Taylor Trial Concludes; Judges Begin Deliberations

Today marked the historic end of the trial against Charles Taylor. After three-and-a-half years of trial, the Prosecution and Defense both addressed Trial Chamber II for the final time. The parties referred to the passion, intensity, and emotions that became hallmarks of this trial, but thanked everyone involved for their hard work and dedication over the years.

The judges have now received all of the evidence tendered by the parties—amounting to testimony from 115 witnesses and 1097 exhibits. Having heard all of the parties’ assertions and arguments about whether this evidence indicates Taylor’s guilt or innocence, the judges will retire to deliberate and come to a final judgment on whether Charles Taylor is guilty of eleven counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international law.

Prosecution Submissions

The Prosecution submissions focused on what they considered Taylor’s deceitful efforts to appear publically as a peacemaker, while he privately used the RUF to commit crimes in Sierra Leone. Counsel for the Prosecution focused on the quality of documentary evidence, witness credibility, and alleged mischaracterizations of evidence. SCSL Prosecutor Brenda Hollis also submitted to the judges that the Defense had made the trial into political theater.

Defense Documents Help Prove the Prosecution’s Case

The Prosecution began by attacking the Defense assertion that the documentary evidence in the case clearly showed Taylor’s innocence. In fact, the Prosecution argued, there was a lack of evidence on key issues and the documents used by the Defense only showed part of the story. According to the Prosecution, when viewed in their totality, the Defense documents help prove the Prosecution’s case.

For example, the Prosecution argued that there was a lack of documentation relating to Taylor’s 1998 meetings with Sam Bockarie, then Commander in Chief of the RUF. Although the Defense had numerous documents about the Lomé peace agreements and requests from the international community for Taylor to broker peace in Sierra Leone, the Prosecution claimed that the Defense would not be able to point to a single document that shows that Charles Taylor met with Sam Bockarie in 1998.

This is significant, the Prosecution argued, because Taylor claimed that these meetings were transparent and open, and conducted with the consent of those involved in brokering the peace. The Prosecution alleged that those meetings were in fact secretive, held so that Taylor and Bockarie could plan the war, the December 1998 offensive, and trade diamonds for ammunition.

The Prosecution said that the documentary evidence merely shows that Taylor was publically denying his role in the RUF. Privately, the Prosecution alleged, Taylor controlled, supported and operated the RUF as a proxy army to take control of Sierra Leone so that he could exploit its mineral resources.

Counsel for the Prosecution asked the judges to contrast the complete lack of proof in the Defense documents with the level of proof included in Prosecution documents. A document from the Black Revolutionary Guard written in 1999, the Prosecution claimed, showed that Taylor had promised support to the RUF after Freetown fell to ECOMOG.

Issa Sesay is not a Credible Witness

The Prosecution also attempted to discredit Issa Sesay, calling him a ruthless mass killer, rapist, child abuser and a liar.

“Issa Sesay is a heartless opportunist,” loyal only when it will get him promoted, the Prosecution claimed.

Sesay knew what Taylor did to people he thought betrayed him, and so Sesay became loyal to Taylor, Counsel for the Prosecution claimed. Sesay’s testimony cannot be believed, because Sesay has nothing to lose—all he has is Charles Taylor.

Defense Arguments are “Nonsense”

Lead Prosecutor Brenda Hollis also addressed the Court today. She suggested that the Defense argument that Taylor had not known about the RUF training in Camp Naama was “nonsense.”

She questioned how Taylor could have remained oblivious to this training, given that it happened in his “backyard.” Hollis pointed out several issues with this theory, including that Taylor’s NPFL soldiers were training at the same base, Sankoh had taken RUF recruits from Taylor’s NPFL jails, Sankoh and the RUF recruits passed through various NPFL controlled areas and checkpoints, all in the context of the intense war going on in Liberia at the time. Hollis also criticized the idea that no one reported to Taylor about the RUF presence or activities at Camp Naama.

“We suggest that Sankoh was reporting to him, keeping him well advised of what was happened at Naama,” Hollis told the judges.

Defense Mischaracterized the Evidence

Hollis also discussed how she claimed the Defense had misstated and mischaracterized the facts of the case when alleging certain inconsistencies. She provided several examples, including payment for the Magburaka shipment of arms by diamonds (as opposed to a single diamond) and evidence about the 1999 attack on Freetown. The Prosecutor asked the judges to consider whether these were true inconsistencies, or mischaracterizations of the evidence. Hollis suggested that they were mischaracterizations.

Taylor wanted to Pillage Diamonds

Diamonds, a central issue in the case, also featured in the Prosecution’s final submissions. Hollis countered Defense arguments that the evidence failed to show that Taylor was involved in the war in Sierra Leone so that he could exploit Sierra Leone’s natural resources, including diamonds.

Contrary to what the Defense argued, the war was not about equality in Sierra Leone, Hollis claimed. Rather, the evidence overwhelmingly shows that the purpose of Taylor’s involvement in the war was to pillage diamonds, the Prosecutor contended. Every time the RUF had access to diamonds, they took those diamonds, Hollis claimed. Moreover, she continued, there was evidence that Taylor had received at least 5000 pieces of gem-quality diamonds during Sesay’s time as leader of the RUF.

The Prosecutor also recalled a newspaper article in which Charles Taylor himself admitted that he thought the war in Sierra Leone was a war for diamonds.

Politics and Propaganda

The Prosecutor alleged that the Defense has tried to transform the trial into a political and propaganda platform for Charles Taylor. This has extended into the closing arguments, Hollis claimed, by Defense references to the trial as a 21st century form of neo-colonialism.

This logic is perverse, the Prosecutor submitted, because it means that unless African heads of state will create courts to try atrocity crimes, the rest of the world should just butt-out, leaving victims without justice if the African leaders do not act. However, the Prosecutor reminded the judges that African leaders do take action—as Sierra Leone President Kabbah did when he requested the United Nations to establish a court and provide some form of accountability for the atrocities committed in Sierra Leone during its civil war.

Defense Rebuttal

The Defense focused nearly its entire two-hour submission on a central issue in the case: the Prosecution’s theory of joint criminal enterprise. Towards the end of the Defense submissions, Lead Defense Counsel Courtenay Griffiths, QC, addressed the judges, closing the case for the Defense and offering a formal apology to the Court.

No Proof of Joint Criminal Enterprise

The Prosecution has alleged that Taylor, the RUF, AFRC and others were part of a group that wanted to take over Sierra Leone so that they could exploit its natural resources. They allegedly intended to achieve this goal by terrorizing the people of Sierra Leone, and committing the other crimes charged in the indictment.

This is a central issue to the case. Counsel for the Defense went through each major period discussed during trial, asking the judges to consider various aspects of this alleged joint criminal enterprise. The Defense argued that taking all of this and other evidence into account, the Prosecution had not proven that Taylor could be guilty of the crimes alleged through a joint criminal enterprise theory.

The Defense discussed the alleged agreement in Libya between RUF leader Foday Sankoh and Charles Taylor, training in Camp Naama, the initial invasion into Sierra Leone, the withdrawal of Taylor’s support from the RUF in 1992, the AFRC/RUF junta period, the invasion into Freetown, and the conflict after 1999.

No evidence shows that an agreement was made between these parties, the Defense submitted. Moreover, the Defense suggested, there is no evidence to support the Prosecution theory that a joint criminal enterprise existed throughout the entire period discussed at trial. The Defense questioned whether the evidence showed that the alleged common purpose—taking over Sierra Leone to exploit its natural resources—was shared by Taylor, the RUF, and the AFRC for the entire period in question.

The Defense also pointed to fractions between Taylor and Sankoh, and later between the RUF and the AFRC. The Defense asked whether there was proof that in spite of these fractions, they maintained a common purpose and a shared intent.

To be held guilty for a crime vis-à-vis a joint criminal enterprise, the accused’s participation must be significant, or his contribution substantial. The Defense argued that there was no evidence that Taylor had made a substantial contribution.

Conclusion of the Charles Taylor Trial

Griffiths briefly addressed the judges about how the Prosecution had appeared to suggest that the Defense had a burden of production in this trial. On the contrary, the Defense argued, one of the central tenets of criminal law is that the Prosecution is the only party that bears any burden of proof—proof beyond a reasonable doubt—and that the Defense was not obliged to produce any evidence whatsoever. Griffiths did however point to a number of Defense documents that allegedly show that Taylor had contact with Bockarie in 1998.

Griffiths also made a formal apology to the Court for any disrespect the judges may have felt he had shown during the trial. The judges accepted the apology, bringing the matter of potential disciplinary hearings to a close.

The judges, thanking all involved in the trial, formally adjourned to begin deliberations.

A judgment is expected before the end of the year. Any appeals would then follow, with the final conclusion to the Taylor trial expected in early 2012.


  1. Let me start by saying “great work” to all who have contributed by posting to this site. I have followed this trial from start and have read almost every post. We saw personalities like Eagle-eye, Davenport, Ms. Teage, Helen, Bundu, Ziggy Salis, Nosirrah, Sekou and others come and go, there were some die-hard characters that stood their ground and supported their cause. Please forgive me, but I came to know them as follow:

    Bnker – The twin mother – Always treading cautiously, was feeding the milk to both sides.

    Jose Rodrigue – The philosophical one – Blends reason with what is and what should be.

    King Gray – The preemptive but straight talker – predicts the future, even though he does agree with his predictions at times

    Noko4, 5, 7 – The logical one – Uses reason the outline his thoughts.

    Big B – The spiritual one – Uses religion to define the situation as regards to the future.

    Jfallahmenjor – The solder educator – Will get it into his opponents’ head whatever way possible.

    I have enjoyed reading your posts on this site, now let’s wait and hear from the judges. Hat off….

    1. Dew,
      Thanks for the plug but 5 & 7 are different folks. I started on the site few days after it was put up and joined were my cousin..lol. No I don’t know them but it seems like we share more than just the name Noko. Noko4 is my nickname since birth.

      It was great reading some the various view and regardless the outcome, ALL views I respected…some were SENSIBLE, some were posted just to get underneath the skin of others but overall, this case showed how the POWERFUL work. If they were against you, WATCH OUT!!!

    2. Dear Dew,

      It is an honor to be recognized by you; I pray that you shall be blessed in all of your endeavors.
      Hopefully we can write again in April.

      Take care,


      1. no doubt all you guys on this site have been great. I just wish when we are able to read the defence and the prosecution public editions of their final brief, we will be able to debate the reasonings found therein.

        1. Dear Sam,

          You are certainly a legal technician and one who know his way around this court. Were it not for you I would have been unable to view the defense and prosecution papers; and by you I was able to gather a much clearer understanding of the issues. As you know, so far, there has been 1229 filing in this case and we must yet await the posting of defense and prosecution final briefs and the Trail Chambers Judgment. If Mr. Taylor is found not guilty there is a good chance there will be an appeal; and where there is a guilty judgment there is certainly an appeal as well.

          I think the clip posted by GreBo below should at least cause some concern for prosecuting those claimed to defend for the people of Sierra Leone. This is the definitive evidence the prosecution lacked in the trail of Mr. Taylor. But as we know, it takes a State to raise this issue before the UN; and thereafter secure indictments. Perhaps an Origination can petitioner the Security Council to take actions; but at this time I am not sure.

          Hope to hear from you again.

          Take care,


    3. WOW, Who scored an A? Big B will readily say the Defense Team, While Bundu might say The Prosecution Team. Whatever we think, the facts remain intact and the Judges have a serious task ahead of them to decide who was responsible for the Mass murders of the People Of Sierra Leone regardless of how evidence from both sides was presented. The Judges have a burden to use their professional experience and the rule of law to decide what type of justice needs to be applied in this particular case. All eyes are on the Judges now to see what evident holds truth and which to throw in the trash bin, but in any case, I suspect, most evidence provided will be carefully weighed because I know these Judges to be Highly Professionals beside what the future holds for other trials to follow.
      Are they going to buy the the Defense theory of mass conspiracy from the West or Prosecution theory of lies and cover-ups that became rampant in this case? Who are the real victims in this trial; Taylor or the victims? If the Judges agree that taylor was unfairly being targeted by the West, and therefore any evidence produced against him should be thrown, then so be it. But if the facts remain that support was given, even in the form of friendly advice to fuel the war of Sierra Leone, taylor must be convicted! It is clearly indicated over and over again, in this trial that taylor showed no efforts in sealing his borders during conflicts in Neighboring Sierra Leone, nor did he distance himself or put himself in a neutral position as peace maker, he claimed he was. A peace maker does not accept payment in any form from groups he intends brokering peace with, nor favor particular person and calls him”son”. Verbal statements from taylor on national radios and verbal threats used in intimidating citizens should be considered in this case as part of proof that taylor, in fact was partially responsible for the mass killings of thousands of people in Sierra Leone. As for what happened in Liberia is not what we should be looking at now because that part will come to pass if Liberians have guts to stand for their citizens’ rights! With this being said, I take a break and fully confident that the Judges will look at the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      1. Fallah,
        For the first time, you started your posting well and making a lot of sense only for you to via-off into your usual rantings.

        Well, the facts of the case cannot now be changed. the evidence on the record is what the judges will have to consider in order to arrive at their verdict in this case. Wether he is innocent or guilty is left for the judes to decide.

      2. Yes fallah, the defense scored an A. “Even a blind man can tell when he’s walking in the sun.” Only fallah and Bundu think the defense scored an F. lol.

    4. Dew,

      I think Noko4 and 5 were identical twins with a record of posting within minutes of each other. Their linguistic DNA was the same. It is evidenced from all their postings that they shared identical ideologies and passion. It worked well for these folks.

      Noko6 and 7 emerged as alternative voices to the identical twins. Honestly, these names were pseudonymous to mask the real identities of those posting. It worked well for us!!! We used pseudonymity to engage in a rational dialogue on a ultra sensitive topic. This was difficult! We encouraged dialectic tensions but campaigned against disconcerting rhetoric. It worked just fine for us all!

      When the verdict comes, we expect two contrasting emotions to be operative (depending on which side of the CT divides one is emotionally located): joy and sadness. When that happens, we can trust that it will work just fine for us all!!!


    5. OOOOO My GOD!!!!!
      Are we that dome? Why we are treated like fools? Even those that studied in the places of higher learning with all the diplomas, Drs, masters and so on, are we not able to recognize that we are being treated like fools. The MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting mad here after watching this documentary!!!! I want you all to take some time off and watch it too (You must be very strong to do this but it worth it especially if you are from Liberia) and think a bit then make a personal decision. Remember Liberia went through the same thing you will see in this documentary. I leave you with this ” If you want to get raid of a destructive tree, you must start with its roots”.


  2. A letter from the Black Revolutionary Guard . The author of this letter is said to be illiterate hence the authenticity of the letter is in dispute. May we take a brief look at a few of these credible witnesses.

    1. Corrine Dufka – Evidence dismissed as biased;
    2. Joseph Zigzag Marzah – 3rd highest person in Liberia and director of 4 African countries;
    3. Suwandi Camara – Claims Taylor led Lofa Defence Force and conducted arms training in bedroom;
    4. Hassan Bility – U.S Lackey, serial prosecution witness and most arrested man in Liberia;
    5. Isaac Mongor – Trained RUF fighters( Gen. John Tarnue also claims the same) in Naama;
    6. Foday Lansanna – There seems to be 2 CO Nya’s;
    7. Abu Keita and Varmuyan Sheriff – ULIMO vendetta;
    8. Moses Blah ( Mr you are correct ) – Found out he was to be president of Liberia on same day;
    9. Ian Smillie – Dodgy diamond expert ( is their a university of diamond studies ? ) Story teller;
    10. Bobson Sesay, Dennis Koker etc. – SLA opportunists willing to spin tales.

    The rest really provided us a great deal of entertainment e.g the Field Marshall pastor. Great cast who would do anything for money, relocation to America and whatever kind of fame.

  3. To convict, one must have BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT….who amongst us qualifies??? Not me, so I vote NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!

  4. The same way how the prosecution opened her case with speculations and hearsay, was the same way she closed her case with speculations and hearsay. First words came out of Mr. Knojoumin’s mouth were “I will predict the future” The prosecution has been predicting the future without evidence from the day of the indictment to the day of closing. What Mr. Kounjaim failed to realized, it’s impossible to win a trial on predicting the future. Lawyers are not in the business of forecasting the future. Mr. Kounjaim is in the wrong profession, he should be a weather forecaster. It’s one of the few professions a person is paid to be wrong most of the time. (Nonsense)

    The prosecution argued in a way as if the burden of proof rested with the defense.
    The clarification on the part of the true Justice Sebutinde underlining the burden of proof has not shift from prosecution to defense set the record straight.

