you remain until President Taylor is acquitted, FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY FREE AT LAST, you will not be able to endure the humiliation from We the People fallah. We will miss you for your total nonsense comments. Bye fallah…

  9. It’s about time this trail draws to an end, I think it was wise decision made by the judge. As much as many think this trail was a waste of resources, i beg to differ, it is essentials that African leaders and one day other leaders of the world know that there will no longer be impunity for crimes committed against humanity, with that said……prolonging this trail with useless witnesses will only take away from the already low funds this court has, making it hard to prosecute other offenders of human rights…I am looking forward to the conclusion of this trail.

    1. Ms Teage,
      “You hit the nail right on the head.” Regardless of the outcome of this trial, it has served its purpose and objective of future deterence to would- be revolutionaries, warlords and world leaders that there will be consequencies for their actions.

      The idea of a world crime court should not only be limited to Africans and third world or eastern block European countries and their leaders, but to every country on this planet. While this legislation seem unfair and unbalanced at this time, it is the beginning. Every legislation is always open to amendment and i hope the court will actually reflect its name in the very near future. I agree with you entirely.

      1. I have followed this trial very closely and all the comments made. I have to say I am biased towards a no guilty towards Ct purely because the evidence does not add up. I also feel that Ct was responsible for a lot of atrocities in the name of war.

        I am not in any position to say I know much about Liberia but I have lots of Liberian friends I have met in Uk and it is sad to see them as victims on both sides.

        I however feel very strongly against the fact lthat African Leaders are brought to trial in a court established by the Western world led by US. I am very sure that no white leader of the developed world i.e. UK or US and their sodiers will ever be tried in this so called war crime courts. Iraq and Afghanistan are typical examples of this. It is one law for the Black African Leaders and none for the developed world and that is why I believe that in addition to the evidence not adding up this court has no right to put CT on trial. This does not mean I support CT and in fact I have no reason as it is up to Liberians to judge him more than I do.

        I am British born Nigerian in case people are interested.

    2. @ Ms. Teage
      I see you and bnker went to the same school of thought. Your comment about “African leaders and one day other leaders” is naive to put it mildy. When will that day come for other leaders? When?
      psp, here is your cheat sheet:
      Impugnity is the order of the day for those who benefitted from the war in SL and the destabilization of Liberia.

      1. Cess,
        You keep saying ppl who benefited from the war? Who are these people….I see your vocabulary is “affixed” on the word “naive” huh? Funny, anyhow, rational thinker please make your case and teach the “naive” people. So who benefited and what do you suggest that you do to them and how will you pursue achieving your objective?

        We wait

        1. 11-3-2010
          I am struggling to keep my vocabulary simple. Naive is the most diplomatic way to describe some of the views on this site. Do you have any other suggestions?

  10. Hey Guys

    I say bravo to you all once again. I am grateful that we now have a time-line to the end of this trial.
    I say to all who spoke in turn of Justice and fair trial for CT a big thank you. This will be a clear reference in deciding this case, its clearly sure that CT is popular amongst his people and contrary to clam by the prosecutor that CT is unpopular. Keep it up guys we are a part of this trial. Let keep our comment coming in, our opinion is significant to this process.



  11. Dear colleagues,

    I’ll rap this much:

    As the saying goes “there is light at the end of the turnel”. It is my belief President Charles Taylor will be a free man reason being that my old friend the hot headed Marxist J. Fallah a totally blind man since the bath of this fake case is suggesting my President will be free is worth noting. For ease of reference, check out the first comment right at the top.

    I don’t know what sought of deleverance has taken place in J.Fallah’s life who was totlly blind but now can see at least partially. This is a wonder to me someone please help me out Big B, Noko4 Sekou ect

    When thou art converted strengthen thy brethen – Please J. Fallah, try my borther to guide the other blind now that you can partially see.

    Many thanks.

    1. Joe3, jfallah is not on trial here! Taylor is! Pray for taylor and not for fallah who lives in comfort in the Great United States,and has no worries about what Big B or Noko5 thinks of him! Chill gentlemen, you cannot be that low in your understanding of what fallah is all about. Country first!

