Special Court for Sierra Leone To Hold Contempt Proceedings

Special Court for Sierra Leone judges have issued orders for two seperate contempt proceedings to be held in respect of allegations that several individuals have attempted to contact prosecution witnesses with bribes for them to recant their evidence against accused or convicted persons.

The first contempt proceedings relate to allegations that persons acting on behalf of the defense for Charles Taylor attempted to bribe several prosecution witnesses, including those with protective measures for them to recant their evidence against the former Liberian president who is on trial for allegedly controlling and providing support to rebel forces in Sierra Leone. Prosecutors say that Mr. Taylor is responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in the territory of Sierra Leone from November 1996 to January 2002. Mr. Taylor has denied the allegations against him.

The second contempt proceedings relate to allegations that convicted members of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) who are now serving jail terms in a Rwandan jail personally attempted to contact protected witnesses by phone while at the same time disclosing the identities of said protected witnesses to agents in Freetown with instructions to offer the witnesses bribes to recant their evidence against them. Two AFRC convicts, Ibrahim Bazzy Kamara and Santigie Borbor Kanu, aka 55, both of whom are serving jail terms in Rwanda, and two former members of the AFRC, Hassan Papa Bangura, aka Bomblast and Samuel Kargbo, aka Sammy Ragga, both of whom reside in Sierra Leone are alleged to have breached such protective measures for witnesses. The AFRC were a group of Sierra Leonean soldiers who overthrew the democratic government of Sierra Leone in May 1997. The AFRC teamed up with RUF rebels to establish a junta government which ruled Sierra Leone until they were forcefully removed from power by West African peacekeepers in 1998.

On February 25 2011, Prosecutors filed a motion in which they alleged that former investigator for Mr. Taylor’s defense team, Prince Taylor and Eric Senesie, a former member of Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF), the rebel group which Mr. Taylor is on trial for allegedly supporting, attempted to bribe prosecution witnesses, including protected witnesses who had testified against Mr. Taylor for them to recant their testimonies against the former Liberian President. The Trial Chamber judges granted the Prosecution’s request and directed the Registrar of the Court to appoint an independent counsel to investigate whether the allegations were true. The Registrar appointed William L. Gardner as independent counsel on March 18 2011.

On April 21 2011, the independent counsel submitted a report of his findings in which he concluded that while there was insufficient evidence to proceed in contempt against Mr. Prince Taylor, “there are sufficient grounds to proceed against Eric Senessie for contempt of Court.”

The Trial Chamber therefore ordered that an “Order in lieu of Indictment” be issued against Mr. Senessie and directed the independent counsel to prosecute Mr. Senessie pursuant to said indictment.

In the said indictment, Mr. Senessie is alleged to have offered bribes to Prosecution witnesses Mohamed Kabbah, Dauda Aruna Fornie, protected witnesses TF1-516, TF1-585 and Aruna Gbonda all of whom testified against Mr. Taylor in The Hague. It is alleged that Mr. Senessie tried to influence these witnesses to recant their testimonies against Mr. Taylor.

In the case of the AFRC convicts serving jail terms in Rwanda and former AFRC commanders in Freetown, the Trial Chamber on March 18 2011 issued a decision in which the judges directed the Registrar to appoint an independent counsel to investigate allegations that convicted persons Mr. Kamara and Mr. Kanu, together with former AFRC members Ragga and Bomblast had attempted to influence a protected witness who had testified in the AFRC trials before the Special Court for Sierra Leone in order to have him recant his evidence.

The Registrar appointed Robert L. Herbst as independent counsel on March 23 2011. On May 11 2011, the independent counsel submitted a report of his findings.

In his report, the independent counsel submitted that there are sufficient grounds to believe that all four persons had indeed breached protective measures for witnesses by contacting a protected witness asking him to recant his evidence.

The Judges therefore ordered that an indictment for contempt be issued against all four persons and that the independent counsel prosecute them pursuant to said indictment.  In the said indictment, all four persons are accused of trying to influence Protected Witness TF1-334 who testified against the AFRC convicts before Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in Freetown.

It is not yet clear where the contempt proceedings will be held but it is a possibility that the AFRC convicts Kamara and Kanu will be made to leave their Rwandan jail for a temporary period to attend said proceedings if they are held at a place outside Rwanda.

Justice Teresa Doherty,  a judge of the Trial Chamber hearing Mr. Taylor’s trial has been assigned as designated judge for both contempt proceedings.


  1. What are we reading here, is the prosecution still looking for prove, I thought they already had sufficient evidence to convict Mr. Taylor, or are they still prolonging their stay on the job? Well, let see what contempt can do for them in the trial.

    1. Long before the civil war, people in Sierra Leone as well as Liberia were pray for war, saying that if war come things will become better; the big men in the APC will die and the government will be renew. Now when the country brought the war on itself, we are looking for someone else to blame, refusing to take responsibility of our own action. The same old Salon trick. The families of the hundreds of thousands of Liberians who Taylor killed are not convicting him, but Sierra Leone which is ALWAYS known from casting it responsibility of misfortune on another man has got a dumping ground while hundreds of the true killers in the RUF are the other groups who were fighting in the country are passing around as free men and women in Freetown, what can’t we learn to take responsibility????????

      1. Only freedom of expression allows people like Anthony to dabble inot things they have little or no clue about. Sierra Leoneans should take responsibility for the war crimes committed by the RUF, AFRC and other entities for the simple reason that they had thought or even voiced out that unless there was war the country would not move forward.
        Even if that was the case, was that sufficient justification for the cowardly acts of barbarism unleashed on innocent people? I strongly feel that Anthony could be a close relative of one of those now convicted of war crimes by the SCSL, hence his very naive arguments. I pray for your house to be robbed, your house is robbed by people clearly identified as the culprits, I should be incarcerated for their crimes even though I did not take any part (mastermind or actual robber) in the robbery. How naive !!
        The truth of the matter is, many of these criminals thought they would benefit from impunity under the guise of amnesty for all in the name of peace. Well, sad to say that in this 21st century we have no place for impunity. Lonta!!

  2. Indeed, we are not surprised to learn of such moves by these, alledged criminals to attempt anything to save themselves from justice! Great to learn that justice, indeed, is being sort. This shows how cunning and dishonest the alledged criminals have lived their short miserable, and pathetic lives. Now, I wonder what taylorbans are going to bring as justifications for such dishonest actions of these culprits!

    1. jfalllah,
      I can assure you that contempt charge will be dismissed. This court has too much on hand to do than to allow this kind of buying time. Remember Mr. Taylor has his right to live as a free man, not to continually sit in white man jail.

      1. Too bad, Harris, but it seems like taylor will sit in prison until cleared of all charges, because if convicted on, even one, will be sentenced! That’s justice. Thank God, this man lived to listen to the stories of his deeds! What a lucky man! You are a great NDPL President! President for generations of taylibans who seem to worship You! Bravo, and Happy Memorial Day in Prison at the Hague where you will soon be acompany by Gadhafi, your criminal mentor!

        1. jfalalh,
          Your wish is that Mr. Taylor remains in jail so that your godless Ellen will remain president in Liberia for life. You are afraid that Mr. Taylor will win you guys in future election if he’s released from jail. Fallah, despite Mr. Taylor still remains the most popular politician in Liberia, his freedom is important just as yours’ Please don’t even try to fight me, your American gods have also acknowledged Mr. Taylor popularity in Liberian politics.

  3. I just want to know if Mr. Charles Tay lor is responsiable for the death of Mr. Issac Nahun Vaye of East Liberia, I ask becuase Mr. Issac left behine a daugther who is struggeling becuase her step mother abused her and she had to run away from her home, and she is now living at facility where they take care of bitten women. I looked at mr. charles Taylor trail but could not find nothing in concrete of the killing of Mr. Issac Nahun Vaye. So if you have any information about this matter please e-mail me at lupe-19441@hotmail.com I will appreciate your attention. Thank you

    1. Why not check the TRC reports, why are you looking through Mr. Taylor trial? This trial is not about Liberia. We would appreciate were to to give this girl/woman some helping hand or better ask Ma Ellen to allow justice prevails for victims of Liberia crazy war.

    2. Lupe,
      Is Mr. Taylor responsible for the sun coming up and going down?? NO!!!! He is not responsible for Varney’s death…unless you got FACTUAL FACT….run to the TRC of Liberia and present it….but then, where were you when the hearing was going on??

    3. Lupe Montelongo
      Nothing much was mentioned during this trial about the death of Isacc Vaye. I believe when Moses Blah was on the stand he mentioned it but did not go into details.

    4. Lupe Montelongo,
      Taylor is not really on trial for anything which was done in Liberia, it is Sierra Leone which is still looking for an external source to cast her blame, why people like Kabba, who declared mass killing in the country when his government was overthrown in 1997 and the rest are still living large.

  4. Griffith,
    has again gamble and lost. Even Charles Taylor supportors will admit that some time ago after the conclusion of the defense case; I had suggested that Mr. Griffith cuts a deal with prosecution, and for Charles Taylor to admit to his involvement with the notorious RUF, in exchange for at least 25 years behind bars; and taking into accounts times already served. Griffith and his defense team has been very notible for acts leading to contempt charges in this trial. Case in point during the testimony of a key defense witness and one of Charles Taylor’ own right hand man (Yankubah Samateh aka Yank Smythe); Smythe frankly admitted in open court under under oath, & camaras that his testimony was alter by Mr. Griffith and his team, which by its self was and is still a contempt against this team. As for my personal opinion of Griffith and his team, allowing Taylor to testified in his own behalf and for so long (3) months was miscalculated. Guilty it is! Otherwise convince me.

    1. Ziggy,
      And who was the supporter that suggested such deal?? What about the prosecutors witnesses including the one who was for the prosecutors and jumped to the defense….he seems to be the MOST credible….he provided the BRIBE the prosecutors were doing in the name JUSTICE……persuading him to LIE.

  5. This is no surprise… The special court can not look into wikileaks allegation but they can look into allegation of defense bribing witnesses….BS!!! This is a kangaroo court. They clearly show the kind of justice they intend to carry out.

    1. Simeon,
      You summed it up…..this case was FIXED from the get go…..Mr. Taylor showed them he was not going to go down easily…..

  6. WOW..this Special Court/ICC is a joke. when the defense filed their case of contempt against the prosecution nothing happen. even against the members of the court when they was making unauthorize changes to court documents nothing happen. now the prosecution filed a motion and it is granted and follow upon. this clearly shows the intention of this court. and to top it off this put the big Pig in charge. what a joke. they are just trying to buy time. why can’t Teresa Doherty go back and spend her time deliberating on the actual case. maybe because it is clear that there is no case to deliberate on. so they rather focus on something else and hope they find something to point at. this is a joke all around. free the man, let him spend the little life he has with his family, friends, and love ones. you think this ICC will ever be taken seriously. it’s a shame that justice at this level can be this blind.

  7. Hey Guy

    This is just another attempt by the prosecutor to grab the straw. Unfortunately this allegation is already over.
    The preliminary investigation has already cleared one of the two accused Prince Taylor,

    The later is to be investigated. Ziggy salis if you dwell on that explanation to support your argument then Taylor will walk free, because almost seventy percent of prosecutor witnesses said the same when they were on the stands. That what they were saying was different from what has been written. by now you should have learn the prosecutor trick diverting attention and wasting time.

    Even if Eric Senesie is found guilty he will be punished and this have no influence on the pending verdict Mr. Menjor.

    Another noise, another waste of time guys, but with no success.



  8. With the exclusion of Defense Investigator Prince Taylor in this indictment, its clear the prosecution has lost hope in her case against Charles Taylor. My opinion would be to enter a deal with the defense and drop all charges against Charles Taylor.

  9. The persecution has miserably failed to win her case on its merit and is finding ways to save face. Both prosecution and defense have made counter allegations of bribery of witnesses. The defense has in her possession copies of significant amount of money order paid to DCT-125; I stand corrected, by the prosecution to lied under oath. Merely, by the prosecution “knowingly and willingly” bribed one of her witnesses to give false testimony under oat satisfied the element of contempt. The court should have granted defense motion and held the prosecution in contempt. Also, what about the Wikileaks and the Registry/prosecution unilaterally altered court records without the consent of the judges? Where these acts not satisfied the element of contempt? Defense filed motions to investigate these acts by an independent counsel. Motions were denied.