    Mr. Knnjourm pulled out all the tricks in the stocking to avoid from answering Justice Sebutinde’s question. The Justice wanted to know who underlined the document that was displayed on the overhead. Mr. Kounjaim tried his best not to answered Justice Sebutinde‘s question. The Justice was persistent to get an answer. Finally, Mr. Kounjaim answered. I don’t know. Apparently, the document presented as evidence to the court was not underlined while the one Mr. Kounjaim had on the overhead was underlined. Trickery to the end!

    If the Evidence is there the Judges Must Convict, if the Evidence is not there the Judges Must Acquit!

  5. Mr. Morris Anyah says prosecution proved no evidence of Mens Rea or JCE common plan.

    For JCE, see, Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Article 25, Individual criminal responsibility:

    • 1. The Court shall have jurisdiction over natural persons pursuant to this Statute.

    • 2. A person who commits a crime within the jurisdiction of the Court shall be individually responsible and liable for punishment in accordance with this Statute.

    • 3. In accordance with this Statute, a person shall be criminally responsible and liable for punishment for a crime within the jurisdiction of the Court if that person:

    • (a) Commits such a crime, whether as an individual, jointly with another or through another person, regardless of whether that other person is criminally responsible;

    • (b) Orders, solicits or induces the commission of such a crime which in fact occurs or is attempted;

    • (c) For the purpose of facilitating the commission of such a crime, aids, abets or otherwise assists in its commission or its attempted commission, including providing the means for its commission;

    • (d) In any other way contributes to the commission or attempted commission of such a crime by a group of persons acting with a common purpose. Such contribution shall be intentional and shall either:

    • (i) Be made with the aim of furthering the criminal activity or criminal purpose of the group, where such activity or purpose involves the commission of a crime within the jurisdiction of the Court; or

    • (ii) Be made in the knowledge of the intention of the group to commit the crime;

    • (e) In respect of the crime of genocide, directly and publicly incites others to commit genocide;

    • (f) Attempts to commit such a crime by taking action that commences its execution by means of a substantial step, but the crime does not occur because of circumstances independent of the person’s intentions. However, a person who abandons the effort to commit the crime or otherwise prevents the completion of the crime shall not be liable for punishment under this Statute for the attempt to commit that crime if that person completely and voluntarily gave up the criminal purpose.

    • 4. No provision in this Statute relating to individual criminal responsibility shall affect the responsibility of States under international law.
    What is the Mens Rea?

    • An element of criminal responsibility, a guilty mind; a guilty or wrongful purpose; a criminal intent. Guilty knowledge and willfulness.

    • A fundamental principle of Criminal Law is that a crime consists of both a mental and a physical element. Mens rea, a person’s awareness of the fact that his or her conduct is criminal, is the mental element, and actus reus, the act itself, is the physical element.

    Where there is no evidence of JCE common Mens Rea plan, Mr. Taylor must be set free.

    Mr. Morris Anyah is an able litigator.

    There was no fine or reprimand for Mr. Griffiths; the Trial Chamber was sympathetic; 

    It has been a pleasure to be part of this community. I wish all well and I do pray for all people of
    Liberia and Sierra Leone. There has to be an end to this insanity.

    Perhaps by April 7, 2011, I can facilitate the final trial briefs of both the prosecution and the defense if not prepared by the monitors of this Site.

    Take care,


  6. My prediction: Split decision for conviction although I do not believe that the prosecution proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt which is what the LAW requires.

  7. To the men and women who followed this trial with an eye for justice; thank u all for being part of the global community! Good luck to the judges making the just outcome of the Taylor trial!!!

  8. I would like to give thanks to Courtenay Griffiths QC (AKA) Perry Mason and his team for vigorously defending President Taylor. I don’t think anybody could have done a better job. You guys went way beyond the call of duties. Job was well done. Kudos!! Also I would like to say many thanks to my entire Comrades for their fearless fights. We fought a damn good fight, we give it 110% and if justice is blind as it should, I think we won.

    Without a doubt our support for President Taylor didn’t derived from our likeness for the man. Most of us have never met or came in any closed proximity with President Taylor. We supported President Taylor because we believe in true justice. To the victims of Sierra Leone, my heart goes out to them. I also want to say thanks to the trial court staff for job well done. Special thanks to the true Justice Sebutinde, Doherty, Lussick and Sow, their performances were outstanding. Last but not the least, thanks to our moderators, Tracy, Alpha, my man T.S. et al. Special thanks to the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation for making it possible for us to express our opinions without fear. To the anti Taylor and pro Taylor folks let us put Liberia first. Liberia is much bigger than the prosecution, defense or the anti or pro Taylors. After all, Liberia will remain went we all are gone. Long Live Liberia!

    May God bless the Justices while in deliberation to render justice without fear or favor. There is only one verdict in this trial, and that’s the verdict of not GUILTY.

    1. Folks,

      I am on my sick bed and still monitors the trial and read the comments from you guys. However, if justice is real, it is only one verdict that can emerge from this fake case, and that is, are you ready, are you sure you are ready, it is “NOT GUILTY”.

      1. Jose,( General Fix it),
        The greatest General of all times ,I hope you are getting better, and preparing for the celebrations ahead. We will first of all have a cyber party on this site, before leaving for monrovia.. So Guys, bukle up. Its not gonna be easy…

        1. Yea Please get well Jose n come back to join us on this site. We are preparing to debate the public editions of the defence and prosecution trial briefs so we need you here. Get well bro. Peace!

          1. Big B, What are your disagreement with this fellow…. I think he’s correct. The un resolution is missed interpreted by the USA, and its Allies.

          2. Gentlement, gentlement!! Please it’s my opinion and lets leave it as that.
            Watch the video and decide for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

    2. Well written Big B. You have a balance here. Could not have written any better. We agree to disagree. Let the judges take all the time in this world to come up with a fair and just verdict base on facts, testimony, and credibility. Many thanks to all who wrote against or in favor. At the end of the day, hopefully, the right verdict will be reached.

      1. Dear Moderators,

        Just in case if you guys decided to pull the plug while the justices are deliberating could we please be giving a head up?


        I am grateful

        1. Dear Big B,

          Yes, when we stop accepting comments, there will be notice provided. However, we intend to keep this forum open to you through the delivery of the judgment.

          Kind regards,


  9. Thanks Folks,

    You did a wonderful job, Lets all wait and see what the judges will come with.

    1. Dear GreBo,

      I too remember viewing murder by ECOMOG forces viewed on PBS prior to the Freetown conflict; why shouldn’t the leaders that sent ECOMOG and other forces into Sierra Leone be tired for the crimes that are recorded for all to see? Certainly their crimes are crimes against humanity.

      I commend you for bringing forth this clip.

      Take care,


    2. NIGERIA????What a shame, Nigeria military remind me of the Egyptian army getting paid by the west to suppress the region…Nigerian general are working hard to get the Ivory Coast contract from the France..

  10. I am one of those who enjoyed reading the documentary. I used to demonise the big man CT, but with what has hapen throuth the trial I have changed my mind. If the big man CT is to be tried for crimes committed in Liberia, I have all the belief that even Honorable Griffiths will have his mouth closed because the evidence will be iverwhelmed. Secondly I feel the case is for the whites to show their superiority (in power, money and court) over the black man, which I am now saluting Honarable Griffiths for decisively showing the whites that Africa is becoming a super power as well interms of intelligence. In this case, I feel it will injust to put big man CT behind bars. Llet the whites call the big man CT and apologise to him for the bad teatment and may be advise him to continue his preaching career when he is released other than indulging himself in politics.

  11. I am sure I speak for most of us when I say ‘Thank you’ to all who were involved in making this historical and seminal pursuit of justice possible. We thank you!
    We hope the ICC will continue with its stated commitment to justice by preparing and serving indictments on the George Bush’s, Tony Blair’s etc of this world who are yet to face justice for their part in even greater crimes against Humanity!
    If justice is to be done and be seen to be done, then the ICC cannot rest on its laurels, it cannot turn a blind eye to the mountain of evidence pointing to the murderous actions of some individuals simply because they are citizens of Powerful States…..
    We look forward to a blizzard of ICC arrest warrants.

    1. @Wadi
      You might find the following clips from http://www.iccnow.org
      The latest regarding Libya is very interesting because Gadhafi makes the same sovereignty
      arguement that the US stands on for immunity from the ICC.

      March 14, 2011: The ICC prosecutor to investigate Libyan strongman Gadhafi and his inner circle – including his sons – for crimes against humanity.

      ICC HIGHLIGHTS (noteworthy news events)…

      Note: For more comprehensive reporting, publications and for the very latest news on the International Criminal Court (ICC) see http://www.iccnow.org or get on their mailing list at icc-info-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (free).

      July 1, 2003: The US Congress cut off military funding to 47 countries for refusing to sign an agreement with the US on exempting US citizens from prosecution at the International Criminal Court. Four US Congressmen later submitted an amendment to the decision, that the seven NATO candidate countries, including Latvia, should be taken off the list.

      August 25, 2003: More war-crime charges are now pending against Tony Blair by the Istanbul (Turkey) Bar Association (atop the war-crime charges already filed against Tony Blair by the Athens Bar Association). Note: It looks like Bush was right, that the ICC would be used for political prosecutions. Bush isn’t being charged because the United States didn’t sign the treaty. England, on the other hand, did, placing Tony Blair under the jurisdiction of the ICC.

      August 29, 2003: Contention seems to be growing over the ICC and opinions are surfacing about its down side. There’s a great article written by David Davenport (research fellow at the Hoover Institution) called “ICC – New Threat to U.S. Sovereignty” at Newsmax.com

      Noteworthy (Sept 22, 2003): In a Reuters article, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan was quoted as saying “Terrorism will only be defeated if we act to solve the political dispute and long-standing conflicts which generate support for it,” Also “If we do not, we shall find ourselves acting as a recruiting sergeant for the very terrorists we seek to suppress.” In the same article, Reuters quoted Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik as saying “The rule of law and respect for human rights are the first and the best way to counter terrorism,” the Norwegian said. “We must provide outlets for human ambitions, for hopes and beliefs, but also for anger and grief.”

      October 9, 2003: So far at least 50 member countries of the ICC have refused to sign immunity agreements with the U.S., as a result, the U.S. plans to cut off military aid to 32 of those countries. The number of counties losing military aid changes for various political reasons, in July it was to be 47. Conversely, 68 countries have signed these immunity agreements with the U.S..

      October 22, 2003: The Panafrican News Agency (PANA) reported that at the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, which convened recently in Rome, adopted a resolution whereby those ACP (African-Caribbean-Pacific) countries which had their U.S. military aid cut-off will be compensated in some fashion by the EU.

      November 3, 2003: The following ‘presidential determination’ is interesting enough to display (as an example)…

      Memorandum for the Secretary of State

      Presidential Determination

      SUBJECT: Waiving Prohibition on United States Military Assistance to Parties to the Rome Statute Establishing the International Criminal Court

      Consistent with the authority vested in me by section 2007 of the American Servicemembers’ Protection Act of 2002 (the “Act”), title II of Public Law 107-206 (22 U.S.C. 7421 et seq.), I hereby determine that:

      Antigua and Barbuda, Botswana, East Timor, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, and Uganda have each entered into an agreement with the United States pursuant to Article 98 of the Rome Statute preventing the International Criminal Court from proceeding against U.S. personnel present in such countries, and waive the prohibition of section 2007(a) of the Act with respect to these countries for as long as such agreement remains in force; and;

      It is important to the national interest of the United States to waive, for a period of 6 months from the date of this determination, the prohibition of section 2007(a) with respect to Romania, and waive that prohibition with respect to this country for that period.

      You are authorized and directed to report this determination to the Congress, and to arrange for its publication in the Federal Register.


      Noteworthy (Nov 6, 2003): In his speech today to the National Endowment for Democracy, George W. Bush said “Sixty years of Western nations excusing and accommodating the lack of freedom in the Middle East did nothing to make us safe, because in the long run stability cannot be purchased at the expense of liberty.”

      January 20, 2004: As of December, the U.S. has negotiated immunity agreements for American servicemen and citizens with 74 countries, 32 of those are of the 92 countries which have ratified the Rome Statute.

      March 28, 2004: For a typical bashing the U.S. is getting over Bush’s ICC policy, see Asia Times. This isn’t unique, much the same is being written in newspapers all over the world… except that is, curiously, in America. Only a few commentaries have surfaced. Such worldwide condemnation, on-going for months, remains center-stage as the ICC tries to gain legitimacy without the U.S. onboard.

      April 30, 2004: Canada signed the Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the ICC (APIC) today, becoming the 50th signatory.

      June 30, 2004: There is now 10 ratifications (countries), with 58 signatories

      July 26, 2004: A speech made by Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention:

      “Americans long to be united. After 9-11, we all just wanted to be one nation. Not a single American on September 12, 2001 cared who won the next presidential election. All we wanted to do was to be one country, strong in the fight against terror, helping to heal those who were wounded and the families of those who lost their loved ones, reaching out to the rest of the world so we could meet these new challenges and go on with our democratic way of life. The President had an amazing opportunity to bring the country together under his slogan of compassionate conservatism and to unite the world in the struggle against terror. Instead, he and his Congressional allies made a very different choice – they chose to use that moment of unity to push the country too far to the right and to walk away from our allies, not only in attacking Iraq before the weapons inspectors had finished their work, but in withdrawing American support for the climate change treaty and for the International Court on War Criminals, and from the antiballistic missile treaty and from the nuclear test ban treaty.” Bill Clinton

      July 27, 2004: A great argument put forth about the ICC by John Shattuck, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor in an interview with the Center for American Progress…

      American Progress: It seems that there is a deeply entrenched sentiment of American exceptionalism, both among the general public and in high levels of government, with regard to binding the military to international norms. How can this sentiment be overcome?

      Shattuck: The issue of exceptionalism, as you’ve described it, has been with us for a long time.. It’s a long tradition in American foreign policy. It’s also related to isolationism, and unilateralism for that matter. Those are the three great “ism’s” that are really at the heart of historical American foreign policy. They have to do with where we are geographically, and now where we are in terms of the amount of power that we have.

      The International Criminal Court is a complicated topic. I would be the first to say that. But [U.S. Ambassador at large for War Crimes in the Clinton administration] David Sheffer’s point, and he’s right, is that we ought to be at the table. We’ve got some strong interests to defend, including an interest in protecting our own troops against the possibility that some other country may end up trying to take them before the International Criminal Court and undermine our capacity to do the kinds of military operations that we need to do in the world.

      But there are ways in which you can build protections into the International Criminal Court. And the Court now has a basic protection that it can’t even take a case until the justice system in the country in question has fallen apart. So if the United States does anything to investigate or otherwise look into an allegation, that’s enough to keep it off the Court’s agenda.

      These things, exceptionalism and all the others, have been with us for a long time and we’re going to keep battling them. But it ought to be the role of progressive leadership in a world that is now so interconnected and international to try to find arguments to push back these longstanding tendencies in American foreign policy.

      July 29, 2004: For its first case, the ICC will investigate alleged atrocities in Uganda. Among other crimes, the BBC reports that “The world court has begun an investigation into war crimes allegedly committed by Ugandan rebels. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is accused of abducting some 20,000 children, forcing the boys to become fighters and the girls sex slaves. The investigation comes a day after Uganda’s army said it had nearly captured LRA leader Joseph Kony.”

      August 5, 2004: A fact sheet from the U.S. State Department dated August 3, 2004 summarizes the new US-UK extradition treaty now before the US Senate for ratification. It specifically addresses the issue of ICC extradition thusly: Article 18(2) provides that a person extradited under the Treaty may not be the subject of onward extradition or surrender for any offense committed prior to the extradition to the Requesting State unless the Requested State consents. The Treaty’s use of the term “surrender” (the operable term in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court) makes explicit that the United Kingdom will not surrender to the ICC any person extradited by the United States. The United Kingdom has recorded in a separate letter its understanding that the Treaty continues the protection implicit in the current treaty against surrender to the ICC of fugitives extradited by the United States and states in its letter that it will contest any request from the ICC for such surrender as being inconsistent with Article 98(2) of the Rome Statute. Also see UK-USA extradition

      October 23, 2004: An unusual development… Bill Richardson of New Mexico was the first Governor to endorse the Court in his UN Day proclamation on October 8, 2004. It is remarkable because the U.S. federal government will not endorse the ICC, in fact, stands opposed. Also noteworthy, Gov. Richardson was once Clinton’s representative to the UN and delivered the United States opening statement at the Rome diplomatic conference on the ICC in 1998. Whether New Mexico will be the only U.S. state to do this remains to be seen.

      November 19, 2004: The common use of child soldiers is finally getting the publicity it deserves, perhaps destined to become a ‘war-crime’. See the Christian Science Monitor article entitled New Push to Stop Child Soldiers

      December 8, 2004: Of the nearly 140 countries which have signed the Rome Statute which established the court, 97 have ratified it. Of these 97 countries, 57 have not signed a BIA with the United States of which 45 have refused … leaving 40 which have. Of the non-signers, at least 22 will lose American aid.

