Defense Lawyers Formally Close Their Case In The Charles Taylor Trial

Defense lawyers for Charles Taylor today formally closed their case after calling 21 witnesses to testify on behalf of the former Liberian president in response to an 11 count indictment in which Prosecutors allege that Mr. Taylor provided support to and was in control of Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels, who waged an 11 year civil conflict in the West African nation. Mr. Taylor has denied all allegations against him.

Between January 2008 and February 2009, Prosecutors led 91 witness in evidence against Mr. Taylor, some of whom were victims of the conflict in Sierra Leone, while others were insider witnesses comprising of former members of the RUF, former members of Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), and former members of Mr. Taylor’s Liberian government, including his former vice president Moses Blah. The victim witnesses testified mainly about the atrocities that were committed by RUF rebels in Sierra Leone, while the insider witnesses attempted to link Mr. Taylor to the RUF and their activities in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Taylor’s lawyers formally opened the defense case on July 13, 2009, and the following day, the former Liberian president himself took the witness stand as a witness in his own defense. Mr. Taylor concluded his testimony on February 18, 2010. Mr. Taylor’s final witness, a Liberian member of the RUF, Sam Flomo Kolleh, concluded his evidence on Tuesday, November 9, 2010.

In bringing Mr. Taylor’s defense to a formal closure today, lead defense counsel for the accused, Courtenay Griffiths, told the judges, “I’m grateful first of all to your honors for dealing with such alacrity with the outstanding motions, and I am pleased to announce that is the case for Mr. Taylor.”

Mr. Griffiths thanked all the parties involved in the trial for their “contributions in ensuring that the proceedings in the courtroom have run as efficiently and smoothly as they have done.”

“In thirty years of practice, this is the first trial I have been involved in of this magnitude involving so much evidence in which so little time has been lost either through illness or any other matter, and I think everyone ought to be commended for their efforts in ensuring that that was the case,” Mr. Griffiths said.

Mr. Griffiths also said that the differences in positions inside the courtroom should not be interpreted that the defense does not share the concerns of the victims of the conflict in Sierra Leone.

“I would also, in light of the comments I make, like to make clear that it has been accepted by us right from the outset that terrible crimes were committed in Sierra Leone. We share the concerns for the victims of these crimes, and we want to make clear that differences between the parties in the courtroom should not be exploited as evidence that either party naturally assumes a morally superior position,” he said.

“On that note, this is the case for Mr. Taylor,” Mr. Griffiths concluded.

Presiding Judge of the Trial Chamber, Justice Julia Sebutinde, thanked all parties who have worked to get the trial to this stage. She announced that after today’s formal closure of the defense case, the court will resume again to hear closing arguments from the parties from February 8 to 11, 2011 before the judges retire for judgment.

In a press release issued by the Office of the Prosecutor, the Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Brenda J. Hollis, said that today’s closure of the defense case “is an important step towards the completion of the Charles Taylor trial.”

Ms. Hollis thanked witnesses who have testified for both the prosecution and the defense, saying that “their courage and willingness to take the stand and bear witness has been an inspiration. We in the prosecution have always said that we fight for justice in the name of the victims, but they are the ones who have truly made justice possible”. 

In another press release issued by the Outreach and Public Affairs section of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Registrar of the court, Binta Mansaray, said that the closure of the defense case “is not only a major milestone in the Charles Taylor trial, but in the work of the court as a whole.”

Mr. Taylor’s trial will resume on February 8, 2011 to hear closing arguments from the parties.


  1. Thanks, Mr. Griffiths, for admitting the fact that crimes were indeed committed, and regardless ofyour position that taylor had no part to play in any of what happened. It must be a very difficult position as defense lawyer, most especially when you are trying hard to distance your client from the obvious. However, you should feel free and never bear any guilt because you did your assigned job as a professional. That being said, I would like to say to you that you gave taylor the best defense he would have ever dreamt of, and that taylor will probably learn ‘due process’ from you and become a better person in his next life!

    1. Absolutely agree with jfallahmenjor. Mr. Griffiths provided the best defence under the circumstances and has every reason to be proud of his work! Justice, however, must be seen to carry the day! The crimes committed against civilian populations must be avenged if impunity in Africa is to be given a face and duly shamed!

    2. Hey Fallah, Hope you did not get the defense wrong, If you read back from the opening of this trial especially during the prosecution’s presentation, I can remenber clearly that the defense agreed that crimes were committed in Sierra Leone. Let me also remind you that the trial is not about establishing that crimes were committed in Sierra Leone rather support given to the perpetrator (s) of the very crimes.
      Even those you consider Taylor supportors in this forum are concerned about the crimes that were committed in Sierra Leone .
      The Job of Mr. Griffiths and his team is and has been to distance president Taylor LEGALLY from all the crimes. This is just what he and his team membes have done and will be concluding in february.

    3. Fallah,
      Please, Griffith does not need your kind words; Stop your hipocracy. Why do you think now he’s a proffessional lawyer? Remember, you went ahead condemning this fellow before? How come you did not give all these praises to your prosecution inmature money greedy lies manufacturing lawyers. We already know who Griffith is. Are you thinking about hiring him in your future case about the april 14, 1979 massacre and looting of people properties in monrovia? But guess what, you got it wrong, because I will personally make sure Griffith doesn’t plea for you..This is not GOBACHOP MARKET where jump from place to place.. Stay on your Brenda Holis side THANK YOU!!.

      1. Thank you NOKO5. It is said “to satisfy a fool is to disagree with him!” you are very right, and also please accept my sincere apologies for wrongly praising Griffiths, as you put it. However, you also agree with the anology; even if you were to place a lit candle under the bed, it will continue to aluminate. I am satisfied with my fight with people like you and proud that I kept my promise to stay on regardless of all the garbage from some about who I am, was, or is!

  2. I want to thank Mr. Alpha Sesay and the rest of the Open Society Justice Initiative team for maintaining the website for the trial. It was a useful and important tool to correspond with people who otherwise would not had access to this trial. I am very grateful that was here for us.

    Now that this case has ending and both sides has told their events. I am predicting that Mr. Taylor will be not guilty on all account.

  3. I have to agree with fallah in part regarding the excellent defense from Griffiths. This is one of the best defense I have ever seen . Griffiths is a gifted lawyer but he is fighting against powerful political forces in the world. I cannot see how a political court like this make a judgment and the rule of law. The final decision from the court will be a political verdict.

    1. Momo Dhan,
      As the article in the German newspaper Spiegel said and I paraphrase ” It all depends whether the judges will have the courage to come back with an acquittal ” What they are saying it is as plain as day that the prosecution did not prove their case. However there is alot of international pressure from the powers that be on the judges to convict.

      1. Aki,

        On top of what you said, the European based international news agency, Spiegel, said “nothing seems to stick to the defendant.” Brother, the fake 11 charges this corrupt and bribing prosecution brought on this innocent man, “nothing seems to stick.”

