Last Witness Concludes His Testimony, Defense To Officially Close Their Case On Friday

Sam Flomo Kolleh, a Liberian national and former member of Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel group, concluded his evidence today in The Hague as the last live witness in the trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor. The conclusion of Mr. Kolleh’s evidence paves the way for defense lawyers to officially close Mr. Taylor’s defense on Friday, November 12, 2010.

Mr. Kolleh’s evidence, which commenced last week Monday, focused on rebutting prosecution evidence that Mr. Taylor was responsible for providing support to RUF rebels in Sierra Leone during that country’s 11 year civil conflict. Mr. Kolleh also alleged that he had been intimated and bribed by prosecutors for him to tell lies against Mr. Taylor.

Under cross-examination, prosecutors have tried to establish that Mr. Kolleh lied in the statements he made to prosecutors before he became a defense witness and that allegations that he was coerced to tell lies against Mr. Taylor are false. Mr. Kolleh denied the prosecution claims, telling the court that when he met with prosecutors, he gave false information about his name and participation in the war because he was afraid that he would be prosecuted.

As prosecution counsel Nicholas Koumjian concluded the witness’s cross-examination today, he emphasized that Mr. Taylor was responsible for the war that took place in  Sierra Leone, an assertion that the witness denied.

“The war in Sierra Leone was promoted by the man who set up Camp Naama…you know who that man was and it was Charles Taylor, don’t you?” Mr. Koumjian asked the witness.

“No sir,” the witness responded.

In reference to a statement earlier on made by the witness that “the war in Sierra Leone was not made by human beings, it was made by God,” Mr. Koumjian put to the witness that “It was a human being – Charles Taylor, that made all that possible,” to which the witness responded, “No sir.”

Mr. Koumjian also pressed the witness about the statements he made to prosecutors, saying that the witness had lied in order to protect Mr. Taylor. In his statement to prosecutors, the witness said that his name was Sam Mustapha Koroma and that he was not captured by Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) rebels in Liberia but rather by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone under the command of a man named Tunkara. In his present testimony, he has said that his real name is “Sam Flomo Kolleh” and that he was captured by NPFL rebels in Liberia and trained at Camp Naama before the invasion of Sierra Leone.

“I told you earlier on that I was scared. That’s why I changed my name. I’ve told you this over three different times,” Mr. Kolleh said when put to him that he had lied about his name to Prosecutors.

“You lied in all of your interviews with the prosecution by saying, not the truth that you were captured by the NPFL in Liberia, but that you were captured by Tunkara in Sierra Leone?” Mr. Koumjian asked witness again.

In his response, the witness said, “I told you I lied because of fear.”

When put to him that he lied in order to protect Mr. Taylor, the witness said, “No, that was not the reason.”

Mr. Koumjian also pointed out that in his first meeting with defense lawyers for Mr. Taylor, the witness did not tell them that he had been threatened and bribed by prosecutors to lie against Mr. Taylor.

“That’s something you have made up since May 2010 as the case has become more desperate for the defence,” Mr. Koumjian said.

“No.” the witness responded.

As he was reexamined by Mr. Taylor’s defense counsel, Terry Munyard, the witness denied any relationship with Mr. Taylor as alleged in a report of the non-governmental organization Global Witness.

Mr. Munyard read that in the Global Witness report of 2002 to 2003, it is stated, “A Liberian by the name of Sam Kolleh, a close associate to Charles Taylor has changed his name to Sam Koroma to appear Sierra Leonean.”

When asked by Mr. Munyard whether he is a “close associate to Charles Taylor,” the witness said, “No sir,” adding that he has “never met Mr. Taylor in person before.”

The witness reiterated that he only changed his name because of fear and on the question of why he specifically chose that name “Sam Mustapha Koroma,” he said, “It was the name of my step-father…a Sierra Leonean.”

As the witness made his exit from the court room, both prosecution and defense lawyers filed several documents to be admitted into evidence.

The trial is adjourned until Friday, November 12, for the formal closure of the defense case.