      December 9, 2004: A milestone for the ICC was established when, on December 2, 2004, the UN General Assembly voted to adopt a resolution concerning the ICC. It provides that the ICC may submit reports to the General Assembly and will be on the agenda henceforth, with the Court invited to attend and participate.

      April 1, 2005: For the first time, the UN Security Council approves a measure allowing the newly established ICC to prosecute war crimes in Sudan. It is believed the ongoing conflict in Sudan has claimed some 300,000 lives.

      April 29, 2005: Top Sudanese officials including President Omar el-Bashir have stated Sudan will not deliver any national indicted for war crimes to the ICC in The Hague, Netherlands to stand trail. (Comment: As the ICC looks to establish a track record, the political atmosphere in both Sudan and Uganda may force the ICC to look elsewhere for its first prosecutable case. Perhaps the DRC [Democratic Republic of Congo]? What seems to be lacking is muscle behind the ICC… seemingly powerless without substantial UN or NATO forces on the ground)

      May 17, 2005: As a result of their meeting in Tripoli, the presidents of Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Gabon, Libya, Nigeria and Sudan have rejected any military, political and judicial intervention by non-African countries in the Darfur region (Sudan). They suggest instead an African solution. Comment: Such an influential joint statement further dampens the prospects the ICC will be able to successfully prosecute any Sudanese war criminal.

      May 21, 2005: Comment: The U.S. and the pro-ICC camp are beginning to place more importance on the precise number of their alliances (and successes)… by handing out virtual scorecards. The U.S. now proudly claims to have 100 signed BIAs (but the ICC camp says only 30 are in force) while the ICC camp proudly claims 99 States parties (but 42 signed a BIA). Who’s winning? It depends on which statistic is the real ‘score’ but if we’re to consider 139 ICC treaty signatures versus 100 BIAs… then it means the ICC is leading the game by 39 points. While it may have a silly aspect to it, it also has a way of drawing the lines deeper in the sand. The future makeup of political alliances?

      July 19, 2005: Comment: Mexico will soon be the 100th States party to the ICC… apparently lacking only to file the necessary papers with the court. It is not so much the milestone of being the 100th, but the interesting part is that America’s southern neighbor is not planning to sign a BIA with the U.S. The question is… will the U.S. retaliate by withholding assistance as it has done with other countries who have refused to sign? What did the U.S. do with its northern neighbor, Canada, who also refused to sign a BIA? Since Canada is a NATO member, it is now exempt from any retaliatory action by the U.S. (as were all NATO members later exempted). Any retaliatory action against Mexico will surely be seen by the Mexicans as a U.S. double standard. Historically however, the U.S. has always had a double standard when it comes to its two neighbors as compared to the rest of the world. The U.S. invariably looks the other way when it comes to what Mexico does. Will Mexico again get special treatment or will this be a case that America’s northern neighbor carries more weight than its southern neighbor?

      October 30, 2005: On October 28, Mexico filed its ratification instrument with the ICC becoming 100th States party. Importantly, Mexico refused to sign a BIA with the U.S. which puts at risk its $11.5 million in economic and military aid. It is unknown to date whether the U.S. will cut off this aid.

      March 17, 2006: The ICC makes its first arrest since its founding (July 2002) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, a Congolese national, accused of “conscripting and enlisting children under the age of fifteen years and using them to participate actively in hostilities” was arrested and transferred to The Hague.

      June 21, 2006: On June 20, former Liberian President Charles Taylor, having been in custody in Sierra Leone, was transferred to The Hague to face war crime charges. The ICC has offered the use of its facilities (but is not in charge of this case).

      January 29, 2007: The International Criminal Court (ICC) has confirmed charges against Thomas Lubanga Dyilo who will now stand trial. It will be the very first case (against an individual) for the ICC since its inception in July 2003.

      May 2, 2007: The ICC issued arrest warrants for the Sudanese citizens Ahmad Harun and Ali Kushayb over the situation in Darfur… although the Sudan government has rejected any ICC authority.

      July 14, 2008: The ICC requested a warrant for the arrest of Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

      July 21, 2008: Radovan Karadzic, one of the leaders of the Bosnian Serbs in the 1992-95 Bosnia war, was arrested in Serbia. A fugitive for 11 years, he will stand trial in The Hague for war crimes.

      March 4, 2009: An arrest warrant was issued for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for war crimes in Darfur, the first ever against a sitting head of state.

      (Most of the preceding updates were based on information courtesy of ICC Now)

  12. As we come to the conclusion of the Taylor Trial, a big thank you goes to the Open Society Justice Initiative and its team of editors and commentators. A job well done, having access to this Trial was indeed marvelous.

    Also a big thank you to all those that posted on this site pros and cons were indeed wonderful, your analytical skills of events in the trial was great. While at times temperament became soar but this is always part of human phenomenal. No matter which side of the fence you were on you were just as important to the forum.

    One thing that I have to say, this trial only has two outcomes guilty or not guilty. It don’t entails that we are enemies but it is simply diversity of views and opinions that we all should respect and this is what turns the globe.

    Now we can patiently wait for the outcome.

  13. There is now war in Ivory Coast with Liberians, ex-NPFL fihgter, could we say it is Mr. Taylor the devil again. Because his men are there. I think there needs to be a court to try Taylor for this he is a bad man and is telling his men to commit crime in Ivory Coast

  14. Taylor should not be blamed for the sun coming up, but for all those that he led to their early deaths and for all the destruction that he caused, led, and masterminded.
    Bokarie was Taylor’s son, they met on many occassions and he assisted Bokarie in more ways then he admitted. If Taylor is innocent, then Bokarie is also innocent. Taylor is not coming back to Liberia. He caused too much damage here and we are better without him.

  15. What can I say? Open Society has indeed proven their name, Open Society. This forum contributed more to human progress and justice than anywhere else. No one here was banned for their views whether positive or negative. It is my hope that some of us, whether Liberians or SLeons, on this forum would emulate the excellent example of the Open Society in our various societies. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mr. SOROS. You do not know what your name means to ordinary people across the world.

    To all seekers of real justice, Noko4, Grebo, Jose, Big B, Sekou, Sam, Momo Dahn, the great analyst Dew, and the many more that cannot be remember right now. To the others seeking revenge and payback like jfallahmenjor, Miss Teague, and the rest: it was refreshing engaging these existential questions during this trial. However put, we were all able to increase our learning curves.

    The staff of this site was great, Oh wonderful Tracey! accept my deepest appreciation for the excellent work you did as moderator despite some minor glitches. To our boy Alpha, you withstood the storm and remain forever professional in our sharp criticism and some time juvenile condemnation of you. You are indeed a real professional and respecter of due process. The other moderators equally were great. I hope Alpha run for president of SL someday, it is leaders like Alpha that Africa needs , a leader who will allow their citizens to disagree , condemn , and criticize them without use of force. You have my support Alpha, the day you decide to run for political office in SL.

    And yes, they still deserve commendation, Justice Doherty and Justice Lussick, but in all Justice Sebutinde has made the whole BLACK RACE, especially Africa very pride of her incisive decision making prowess. Justice Sebutinde , we are anxiously awaiting your book after this trial finally ends. We need to know what was going on behind the scenes with those other two judges. Justice Sow give us just a small window, and we say a big thank you to Justice Sow.

    The appeal chambers also played a critical role in this case , although most of their ruling seriously confirmed the political nature of the court. Oh yes, “all rise -please be seated.” She was one of the famous voices in the court room, and to all the court staffs, especially the technical people for making us to see this trial live from the beginning to the end. It was exulting to be a part of such history proceeding.

    Finally, I will punctuate that, in all that has happened, during this trial , the prosecution was very unethical and unprofessional. Their conduct is a shame to international justice . Conjectures, assumptions. predictions, and theories are not facts. This trial was political and I am doubtful that the verdict will follow the facts of NOT GUILTY.

    We awaits the verdict!

    1. Dear King Gray,

      I often try and find some information that leads to knowing a person better; and I am wondering whether or not you are from the King Gray Township which is one of the oldest Liberian communities established years ago by Chief and Warrior, Swaglia Bion, known later as Chief Bob Gray, among the Settlers (freed black slaves from the United States)?

      Thanks for recognizing my contributions here; I hope to have something to share when the final briefs are published. I pray that you can help and bring Liberia to a higher level.

      I can only hope for a favorable outcome for Mr. Taylor.

      Take care,


  16. It has been a pleasure reading the comments and contributing by making statement from time to time on this forum.My comments were more on the political side of things ….trying to examine the mischief this trial was created to address ,but as i follow the trial i realised the prosecution was the mischief.

    I sincerely hope the judges will uphold the rule of law and redeem the people of both country.it is my opinion the prosecution and it supporting governments had made a mockery of the emotions and intelligent of the people of liberia and sierra leone.’With all this selling pears as oranges nonsense’.I oppose the reckless brinkmanship been played out on the desperate and poor people of these nations.May god help the people of liberia and sierra leone

    I hope that the people of sierra leone and liberia try and stand up after been drag through the gutter…….as Fallah menjor said the karma thing let the ailment or karma that might befall Mr Taylor for whatever he may have done in liberia be burn somewhere else and not

  17. Jose, (General Fix it)

    I was just thinking about you on yesterday. Hope you are feeling much better. Without a doubt you will soon be well and kicking.

    God bless!

  18. Guys ! guys!
    I think it is still a little too early for us to be making friendly comments to these haters. They hate our president and I think they should be hated until the final wistle. Big B, brother, don’t worry..if anyone, or say, Alpha ever shuts this site, or pull the plugs before the final verdict, I NOKO5 will definitely consider such act as a declaration of cyber war on the great justice loving people. AND I WILL FIRE BACK.. THANK YOU!

    1. Empty threats, NOKO5! What can an ant do to an elephant? You probably cannot afford a workable computer, much more to declare a cyber war against others! Please stick to the verdict and keep close watch on what’s going on in Libya. The days of tarany has come to an end. The days of looting and raping has come to an end. Taylor and Gaddafi are doomed! The followers of these tarants are on the run and will continue to hide from truth forever! Bye bye NOKO5, you are history too.

  19. One name comes to mind: COURTNEY GRIFFITHS! He is the man! Griffiths needs to establish a leadership school in Africa. I will recommend Liberia, to train young minds about a law and order society.




    1. Dear V-MAN,

      It’s not that I forgot you, but I was trying to find more information on Gladys.

      Thank you for recognizing me and I hope to visit Monrovia some day and perhaps we can have a chat.

      I hope the impression you are making in your work is a very good one.

      Take care,



  21. Pro-taylor writers, it is true that Courtenay Griffiths hundred persent defended taylor because he was paid to do this job. It was right for him to hundred persent lied to the whole World in defending taylor. Taylor is estimated to worth $2.8 billion dollars. Defending such an Africa with numerous relatives, friends, family members, and thousand of fighters, most of them released from various jails in different countries in Africa, must do your best because, such an individual must end up being rich from tappings. But, the fact remain here is that under his command in a different country for his personal gains, so many innocent soles lost their lives, and others have their hands, legs, ears, fingers, limbs, and you name it jopped-up.
    The spirits of these people must be in fight with this man. I personaly do not hate Mr. Taylor if only he had remained in Liberia and taken to court for what he did in Liberia, I would have been the number one writer in favor of Mr. Taylor. His eagerness of becoming a billionair and becomes #2 Gaddafi in Africa, is what got him to be where he is today. From today I dropped my pen and wait for the final verdits.

  22. Hi everybody. It is yet to to be heard about how the West has conspired against Gaddafi, this innocent man, from any of taylor support group, except the few whinnings I hear about the Western Greed for oil and all that empty accusations! Boy, I love it, and now what? You see, the Law of Karma states that whatever good we do shall be rewarded justly within our life time and no wait for Heaven to come! You see the pay back time for Gaddafi? He will died than surrender to the Pigs, according to him! Whatever he decides to do is up to him, but taylor has lost a great partner in Africa, and will be disappointed when he returns according to his followers! That is the buttom line!

    1. fallah,

      Please wait a minute here. Your darling girl is much closer to Gaddafi than President Taylor. It was ellen who took President Taylor to Gaddafi. As a matter of fact, ellen have visited Libya more times during her presidency than any other country and have visited Libya more times than all of Liberia’s President combined. If this is not friendship, I am damn sure it’s not being an enemy. Initially, Gaddafi was angry with ellen for the greatest betrayed of the 21st century. From reliable source, Gaddafi addressed ellen like a child for stabbing President Taylor in the back on one of her visits. ellen, felled to her feet and begged Gaddafi to forgive her.

      Libya, is investing in Liberia during ellen’s regime then anytime in history. To name few projects Gaddafi have undertaken since your darling girl became president. For example, the renovation of Dukor palace, the Rice project, the Pam African plaza among others.

      Your darling girl is about to loose a friend and a brother even though, she has already thrown him under the bus. That’s her Modus Operondai. fallah, leave this Gaddafi and Taylor issue alone. You are arguing against yourself if you continue to hop on this Gaddafi and Taylor comparison, while your darling girl have/had profited and enjoyed the greatest gift of all times from Gaddafi.

      1. Big B needs to get his facts in order because he seems confused on how diplomacy works. To have diplomatic ties does not mean you are supportive of a particular regime nor friend. what having diplomatic tie to a regime simply means, both nations agree to respect each others interests! Also, to pay a visit to libya, in the interest of attracting investment, especially for a country, such as Liberia, devastated by 14 years of waring factions, is prudent. Besides, if Big B wants to criticize Ellen on this, then what about taylor who became an apprentice under Gaddafi so he could return to Liberia and implement his newly learned trade on his own people? That is what we are talking about, Big b. Such behavior is un-diplomatic and criminal! Besides, Ellen’s interest does not appear to be for personal gains like charles taylor, nor is she using her visits to purchase weapons to put into the hands of ilitrate troops nor child soldiers. that is the difference, Big B. I could give more examples, Big B, just to teach 101 Conduct of Nations, but your instinct won’t permit you to accept my teachings because you are naive and very hateful of Ellen’s Diplomacy and self-less approach to rebuilding of Liberia.

        1. fallah,

          I am talking orange while you are talking apple. Let me break it down in simple English maybe your so called journalistic reasoning may kick in. Apparently, reading comprehension was not part of your curriculum. Before you tie President Taylor with Gaddafi think twice because it was your beloved darling girl who introduced President Taylor to Gaddafi.

          Secondly, you are talking about diplomatic relationship. What diplomatic relationship. Total Nonsense. Ellen had ties with Gaddafi way before she became president, going back to her Rebel days to present. “If you are living in a glass house don’t throw stones.”

          By the way, I don’t hate your darling girl. What I hate is her wheeling and dealing. If you were that good of a journalist as you professed to be, you (fallah) should have been the press secretary to your darling girl. Rather, you are still with “man pot got to boil” news paper.

  23. To all lovers of taylor and yawners of precolonial-era of mother Africa, and in contrast to modern africa, please reflect on this piece as we await the verdict; Many years ago sir Philip Mitchell, former Governor of Kenya, in his essay on “Africa and the West in Historical Perspective,” described what seemed to him to be some of the main characteristics of africa at the beginning of the Colonial era. He wrote: “The West found itself in control of millions of people who had never invented or adopted an alphabet or even any form of hieroglyphic writing. They had no numerals, no almanac or calendar, no notation of time or measurements of length, capacity, or weight, no currency, no external trade except slaves and ivory…no plough, no wheel and no means of transportation except human head porterage on land and dugout canoes on rivers and lakes. These people had built nothing, nothing of any kind, in any material more durable than mud, poles, and thatch. With few notable exceptions, there were no units of government throughout the area larger than the tribe, and the tribe might amount only to a few thousand people and have half a dozen contending chiefs…Great numbers wore no clothes at all: others wore bark cloth or hides and skins.”
    As difficult and painful as this man describes Africa during his era, we africans are yet to prove Sir Philip wrong because we continue to indirectly prove him right in most of his straight talk…isn’t it so, ladies and gentlemen?

    1. allah,

      Sorry, but you sounds as if you are a disappointed African. You write this nonsense about Africans as if you are not an African. fallah, is the only African who feels and thinks inferior to the white man. It’s pathetic for fallah to categorize all Africans like the way he is.

      fallah, you wrote about Sir Philip Mitchell, Governor of Kenya, read the link blow and get a taste of who the man actually was.


