Judges Order Prosecutors to Disclose Exculpatory Material and Payments Suggesting That AFRC Leader Johnny Paul Koroma Was Not Killed By Charles Taylor

On Wednesday, October 20, 2010, the Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague ordered prosecutors to disclose exculpatory evidence in their possession that suggests  Charles Taylor did not order the execution of Johnny Paul Koroma, the former leader of Sierra Leone’s military junta, the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC).

The decision stems out of the “Defense Motion for Disclosure of Exculpatory Information Relating to DCT-032” that was filed by Mr. Taylor’s defense lawyers on September 24, 2010.

In the motion, defense lawyers alleged that DCT-032, a defense witness for Mr. Taylor, was previously a potential prosecution witness who spoke extensively to prosecution investigators about the alleged death of Mr. Koroma. The witness, who later became a defense witness informed defense lawyers about the information he gave to prosecutors regarding the alleged death of Mr. Koroma, payments made to him by prosecutors for him to cooperate with their investigators, and a letter that was written to him by the former Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Stephen Rapp, indemnifying him of any criminal prosecutions for his cooperation. These actions by prosecutors, defense lawyers said, were meant to induce the witness to give false testimony against Mr. Taylor. The witness himself admitted to defense lawyers that he was “making up the story in order to get money from the Prosecution.”

During the presentation of the prosecution’s case, it was alleged that Mr. Taylor ordered the execution of several persons who had knowledge of his dealings with Sierra Leonean rebel forces. One such person who was allegedly executed on Mr. Taylor’s orders was AFRC leader Mr. Koroma. Witnesses who testified about the execution of Mr. Koroma on Mr. Taylor’s orders included Mr. Taylor’s former Vice President Moses Blah, former member of Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebel group Joseph Zig Zag Marzah, and a protected witness, TFI-375. Though these witnesses did not claim to be present when Mr. Koroma was executed, their evidence implicated several other persons who were subordinates to Mr. Taylor. One subordinate mentioned as being among those who carried out the murder of Mr. Koroma in Foya, Liberia, was DCT-032, the witness who is the subject of the defense motion.

According to the defense motion, when prosecutors were investigating the alleged murder of Mr. Koroma in 2008, they contacted DCT-032, who provided them with information regarding the death of the former AFRC leader and his burial site somewhere in Lofa County, Liberia. Following the disclosure of such information, prosecutors carried out exhumations at two burial sites which were identified by DCT-032. DNA tests were carried out on the remains that were exhumed, but they did not match Mr. Koroma’s DNA. 

In their motion, defense lawyers argued that based on the information provided to prosecutors by DCT-032, Mr. Koroma may well be still alive. They argued further that based on information provided to them by DCT-032, the payments that were made to him and the indemnity letter that was written to him by prosecutors were meant to induce him to provide false testimony against Mr. Taylor.

The details of the information provided to prosecutors by DCT-032, the results of the DNA tests, the payments, and the indemnity letter provided to the witness by prosecutors “suggest the innocence of the Accused or mitigate his guilt or may affect the credibility of the prosecution evidence,” defense lawyers said. Such information must have been disclosed by the prosecution to the defense according to the Court’s Rules of Procedure and Evidence, defense lawyers argued. They therefore asked the judges to now order the prosecution to make the necessary disclosures and provide an explanation as to why such material details were never disclosed to the defense.

In response, prosecutors asked the judges to dismiss the defense motion as it was “unfounded and [that] the information requested is not exculpatory.” Prosecutors further argued in their response that while they had honored all their disclosure obligations under the court’s rules, such disclosure obligations do not require them to operate an “open door policy.” Prosecutors also said that DCT-032 was never listed as a prosecution witness. He was only used as a source, and there is no obligation that payments or promises made to sources must be disclosed, prosecutors argued.

On October 20, 2010, the judges dismissed the prosecution’s arguments and ruled in favor of the defense.

According to the judges, the fact that DCT-032’s name was mentioned as a key player in the alleged execution of Mr. Koroma and the subsequent information provided by him to prosecutors about his background, his role in the Sierra Leone and Liberian conflicts, and his participation in the alleged murder of Mr. Koroma, including the latter’s burial site (whether true or false), proves that he was a potential prosecution witness and not merely a source. The judges further said that based on the payments that were made to the witness and the letter that was written by the former Chief Prosecutor assuring the witness that he would not be prosecuted, it is clear that the prosecution intended to seek DCT-032’s cooperation, including his testimony. These actions by prosecutors, the judges said, were not done because DCT-032 was a source, but rather because he was a potential prosecution witness.

“The Trial Chamber opines that the Prosecution payments were not used to buy information from a source, but rather were given to a potential witness for his own benefit,” the judges said in their decision.

“Accordingly, the Trial Chamber holds that prior to his listing as a Defense witness, Witness DCT-032 was for all intents and purposes, a potential Prosecution witness, notwithstanding that he was never listed by the Prosecution as such.”

The judges also agreed with defense lawyers that “the fact that the Prosecution interviewed this alleged murderer and that he led them to a grave or grave sites that later turned out not to be that of Johnny Paul Koroma is relevant to the issue of whether Johnny Paul Koroma is dead or alive, and may affect the credibility of the Prosecution evidence.”

The judges said the fact also that DCT-032 was unable to provide the prosecution with adequate information regarding the death of Mr. Koroma “despite being promised 5000 United States Dollars and indemnity against criminal prosecution, is potentially exculpatory in that it may affect the credibility of the Prosecution evidence” alleging his (DCT-032) involvement in the alleged killing of Mr. Koroma.