      2. Hello Aki,
        Long time since I actually interacted with you or anyone else on this site for that matter. I am writting to intimate you of my intention to start a blogging site to promote Pan African ideas to actually counter some of these foreign run sites that seem to habour certain dark and hidden agendas for our dear continent. I am sure you do understand what I am talking about as I have encountered you on one of such sites ( S. Grossman to be precise ) and my opinion is that these people do not totally have our various nations’ interests at heart as they sometimes provide miss-information or unimformed opinions on issues or personalities of our various countries like Taylor of Liberia; Bashir of Sudan; Mugabe of Zimbabwe; the Jos riots in( my country )Nigeria and much more. I see it all as a Yehudi strategy of divide and rule . Sadly enough, many of our folks have fallen for this. Aki, while I do not claim that we do not have ills and evils on our continent, you will note that they ( Dufka, Agent Bility, e.t.c ) do not for one minute advocate for the convition of evils entities like Tony Blair, Bush, Sarkozy, racist and illegal Israel e.t.c . It is against this backdrop that I solicit your opinion and whatever support or steps on what direction to be taken to float this proposed forum. Lastly, I do honestly believe that there are indeed genuine foreigners ( Self labelled “Westerners” ) who have the love of Africa, the Middle East and Asia at heart. Awaiting your respose. Cheers.

        1. Rgk,
          You write and interesting piece. I however don’t totally agree with you. We need to stop looking outside as a cause of our problems as a Continent. Even though, I agree that the Western nations see a bruise or a fault and manipulate them. But most of the blame need to start with us. I believe that we fail to address our ills when we put a square “bulls eye” on the backs of other nations. By redirecting our problems to outside forces, we ignore or fail to acknowledge that poverty, high illiteracy and other factors are our setback. Our leaders have redirected resources to either themselves or invested substantially in militarism.

          Anyhow, good thread.

  4. Fallah,

    Did I hear you talking what I thought I heard you talking about “Due Process” ? Unbelievable !! Fallah, which international law that says it is not in violation to indict a “Sitting President”? Where was due process in the arrest of a sitting president, President Taylor, when he was president of the Republic of Liberia in 2003 ? The International Community may destroy the international justice system just to find this innocent man guilty. What a shame.

  5. Indeed Mr Taylor’s defence team is excellent and they worked dutifully against all odds to provide a good defence. I am glad Mr Taylor protested at the initial start of the trial otherwise the trial would have been a total sham. While I do not accept that the trial is devoid of political interference and goon squad tactics, I am glad he could still state his own side of the story. It is now left to the judges to show themselves as honorable and fair. However, to the lackeys and antagonists, Africa will overcome .

  6. Fallah,
    Thanks for the INPUTS….you did the best you could but yourself have come to the REALIZATION that the evidences WERE and ARE NOT there to convict. As someone who seek TRUE JUSTICE I am pretty sure you have conclude NOT GUILTY.

    Nice knowing you oneday we SHALL meet.

  7. Thanks , Mr. Griffiths and team of defense, you have done a remarkable job for Africa. Your next assignment is to represent Madame Sirleaf in her soon to come trial in Liberia. The liberian people actually appreciates you and don’t mind the few who do not understand the nature and rational behind your decision to do this job.
    Liberians, especially the ordinay are very hopeful of acquital for President Taylor.
    We look forward to your argument next year.

  8. As an addendum to my previous posting, I would love to see a forum where the so-called activists such as Alex yearsley of global witness(head of the one room NGO ), spinster Dufka and other attention seeking liars of their ilks would sit and explain and provide to the public genuine evidence of Mr Taylor’s involvement in Sierra Leone. This fora should be an interactive one where other views would be aired by the public. These non entities have been identified as evil agents to our continent . Cheers.

    1. Now Rgk007, why would you start calling names even before you begin your proposed website? I think you have excellent idea if you could just remain unbaised and personal. otherwise, you will regret our responses if you start such blog. I promise you fully that jfallahmenjor will tear your ideas apart, because you will become so immotional that you will lose focus of your objectives or get a law suit from a blogger! Don’t try us Rgk007, we are not little potatoes..we are capable of running you academically bankrupt!

      1. To start with, I would not dignify you or your post by mentioning you by name as I have purposely kept you out of my radar for as long as I have started posting on this fora. Firstly, it is quite clear to those who are wise that I specifically directed my comments to one whom I feel is a like minded individual and not one whom is intellectually bankrupt. Whatever I mentioned in my post(s) is not devoid of facts or truths as I am not one to ramble and not hit the nail on the head. Secondly, “biased” is indeed the exact word used by the trial chamber to describe Ms Dufka’s testimony hence my mentioning her by name. Next in line, agent bility has been accurately described as a “serial prosecution witness” who has rightly been found unreliable in most of his testimonies (hence my mentioning his name) aimed at settling his personal vendetta. However, I am not one to join words to personalities that have on this site been found to display thuggish character and issue veiled threats or otherwise. Lastly, If only you were of a good moral background, your approach to my post(s) would have been one of debate and not confrontation. It is clearly stated in my post to Mr Aki ( whom it was solely intended for ) that this site would welcome views from across the board and not to form any opinions. The only intended difference as earlier mentioned would be that unsubstatiated untruths and or conjectures ( a common trait of any site I mentioned ), would not be entertained . Simple ! So my angry young or old man, you see, the difference is that civil discussions and interactions pertaining to African upliftment is my (our) goal and not loutish rantings. Lastly, to whosoever the current moderator is, I am deeply disappointed at your acts or ommissions in allowing cloaked entities launch threats at other civillized individuals. Big shame !
        P.S:I am always open to “constructive” debate/discussion(s) and I suggest you keep a dictionary by your side when next you are writing. cheers.

        1. I told you! You can’t stand the heat, it seems,Rgk007. look how you have responded so emmotionally and seem completely unbalanced at this simple joke jfallahmenjor pulled, just to test you! well, I am glad I got you reconsidering if it will be fruitful to come on the web, especially being an associate to the associative property of taylor, the main focus to our discussions on this blog. You might consider joining me in starting a website that focuses on how we can prevent hatred being a last result of solving our differences, Rgk007. I am willing to sit at table, face to face with NOKO5, Jose, Jecone the general, Helen, Aki,Noko4 and Johnny Ndebe, my country man from Northern Liberia, to have a serious discussion on how we can help Liberia move forward after taylor’s trial. However, if you turn down this offer, you may be excluding yourselves from opportunity to negotiate, and that will not be nice to your future participation!

  9. Dear sam,

    Thanks for the assistance in having the Court Records Documenting System placed back online; you are indeed informed to that workings of this court system. I had to take off a few days to prepare for National Veterans Day on November 11, 2010, since I am a permanent and total 100 percent disable Veteran.