      1. Big B, the link didn’t say much about advanced culture in that part of africa before the Europeans arrived, nor the rail-road building was undertaking by africans! I am not putting down the noble culture of africans, but rather calling your attention of your “backward” arguements, all along, that the Europeans must have tempered with your advanced african culture, and thus, is the reason you are backward in the 21st century! I am simply showing you, in intellectual manner, that this is not true or is debatable, Big B. The true enemies of Africa are the types who care only how much to steal from the public, and had never cared about others nor how the West marvel of these types of barbarism. that is all I am saying. I know there were great kingdoms, notably, Mali, Songhai, and Ghana whose trades flourished in selling of africans south of the Sahara to Arabs of the North. Don’t you think that had the Europeans not stept in during the 1880s you would have the little developement that you have today, due to colonialism? This is reality, Big B and other narrow minded africans who feel ashamed to tackle facts in History! Taylor types are the main enemies of Africa, and those who back them are promoters of poverty and dependence on the West!

        1. fallah,

          If my link “didn’t say much about advance culture in that part of Africa” the burden of proof is on you. Show factual fact to prove that my link is inconclusive.

    2. Fallah,

      With all due respect what you just wrote is complete nonsense and this is the type of self hatred that keeps Africa backwards.

      I wonder from which continent did the great mother of all civilizations, Ancient Egypt exist. Or Nubia(Present day Sudan and Ethiopia), or the Mali, Songhai, Ghana and many other empires well advanced in culture for their times.

      If you need more proof, look no further than the great University at Timbuktu or the fact that the King of the Mali empire had some much gold that he dropped the world wide price of gold. Even in Liberia there is something called the Vai Script.

      So save your self loathing for any group of people or go read about your history if you even are of African descent. And Please this time respond logically with facts and not rambling nonsensical insults okay.

      1. Great piece PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni.A president of africa with a proper overstanding of western negative thinking….Nigeria conspire to sell Charles Taylor to the west,eventhough there was an agreement in the ECOWAS as to how Mr Taylor to be dealt with.Nigeria voted for a No-Fly-Zone over libya with the west’ knowing very well what will happen.’its like giving a torch to arsenist’against another african country…yes yes nigeria may say Gaddafi wish Nigeria to split between christian and muslim states,so what ,people say anything,Gaddafi supports Idi Amin,but Musavini still see the bigger picture.Nigeria is in the process of getting a UN resolution against Ivory Coast working with the french supported by the west .WHAT IS NIGERIA’S ROLE IN AFRICA….ARE THEY TRYING TO DELIVER AFRICA TO THE WEST AS A 21ST CENTURY PROTECTORATE…WHAT IS THEIR THINKING?…..YES SOUTH AFRICA DID TOO BUT ZUMA IS ON A SALVAGE MISSION.With regard to Gabon that ugly mofo went to school with Sarkozy and he took after his dad a sell out.

        Why should these guys agreed to do one thing at the africa level and get so easily swayed by the west….as Mr Museveni highlighted.

        1. Cee, it is probably because Nigeria has become a super Nation in Africa. Nigeria is thinking rationally in taking the role as model Nation in Africa, regardless how some see it. Nigeria is acting right and not bend on this silly idea of West vs Africa. Maybe this is why Nigeria has superior Army and Democratic system in modern Africa. Swallow your pride and fall in line with Civilized Nations, CEE. Stop this nonsense of keeping Africans behind progress!

      2. Garbage! why are you so naive? Let’s focus on relevant issues, next time I am not opening the link as I read all major African news daily and suspect the childish “thought’ of Morlu thing! Garbage!

        1. jfallah,
          It is about time that you take over the GAC and safe Ellen from the axe of John Morlu.

        2. The next time what you actually need to do before posting a comment do a fact check making sure you are not posting your opinion making it appears as fact. After all, you are dealing with people of different educational background. Silly.

        3. Fallah,
          The old world order is winding down,just as you bunch of slow coaches are trying to adapt to or maintain.Commerce,Science and technology is no-longer a monopoly of the west and had’nt been so for almost thirty years now.good governance through democracy,why not’,there are countries around the world including,Brazil,Indonesia,Turkey,China and Vietnam that are doing very well. good governance and democraticly elected government indeed,but not western style economics management .The great Ghandi was asked about the western civilization.he replied” it will be a good idea” You accuse me of been naive when you can’t even overstanding the mischieve of the civilization you aspire to or are.

  24. The political dispute started in Ivory coast first before Libya, over 500 civilians have been killed including women and children by the international community disrecognised Ivorian president (Mr. Gbarbo), yet the 1973 UN resolution can’t be used to protect those peace loving civillians in the Ivory coast. is it because the cocoa is hard to get dry? OH! THERE IS LOT OF OIL IN LIBYA THAT THE WEST CAN SHARE.

  25. fallah,

    You write so much garbage until you always shoot yourself in the foot or put your foot in your mouth. To quote you “The true enemies of Africa are the types who care only how much to steal from the public, and had never cared about others..” the question that comes to mind is your darling girl an enemy of Africa.? My reason for asking this question, John Morlu the UN Auditing General to Liberia stated that the ellen lead government is three times corrupted than the Bryant government. It is alleged corruption is at its highest peak in a short period then any other time in the history of Liberia.

    1. Hope you read the Press statement by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the Auditor General, Morlu, on why She could not nominate him to go another term, and reason not being because of his negative and baseless statement about curruption Ellen found Liberia engulfed into when she took leadership, but the fact that the the unit remains to be filled by deputy general to ensure the fight against curruption does not end with the term of Morlu. She is right, and has the right to terminate anyone she had previously nominated. This shouldn’t be new in Liberian politics. Besides, why would a taylor “praise-singer” talk about curruption that was “trade-mark” for taylor led NPFL notorious government? Do you sincerely believe The Ellen government crack down on Public Vehicles being parked at end of office hours, and not being used by the bosses to take girlfriends to weekend outings, as three times more currupt as Bryant government? Garbage, and you know it, buddy!

      1. fallah,

        Give me a break! You as well as I know the only reason ellen refused to reappoint Mr. Morlu was the true statement he made about her government being three times corrupted then the Bryant’s government, including the letter Mr. Morlu wrote about threats from ellen’s protégées on his life. Similar threats made by you on this site. Did any living soul in his/her rightful mind with the exception of fallah expected ellen to have said the reason she failed to reappoint Mr. Morlu was because of the positive statement Mr. Morlu made about corruption? I don’t think so. Mr. Morlu is the type of guy any good leader will want on his/her side. Mr. Morlu is a true patriotic and wants to see his country move forward. In my opinion and most people would agree Mr. Morlu is one of the most earnest people who had worked directly or indirectly for the government of Liberia.

        A strong leader will accept criticism and move on. For example, President Obama and Hillary Clinton, there were many negative things said about Obama. What did Obama do? Obviously, Obama made Hillary his Secretary of State. That’s leadership.

        It’s not over, lets wait and see. Even though, ellen appointed Mr. Morlu’s deputy, the Auditor General position is fully financed by the E.U. The E.U. could accept or denied the financing of the AG. If that be the case, feast day for ellen and her protégées because the three branches of government are equally corrupted.

        1. Big B you said all the bad things about Ellen, and all the great things about Morlu, but failed to disagree with my statement that to finger point Ellen government by your types, is not only being disingenuous but intellectual dishonesty to say the least, when your taylor government had earned itself the capital of curruption in the world title! say what ever you wish but the facts remain that Ellen is doing her best in that culture of shameless daylight rubbery due to what you and taylor are;dishonest promoters of violence, as alleged.

  26. Excuse me gentleman,i might be too young to notice ,but in my analysis, apart from languages of commerce English,French,Spanish & Portuguese,which infact the whole world benefit from i am not sure what development the european bring to Africa,The infrastrutures built were purely for their benefit,Courts,Prisons,Ports,Railways to transport their free raw materials to the ports for exports to western europe and other colonies around the world .African resources were sold by the western europeans to european industries as it is to date,for the benefit of europe.With regards to the railways they withdrew cooperation in it maintenance after independent .

    Oh education…….wow,their books …so many highly educated africans but barely intelligent,Our biggest self destruct botton.Please don’t be confused Commerce,Science and technology are universal subjects mastered by many race and cultures and not a monopoly of the west.Remenber these guys stops the flow of trade and knowledge from people to people around the world since they busted the silk route.If anything these western europeans can be describe as the suppressors of the human progress and not the key to it….We learn from each other and copy each other, but what happens after the silk route blockade and piracy,western europeans learn from everybody and stops everyone else learning from each other.The Good News Is The World Is Back In Business And Western European will not be able to monopolise or manipulate the flow of knowledge and trade anymore….Falleh the Western cowboy

  27. To all taylor support group; I would like to ask you to pin point 4 things, that you believe taylor’s presidency and rebel activities in West Africa will be remembered for! i don’t need any abstract silly answers; such as; taylor printed his own currency, and thus arresting anyone who was in possession of JJ or Liberty, since that would drop the value of his new currency, being printed in Bokinafasu, and all that rubbish, as alleged, was right! Tell me what legacy he left for the children of Liberia or the general welfare of the citizens that has positive impact.I am tired of all these sick finger pointing of the West or Ellen, ladies and gentlemen! You make me come harder on you each time, Big B, Noko5, Mass, and others who have gone into hiding such as Jacone, the General!

    1. fallah,

      Did President Taylor “printed his own currency, and thus arresting anyone who was in possession of JJ or Liberty, since that would drop the value of his new currency, being printed in Bokinafasu” Anyone can alleged, but proving your allegation is what the prosecution failed to do. fallah is a murder as alleged. You’re hiding behind this “as alleged” stuff to enable you to twist the fact. You see fallah, the reason I respond to most of your posting is because you’re notorious for twisting the fact. Many people believe what they read especially those non Liberians who read our comments, and if I don’t set the record straight they will believe lies over truth.

      I dismissed your four part questions as total nonsense.

  28. Fallah,
    I am very sorry to say this,but how comes you sounds so much like a very pumpous and bigotted English man/western european…trying to interpret history to suit your own narrow and fraudulent sense of being,the predictors of the fate of the other human race.the truth is apart from some half baked pathetic soul so called western educated in the Middle east and Africa,nobody else in the world these days believes or take the garbage you’ve just read out seriously…….YOU definitely learn history from your masters or do you think because you are part arab you belong to the western civilization.

    The Arabs & The Africans according to my world observation are the two group of people who are still under the spell of the west…..south america countries,,asian countries ,even india has been interlectually and spiritually liberated from the west,the african and arabs however are full of educated fools and acted as though they have got the fingers of the west up their arsis!!!!These people can’t determine anything for themselve.

    1. Cee, I am black, african, Liberian, and of the Kissi Tribe of West Africa. But you should not expect me to think like Cee or Noko5 who love the Western luxury, but hates Western Democracy. Who loves Western Justice, but hates Western Judicialry. Who hates White man, but depends on Him to travel, write, communicate, and ….more. What a shame and bigotry to live a double life and yet knows not that you are dependent! I am not White, but a universal thinker and a true freedom fighter, Cee. That is what Jfallahmenjor is all about!

      1. Mr Fallah,
        I will refer you to my previous postings,with regard to progress in science technology and medicine which is not the monopoly of the west antmore the true leaders in these field are Asians ….Fallah i do not hate anyone or other race i am an African, i love the human race….I am just a Thruth Sayer.I am also please you stressed you are from liberia,,but when you write or speak in english you elude to think like a Pumpous anglo saxon,most of my english friends think like you and its a synics intelligent

      2. fallah,

        In your March 29 comment addressed to me you said and I quote “Big B you said all the bad things about Ellen, and all the great things about Morlu” end quote. fallah, I would like to point out it’s not Big B alone saying bad things about ellen as you put it, even the Press Union of Liberia an organization that you are a part of stated the exact same thing.

        FYI, check out the below link.


  29. As we await the verdict in charles taylor trial I would like to hear from taylor support group what is their take on the happening in Libya; are they going to fight for gaddafi since he trained their lovely president and benefactor to their noble cause in West Africa? Or they are going to sit on the side lines and watch the BBQ time for gaddafi?
    Probably, they will choose to back off as they fear becoming BBQ sauce for NATO FORCES that is ready for gaddafi who had called them rats, roaches, and drugged fighters! You see arrogance carries one nowhere but hell! Now I wish to see his troops going house to house, street to street with their “out of date tanks!” Or probably, those taylor boys, who once dominated this site, and all of a sudden have disappeared,and may have headed to Liya already! Boy, I hope they did, so they can also meet their early end to their pathetic life and sorrow inflicted on others as alleged! This is the Law of Karma at work!

  30. What can the West say about Liberians fighting on both disputed side in Ivory Coast, is Mr. Taylor their commander in chief, while he sits in the white man jail? I am sure expect for jfallah and his likes that Mr. Taylor did not sent anyone to war anywhere outside Liberia not to talk about Sierra Leone. God willing, Taylor will surely be back to Mama Liberia. Our enemies will see our up lifting, and they will die with shame.

  31. Again, I repeat, where are the taylor support group that is sending a delegation to Libya to assist taylor’s mentor, Gaddafi? Or are some of you already in Ivory Coast to assis Gbagbo? You see, you guys always seem to go to the wrong side of reality in your twisted thinking! Gbagbo has very short time to face reality, after all the garbage he talked and not to mention his arrogance in disrespecting the decision taken by the African Union. Now when the UN sends warrant for his arrest, some will cry out “there goes the West” this is how taylor started his nonsense, when he challenged the African Union, and defiantly took his rubbish to the UN security Council! Now where does he find himself? In prison and with only himself to blame and support group that set him up, by false praises, leading to his arrest! This is jfallahmenjor personal observation of the “mess” of some african leaders!

    1. Jfallah
      Tell Ellen to stay tuned. We are coming in our numbers on April 14 to march in opposition to corruption which the Ellen led government has legalized in our society.

      1. Harry, you have the right to march in opposition to anything you feel is wrong in Ellens government. The only thing Ellen may not torlorate may be vandalism and looting, which is trademark operation of taylor group, otherwise, Ellen is ready for your garbage that will carry you nowhere as Ellen has already gotten 98% support from Liberians at Home and abroad..Good luck to Harry K Johnson and his 2% disgruntled rioters!

  32. Jfallah is an attention seeker. Pay no heed to the man, he’s bribed by the cia four time for what he’s doing – attacking and insulting with little regard to pro-justice seekers. Fallah, your kind is why the west sees Africans stupid enough to keep us low at any cost! Please don’t post under my thoughts!!!

    1. TJ seems a very disgruntle fellow to advise others to stop expressing their freedom to respond. I will be happy to give you few lessons on CIA operation if you wish since your main reason for posting seems to tie Jfallahmenjor to the CIA. Garbage, is all I can say to your posting to me!

      1. There are many Fallahs in Africa,they went to Europe and North America,went through the education process selflessly indoctorinate themselve with western ways instead of studying and adapting the good ways…they even prceed to think of themselve the way the west think of them(As we know is not flirtering)they became apologist, unwittingly becomes a self haters and help the west eliminate their brothers and sisters,just for themselve to be eliminated in the future after they’ve led the west on its re-colonialisation project in the 21st century…..But this will not be as easy as in the 15th century as we now also have enough good people that studied and analyse the world and the west and choose what is good from the world and the west and apply it to the africa development project……..So people like fallah and the west will have a real fight in their hands in the future..in the past there were people like fallah the western indoctorinates’ and the illiterates and ignorants of africa and the west.But we are here now!!!!

  33. Thank you Johnson, we are waiting for you on the 14th of April 2011 in line with your planned demonstration. Bear in mind that the wounds inflicted in us by you is not gone. I don’t care how many AK 47s you have and how many country-boys you have brain-washed, you will not remain to tell the story. We are altogether tired with this nonsense attitude from you people, If you are not tired of lotting and killing, then you can go to Libya or Ivory Coast since human blood is your cologn. Your so called Son Charles Taylor, opened Marcenary Training Camps in Naama and Gbatala, where is he today, in jail, and he will be there for good. Attempt to bring Charles Taylor in Liberia,after so many massacres, burrying pregnate woman, carrying you people into Sierra Leone, Guinea and so forth will be a Political Blunder by the Court. It is just that you are not well informed but, all I know is that there is no Democracy withou favorism.
    So Johnson the Peace Keepers in Liberia together with us are waiting for you with the few illiterate Liberians you have brain-washed as your Son Charles did before. You shoul know all of you who carry on massacres in Liberia, eating human beings, building houses from our lotted properties will one day answer.
    If Charles Taylor comes back to Liberia, then Samuel K. Doe will also come back. You people are so confessed with Human Blood that you don’t know your standing position in the country

    1. This is disgusting; it makes me sick to the stomach. For God sack, students thought by taking sanctuary on campus surrounded by a concrete fence secured by an iron gate was a safe place from predators and from being brutalized by the so called newly trained Liberian Police.

      The police jumped the fence and subsequently brutalized students for no apparent reason. Where are the Human Right Organizations? They are sitting down with their tails between their legs like scared dogs. A bounce of hypocrite, but they will paid the price one day. This is sickened to say the least!