“This information with respect to the Prosecution investigation should therefore also have been disclosed to the defense,” the judges said.

The judges concluded their decision by ordering the prosecution to disclose:

  1. Full details of all investigations carried out by the Prosecution into the alleged death of Mr. Koroma including results of DNA tests carried out on corpses exhumed from graves identified by DCT-032.
  2. Full details of all monies that were given to DCT-032.
  3. An original duplicate copy of the letter of indemnity against criminal prosecution that was written to the witness by former Chief Prosecutor Stephen Rapp.

In another motion, defense lawyers have asked the judges to order the setting up of an investigation into the conduct of the Office of the Prosecutor during the gathering of evidence against Mr. Taylor. Defense lawyers allege in their motion that prosecution investigators bribed witnesses to testify against Mr. Taylor and that in some cases, potential witnesses were intimated and physically assaulted to elicit information from them against Mr. Taylor. A decision on this motion is expected soon.


  1. “Chickens come home to roost”
    I always thought the Stephen Rapp and David Crane were evil. Now my suspicions are being or have been confirmed. What diabolical, wretched human beings! THEY should be prosecuted.

    Nashville, Tennessee

  2. Dear colleagues (Big B, Noko5, Noko4, Jose, Harris etc.),

    This could be the final nail in the coffin of the dead prosecution case. The prosecution has not only failed to disclose exculpatory materials which tends to suggest or mitigate the innocence of the accused but has also failed in assisting the trail chamber in the administration of justice. These are not my words but those of the trial chamber so please don’t get confused J. Fallah and start posting your usual ca**age because I no you very well just follow the link below to get frustrated more.

    The real Courtney Griffiths is yet to come to light just wait and see.

    Mark my words all you misguided fokes J. fallah, Fallah, Teage, Ziggy Salis and the rest of the crew my PRESIDENT CHARLES TAYLOR will be set FREE.

    Charles Taylor for life.

    1. This latest decision by the Trial Chamber reinforces the Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecution and its Investigators.

      In particular;

      • The Defence files this request pursuant to Rules 73, 46(C) and 77 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (“Rules”). Specifically, under Rule 77(A)(iv), the Defence submit that there is reason to believe that the Prosecution and its Investigators have knowingly and wilfully interfered with the administration of justice by, inter alia, threatening, intimidating, causing injury or offering bribes to, or otherwise interfering with witnesses or potential witnesses. Rule 77(C)(iii) gives the Trial Chamber the discretion to appoint experienced independent counsel to investigate possible instances of contempt.

      Good job joe3; my source has not delivered as of yet.

      See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1089.PDF



      1. Dear Joe3,

        I inadvertently misapplied your title as “joe3” in my October 21, 2010 at 6:38 pm post. Please grant me pardon.



      2. Sekou

        I must say this was arguing at its best. The Disclosure of Exculpatory Information Relating to DCT-032 argument was valid. I think the failure of DCT-032 to produce the body of Johnny Paul Koroma question his involvement in the execution (more than if Johnny Paul Koroma is alive) . Correct me if I’m wrong, Moses Blah, Joseph Zig Zag Marzah and TFI-375 never mentioned DCT-032’s involvement in the execution of Johnny Paul Koroma, it was a totally different defense witness that recommended DCT-032 to the prosecution. The “wild goose chase” that DCT-032 took the prosecution on didn’t justify or excuse Mr. Taylor’s alleged action of ordering the execution, although the failure to produce Johnny Paul Koroma body does suggest the possibility that Mr. Taylor is not guilty or had no criminal intent due to the opinion that Johnny Paul Koroma is still alive is a great valid argument. I think the fact that three witness testified about Mr. Taylor giving orders to executed Johnny Paul Koroma is enough to suggest Mr. Taylor conspired to execute Johnny Paul Koroma. In addition the inconsistency of DCT-032 and DCT-032 intentional obstructing justice for financial gains suggest that DCT-032 may have not played a role in the execution (it suggest that he is an scam artist). If this is the case DCT-032 was no more than a “Tony The Greek” (a bad lead) that profited from the desperation of the prosecution.

        In the unsolved disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa a men by the name Donald “Tony The Greek” Frankos claimed (for financial gains) he was involved in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa and claimed to know the whereabouts of the body. The investigation into his claims proved to suggest he was not reliable. DCT-032 is not the first individual whom seen the opportunity to profit from the disappearance of a high profile person. The fact is that it happens all the time and should not be ruled out.

        1. Dear Al-Solo Nyonteh,

          It is good to hear from you again.

          It appears that you ask the question; was it not another witness that identified DCT-032 other than Moses Blah, Joseph Zig Zag Marzah and TFI-375 who implicated Dct-032 as taking part in the execution of Johnny Paul Koroma.

          I can at this time only accept the Trial Chamber’s ruling as they are more familiar with the testimony adduced by the prosecution witnesses. I will not go as far as to say:

          • In addition the inconsistency of DCT-032 and DCT-032 intentional obstructing justice for financial gains suggest that DCT-032 may have not played a role in the execution (it suggest that he is an scam artist).

          In this business you get what you pay for and it appears that the prosecution has paid a turable price for what they have received; this is proven by the empirical evidence presented by the defense. But certainly you would not want the prosecution to pay someone to lie on you; would you?

          But when you say:

          • DCT-032 is not the first individual whom seen the opportunity to profit from the disappearance of a high profile person. The fact is that it happens all the time and should not be ruled out.

          I will agree and say that DCT-097 fit into this category as well; the prosecution even gave him nearly $30,000; the prosecution has also given money for families; see Annex K.