    I have gone through the Decision on Public with Confidential Annexes A-J and Public Annexes K-O Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecutor and Its Investigators, and draw from the Trial Chamber’s inference that the motion was premature since the Chamber found:

    • The Trial Chamber notes payments made by the Prosecution were disclosed to the Defence and that the Defence did cross-examine or had ample opportunity to cross-examine Prosecution witnesses in relation these payments made by the Prosecution and cannot be said to be prejudiced. The Defence allegations that the conduct of the Prosecution poisoned the pool of potential witnesses and interfered with the administration of justice in that the credibility of such witnesses who came to testify was severely impacted, is not substantiated . In any event a final determination of whether the witnesses were influenced by such payments rests with the Trial Chamber, when it assesses the credibility of the Prosecution witnesses and the veracity of their accounts in its deliberations on the judgement.

    I will not speculate as to what the Chamber will find in its deliberation since I am not an astute mind reader. Nevertheless, they have an awful lot of paper to go through.


    See link:

    1. Sekou,
      As usual thanks for all the pertinent information. I am still at a loss for how you found this site of the Special Court for documents. I don’t believe they ever intended it to get into the public domain. I hope you had a pleasant Veterans Day. My sister works for the Veterans Affairs Dept.

      1. Dear Aki,

        I cannot say whether the court system intended to hold this information from the public or not; but as you can see from my post I was thanking sam for his assistance with getting it back online. I found my way to the site by following a link that was posted on the August 19, 2010 Daily Summary’s. I pride myself on being a second rate researcher.

        I have only known two sisters from Africa who work for the VA; and they were in Missouri; one was from Nigeria.

        By the way, what connection does the Free Pentecostal Global Missions (Liberia) Inc. has with this case, if any?

        Take care,


        See link:

  10. On November 11, 2010, the Trial Chamber published their Decision on Public with Confidential Annexes A-D Defence Motion for Admission of Documents and Drawing of an Adverse Inference Relating to the Alleged Death of Johnny Paul Koroma.

    Here is another split decision in recent weeks that indicates there is confusion with the issues raised by the defense. At least the defense has proved that there is no material evidence that Johnny Paul Koroma is dead.


    See link:

    1. Johnny Paul Kromah probably was eaten, and some one might know this for sure! If this is not the case, why would defense be so cock sure to keep the speen on this one evidence? This guy, it is believed, was allegedly not only killed, but great care taken to eliminate and destroy evidence. Johnny’s bones would not with stand acid, nor if eaten by the cannibals who feasted on remains of enemies or would be witnesses to the chief. Why defense did not get this admant about Yeaten, whom they know exists in their hideout? The Skull organization, of which i am familiar, is very close to the hidout of taylor associates, and simply buying time to not let its final flushing interfere with the trial that is almost to the end. Boy, there will be suprises for many on this site, how we have come close to the West african rebel mob! This is all I am permitted to say for now!

      1. Fallah,
        Right now, there is noway that you can undo what you’ve done. That is, the introduction of rebel activity in liberia and sierraleone. Also, please donot take NOKO5 “the barefoot warrior” for joke. The only negotiation thats going to exist between you and I is the time you and Ellen will be in the hague facing trial for damaging the mentality of liberians and sierraleoneans, which vehicled the prevalence of the level of violence that was experienced by all. FALLAH, don’t worry. I will be the plaintiff and you, the defendant during our negotiations… once again, NOKO5 ” the barefoot warrior”. The records of april 14, 1979 must be straight. Too many people died. VERY SAD

        1. NOKO5, Fallah does not take anyone for granted, being a Warrior, himself!Neither do I take any former rebels for joke. I wish some could meet jfallahmenjor face to face..I am wishing to look taylor boys in the eyes so they know what fire they are playing with! NOKO5, the culprits of April 14 already paid their dues! I am a great guy and that’s why I am around and lived to tell the story. You are a very interestine guy, NOKO5. I would love to meet you in person maybe why not plan a vacation together to Liberia next summer when all tempers are cool? I really wish to meet you in person my dear! You are a great guy and patriot of Liberia! You are one of those we need to shower with gifts and blessings for what you have done for your Country, Liberia!

        2. Noko5, let’s follow your above piece: if you were a “bare foot” rebel during the war, and fallah, as you claim, is one of those who started the troubles in Liberia, and Sierra Leone, along with Ellen; Then how can NOKO5 become a plaintiff and fallah a defendant? You seem to talk before thinking, just like Rkg007, who seems to gather his thoughts only after voicing his opinions about Liberia and fallah! You can not be a plaintiff when you were a participant in a crime, NOKO5, except if you want to take taylor’s position about crimes in Sierra Leone.

  11. All I can say is that it is about time. Whether you believe Taylor is guilty or innocent, everything that can be said has already been said. Now, after the closing arguments, it is left for the judges to decide Taylor’s fait. They have a tought job ahead of them.

  12. Please corect the date “Mr. Taylor’s trial will resume on February 8, 2010 to hear closing arguments from the parties”. I just copy and paste it.

    1. Dear amax2020,

      Thank you for your comment. The date has been corrected.

      Kind regards,

  13. A big thank you to everyone no matter which side we stand, it has relly been a good thing sharing our views here. We wait for the D-day when Liberians will line the streets of Monrovia to welcome Mr. Taylor back home.

  14. Liberians are just waiting for that remarkable and historical day when C.T is pronounced a free man and is acquitted from jail in the Hague. I can imagine liberians lining up from broad street all the way to the Robert international airport in Liberia to welcome their beloved brother, father, uncle, nephew, and so on back home after some long years passed by. But the question here is, when he is acquitted, will he get back in to politic or will he try to get in to public office or just live a private life? Well, I’M not the better judge. I’m only giving my point if view or opinion. The better judges are: uncle Sam and his brothers and sisters.

    1. Perhaps, it will be Liberians who live in the United Kingdom will line up Downing Street to get glims of taylor being led to prison! You guys are diehards! we probably need to make arrests of truoble makers on that day for creating any disturbances over the virdict!

    1. Thanks for this interview of Chief Defense Lawyer, Griffiths, with BBC.Mas, I love the interviewer’ popsition that even though Griffiths keeps claiming over and over that Prosecutions paid thousands of dollars to witnesses, but that Defense had had their witnesses living in the Hague for months and months, and living in high class hotels! Besides, for Griffiths’s whinning about the trial could have been held on the African soil instead of the Hague, does not make sense, because the trial is symbolically better, whether it was held on the African soil or not, as the BBC interviewer, responded. Also, it was due to difficult circumstances witnesses had to be taken care of, not only of basic necessities, but of medical, as well, by the prosecution. Griffiths and taylor support group need to stop this unnecessary whinning over all this nonesense about witnesses being paid! These are people that had nothing because the RUF and NPFL had taken all from them and including their dignity!