    2. Next time those students will behave like students. I don’t fault the police for the FORCE used.

  34. Thanks JTF for your staight talk to these taylor bullies. You guys should never permit anyone to bring problems to your peaceful life you’r trying to build back. Their attempt is not for reasons of democracy, rather a means to discredit Ellen’s efforts, and to bring taylor group back to power in Liberia. Do not give them any chance and make sure you crush them once you find them because they are no good to the MotherLand. Follow my examples on this site; attack and attack..keep them on the defensive mood, thus derailing their devilish plans! Once you make them have to explain their actions each time, you get them being defensive and appearing silly. that is all you need to do! You see how I go after them and now very few keep fighting! Have a nice weekend..the true freedom fighter..jfallahmenjor

  35. Alas the war continues,between the people in Africa that wants to submit Africa as a western protectorate and the people that wants Africa’s self determination…What i would like to know is whether these submitters know what they are doing?…The international community standard they are trying to uphold seems to be the western countries standard,which is purely design and based on the western countries interest and for these submitters to whole heartedly and interlectually support these human rights cheats..makes me believe the submitters are living in a fools paradise which is occupied these days by mainly Arbas and Africans interlectuals” so they are called by the west” the ability to take in and regurgitate western inductorination on their people without proper testing and trial…they seems to assume it is the way forward for the human development….they fail to understand that the western development runs in contrary to the human development..


    1. Dear Cee,

      To me the questions you raise much be answered by yourself. Only you can determine whether the norm is set properly. You see, you must be prepared to meet the world or you will face setbacks.

      I have lived to see the age 60, and I have just recently found an important piece of the puzzle that was taken away 40 years ago. You cannot give up on your goals; you must learn to live a long life and hopefully you will find your paradise. Remember, justice is just us; the people who wants to be FREE.

      Do not forget our exchange on

      September 17, 2010 at 8:32 am, Cee said:


      Sierra Leoneans are fine, it is Liberian who deserve justice, we have tried the people that created the war in our country…i am more likely to request compensation from Libya, Burkinabe and Ivorian not liberia or charles taylor….

      Don’t want to shoot the messenger as liberia and ghana were a mere transit for the suppoertes of the RUF!!!

      But as you can see the flawed moralist are saying otherwise and when they speak is like god speaking to some of our brothers and sisters is liberia/sierra leone


      September 18, 2010 at 6:46 am, Sekou said:

      Dear Cee,

      I understand what you are saying, but Liberia does not appear to be ready for that. There have been threats that unless all responsible parties are indicted, there will be a conflict.

      Hope you can find some reason in what I have said.

      Take care,


      1. Well put Sekou,One of Gadafi’s hobbies is sponsoring revolutions all over the world ,Gbagbo was not in power at the time of the Sierra Leone war…..Whiles the west sustains dumb and deem witted despot or democracies however unprogressive and recommend regime change for non-comformist.

        We now have opportunity and hope to change the status quo,as the multi-polar axis of the world emerges with economics and political diversions and clout.We no longer have to depend on a monologue dictate on economics and good governance by bunch of moral schitso in the west and dumb founded savages such of the likes in ivory coast.

  36. On the 14th day of April 2011, it will have been 30 days since I have seen any postings from Brother Jose Rodriguez. I pray all is well with my U.S. Armed Forces Veteran Brother. If anyone knows of his whereabouts let him know I am praying for him.

    And Sam, can you offer some input on the delay for posting of the final trial briefs?

    Take care,


    1. Jose Rodrigues is probably in Libya or Ivory Coast, I believe, Sekou. I do not believe anything from any of you guys. I do not buy that lie..Jose is probably using that to maitain silence as he will not have the time to get on internet in the Ivory Coast Jungle nor in the baren desert of Libya. You guys are very phony and cunning, to say the least.
      And to answer Cee’s rambling and disjointed sentences about Nigeria’s stance on African affairs and the oldest african CROOK, Mugabe’s defiant politics of self-destrucktion; I will say this; Cee seems to have limited knowledge of self determination to mean that one should not emulate what others have done to succeed, but that one should go through it by starting from Stone Age to Iron Age.. and finally to Computer Age, or Modern Age. You really don’t need to do that Cee! All you need to do is follow the examples of modern civilized nations and copy concepts from what made them successful in the first place..boom, you might discover that Respect for Human Dignity and rights brings about prosperity, or that Honesty in handling Public funds do not only bring about confidence, but trust from the citizens, and a great Nation and People.
      Crooks such as Mugabe, fought for the right cause of his people, but got swallowed in pride and arrogance when he started same oppressions that he received from the Whites, instead of letting Bygones Be Bygones to move the Nation ahead Like Nelson Mendala did in South Africa. That is what I am talking about..Nations first Attitude! Please leave this silly talks about West vs Africa.. it carries you backwards..because you can never compete with the West if you continue to have Tribalism, cruelty to your fellow Africans over simple differences, and self-destrucktive behaviors like civil wars, and destrucktions of the little you have, in the name of creed and selfish aims, like taylor did in Liberia, that may take dozens of years to bring that Nation back to its feet as it was prior to 1988! That is what you should focus on, Cee!

      1. Dear jfallahmenjor,

        Judging from your general assessments, I am left in doubt as to whether you are publicly and actively involved with the rehabilitation of Liberia. However, your concept:

        one should not emulate what others have done to succeed, but that one should go through it by starting from Stone Age to Iron Age.. and finally to Computer Age, or Modern Age. You really don’t need to do that Cee! All you need to do is follow the examples of modern civilized nations and copy concepts from what made them successful in the first place..boom, you might discover that Respect for Human Dignity and rights brings about prosperity, or that Honesty in handling Public funds do not only bring about confidence, but trust from the citizens, and a great Nation and People.

        This to me seems to point to the notion that Cee should not pursue a path commenced from the beginning; learning the uncomplicated methods, but should only do as YOU say he should do; following an uncertain path. I say this because the Nations we generally consider to have reached some success, does not publish their intrigue employed for such gains.

        As forceful of a voice as you are here, it would seem to me that you would lead by example rather than emulate the immoral fiber you attempt to expose in others.

        I have never been to Liberia and I am not lying when I say that I know Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf; and I will make a correction, the granddaughter she was with was named Patricia and not Pam. Why is it not possible to see your image exposed in Liberia?

        Also, when you say:

        Please leave this silly talks about West vs Africa.. it carries you backwards..because you can never compete with the West if you continue to have Tribalism, cruelty to your fellow Africans over simple differences, and self-destrucktive behaviors like civil wars, and destrucktions of the little you have, in the name of creed and selfish aims, like taylor did in Liberia, that may take dozens of years to bring that Nation back to its feet as it was prior to 1988! That is what you should focus on, Cee!

        According to what Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf told me, Liberia had not been on its feet since just prior to the assassination of President Tolbert in 1980, some eight years prior to your estimation. It seems to me that the two of you are reading from different playbooks.

        Whether Jose Rodriguez is probably in Libya or in The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, I have not discerned; I would rather not lie and say that I am ill to appease the crowd; AND THAT IS NOT TO SAY THAT HE HAS.

        There has been too much Black on Black destruction in Africa, I agree, it is time that it stop! And it seems that strongman Laurent Gbagbo was captured today.

        Take care,


      2. Mr Menjor,
        You are free to look east ,north and south too…free your interlectul capacity…as you say we can learn from each other…some africans and arabs are unwittingly working on the neo-colonial project?

        i am no supporter of Gbagbo…but quattara is a neo-colonialist,i am sure he will beg to be differ but he seems to have signed a pack with the devils

      3. Sekou; you did not understand my point made to Cee. This is what I sad to Cee;” I will say this; Cee seems to have limited knowledge of self determination to mean that one should not emulate what others have done to succeed, but that one should go through it by starting from Stone Age to Iron Age.. and finally to Computer Age, or Modern Age. You really don’t need to do thi!” This does not mean fallah is saying that you do not need to “emulate” others!

        1. Dear jfallahmenjor,

          According to you I must owe you an apology; and if so, I do apologize.

          But not so fast. It was you in the past that threaten to result to ritualistic practice if Mr. Taylor should return to Liberia. You are in no position to admonish Cee, are anyone else for that matter. See your comment:

          Nations first Attitude! Please leave this silly talks about West vs Africa.. it carries you backwards..because you can never compete with the West if you continue to have Tribalism, cruelty to your fellow Africans over simple differences, and self-destrucktive behaviors like civil wars, and destrucktions of the little you have

          What was it exactly in your earlier commit concerning Mr. Taylor if you were not exuding Tribalism; since you referred to your Kissi people’s magic to repel Mr. Taylor?

          You come off as someone deep into religion; cause me to wonder whether you are with the Free Pentecostal Global Missions (Liberia) Inc. That is nothing to be ashamed of; you would only be one within a million that are.

          Since I am convinced that you are over the age of 65, I will request that you lead by example; allow the people of Liberia to witness you from the horse’s mouth. The young people of Liberia need wisdom to overcome their national plight. Be the kind of man the young people of Liberia can love. I believe you have the ability to achieve that assignment. Now (smile), run and do as your master say.

          Take care,


    2. Sekou,
      The court ruled on 7th March that both the prosecution and the defense should submit the public versions of their trail brief withing a month, which should mean that it should have been submitted latest 7th of April. At this time it still has not been published on the courts website. I will get in touch with the court management section to get information on whether it has been received and when they hope to publish it on the website.

      1. Dear Sam,

        As you know the Court Records Documenting System has encountered problems in the past with its ability to publish filings; I had hoped they had overcome that impediment. And it very likely may be due to the party’s delay. One thing for sure, they have been filed; I hope.

        Good to hear from you; hope to hear from you soon.

        Take care,


      2. Sekou,
        The documents are now available for donload on the scsl website. Although the defense fial trial brief has ben reclasified as confidential in the interim pending a ruling on the motion filed by the prosecution on alleged violation o protective measures by the defence. Meanwhile you can still read the prosecution own.

        1. Dear Sam,

          I am having trouble posting the links to the prosecution final trial brief. The problem is with this site.

          Take care,


    1. These are breeds from charles taylor rebellious activities who have known nothting better than violence. Momoh Dahn, there are some who made it to the West, they hate so much, and still crave, and wish to return to their normal way of life..violence. These are the mercenaries you are talking about, that are in the Ivory Coast, I believe, Dahn. They could not be Bred from Ellen’s Government, and you know it, Buddy. Taylor is in jail, yet he seems to have influence on you guys. Look at Harry Johnson’s threat about April 14th planned demonstration against Ellens Government, does that not attest to taylor influence that is eating your fabric up? Come on, you guys are full of it..Jfallahmenjor, the examiner.

      1. Jfallah,
        You always talk nonsense with no regard to your age. What does Mr. President Taylor being in jail has to do with our rights to march against corruption? If Ellen is a godless that you worship, let me inform you that she is nothing to some of us, but a liar.

        1. Harris K Johnson, when I respond or give my opinion on this site, I think little about my age nor status. I careless about what Harris agrees with or NOKO4,5,6,&7 want to hear. I simply say what I believe, need be said, to put the records straight! That is my objective on this site. Can you imagine if some of us were not on this site for the victims of taylor’s alleged crimes against Humanity, how you would have rediculed their sufferings? Check the beginning statements made by jfallahmenjor; you will realize I am not in this fight to quit. I will chase you guys to your graves even after the trial..’you’ve murdered sleep,sleep no more’.

        2. Fallah will be consider a great man in Africa by the west if he is infact an African and thinking the way he does…he will be rank amongst great thinkers the likes of Kofi Anan,Banki Moon?Amid Kaizi(Afghan man),Ahmed Chalabi(Iraq),Quatara(Ivorien),Tejan Kabba(Sierra Deem Wit)and all the emirates and kings in the middle east!!!!!…..the type of foreign minds acceptable to the west…

    2. Momo,
      The question we should be asking WHY ISN’T ELLEN BLAMED FOR THOSE LIBERIANS IN IVORY COAST???

      I wish the defense can append this story to tell the judges, no one has control over Liberians if they wish to bless their wishes and wants.

    3. Dear Momo Dahn,

      Perhaps the question is why are Liberians being exploited in fighting someone else’s war? The reason given is due to the unpardonable conditions they face at home. They are not there because of Mr. Taylor and for the same reason that they fought with Mr. Taylor was due the unpardonable conditions brought on by samuel doe.

      You see, when the revolt is won, it is very unlikely that those at the bottom will not thrive with the same momentum as those of the upper and middle class. Since generally only the upper-class and middleclass are educated enough to run the country. In most cases where a leader brings up the people at the bottom, he becomes target for assassination.

      As I told a refugee Liberian Sister who was living in Accra in 1991; when it comes to employment matters relating to your life, you must be paid up front.

      Take care,


  37. I hope the taylor support group is following trends in the Ivory Coast as I am. I hope you saw the moments when Gbabgo was flushed out of his bunker like a ‘rat’ and sweating, while some one hands him a shirt to put on his back! Wow, he finally realized that”man pass man” and all his garbage was over like charles taylor! This is what I am talking about..this is all we need to do to these psychopacts, humiliate them before parading them to justice they have no idea of. I told you guys, we are ready for all the african so called lunatics leaders! Mugabe is next to go and we shall focus on him next, as for Gaddafi, he is contemplating on face saving strategy..cease fire?..No…he should get justice that he deserved!

    1. We are not Gbagbo supporters. If you knew the history of civil war, you wouldn’t have been talking the way you do. However, we lovers of justics that you always classificed as Taylor supporters are thousand times against the way socalled super powers are involved with region change in Africa. This is our feeling, and there is nothing you can really do about it

  38. This is not the proper expression for the people’s army. This is the kind of evidence the prosecutor is looking for.

    If you consider yourself a freedom fighter you do not want to be seen in this photo. This is a Black woman they are doing this to. All but one is positively identified. Professional soldiers do not perform this way.

    See link: http://photoblog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/04/11/6452900-ivory-coast-former-first-lady-captured-by-enemy-forces

    Take care,


      1. Dear Big B,

        I am unable to confirm that Senator Inhofe is a Pan Africanist; but it appears that he has strong connections with Laurent Gbagbo; given that fact he mentioned Laurent Gbagbo’s name on the floor of the Senate. He obviously considered this to be important business.

        Take care,


        1. Sekou,

          My comment regarding Senator James Inhofe being a Pan Africanist was meant as a political statement. It’s wrong to put Senator Inhofe in the same category with those Pan Africanist who sacrificed their lives to saved African from the hands of western enslavement. However, for a white man a United States Senator to stand on the Senate floor and vehemently condemned the atrocities committed by France and the Quattara’s forces without impunity and telling the World that not because the UN says something is right, it means it’s right send cold chill down my spine. Something most of our African puppet leaders has failed to do.

        2. Dear Big B,

          I equate the concern of Senator Inhofe with Laurent Gbagbo as that of the Ford Administration and members of the U.S. Congress concerning Jonas Savimbi.

          See link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angolan_Civil_War

          I think it would have been right for Laurent Gbagbo to step down when he did not win the vote. Inhofe should have been on this end and condemned the loss of lives from both sides.

          What would be interesting is the true relationship Inhofe and Gbagbo has? Considering the discovery of the massive stash of weapons Gbagdo more than likely intended to rule for life.

          And Big B, don’t get me wrong, I understand your point; it is well taken.

          Take care,


    1. Correct me if i am wrong guys,was’nt quatara presiding as one of the IMF directors in Africa when african countries were asked by the IMF to stop subsidicing their agriculture,mining and education sector in order to facilitate their debt and also encouraged african countries to sign infrastructure building project with westerners that were never completed?

      If i am correct …the man is one of these not be trusted africans that excels in western institutions as the IMF and UN,working selflessly to promote western domination and interest on their people and others….”THESE AFRICAN MEN AND WOMEN WORKING AT THESE INSTITUTIONS ARE CORRUPT”and a much sophisticated african population will not allow them to access power in africa!!!

        1. Many thanks Sekou,

          1968: Begins work at the International Monetary Fund
          1983: Becomes vice-governor of the Central Bank of West African States,

          As we all know africa’s economy was booming at this time!!!!!!!

        2. Mr. Alassane D. Ouattara assumed office as Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund on July 1, 1994.

  39. It appears as though former Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo has a friend in Washington, DC

    Most of the world may have turned against recently arrested Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo, but he’s still got one friend: James Inhofe. The Oklahoma senator took the floor yesterday and showed a picture of Gbagbo smiling. “This is the happy face of President Gbagbo,” Inhofe said. “This is the face I know.” Then, with evident lament, he showed a picture of Gbagbo looking sad and bruised following his arrest.

    “Our State Department has got to wake up,” he said. “You can’t assume that if the United Nations is doing something it’s right.” He then showed photos of Simone Gbagbo, and alleged that the couple were being mistreated at the hands of Ouattara forces. How did Inhofe get so chummy with Gbagbo? Well, Talking Points Memo explains, Gbagbo has ties to the Christian right in the US, including Inhofe and Pat Robertson. Asked recently about the atrocities Gbagbo has allegedly committed following his election defeat, Inhofe replied, “I don’t believe it. If you learn to know these people, you draw your own conclusions.”