          See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-T-1089.PDF

          I will not give much credence to the dismissal of Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecution and its Investigators. The reason given by the Trial Chamber may very well be as it was in their decision on Defence Motion to Exclude Evidence Falling Outside the Scope of the Indictment And/Or the Jurisdiction of the Special Court for Sierra Leone; the finding there was:

          • FINDING therefore that the Motion is premature at this stage of the trial and that the said issues are more appropriately addressed by the parties in the final trial Briefs and/or closing arguments.

          There has been no prior ruling on the issues raised in the motion. I believe the defense must first show that the money given was designed actually to bribe the witnesses. They need affidavits and judgments to support their claim; my opinion of course.

          Think, your response shall be weighed impartially.

        2. Al-Solo Nyonteh,
          BY THE OFFICE OF THE PROSECUTION AND ITS INVESTIGATORS. I know you read this passage: The [then] Chief Prosecutor, David Crane also made direct verbal threats and intimidated a potential witness. Crane threatened to imprison OCT-102, like Issa Sesay, if he did not cooperate. DCT-102 even has a souvenir from Crane to corroborate his account.

          Al-Solo Nyonteh, the witness, with the Pseudonym DCT-102, will commence his testimony on Monday, November 1, 2010. Now, you can figure out what his testimony will be and for what reason.

          Sekou, I agree with you because I was thinking alone those same lines.

    2. Joe3,

      God is good. The truth will never hide just as evil never over come good. I’m sorry for jfallah and his likes who say he’s well educated, but fails to know the truth in a fake case like Mr. Taylor trial.

      Harris K Johnson


    What a major victory for the defense and a major setback for the prosecution. DCT-032 you have made the list as one of Africa’s soldiers. You double cross, flip the script, in short, you beat the white man at his own game. ~BRILLIANT!

    1. How silly you sound Big B, for blowing a trumpet so loudly as if taylor has been cleared of all charges! This is where I sometimes wonder about your views about the ‘World!” Taylor is still on trial, and stop all these trumpetting like fools who got no knowledge about legal matters! You know better than that, Big B.

  4. These are the words from Courtney Griffiths himself :

    “We’ll exploite the prosecution vulnerability”
    “We’ll turn this case upside down and inside out”
    “Charles Taylor case is one of my easiest”

    The prosecution is now defending while the defense is now prosecuting.

    Courtney Griffiths, keep going after those lying Prosecution team

    1. WOW! GREBO…
      We kicking their butts left and right….all angles.. SORRY Ms. TEAGE.. Taylor just didn’t do it. plain and simple. FALLAH MENJOR HAVE YOU RETIRE FOR THE SECOND TIME YETT!! LOL…

    1. Noko5,

      I have to disagree with you on this one my brother, Alpha had NO alternative because the Judges were very clear and direct. No spin could’ve help. THEY ARE GOING DOWN , SLOW BLEED … very slow bleeding until all the air are out

  5. I have to give recognition to Mr. Courtney Griffiths, he is one of the greatest lawyers alive. First the peaceful purpose angle now this, but I think the prosecution is right; DCT-032 is no more than an informant (that proved to be unreliable). If Mr. Koroma body was found, the prosecution would not have needed DCT-032 to testify because Moses Blah and Joseph Zig Zag Marzah testimonies were sufficient enough to point towards the alleged guilt of Mr. Taylor’s involvement in the execution of Mr. Koroma. DCT-032 testimony would have been a liability to the prosecution due to his immunity deal (which draws me to the conclusion that he would have been excluded as a potential prosecution witness). Personally, I think DCT-032 is an informant whom played the prosecution for financial gain and immunity from prosecution. The prosecution does not have to disclose informants (especially unreliable informants) used during their internal investigation.

    1. Al-Solo Nyonteh,
      The Judges ruled that DCT-032 was not a source or informant but was a potential witness, even if he was telling the prosecution the truth or lies. If one of the bodies had been JPK, DCT-032 would have been a star witness for the prosecution because the prosecution wanted DCT-032 to say that Mr. Taylor was the one who order JPK killed to keep him from telling Mr. Taylor role with the RUF and ARCF. Rapp went as far as to assure DCT-032 he would go free for the murder if he would testify that Mr. Taylor gave him the order. DCT-032 if he was involvement in the execution of JPK, it appear it was someone else order and not Mr. Taylor. At this time, little is known about what DCT-032 told the prosecution in his interviews with them. DCT-032 admitted he made up story to get the money, as all the prosecution witnesses did who testify according to the Defense.

      1. Ken

        I’m not disagreeing with the judges decision based on their assumption that DCT-032 played a major role in the execution of JPK. I’m disagreeing with their assumption that DCT-032 played a major role in the execution of JPK. All fingers suggest that DCT-032 is only a third party observer. The fact he could not locate JPK’s body and openly admitting to intentionally obstructing an ongoing investigation suggests that DCT-032 did not play a major role in the execution of JPK. At greatest DCT-032 might have inquired detail information from a knowledgeable source. Any way you put it DCT-032 is a unreliable informant. The Prosecution star witness were Moses Blah the prosecution team just needed JPK’s body like they need the millions of dollars (Mr. Taylor alleged profit from SL diamonds) to prove Mr. Taylor guilt with out any reasonable doubt.

        The evidence presented in court is not what makes or breaks a case. It’s the investigation leading up to it. A sloppy investigation gives the defense the niche they need to add reasonable doubt to the prosecution’s case. I have to admit the prosecution team did a very sloppy investigation when it came to locating the alleged profits Mr. Taylor made from the sales of SL diamonds and venting the testimony of it’s witnesses but to go as far as paying off their witnesses would be an unverifiable overstatement. A case of this magnitude is a career maker or a career breaker for the prosecution, so the ultimate goal for the prosecution is to convict Mr. Taylor or face the possibility of looking for a new job. They had no other chose but to maximize the use of all potential evidence that was put in front of them.