Mr. Kolleh is the 21st witness to have testified for Mr. Taylor, after prosecutors had presented more than 90 witness to testify against the former Liberian president. The testimonies of prosecution witnesses dealt with the crimes that were committed in Sierra Leone by RUF rebels and Mr. Taylor’s alleged support to the RUF rebels and his alleged involvement in planning and implementing a campaign of terror in Sierra Leone. This, according to prosecutors forms part of a joint criminal enterprise that was formed by Mr. Taylor and rebel forces in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor’s 21 witnesses have made attempts to rebut the evidence of prosecution witnesses and establish that his involvement in the conflict in Sierra Leone was only for peaceful purposes in that West African country.


  1. Well Done Mr.Koumjian, you have fought a fiece fight and deserve a salute from both taylor support and from those against. What more can we ask for? Except that we ask that you stick around because we need your type for the next trial in Liberia! This trial is done I don’t care how loudly the cocks crow from taylor’s camp! Let Be..let us see whether Elijah will come to save him…! I have a nice piece for NOVEMBER 12!

  2. The fact that he lied about his name and the place he was captured was not uncovered by the prosecution. in his examination in chief the witness was extensively questioned on that topic this has rendered the prosecution repeated emphasis on that stale and redundant. the curious thing is that the prosecution could not effectively contradict the witness on his allegation of being intimidated to cooperate with the prosecution or face the consequences. that is the crux of this witness’s testimony and the prosecution have been caged on that one.

  3. Can Taylor sympathizers and supporters form a rebelion and go to the Hague and free their godfather , the worst warlord mother earth has ever created, than to blame the West, especially America and Great Britain.
    Stop the nonsense of attacking people for the demise of Charles Taylor, for the evil that men do often live after them. So let it be with Taylor. Taylor was a great man who uses the barrel of the gun to destablize the sub-region and for his own selfish political gains.
    Surely, he is going to pay the price for his evil dids.
    No matter how you Taylor supportes and sympathizers view this case with all types of names you are calling people, it will be a shame and disappointment to you at the end of the tunnel. Start your rebellion noe, sooner or latter you will start crying here and there.

    1. Just PROVE your case Fuad. We have heard these rantings from the prosecution and their supporters since 2002 they simply cant PROVE it.

  4. I thought the Defense was going to provide evidence of payments to Mr. Kolleh by the prosecution. This was the case with DCT-097 where the person had copies of Western Union receipts. Although this did not happen the witness was still a plus for the Defense. The prosecution was never able to establish that the RUF had personal, arming or financial relationship with Mr. Taylor thru cross examination which is the heart of their case.

  5. The end is near…i hope these warmonger and human rights abuser around the world don’t get to enforce their drunken police men rule of law in our region.Charging people for crimes they do not commit and not charging people for crime that they do commit just because they can!!!

    Mr Bush & Blair,The men that bears the greatest responsibility for the criminal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan ,the experts in torturing techniques who spearheaded regime changes in countries by undermining their democracy/governing structure and through military invasion kill’s millions.These wholly unfair fascist,mischieveous bad men and their fools in africa are hoping to create a template for jailing african leaders …THE WORLD IS REALLY MAD!!!!!


  6. In my view, this witness has done very well exposing the reason behind the many lies told against Mr. Taylor by so-called selfish, and money seeking witnesses who because of poverty in Africa would sell their own blood to the white man for cash like in the case of Mr. Taylor one of Africa best leaders. What a total shame fellow African, I’m sure this case whatever the outcome maybe has truly though another lesson of our life. My heartfelt appreciation to the brilliant defense team. God will sure reward you, and history will remember you. Hat off and bravo to all lovers of justice.

  7. It is not by might that 21 distoryed 90, but by the special grace of the most high God. With God above and our rights to prove, Mr. Taylor is a free man coming back to mama Liberia. God bless Ghankay and safe the people of Liberia and Sierra Leone as our enemies to down into their graves day by day. I’m sure we all know our common enemies who seteal our resources and share our blood for profict. God will surely punished them and their chridern’s children.

    1. Hi Harry, I don’t think whinning about the evils of others, other than the evils of taylor, will do you any good at this point. Justice is taking its cause, and in the cause of the people, this time! This is a lesson to all role models of would be taylor types in Africa. Stop all this crying of foul and all that nonesense about the West. Period! This is not a Western Thing vs Eastern. This trial is a precedence for others to follow. This trial opens the eyes of many people of Africa and should be thought in every Political Science Classroom about ‘Power Politics.’ However, it also opens the last frontier for the final battle between the lovers of justice vs the crooks of Africa, who had used scare tactics of Western imperialism to win the hearts of fellow africans, and only letting them down later, for their personal gains! These are few lessons learned here, Harris, whether you admit this or not!