    See link: http://www.newser.com/story/116310/james-inhofe-defends-laurent-gbagbo-with-happy-face.html

    See link: http://www.bite.ca/bitedaily/2010/06/fifa-world-cup-2010-%E2%80%93-cote-divoire/

    See link: http://www.france24.com/en/20101111-athletics-ivory-coast-nigeria-gbagbo-simone-ethiopia

    Take care,


    1. Gbabgo a Christian? Give me a break, Sekou..a christian that is willing to see hundreds dead for the sake of hanging unto power? These are ‘twisted thoughts’ to say the least!
      This guy, gbagbo, is an ‘educated fool’ who was given Education in France, at the expense of Colonialism, to come and exercise ‘ignorance upon his fellow africans, it seems! Gbagbo, is one of charles taylor kinds that need boot to keep moving and face reality..this’s all I have to say on that subject, because gbagbo is not worth my breath!

      1. Dear jfallahmenjor,

        My post was not intended to band Gbagbo a Christian. I was posting news that was current.

        Perhaps he and others has exploited the Black African; but it will take strong Men and Women to bring the people out of this unwanted refuge. I have read your post and I believe you can make a wonderful leader of all the people in Liberia as Mr. Taylor attempted to do. Where Mr. Taylor failed the opportunity prevails for you. And when you do I will come forth to identify myself with proof. Don’t be afraid; the people need you.

        Take care,


        1. Sekou,I am not interested in leadership position in Africa at my age. I am paving the way for the younger Generation to step in and take control of their destiny. I live very comfortably and enjoying my retirement. I only lament what Africa is going through and sad that I will not see Africa recover in my life time for which I fought all these years! I am doing the last fight with words, and at the right foroum, criminal trial of a leader, which was never heard of in Africa until now. This’s a big and significant change for me, Sekou. You are probably my age range, but that does not really matter as we have different views on our approach on what JUSTICE should mean. The only thing I promised to do is return to Liberia on volunteery bases to work for Ellen in whatever capacity she sees fit for me to assist. I could work in public propaganda to tear down and redicule the silly critics of Ellen that had offered nothing significant to the Republic of Liberia,but currupt criminal behaviors. I know how to find them and tear them down if they attempt to hold any public office of trust. I would advice Ellen to set up an agency to investigate backgrounds of prospective candinates to any office in the land. I would help Ellen weed out all rotten apples and thus wouldn’t have all the garbage from taylor supporter! That is what I might consider doing..and for free, Sekou! In Ellens second term!

        2. Dear jfallahmenjor,

          To a great extent, I can concur with you, that leadership positions are the least likely task I will seek during this end of my life; if you are offering your knowledge to the young people, I hope you are advising them to be rational in their actions.

          You know, I have fought for my Country and by no means purport to be any hero or even a patriot concerning certain matters and in particular the Vietnam or Iraq conflict. I think because of the lies that led us into those conflicts someone should pay for the loss of many lives. Needless to say, each of the Leaders that led us into those conflicts has done good things for the people of my Country.

          What I believe to be JUSTICE is an impartial hearing to determine the innocence or guilt of the accused. Even if the accused administered Jungle justice himself, in my court he would have a fair opportunity to defend himself. That is my position concerning the trial of Mr. Taylor. In an impartial world, one look within to determine whether he has faults himself before he can judge others.

          When it comes to Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, I remember her saying “The Public Servants cannot buy fried ice-cream with the people’s money.” Whether she has been able to prevent this abuse under her leadership is a question you must ask her, and I ask you now. I believe you have acknowledged that there is corruption in her Government. She is faced with the same circumstances as Mr. Taylor when he had to admonish his Son. It is impossible for a Leader to please all of the people concerning all of the issues.

          When Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was elected to Office in 2005, I did not recognize her after not seeing her since March 1993. It was not until I read her biography that I remembered her from DC. Actually, she was attending my ordination.

          What Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is searching for is someone to help bring the people of Liberia together. She knows that a Unified Nation will always stand. Are you willing to help bring ALL of people together?

          Remember this; Liberia will never be free as long as there is hatred in its hearts of people against one another; only LOVE can save that Nation; or, West Africa in general.

          Take care,


      2. Dear jfallahmenjor,

        My post was not intended to brand Gbagbo a Christian. I was posting news that was current.

        Perhaps he and others has exploited the Black African; but it will take strong Men and Women to bring the people out of this unwanted refuge. I have read your post and I believe you can make a wonderful leader of all the people in Liberia as Mr. Taylor attempted to do. Where Mr. Taylor failed the opportunity prevails for you. And when you do I will come forth to identify myself with proof. Don’t be afraid; the people need you.

        Take care,


        1. Whatever, Sekou, I accept your explanations and need no apologies as long as you took off what was on your chest. As I said, Gbabgo is not relevant in the point of the trial we have gotten to, and therefore not worth wasting my time on!
          What we are interested in is what happens to those who had supported the atrocities, both in Sierra Leone, and liberia, as alleged, will bear the full weight of JUSTICE! That is my concern here, then we will turn our attentions to Gbabgo trial, followed by Gaddafi’s. I respect your input and your abilities to stay focused, unlike most taylor diehards, but you do not need to forward only favorite links that seem to promote your objectives, that is my only doubt about all these references that flood the site ..jfallahmenjor’s personal views only.

        2. Sekou, your April 22nd post, in response to mine, is appreciated. The key words;”help to bring the people of Liberia together..” This is all that is needed, but in doing so we must acknowledge the ills in our society and bring the perpetrators to Justice. This is why I have avoided statements such as Americo or Native Liberians, except when I have to address it because someone mentions it. We are one and the same brothers and sisters, regardless of the past. The West does not look at us as such except we, who sub-divide ourselves to prove silly points when this is totally unnecessary.

        3. Dear jfallahmenjor,

          I grew up thinking that two adults can come together and say we both were wrong and we need forgiveness. We should believe that all are subject to the laws of the Nation. We cannot look only to those that were our former enemies and say they must pay; we must look among ourselves and impose punishment there as well.

          From the inception, there has been division among the people living within the region called Liberia; the issue over ones rights protected under the constitution; the right to vote. I have not been there to weight the differences of the many ethnic groups or have any understanding as to whether any group would tend to be less socially desirable in a civilized Nation. It has been my experiences that any people are subject to be disorderly.

          So we agree all perpetrators of crime must be brought to bear their punishment.

          Needless to say, someone must lead by example; otherwise, the people have no idea as to how this change may come about. I am taught that we cannot change the past; we can only change our view of the past.

          Take care,


  40. Momo Dahn,
    Because Taylor sowed the seed so it will take time for what he planted to be completely uprooted.

  41. I am Amero-Liberian I have some quesions as to the validity of the charges of crimes against humanity how is a man responsible for the crimes of disloyal criminal war lords from foreign countries who were taking funding from everywhere how come the more domestic Liberian fighters were brought into this case to give a more accurate description of their own president’s role in this war I have only heard of foreign obviously there would be some grudges against a Trinidadian-Liberian claiming to support factions (with money of course) opposite them who seemed to be more inclined to cooperate with the government in stopping the conflict. This was a war that was agitated by foreigners Mr. Taylor had to protect his stake in the government diplomacy at this level in Africa can be very tricky I believe that this man was motivated by fear of losing to incompetent sadomasochist like Prince Johnson. This whole trial seems like this so called evidence could be taken from anywhere there was so many webs of connections to this conflict also where are the other participants like Mr Johnson who claims to be a Senator that directly contributed to the ruin of Mr. Taylor’s government he should have had company all this time lots of it.

  42. Momo Dahn,
    Because Taylor sowed the seed so it will take time for what he planted to be completely uprooted.

    I dont know if that was a response to my comment but I would like more direct or civil language (the language of a republican government like Liberia at the time) this is the problem with finding the placate evidence that this man so called “planted what seed” the last time I checked this seed was planted by Prince(alleged) Johnson and Samuel Doe and Charles Ghankay Taylor was the choice of internationalists who had real concern for Liberia since he is an American it sounds like you are one of the dis honest brothers planting seeds with foreign mercenaries unfairly using pale white men to steal time and honor from Amero-Liberians speak clearly and stop hitting our class below the belt with this false nativist extremist rhetoric provide real evidence that just loose information that you and your foreign agents put together after you directly participated in rape and murder either way by the grace of our ancestors lets pray the Bench will see the error in this trial and Mr/Taylor will soon have company MOMO!!!!

    1. Michelle, I respect your stand but you are coming in too late to get some ‘smart’ responses from one like jfallahmenjor! This is no Americo or Native Liberian argument. The Americo Liberian, charles taylor, allegedly raped, murdered, and caused conditions that warranted the International Body’s attention. That is why he is being charged with crimes against Humanity, just to clarify some to you, Michelle, since you seem to have very little idea about why we are on this site, both taylor pros and taylor cons. If you want to start a warfare between these two groups, BRING IT ON! Your being an Americo Liberian has nothing to do with anyone on this site Michelle, except if you want to annouce your bigotry, because no one questioned your origin as some had questioned jfallahmenjor in the past that required him to respond! A hint to a wise is sufficient, Michelle.

  43. As we all await the verdict, why not answer some of the questions on “curruption” in Liberia and why it should not be attributed to the incubent,Ellen, as creator? According to the LACC BOSS, Frances Johnson-Morris, on April 13, 2011;”The Chairperson of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Cllr. Frances Johnson-Morris, in a gloomy tone, has accused the Legislature, the Ministry of Justice, and the Judiciary of not being “supportive” in the fight against corruption.

    The LACC boss stated that some of the jurors and judges in the judiciary system are corrupt. She said the Ministry of Justice, too, has adopted slow attitudes in prosecuting those indicted on corruption charges despite the presentation of what she called “hard evidence” in cases against the accused.”
    Therefore, to think and hold Ellen responsible for curruption in Liberia,with the Legislature and House being 90% of incubents from charles taylor days, is not only unfair, but an ignorance or limited knowledge of the Liberian society and its present state of being under “reform” by Ellen Government. Those who think there is a quick fix, need to think twice! You must boot out all those once associated with taylor to clean House. That would be my advice to Ellen!

    1. fallah,

      Your argument doesn’t hold water at all. Have you ever heard of the phrase “the fish first starts to get rotten from the head? ellen is the head, therefore corruption falls on her lap. The American economy is very sluggish, do you know who takes the blame, President Obama of course. ellen appoints the judiciary, if her justices system wasn’t corrupted without a doubt the ministry of justice through the courts would have prosecuted anyone for corruption, whether it be member of the legislature or ellen herself. After all, nobody is bigger or greater than the law. But as the old Liberian saying “when a man’s head burned in a fire, it’s irrelevant to ask if the man’s beard burned. In other words, being that ellen herself is corrupted it’s irrelevant to ask if members of her cabinet are corrupted.

      I am not going into the name calling business, but ellen’s protégées who left government because of corruption including but not limited to the erstwhile LPRC managing director, advisor to ellen, turned Public Work Minister, Minister of Information, Minister of Agriculture, the list goes on and on. These guys were given a slapped on the wrist; they were rewarded for “stealing” from the Liberian people. Not one of them was summer to court, not to mention prosecution. ellen, during her last campaign promised the Liberian people that corruption if elected will be public enemy number one. She had flipped flapped, somersaulted, and rolled over on almost everything she said.

      1. Big B, What happens to the Separation of Power among the Three Branches of Government; Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary? These are separate power brokers, if they really take their positions seriously. Why would you solely put the blame on Ellen for the curruption that was reinforced at all levels 8 years ago, and before Ellen government? There were things, bad things happening in Liberia even before taylor, but what seems true is the rate at which these bad things have grown into, Big B. Look at the “rape” crime in Liberia; during taylor days, it was not a crime, as it seemed, because taylor condoned it in order to satisfy his rebel fighters, beside his own appetite for sexual desires for minors, as alleged by some who I had the opportunity to meet and talked with that served under taylor in Liberia. Rape, became number one crime after “arm rubbery” when Ellen took office. Why? It would be right to say this is because there was impunity on these crimes, or taylor paid ‘blind-eye”to them! Therefore to blame this on Ellen is not only unfair, but dishonesty to the fullest for some one like you who knows what happened in Liberia to the women and children! Find something else to hold against Ellen, Big B, maybe a simple “grudge!’

        1. fallah, whatever.

          What the separation of power has to do with prosecuting individuals for rampant corruption if those corrupted individuals are in the Executive, Legislature or Judiciary branch of government? I don’t think it was the intention of our finding fathers when they put “separation of power” in the constitution was to preclude members of the three branches of government of crimes. Our constitution is a model of the American constitution “separation of power” would have kept Nixon in office. Instead, Nixon was impeached by the judiciary. Nobody in the land is bigger than the law fallah.

          Lastly, that’s the reason the west pushed ellen down our throats to right the wrongs made by President Taylor. Armed rubbery has tripled; corruption has quadrupled, prostitution is unspeakable. ellen, told the Liberian people that prostitution is not immoral. People are financially devastated now then before. The Country is on automatic pilot, cruise control. No hands on deck.

  44. It takes a million people to gather respect you deserve. But it takes two stupid fools to destroy everything built over centuries. Ivory Coast is being tear down by one man…for another. Let see how Mr. Ouatarra do for the poor Ivorians!

  45. Greetings to all my brothers on the side of genuine justice. It really has been a while since we last debated or analyzed the issues concerning this trial. I can see the current debate has been fluctuating between events both in Libya and the Ivory Coast. These trends in Africa always has the common man as the loser at the end of the day – when the elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers .
    However, my focus of interest in these circumstances still hovers on the roles played by the mainstream media in escalating these chaos and being overtly unprofessional by ditching objectivity and taking sides in national conflicts. The media stired up xenophobia in Libya and spewed out unsubstantiated misinformation. Only recently, a gentleman by the name of Tim Hetherington along with another “journalist” friend was killed in Libya while filming with the NATO assisted rebels. He was certainly no stranger to this as he was in support of murdering rebels in Liberia some years ago. On this, I ask if he in reality has not died in vain as he only seems to strive on conflicts and other peoples’ anguish. Don’t you also wonder how all these so-called faceless rebel spokesmen know Reuters phone number? I also single out the role of Mr Ocampo (the ICC fellow) and ask if he is just a dog set loose to attack his master’s enemies. He jumped on the Libya bandwagon swiftly – based on media sensation just like the UN – without any internationally recognized fact-finding mission. He (Ocampo) has however failed to mention investigations for Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia. Why? Are they not worth investigating or he has not yet been directed to do so?
    I leave my friends Sekou, Big B, H. Johnson, Aki, Jose. Noko and all other objectively thinking persons to fill me in on their opinions on this two issues Media bias and the misuse of the ICC.

    1. The UN,IMF,World Bank,UNHCR,ICC …these are all western institutions designed to managed the world…representatives from a third world countries to these organisations usually becomes servants to the will of the west and its policies…they are bribed as they are encouraged to think they are promoting human right,democracy and free marketing……free market for whom,as they work to protect africa and the middle east from the BRICS nations sphere of economics progress.if successful will inevitably slow world growth and development….because the only way to stop the decline of this synical influences is to slow world development and block the new producers from vital mineral resources which can be found in vast quantities in these two region and in which the larger member of the BRICS depends sand for which they vehemently refused to purchase these middle eastern and african minnerals resources from anglo-american and european companies…they chose to purchse from the middle eastern and african themselve…..and not follow the foot steps of former producers like South Korea,Germany and japan!!

  46. Rejoinder: Concerning my ealier post on the reporter killed in Libya, I meant to use the word “thrive” and not “strive”. I say this because most of these folks really do not have the interests and welfare of the common peoples at heart and they mostly abandon them (rebels included) once their minders’ aims are achieved.
    The media rats have now embarked on another mission of demonising the Syrian president while keeping mute on the systemic similarities amongst all Arab nations be they under monarchies, military or otherwise. The rebels have also sold and are still processing the sales of the country’s oil through Qatar. This is plainly the buying and selling of stolen goods and the anglo media does not ever probe this rationale.
    Lastly, I must make it categorically clear that I am against sit-tight leaders but I also do not support overtly assisting an “internal” revolt.

    1. rgk007, who are the “media rats” you are refering to? I did not quite understand your ramblings. Say what you want to say in simple sentences. I know you have done so in the past. We need to understand what you are attempting to say ‘specifically!’ What? Internal revolts? You called the ‘freedom fighters’ in these Nations, internal revolts? Are you in your right mind? who journalist are you talking about? Please answer these questions for us, rkg007, in your next post, if you don’t mind.