    Prince Taylor actually was the one who the prosecution alleged of bribery, while Senesie is allegedly in contempt of bribery in another trial that has to do with Sierra Leone. Due to the fact, the independent investigator has vindicated Prince, the rest is history. No smoking gun here for the prosecution.

    If the Evidence is there the Judges Must Convict, if the Evidence is not there, the Judges Must Acquit!

  10. with the time that i have spend in watching Mr Charles Taylor case, i thing it is time that we should let the pass go ant think on how we can rebuild the broken country. if we decide to let Mr Taylor go to jail i think that this will not bring the broken walls back together. i feel bad to hear that only Africa this thing also taking place. we African need to come together and not allowing those white people to treat us like lion, frighting against one another, we need no the truth by keeping together as one families. They used the man in question to come and kill his own peoples and now they have turn their back on him. today is Charles Taylor forgetting about tomorrow. PLEASE LET US COME TOGETHER UNDER ONE UMBRELLA.

    1. This case is NOT about Liberia we are told, so let’s DISCUSS and DEBATE the points…..We can REBUILD Liberia also.

  11. i agree with Cathy, they can cut a deal so that they don’t look a fool for all these years. Taylor will walk free. and thanks Zobon for informing some of us that this is old news and that this is already over. the only link to this was Prince Taylor, and he has been clear from the indictment. so the rest have to link to this man trial. let TERESA get back to work, they got pages of document to read and deliberate on. we are waiting for this trial to be done with for good. how long do they want to take to come up with a not guilty. they just want to keep Taylor long enought until they get Gaddaffi, then they can bring up new links. no way to way now, they are throwing mud to see which one will stick. let’s wrap this trial up and send the man on his way. we are almost in june, that means half of this year is gone. they want Taylor to be in jail another year. Free Taylor, Free Taylor, Free Taylor!!!!!!!

  12. Zobon,
    I don’t understand your trent of thoughts on the present contempt charges against Mr. Griffith and his team when you wrote ” Ziggy Salis if you dwell on that explanation to support your argument then Taylor will walk free, because 70% of prosecutor witnesses said the same why they were on the stand.” Well Zobon rest assured,your man Charles will not walked free. To keep the focus on my last posting ; I mentioned Yank Smythe one of Charles Taylor’s right hand man who admitted his testimonies was alter. Could you please name at least one of the prosecution 70% witnesses doing same? and please be reminded for the records that I do have recordings of all open session precedings in this trial. Another point missed in my earlier postings was Griffith and his team’s decision to have Charles Taylor testified for self; This decision was a total miscalculation from day one in my judgement, and has backfire. Cover ups and attempts to bribe witnesses to change statements in open court will not make these charges go away. Under direct examination Charles Taylor admitted his knowledge of the initial entrance of the RUF in Sierra Leone spearheaded by his Libya trained commandos and thousands of NPFL fighters. His men involved according to him were Anthony Mokanagbe, Dupo Makarzon, Suwandi Camara,Lamine Comparoe,& Ibram Bah; with such an admission how and why should this notorious criminal be set free? Guilty it is.. otherwise convience me.

    1. Great job, Ziggy in explaining simple facts that won’t go away in this case! The taylibans will overlook any incriminating sentense or phrase, just a kind of ‘feel-good’ effort to forget the reality their man is facing at the World Court at the Hague. Listen to all their garbage about taylor’s popularity in Liberia and how he will win next election, and etc..! These are far from reality, and they know it, but unable to accept these facts. Boy, just don’t try to convince these taylibans, it’s like telling the Talibans that Bin Laden is dead! These are people who remaining life seems to depend on taylor final end and disgrace. To them, their end is inevitable, if they accept reality, which, again, doesn’t make sense in this plain criminal case , and with so much moutains of evidence against their benefactor!

  13. Ziggy Sails.

    Are you familiar with the phrase “MY BRAIN IS NOT A COMPUTER” do you know which witnesses this phrase was unique to. If you don’t know let me help you the prosecutor witnesses. Vermuyan Sheriff said this when he was on the stand, Issac monger said the same when he was on the stand, just to name a few. Issac monger refuted all of his testimonies when they were read back to him by the defense during cross. thus Leading this very website that we are on to write the topic caption “HAS PROSECUTOR DAMAGE MONGER TESTIMONIES”.

    what you don’t know is that the court did not bring down contempt charges against MR Griffith and the defense but rather Prince Taylor ,the Investigation conducted by the court has cleared price Taylor on grounds that their is no evidence to prosecute Mr. Prince. I hope you recognized that there are two contempt charges that these people are referring to. The second one has noting to do with MR Taylor

    I see from where you come if you say that it was a mistake to put Taylor on the stand, first of all is not MR Griffith that is answer to these charges but Mr Taylor through MR. Griffith, do you understand that. Mr Taylor heard what they had to say against him, so he have to explain his side of the story brother sample as that and commonly practice even under the pa lava huts.

    Another thing is that this case have a time frame OK. from November 1996 to June 2002 is the time the indictment cover. Any evidence outside of this period is not admissible. so even if Foday Sankor and Taylor was sleeping on the same bed in June 1996 is not admissible sorry.

    And for your information i have been on this site from the beginning until todays date from the time we had color bars attached to our comments. so you can not scared me by telling me you got all of the deportation from open session OK.

    I think i have made myself cleared here if you need more information ask me anytime. Taylor is still in the all cleared bro by fair decision. and i trust these judges will deliver this soon in MR Taylor favor.



    1. Zobon,

      Thanks for breaking it down to these Ellenqaedas. I am not sure from whence these Ellenqaedas are from, but what I am sure of, they are pretty damn good at twisting the fact. Couple of days ago I read on line the tabloid sensational story of the so-called New Democratic about this contempt proceeding. The story was noting but misinformation. What should one expect from a tabloid news paper? Garbage! However, yesterday I wanted to copy and past the Trial Court decision of the contempt with a rebuttal in the comment section of the tabloid, but the account has been suspended and it’s still suspended “as we speak.” I am patiently waiting, its going to be up and running one day.

      Zobon, you are cleared. No further information is needed.

    2. well said Zobon. and let me add that the biggest drama witness was so call super model Naomi Campbell. who said she never said charles taylor give her diamond. she also said she never said it was one big diamond but sever stones. she also never said she talk to mr taylor on the phone. all of which was part of what the prosecution has in their statements.

      so Mr. Ziggy if you got all the records from the court go back and double check. since you want to make it seem like you are a good record keeper.

      also mr. jfallah there is n o point in calling everyone who is not with your logic “Taylibans” which is obviously your way of saying people who are not on your side are taylor malita or as in the same defination as Taliban.

      some of us are not involve in this case becasue we like or know charles taylor. we are just calling a spade a spade. i can care less for the result of this case. it will have no impact on me personally. but i speak what i see. it is what it is, this case was done the wrong way and it was clear that it was made up. it could have been simple to just included a wider rage of time then they would have had a good case. but for the time frame they included in the case, there is nothing to work with. if they had a good case it would have been as easy as the other cases that have come to this court. but this is obviously a made up case with not foundation. it they had a god case the world would have seen it and taylor would have been done with. so let’s just wait and see the outcome.

  14. Folks,

    This fake case is just fundamentally unsustainable. What is going on again? Can someone in a very high place just calls it a day, and says go home Mr. Taylor, because there is no real case here against you.

    1. There are two options here either, charles taylor walk out as a freed man. or he will be sentenced to life imprisonment, or face the capital punishment.

  15. The world is mad……(the western countries,some african and middle eastern countries)these fools in africa,middle east and their crazy masters in the west are work hard to destroy the meaning of rationale…..But they will eventually loose

  16. Cindor Reeves Poor fool!!!

    Why are West Africans so pathetic….The West Africans are the most unsophisticated Africans….i’m sure most of western european will agree with me as they have been the ones that have fooled them the most….Easy to suck-In and Easy to Blow-Out.


    1. Cee, I understand your frustrations about african traitors, that, to you, seems to be selling their own brothers to the Europeans as the did centuries ago! However, Cee does not sound like he is any different from leaders such as Charles, who enslaved, as alleged, his own fellow africans, in order to mine diamonds, that he in turn, sells to Debeers(European Company), that decides how much he receives! I am sure you are familiar with the ‘Blood Diamonds’ That I speak of..! Will you not consider charles being a ‘sucker’ and Cee being a promoter of suckering? That’s what it seems, sucker!

      1. FALLAH,
        West Africans have choosen the Western Europeans to be their hang men or shall i say supervisors of our hangings for many years…….



        what is the different in mind set between the slave dealer chiefs in africa that were selling their brothers and sisters and these modern politicians ?NONE

        WEST AFRICANS IN SHORT LACKS RETROSPECTIVES AND FORESIGHT…….and no one developed without learning from their mistakes.

    2. Cee,

      Cindor Reeves is not only a fool he’s a hustler, liar, manipulator and a straight up criminal. If Cindy was of any value to the prosecution the Canadian government wouldn’t have a deportation hearing to send him to Liberia. Cindy lied to the prosecution that he was a brother-in-law to President Taylor, and had vital information for the prosecution. The prosecution felled for Cindy’s lies and arranged with the Canadian government to give Cindy political asylum. It was after Cindy and his family was in Canada and during the prosecution interview, (witness statement) the prosecution quickly realized that Cindy was nothing but a hustler. All of the prosecution witnesses were one way or the other paid to concoct lies, but for Cindy, his lies “passed man”. His lies were ferocious; as a result, the prosecution knew better then to put Cindy on the stand.

      I know that crook, if he is a brother-in-law to President Taylor, than Steve Rapp is President Taylor’s brother. Go Figured!

  17. I hope all Africans/ students who are studying politics ( Africa’s future leaders) would read and watch everything about and see how we’re selling our brother and sisters without looking back at the western communities and see how they are keeping brothers even though they have done wrong to others.

  18. From mind own standpoint, I believed that brother composition is right, what am I trying to say, political science students are those students causing problems in our various surrounding today. Looking at Mr. Charles Taylor Case, I believe that his followers are all dead because they are not contributing towards his case. once upon a time!! I WILL DIE FOR U! Where are they now? THAT’S THE QUESTION ASK TODAY!!WHERE NPP MEMBERS IS TODAY? ON ONE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE! WHERE ARE HIS FOLLOWERS? ON ONE KNOW. Those that call themselves lawyer to Mr. Taylor are no where today, because they sense that they have gotten what they wanted and has turn their back on him. Mr. Taylor was not horrific, it was his followers that were the problem, and they are the cause of him in The Hague today. But I Pray and hope that one day things will be ok with him. HOPE THAT WE MEET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thomas Clark does not need to look far to see taylor’s support group to the death! Who do you think NOKO5,6,7,8, and Rodreguese, Jose, Big B, Zobon, Cee, and host of the die-hards are? These are people who might have personally benefited from taylor and have remained on board, even though, half-heartedly, to show taylor they will be with him to death, yet using ficticious names to avoid any consequences, or get known by the public! These may be Judases, as you correctly inferred, but that is the Liberian game-play in politics; to pay lip service to the leader to cover up for ones weaknesses and cowardice! All these guys are cowards, and will not come out of their closets to face one like jfallahmenjor, who stands ready to prosecute them in the court of law. Seriously, let’s face it, none of those NPP gun-totting, alleged murderers, will come out in open, I challenge their bravery!

    1. Fallah,
      Stop been ghastly simplistic …i am not a liberian…i am a young man from sierra leone/Nevis decent….studied law and i am interesting in African history and world politics….and i think the charles taylor cases is an example of the west playing with their lackies like you an punishing their enemies..And have nothing to do with the people of sierra leone.

      1. Cee, this is the best piece I have ever gotten from you! I respect your frankness and hope what you say is true about who you are. In any case, you being a student of History should also study the sociological mind-set of most african leaders; greed, selfishness, cruelty, ignorance, and above all; arrogance! Check all present african leadership; you will find one or more of these traits! Taylor had all of the above, sadly!

        1. Fallah,

          Greed=Killing people from a different continent to control their natural resources.

          Selfishness= Your so called saviours Failure to transfer technology in order to aid the growth of others and maintain fair exchange.