        1. Al-Solo Nyonteh,
          The issue with DCT-032 is not whether he was an unreliable potential witness. The issues is was the prosecution bribing this potential witness to give evidence against Mr. Taylor. The prosecution gave DCT-032 money for where JPK body was buried and DCT-032 was to get another larger amount of money if the JPK body was found there. Mr. Taylor did not kill JPK. The prosecution was paying DCT-032 who would have testified that he was involved with the killing of JPK by order of Mr. Taylor, which may or may not be true. When DCT-032 involvement came in to question by the body not been JPK, the prosecution then realize they had been had. However, it was to late the bribing had already taken place. Nyonteh, the prosecution do not care who kill JPK or anybody else. They only want the killing to be orders of Mr. Taylor.

        2. Ken

          That issue of “the prosecution bribing this potential witness to give evidence against Mr. Taylor”, I will let that be your issue and would recommend that you file it under the John F. Kennedy conspiracy theories. The issue I’m concerned about pertaining to the judges ruling towards Disclosure of Exculpatory Information Relating to DCT-032, is “DCT-032 being a key player in the alleged execution of Mr. Koroma proves that he was a potential prosecution witness”. I think he was an ex-solider turned con man that “heard it through the grape vine” whom turned out to be an unreliable informant. He can be categorized as a person whom called the tip line in search of a reward for information that they heard on the streets.

        3. 10/25/2010

          The flaw in your argument(s) is that you seem to assume that CT is guilty. The presumption is innocence until proven guilty. Either the evidence is there or not. Sloppy or no sloppy investigation, discovering the alleged profits of CT from SL diamonds does not require a rocket accountant( a spin on rocket scientistist)
          I understand there are some strong feelings on both sides and in between. However, with out a fair trial…but for the grace of god there go I, you or an innocent person.
          It seems this trial is a distraction from the who, what and where the SL diamonds ultimately landed.
          peace and blessings

        4. Al-Solo Nyonteh,
          The issue you are concerned about pertaining to the judges ruling towards Disclosure of Exculpatory Information Relating to DCT-032 being a key player in the alleged execution of Mr. Koroma proves that he was a potential prosecution witness.

          Al-Solo Nyonteh, yes it does along with the large sum of money and the letter from the Chief Prosecutor of the SLSC indemnifying him from criminal prosecution. Why do you think the prosecution would go to those extreme for and informant who was given them false information. What different does it make if DCT-032 was an ex-solider turned con man that “heard it through the grape vine” whom turned out to be an unreliable informant or called the tip line in search of a reward for information that they heard on the streets? The prosecution did pay him a larger sum of money and gave him a letter to assure he would not be prosecuted. DCT-032 was as the judge’s rule a potential witness. It appear he was a potential prosecution witness that was going to testify about the killing of JPK on order of Mr. Taylor to cover his involvement with the RUF/ARFC as alleged by the prosecution.

        5. cen

          That was a magnificent ending to your post, but just like a man whom starts his car with out any gasoline, you went no where. You started of by attacking my argument(s) with no counter argument or explanation, then transitioning into a passionate “USA four father’s” speech about justice and liberty. You mentioned “The presumption is innocence until proven guilty” but in the fist sentence you wrote “you seem to assume that CT is guilty.”. You convicted me without a trail, lawyer, judge, or jury. I had no formal investigation, interrogation or the opportunity to explain my view on the matter. My only assumption is that you are using the terms “The presumption is innocence until proven guilty” as a slogan. I have no idea on what you are trying to sell me (or in your post), but I’m not buying it.

          my friend please

    2. Al,
      You could be right but this only shows THE RUSH TO JUDGEMENT to get this ONE MAN….really this court was set up for Mr. Charles Taylor and it seems like he is beating the POWERS with their own game plan.

      It’s NOT over yet but a reasonable person can see DEALS done in the background. Again, I strongly believe the prosecutor and defense are talking in the back as to how to end the trial and the sticking issue is…MR TAYLOR STAY AWAY FROM WEST AFRICA mainly LIBERIA…..Mr. Taylor told the citizens of Liberia….BY GOD’s GRACE, I WILL BE BACK…and he wants to keep his words……maybe after the election if there is a deal….he will be SET FREE to live wherever but if he takes the deal…..live with limited protection GUARRANTEE.

      1. @ Al

        I’m not selling you anything. Yes, I have convicted you without a trial, judge, jury etc.. It seems that is the only way you would be happy.

        peace and blessings

  6. I read the decision on the motion on yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I encourage everyone to read the decision fors themselves on www. Sc-Sl.org Charles Taylor/ Trial Chamber decisons. In rendering their decision to the motion the judges question the $1500 reveived by DCT-032. Imagine what the judges will think about the $30000.00 given to DCT-097 ?

  7. This is an “OVERWHELMING” set back for the prosecution and the second time the prosecution has denied one of their wittiness or potential witness. The judges need to call some prosecution witnesses back to find the underlying cause of JPK death or are he still alive. It is clear Marzah was paid to lie, Blah was paid and threaten to lie and TFI-375 was most likely the one who was paid, threaten and injury to lie, since all three name DCT-302 the one who killed JPK under order of Mr. Taylor and this seem not to be true.

    The writing has been place on the wall “NOT GUITY ON ALL ACCOUNTS.”