  12. Why do I have the feelings Taylor will go back to Liberia to run for the office he once held? Lo, Konan Bedier is back to Cote d’Ivoire running after he was chased away. I think Taylor will win and be elected again to become Liberia’s president. I don’t think Henri Konan Bedier will win this term though, because he was a poor leader in the 90s.

  13. it’s a pity that the law dealt out in the hague will not bestow the same level of justice as mr taylor bestowed on so many thousands. perhaps it would have been better to have the court in liberia where the justice that he dealt samuel dow could be dealt on him too

  14. Cen,
    Thanks for your comment! I could engage you in a spat, but it benefits me “none”. I have kept up with the trial from its inception, even though for a while I was absent from posting. As earlier mentioned, I will keep my opinions about Charles Taylor’s innocence or guilt from my discussion, because you personally don’t benefit from such outcome, and neither do I. I don’t want you to think for a second that I was not in Liberia during the war, I was. I had friends who fought for Charles Taylor and in Sierra Leone in the early stages of your war. So your claim of “naivety” is dumbfounded, since you don’t know anything about me other than what I put here. My personal opinions are well known for those who have followed by thread in the past, but in these writings they are out the window. It’s apparent that you are either reading too much into my writings or not understanding the message. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say, you are reading too much into it.

    You stated that the Western Countries are our enemy. I say and I don’t agree with you. We are our own worst enemy. Let’s take a look at a few examples, in Liberia, we had an foreign investment strategy called the “Open Door Policy”. This policy was fundamentally flawed, but the president (Tubman) at the time personally benefited while the masses were deprived. To prolong himself in power, Tubman spied on everyone. That’s Liberia, lets look at Sierra Leone, Tegan Kaba hired a firm from Canada to help restore him to the presidency, right? What did he offer in return, approximately 20% of Sierra Leone’s diamond reserve. So tell me with these two examples, and there are many more, where is the western countries wrong? We sold ourselves there. Now, if you say that the Western nations saw the vulnerability and exploited it, then I will agree. However, exploitation would not have occurred if the window of opportunity didn’t exist. Africa lacks the foundation to create structures that would lead to good governance, this is all over Africa too. Did the Western nations tell us not to invest in education, did they tell us to have deplorable health care system, even though the leaders claim that the systems are good, they don’t attend or send their family members there. Africa nations and leaders need to consider their people first and foremost and not their pockets—that’s where nationalism is missing. The Western world that you talk about, maybe you need to understand their trend of thoughts and what they term as nationalism. If you want to break the shackles of western influence, think about building sustainable institutions and while doing that, learn how the western nations think. Then and only then, we as a Continent can outsmart them at their own game. If I am not mistaken, Mandela (Madeba) said (and I am paraphrasing), to understand the enemy, you have to speak his language and think like him.

    So Cess, I am not sure where you think the “undertone” was in my thread, but it’s up to you. Believe me, if I want to be bashful, I have not problem doing such, but my intentions in these threads is the channel our inner spirits to do better for our countries. If you choose not to take it so be it…Sierra Leone has it unique problems and you know them. If they are not fixed, unfortunately, you, your family and friends will be directly affected from them. So my “naivety” that you so claim exist with me because I maybe too removed from the continent is your belief and I don’t fault you for that. To use your words, you are being “naive”. But Africa needs to do better…and stop looking outside for problems because if we continue to do so, we miss opportunities to solve the true problem–poverty and illiteracy!

    1. 10-26-2010
      I see that you are merging what others are saying into what I have said. I don’t believe western countries are the enemy. I believe the lack of patriotism is Liberia’s enemy along with illiteracy, greed, ignorance, tribulism and rhetoric.


  15. King and Noko5

    Thanks for the correction, if you read my thread, I said, “I don’t think”. I didn’t say, I am sure, but thanks for the correction.

    Sorry to hear about the Julu situation. I am aware of the beast that existed in Liberia. I lived in LAMCO years back (AREA F). We are aware of the ghost of Julu. Well, he is gone now and Liberia is safer without him….