          Cruelty=Slavery ,Hiroshima,Abu Grave!!,Guantanamo Bay

          Ignorance= Ignoring the social make up of a country and try to impose western style to benefit the west.

          Arrogant= Western arrogance is an understatement.

          i THINK OTHERS ARE GUILTY OF THE SAME PERHAPS MORE INTENTLY SO!!compare to african leaders petty arrogance,ignorants,greed and cruelty.


          I think African leaders are guilty of the lacking of interest in their countries commodities,in order word they do not know the worth or how to market their commodities…..because as things stands thats all we have in abundant and they can’t even sell them properly to raise fund to run their economies…instead they hand it over to europeans for pennies,who made billions and run their economies smoothly.

          I will say West African Leaders lacks Retrospective thinking and Foresight……..and when cornered interlectually can be dangerously violent……Classic west african instinct as long as they are big,strong (In the Physical sense) it does’nt matter if they are stupid!!!Or to save themselve from thinking and planning they simply follow the views of others,even if it does’nt benefit them.!!

    2. Jfallahmenjor,

      Let me tell you something; it’s hypocrisy to the first degree to ask us to come out of the closet while you’re buried in the closet. When jfallahmenjor comes out of the closet and unmasked the person behind jfallahmenjor, than Big B and his Comrades will follow suit. Until then, put up or shut up.

      Secondly, you are in the continuous habit of calling We the People names and posting threats. I thought you stopped for a moment, but leopard can’t change its spot. That’s how you operate. You referred to “Us” as “murderers” and “gun-totting” but fallah for God’s sake, if anyone is “gun-tooting” and a “murderer” that person is jfallahmenjor. Wasn’t you the brain behind the Kowankpah-sp invasion, as alleged? Wasn’t you and Joe Wyle that murdered Biah at the Liberia, Sierra Leone border during the Kowankpah invasion, as alleged?

      I have your pedigreed in the palm of my hands, and for each time you make threat and insult We the People, I’ll “fight fire with fire”. As the matter of fact, I am writing a book, and jfallahmanjor is the subject and predicate from 1979 rice riot to present. WOW!

  20. a short while ago i remember the person behind “jfallahmenjor’ saying that he/she will show their true identity after the trial is over, and was saying so in case others will want to meet him/her. but today it is that same person behind “jfallahmenjor” name calling people and saying they are “using fictitious names to avoid any consequences, or get known by the public! These may be Judases, as you correctly inferred, but that is the Liberian game-play in politics; to pay lip service to the leader to cover up for ones weaknesses and cowardice! All these guys are cowards”

    it seem to me sir, that you are no less of a fake person as anyone else on this site. and you for one don’t want to be known to the public as well, for the very reasons you listed. and i might add that you sir is the face of judas, because of your “relationship” with that you claim with Ellen Johnson. you only claim to support Ellen for the “positive things”, but as soon as there are negative things you shy away from making comment. ie: let’s implement the TRC report in its entirety. you have no opinion on that, because you grandmom will be out of power.

    even Prince Johnson her distance relative voice his opinion on the subject and wants it to be implemented in the name of Justice. which will band all those that was involve in the destruction of Liberia. and Sir, that is exactly what Liberia needs to move forward. we need new leaders that understand the world today. not the once with the old school mindset. it is said that if the old way isn’t working, it’s time to try something new. it is time to have a new set of leaders. i am a young man with hope for Liberia, but with those currently in power there is little to no hope in the near future. so Sir, you are the “Coward” because you have done nothing more then provide the same lip service that you are accusing other of on this site. maybe you should go to Liberia and do some good, rather than all the “lip service”.

    i have read you insult people and call them names on this site for simply not having the same way of thinking as you. you Sir, is in no way smarter then everyone here, but you try to make it seem aas if everyone on here is beneath you, and that you are “Mr. Know It All”. it shows your level of thinking, and your mindset. i have heard you talk with the war mentality you carry, that you have people on standby if and when Taylor is free. it is that same mindset that puts Africa behind the rest of the words today, and even worse Liberia behind the rest of Africa. because we take action before we think, and it’s usually do late.

    Liberia was once a beautiful country with a lot to offer, now it is looked upon as a country in need of help from everyone it can get it from. we are begging to have debt forgiven, begging for other countries to help us. when we was once able to survive on our own with little help from anyone. our resource are being used and exploited, and our nation is falling apart. years ago when i was a kid, almost every time i heard a politician or anyone for that matter speak to children, they will usually say something along the lines of “you are the future leaders”, but greed has made that more of a “lip service”, because not one single politician in power wants to leave. ie: When Ellen beg the country for only “one term”, now that it is over, she “flip flop” and wants another term. who know what will happen if she don’t get it. after apologizing for her relationship with Taylor, because it was clear that they were birds of the same flock.

    in short i expect some kind of destabilization. or let’s say she manage to get another term, now after appointing a new election commission. what will happen come next election, my guess is she’s going to want to change the law to reflect her own benefits. oh and let’s not forget the current state of the country, where they have recently pass a disgusting law that increase the amount needed to participate in election even at the lowest level. that is a way of excluding the people who are able to come up with such amount. i mean seriously, you need to pay $10,000 to have your name on a ballot for president, and $2,500+ for senate or representative. when more than half of the country is unemployed, and regular citizen don’t even have any source of income. who will be willing to donate to or support someone in the run for president when they can’t support themselves.

    it is clear that those in power are simple “out of touch” with society. and they are trying to stay in power for as long as it takes. it is a very sad, sad thing. forget Taylor, this trial has no influence on what is currently happening in Liberia, and it will not change anything that is happening in Liberia. this is a form of distraction, so people don’t focus on the real issues, instead play the blame games. we need to move on and start to build Liberia, that speech of “you are the future leader’ have come. those old heads need to leave it up to us to make out beloved country what we want it to be, we have just as much capacity to do it as they had when they sold it for wealth and riches.

    so whoever you are “jfallahmenjor”, always remember “action speaks louder than words”, until you start to do something that benefits Liberians, you are doing nothing but “lip service”. and all that does is benefit your ego, it doesn’t help anyone, and to make you feel better it also doesn’t hurt anyone. so please let’s talk about real issues. and as i said before in one of my post, not everyone who disagree with you are on Taylor side, i just call a spade a spade. because the outcome of this trial has no influence on my life, and will not hurt or help me. i hope i give you a few points to consider, i am not here no fight with you, as you have been recognize to do often. i believe that logic and knowledge overcome everything, “even the Gun”. it is that knowledge that can make a warrior put down their guns, so let’s have good conversations, and let’s do more than just lip service. there is a lot of work to be done, and those of us who were born in Liberia still and always will love our country. this trial will not help us move forward, for one it is mostly about what happen in other countries. i can go on and on, but i don’t want to board everyone who will give their time to read this, if i already haven’t done just that. i look forward to the final verdict.
    BTW: Triple E or EEE (Eat Every Error)

    1. Thanks for your free expressive piece and I want to personally say I respect your stand on “country” first and taylor issue least! I also want to say that you touched several issues that need to be addressed; The $10,000. registration fees to run for president in Liberia is justified, otherwise all the rats and cats might stand for elections..and you know how silly Liberians get when you do not have a limit on their free way, out of ignorance, sometimes!

      To the other posts addressed to me on how I am hiding behind my name..yes, you are right, but I am the only one who have suggested unmasking when the trial is over, while Chris, and NOKO5 keep hiding behind figures and uncoded scripts! I told you that I have 200 acres farm land in Liberia; do you think it is sitting there un-attended, or developed? Liberian man says”i beg you yah.” I will die rich and my decendants will always have enough! Besides, that, I have business running in Liberia and some of your relatives are customers, unknown to some of you. I am not little potato as you might think. This is why I must un-mask myself and see any of you boys that will do the same so we can measure arms!

      1. Fallah,

        I hear all your bragging and stuff, whether if they are true that’s another story. “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? “
        “The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end.”

  21. fallah,

    Have you fully recovered from your gunshot wounds? ECOMOG opened fired on the vehicle you were in because you guys were up to some clandestine operations. You were seriously injured, as alleged. You were supposed to be the press secretary to Amos Sawyer, but because of your injury you couldn’t take up the position, as alleged.

    You see fallah, God have given you nine lives, instead of preaching hate, you should be preaching the gospel. Repent!

      1. I will let you off the hook for now. My advise to you fallah, is to be civic and respect others’ opinions. After all, you have the capabilities of expressing your views without raining down insult on others. Liberian man says “when you bend down to look under somebody you leave yourself exposed for someone to look under you.”

  22. Jfallahmenjor, to your point that the fees are justified, that just goes to show your stand on this issue. you are with those who want to exclude people from participating in election and making it as competitive election, because we all know that the “Average Liberian” won’t make that much money to save it in even in 5 years, because they have something call responsibility. so in other words only those with “the country money” will continue to enjoy power, because it will become a game of “Who can afford it”. i don’t think the fees is justified under any circumstances. never in the “history of Liberia” has there been such a price tag on government office and in doing the public service for the people of Liberia.

    it is a shame for you to side with such an issue. but as you have clearly stated, you are not the “Average Liberia”. so it is obvious that you will side with the status-quo, because you my brother will not understand the struggle of the “Average Liberia”, because the “Average Liberia” don’t have 200 Acres of Land. and they are struggling to make a living, and there is no job, no income, and no future for some. so i applaud your stand and your position being a part of the elite. but you are forgetting that your wealth might have never been earned by yourself. It could have either been an inheritance and as said will pass that on to your “descendants” as customary, and who in turn will not earned such wealth, and most of which was gather from other people sweat and blood, which i may add could be your relatives hard work. but you sir, did not earned all of your wealth, and as such will not understand the real struggle as the “Average Liberian”.

    as to your point on the issue that the fees is necessary to keep the “rats and cats” from running. well the big rat/cat in office now(Ellen) sure didn’t have to pay such amount when she was running for public office, other members in her current government sure didn’t have to pay such amount to be where they are. but in an attempt to limit competition, they decided to put a price tag on public office. if Liberia is a country of Law, then maybe, just maybe they can pass a decent law to limit the amount of party to run in an election. that my friend will be the better option. the same way this law was pass, is the same way that law could have been the alternative. because i do agree that there are way too many party running for election. for a little country as Liberia, there are over 27 different political parties all running for public office. but the solution is not to put a price tag on it. but to implement a law that limits the amount of parties.

    but you know why those in office don’t want to pass such law, because they fear that if the law limits the amount of party involve in an elections, it will make it harder for some of them to ever make it to that office, because it will come down to who knows the most, not who has the most a measure of competitiveness. and it will be a tough competition. so they rather put a fee instead of an actual law limiting it, because in the future they will have gather so much of the “country money” from their current position, that they will find it easy to participate in any election of choice, because it is only about the money, and they can easily afford it. that my friend is a sad, sad thing, and i expected you to know better. but it seems that you are a part of those that are disconnected from reality, and is simply out of touch with society.

    And to your second addressed issue, I am glad that you acknowledge that you are indeed hiding behind your name for the exact same reasons you listed in your previous post about others. And for the record sir, I am not in the same boat as you, I am not waiting for no trial before I show my real name. because Chris is who I am, and who I will always be. I can give you several direct links to my facebook page, as well as other public profiles that I own. At no point did I choose to hide who I was. I had no motive when I first posted on this site, I have been watching the trial from the beginning till the almost end, I always monitor this site to see other’s opinion on the trial progress. I for one have agree with some of your comments, however most of it I do not agree with.

    So maybe those who don’t show their real name do it for personal reasons. But I for one have nothing to hide, and at that will never have a reason to use a fake name on this site. so when you are ready to have your “coming out the closet” party, please invite me, at which point I will gladly show you my life. Because I unlike others is a very young man, I am only 25 if you should know. And I went to school in the US, so I was the typical teenager who was attached to the internet. So I will have a lot of proof to show you when you are ready. In the main time if you should at anytime want to do your own research I’ll help you with a few information and hints and you can help yourself fill the puzzle. My name is indeed Chris and my last name begins with the letter “B” and I am 25 years old. I have a degree in Business Management from a college in Denver, Colorado. and as for your 200 Acers farm in Liberia, I hope you do something good with it that will be benefit not just you but the nation. Grow some stable food for the “Average Liberia” such as cassava, rice, potatoes(since you are not a little potato, :)), etc. and employ not only your relatives, but others in need of employment.