    1. correction:This is an “OVERWHELMING” set back for the prosecution and the second time the prosecution has denied one of their witness or potential witness.

  8. Well done Mr Griffiths and all the defence team and well done DCT-032 .DCT-032 you’ve salvage the integrity of the people in that region to a point.your action has demonstrated not all west african are so desperate that they will sell their integrity and souls.It frightening to observe how an african can be bribe by people in europe and north america to tell such ghastly and disgusting lies against it own,Really poor people!!!!!!!

    All these so call decent people they have running these countries are mere abject desporado,they will sell their integrities or shall i say the integrity of africa for a bowl of soup’.eventhough they have all the ingreedient in their garden to mkae their own soup.they prefer if a stranger uses the ingredient from their garden make a soup and sell it to them for a profit,


    Sorry folks

    Ivorian newspapers are reporting rumours of attack from Liberia as ex-fighters of the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL), once considered allies of President Laurant Gbabo, demand what they say is their war allowance from his government.


  10. Folks,

    President Taylor is winning this thing openly and there’s no other way to put it. Right now, it appears that this false prosecution is on trial and is imploding right before our eyes folks. Ladies and gentleman, the prospect for the quick turnaround of this fake case is dismal for the prosecution. David Crane and Stephen Rapp, I personally forgive both of you. And I am pretty sure President Taylor, being a man with good heart, also forgives both of you. And to the likes of the haters, and you know who you are, this is the moment of truth, this is the time for redemption, join us to save Africa and Africa lives.

  11. Folks,

    There are unforeseen powers we can not control in this fake case. But certainly, we know right from wrong when we see it. And when you have a seizure of conscience, what the prosecution did will make you angry and you will reject this fake prosecution of this innocent man. However, the back door, and illegal deals that the prosecutors carry-out to slam this innocent man in the white man’s jail cell was totally wrong. And we see it. These are the kinds of things you would expect everyone including haters to frown on even if the outcome does not favor these haters.

  12. Alpha,
    What court was Rapp assuring this person he would not be prosecuted? The SLSC has issued indictment against all they was going to prosecute and this witness was not one of them. Could this letter Rapp wrote assuring this person that he would not be prosecuted for killing JPK a form of intimation to get false evident. Some of the other prosecution witnesses also received such letters, will their testimony fall into this intimation to get false evident.

    1. Ken, based on the information before the court, the letter written to the witness by Stephen Rapp was to assure him that if he cooperated with the prosecution investigators, he would not be prosecuted before the Special Court for Sierra Leone for any crimes he might have committed. Defense lawyers say that such a letter was meant to influence the witness to tell prosecutors what they wanted to hear (whether true or false) and must have been disclosed to them. The judges are in agreement with the defense and have ordered the prosecution to disclose the copy of the letter they have on file. As to what interpretations could be given to the intent of the letter or whether the same will apply to other witnesses, that will be for the judges to determine.

      I hope this explanation helps.

      1. Dear Alpha Sesay,

        I would like to know if you are at liberty to express your views on the issue of immunity from prosecution.

        If so, do you think a person charged with a crime should be convicted based on evidence adduced by his codefendant? This is in consideration that the immune person only gives information the prosecution wants to hear; which in fact may be a lie!

        Thanking you in advance,


      2. Thank Alpha,
        I just don’t grasp why this court or any court would allow the actual killer, rapist and others who physical did these horrible things to go scott free only to put people in prison who may or may not have giving an order to do so. This type of plea bargaining is unbelievable and a hard-core criminal paradise.

      3. Alpha,
        Such was said of Mr. Moses Blah…I think the defense should PRESS the court to provide ALL letters that were send out to her witnesses.

  13. Noko5,Joe3, and Big B, why not wait for more from the Judges before rambling on and on about jfallahmenjor, who has nothing to do with decisions by the Honourable Court of Sierra Leone? you are all acting like gossip chickens that trive on trivial matters. “The Trial Chamber opines that the Prosecution payments were not used to buy information from a source, but rather were given to a potential witness for his own benefit,” the judges said in their decision. Now where is the evidence that you guys are basing your attacks on jfallamenjor? Let me say it once more; even if kromah is alive or Prosecutions paid for information on his whereabouts, does not exclude taylor from all othe 11 counts! Now you see where you guys get excited over simple things like elementary children having a excitement about discovery during a field trip! Calm down guys, this is not the end of the case!

  14. It was clear from the very start of this trial,that this was a cooked up case by the prosecution.
    The prosecution twisted so many facts and rubbed so many numbers that i was convinced from the start, that they are prepared to do anything to get a conviction. Now we see that they have fallen to the lowest depth of morality: bribing witnesses, hiding facts and documents from the court.
    The question now becomes, what else are they hiding? How many fake witnesses have they called to the stand?
    It”s no wonder that there are so many people in jail in America.

  15. Griffiths,

    Show them that we Africans are not stupid as they think. I’m not surprised that a black man DCT-032 cleverly out played the white man in his own game and dumped him at last. Yes, the world is fast changing. We true African will never allow the white man to control our thinking. This is a real slap in jfallah face.

    Harris K Johnson

  16. Hey Guys

    I have been watching in silence for a very longtime. I told you guys from the beginning of this trial until now no evidence.

    The prosecutor have been nail real bad at this time. we expect to see more in the outcome of the defense second motion.

    To all my guys keep it up . I will try to be constant on this sit from now on



  17. Hey people! Am back. Just trying to catch up on the trial after a while of my absence. I really like what am reading. I cannot wait to read the outcome of the defence motion on contempt by the prosecution.