      1. jfallahmenjor, u might have been following a different trial. I also think you listened to another interview last night.

  15. Well, the defense has not given in on the denial of their most recent motions. On Monday November 15, 2010 the defense filed;

    1. Defence Motion Seeking Leave to Appeal the Decision on the Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecution an Its Investigators

    2. Defence Motion Seeking Leave to Appeal the Decision on the Defence Motion for Admission of Documents and drawing of an adverse Inference Relating to the Alleged Death of Johnny Paul Koroma

    3. Defence Motion for Reconsideration of Decision on Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecutor and Its Investigators

    1. Defence Motion Seeking Leave to Appeal the Decision on the Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecution an Its Investigators.
    Here the Defence hereby seeks leave to appeal that decision as the Decision is replete with errors of law and/or fact which give rise to exceptional circumstance and occasion irreparable prejudice.
    The defense contends that:

    • Generally, the Trial Chamber erred in law and/or fact in finding that the Defence Motion:

    • a. amounts to a request for a general audit of the Prosecution’s operations since the inception of the court in 2002, in that it does not sufficiently identify the persons subject of the contempt allegations and their corresponding contemptuous acts;

    • b. is time-barred due to undue delays in bringing forth action for contempt; and

    • c. does not contain any credible allegations of contempt that satisfy the very low “reason to believe” evidentiary threshold under Rule 77; and

    • d. could not have requested an analysis of improper inducements under Rule 77 because Rule 39(ii) was the appropriate mechanism.

    The Defence submits that because much of the evidence of contempt by the Prosecution was never led in court, as most of the potential witnesses had been compromised by the Prosecution, the full impact and implications of the Prosecution’s contemptuous conduct cannot be considered adequately “at the stage of final deliberations, taking into account the evidence adduced and the crossexamination of the witnesses in question”.

    2. Defence Motion Seeking Leave to Appeal the Decision on the Defence Motion for Admission of Documents and drawing of an adverse Inference Relating to the Alleged Death of Johnny Paul Koroma

    Here The Defence does not agree with but does not challenge the Trial Chamber’s decision not to admit the forensic reports showing that the exhumed bodies were not that of Johnny Paul Koroma (“JPK,) 3 and the Trial Chamber’s refusal to draw adverse inferences despite the Prosecution’s Rule 68(B) disclosure violation. The Defence however seeks leave to appeal other aspects of the Decision which constituted errors of law and/or fact amounting to exceptional circumstances and resulting in irreparable prejudice. The Trial Chamber erred:

    • a. In finding that the exculpatory information contained in the affidavit of DCT032, which contradicts the evidence of Prosecution witnesses relating to an alleged murder committed by subordinates of Charles Taylor on his orders, goes to proof of the acts and conduct of the Accused and thus is inadmissible at the request of the Accused under Rule 92bis;

    • b. In finding that, if the affidavit of DCT-032 is not admissible, then the other materials submitted have no independent relevance, including the record of disbursements made by the Prosecution to DCT-032 and the indemnity letter written by the Prosecution to DCT-032.

    The fact that the Prosecution, for good reasons or otherwise, kept the exculpatory material at issue away from the Accused until very late in the proceedings and now admission into evidence is being erroneously refused could result in the interests of justice might be interfered with. The matter, in the interests of justice, therefore calls for further decision on appeal.

    The failure by the Trial Chamber to admit the exculpatory material at issue and consequently not be able to consider the exculpatory evidence in its Judgement deliberations is not easily remediable upon final appeal The Defence is irreparably prejudiced in that it will not being able to rely on the evidence relating to Prosecution’s recruitment and payment practices, as well as information that contradicts Prosecution allegations, in its Final Brief. Furthermore, without admitting any of the documents at issue, the Trial Chamber cannot consider any Defence request to draw adverse inferences from the Prosecution’s disclosure violation, which issue the Trial Chamber has left to the Judgement deliberations stage.

    3. Defence Motion for Reconsideration of Decision on Defence Motion Requesting an Investigation into Contempt of Court by the Office of the Prosecutor and Its Investigators

    Here the defense contends:

    • Reconsideration is being sought on the basis that the Decision is fundamentally hostile to the fair trial rights of the Accused and notions of fundamental fairness that go beyond Article 17 of the Statute. More specifically, the Defence submits that clear errors in reasoning permeate the Decision and on their own warrant reconsideration, as does the avoidance of gross injustice to the Accused at bar.

    • The “clear errors in reasoning” and grounds necessitating the avoidance of injustice are several but collectively manifested in the Decision by (i) a failure to appreciate the inherent responsibility of the Court as the arbiter of justice to safeguard the Accused ‘s rights and (ii) the application of disparate and unfair legal standards to Defence evidence in support of its allegations vis-a-vis Prosecution evidence in rebuttal to the allegations.

    The Motion made clear the Defence’s position that the issues at stake affect not only the integrity of the Prosecution, but also that of the entire judicial process .i’ Indeed, this Court has explicitly acknowledged that the Motion contained “serious allegations” of contempt of court. Even others outside the theatre of the Court and the parties recognised, too, the significance of the allegations, with one commentator proclaiming that, “The Judges are apparently struggling with how to deal with the bribery allegations. A decision. which is expected in the next few days, could result in the trial being taken back to square one” (emphasis added). But despite acknowledging the obvious, the Decision reveals an approach to reasoning and the application of legal standards that is overly focused on legal technicalities in the sacrifice of fundamental fairness to the Accused. Consequently, the Defence takes exception to the Decision in its entirety and submits that reconsideration is necessary to rectify fundamental injustice and to uphold the fair trial rights of the Accused.

    It cannot be the case that Defence evidence is held to a higher standard than that applied to prosecution “evidence” and the Defence submits that the approach taken in the Decision resulted in clear error that warrants reconsideration in order to prevent injustice to the Accused.

    There is this article; Is the Case Against Charles Taylor Falling Apart? By Thomas Dernsteat and Jan Puhl that is attached to the motion.

    I hope that you can enjoy this post,


    See link:

    1. Sekou,
      this is classic defense lawyer tactics but in the end I think the closing arguments and the final trial briefs are what will really decide this case.

  16. Is there anyone on this site who has heard evidence from any witness in this court that has claimed to have personally delivered or handed diamonds over to Mr Charles Taylor apart from Marzah ( the illeterate “director of operations” ) the court jester ? Do please name the witness from the remainig ninety.
    P.S: no time wasters . Cheers.

    1. The only prosecution witness who said he personally delivered diamonds to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Taylor gave him arms to delivery to the RUF was Marzah. Marzah was an unreliable person because the vast Majority of his testimony was about eating human. Marzah said eating human was taught in the Poro Society. I do not know anything about the Poro Society but that sound to be untrue. If the Judges consider Marzah unreliable or lying, the prosecution has nothing to connected Mr. Taylor to a diamonds for arm with the RUF.