    The objective of the original post is so skewed, it was not meant to become political or seeking lines of apology, it was geared toward encouraging us to do something for our fellow citizens back home. What can we do individually and collectively for Liberia? And what can our brothers and sisters of SL do for their nation? That’s all I was hoping for….

    thanks to all for your contributions—but lets stay on topic

    1. Dear noko5,

      We cannot approve your comment at this time. The last sentence you wrote does not comply with our policy for comments. If you kindly rephrase or remove the sentence, we will be happy to post.

      Thank you.

  16. Dear Alpha Sesay,

    I would like to know if you are at liberty to express your views on the issue of immunity from prosecution.
    If so, do you think a person charged with a crime should be convicted based on evidence adduced by his codefendant? This is in consideration that the immune person only gives information the prosecution wants to hear; which in fact may be a lie!

    Thanking you in advance,


  17. Dear Alpha,

    I’ve noticed of late the sequence in which comments are posted is confusing to me. For instance if I send a comment now, my comment should be listed as the last comment right at the bottom so that someone who has for instance read say 55 comments and then closed the page and come back later to find out total comments to be 68 will not have to go through the strains of sifting through all the comments to find the new entries but should rather just continue from the last comment where he/she stopped if the comments where to be listed as and when they where posted

    I hope you follow what I’m actually driving at.

    Many thanks for all your efforts.

    1. Dear Joe3,

      The sequence of comments will depend on whether you are submitting an original comment or responding to another reader. If an original comment is submitted it starts a new chain and will be at the end of the comment sequence. However, if someone is just responding to readers’ previous comments, then it will be grouped with those other comments, and not added to the end of the comment sequence. If you would like your comment to appear at the end of the comment chain to make it easier for people to find, I would suggest starting from an original comment rather than hitting “Reply”.

      I hope this helps explain how your posts are organized.

  18. bnker,
    I was born in Yekepa, went to st. Joseph school in area N, went to Carroll High, before leaving for BWI. I be honest, the folks of Sierraleone,generally, haven’t been sincere to Liberia. These people came to our country, especially Yekepa, during the good days. Got jobs and live very good in our habbitat. A lot of them even lied on their credentials, saying they were doctors and engineers ,and because of who liberians are, simpathetic, accepted them without any significant rigidity. These people love to our beautiful women, born children and fully became a part of us. This is how come my dad is a Sierraleonean today. After all the good we did, they turn around back stabbed us, ,allowed rebels and war in to our country, lives and values got destroyed and now they want appologies??? NO WAY…

    1. Dear jfallahmenjor,

      We cannot approve your comment at this time. Part of the sentence beginning with “Wow…” does not comply with our site’s policy for comments. If you remove this sentence, we will then post.

      Thank you.

    2. noko5,
      Was it okay when Sierra Leone allowed Quiwonkpa in 1985 to launched his aborted invasion through their border?

  19. bnker,
    Last but not the least, they went as far as lieing on my presindent,slamed him behind bars . You say what? APPOLOGEIS?…they aint getting it….they can cry TEARS..

    1. Noko5…

      Well, you are entitled to your opinion….so do we owe Ivory Coast an apology, even though, they facilitated CT rise to “stardom” and then we supported rebels in their country too? Or do they owe us an apology for giving rise to your “president”?

      They are not requesting an apology from me…I am offering an olive branch! Is that ok by you?

      About Liberia becoming a nation of immigrants, it’s true. Prior to 1980, Liberia flourished and as a result of our economic successes, people immigrated to Liberia from all over Africa. Some came for economic opportunities while others political reasons. One of the notable South African who sought asylum in Liberia was Hugh Masekela. We’ve had people from other places around the world that make up the Liberian Mosaic–Bahamas, Jamaica, Balbados, Ghana, Sierra Leone, USA, Guinea, Senegal…we have a beautiful nation and our diversity should be used to strengthen us!

      Anyhow, Noko5, Liberia is for all, well, except for that portion of our constitution that limits land and property ownership rights and citizenship to a certain group

      1. bnker2000@Noko5,
        bnker2000,i thank you for explaining few facts to noko5.