  18. Boom – Taylor lovers spoke too soon!! All the smoke and mirrors by defence has put quite a spell on some of you. Your gullibility not withstanding at the end of the day there is an old saying “Facts win trials.” On the contempt motion
    “The Trial Chamber dismisses this motion in its entirety and will publish the reasons therefore in due course.”

    Sam Bockarie was like Charles Taylor’s son. Taylor was in command and gave massive support to Bockarie and the AFRC and RUF. This has been proven. As the detective said to one of the wise guys at the end of the movie Good Fellas….”see ya in Attica ___”

    1. The defence did what they needed to do as far as this trial stands! BUNDU, you don’t have any prove to say that Mr. Taylor gave the RUF, Bockarie and the AFRC massive support. Where are the you’re talking about? We all know that Charles Taylor Supported the RUF in 1991 to fight ULIMO and the STF in Sierra Leone, he also told the court that he did support the RUF and that such support ended in 1992. He has challenge the world to prove that he has billion of dollars in Bank account, up to date, there are no such evidences! If this case was in a US court, I must tell you it could have been over long time ago! As of now, we don’t the reasons behind the Judges ruling because they didn’t their reasons. So for you to say that the court ruling against the defense motion is because it has been proven that Mr. Bockarie was like a son to Mr. Taylor; therefore, he provided massive support the RUF and AFRC is completely baseless!

  19. Folks, I would not celebrate this decision. The majority supported the position of the political prosecution. This case is still political and will render a political justice against Mr. Taylor. The rules of the court does not favor unhindered justice . The rules of the court has retrained due process and true justice- to the politics of natural resources exploitation of poor countries. Multi-national corporations are the beneficiaries of this kind of political justice from this court. It is just plan and simple.

    But thanks to the brilliance of Courtney Griffens, at least we know that the poor shall gain their rights some day.

  20. Such a joke…you guys celebrate taylor as some kind of Pan African hero?! I guess when he and his good friend Blaise killed an actual Pan African hero – Thomas Sankara (may he rest forever in peace) that was just a slip up? Oh yeah….and I guess Taylor’s victims are not as admirable as Taylor himself. What rank hypocrasy. And to my friend Jocone – I suggest you look at the transcripts from about 30 differnet prosecution witnesses all from different vantage points who all testified to the taylor/Bockarie relationship. Oh yeah…I forgot…he was working for peace when Bockarie was ordering the burning of Freetown. Such a wonderful peacemaker….I am surpriaed the Nobel prize committee overlooked him. Some of the pro-taylor sympathizers simply ignore facts….it actually reminds me a lot of how US conservatives like Sarah palin “think”

    1. ah Bundu you are funny!!!
      Nobel Peace Prize????…..I will help you norminate few candidates …Ms Ellen Johnson,Mr Obasanjo,Mr Kabba,Mr Blair & Mr Bush..

      Mr Taylor is no Pan-African hero ,he was on his way to become one though…But as history had tought us Pan-Africans are usually murdered by the so call sophisticated Eurocentric Afreaks with the help of your masters in Europe!!! In their afreaks minds a proud african man is a humiliation ,he must try and copy the european for him to be consider a sophisticated man.

      Bundu that aside,We are talking principles here…and if there are any crime commited by this man it is not in sierra leone.Right

      1. Wrong – as I said…over thirty witnesses from a variety of vantage points. I guess they are all just making that up? Wow…what a conspiracy?! I mean you are entitled to your opinions but not your own facts….the amount of corroboration and overall evidence was overwhelming and beyond anything of similar cases in Yugoslavia or Rwanda tribunals. As Bockarie ordered the burning of Freetown…..even taylor’s own witness Sunlight conceded that Yeaten and all high level officials in GOL had just sent him ammunitions…oh yeah,,,,taylor didnt know about that? 🙂 I mean it is almost funny what you will believe….except its actualluy tragic.

    2. 10-25-2010

      The presumption of guilt is uncivilized and everyone deserves a fair trial. You should expect no less for the former head of a civilized country. Please don’t interpet this as my being pro CT. I would be interested in hearing from you who else you think should stand trial in the Hague for the uncivil war in SL?
      Bundu are you suggesting that those who wage war have no role in seeking peace? War is an ugly ugly business from the beginning of man kind. I am sorry if you lost loved ones in the conflict. However, if we do not have full, fair and open hearings about what happened in SL without undue pressure either by force or finance, then we can not move forward. All the winess that you refer to may or may not have been motivated by fear and or financial gain.
      Does that shift your paridigm any?
      peace and blessings

  21. Again another delay tactics by this ill faithed defense of Griffith. Is he trying to tell this court that his defense through out this trial have never ever paid for favorable testimonies from witnesses? Testimones of Charles Taylor orders for executions are not only limited to JPK; But also to Sam Bockare, and others. What is important to underscore, is that both Jonh Paul, & Bockarie,were already an indicted by this court, the SCSL;before their executions by Charles Taylor and his Benjamin Yeaten’s lead death squad. This is another desperate attempts by Griffith the delay a decission of the trial chamber. But only for the short term.QUILTY IT IS………

  22. Folks,
    Supporters and non-supporters of CT, this man’s future depends on the legal experts now. However, what is Liberia’s future? This question is not meant to be political, but it’s purpose is to awaken our social consciousness, throw aside our difference and redirect our focus on what can be do individually to improve the lives of Liberians back home—I hope our inputs and contributions are non-political, but rather look at the aggregate. Frankly, no of us will be richer or poorer if CT goes to jail or is set free, but there are long-term implications for our nation! What pact can we make to ourselves that will render us “doers” rather than “talkers”. There is a saying that in this world, there are two kinds of people. One group are those who make things happen (hopefully, that’s us) and the others who wait for things to happen. Visionaries only become prominent because they act on that dream and never quit. We all have the same dream for Liberia (a stable country, economically vibrant nation, low unemployment rate, good educational and health care delivery systems, and a strong locally owned private sector etc), let’s get our ideas together and act now to prevent the event of “yesteryears” tomorrow”!