      1. jfallah,

        I know on which side you stand, but I don’t really care about your repond to many of our views. It would be beter were you to see a little above your nose and see what is going on in Africa after the code war. I don’t have to go in to details, I expect that you read your history well. Better join us to pressure Ellen to see reason to implement the TRC recommendations instead of asking for a second chance to power.

      2. Yes! Bossman, Fallah;
        You rightly said it to Harris. The eyes of the people are now open and we are going to do our best in making sure ,all of you who, because of the love of power and money, introduced terrirorism in the sence of rebellion activities, be brought to justice one by one. Fallah , be prepare. The next set rebels for the hage, are those of you who introduce the carnage that we’ve experienced in Liberia and Sierraleone today. Remember oldman, the Nazis of the Hatler are still being sorth and continuasly been brought to justice. NOKO5 project is bringing you, Ellen and the rest of the april 14,gansters to justice….

      3. Fallah,

        I am not questioning Mr Taylor guilt or not guilty with regards to crimes he may have committed in liberia,as i don’t know what the case is in liberia.But as far as this case goes its a fight between people who believe in justice vs people who wants to project power and pick winners and loosers based on their biased instinct and their fools in africa who are so poor and desperate that they can’t work out what is right or wrong for themselves,If you are rich they will believe anything you tell them.

        In Africa richness equals moral authority, even if you are the most unpleasant and immoral character!!!The west had spotted that for years!!!! Wretched Souls’.

  8. George Bush has a Book that is out now supporting his Water boarding to detainess in Gitmo.To have a person drown with Gallons of Water pouring on them,What in the Hell you call that? I have learned in Life that, you are intitle to your own opionion but you are not intitle to your own facts!! The White MAn could slap some of you fools over and over and you would only say”he did it for a reason” When will you stand up and fight for African unity?

  9. How long do some of you people think the United Nation (UN) will stay in Liberia for? The UN will withdraw out of Liberia very soon! Ellen, some call her the Iron Lady but I surely don’t see that!! She is the morden Day Fernando Poe of Liberia, she sells Charles Taylor to the West because of a personal grudge that she had against him, instead of talking to her African Brother to settle her dislike.Ellen gets paid a few millions for her So call swift justice and she is Happy having a Ex President in Jail. Iron Lady my Foot!! She better train that Liberian Army fast!

    1. Quenta taylor, you should praise Ellen for being a person of great sympathy for not giving liberian Justice that taylor rightly deserved! Don’t you think Ellen would have decided to try taylor first, for crimes he committed in Liberia, before turning him over to the Hague? This man was brought to Liberia in hand cuffs and delivered to Ellen, but Ellen, being so sympathetic, decided to turn him over to the Court of Sierra Leone, instead of giving him SWIFT Justice that you are talking about. Now, don’t you consider this a chance taylor was given to prove his innocence? Come on Quenta Taylor, what do you know about fairplay? If you are what you pretend to be, you would not attack Ellen, rather, you would be on fallah’s side in bringing Justice to Liberia regardless of your association with taylor! Ellen is a great Person, and has not demonstrated that she carries any malice about taylor’s past especially when he, personally put Ellen’s head to his rebels, as wanted! Fallah would have used taylor’s head as a trophy, had he been Ellen!

    2. Quenta,

      Most people of Ms Ellen’s generation are capable of behaving the same way…not all but about 95% of them believes the white man is god…..THAT COLONIAL WITCH CRAFTRY FOR YOU!!!!

      P-S don’t want to sound disrespectful but thats the way it is.

  10. Quenta,

    Ms Johnson was even trying to sell Mugabe,just because he stood up to Britain’s should have heard the things she was saying about that man who want to stop selling his people’s soul….