        But i think it is also good to highlight the point that sierra leone did not put Mr Taylor on trial,The special court for sierra leone was used by Mr Taylor’s enemies in Liberia and the west to try him as it could not be done in liberia…our government in sierra leone at the time was so helpless to pass any judgement on this decision as we are a donor republic just as liberia.

        So we have to be strong and sit tight noko5 and let this storm blow over us.You been a half sierra leonean and all.!!!!!!

  20. On October 26, 2010 defense filed its Defence Witness Order and List of Exldbits for the Week 1 November- 5 November 2010.

    The Defence files this Witness Order for the week commencmg 1 November 2010, in partial compliance with the Trial Chamber’s Order of 8 June 2009.

    See link:

    In addiction; defense filed its Defence Rule 73ter Filing of Exhibit List (Version XXV). There are 469 Exhibits listed.

    See link:

    1. There is a correction to my post at October 29, 2010 at 3:20 pm. This post was made by Sekou rather than sekou.

  21. Noko5, fallah needs few days research to respond to this bigotry piece about your racist claims of not only being fathered by a Sierra Leonean Man, but going on and on about how the Sierra Leoneans came to Yekepa and took jobs from Liberians, and lying on their employment papers, etc..etc! I see why you support taylor for what he did not only to your country, but to your fatherland. I see why you hated fallah so much and thought you could equate him to being Sierra Leonean, even though fallah seems more Liberian by birth than NOKO5! Well, first of all NOKO5, your educational background has a lot to speak here, because you went to area N school, then to Carol High, and before ending at BWI to learn a trade or vocation. You are very educated and wildly experienced, Noko5, and I respect you from now on! However, you need to answer a question, posed by someone, to you about how you feel about Ivory Coast support of taylor to stage a rebellion against your country liberia. I want to get that anwer before I throw my piece,ever! Bnker, these are twisted thoughts that I am talking about!

    1. Fallah,
      Come on! You are no more Liberian than Noko5 is…he was born in Liberia and so were you (I think). So what makes you more Liberian that anyone born in Liberia of black blood? Does your constitution says that one is less Liberian by virtue of his maternal and paternal foreign origin? I thought it suggest that one has to be either born in Liberia or naturalize, but must be of black descend (that’s how I understand it). Unless its changed over the years….

      Fallah, you content that CT supporters have been ruthless and at times we have seen that, but based on my observation, the discussion has been less contentious and more civil…well, except for few that seem to be counter-productive to this discourse—like yours….don’t take the trial personally…if you get high blood pressure, do you think your tomb stone will read, “here lies general fallah and strong anti-taylor supporter”, please man, ain’t happening! So stop before you give yourself a heart attack

      NOKO5 you are a Liberia 100%….you are have black blood and you were born in Liberia—so you qualify–


      1. Bnker, you got fallah laughing so hard on your piece! well, you are right that nobody born as Liberian is more liberian than others. And in fact as long they are of Negro blood, could become citizen if desirable. That is what our constitution says. However, you very well also are awared of bigotry from some quarters in this trial all along, who claim that others, such as fallah is not liberian because you find people of his ethnic origin from Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.Therefore, to them, I was not a Liberian. That got me to have all the hot responses. Yes, my Tomb Stone might read “Here lies jfallahmenjor the Worrior and Defender of the People” Thanks, because I will add this to my Will and have it caved in bronze as soon the trial is over and taylor begins serving his first term in prison for crimes against my people!