    1. You are right Bnkner, but we cannot kill a crocodile, while leaving the eggs to hatch! We do not need taylor’s types, I, therefore, suggest we get rid of the eggs once and for all! This is my personal views!

      1. Fallah,
        I am not sure if I get what you are saying! I am trying so hard to keep my personal views away from these thread, but Taylor and others are not the problem, they are only product of failed institutions. When we decide as nations to awaken our conscientiousness and importance, maybe then we can rid the “crocodile eggs”. The eggs that you refer to I guess is a philosophy or concept, right? If this is the case, the views or beliefs didn’t mushroom. It grew slowly and has deeply anchored itself within our societies. Killing the “crock”, means finding where the system is defective and correct them. Only then, are we guaranteed that there would be no baby crocks.

        So since you threw out a solution (I think), what do you propose that we can do to rebuild and reprograms ourselves so the events don’t become a recurring nightmare?


        1. 10-25-2010

          I think there must be an unequivocal commitment to a basic primary school education for everyone. I also think there must be an active recruitment of Liberians in the diaspora back to Liberia.

        2. Thanks Bnker for your honourable views about the national unity over methods of going about achieving that goal. I respect people who look at a glass as half full, rather than half empty. You and I are looking at similar solutions to our African problems, but with different means. For example, you are of the opinion of sitting at the table with people of such barbaric attitudes, that talk no peace, nor have any concept of Democracy, to negotiate with; while fallah cuts the cake clearly with the opinion that it seems a waste of time and efforts, to negoitate with such individuals that seem not only ignorant, but fail to agree or accept general views about the rights of all individuals, regardless of who they support! For that reason, Bnker, I suggest the use of force, or the carriot and stick to put our african brothers in line of decency and civilization! Sadame Housin did in Iraq..he unified Iraq for a time being. Gaddafi has Libya under control for the benefit of the people. Why would Liberia not benefit under such rule? Why would taylor support group wish for taylor to come back if they are not yawning for strong central control? These are my views, and may not apply to present Liberia situation, but don’t you think fallah makes sense ? Therefore, in order to put Liberia back on right tracks, there must be a re-education of the masses toward a National Unity which will deal away with Tribalism, and sectionalism and to do this means a lot, Bnker. We first have to get rid of the thinkers of evil and encourage the thinkers of good to lead us, and the rest follows!

    2. 10-25-2010

      I appreciate your shout out for uniting Liberia. However, the way you phrased your comment ” Frankly, no of us will be richer or poorer if CT goes to jail or is set free” is a large part of the problem. This not a poke at you but a poke at what shapes people’s paridigms. What is in it for me? Not, what is in it for my country. The conviction of CT WILL impact Liberia. The acquittal of CT WILL impact Liberia. We have to ask ourselves what are the powers behind this trial getting? Why indict after the carnage and not before? Why not stop the carnage? Why? Who purchased those diamonds that left SL? Who? Who funded the mercenaries? How did the surrounding countries in that region benefit from the carnage? We have to deal with these issues if we want to move forward.

      peace and blessings

      1. Cen,
        I will comment to two of your treads in this one, ok?

        I agree that Liberians in the diaspora need to contribute to Liberia’s development. We need to encourage this effort. You are correct that the foundation or the basics is the building block for our nations–education. Countries in Africa have contributed much to their educational system and therefore catapulted themselves to the next level–Botswana and Maritus are two examples. They invested heavily in education for all. Today, these countries have one of the highest standard of living in Africa. Unfortunately, this is not the case for rest of the continent. There are vast disparities between the educational systems and quality of teachers in our countries. Shoot, in Liberia, you go to Cape Mount or Grand Gedeh, you will find a high school drop out or graduate teaching kids, you will find schools and teaching materials that are older than you and I. This is a real situation, I was in Liberia and visited a university; I went into their computer lab. I discovered I had more computers in my home then they had in their labs. Check this out, the computers were “monochrone” screens. I visited that same school library, and found books published in 1968. I decided to help and donated hundreds of thesauruses to universities. Yea, you are right, that’s were we in the diaspora come to play, we need to invest in all levels of education. While I agree with some of the policies of Liberia’s current administration like the Poverty Reduction Program, their programs are meant to yield immediate results (they’ve come up with 2030 program). Ok, Liberia qualified for the MCG, that means more monies should be directed toward education to reduce the level of poverty and illiteracy by 2015 as the goal proposes (by 50%). To reach this, all hands have to be on board.

        To you second comment, I still say no one benefits immediately from CT acquittal or imprisonment, however, I’ve clearly stated that there are long-term ramifications or implications to the finding of the court. Yet, I am convinced that if our political heads will place developmental and educational agenda primary, CT impact will be minimal on the long-term because of an elevated standard of living. Some would argue that CT free could cause problems for Liberia (I have argued that too), however, if the political leaders stay on course and continues the proper policies that impact the lives of everyone, then that threat is severely reduced. Recently, Liberia rolled out its strategic plan for up to 2030. A section talks about good governance and it suggests that superintendents and mayors be elected by their people. I think these are good ideas, because it puts the power in the hands of the people. Moreover, the leaders will stop “brown nosing” the presidents, but rather accountable to their people. After experiencing said power, no one will want to entertain oppression (not referring to Taylor per se). So you are right, that there will be a long-term impact regardless of the verdict, but the shock could be absorbed by the proper economic and financial tools to control, provide accountability and prosecute when necessary. Prosecution serves are a deterrent. About 3 years ago, arm robbers were running buck wild in Monrovia, now they are being jailed for 15 years if they are lucky to see the judge, the activity has dropped.