    I did note that you only address a couple of my issues. which I don’t hold you up to, but I would have love to see your position on those issues as well, because I believe we can all disagree and still respect others opinion, and I appreciate you respecting my stand on some issues. However, you fail to give your opinion on Ellen, specifically your opinion on why you mostly only side with her or support her on the positive things, but drawback when there is a negative aspect of her. You distance yourself for those negative things, is it that you are one of those that are afraid of failures? Or you just don’t want to associate yourself with the negative things about her and is only and always on the positive side of things?

    Also, I will love to know your stand on the TRC implementation. Why is it that the current government can choose to implement some of the report.(specifically the once that don’t affect Ellen), but choose not to implement the whole report(specifically the once that affect her directly). My stand is that if you accept the TRC report as is, then you accept the report. You don’t cherry pick the good and leave the bad. As I said in my previous posting we are the future and we want our country back, and in order for that to happen, all of those involve in the destruction of our country should be gone out of power and public office and new leader should take over. I know Ellen have done great things for Liberia, and have contributed a lot of things to the nation, but that still does not exclude her from her dark past. It doesn’t give her a “License to Kill” for the lack of a better term.

    I for one believe that people can change, but as a country of law, we should follow the law and take it seriously. There should be no reason why she would want to run a second term, after being given the luxury and opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dreams of becoming president. Yes, she has a constitutional right to her second term. But it comes down to trust, and your words. In my short life I have learn that trust and integrity as well as reputation is all we have. She needs to step aside and bring to peace what she was determining to do when she became president. Democracy is what we want, not a flip flopper. She needs to be a person of her words, and build the country trust. As I mention, if she is given a second term, under the current situation, what can we expect come next election from her? Are we supposed to believe her and take her words now and expect something different? Or are we to just live like fools and have sympathy again? If she can acknowledge that her words didn’t mean anything and what she said wasn’t accurate then what are we to expect now, are we to take her words again?(that’s not going to mean anything come next election) Because I for one believe sympathy was the reason she was given a chance to begin with.

    So I will love to hear your view on those topics and questions. I don’t expect you to address them in order because I for one is simply “freestyling” whatever comes to mind. But I think we can have a good conversation going while we await the final verdict. I have not been active on this site, and I see that most comment are in a short form and few sentences unlike my long responses. So I apologize to all those who find this too long, that’s why I try to break it down into paragraph for easy read, I however don’t expect everyone to read it all. But I hope those that read it don’t get bored. This is probably my fourth posting on this site. But I can guarantee that I have read almost every comment on this site over the years as things unfolded. but jfallahmenjor, I look forward to your respond, the only reason I give you such a long reading is because I have so much to say, and this environment don’t do justice to that. If this discussion was to be done in person or verbally, it could take less 5 minutes to express, but here it took me more than twice that time to compose it. lol. But it was all done in good faith.

    Btw: jfallahmenjor, we are not here to brag about riches my brother, I wish you more luck in riches, I don’t wish you death, so I can’t say that you should die rich. And if any of my long list of relatives happen to work for you sir, I hope you pay them well. I for one am not trying to measure arms with anyone. I will not be on here telling what I have and how much money I have. It is off topic and not a part of the discussion. So as you said “I beg you yah”, let’s keep on topic and address the issues. You are obviously an older person, much older than I am, I hope. So it is obvious that i have a different mentality, and it doesn’t involve measuring arms with other who are less fortunate, or bragging about what I have. Because whatever I have will only benefit me, and not benefit the people hearing about it. I definitely don’t have 200 Acers of land that was inherited. So if I measure arm with you jfallahmenjor, I am sure your hands will be longer than mine. So take care my brother, and goodluck.

    1. Thanks Chris. I wish you had started this conversation long time ago. However, I respect your views even though you seem to be a very young man, but lots of wisdom! You touched on many issues that I will not address here since the focus here is really about the allegations against taylor on crimes against humanity.
      The TRC was not only about Ellen. What do you say about all the others who confessed on cannibalizing and sleeping with corpses during taylor rebellion? What do say about mass murders of deformed ex-fighters for NPFL, just because they asked for disability benefits from taylor government? Some have this crazy illusion about Ellen’s initial support to taylor meaning she started the war. Initially, even jfallahmenjor supported taylor’s move until taylor started using human intestines at notorious, alleged, checkpoints! That is where we fell apart, Chris. You cannot come to liberate your kins in such fearful behavior. I am sure anyone with sense knew then that this is a mad man! This is all I have to say! The objective of TRC was not to punish those who spoke about what they personally saw or did, rather to help in the healing process. Ellen has not finished the good she started, therefore she needs another term, in the interest of the people and stability!

  23. Fallah,

    Do you know Tom Kamara from the New Democrat Newspaper and under what name he is using to change his appearance in order to fool others on this website?

    1. Jose, Yes, I know Tom Kamara very well and we are from the same ethnic group, but I bet even Tom does not know who i am under this jfallahmenjor. He may take wild guesses just like you are doing here! Don’t worry, be happy. I will reveal who I am at the last battle with taylor when I wish him farewell to prison in Britain, never to see the Motherland with his eyes again!

      1. WOW!
        jfallahmenjor knows Tom Kamara very well. It sounds like an admission of guilt to me. Tom kamara and jfallahmenjor have lots in common, as alleged. Both Tom and fallah are bend on hate for President Taylor going back to the 70s, as alleged.

        1. Big B, why should you be so surprised to learn that I know Tom Kamara? Is Tom not someone to know, being a journalist that has contributed to freedom of the press in Liberia? Besides, I know him personally and this is a fact! He may not know me under the name I have here, and that also, is a fact! What is this crazy idea of Big B thinking and indirectly equating jfallhmenjor to be Tom Kamara? Why will tom express his thoughts here instead of his News magazine? Man, I think you are crazy! You need help with your crazy thouhts and witch hunt!

        2. fallah,

          Calm down my brother, no need for you to bend out of shape. Inhale and exhale are you feeling better now. Nothing wrong with you knowing tom kamara, after all, no one knows a person better than the person himself.

          I may be “crazy” but I am not a hater and a long time Rebel, as alleged. Stick with your “man pot got to boil news paper.”

      2. Fallah,

        You constantly accuse us of what you are really doing. You constantly and wrongfully accuse us of using according to your own words “fictitious name”. Now you are telling us that you are not who you say you are on this website. Again to me, it is another blatant display of illegal and immoral hypocrisy on your part. So the question is no longer open. It’s not a matter of, Gee, are you really this idiotic, naive and ignorant, or is this done purposefully? We now have the answer. One more thing Fallah, what’s up with this Tom Kamara thing? Why are you providing more answers than the simple question asked as to whether you know Tom Kamara? If you are not who you say you are, are you than NEW DEMOCRAT NEWSPAPER TOM KAMARA in disguise of Jfallahmenjor?

        1. For the last time,’no’ Jose, I am not Tom Kamara, but I know Tom Kamara very well and I have great regards and respect for him. He is one of the Pioneers of the Liberian Revolution! I would tell you If I were Tom Kamara. I hope Tom steps in here to my defense, because people seem to be going nuts! This must be ignorance to the highest degree. Please stick to taylor trial because this is the last time I will address this garbage, Gentlmen, I am jfallahmenjor for now! Taylor is the subject here, and not fallah being the predicate!

        2. Dear jfallahmenjor,

          Is Tom Kamara a former supporter of Mr. Taylor? (Smile)

          Take care,


        3. Fallah,

          Where and who does Tom Kamara stop with when ever he goes to the state? According to you, both of you are from the same tribe and you know him very well. You continue by saying, he doesn’t even know you to be who you say you are on this website. That’s fine? Does he stop in California, the state that you claim to be your legal residence? Does he stop with his brother Menjor in California? Are you related in any way with the person he stops with in California, “J. Menjor”?

        4. Sekou,

          Tom Kamara is a hater just like Hassan Bility who bear false witness in this fake case. But I enjoy the way Mr. Griffithe grilled and cornered him. Hassan Bility only fall back answer to Mr. Griffithe questions was “my brain is not a computer.” Both Tom Kamara and Hassan Bility are propagandists and not real journalists.

        5. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

          Propagandists only exist through the audience they entertain. To defeat them they must be ignored.

          When you were ill you stated that you were being treated at the VA. My question is what branch were you in? I am a USMC Veteran from 1968 to 1971.

          Take care,


  24. Point of note to all West African on this forum……A west African President have decided to SELL-OUT yet again.In the AU meeting on Libya the Security Council decided on a road map to solve the libya crisis which most other well meaning organisation around the world including the Shanghai cooperation council,Russia,China welcome with the exception of the rebel and the westerners.

    The Senegal president Wade decided to jump ship after a bit of cohersion by his masters in Paris and undermine the decision of the African Union.West African seem to do this time and time and again. President Obasanjo do it with the Charles Taylor issue when he went to see his masters in New York,he was cohersed’ and in turn undermine his own principle and the principle of the regional body (ECOWAS)as to how charles taylor is to be dealt with,proceeded to sell charles taylor to britain and usa…Do these people know the ramifications of their decisions to the future development of the region?

    The west africans were even trying to undermine SADC over Zimbabwe in the shape of Tejan Kabba and Ellen Johnson,working as an envoy for Britain and the USA calling for Mugabe to go just because he claim back his land.

    West African tendencies to sell their people out and lack of principle is the danger to Africa as a whole in the future…We must address this aspect of our characters very seriously as it has proven detrimental for our Spiritual zeal,This has gone on too long since the days when the chiefs sell people as slaves to be tortured by western european and now president selling and undermining regional principle and their fellow president, it about time West Africans address this flawed in their inhumane nature.Otherwise we will all perish eventually.

    1. Sekou,

      When I was ill, I was treated at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. My veteran status is both OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom). I am a “Seabee” assigned with the first and finest battalion of the United States Navy. Anyways, thank you for your service to the U.S. Military. Hooooooorrrraaaayyyyyy!!!!!!

  25. There is no better time to have this conversation jfallahmenjor. We have nothing to talk about now, I believe this is probably the best opportunity to have a conversation that is not about the trial. Because any other time during this trial you would have said the exact same thing, that this site is dedicated to the trial. It is will great sadness that you choose not to address these issues I raised. I just wanted to understand your side of those issues. But I can’t force you to answer anything you don’t want to. I think if there was any time to be off topic it will be now, because when the verdict is send down, there will be new conversation in that regards, at which point I will be withdrawing and watching from the sideline as I have in the past.

    But I still intend to add to what you said as a few pointers. I do agree that the TRC was not about Ellen. That’s why I never said she alone. I remained in the position that everyone who participated in the war and destruction and destabilization of Liberia show pay the price. And by that I mean through the eyes of real justice. I remember also pointing out that even Prince Johnson and others should also pay the price. I will not exclude anyone. And if I was family or relative or friends with anyone of those people I will still have the same position.

    I personally think cannibalizing is the most disgusting thing anyone can do. I don’t see why a normal person will ever consider such thing. But then again those people are not normal. Sleeping with corpses is just plain insanity and that’s all I can say to that. As for the rest of your point, if I was to give an opinion on murders of deformed ex-fighters, I say it is very very wrong and inhumane. If someone give their body for your cause, that is not a way to thank them. But I have no evidence to that, because I never saw such thing happen. But we have all heard about it.

    I do not think it is a “Crazy Illusion” that some have including me about Ellen initial support for Taylor. And her support was not a onetime thing, so no need to downplay it. it was a major part of Taylor movement. She may not have physically started the war, but she aided and abetted the movement. Her support for it makes her no less then Taylor. It is not a smaller crime than any other crime by other. So her support should not be downplayed. It help destabilized the country and put us where we are doing. Nothing she does now will change that. I have never seen those humans intestines and all those that you pointed out. But if I was to give me opinion again I’ll say it is disgusting and disturbing to even imagine. But as a note, those where not Taylor doings personally, but members of his fighting force. And each person has their own mind and does what they feel, especially in time of war.