      2. bnker,
        Thanks for educating Fallah thus far…Fallah, just so you , I am not one of you who’s in the art of boasting about education.. I think I said, I attended St. Joseph School in are N.
        Fallah; Maybe you are thinking my educational standards stopped as a BWI graduate. NO; I can proudly tell you that I am a seasoned electronics engineer also, I am a biomedical engineer.
        Fallah, I am a high speed locomotive speed system specialist.(AMTRAK)..
        Fallah, I am a spectra apheresis system specialist
        Fallah, I work for one of the best hospitals in boston (BIDMC) as an engineer.
        Fallah, I am a refrigeration engineer.Graduated from peterson school of engineering..
        Fallah, I am a power generation specialist; have manage powersystems up to about 1.5megavoltamperes…

        Fallah, I am a specialist on STRYKER critical care strechers…
        Fallah, just so you know, I attended the university of liberia college ofELECTRICAL ENGINEERING) engineering for two years before coming to America..
        Fallah, I get paid to ride WHITEMAN train for free in America…..Last but not the least, lets take book thing out of these conversations. It was just not fair for mr. Taylor to be slammed in jail for attrocities he did not comit..thats my end of the deal…

        1. Thanks Noko5, but a master of all trades is not a good thing. Taylor is really the subject here and I agree with you. I will not name my expertise as it is not necessary. I am a high school graduate from a village school in Northern Liberia, born by a Missionary who worked in Liberia long time ago. But I schooled myself over the years and believe in Human Rights as Paramount in my Life. That Is why I stand for and cares less about all you say NOKO5.

        2. NoKo 5, Thanks for all the achievements! I guess you are making financial headways with all those qualifications but unfortunately you are may not be performing in all of them at the same time. However, your stance to express no apology to a Country , Sierra Leone, whose war, in a full glare of the world, originated from Liberia requires a rethink. The grievances expressed in your recent post about Sierra Leoneans show how unwilling you are to solve conflicts for the good of the masses just to save Mr Taylor who in some way had something to do with that war.

  22. Dear Ken,

    In reference to your post of October 23, 2010 at 1:19 am, I continue to wait and see the reasons the Trial Chamber rejected the motion; taking what you say to be correct that:

    • David Crane also made direct verbal threats and intimidated a potential witness. Crane threatened to imprison OCT-102, like Issa Sesay, if he did not cooperate. DCT-102 even has a souvenir from Crane to corroborate his account.

    will place the culpability upon the prosecution; in my view; and should cause them to revisit all of the insider witnesses to explain their true reason for testifying. Was it due to intimidation of prosecution or bribery? Albeit, we will have the opportunity to hear DCT-102’s account on November 1, 2010.

    If his testimony plays out as you say; it will be the first of affidavits to support their claim; it should be used in the Defense’s motion for reconsideration to Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecution and Its Investigators. Nevertheless, the written decision to the denial has not been published as of today October 29, 2010.

    See links:

    Have a good weekend.


    1. The statement I posted came directly from the defense motion. I think if it does turn out what the defense is claiming and the judges see it as, it will be good news for Mr. Taylor and you have a good weekend.

    2. Sekou, and others; I suggest you take the Prosecution to court and apply your great knowledge that seems to supersede common practice of justice internationally. I sometimes have difficulties understanding you guys. One moment, the laws are necessary and another, the laws are not necessary if they are not in your favor! I feel very sad that we are washing our dirty laundry in public! It is a shame we still have a long way to civilization!

      1. Fallah Menjor,
        Most of you on the other side think people who are speaking for justice to be done in Taylors case are a bunch of cotton pickers or beggers who want Taylor free so that they go and suck up to his pockets. My brother that not the case, some of us are in constant applications of our proffessional skills. Fallah, I will tell you again and again. I am a TOP NOTCH TECH. I want to also take this time to remind you again that, if and only if, you and EllEN hadn’t introduce rebellion activity in in that sub saharan region, I am a million % optimistic that, the idea of death and destruction which had eugulved our people and brought our then peaceful nations( Liberia and Sierraleone) on her knees today, won’t have happened.
        Fallah, you”ve already admitted in one of your post. Please appologise BOSSMAN..

        1. Noko5 and Fallah,
          So this back and forth about qualification (or as we jokingly say, cutlass-and-vacation) and self glorification adds what to the discussion….let’s discuss the subject at hand. I am happy that you both have achieved notable accolades—so how can you all contribute that to our nation’s development?