        Cee, I finally got an answer about who benefited. Look the reality is clear, some people benefited from the war in SL and Liberia. There are always invisible hands behind these events. Sometimes the web of conspiracy and underground world is so entangled with our problems it hard to get to the bottom of it…the true is this, people benefited and who are they? We don’t know them all? If you do pls tell me more.

  23. Fallah,
    My friend, I acknowledge that we have difficult elements in our society and at times negotiating seems challenging; I am aware of that. As I stated in Cen’s response, the rebel leaders, their followers and sympathizers are basically powerless when governments provide the basics and improve the standard of living of it citizens. We need to find means to stimulate private sector investment. Do you logically think with improve standard of living and better education, someone will easily convince a person who moves from a “witter market” to a shop, to owning used clothing stores to support war? NO way!

    You mentioned tribalism as a problem–100% agree. I found that tribalism is a product of “illiteracy”. If we choose to eradicate or substantially the sting of tribalism, governments need to press to educate all. What are the chances that a guy who may be Bassa who goes to school with Krahn, Vai, Gola or Lorma people will end up being tribalistic? In my opinion, slim.

    Fallah, frankly, don’t take this personally, you sound like bitter and angry person. First, you call yourself “General Fallah”. Even though you are entitled to call yourself whatsoever you elect, but why revert to “military ideology”? Just curious. Your opinions are strong and so are mine, but do your rhetoric provide genuine solutions? Don’t get me wrong, I am in favor for prosecution in Liberia, but until then and even during that period (if ever), we need to concentrate to building the lives of kids….

    Fallah, I always enjoy you and everyone’s contributions!

    1. You are very right about my (fallah) angry and bitter responses to most of the arguements on this site, Bnker2000. The reason is that at the beginning of this trial,pro taylor support group appeared not only irrational and unsympathetic to victims of taylor’s rebellion, but were usually arrogant just like taylor, himself. I got furious every time i read their garbage, and thought to myself, why are they adding insults to injuries? It is alright to defer in opinions but why go as far as insulting the victims as if their lives have no significant value? That was how the taylor support presented itself, and thus leaving fallah with no alternatives but speak in the language they best understood! I am sure the message got through each time! As for my general status, it is simply letting the nokos, jacones, big bs, and others know we can also become tough and ruthless if we choose to do so, however, that is not what fallah would like to be, nor intend being, otherwise, he would have return to the jungle of Africa and not live in comfort in the United states to enjoy the rest of his remaining days!

      1. jfallahmenjor,
        The trial is not about the victims of the Sierra Leone war. The trial is about Mr. Taylor involvement in the Sierra Leone war. There was no doubt that a lot of suffering took place during the war as in any war. This pro-Taylor group as you called them just stuck to the subject matters of the trial. The prosecution called a large group of victims to the stand and none of them had first-hand knowledge of Mr. Taylor involvement in the Sierra Leone war.

        1. Didn’t taylor involvement in Sierra leone creat victims, Ken? How do you separate those two? Taylor’s alleged invovlement fueld murders, rapes, extortions, lawlessness, and near total destructions of the little the people had! Let be, let’s see whether Elijah will come to save Him!

        2. Fall and Ken,
          I hope you don’t mind that I choose to respond to both of you guys in the same posting!

          I understand where you stand and that in some cases, some people have down played the victims of both wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone. I think if I am not mistaken, Aki and Noko (one of the many) had a pretty intense discussion about how casually people speak about death. They later clarify that human life was not being undervalued and I accepted their response. I am don’t think anyone really thinks within their heart of hearts that the victims lives mean nothing.

          IN regards to your trend of thought about thinking like a “rebel”, that’s your call!

          In my opinion, there is absolutely no trial that is about the accused, it is always about redemption for the “victim(s)”. The accused or alleged accused is the target for prosecution.

        3. Fallah,

          Just as a reminder, we are in a court of law. That means facts. This does not mean speculation, pattern of behavior, assumption, believability, opinion, or public sentiment. Where are the proofs that this innocent man bears the “greatest responsibility” in the Sirerra Leonean conflict as charged by this prosecution. Please specifically point at the evidence so we can discuss it. Call witnesses’ names if possible. It should not be like a sweeping statement of “didn’t President Taylor involvement in Sierra Leone create victim?” Where are the facts that this innocent man was involved in S.L. as charged Fallah Menjor?

    2. 11-3-2010
      Now is the time to stop referring to each other or ourselves as Bassa, Vai etc. The mere fact that you and others keep referring to yourselves as from one tribe or another is divisive and just plain ignorant. Sorry, the truth hurts!

  24. bnker2000,
    I disagree with you. The trial is about the accused and the conviction and punishment is about the redemption for the victim/s. If Mr. Taylor is found not guilty what redemption there is for the victim/s.

    1. Ken,
      We are not going to go back and forth with this…u stick to your guns and I mine—I think we can agree to that!


    2. @bnker
      A criminal trial is always and only about determining guilt and punishment. The punishment is meant to be a deterrent to ricidivism. There is, and I repeat, there is no redemption for the victim(s).

      1. and I repeat….I am not going back and forth with this, because I will not convince you otherwise and vice versa—-so I will let sleeping dog lie… ;o)

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