    Yeh,Iron lady to the west because of her willingness to help pin the African man down so the Western men can shaft them from behind

  11. To show you how ignorant that you are Fallah,just because my last name is Taylor doesn’t mean that I am a realtive of Mr. Taylor. But for the record, I will tell you that I am. I have never known a Taylor to hide and put their Tail between their Legs. I am speaking on behave of true justice in this Kangaroo Court not because Mr.Taylor is my relative.You think this court would be going on this long In the UnitedStates. This is not a Civil Case that you need to have Preponderance of the evidence to tip the Scale, you need Beyound a resonable doubt! Give a example Fallah, where it is beyound a resonable doubt.If you can’t even establish that, why are you just throwing Water on a Ducks Back? Give Facts like i said not a opinion. If Ellen was Iron enough to arrest Mr. Taylor and bring him to Liberia, People would have much more respect for her instead of asking , the ex Nigerian President to Hand over Taylor behind close Doors then denying it in the Public.Charles Taylor was only in Liberia a few secounds before he departed. If Ellen was Iron enough, she would have told the UN that a investigation had to be conducted in order to Hand over a former Liberian President for Crimes he allegedly commited in Sierra Leone.Ellen should allso be paying for his Legal bills now !! because Mr. Taylor was a active President at the time these charges came about.

    1. Quenta, you did not say anything worth replying. You probably don’t realize that taylor was handed to Ellen, politically. However, exercise your rights and be thankful, at least, that Ellen has humane feelings and uses diplomacy well, and unlike taylor, who thought he was the law! Whether you feel Ellen handed taylor, or Obasanjo conived, is not important here at the moment. What is, is that taylor is in the hot seat and his support group is in shock. Wow, taylor is on his way to never return trip this time! Bravo gankay.

  12. The USA have printed $600 Billions(Papers) to stimulate the US economy…..This papers will be used to buy the very valuable mines in Sierra Leone & Liberia. Gold,Diamonds,oil and other precious minerals…….!!!!

    The economic basket cases in Africa will no doubt see this as good investment…the idiom’…”They will take their own fat to fry them” As the people governing Liberia & Sierra Leone at the moment thinks the master knows best…And wall street will definately capitalise on their naievity, as this paper trick is best spent outside USA in exchange for some real valuables.

    THE OLD TRISCKSTARS & THE OLD FOOLS…..conspiring yet again to slow the world down.however unwittingly by the old fools!!

    1. CEE, why not print your valueble currencies instead of depending on the U.S. worthless currencies, according to your concept of “worthlessness!” You sound like a very jealouse individual. One moment, you hate the White Man. Next moment the white Man is an Important Influence in your economy, because he makes decisions based upon his vast wealth, according to this narrow thoughts. But now, his money is worthless, even though you depend on it and would find it difficult, if not impossible, to function in your great currupt African society! Boy, you sound pitiful, to say the least, Cee. It is the “DOLLAR” Cee, that stimulate you! It is the dollar that got taylor in troubles! It is the dollar that taylor was buying with the blood diamonds, from your sweat and labour! The dollar is powerful Cee, whether you agree or not! In fact, the dollar does not need your support, because it is self-supportive! God, how ignorant can we be?

      1. Fallah,
        I don’t see where in Cees’ post that he/she talked about whiteman money/economy or black mans’ money /economy. If you rightly read and carefully absorbed what the statement is talking about, you would find that refrences were made regarding the economys of two continents (Africa and the USA) collectively.

  13. You want beyond reasonable doubt? Try the 30+ witnesses that have the Accused conected to Sam Bockarie while Bockarie is destroying Sierra Leone in 1998 and 1999? That’s over 30 from all different and independent vantage points. Oh yeah, I forgot, they are all lying as part of the great consipracy that involves “the west” ECOWAS, the UN, Kabbah, and perhaps Jack Ruby:) I mean come on. Oh yeah – he was a “man of peace”…that explains the Bockarie relatoinship. It worked so well…why dont you ask residents of eastern Freetown or Kono how much they appreciate Mr. Taylor’s peace efforts. Such a joke….

    1. And US were in bed with Bin Laden in the past. Does that make them responsible for what he has done or doing?

      UK supported the apartheid regime – does it make the UK responsible for the atrocities committed against the Black and Coloured people of South Africa?

      US turned a blind eye to the atrocities carried out by the IRA and allowed fund raising to take place in its states – does it make the Presidents of US responsible or being involved in a joint enterprise to kill the British.