    I don’t believe Taylor had control over every aspect of his forces, as long as they were meeting their objectives. The only way this can be link to him is if you choose to say it is “Guilt by association”, which is not a lawful act. In my short life I have witness many war. I was a baby during the 1990s. I was a boy during the April 6. I experience September 18. I may not have seen much, but I know with war there is nothing good that comes out of it, only the people who “win”. I don’t believe Taylor fighters were the only ones to participate in such act as you listed. It was happening in both camps, and it is once again disgusting.

    Everyone who took part in the war was Mad, because they destroyed their own homeland for no good reasons. And yes you are correct about the objective of the TRC report. It was a process for reconciliation. However, it was clearly stated that there will be recommendation after the process, and everyone agree that whatever the recommendation was, they will accept in the name of peace. So it is not right to cherry pick what recommendations to uphold. My point is if you are going to accept the TRC report, then do so in its entirety and not partially. As I said the only way we can get out of this mess is if we have a new generation of leaders. The future is here, and this generation doesn’t care about payback. We just want the best for everyone. Freedom, Liberty and Justice for ALL.

    And to that last point, that was exactly what I was alluding to. There is more than one term of work that is needed in Liberia. So another term will still not finish all the work that needs to be done, and I am of the believe that you don’t have to be President to do good things for your country. A woman of her status, and popularity as one of the few women to hold such a power, she can accomplish good things even great things for Liberia in or out of the seat, provided she is dedicated to such things and not just playing the game of politics.

    And to say “another term in the interest of the people and stability” that proofs my point that if she wasn’t in office today she will once again support the destabilization of Liberia. You are essentially saying she holds the key to stability and instability. And that depending on the outcome she can either hand. That go to show why they all need to be gone. We should never allow that to happen to our country. If it wasn’t for the people of Liberia and a few behind the scenes negotiations, she wouldn’t be her position today. And Lord knows the Alternative at the time was going to be a disgrace to our nation. So at the moment her election was the right choice. But those years have passed, and we now have people that are more than capable to take on such duty and succeed.

  26. I always knew that Taylor is an ungrateful guy. He uses people and disposes of them, that’s what he did to Sam Bockarie and others. Now his next victim is the best defence laywer that the special court has seen —Courtenay Griffiths. Confirmed sources indicate that Taylor have decided to fire Griffiths.
    As if things are not bad already, the Mandela Charity boss has now said that Naomi Campbell told him the diamonds were given to her by Taylor:

    1. Kpolo,
      Is Mr. Ractlifte her words??? Chay!!! So funny I am choking. Where was he when the prosecutors NEEDED help???

  27. Kpolo,

    Your confirmed source who told you that President Taylor is about to fired QC Griffiths, is wishful and a pipe dream. And as far as that Mr. Ractlifte now coming up and saying that Noemi told him President Taylor did indeed give her diamonds is after the fact. Secondly, no one person wants to go to the firing squad alone, they preferred to take others alone at all cost. This guy should be doing serious jail term because he can’t produce the alleged diamonds. Henceforth, it’s alleged that if the guy can’t produce the diamond it means that he smuggled the diamond out of the country. It’s a felony for anyone to smuggle diamonds out of SA.

    1. Look Big B, all the Prosecution wants to do is, tie taylor to the diamonds, and cares less if whoever posesses the diamonds runs with it! Drop this mentality, Big B. We have passed through all these ‘ifs’ and dreams that, to you, are baseless fabrications. For you and NOKO5, or CEE, only the gavel will convince your stands! Bye Mr. Big Stuff.

      1. No my brother, you are the Big Stuff. You’re the one with 200 acres of land, five compounds, six vehicles, a publishing firm, enough money saved for your grandchildren to live comfortable and nobody can measure arms with you. A bunch of cow wash.

        I am just a peasant wishing that one day you will employ me to work on your farm so that I will be able to feed my family.

    2. Big B,
      your are right, “no one person wants to go to the firing squad alone, they preferred to take others alone at all cost.” Mr. Ractliffe only repeated what Ms. Campbell said in court. Mr. Ractliffe did not know that it was Ms. Farrow, who told Ms. Campbell, it was the African leader who sat next to her at a dinner party in 1997 who sent her the dirty stone. Mr. Ractliffe said Ms Campbell appeared to be at a loss as to what to do with them. Mr. Ractliffe took it upon his self to keep the dirty stones for years. As you said this is after the fact of Mr. Taylor trial and Mr. Ractliffe needs to be tell the court why he keep these dirty stone for so many years when he knew it was illegal to do so from the time Ms. Campbell told him and gave him the dirty stones.

      Mr. Ractliffe excuses “I did not want to involve the fund in anything that could possibly be of dubious origin, or even illegal. Reluctantly, I offered to keep the stones for her and to see what could be done with them. I thought there would be no harm in simply leaving them where they were (in a safe in his home) until Naomi either asked for them back, which seemed unlikely, or life presented an opportunity where I could have used them for the good of the fund.” IS TOTAL NONSENSE. Why did Mr. Ractliffe not think to tell Ms. Campbell to throw then in the trash let someone else find them or they would just be gone or report the matter to the authority?

  28. Big B,

    Those of us who have been unfortunate to deal with Taylor wouldn’t be surpised at any decision he takes in life. But anyway, let’s wait and see what unfolds regarding Griffiths in the days and weeks ahead

    1. Kpolo,

      You are correct (TWT) time will tell. And if I am wrong stick it to me; I’ll admit that I was wrong. However, If you are wrong I’ll let go. The reason I’ll let go because I already know that you are wrong. Fair?

  29. Cee, I disagree with you to say you are a Sierra Leonean. No meaningful Sierra Leonean will write the type of rag-tag contribution you have been making on behalf of the most African warlord and killer; Charles Taylor. We as sierra Leoneans we are praying for the divine power to intervene and direct the custodians of world justice to bring justice not only for Sierra Leone but for Liberia and Africa as a whole.
    The problem of Africa is we the Africans that are responsible. No coloured (white) man has ever invaded Africa on its own but because we are so selfish and greed and because of our immoral needs and wants, we are easily been used for their selfish gains. Note, those who live by the sword, surely die by it. Taylor allowed himself to be used, misused and overused to destroy Doe and Liberia because the former didn’t dance to their tune and when they supported Taylor and he became president he decided to turn his back against his god fathers, This is the price he is paying today and surely he will pay for his dishonesty to the Liberian and the Sierra Leone people.
    According to the Bible, love your neighbour as you love yourself, that is, if you wish good for yourself you should wish good for your neighbour. My brothers and sisters on this forum, let me say this to you, in as much as Africa is full of hetero-ethnicity the African problem will continue to be unabaited.
    If you are living with your family, someone can only destroy you there when there is a conspirator. The coloured (white) man use our own African conspirators to destroy Africa. If so why blame the coloured man? Let us blame ourselves for our present position as Africans in the world.
    At this point, I want to say Cee, you are indeed a conspirator on the mayhem that took place in Sierra Leone either by been a Member of RUF or AFRC if and only if you are a true Sierra Leonean as you claimed. My last word, let’s sit and wait for the final verdict.
    My question for all is this; HOW WHITE IS THE WHITE MAN?

    1. Faud! You joker.I think i might be too young and too clever and probably not in the country at that time to conspire with those idiots.After studying the evidence in this trial ,i Just don’t think Charles Taylor can possibly be greatly responsible or has greatly aided or in control of the RUF/AFRC.He probably have issues to answer to with Liberians indeed and their satan saviour( America).

      I would like to conspire with other Africans indeed to educate our west african brothers and sisiters on how not to let their big empty mind get so easily manipulated by your so called colour people= White people(Whatever)!!!

  30. Ladies and gentle men nobody answered my question, therefore I am obliged to give you the meaning of the white man as most of you called them but please note, I called them the coloured man. If so, then how white is the WHITE MAN?
    1- When he is hungry or angry he is red, do you agree?
    2-When he is happy he is pail. Do you agree?
    3- when he is dead he is black either as a result of chemicals used to preserve his body or he becomes part of the soil which gives nutrient to the plants. DO you agree?
    Therefore the coloured man is an unpredictable, hypocrite, a thief, a rogue and a selfish creature in the animal kingdom. We know this and we associate ourselves with them, if so who is responsible for our predicaments? It is we ourselves as AFRICANS. So why blame the coloured man. Somebody who changes his condition according to time and place to suit his convenience. Such hypocritical human-beings are not worth to rely on. Remember things fall apart the centre cannot hold the Falcon cannot bear the Falconers.
    If I say how black is the black man? He is unique.
    1-when he is angry or hungry he is black. Do you agree?
    2-When he is happy he is black. do you agree?
    3-When he is dead he is black. do you agree? Therefore, we don’t change our colour to any environmental factors as we are easily adjustable to areas and conditions we find ourselves. It is this uniqueness the coloured man has seen in us that have made them to infiltrate into us.
    My word of caution to both taylibans and anti-taylorism is that let us beware of the colourned man, he can use, misuse and overuse you for his own selfish gain and at the end causes your demise. Let us look for example, Sadam, Osama etc, etc. were used by the coloured man as conspirators to carry out their missions in Afghanistan and Iran, the end result, they demise them. Africans can’t we learn lessons from that. Although I am anti-taylorism because he allowed himself to be used to destroy his own people and a sister neighbouring country, I have no empathy for his predicament. let him pay the price of his ignorance.
    Long live Sierra Leone and Liberia and long live the people of this two countries.We may agree to disagree but I want us to accept that, we the Africans are responsible for our own problems.
    Peace and Love. Africa will one day succeed against mental slavery.

    1. 6/28/2011
      @ Faud

      Yes, in large part Africans are responsible for their own problems. However, victory over mental slavery will continue to allude us. Particulary, if we are unable to find even a scintilla of empathy for one of us who “allowed themselves to be used to destroy ones’ own people”

      take care

  31. Mr. Moderator, I posted a post sometime last week at Jfallahmenjor asking him if he knew Tom Kamara from the New Democrat News paper operating in Liberia. What is wrong with that question for which it has not be posted or what is the problem?

    1. Dear Jose,

      We apologize for your comment being overlooked. It has now been approved.


  32. Hello Guys,
    I see the pot is still boiling hot in this site’s kitchen. I have not been able to participate for a while as I am in Nigeria for my holidays and I do not want to get bugged down by our relatively poor internet connection. However, I can not help but comment this one time as I see that some of us are still on this ego trip and vendetta business instead on commenting on the topic on this page.
    The question I would like to ask my sensible friends i.e Sekou; Aki; Rodriguez; e.t.c is : How did the ARFC fellows in Rwanda have access to telephones in prison to the extent that they be accused of trying to influence prosecution witnesses. If the answer is that they are allowed telephone contacts to relatives, then is the line not always monitored? I do feel this is just another ploy to keep the court running one way or another as some certain individuals including judges seem to be feeding of the courts’ funds. However, an end will certainly come for this entire scam.
    Another question to be asked is this: should the men in custody in Rwanda be found guilty, of what use would another 10 or 20 years make? I most definitely pity the ordinary citizens Sierra Leone because it has become clear as day that this court is not going to be of any beneficial consequence to them only to the hangers on surviving on its existence through blogs, biased monitoring, media sensation and supposed judicial advocacy. This really is a cause to cry for Freetown.

    1. Dear Rgk007,

      I am not sure as to what information was obtained to convince the court that there had been a breach. It may be possible that those detained in Rwanda has telephone privileges. It appears to me however the witnesses may have felt intimidated and asked for protection. These witnesses may have testified against these guys.

      Whether they should be convicted of the alleged acts is a matter to be determined as to their guilt. We have not seen the evidence and I am unwilling to commit to an exception on the alleged transgression.

      It also appears possible that those in Rwanda are mentoring the trial as was stated by Issa Sesay during his testimony. Because I am unaware of the identities of the prosecution witnesses, I am convinced that their identity is only withheld from persons outside of Liberia and Sierra Leone. It is without any doubt telephone and mail communication is monitored.

      And to that end I will venture to say there are those contributing to this site who have personal knowledge of the witnesses who has appeared (at least videoed) before the court. To me there is no issue concerning the identity of the witnesses.

      What I find troubling is why this issue should to be published on this site? It has nothing to do with Mr. Taylor or his defense team; where is the link?