      1. Well !!!, Good to hear from you after a long while Cee and your comment was quite a good read although I still forsee a dramatic jolt in South Africa’s bid to assert their right to being a stable equal amongst new economic bloc. This is because the growing tension on unattended issues such as economic balance and land ownership must finally at one point be resolved and in a corruption free and transparent manner so as not to suffer what I refer to as the “Zimbabwe effect”. Overall, good to always hear your angle>
        To Mr Menjor, I see you’re still in your elements. I take a mature approach and ignore the gutter language as I’m not of that level or character. On your questions and in your curiousity, I bid to answer in stages but not necessarily to your or anyone’s satisfaction since even the dimmest person knows this is a forum for self opinion(s). 1. “Media rats” is a terminology used by me to portray journalists today who flood into crisis inflicted soverign country’s without legal permits (due to the government vulnerability) and broadcast sensational and non balanced information. Hence, for me being in London I am refering to our own Sky news and BBC (which used to be prided for its prestigious objectivity). Another example, a great deal in this country watch Fox news for laughs. 2. On internal revolts, I shall help by assisting with the meaning of revolt. It literally means to rise up against, open rebellion, ditching allegiance to those in authority e.g government. I am sure (maybe not) we all know the meaning of the word “internal” even though in the context in which I was speaking, the direction of revolt is at particular government(s). So, freedom fighter or not, armed rebellion or not, one has to turn against the status quo in “revolt” to effect change. Anyway, enough of the lecturing and I sincerely hope clarity – on your curiousity – has been achieved. If not,………………… I certainly would not mind trying again. Afterall that’s what maturity and wisdom teaches.
        P.S: Cee, there was a discussion over on the BBC – it’s called hardtalk – and the guest on seat was the ANC youth leader Julius Malema and during questioning he claimed that the percentage of Black African stake in the South African Stock Exchange was bothering around five(5) percent to which the host Steven Sakur did’t seem to disagree. I admit I have not personally tried to verify but I hope you see why I imply that SA requires no underlying tensions to be stable amongst BRIC ? Cheers.

        1. I hear you rgk007 and in total agreement with your comment,it will be a tough request for the stolen land issues to be resolved ala Zimbabwe,but i also think the ANC is playing good politics by allying themselve with these BRIC countries,because they are going to need balance allies to be on their side when they stand up for their land…..they cannot depend on their Africans allies especially west africans reps at the UN…The South African economy is dominated by the European settlers and western interest…I hope as the SA economy evolves in trade with these BRIC countries ,the south africans will be empowered

        2. rgk007, you make lot of sense and I respect that. You answered my questions well and didn’t need to be sacastic at all. I asked because a man like you who got all that great British Education in London should write English in terms for the least educated to understand. That’s all I was saying. Thank you sir, I really have no interest in going further than that, but don’t forget I will response if you go beyon what you have expressed in any negative fashion, rgk007. You do not need to lecture anyone!

  47. Clarification: Mr Menjor, just incase you might be wondering what I refered to as your insult. You imply that I am not in my “right mind” which anyone to whom one is not chummy with will certainly take offence. I have read a lot of postings on this site to which I had my opinions of but out of choice chose to keep to myself. I most definitly did’nt go wondering off asking them if the were in their right minds for sake of something to do. Like Obama said “I’ve got better stuff to do” . Keep the site healthy Pa.

  48. Fallah Menjor !
    If I am following your logic rightly; You are also saying in other words that the NPFL and Charles Taylor were freedom fighters..

    1. NOKO5, Charles was not a freedom fighter. Freedom from whom? Prison term he was serving in a United States prison? Maybe that’s what you mean! Charles was a rebel fighter, and a bandit, if I would further make it simpler. Do not interrupt rgk00. He is trying to make sense at last even though he never took advantage to present these vast knowledge in the past. I love his explanations and therefore need not get distracted with primary logic you are attempting to make, NOKO5.

  49. Folks,

    Many thanks to all of you guys who were there for me during my sick days. Currently, the status of my health is as good as the way it once was. Therefore, I have rejoined the chorus of those real true justice seekers to ask for the acquittal of an innocent man and a peacemaker (President Taylor) from the judges based on solid and concrete facts.

  50. Mr. Taylor do a lot of killing in world especially Sierra Leone and his Country Liberia, and let him bear the frequency. I am please to bey the Law in charge dont let him return back Liberia

    1. Sheriff Emerson,

      What are you talking about? You seem to be very clueless. However, I will strongly encourage you to do some research on this inherently flawed case before making the bizarre claim that you are making.

  51. As we await taylor verdict, I have something interesting to share: from Allafrica.com:myAfrica-Photo Essays, talks about the economic situation in Liberia. In a photo, that speaks volumes, the Jounalist carefully captured this scenery of buyers vs sellers, with this caption: “Sellers have outnumbered Buyers at a Local Market in Liberia. As you can see in the photo, many buyers sit all day long waiting for buyers. And one of the frustrating things about the sellers condition is that many of them sell the same goods, a good reason for high competition.” Is this the great market system left behind by taylor 14 year progress in Liberia? Taylor needs a Nobel Prize for Economic Development of Impoverish Liberia! What’s your take Cess and Noko5 on this one?

    1. Fallah,

      Is it one of the bizarre charges you and this fake case have against this innocent man? What does this innocent man has to do with the current Liberian economy? The continuity of blaming President Taylor is fundamentally unsustainable. Besides, he left the country almost a decade ago. However, you have the entire world supporting the current regime in Liberia and yet you as a person presents to the world the bad state of the Liberia’s economy. What a shame. Continue to blame him and don’t help to rebuild Liberia. What a way to go Fallah.

  52. Pro-taylor writers, the West has done it againg in Africa and Asia. They stopped the killings in Ivory Coast and made Kadhafi to understand that killing other’s children is painful and his must bear the sam consequence. They were able to silenced the World number one Killer, Osama bin Laden. I hope they are not after colonizing these countries as you people keep on fooling others for Charles Taylor the Killer.

    1. Africa and the middle East’.The garden of the western countries is under attack by the west ,because it is the only way to slow down china and gain full control of the resources in these region,disguised as human right and the promotion of democracy with the elsewhile wits of their so called western educated from these irrespective regions.as we cruise to the third world war!!!!

      In Africa the battle is well on it way.the first shot had been fired by the submitters and traitors that wishes to usher the continent as a western prtectorate….the fight back is on it way!!!

      The west had civilised/conquer us for over 600years now or shall i say ridicule us.Westerners do not give a flying shite about any libyans.

      When the west killed Miiddle Eastern and Africans..It is deemed for our own good,by the traitors and submitters…when we killed each other the west is the police,the prosecutor,the judge and the jailer/killers.

      African and Middle Eastern educated and political classes had unwitting chose the west as their gods,leaders and guidance eventhough we leave in a multi-polar world these days…they say what is right and wrong and what’s good and bad .Africa and the middle east need to fight against these two evils.

  53. Here I called on everyone attention.
    The trial of the former president of Liberia Dr. Charles G. Taylor should not be like to say he has done something to the judges before. Please where the fact belong just put it there and do what is right it will be in everyone interest.
    The Bible says what belong to Jesus it should be given, and the one for Ceaser should be the same.

    Please note: any saying or discussion, if and only if that was made by Charles Taylor with any body according from you people so-called Sam Boakari that was not documented should not be COUNTED because it was lack of proof, only for fair justice.

    To my understanding and I believe Charles Taylor was taken from Liberia because of favoritism of American government in certain people like the present government in Liberia ( Ellen J Sirleaf)
    Those charges on Dr. Charles G. Taylor are false allegations because they were not infavour of his then government. It was a kind of strategy to just move or kill him from the then gov.

    And to my all African brethrens let us note that a rope that hang a monkey can also do the same to bamboo.

    To all judges in Hague please let justice prevail……….

    1. Clarence Kaundi, taylor is not a Doctorate Degree holder and should not be called as such. Taylor is a college degree holder, and not even a Masters holder. If you want to Canonize taylor as a Saint, do so but it will be an insult to Fellow Educators to call this guy ‘DR’.. and your understanding that taylor was taken from Liberia because of favoritism does not only sound childish, but that you are very ignorant of the entire story that had been on going at the Hague for the last few years. I cannot help you here, Clarence! Being a Bible man, I hope you re-read about Jesus!

      1. Fallah,

        President Taylor has a honorary Doctorate Degree. Taiwan conferred this Doctorate Degree upon him. Whether you favor it or not the facts are unchanging and he so rightly deserved to be called by his title, Dr. Charles G. Taylor.

  54. I love to support my fellow citizens in whatever direction they are found, with the exception of killing others for personal finances. The case of Taylor will not place any sorrow in me because he deserves to receive what he caused to others. Even if Taylor is directly or indirectly involves he is still liable for such a participation. I am now and just waiting to hear the final verdict of the court so that Taylor will be sent to UK for sentencing. I hope he receives at least one hundred and eighty years or little above.

    1. Zulu,

      Who did President Taylor kill in Sierra Leone? Are you following this case by any chance? Let me ask you. Since you are hell bent on this innocent man being imprisoned in the UK for crimes he did not do, what will be your reaction when the judges rule of acquittal for the defense?

    2. According to my readings the simplicity of the Zulu tribe leaders at the time were used by the European settlers in South Africa to divide the South African people and help the positioning of apathied before Chief ButuLazy? start thinking!!!!!!!!!So the zulu’s tend to see sense at the end!!

  55. The time is near for justice to be render. From Crown hill to Capital hill, from Bomi hills to Bunker hills, from Monrovia to Johannesburg, from Asia to South America, all of God’s children are waiting for the trumpet of justice to sound. On that day, God’s children will dance and chant in the streets…singing the sweet song of freedom. “FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD ALL MIGHTY, FREE AT LAST.”

    If the Evidence is there the Judges MUST convict, but if the Evidence is not there the Judges MUST Acquit.

  56. Mr. Fallah, why denied Clarence Kaundi for Charles Taylor not having a Doctorate Degree Charles Taylor got his Master in ordering people to kill orthers for his selfish gains, causing violence in the Sub-Region and Doctorate Degree from Gadhafi University of Mercenary in Libya. That is why he is where he is now.

  57. Alert; be very careful in opening Sekou’s links above. My website gave me serious warnings! A hint to a wise, is sufficient! To Big B, I say this you and charles taylor are doomed; why would you think the Hague will free taylor so USA can hunt him down like Osama? Don’t you forget taylor is wanted here for jail-breaking. We already got him and just matter of procedures, Big B..it will be silly to let go..don’t you get it?

    1. Dear jfallahmenjor,

      I apologize if you had any problems with the links posted by Sekou. I tested both of them before the messages were approved, and they worked correctly.


      1. Dear Taegin Stevenson,

        Thank you, it is obvious that jfallahmenjor is fringing off sanity and is perhaps not well; this often happens to the aged wantabe warriors.

        Take care,


        1. Thanks Sekou. You got me cracking up with your piece about the Oldman. I am not loosing sanity, but yes I am fearful of you taylor guys. You can’t be trusted, and that’s the bottom line. I don’t want virus in my computer..too many Taylorbans on this site!

        2. 5/26/2011

          I remain impressed with your diplomacy and tenacity on this site.
          You are like a beacon in the dark.
          Take care and god bless.


        3. Dear cen,

          It is good to hear from you again; I was just thinking of you the other day. Do you know what has happen to Charles?

          If tenacity can allow for me to obtain the wisdom of Africa, then I am willing to go.

          Unless the people of Liberia can learn to forgive, there will never be peace in their heart!

          I had thought that there would be a new page after the filing of the final trial briefs. To stay current of the reading one must search by dates.

          You know, of the 200+ postings I have made here, postings to you and Sam total the greatest.

          Take care,


    2. Dear jfallahmenjor,

      Overall you seen to be a joyful old man; You are a prolific wishful thinker. As to your productivity, I am not sure.

      You obviously admire Mr. Taylor; you just cannot come to reason why you were not party to his complain.

      I have not seen your efforts to improve the plight of Liberia. You are privileged to live in the United States and yet there is nothing on the surface that specifies your willingness to assist all of the people in your mother Country. That leaves you no better off than those you claim to have destroyed the way of life back home. You remind me of a storefront lawyer who has forgotten his way back to the courthouse.

      Remember, peace only comes to Liberia when all of the people’s needs are assembled together.

      Where are you, on the upper East Coast?

      Take care,


    3. GOT IT!

      fallah, In other words, you are saying President Taylor will not get a fair trial. fallah, that’s the exact thing we the “Taylorists” have been saying all along. “President Taylor will not get a fair trial.” Notwithstanding, if justice failed to prevail, it means justice was never render…Take for example, how could anyone of those honorable judges go to bed at night “knowingly” they sentenced an innocent man to prison? It’s a matter of wait and see.

      If the Evidence is there the Judges Must Convict, if the Evidence is not there the Judges must acquit.

  58. falllah,

    Why did your darling girl (ellen) tapped Emmanuel Shaw as the new Board of Directors of the Liberia Airport Authority, LAA? The “ Dutch and South African newspapers indicate that former President Charles Taylor, along with Emmanuel Shaw, was running a “notorious” drug ring and shady operations in South Africa.” If President Taylor and Shaw were in cohorts to fraud the Liberian Government, why would ellen appoint this alleged criminal to such a high profile position? The bottom line is, ellen and her western conspirators knew from the get go that President Taylor and Shaw never conspired to “steal” from the Government of Liberia. So you see fallah, ellen pulled the carpet from under you.

    1. Big B, there is what we call”plea bargain”, so that may be why Emmanuel was tapped. Maybe we will get all the truths and recover the millions! Ellen is in charged and so she has the right to tap anyone she pleases to hire. I will only advice Ellen to be careful because not all that glitters is gold! Besides, Emmanuel is a good friend and don’t want to drag him in taylor mess…it was rummoured but not substatiated! Anything else?

  59. fallah, spin it all you want. In my book that’s what we call birds of the same feather flocks together. ellen, Shaw, President Taylor, Senator Johnson etc… are in the same society. ellen was the chief financial official for the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL). Shaw name came up numerous times during the trial as the guy who has the combination to President Taylor’s billions as alleged by the prosecution. The prosecution couldn’t prove Shaw had the combination to the padlock to his house, not to mention the combination to President Taylor’s billion. I hope the west (America Embassy) and the judges are paying close attention to what is happening.

  60. “God is Great!” The announcement of The International Criminal Court’s warrant for arrest of Maomar Gadhafi of Libya, is not only refreshing, but attests to the way forward! There is no return..the days of criminal leaders of the world have come to a miserable end. Bravo, taylor and support group.. your prayers appeared wasted! God is Great! Taylor will pay dearly for all he did to my people! But, in case he is set free for any technical reasons, we have stand-by unit to capture him! So say jfallahmenjor!

  61. Fallah Menjor,
    Total nonesence ! I taught by now you would have changed your perception of taughts about african leaders, but I guess not yet. Why don’t you investigate as to whether your Ma Ellen is sound. Can any sound minded person ever imagine that she would come up in the public to clear a guy like Harry Grieves of corruption??? But here is the sad story: Morlu will beat her in the coming elections. SHE WILL FALL FLAT ON HER FACE…

    1. Total rubbish, NOKO5. Morlu will never run for that post, in the first place! Besides, what does Morlu have to run on? Tell me, NOKO5. You see you guys are so silly and ignorant, that you believe anyone can run your country, be it a novice! Why are you so narrow minded in considering matters of importance to your very existence? I respect Morlu, and I know he is brilliant young man, but to think because of that, he needs no other credentials to run your country, is sad and one more demonstration of the difference between you and me! Jfallahmenjor will never go that low in analyzing political matters that are of great importance to his Motherland! Please don’t return with this garbage if you don’t want to get raw facts on what I think about people like your types who have low self-exteem!

  62. jfallahmenjor Who is the so call Stand-by unit you are talking about…..Are they from Serra Leone or What cuz i think you guys know what we Liberians Can Do!!!!

  63. Fallah Menjor,
    I 100% had the conviction that you would have been acutely stupid to try dodging the fact and would talk about some so-call credentials in respect to John Morlu. The Young man has proven hmiself to be credible in every way irrespective of fears and social repressions from your reble grand mother, ( ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF ). Fallah , please do not pronounce the word SELF-EXTEEM next time, because if you had one, you would not be sitting your butts around here still cleaning old folks and crazy people in american nursing homes after retirement, especially with two masters degrees. How very very silly and slappy you are to ever think that a heroe of accountability (JOHN MORLU) is not qualify to run for presidency. If in your world he’s not, then who is.. ? YOU THIEVES AND MURDERERS?.. You have really proven clearly that the diplomas claimed by you were bought and not earned. DON’T TRY NOKO5.. BACK OFF OLDMAN…

  64. NOKO5, not too fast! You might consider taking care of me because you could make a fortune. I have two maids right now, and need a Handiman for my landscape. Please consider it and let me know. Does jfallahmenjor sound like a Nursing Home worker? You must be dreaming NOKO5. You can’t be serious..This is the most funny thing I have read from a “taylaban”! Ha,ha, ha,…thanks for the laughter,NOKO5.