    2. Yes, Rkg007, Mazarh is someone, and mazarh says that he delivered diamonds to taylor! therefore, if you follow your logic, then it’s proven that taylor received diamonds, and therefore, taylor is guilty of coniving and being a contributing factor in the crimes carried on for 11 years in Sierra Leone, and the 11 counts against him, are therefore,true! please say things because you are thinking and not thinking after you say them! Fallah will find out and brings you back to the point of what we are on this site..taylor, and Justice to the victims of Sierra Leone, is why we are here and remain to be here!

      1. Mr Menjor,
        I do not know how old you are but at times age does not go with wisdom. Even a blind man would see that my question was: “Can you name a single witness APART from Marzah”? . Good God, reading your responses at times makes me want to scream. APART from means separate from in english. I do understand that this may be challenging at times but it might help if you said you do not know. We all know that witnesses on both sides of the divide have at times issues of credibility. Accepting things at times is what makes you a man. I would not want to believe that this is how people from your country reason because that would be a wrong assumption. To butress your point on why we all are on this site, it is to have sensible and responsible discussions and not to promote warped logic. This is highly disgraceful. Finally, if your indefencible sentiments are not stopped, I shall not respond to you again. Ever!
        P.S: You should note, I am neither Liberian nor Sierra Leonean hence no cause for bias. Cheers.

  17. Also, as a follow-up to my previous post, I would love anyone of the participants on this site to please direct me to or name any ONE prosecution witness i.e apart from the fantasist and court jester Joseph Marzah who has personally testified to handing over diamonds to Mr Charles Taylor. Please note, you must direct me to the relevant transcript(s) and name the individual. Next, It is highly sad for the reputation of Sierra Leone(ians) as a country and as a people that the only lawyer they could muster in their own case is a rookie caught up in the mist of 3 goonish american lawyers ( the small letter “A” for america is purposeful ) who are actually acting out a pre-wrttten script. As stated in one of my earlier posts, Nigeria or even Ghana would not in their lifetime allow anyone highjack their show. Lastly, could anyone point out what part of Sierra leonean law has been used in this hybrid trial? Sad for Africa . Cheers.

    1. Rgk007, fallah will not respond to your emotional jargons and self serving knowledge and hatred you bring on the table in all your recent posts. I will ignore you from now on, except if you talk about the relevance of this trial. crimes that were, allegedly, committed against the people of Sierra Leone! I understand were you are coming from..jfallahmenjor.

      1. A wise man once said: never argue with fools because people from a distance would not be able to tell who is who. Giving you a benefit of doubt for the last time, mr menjor, do tell the world exactly what hatred I have spread and also like every other sound member of this forum do tell if there is no truth in what I have said. Lastly, I would be most glad if you kept your rambling responses distant from my post. Cheers.
        P.S: Like I said we are we have super lawyers in Nigeria ready to serve a “genuine” African cause.

    2. RgK007,

      You are phenomenally awesome. Great job. However, they can not point to anyone who gave this innocent man diamond. They can not point to any arm manufacturing company that gave this man weapons and in return, the weapons were given to Sierra Leoneans. By the way, where is Naomi Campbell, the Super Model? Fake case.

      1. Thanks a lot Messrs Rodriguez; Sylvanus & Noko5,
        I suppose the question was pretty simple and it only requires an answer of the same magnitude and not toutish responses from someone not even worth acknowledging. The man seriously needs to go to night school. All I requested was a reference and not tirades. Clearly, that is how people fail exams. To all those who engage in “constructive and civillized “debate on this site – whatever side of the spectrum you might belong – you are treasured. It shows your class. Cheers.

  18. Courtney Griffiths explaination in hardTalk was excellent.

    1-Its a shame to African ,for an African leaders to be brought to Europe for trial.(these foolish sellouts see no shame in this)

    2- Its immoral and sinful for African leaders to be prosecuted by American prosecutors..The country most guilty of human rights abuses and boasting about it,its like satan been put incharge of punishing evil doers .SICK WORLD

    Let me tell you old fools that believe we are still in colonial times…your time is nye …you will die with your stupid believes that the whites know’s best and weak spirits soon..And to you suppressors from the west …the youth of africa will fight you and we are preparing to fight you and your devils agents in african…

    You people and your fools keep conspiring to suppress the world.

    1. Sorry sylvanus, I could not get this web at where I live. perhaps it is full of verus and my high security web won’t let me view. sent it on more reliable web next time because you are dealing with high profile commentators. Now what courtnay has to say about his failed coup? Has taylor pleaded guilty, for lesser prison time? you see, you guys have to get one concept in this trial:Fake leaders of Africa are not worth any sympathy. They are the ones you should despise, and not a freedom fighter like jfallahmenjor , who has opened your eyes to freedom and the free way to express your thoughts even if you still have difficulties expressing them!

      1. jfallahmenjor,
        If Mr. Taylor is freed I do not believe he will come after you for whatever reasons you may believe. You need to bring it down and stop all this irrational behavior.

      2. Fallah,
        I wish you were standing close to me,making this stament to sylvanus. So help me God, it was going to be different. The only fake president Liberia has ever gotten is Ellen. Tell me if this is not true. First of all, she got no security of her own. Secondly under her watch, Guinea has taken some more land from Liberia. Besides these two and other feeble authorities she posseses, every decision she makes comes from her governor in chief, in Washington DC. Am I lying?????

  19. Happy to share on Tony Blair’s visit to beloved Liberia and the importance of this visit, regardless about how some feel about U.K. Tony Blair , personally organized this charitable organization to assist Africa, known as AGI: Africa governance Initiative. Here is what Tony Blair said today in Monrovia upon his arrival:“I am delighted to be back in Liberia. I was very impressed by what I saw in February and this has been an exciting year for Liberia with US$4.7bn debt relief with HIPC, billions more in investment and development in areas like roads and ports really getting into gear. I am excited to be here 8 months later to see that progress first hand, to renew my commitment to Liberia’s development and the Liberian people and to strengthen my friendship with President Johnson Sirleaf.” I hope Press Union of Liberia take advantage of this visit to ask quetions that are in the best interest of the nation!

    1. Fallah,
      Who cares!! .. one reason he’s in liberia now is to make arrangements for british petroleum to go to Liberia so his girlfriend ELLEN would give them 97% of proceed from our oil profits while we Liberians get 3%. Just as it was done for her other boyfriend’s “BUSH” company (CHEVRON).

  20. It is often said that one who rushes always crushes. Since the presecutions rush on Taylor, they will surely miss him. I see no evidence to convict Taylor and I can see His prophecy coming to pass. GOD’S WILLING, I WILL BE BACK! WELCOME BACK TO LIBERIA TAYLOR!