      Because CT may or may not have connection wih some involved in the war in Sierra Leone does not make it a cast iron evidence that he ordered the warring partities to commit the unthinkabke atrocities which has left a lot of victims both dead and alive (We cannot forget that there were victims regardless of what we think about this trial). Personally I have not seen such evidence that links him so directly to the rag tag bunch of groups (mot illiterates) to commit murder and violence in the name of greed and power. But then I am not a legal person so I wait for the judges to make their judgement and we have to respect that since they are the expert – The US involvement in this trial I hope does not taint the final judgement

    2. Bundu,

      Which one of your so-call 30 witnesses that said they were there when this innocent man, President Taylor, was allegedly giving orders to the RUF, or at least, President Taylor was part of the command and control structure of the RUF? All the records show your so-call 30 witnesses were they say, he says, she says, them say, third party say, dead man say, and ect. Notwithstanding, Bundu, bunch of paid witnesses that was coerced and intimidated by this fake and corrupt prosecution are not credible. However, right now, I can find or galvanize up to 100 people to lie and testify against you based on your anti-Taylor rhetoric. Does it mean that you actually committed the crimes you are charged hypothetically with? I tell you what, I will be one of those to supposedly lie on you if it boils to that.

  14. Thanks Noko5 and everyone on this site that knows what truth is.The Soldiers who were in Iraq that tortured civilians and killed them,do you blame the President of the United States and bring him to justice? when Bombs are being dropped in villages and hit innocent Women and children, the US is fighting Global Terrorism and Knowbody gets brought to justice. The United Nation needs to be out of the U.S as their Headquarters because that is not having a Neutral balance with the world. How can the U.N really be fair!! I will be reading from this site as i often do. Keep fighting for true justice!

    1. Please stay home and read some local papers, Quenta taylor, because you do not seem to be up to date with the politics of the world. you seem very negatively focused. Even conservatives know their monthly and daily balances. You sound like a disgruntle unemployed worker of some sort of Union. Why are you bringing in the Iraq War narratives, instead of focusing on the present topic? Are you attemting to show off or you want us believe you are very knowledgeable? Come on Buddy, we are coming to conclusion of the famous trial of whether taylor goes free, or a precedence set for currupt leaders of Africa. That is, no man is above the law, Quenta. Focus on the trial because I will come harder on you the next time I hear another topic on how America lost in Viet Nam!

      1. Fallah,

        Why are you telling Quenta Taylor to stay home? Why you don’t want him/her expressing his/her view points just like you on this website? Unbelievable!!!! Je-sus Christ!!!

  15. Please ,who are the 30 + witnesses that you are talking about? Who could link Mr. Taylor to the acts that was committed in SL. Most of all those witnesses are linkage witnesses, that have enough pain and suffering on them.The salute report of the R.U.F gave examples of the who was calling the shots.Charles Taylor had enough to deal with on his plate. fighting numerous rebel groups for 14 yrs, it never stopped!! With twisted misleading facts, that is the Joke of all Jokes!! God Bless you my Brother.

  16. Look, people can say all they want, THE LAW IS THE LAW. I’m sorry but i dn’t see in PROOF to find this man Guilty. And for the record ellen can’t prosecute Taylor because she will have to summit herself for prosecution as she is as well guilty of the same crimes in Liberia. if they say Taylor suporrted RUF then Ellen is GUITY of supporting Taylor at the start of the Liberian war…. Open you eyes ppl…. This is just one big circle involving the same Damn ppl… Liberia needs new Politicians and young ones too.

    for Some ppl Taylor is a savor because if it wasn’t for him Doe would have killed all the ppl of Nimba county.. #imjustsaying

    Fallah M. its sooooo clear that you dn’t like Taylor but dn’t let your hatered for someone bling the rule of law and the mandate for this court. it seems like you want taylor to sufer for what he did in Liberia but this trial is not about Liberia….

  17. I suggest everyone try to read the transcript of November 9th. During the re direct by Terry Munyard it is clear that Mr. Kolleh was asked about diamonds and Mr. Taylor in a previous interview by the prosecution investigators. Nick Koumijan was playing fast and loose with the facts when he only showed one of the interview transcripts.

  18. I am sorry on my last posting ,I meant to say crime base witnesses instead of linkage witneses. Keep fighting for true justice my People!!

    1. Apology taken, Quenta, I already know how confusing it is, sometimes, to keep focus on the main topic, but we need to be pragmatic! Have a nice weekend. I enjoy dialogue with you!