      Take care,


  33. Kpolo,
    I appauld your posting regarding blood diamonds involving Naomi & Ractliffe, Taylor in his testimonies lied under oath that he did not give Naomi the diamond, this is not the first time he lied about blood diamond. Remember the name Sarjivan Rupra? ( a Kanyan diamond dealer with questionable character)Taylor admitted he knew of Rupra but did not know him and still issue him (Rupra) a Liberian diplomatic passport; and with such a coverage; Rupra sold diamonds for Charles Taylor and the RUF until he was busted by South African police. Again Griffith’s decision to have Taylor testified for self was a total miscalculation, and has resurface to bite big. Guilty it is! or else convence me….

    1. Ziggy Salis,

      I know you and your self fulfilling intellectual and nuanced lawyers believe in mythical witnesses. I know you believe in “they say”. But I didn’t know that the prosecution was just not as smart as you are to bring in Mr.Ractliffe as a witness in this inherently flawed and fundamentally unsustainable case. According to your standard, it is just utter incompetence on the part of the prosecution. But again, I wouldn’t blame the prosecution because, their only real hope in connecting this innocent man to diamonds was dashed when their own super star witness in person of Naomi Campbell emphatically and unequivocally denied President Taylor ever giving her “blood diamonds.” Do you want to reopen the prosecution case again, since in fact, you think you have fresh evidence in person of Mr. Ractliffe? Be advised, what he says outside the courtroom has no weight and bearing in the decision of this fake case. Go look for more “they say” witnesses after both the prosecution and defense have concluded their final brief. Ways to go Ziggy Salis.

    2. Ziggy Salis,

      Was it proven by Naomi Campbell that President Taylor gave her diamonds? Is there any shred of evidence that this innocent man who is sitting in the whiteman’s jail cell Today gave the Super Model diamonds? The answer is no longer open. We now have an answer. And the answer is “NO.” So buddy, you can put all your spin and embellishment on it all you want. The evidence is clear. Naomi Campbell said she didn’t even know President Taylor. More importantly, HE DID NOT GIVE HER ANY DIAMONDS. Case closed. No diamond link. Sorry buddy.

  34. God is Great! An arrest warrant has been issued, officially, for Muammar Gaddafi, by the International Court at the Hague! Now the taylibans will acknowledge that this Court is not there to get Black Leaders only or such racist court with white judges, and all that rubbish!

    1. Fallah,

      You are clueless. Do you know there is a difference between the ICC that indicted and ordered an arrest warrant for Gaddafi and this inherently flawed court (“Special Court”) which is using the premises of the ICC to try this innocent man? Unbelievable.

      1. My Pekin ( GENERAL FIXIT),
        It is quite interestingly notable, that Fallah does not recognize the mere simple fact that the ICC was formed for African leaders only and Gaddafi being in the nucleus is of no exempt.

    2. Fallah,

      Do not use the name of GOD invane….I think you meant to say

      “The Masters are Great”. An arrest warrant has been issued, officially, for Muammar Gaddafi, by the International Court at the Hague! Now the taylibans will acknowledge that this Court is not there to get Black Leaders only or such racist court with white judges, and all that rubbish!…………………………………………………………….”

      {Except that the people who seemed to be coming before this court are Africans……Its all good Fallah eh.The uncivilised africans are been discipline by the masters, as the masters condone the lynching of black african Libyan in Benghazi!!!}(see youtube).

      The mischief of the West and the glaring stupidity of some people in the so called third world is the biggest threat to world peace!!!!

      1. Rubbish! Why do you guys continue to live in ignorance and this ‘great-web’ of conspiracy theory, instead of rational thinking and solving the african problems the african way? There is no such thing as you described above, CEE. You are very right about the ‘Great Master’ silly theory, you are, again, trying to introduce. The ICC Judges that sent arrest warrant for Gaddafi are not all white! Besides, this Court is not for black leaders only, except that most black leaders are eligible for prosecution because of their higher chances of being currupt, in humane, and unusual cruelty, they applied on their own citizery! This’s what I am talking about,CEE! The arrogant black leaders and their ignorant followers,who do not realize their ignorance until the West Steps in to stop them from destroying, not only their nations’ economies, but mass murders, rapes and total craziness, when they taste power! These are the taylor types, or Robert Mugabes! These are the crazies jfallahmenjor is against and will live to prosecute them regardless of what Jose, Big B, Cee, and others claim or worry about who I am!

        1. Dear jfallahmenjor,

          I think it is fair to say you are upset, but I am only African American; I do not understand what you mean by:

          Rubbish! Why do you guys continue to live in ignorance and this ‘great-web’ of conspiracy theory, instead of rational thinking and solving the african problems the african way?

          What exactly is involved in solving the African problems the African way? And how is that any different that holding an impartial trial? Are you suggesting that the African way is unjust?

          Would the African way be one in hiding as you are? Or, one that come forth to be revealed?

          You have already confessed that you are a former supporter of Mr. Taylor and whether you realize it or not, you have something in common with those that seek the see a fair trial for Mr. Taylor.

          I understand that there are hard feelings among you brothers & sisters, and the acts that cause lives lost over unjust causes are inhumane and have no place among civilized beings.

          I find no honor with those that are unjust; no matter what people or country that may be.

          Take care,


        2. Fallah,

          No one cares who you think/say you are. The problem is, you falsely accused us of things that you are doing. For example, you are hiding your real appearance and true name, but yet accused others of not identifying themselves by providing their real names as oppose to what you call “fictitious name.” On nothe front, I don’t usually like to talk about the ambivalence, inconsistency, and mixed message the world power likes to sent out. For example, the Obama administration has not given the American people and the world at large the U.S. mission and role in Libya. The administration continues to change the reason why it is doing what it is doing to the people of Libya. The most recent change that the administration has adopted is to “kill Gaddafi.” They are providing assistance to the rebels whom they said were protesters.They don’t even know who the rebels are. But yet the administration underwrites about 75% of the bill on the Libyan’s operation. What is the end game if Gaddafi is killed? What plans does the administration has in rebuilding the country after Gaddafi leaves?

        3. The observation with regards to the ICC seeming to be targeting African Leaders is not mine Fallah,many non-african interlectual and free thinkers around the world are making the same observation.But if you are coming from the school of thought that the west is always right and who ever they condemn must be bad and whatever evil they do to other people differ from themselve must be for the good of the people they are punishing .

          You are such a busted colonial baby you make my stomach cringe,As everyone keeps pointing out to you…you are more guilty with regards to the things you accused others of,you said i am ignorant ,but you sound more ignorant than me…you seem like someone that can be easily lead if the prize is right!!May thats how you become so rich.

  35. Jfallahmanjor,

    No offence, since you said that you know “tom kamara very well” and you guys are from the same ethnic background maybe you could be the right person to talk to tom to stop being deceptive, the use of hate tactics, extortion and other form of intimidations to make people afraid of him (tom), as alleged.

    An interesting link about tom kamara.


    1. Thanks for the link above, Big B. I enjoyed reading this piece and think it is a fair critigue, but appears more of ‘envy’ against this man! Who cares about the origin of Tom’s business and who was duped, and etc..? The idea is this man had always stood up against ‘injustice’ and that’s the buttom line, Big B.
      I agree the Dutch and others have helped his News Magazine in the past, but that may be because he reports “fair-and-balanced” even if you disagree with his intrusive journalistic flavour. International donors do not throw money around as you implied here, because I am consultant on some donor Agents and know how the system works! Do not ask me to give you video recording on this statement as it is totally irrelivant here and not reason for supporting Tom’s stand on ‘injustice!’
      Big B, Tom does not use hate, nor extortion, as you alleged, rather, people dred being interviewed by Tom’s News Magazine! You would dred jfallahmenjor interview too, would’t you? Ha ha, just to give you some comedy relief, Big B. Seriously, we need The New Democrate Magazine. It is like MNSBS is to FOX NEWs here in the States!

  36. Cee I go no further with you because you are ignorant of what took place in Sierra Leone since you where out studying. I can’t blame you for that. But let me say this to you, If you where in Sierra Leone and you saw things on the ground, you will absolutely conform to issues. You know experience is the best teacher, Some of us saw what really took place while we were university students. we saw the 1997 coup and January 6 invasion in Freetown when I was a final year student. I am not blaming Charles Taylor for the problems in Sierra Leone just as I am not blaming the US for the demise of Taylor as you taylor fanatics are blaming the US. I cast my entire blame on my Sierra Leone brothers who allowed themselves to be used by taylor for his own selfish gains just as the US used him for their own selfish gains. So, Cee if we are not to blame Taylor of what happened in Sierra Leone, why then do you people castigate the US and other bodies for his demise?
    Cee, I really want to assure you that you are not a Sierra Leonean breed. If so, tell me your place of birth and all the places you know in Sierra Leone before you left for studies as you are claiming?
    Some of us don’t care what you say but we will tell you who you are and what you are. I really don’t want to have this type of discussion with a presume brother. Sierra Leone is very small and I am sure all of us are inter related in one way or the other. Cee indeed if you are a true Sierra Leonean, I believe you should have your relatives there. If so, investigate from them. This is my last reaction to your rag-tag comments. I am not commensurate with you and therefore I need to talk with people of higher standards and better understanding. This is a universal world of dichotomy so let it be with you. An opinion is an as-sole therefore yours is yours and mine is mine. Peace.

    1. Faud,

      I was born in freetown Congo town,Pyke street…we emegrate in 1987 i was very young!!!Please don’t take away my nationality from me because i did not feel like you….!by and large we seems to think on the same line….but you keep moving position..in one instance you said,

      ” I am not blaming Charles Taylor for the problems in Sierra Leone just as I am not blaming the US for the demise of Taylor as you taylor fanatics are blaming the US. I cast my entire blame on my Sierra Leone brothers who allowed themselves to be used by taylor for his own selfish gains just as the US used him for their own selfish gains.”

      On this point i am in total agreement with you and i feel the same way when i hear the allegations for the first time myself……But Faud,after hearing and studying the evidence in this court,i believe i have enough facts to argue that charles taylor was not responsible.I think countries like Liberia,Ghana,Ivory Coast where mere transits for the people helping the rebels….the rebels infact have allieds in Africa who were sponsoring them from countries like Ivory coast,burkinabe,libya, ghana,gambia.according to the evidence presented in this court.

      But you then seems to have change your position with this reasoning,quote.

      “Cee if we are not to blame Taylor of what happened in Sierra Leone, why then do you people castigate the US and other bodies for his demise”What! did’nt get it?

      What are you aiming to celebrating here …would Taylor conviction serves as a warning to other heads of state in Africa not to intervene in their neighbours civil war….Is this the precedent people are trying to set….Civil wars in Africa have a way of crossing borders in every civil war…!

      I believe the issues regarding the civil war in sierra leone had been dealt with by the ECOWAS,UN….We convict many people and sentence them to life in prison,some of them even died in prison….So infact we have dealt with the people who allowed themselve to be used by foreigners to distabilised our country….so this excessive western witch hunt is quite mad really.

      And Please don’t strip me off my birth right because i did not feel about things the way you do.

      Blessed Peace!

  37. Sekou, I see why you have very little experience being a Native African, and having lived in the Motherland from childhood to your early 30s before migrating to the West. African American experience is totally differnt since your experince is only white vs black, and where one group is clearly victimized in many ways. On the other hand, Sekou, the black man, especially in the two nations of Liberia and Sierra Leone, are decendants of free slaves from Britain vessels, after the abolition of slavery, and those in Liberia, are decendants of returnees who were assisted by Churches in America, to have them return to their homeland after being freed from their slave owners in early 1800s. Now what hurts is the fact these brothers would turn around and become slave masters, keeping the brothers in darkness and coming on this site to talk nonesense, in defense of one of their kind, who clearly violated the rights of hundreds of thousands brothers ansd sisters of natives like jfallahmenjor. If you were in my shoe, you would know where pinches are! If we can not live peacefully side by side, then we should live apart and happy. Charles should have recognized what he was doing and putting the lives of many others on the line for future revernge, I believe, may come about if let go of his crimes against my people! Now you really want me to reveal the hurt inside jfallahmenjor!

    1. jfalllahmanjor,

      Last put not the least, your buddy tom kamara has been on the rampage hating, intermediating, double standards, double dealings, hypocrisy, and using scared tactics for a very long time, as alleged. If tom was my buddy I would advice him to stop. But being that you know “tom kamara very well” maybe, and only maybe, you would be the best person to get to tom and plea with him to leave his dirty ways.