    3. Dear Sir/Madam,

      I don’t know who is in charge of this site now a day; but quite frankly, you are doing a lousy and sleazy job. For example: 1. there is no reply prompt to other posting if you so desire to respond to a particular post. 2. responses are disorganized as the result of dates and times. However, Right now, I will like to respond to Vem and Fallah post in regards to their response to Noko5 on November 1, 2010 but I can’t because there is no reply prompt to either of the two. However, I have just responded to Al Solo Nyonten post, but I had to jumped over around 3-4 posts before responding to Solo.

      1. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

        We are sorry it is confusing to reply to posts. A few other readers has questions about this as well, and the explanation is below. We hope you continue to particpate in the discussion as the trial winds down.

        The sequence of comments will depend on whether you are submitting an original comment or responding to another reader. If an original comment is submitted it starts a new chain and will be at the end of the comment sequence. However, if someone is just responding to readers’ previous comments, then it will be grouped with those other comments, and not added to the end of the comment sequence. If you would like your comment to appear at the end of the comment chain to make it easier for people to find, I would suggest starting from an original comment rather than hitting “Reply”.

        1. 11=3=2010
          @ Jose
          Forget it, the moderators will not admit fault not even for world peace. In fact, there is always that under tone of “if you don;t like it… don’t post” Taegin phrased it as ” We hope you continue to particpate in the discussion…”
          I agree the newest moderator is doing a lousy job.
          I anticipate that this post will be delayed or not posted at all.

  23. Let the defend team call their witneses to provide more about Taylor role play in the Sierra leone conflict as people allege that he was the faciliter.You can denied the man for proving clarification about himself.If there reason why Mr. Taylor should be try let him be free to go by his business.

  24. Great job Taegin Stevenson for your fearless vigilanty on taking a stand on the rules! Hope nobody accuses you of being a Sierra Leonean this time! I like rules especially in this trial of this innocent Man,taylor, the alleged commander of NPFL and RUF!

  25. The real reason for the denial of the Defence motion in my view, it that the Court does not have money to order an investigation into contempt proceedings against the Office of The Prosecution. (OTP)
    Investigations could take anywhere between two to three months, which will cause extended trial period. Hope the TC (Trial Chamber) will provide a more hornest opinion on the defence motion. We wait to hear the real reason… The Defence is well up to the task. BRAVO !

    1. 11-3-2010

      You see what I mean, naive, naive and naive. How can any one think the court denied the defense motion b/c of lack of money…just plain naivete!

  26. Dear cen,

    Reference is given to your post of October 26, 2010 at 12:10 am.

    It appears that people like Ms. Dufka are only on the scene to glorify affliction; by demanding a price for their work.

    I was unable to view but a small portion of the trial on November 1, 2010.

    Take care,


    1. 11-3-2010
      I agree. However, god is always in control. The pics illuminate the reality of what has and is happening in developing countries.
      On a different note, my gut tells me that she did not take the pictures or she paid money to take the shots.

      1. Dear cen,

        More than likely she did pay the money.

        I am having problems with my post being displayed. There are two that has been denied without explanation.

        Take care,


        1. Dear Sekou,

          I am sorry to hear this. When did you post last? I have not seen any comments from you recently, so there may be a problem with the site.

    1. Dear Aki,

      We apologize for the delay in getting the November 1 post onto the website. It is available now.

  27. bnker,
    I intend to introduce in Liberia, the train speed safety systems that is used in America (AMTRAK). These systems are called ACSES (Advance Civil Speed Enforcement System), this which interprates track conditions through cofig. wayside transponders and transponding antenas attached to the locomotives and anotherone called the Cabsignal System. These two systems are designed to distincly at different speed intervals stop the train incase the engineer driving the train does not ackownledge its speed alerts through the ADU. My thinking is that Liberia will not just run freight trains that only carries iron ore, but use those same tracks for passengers rail purposes…In that light, there will be the need for maximum safety precausions..

  28. I am a son of the soil of Liberia, a 22 years old and a graduate of the Bassa High School in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County.
    I see reason that the post-president, Charlie Taylor should be released after the 21st witness has said his part.
    It is too much, too many and long since the post-Liberian president was taken from here for the hage.

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