  19. Dear Quenta Taylor,

    We cannot approve your comment at this time. The sentence beginning with “Maybe” and ending in “…how good we was” does not comply with the website’s comment policy. If you remove this sentence we will gladly post.

    Thank you.

  20. So are we down to THE END. After all the WE’LL SHOW THAT MR. TAYLOR has 5 BILLIONS DOLLARS in various banks, WITNESSES WITH FIRST HAND PROOFS etc etc……this case ended up on HEARSAYS!!!! A SHAMEFUL SHAME and a DISGRACEFUL DISGRACE to say the least.

    The final score reads Mr. Taylor 1 vs The prosecutors 0.

    1. Noko4,
      Not all of the case ended up on hearsays. The defense witnesses were fact base. They told of hearsay when the “prosecution” asks them about other witness’s testimony.

      The Prosecution did have many witnesses with hearsay evidence, but the prosecution did have some witnesses that could be fact base such as Moses Blah, Zig-Zag Marzah and TF1-275. The 5 billion dollars the prosecution alleged was in various banks for Mr. Taylor, they could not prove it nor had a witness to testify to where the money was.

  21. Fallah,you said that it was not worth replying to me after I embarass and dismantle you by asking you to tell me what Mr. Taylor is guilty of beyound a resonable doubt? You shy away from me in a hurry but i am not upset at you at all!! You still have not answerd the ? yet. Bundu tried his best but no Cigar! (Beyound a Resonable Doubt) T hat isn’t what will cause this Man to stay in Jail,If this is fair play. History is the best Teacher Fallah that is why,us Africans keep fallen victim to outsiders who are not africans telling us how we should live and Govern ourselves. But of coarse you don’t get it my Brother. Suffering did happen in SierraLeone ( Crime base witnesses) I t was not on Mr. Taylors watch, you watch the Trial i hope F allah because you just don’t get it. Who has anything on this Man? The C ourt has not found any large sum of Billions of $$$$$$$$$$$$ The Gun running he was allegedly doing and the Diamond connection between him and the RUF. The Prosecution has disown some of thir own Witnesses in that CourtRoom, further more we have found out about the payments they was making to buy witnesses!! That is just very Dirty within itself. President Obama was traveling to Indonesia, Fox News reported that Millions of $$ would be spent on the President visit to that Country. It turn out to be completly false! CNN had to re clarify the blunder that Fox news made to the American People. That is some of what is happening now in the Charles Taylor Trial, Mis-informatin and Dis-information. That is today Journalism work at its finest today! 3 years now, this fake case has been going on. Free Charles Taylor!!

  22. Quenta Taylor,
    The good thing is Taylor chief lawyers are British. So, you can easily petition them to take Tony Blair to court for committing atrocities in Iraq.
    I find it really strange that Terry Munyard and co only now realize the ‘evils’ of their country as excuses from bringing the chief architect of the mayhem, wanton destruction, heinous crimes and sufferings on the people of that subregion.

  23. Fellow Liberians and Friends of Liberia the world over; just like I said from the beginning of this case that the court in it’s totally is illegal and a Kangaroo’s court at best. Taking international Law into consideration, there is no way that Charles Taylor can be convicted because the prosecution have simply failed to prove a point, better yet find the money trail of Taylor’s billion. Forget the money connect Mr. Taylor to a crime in Sierra Leone…did you see Liberians being dismember through the more than 10 years of civil conflict? Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is next in line to be prosecuted. And this time By Liberians

  24. If i may say, the trial of Charles Taaylor is not to punish him for crrimes committed in Sierra Leone, but to punish him for disobeying “Uncle Sam”. they want him to pay for all the pains he caused them, and especially for winning the 1997 elections which would have put their pupet (The Iron Lady) into office. and then Britain, the female Dog, has to join Uncle Sam in anything, So, if you look at it again, the boys in Sierra Leone got their inspiration (not support) form “The Papay”, so they have to punish him for that.

    America and Britain will kill anything that does not do their will, including Saddam Hussein and Arthur Sankara, may their souls rest in peace.

    This is part of thte poltics of war. why are they not chasing Ahmed Tijan Kabbah also? why are they not chasing Ellen Johnson and the rest?

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