    1. I really don’t need to name all the accomplishments of Madame Sirleaf, but one: your country has been redeemed from PAWN, by Ellen, in other words, your debts are forgiven through her DIPLOMACY! Figure out the rest as I believe you’er literate, at least, NOKO5. At least you should respect the Office of the Liberian Presidency even if you disagree with Ellen and accept facts if you’er a civilized person that believes in civility, and not all the jungle talks! If you do not believe Ellen has done any good to your country, then you should continue to dance your tribal worrior dance that most of you taylor guys are famouse for, and live on handouts from the West, you so much, despice! Adios, I can’t say more than that… digest this piece for now, NOKO5, my Buddy.

  65. Fallah Menjor,
    One thing I know and does know for sure, is that you old school politicians don’t want to leave office because of your dirty deeds. You aged old criminals feel that, the youths of today should not come to power because of the fear of being brought to justice. But guess what ? Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will be brought to justice just as she did to other liberian leaders. Just so you know some facts ; Whatever dept cancellations or financial assistances that have been given to liberia, did not come because of Ellen. Remember, Liberia as a member of the united nations deserved every help that came during the Ellens administration. So, don’t be fool at thinking that it was because of her personally. Now let me ask you! didn’t you know that, you were bringing liberia to her knees to the level of being pawned when you Fallah Menjor introduced rebel activity during april 14 1979 that took the lives of several liberians? Also you and Ellen should have known that conspring with America to kill your president, Dr. William R. Tolbert would have distroy the integrety of liberia which you claim to be your home today. To further address you selfish, stupid and silly ideaology wich brought profound suffering to our people; are you also saying that, you idiots were not verse to the fact that, the 1990 attact on the liberian people which took the lives of about 250,000 was evil and very degrading to the existance of mankind? Fallah if you were an educated person, you would have known that, that rice riot of 1979 would have given rise to the NPFL invasion of liberia.. I taught this was a simple concept that you should have identified easily….Unfotunately, you fools failed to do so first of all because of illiteracy and secondly, power greediness…..

    1. Thanks NOKO5 for your disjointed points of arguement that contain nothing but personal animosity against seasoned freedom fighters like jfallahmenjor, who had long put rogues, and rebel-based leaderships, such as that of Rebel Taylor and his now deciples, like you, on WANTED list for prosecution by the great people of Liberia! Your life must be miserable, as I suspect, from the anger and bitterness in your voice agaist Ellen, of all people! Shame on you Noko5 for for leaving ponits of substance for this cheap arguements about who killed Tolbert, April 14th, and all that garbage , you very well know, you could research for facts, rather than this silly mentality you’er trying to present.
      If you can check back in time, I told you several times how much I admired, and was nearly killed for voicing support for Tolbert during the “Iliterate Tribal Regime of Samuel Kayon Doe” and my love for Liberia and why I fled that Nation. I cannot say anything more..because it seems you don’t get it, probably you may not be as literate as I thought. I never needed currupt money of impoverish Liberia because I was well off and had great education, and from great family. The name you see here is “pen” name NOKO5. You might sh..t if you knew who you are talking to..seriously, NOKO5! Don’t worry, I shall reveal myself to you guys right after the Taylor Verdict and see which of you want to meet me here(USA) or back Home in Liberia!

      1. Dear jfallahmenjor,

        Language posed for peace does not end in this manner. As much as I would like to know of you, I would not prefer as much should it tend to harm you in any way.

        If you have supported Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as long as you claim, it appears that you would have supported her during the years she gave support to Mr. Taylor. With the knowledge of her support to Mr. Taylor should have formed some alliance with you since normally people do not support those who support those who one does not support themselves? What was the break with you and Mr. Taylor?

        If you opposed samuel doe, you have had my support to win.

        Cheer up older chap; bring peace to Liberia.

        Take care,


        1. Sekou, Not all members of MOJA agreed on what Rule was best for Liberia at the time. For example, some called for total destruction of the Status Quo and family connections, at the time, in order to to over-haul the entire Government. Yet others called for joint efforts to bring back Liberia to the path of Democracy. And few felt that a violent over-throw was a solution, Of which, jfallahmenjor opposed, at the time. However, when the majority won debate, the die was cast! And don’t you get me wrong; there were disgruntleds from settler families and indigenous families alike and that is when the military stepped in to carry out what people thought was best. My greatest fears soon came to surface, when the brief ruling of the miltary came to miserable failure in recognizing basic Human Rights, and total disregard for citizens rights. That is when I mentioned in one of the meetings that “it was regretable, that one day we would errect a monument in Tolberts name..” because Liberia would regret to have allowed the murder of Tolbert and Family. You can imagin how the military was against any sympathizers of the Settlers’ Families, expecially from an Indigenous element. I therefore think if you cannot see jfallahmenjor position and neutrality in the politics before his departure from his homeland, then you will ever be in darkness until you read my memiors that will be released upon my death!

        2. Dear jfallahmenjor,

          To start off, are you a retiree who had a long and distinguish career at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston MA 02215?

          Are you giving up on me? The mention of memoirs’ and after death does not sound as a promise to young Liberians that you are willing to be interviewed concerning your writings.

          I must say I have no knowledge of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA). The only people I can find affiliated with this group are Togba Nah Tipoteh; H. Boima Fahnbulleh; Dew Tuan-Wreh Mason; Amos Sawyer; and Kukoi Samba Sayang, a Gambian revolutionary who had been one of the leaders of a coup attempt in Banjul in 1981. Are you one of those persons?

          It appears that the Liberian People’s Party (LPP) is the electoral wing of MOJA these days; and is a leftist pan-African group. I understand that Mr. Taylor defeated Mr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh in elections held on 19 July 1997. Are you angered over a lost election?

          The events you mention leading up to your departure from Liberia appears to have occurred since the murder of President Tolbert. Judging from your writings, you opposed all of the proposed Rules presented that the people believed were best for Liberia. Do you mind telling me what your views were and whether they can have promise today?

          My Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) instructor teaches that “we cannot change the past, but we can change the way we think of it.” You should not allow the past to control your life today if it brings discomfort. If you want to tell your story; tell it while you live, otherwise, it may be disbelieved when you are gone.

          Take care,


      2. fallah,

        I have concluded the man behind jfallahmanjor is not a die hard supporter of ellen as the way you portray yourself. The man behind jfallahmanjor is a realist and doesn’t agree with ellen on all issues. With that being said, because this site is focus on President Taylor, you are using it as a means to convey your lone time hate for the man. My reason for saying that you are not a die hard supporter of ellen, I have been following “man pot got to boil” reporting on the Emmanuel Shaw appointment, you have being very critical and against the Shaw appointment, while on the other hand you tried to voodoo spin it as a “plea bargain”. By the way, it’s not the Emmanuel Shaw appointment alone you have been critical and against ellen. You have been critical and against ellen on many different issues. I have some respect for the man behind jfallahmanjor.

      3. Fallah Menjor,
        I realy don’t care to know who the hell you may be. Your absurd and silly presentations on this site is quite enough to identify you. Remember it were you who intrduce your self here to have masterminded the april 14 rice riot of 1979. Why, are you getting afraid??? Cowards die a million times before their real death. I will not wait for final verdict to tell you who I am. If you want to encounter me for real, this is my email:bsmart@bidmc.harvard.edu or call me on my cell, @508 472 2139. Look my friend I am not a politician and will never be. Fallah Menjor or whatsoever you are, I have never clean any white man butts since I came to America like you did or continue to do, and will never ever do. Yes you are right by saying that I am bitter against Ellen and reason is she sold my president and she is too damn corrupt. Fallah theres noway that I can be miserable because you know what..I do some of the best jobs in America as a biomedical engineer/electronics engineer/locomotive specialist. I did not go to school to get some of those stupid degrees in human services like you did….GET IT.

        1. NOKO5, why are you so quick in showing off? Who cares if you were a pilot and flying C-130, or jumble jets? The plain arguement here is about taylor’s crimes against Humanity, as alledged by the International Court. Glory to you, you got all your achievements and your arrogance that you will never work for the White man even though you live in his country and your pay-check comes from his signature! This is the arrogance that comes with types like you. So are you saying that NOKO5 is better than countless numbers of Liberians who find themselves in the US today, due to flight from their Homeland to escape taylor senseless killings, and finding themselves doing low class jobs ? Boy, this says it all about who you are and what I thought all along. Let me tell you this “empty drum” You may have all that nonsense degree you are talking about, does not mean you are better off than people who have lived and enjoyed life far into their old age like me. Besides, why will I want to contact someone like you, below average thinker, and arrogant piece that has nothing to offer in the betterment of Liberia, than promoting devide on this site? This is my last conversation with you.. you don’t get it..NOKO5! you may need to send some money to your poor family in Liberia if you are what you claim to be, or go back to West Africa to work.

    1. Here is the link to the Public version Defence final trial brief. SCSL-01-1248

      There are 572 pages compiled in the final trial brief.

      I was unable to post the 15 links to the final trial brief in a single post. You must revert back to this link in order to view the complete document.

      If you have space on your computer, you can save each PDF to your files.

      See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/viewdocument.asp?iddoc=6540

      Thank you Sam for providing me with the link to these documents.

      Take care,


  66. Fallah Menjor or whatsoever you are,
    Why be so dumb to think that liberians in the diaspora who are reading our comments, do not have the ability know that I am talking to you directly; There’s no reason for me make derogatory statements against my fellow liberians. Have you forgotten all the nonesence you usually say about president taylor supporters on this site? Remember you always dicribe us as being illiterate/rebels/ignorants/killers,etc.. Look my man, I am prepare to charlenge you headon, and degrade you intellectually. Fallah Menjor, if you want,we can post our diplomas and professional certicates on this site. Lets see those nonesence masters degrees you claim to have..I DARE YOU!!! PATHOLOGICAL LIAR..

  67. Wow… First off, I want to thanks all of you folks who have spent countless hours on this case. I truly appreciate your efforts. Some of us wouldn’t have been able to keep up with this trial if it wasn’t because of your marvelous work. To the fans on both sides, defense n prosecution, words aren’t enough to explain grateful I’m to be one of the faithful readers of your passionately pieces. Thank you very much, I enjoyed reading your commentaries. Bravo to you all.

    Now about the case:
    let me start by saying I’m a believer in justice. Although I’m a 100% African, I believe every individual is innoccent unless proven guilty. Yes, I know this is an alien concept to our justice systems in Africa but this is the right way. Justice systems all around the globe, specifically Africa ought to embrace this concept of justice. All men are created equal in the eyes of the law and all men are innoccent unless proven guilty.
    With this said, the prosecution failed to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Mr Taylor is guilty. The prosecutors did everything they could have possibly done but as we all know, this case is a difficult one to solve. Most of the key figures, Fodys Sankok being the main man, who would have shine some light on this case are dead. Now all the prosecutors have left is to use they say, you say, I say etc to try and find logical fillacy in the defense testimony. Hat off to Courtney Griffin QC n his entire team. They, very wisely used the resources they had to prove their case.

    From the day one of this trial I knew there is no way in hell Mr. Taylor could have been found guilty for what have happened in Sierra Leone. There are too many players that were involved in the civil conflict that took place in Freetown. To say Taylor wasn’t involved would be a childish claim but to say he was the sole orchestrator would also be foolished. However, because the prosecutor do not have any direct credible evidence linking Mr. Taylor directly to RUF activities in Sierra Leone it is extremely difficult for them to establish a solid case Mr. Taylor. All the prosecutors have are various speculations but these aren’t credible evidence in the court of law. For an example, The United States of America orchestrated Charles Taylor coming to Liberia in 1989 to overthrow President Doe. This is a speculation that many Liberian like myself have heard and believe but since there is no concrete evidence linking America directly to the Liberian Civil war, there’s no way America could be convicted of violating international laws. All I’m trying to say that speculation doesn’t make a solid case.

    I do believe Mr. Taylor like the other African leaders in the region were in some capacity in the civil conflict that claimed thousands of lives in Sierra Leone.

    I think all those that were involved including Taylor need to be held accountable for their actions.

    there is a difference between justice being done and justice being served. Justice being done would to convict Mr. Taylor on all accounts. Justice is being done in the sense that Mr. Taylor would be held accountable for his action. Yes, everyone including Mr. Griffin QC knows that Mr. Taylor was actively involved in the diamond trade in Freetown, giving weapons to RUF in an exchange for diamonds. We know this happen so the moral think to do would be to convict Taylor, take all his assets n distribute to the victims of the civil war. But, even though in doing so we would be doing justice, we won’t be servicing justice.
    Yes, we know he did it but no, we can’t prove it beyond reasonable doubt. As of now, he is innoccent unless proven guilty.

    in this case I do not believe justice can be served but do believe justice can be done. Let’s pray to the almight God that he will provide wisdom to those judges that are in charge of deciding this case. Either way, there would be a great victory!

  68. On June 25, 2011 at 3:01 pm, JTF said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    When I hear the members of the Republican Party in the United States of America arguing with most of the Democratic members in favor of Col. Moammar Khadafy, I always set tears. We want to believe that the United States of America is the head of NATO countries. If so, the United States of America then cannot sit by when United Nations confirmed NATO countries to suppress a Dictator who wants to cause the heaviest genocide in the 21st.century. If the Republican Party of the United States keeps on this argument in favor of Khadafy then we the Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, and Guineans, who were massacre by Charles Taylor who was in maximum prison in the United States, left and went to Khadafy in Libya will become alfraid of this Party including those few Democrats who are sighting with them.
    We do not hate this Party but, the present argument against the Democratic Leader (The President of the United States of America) is raising questions among us. America and all other NATO countries are not fighting in Libya because they have no troops on the ground. Other NATO countries’ Presidents are not suppress by their Oppositions’ Leaders. It seems that the Republicans and some few Democrats are not awared of America leading the whole World. America spends trillions of dollars all around the World and there had been no too much noise from the Opposition side. NATO including the United States of America consider this action as an emergency issue.
    The Republicans and other few Democrats who are against America being together with other NATO countries in Libya, understand very well that Col. Moammar Khadafy was after causing the heaviest genocide in the 21st century by using Jet bomber, Helicopter gunship, Cluster bombs, and other dirty weapons against unarmed civilians who rose against his ruling Libya for forty-two years. Most of us are altogether confused because we considered America to be the leading country in United Nation who met and authorised NATO of which America is a part to take immediate action in Libya to save lives. If the President of America had waisted time and followed the normer proceedures as the Republicans and some few Democrats are arguing even though NATO is not fighting in Libya neither America, Khadafy was surely going to bomb Bengazi where millions of Libyans civilians sought refuge.
    This Khadafy man who once tries to produce chemical weapons, had been involved in ANC, IRA conflics and had killed so many good American citizens as well as other citizens from different countries who today, most of them would have been Doctors, Scientists, Philantropists, Lawyers and you name it. I want to suggest that NATO countries who are in Libya forcing this Dictator to end his tyrany should not be subjected by their Oppositions Leaders to suppresion. I want to believe that Col. Khadafy is now very happy of what going on against the ruling Party in America. I am rest assured that he is now ready to kill more civilians than before. In life, there is an emergency time in all under takings.

    1. Hi JTF,

      What are you smoking, man? Which planet do you come from with all this nonsensical brainwash propaganda NATO trash about Kadhafi murdering his own? Are you seeing what’s happening in Syria, Bahrain? Egypt and Yemen? NATO planted dictators are murdering their own people with American bullets and military equipments! If Libya was a poor country ( like it was before “murderous kadhaffi took over and made it wealthy with oil) would nato be there?

      My friend, if you don’t have any book to read best respect yourself and hide your wisdom away from the blog! Africa is better because of Kadhafi. He’s helped Nelson Mandela and many other countries on the ground while your America were busy doing everything to steal and kill! Nato is afraid of Kadhafi because he has ideals and plans to uplift your Africa free from the hand of your slave/economic masters! Next time you come out here to feed us with irrelevent western lies about an African affair, make sure you turn off your cnn/fox/msnbc and read the facts from elswhere pls!

  69. This is a questions: Does this website permits aoutsider who has never posted comments responds to a comment, and his respond has no connection with the Charles Taylor trial in the Hague? See respond by Sir Ti to my comment on June 25th 2011

  70. Dear Sekou,

    this is my first time to this very informative website. I have not had time to go through it all but I witness yoru diligence. I am seeking specific information on the woman who was called Col. Black Diamond and was wondering if you had any current information on her or how she could be reached? Any help would be appreciated; links to news or any way of contact would help.

    Thank you so much for what you have already done and continue to do.



    Harris K Johnson

  72. Taylor MUST be inprinsoned for his role in our country. From Francis Haji Seisay from Freetown.

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