    1. Bnker,
      Thanks for your response to my earlier post. I absolutely agree that Africans are key players in their own catastrophe. This can be sorted without Caucasian interference is what I am talking about. Nice input sir. That’s what we call civillized discussion. Cheers.

    2. Bnker, thanks for this “factual” video about the merchant of death, an alleged, one time, business associate of the NPFL self-elected president, charles taylor! I am sure support group will not argue that this is a Fake Case. Bout was smart enough to not let the RUf and NPFL cannibalize him to destroy evidence as alleged in many of the key witnesses that would have testified against associate taylor! Nice piece. Video speaks volumes!

      1. Jfallah,
        If you say Mr.Taylor was self elected president, what would say about Ellen Johnson elcetion? You are so confused about this trial, and losing focus by the minute.

      2. Fallah,
        I understand your sentiments and personal disdain for Taylor, I also share similar feelings, but regardless of what our expressions or beliefs are, we cannot erase or alter history, Taylor was duly elected president of Liberia (I wouldn’t have voted for him though). If you’ve read on accounts of that election, the international community, including the Carter Center acknowledge that CT won the election square. Now, one can however argue to basis for which he was elected. This is open for debate because it’s based on opinions. Some say, they voted out of fear that he would go back to the bush and start fighting again. Others would say they voted because they thought he was the right person for Liberia at the time–personally, I don’t think he was ever right at any time. These points are good for discussion but not a claim that Taylor was “self-elected”. The election was not rigged as the 1985 elections.

        Anyhow, Fallah, I hope your comments are more balanced….it makes the conversation fun and less contentious.

    3. Here we go with another spy trade with Russia and the USA. I am sure Bout has help the USA in sending arms to conflict areas the that USA have support.

  21. Fallah,
    you are going to ask me what am i going to do otherwise…..fallah i will endeavour to nationalise the mines and will work hard even to head busting level to get help from other source to mine,hard value and sell my resources in the market ourselves…Metals are very valuable these days>>>.

    Fallah,Part of the wealth of UK/USA… is the natural resources of places like liberia and sierra leone and many other places where the people are weak.OUR NATURAL RESOURCES BELONGS TO THEM>>>>DID YOU GET IT!This is where real money comes from.

    Western European & America have partnered with Lebanese and India to rip us off our mineral resources since the end of colonial times.Western banks have finance the purchase of african mines by Indians and Lebanes..and they set the prices at which the minerals sold to South Korea & Japan and germany…..China have refused to operate that way and wishes to deal with the african themselve,but the africans (Old Africans)does not seem to have the mindset to take control of their own.

    1. (I Hope this satisfies moderation)


      The colonial days are over….A Ghastly war criminal visiting liberia and you are asking the people to celebrate…This man is responsible for more death and human rights abuses than Charles Taylor to the hundres of thousands,… people have the mind set of a slave dealer….moral and economics basket cases…

      May God help us…and don’t tell the young people you are creating a better future for them,by glorifying human right abusers.Because some of our african brothers and sisters desperatation and lazy minds,’ even satan can find an ally in them.


      If infact you are not a CIA mole in this forum,and you are actually a liberian ruling class …you will be happy to know,The green mindless freaks running sierra leone think the same way TOO…..MAY GOD PROTECT THE CHILDREN OF LIBERIA & SIERRA LEONE.,.

      The ability to sniff out fools and call them genius is a unique ability of western intelligents,especially when dealing with africans.


      You will be consider a old genius in the western hemisphere. A DOWNTROUDEN PEOPLE WITH A DOWNTROUDEN MINDSET…wanting to be deemed smart…IMPOSSIBLE.

    2. CEE, your piece on November 22nd is not considered an arguement, and fallah has, therefore thrown it into the trash basket.This is below fallah’s comprehension. I will not come down to elementary thinking! You cannot fool anybody about this silly attacks on people, other than yourselves for ills, like what taylor,as alleged, just caused the entire West Africa, in the name of revolution to free the Liberians from Samuel Doe! Sorry, you don’t get it, and you won’t get it either way! Fallah will not sell his birthright to anyone, not even to the colonists that looked like him!

      1. Fallah,
        Totally understand where you are coming from….these issues are a bit more closer to me…i still think you will be considered a genius in the western hemisphere though!!

      2. Cee and Fallah,
        Interesting argument! I got the tail-end of the debate; but, I assume it is about the abuse of the Continent’s resource by Western nations especically, her natural resources.

        Cee, I think you bring good points, but I might have to differ with you slightly. I think nationalizing any industry has not proven successful anywhere over the long-term, because they tend to be expensive, and often government managing entities are full of waste. Also, nationalization marginalizes specialization that privatization offers (I stand to be correct). I think privatization (which Weah could not pronouce–lol) is a good concept. Liberia’s history of nationalizing entities have fallen flat, in my opinion. Post war Liberia does not have the financial resource or international credit worthiness to either borrow monies from internations partners or issue debts (bonds). I am not sure if you are aware that many years ago, the GOL did debt financing by issuing bonds and still have not redeemed it.

        I agree with you Cee, that we cannot and should not grant foreign investors access to all our resources. Liberia, all of us, need to find a way to balance public-private sector agreements and arragements. Even though foreign investment is good (at least for the immediate and possible longer term), the risk of capital flight is very real. But, if we invest in our private sector, getting more Liberians involved in business ownership, that will then create the financial resource of Liberians to own a portion of our so-called automous agencies.

        I think Cee comes up a very good ideas to ensure that we take over our economy. If you research countries that have “own” managing their economies, you will find one major thing in common, “they have stablibility and predictability”. I think Cee has a point, in fact, he has several points that we need to discuss. Rather, than “shoot down” his ideas, offer an alternative.

        In addition, at this juncture of the trial, we have taken comments personal, as a result, our abilities to think rationally or hollistically is diminished by emotions. We might disagree with national development plans for Liberia, rather than killing it, nurture it, improve it, or present an alternative.

        1. Bnker, I do not think you agree with Cee calling others names, in addition to all his great ideas about nationalising of liberia natural Resources. I do not understand what he means; Government take over, or what? If he means government take over, he should consider the case with Hugo Chivez’s Venezuela’s or Castro’s Cuba. You see, you guys are thinking Marxist and accuse fallah of same! Besides, taylor had all the resources under his command and control, what benefit did Liberia get? What you need in Liberia is strong and firm government control, and investment from private sector in addition to Liberian own businesses with Governmental monitoring for abuse!

  22. Dear Cee,

    We cannot post your comment from 2010/11/22 at 12:24pm because it does not comply with our policy for comments. Can you please rephrase the first paragraph because you cannot state for a fact someone is a war criminal unless they have been convicted in a court of law.