      An interesting link about tom kamara.


      1. Big B, if the governmemt officials of Liberia are not doing any ‘shady’ stuffs, being full of taylor ex official, and at times, ex generals and mistresses, as alleged by some press, then they should not worry. But if they have something to hide, then Tom is right to expose them. That is what the press supposed to do! Check the West; The press put down the UMF boss for thing that would have gone unnoticed, had it been in Liberia. The press is a ‘check- and balanced’ on currupt leadership, and we need it in dark africa most! I did not read your above link, because it won’t make any sense to me. I AM NOT ONE YOU WOULD EASLY CONVINCE OR WIN OVER! Otherwise I would have being like you taylor lovers because of few handouts to you during his pathetic life in Liberia. Do not waste your time trying to convince jfallahmenjor on taylor issues. Final response to Big B!

        1. Jfallahmenjor,

          You are missing the point big time. I am not accusing you of being tom kamara, why are you implying as if you are the tom kamara? Is it because a guilty conscience needs no accuser? May the real tom kamara please stand! Ha ha. I asked you to talk to tom kamara to stop his dirty ways, because according to you tom kamara is someone you know very well and you guys are from the same ethnic background.
          Until you talk to your buddy to stop his dirty ways, BigBleaks will continue.

        2. Fallah, who are the press, Tom Kamara and Hassan Bility? Why are you blaming this innocent man for Ellen bringing on board past officials? UNBELIEVABLE.

    2. 6/29/2011
      LMAO!!!!! hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahah…..
      The most frustrating and at times comical aspect of this blog is the mind boggling single loop thinking. It takes Fallah to remind me about this peeve of mine.
      @ Sekou
      Your range from single to triple loop as the situation dictates is quite refreshing. I feel your pain when you are single looping with Fallah.
      @ the rest of those here
      In Jesus’ name, can we at least move beyong single loop to double loop?

      1. Dear cen,

        It appears that there is a severe viral disease flowing; commonly called RABIES; which impedes rational reasoning. There is so much hatred from Mr. Taylor’s former supporters.

        As I have stated before; I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion; opinions are like the anatomy and physiology of the human body; with some it works well, and with others there are problems. When it comes to this blog, I do not want to have personality challenges from the participants; that would not serve me at all! Unfortunately I have diverted from that path.

        When I stated before; Tell Muriel she cannot allow public officials to dine on FRIED ICE-CREAM with the people’s money; she will know what I am talking about; since 1993. I was referring to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. I do not claim any significant connection with her; it’s just that she seemed to have had conviction in her words. Perhaps she was being told that some day she would lead Liberia; judging from the friends gathered.

        The discussion here has turned from Mr. Taylor to someone who seeks to explore diversionary schemes that only lead to confusion. As for me, my life is not so boring that I must indulge in such nonsense. I was not a party to either of the warring factions and frankly have no appointed role in bringing them together.

        My concern here is to see how the evidence is weighed and the defense’s efforts waged against the prosecution’s case. Myself like the other members of this blog have no control over this trial no matter how delusional we may be.

        Take care,


        1. 6/30/2011
          @ Sekou

          I have often been diverted myself. However, your influence here has kept me in check a million times over.
          take care

      2. Have no idea what you are talking about. Not everybody understands jargons, CEN. Seriously, you have to make yourself clear if you expect reply in kind from me. Taylor is the subject here and let’s focus on that because you get what you ask for, I promise, CEN!

        1. 6/30/2011
          I am asking for world peace, proportionate sharing of world resources and love for all by all.


        2. @ Fallah …cringe…cringe…cringe

          Have you had a chance to research how “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” applies to Liberia?

        3. Fallah Menjor,
          Please my mman! your 16 master degrees are supposed to make you understand Cen very very well. Go ahead Cen, suck to his brain more: confuse him as much as probable…

        4. 7-9-2011

          Congrats to the director! Yet, I am not really familiar with Congo. However, I can’t imagine that one film in twenty years could accurately depict Congo. It seems the movie is another violent Black film with a mix of fast money and girl meets boy. I am left with wondering is this how the people of Congo or any African country would want to be depicted? I am not sure that this film or the winning of the award in any way reshapes the image of Africa. At the least, I think the film is a cookie cutter of all the African movies I have had the pleasure of watching. At the most, it was a lost oppurtunity to show a different more realistic side of Africa in general.

          As to the Memorial Day article, I am not surprised on two fronts. First, I had an opportunity to hear a clip from a southern radio show where the host proclaimed that white males are treated unfairly by the the Americam Justice System. Second, the manipulation of history has been a problem forever. In fact, that is what bothers me the most about the “secret” witness testimony, close court sessions and redacted trial records of the CT trial. What are the powers to be behind the SCSL hiding and why? It seems to me that the SCSL has created an avenue to manipulate history and keep mental colonization going.

          On a lighter note, I will share the article with a friend who is travelling to Charleston, SC this month.

          take care my friend

  38. Jfallahmenjor, the day your naturalize country formal president come to the Hague to answer questions in his involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. that’s the day I’ll put my hopes and be confident in this court. Until then it is just a court setup to prosecute African Leaders who are not playing along.

    By the way Mr. Fallah, in my opinion you are a man of just talk with nothing to show. you are the example of a coward. Several weeks ago I challenge you to a few simple inquiries. because you had nothing to say or had no clue on the subject you decided to ignore it hoping it will pass and after a few other comment on this site, It will get lost in the many comments. I have yet to see you address one of the issues I raise. but you are a shameless coward. I challenge you to give me you view on those issues, not run away from it or ignore issues you don’t have answers to. as young as I am, I seem to be able to see right through, especially based on your comments and ignorance on this site.

    Rather than addressing te issues you have started to attach and call out people on this site again. and as stated by Jose, it is obvious that you have no clue as to the difference between the courts. It’s either you are clueless, or you agree that this court is as fake as your identity on this site. because it was suppose to be the special court, but they claim that there is nowhere in AFRICA to host a trial, so it must be better in Europe.

    So Mr. Fallah or Mrs. The only thing I can tell you is hold on to your American Citizenship. because you have already sold your birthrights. enjoy being a Slave. I will dare you to take me on with your limited vocabulary that only seems to be directed at abusing others and name callings. you are obviously a very absent minded individual. I really look forward to know who you are, because the image I have in my head of you is repulsive.

  39. Yes, I also know that ‘ a sum of parts’ make a whole, just as a sum of rebel activities usually end up as ‘one’ being held responsible, and, thus, paying the ultimate price! That is how the world spins sometimes, CEN. I admire your knowledge is mathimatics, and wish you could apply this more often. I do not need to research the politics of Liberia because, as you can see, I am a politician and journalist second. Rejoice, for you will never say any thing here without getting reply in kind. Once taylor pays the price, we can sit at the table to negotiate. Then you will know who you are in the end. Most of you seem very confused and naive, to say the least. I will remind you when the time comes, and in fact, let me tell you this; I shall not reveal who I am except to initiated members of the Poro Secret Society of Upper Lofa! Because, the way I see things, we must avenge ourselves against what you guys have done to us, and you keep on talking garbage here and adding insults to injury. You will meet me face to face then, when you fall in my trap! Thanks again, Cen, tell taylor he has opened a can of worms! Do not ask me on this topic because I will not repeat this statement ever again until it is carried on….!
    My Poro name is fokofakii and I lie in a hammock when I sleep at night…you will know what that means if you are an initiate!

    1. 7/10/2011
      @ Fallah
      WOW. You are a really deep brotherman. I am in awe of you and your wit and strength to carry on your beliefs. Tell me, can african americans join your society?

  40. fallah,

    What is the big deal with this Poro Society thing? Whether you sleep in a hammock or you are sitting on the horn is irreverent. You were the same person tooting your horn when one of your prosecution witnesses testified (lied) and said that President Taylor and others ate human beings in the Poro Society. You knew very well that was a lied. But because of your ancient hate for President Taylor you connived with that lying tongue witness to demonize something that you so-called now cherish. Liberian man says “move from here man”

    The one thing that got my attention is and I quote. “I am a politician and journalist second” what a coincident for jfallahmenjor and tom kamara to have the same profession. Even though, tom kamara is someone you (fallah) know very well, but it’s “kinda” strange for two people to have the same characteristic. Come clean, are you not the tom kamara turned jfallahmenjor who in Ghana in the 70′s hated President Taylor because he vehemently told you, C. Wesseh et al that Marxism has to room in Africa, as alleged. Where you not send to Ethiopia by Sawyer to study Marxism under the Mengistu Heile regime, as alleged.

  41. Dear Cee,

    Thank you for your comment. We cannot approve it however because you used a phrase in the third paragraph (directly before “appointed”) that does not comply with the website policy for comments. If you remove, we can post it.

    Thank you.

  42. Sorry Taegin,

    I have changed the phrase

    Well done AU!!!!The power of wisdom and courage with an unbroken spirit despite few attempts by some west african leaders to break the spirit yet again, has stood firm on their position on Libya as they all decides on the insignificance of the ICC in Africa…

    Just observing the nonsense in the Charles Taylor trial and the Gaddafi indictment,the African leaders have realised that it could be their turn at anytime…with the amount of poor people in their countries,whether a democracy or not ,the Miserable intelligent of the west can incite an unrest in their countries at anytime if they fail to confrom ,as a bait!.Leaders will in turn attempt to put down the unrest!the west and their african workers within the countries will then accused that leader of crimes against humanity and a push for regime change and subsiquent jailing in Europe.

    That horrendous looking unshaven Argentinian Eyebrow appointed by the dogs of wars,was beginning to get very comfortable with the idea he can jail an african leader at will…..He reminds me of Domique Strauss-Kahn

    He should be trying to prosecute Britain for stealing the Malvenes(Falklands),if he is such a good prosecutor.

  43. She was found guilty by the media way before the jury went for deliberation to decide the faith of Casey Anthony. Surprisingly, shocking and unbelievable the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty on count one, murder in the first degree, not guilty on count two, aggravated child abuse and not guilty on count three, manslaughter of a child. Found guilty on count four, five, six, and seven, giving false information to law enforcement officers. The jury didn’t allow their emotions to cloud their better judgments; rather they looked at the fact. The burden of proof rested on the shoulder of the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was Casey Anthony who murdered her child. The prosecution failed the burden of proof and a reasonable doubt test to ascertain a guilty verdict.

    Now, what comes to mind will the judges in the Taylor trial put aside their emotions, media and political pressure to render a verdict strictly based on the evidence as the way the jury did in the Casey Anthony’s trial? Yes, it’s probable, not sure if it’s possible.


  44. According to the media, this case was all but over in favor of the former IMF Chief. Now there is word that he will not plead guilty to any charge.

    “French financier Dominique Strauss-Kahn will not accept any plea bargain and “won’t plead guilty to anything” in the sex crimes case against him, one of his attorneys told CNN on Thursday.”

    Even if the African Woman has lied concerning her life prior to her encounter with this alleged rapist who is not only accused of sexual assault upon the African Woman, but is accused of attempted rape of his daughter’s friend.

    If the account of the media can be relied upon, the DNA found on the Sister’s uniform it should cast the necessity upon the former IMF Chief to prove consent.

    I pray for a victorious African Woman.

    See link: http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/07/07/new.york.strauss.kahn/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

    Take care,


    1. 7/7/2011

      @ Sekou

      It seems this is another example of credibility is everything and the burden is on the prosecution not the defendent. I would be interested in knowing whether her immigration status will be revoked for lying to the USCIS.

      take care

      1. Dear cen,

        I agree that the Viva-Riva-Director Djo Munga does reflect a subculture that is demeaning. I just tried the link and see that AOL has taken it down.

        Sure history of the African American has been gravely distorted and as I have stated in the past that even images Martin Luther King Jr. will to portrayed as being lest African American. Case in point is the criticism of the statute that will be erected on the National Mall. And that was done at the hands of a Chinese. From an early age it has been known that history is in the hands of the revisers; we must write our own story.

        I am no one to defend the SCSL or the body that formed it; I will say that there has been a case in the U.S. Federal Court system where a government witness was allowed to testify in court wearing a mask; and the one on trial was not a person of color. The balance in the legal system is with the appellate court.