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Taegin,
      I won’t change anything!!!!!Some people are above accusation,given the fact people like the man you are trying to protect accuse leaders around the world of all sorts.

      1. Wow, this sound like an arrogance and not just mere defiance! What are moderators supposed to do, Cee? Allow us to write any garbage we feel like , and they should paste it just to satisfy us? Come on, you guys are very emotinal and this is probably where your ‘down fall’ begins. Can’t we be civilized enough to accept criticism from others? Look at how Cee is coming at Taegin! Man, didn’t fallah predict this earlier? This is probably why the White Man has to intervene so you guys cannot cut each others’ heads and throats over simple disagreement! Sorry, but this says it all! Back to taylor, when last did his wife visit and what dish is taylor having for Thanksgivings? as for fallah, I am having Turkey for Thanksgiving and this particular turkey is from a local farm that I named CT, and had being marked for slaughter on thanksgiving Day! That’s how much I love CT!

        1. Fallah! Fallah! Fallah!
          Look please stop it. You Jfallah Menjor knew fully,fully well that the introduction of rebel activity would have led to nastilities that would have gone as far as carniballism. Why are you pretending to be surprise, like your conscience did not preinfom you. ZiZA MAZA is a creature of your creation. Fallah, you and your rebel grandma Ellen, brought that monster to eat up liberians and sierraleoneans. Please stop being worried about Taylor..Even though he’s in jail, but still eats good stuffs that you have retired from. Fallah, that boy is still smoking his CIGARS and meeting nice girl.. SIT DOWN THERE!!

          1. Ha, Ha, Ha, is all fallah says about that, NOKO5. Yes, indeed, taylor still sees nice girls, but I thought you guys said taylor was a married man. have you forgotten? Boy, I have the last laugh here…some need some mental evaluation on this site to see if they are fit to stand trial in Liberia, when the time is ripe! By the way, NOKO5, I have not heard any comments about Ellen’s timely reasembling of cabinet ministers. I was so impressed! That is what is needed to get the rotten apples from the good ones, if contamination is to be prevented!

          2. Bnker,

            I think you’re getting this thing wrong. As far as we are concerned, President Taylor is innocent when it comes to Sierraleone. Concerning Liberia, Taylor is still our hero. I don’t know what you are talking about when you say “is Taylor exploits or conquest something to boast off?”

          3. Taylor is what, my foot? hero for you , king gray, the bassa chief, Boatswain, and followers! Do you know the meaning of ‘hero?’ If taylor is hero, then Gray is definitely a ‘prophet’ and taylor a messiah! These are inflammatory loose words used by support group to enrage others! Taylor is not worth even a ‘token! Taylor is charged with crimes against humanity, including rapes, murders , sexual slavery, child exploitation, cruelty against captives, conniving and total involvement in criminal enterprise with RUF, as alleged!That is why taylor has been captive for the past 3 years, until found guilty. That is why taylor is not free on bill until found guilty! That is why taylor has no freedom while he awaits judgement! Anything else, King Gray?

      2. Cee,

        Immature and a discourteous response! Rules are made for a reason we all abide or should abide by them. If your thread does not meet the standard, well just correct it. Or better still protest reasonably, you may have some redress, but your abrupt and poorly worded response is disappointing at best, buddy. We all enjoy reading your post, whether we agree with them or not, it adds flavor to the substance. So, why deprived others of your input by refusing the correct your thread. Please correct it so that we all may continue to be enlightened….thanks

    2. Miss or Mr Taegin,
      I hesitate to do this but just to wade into your issue of “fact” you raised with Cee. I would like to know if the desriptions of persons detailed on this trial’s Who is Who are indeed “factual” descriptions as agreed by the trial chamber or just the site’s opinion. For example, Joseph Marzah being chief of or director of operations. Is this list as stated in common agreement with the trial chamber or what the site wants us to believe. I hope a response would be accorded me unlike the other lady with the temporary subjective summary(s). Her lack of replies was rude . Cheers.
      P.S: Where is Ms Gurd ? . I wish she was here.

      1. Dear Rgk007,

        We apologize for the delay in posting your comment. Regarding you question about the descriptions of persons listed on the “Who’s Who” section, this information was based on the Special Court’s records, transcripts, and public information available about the various individuals. Some of the desriptions were already records of mutually agreed facts by all parties, while some were gathered from their descriptions in the evidence before the Court. The description of the witnesses particularly was based on how they were introduced in court and the issues that they testified about.

        Ms. Gurd still works with us, however, she has taken up other projects since the trial has ended.

        Kind regards,


        1. I am indeed grateful for your response as I was not impressed with the other lady’s percieved lack of response ( and respect ) to some questions posed to her . From your answer we may agree that a witness’ description of him or herself does not make such description(s) true and or “factual” . I posed this question in order to stress the sites supposed monopoly on what could be termed as factual. I am clear on your answer regardless of my reservations. Thanks Ms Taegin. Regards to Tracey and keep the channel of objectivity and neutrality open. Cheers.

      2. Rgk007, it does not matter if you were Liberian or Nigerian. You are still a Brother and really don’t need to distinguish yourself. Besides, you argue as if you know what happened in liberia more than people from there, or that you are more affected with impact of what happened than fallah. For that reason I admire you and feel you are part of us, regardless, if you are a naturalized Liberian -Nigerian or Nigerian-Liberian! Fallah, personally looks at all Africans as one, just like Europeans look at every other European as one! If you followed my tread all along you will attest that is what fallah stands for! The colonial boundaries of African States does not stop us being one and that is what some of us from the old school believe. That being said Rkg007, fallah takes your advise and will back off from attacks or any further confrontations and accept you as an opponent-brother who wants to be a part of us, regardless of intentions!

  23. The U.S providedes 4.5 Million to fund the Special Court for SierraLeone Trial of Charles Taylor. The Grant was given on Nov 22, 2010 Please tell me non supporters of Charles Taylor, if you truly know what is going on!! Why go ahead and even debate on why this Man is even here. I hope that every one on this site have a Happy Holiday! that is coming up. I know that not everyone on this site,celabrates Thanksgiving.

    1. Quenta,
      Mr. Stephen Rapp is now a SENIOR OFFICER at the State Dept and you’re wondering WHY?? He was on CNN and I wasted my oat meal listening to his SPIN on the case.

    2. Quenta,
      Guess what! while you guys were chasing turkeys, I was swallowing my normal nimba county, special forces GB. Hope your thanks giving was good…

  24. This trial is a no trial that should never have started in the first place.
    When you accuse a person, you’re to prove your accusations.

    Here the boat is offside down. Instead of proving all the “11 counts of crimes” Taylor is held for, he is the one being made to prove his innocence. In my humble view, Taylor should sit and do the questionings and have the judges provide enough evident to convict him. If they have none, he should charge his accusers for lying and attempting to assassinate him legally.

    It’s against the law to lie on a person, let alone when the lies could lead to some serious damages like life in prison or/and death penalty. Shame on these fools on that that criminal court’s side! This case lacks credibility in disgraceful ways. End it and repay Taylor for his stolen freedom!

  25. Fallah,
    Whats up with your boy Jenkins Scott..LOL.Ha Ha. Leaving his top class mercedes benz to eating in garbage disposed. Liberia man calls it ” DUMPAR”…WOW ! my God..

    1. Noko5, do not laugh at Jenkins scott yet, because that is what happening to all those who commit crimes in the “cause of a philosophy” be it support to taylor or Doe. It’s the law of Karma! I do not feel sorry for Jenkins Scott one bit, NOKO5! That is why you should respect my views; that is ;fallah believes in retributions for crimes against innocents, and does not matter if it were Jenkins Scott, Doe, or taylor! This’s a wake up call to all the rebels that committed horrible crimes against the people in support of taylor NPFL or Taylor RUF! I am glad to be in position to say this. Had I done these things to the innocents, NOKO5, I would not continue to live a better life than some who think of themselves as ‘rightious’ or christians, and ministers of God. Fallah is clean and that’s why he continues to speak freely! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all taylor support group. I hope some day you shall see the light!

      1. Fallah,
        How clean is clean, as you are professing? My friend , you were part and parcel of the first injection of rebel rebellion in Liberia and now you want to claim clean. WHATEVER FALLAH..

    1. Welcome V-man. Happy to have you back. The site is getting a bit boring and need rational arguements from people like you..Please kindle the fire, V-man..jfallahmenjor.

  26. It is highly disgraceful for a site which prides itself as “open” and fair to leave a post devoid of anything contrary to the laid down regulations in a state of limbo for 4 days while choosing to clear a post sent 2 days ago. All I have sent in my post is to ask the moderator(s) for some answers and to demand the return of Miss Tracey Gurd ( being a more objective individual ). Well, I guess one should not really be surprised albeit a BIG SHAME .

    1. Why not open our own blog and stop all this nonesense about others? We need to realize that showing all this uncontrollable anger does not intimidate the monitors! People tried it with Alpha and Tracey before you and it did not change their firm stand for the ‘right thing!’I hate to say that we are bringing our ignorance to the world unconciously, and brothers from other African nations might be having ‘field day’ to see these low class or jungle gentlemen duking it out to express why they should never be taken seriously by anyone! Man, why did taylor breed all these irrational thoughts in getting these crazy thoughts due to wars, he allegedly, started in West Africa? Tell me!

      1. I am glad you used the word that rightly describes you: ” IGNORANT”. Next time stay in you little hole and mind your business . I am sure other civil persons on this site would be laughing at your disjointed comments. Lastly, remember I advised you to always keep a dictionary by your side when writting or better still, get someone in primary school to assist in your spellings.
        P.S: I am far from being angry- I don’t need it. Go and play with your own kind.

        1. Thanks Rgk077 for your kind words to fallah, but fallah does not need a dictionary by him to express his thoughts fluently. Errors with spellings are not very relevant to me because I know that people who are well educated will have no problems with such. that being said, Rgk007,you need to focus on the trial. Fallah has already said what he had to say and no further comments. Again, thank you Gentleman of Liberia.

        2. I know that once confusion sets in it is easy for one to forget. Firstly, I have stated times without number that I am not a native of Liberia but of “Big brother” Nigeria. However, my focus is steadily on the trial only that one must not be plain minded and gullible hence my rationale of questioning whatever is put forward to us by the site moderators and or fellow commentators. So, you see mr man, I am a straightforward individual who asks and anwsers reasonable questions without resorting to unwarranted and illogical rantings. This is why we do not get allong due to the fact that you do not answer questions as put and your vindictive sentiments have blinded your judgements. I hope to start on a clean slate by asking you this clear question: Since this court is an hybri of Sierra Leonean and International law(s), what input of Sierra Leonean law has been added to this trial so far ? . I hope it is simple enough. If you do not know do say so. There is no shame in it. Lastly, the public forum shall decide based on your answer Mr Menjor . Once again, answer the question as put and prevent your potential ridicule.
          P.S: I totally accept our complicity in our predicament as Africans but the total emancipitation of the continent is my preoccupation. Cheers.

    1. Yes, Yes, Momo Dahn; I saw this article two days ago, and had nightmares the last two nights! I believe that people ate their fellow men during the war in Liberia, but the details by General Butt Nake, got me fuming and wanting to scream! why would human beings get so devilish and mean?
      One answer is ; when there is break down in law and order, and nobody being accountable to their actions. Apparently, as alleged, when leaders, who everybody is looking up to, fail the people, result can be what we see in general butt naked’s narations.
      But, on the other hand, I respect his acceptance of responsibility, and willingness to stand trial if called for, according to what he says. He is more sincere than others who claim to have known nothing about cannibalism taking place, nor having participated! That’s what gets fallah upset and mad! Just say the fact and God will forgive you! Simple as that! I would quickly forgive General Butt Naked, than I would taylor, sam boakerie, nor isa, the liar!

  27. Fallah,
    I think something is wrong with the oldlady. Why in this world she would be shifting one minister from one minstry to another without atleast saying something to the liberian people. Has she decided to by-pass the information act that was just passed by the legislature? If you go to the new democrats latest comments blog, there is a guy whos thaughts are not far from yours, and I am in the heat with him. Hope it’s not you who change your name… Why should Ellen take Gongloe from labor with the intent of sending him to telecom without any form of explaination. WEIRD!!!

    1. NOKO5, Ellen told the Liberian people that she wanted to start with a new”clean Slate” and therefore had all cabinet ministers resign so those “fit” would be recalled! Therefore, to claim Ellen has not told the Liberians about this move, is not only a misconception of the truth, but gross disrespect to your Head Of State, NOKO5, from Nimba. An apple does not fall far from the tree, is what our old people say about such move!

  28. Fallah Menjor,
    Tay is our hero. The fact that after “the tyrant Doe” started his mass murder of Nimbaians and other meaningful Liberians, we had nowhere to go , or did not know who to turn to, until God told Charles Taylor to go and fight to save his creation. And he did, with galantly well trained, brave special forces commandos. He is our Moses. We are praying that God gets him from where he is, so that he gets reintegrated into civil society and complete what he has been asked by his father to do. Nomatter what you evil forces do, above all else is the power of the lord. CHARLES TAYLOR WILL WALK FREE AGAIN AND COMPLETE THE MISSION BEFORE HE RETIRES……

  29. Dear JTF,

    Welcome to the website. We appreciate your comment, however, we are unable to post it because it does not comply with our website policy. We cannot post a statement of fact that individuals have committed crimes unless they have been convicted by a court of law. If you rephrase your comments, we will then post.

    Thank you.

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