        Concerning your post of 7/7/2011, I pray that she will not be adversely affected concerning her immigration status; if that account lying is true.

        What does this mean for Burkina Faso and Mali?

        See link: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Riverstone-Reports-Thick-Gold-ccn-1440436363.html?x=0&.v=1

        See also: http://af.reuters.com/article/investingNews/idAFJOE76A08G20110711

        Take care,


  45. N.Y. community groups, activists unite to support Strauss-Kahn accuser

    Virginia Montague, who leads the New York Coalition of 100 Black Women, called the unidentified maid “courageous” for coming forward to file charges against Strauss-Kahn … “We’re talking about the face of women (who) have been victimized, too often judged by the media and public on rumors and innuendos … and not about facts that will ultimately be determined in a court of law,”

    See link: http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/07/10/new.york.strauss.kahn/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

    In order for the African Man to deserve the African Woman he must consider her a special human being and condemn any volatile actions taken against her. The reason I say this is due to the fact that my mother was an African Woman.

    Take care,


  46. Sekou,

    Good point raised concerning the DSK (Dominic Stauss Kahn) trial. Fortunately for justice sake, trials are not held on the TV or radio media. Instead, it is held in the court room. Look at the Case Anthony Case. She was guilty when it came to public opinions, but the court acquitted her of all major charges. Lets look at the Taylor case for another example. They said this innocent man took Sierra Leone diamonds and gave some to Super Model Naomi Campbell. Again, fortunately for justice sake, Naomi Campbell said Taylor did not give her any diamonds. Besides, she doesn’t even know the man Taylor to begin with. But all over the world, it is believed that Taylor took Sierra Leone diamonds and exchange it for arms and ammunition and gave some of the diamonds to Naomi Campbell. Sekou, which arm manufacturing company in the world that President Taylor allegedly took the Sierra Leone diamonds to in exchange for arms and ammunition? Where is the Joint Criminal Enterprise Document the Taylor and the RUF/Foday Sankor allegedly signed in Libya? The prosecutors did not show anything. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Hater of true justice will be stunned again when this innocent man is acquitted on all counts.

    1. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

      Concerning your post of July 5, 2011 at 2:24 am. Welcome back and thank you for your service as well. I knew Seabees in Vietnam. Seabees are the Construction Battalions (CBs) of the United States Navy. The Seabees have a history of building bases, bulldozing and paving thousands of miles of roadway and airstrips, and accomplishing myriad other construction projects in a wide variety of military theatres dating back to World War II. Seabees must be brave since they are often place in hostile areas.

      I have traveled through Philadelphia to New York many times traveling from DC. I have only used the VA Medical Center at DC and Kansas City Missouri.

      To address your post of July 11, 2011 at 4:55 pm.

      I believe this case rest with the appellate court. I believe that the finding of the trial chamber will be a split vote and if it is in favor of Mr. Taylor I am not sure as to whether the prosecutors can appeal that judgment. If the defense can find enough precedence from the appellate court they will probably win. The only thing I do not like is there is too much space allotted for the final trial brief.

      To be responsible for weighing 500 page briefs from the defense and the prosecution plus the evidence, would place a heavy burden on me.

      You know, it appears to me that those prosecuting this case outside the court room do not have a scintilla of evidence that proves Mr. Taylor guilty. It goes to the degree of their intelligence to come forth with unsubstantiated rumors and innuendos; whether they claim to be lawyers, law students or comics. Those that stand near are aware of their unjustified bias. The court system is designed to be impartial; the problem is finding impartial fact finders.

      It is true that the jury in the Anthony Case acquitted her of all major charges and that was due to the improper construction of the charges. There was no evidence to prove the major charges; this does not mean that I would defend her in any way since she has claimed a nexus with the demise of her child and the attempt to hide the body. I have no evidence to prove she killed the child, but perhaps a charge related to desecration of human remains would have fetched a conviction. She showed no visible signs of remorse for the loss of her child. I was not responsible for drawing up the charges however.

      Since you are located here in the states you may not have direct access to the youth in Liberia; but I think that you should be in the process of bringing the people of Liberia together. There has been too much suffering the people has had to endure and it is time that someone brings them together; if they love their country that is. The person that introduced me to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf told me that “it is better not to kill, because some days you may need that persons help.” I know for certain that he had forgiven someone who had tried to kill him. You should not allow those who oppose peace to cause you to falter. There must be something come out of the trial other than Mr. Taylor being a free man. The enemy of humanity does not want world peace; we must support the cause of the people and deny the enemy the chance to foster our demise. But we cannot accomplish this goal without the support of the people.

      I am not sure if you have checked out the final trial briefs and the defense response in this case, but here are the links.

      Public Prosecution final trial brief

      See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/viewdocument.asp?iddoc=6531

      Public version Defence response to Prosecution final trial brief

      See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/viewdocument.asp?iddoc=6539

      Public version Defence final trial brief

      See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/viewdocument.asp?iddoc=6540

      If you can research the citations the defense has made in their papers you should be able to understand where they are going with their case. Perhaps Sam can assist with a link to that reference.

      Stay strong by Brother!

      Take care,


      1. Sekou,

        Thanks for your service as well as the links that you have provided for the general public consumption.

        Hopefully the honorable judges will look at the evidence of facts and acquit this innocent man.

        1. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

          Concerning your post of July 12, 2011 at 5:34 pm; I think the affirmative defense is the prosecution did not prove that Liberian fighters under Mr. Taylor’s command were present in Sierra Leone during the indictment period.

          You should read the amended indictment.

          See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/Public/SCSL-03-01-Taylor/SCSL-03-01-PT-263.pdf

          And the Appeals Chamber decision of May 1, 2009.

          See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=1EKHD1m52qM%3d&tabid=159

          One notable comment by the Appeals Chamber is; “In his dissent, Justice Lussick opined that the Second Amended Indictment defectively pleaded JCE as a mode of liability.”

          If there is no liability Justice Lussick finds in the indictment of JCE, I would think he would need to explain to the Appeals Chamber why he would find Mr. Taylor guilty when he found that the Second Amended Indictment defectively pleaded JCE as a mode of liability. JCE is the only nexus the indictment allege Mr. Taylor to be guilty of; since the prosecution never proved that Mr. Taylor actively participated himself inside of Sierra Leone during that conflict.

          Nevertheless, liability is necessary part to be proven in the indictment for JCE; according to Justice Lussick.

          As for as I am concerned, Justice Lussick has committed on the issue of JCE.

          Take care,


  47. Dear Cee,

    Concerning you post of June 16, 2011 at 9:32 am; isn’t it true that Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf claimed back her land from African squatters?

    Unless one is willing to forgive there is no charge they have against others!

    Take care,


    1. She is a very selfless lady!!Its a common liability we have with many african ladies and gentlemen that were born in the colonial days.They tend to adhere to any nonsense uttered by their colonial master…you won’t get that with the under 40yrs and younger!!

      P.S- Must apologise to people in this forum that where born in colonial times…But the truth is as i stated above…many of them seem to have the spirit of a harshly treated child when they are around western european or white people for that matter,Timid,complying and just happy to be tolerated!!

  48. Cee, I got you right, however if along the line of my communication, I offended you, I am sorry. You know in argument you agree to disagree and during that time some one would have acted irrationally. The time you left Sierra Leone is four years before the rebel attacked on March 21st, 1991 at Bomaru in the Kailahun District.
    Cee, it was during the year you left they started recruiting Sierra Leoneans to Liberia. As a brother of the same land of birth, Issa Sesay is one of them. I know Issa Sesay just like you knowing somebody very well. The Issue of Sierra Leone war my brother, it is deep and has a route course from Liberia.
    I am really against what is going on in Africa. ICC is for Africa and not for the West. Take for example, the atrocities committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria, no indictment has ever been issued against the perpetrators. Now look at what is going on in Libya.
    Cee, Africa is in flame because of our selfish leaders who are selling the continent to the west. The demise of Africa is our responsibility and not the West. Cee, please note that a begger has no choice and in as much as we continue to beg from the West, we will ever remain to be there remote control.

    1. Fuad,
      Sorry, I know fully well that you are speaking to Cee, but please my brother, eventhough I was born in liberia, my father father is from Bont Shabro( Shebro Island). I just want to say that , the only and only reason why our people of Sierraleone experience the war, was because the president of sierraleone at the time or maybe some military officials in the sierraleonean government allowed, the ex-liberian soldiers from liberia to form them selves into a faction( MRM )which was called movement for the redemption of muslims, instead of being refugees as should have been.

  49. Dear Sam,

    When I posted the link to the final trial briefs, I did not test all of the attachment links and in particular attachments 4 & 5. I have since found that pages beginning at 121 to 200 of the final trial brief are not accessible. This is the section on FACTUAL NARRATIVE.

    Chapter Two: Charles Taylor from Birth to Presidency 98

    Chapter Three: Origins of the RUF and the Sierra Leonean Conflict through the 137 Coup

    Chapter Four: The Taylor Inheritance and the History of His Presidency up to 164

    See link: http://www.sc-sl.org/scsl/viewdocument.asp?iddoc=6540

    Is it possible that you will contact the Court Records Documenting System and ask them to repair the broken links and post them as a corrected document?

    Thanking you in advance,


    1. 7/21/2011

      @ Sekou

      Thanks for sharing.
      The following quote was refreshing:
      I’m the only surgical hand here, seven days a week, and nights as well,” said Dr. Ibrahim Bundu, chief medical officer at the hospital in Makeni, northeast of Freetown. “It’s only patriotism that keeps me going.”
      It is reminiscent of when JFK said the following:
      “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”
      I firmly believe as patriotism increases so does prosperity. Countries recovering from war should prioritize the return of their literate, trained and educated citizens. I never understood beyond the immediate economic and political foolery why EJ Sirlief advocated for Liberians to remain in the USA.


    1. 7-21-2022
      @ Sekou

      DSK may or may not be innocent of one, some or all of the allegations. However, I am finding it difficult to sympathize/empathize with these alleged “victims”


  50. Fallah,

    Since you got exposed, you’ve stop posting. What’s going on buddy? Fallah, you said you are not Tom Kamara, that’s OK. Keep on posting under the fictitious name that you have always posted under.

    1. Jose, there is nothing to say for now because I have been focused on Ellen’s visit to my area and the political future of my people. You wish you knew me but you will never. Probably if you look closely at the many photos of the President’s visit to Lofa to celebrate the 164th Liberian Independence Day, you will see me! Jose, you are very smart to notice my silence, but not what you think, that I am Tom Kamara. I would use the New Democrate Forum to reduce you guys if that Margazine was mine! Simple as that, but go on believing I am Tom Kamara! I can not help your ignorance of the matter, Jose and others. The las thing I want to do here is to attempt to educate you. It will be like telling taylor that he has come to the end-game, and time to reconcile with his God for crime committed against hundreds of thousands in the quest for power and wealth, or Gaddafi, that he has lost legitimacy of being leader of Libya! All you guys are similar and have similar twisted thoughts!

      1. Fallah,

        you said ” if I look closely at the photos of the President’s visit to Lofa to celebrate the 164th Liberian Independence Day, I will see you.” Fallah you have just revealed yourself again. You are providing too many falsehood. First you said you are retire and married to a white woman in California and you are a citizen of America. You continue by saying you live in America and you are not going back to Liberia. How can you be with Ellen in Liberia when you said you are not going back to Liberia? What were you doing with Ellen entourage when she was in Lofa? You see, you are just too clever by half. You are part of the corrupt Ellen regime in Liberia. No wonder why you don’t want President Taylor to return back to his homeland. God’s willing, he will be back.

        1. Stop being silly, Jose. What does it matter if Fallah lives in Liberia or America, Will that stop him being an American citizen, or Liberian, by birth right? Look, the issue here is that taylor stands trial for Human Rights abuses and disrespect to International laws. That is what your concerns should be if you really love this man and will choose to die with him, Jose! Besides, why will I be ashamed of working with Ellen? She is the best Liberia had ever had, and the last it will have! Wait for the time your country returns to lawlessness and barbaric and uncivilized wanton crimes, when you elect those rogues and idiots that are going around making threats and intimidations for the next election! You guys seem to be the most uncivilized educators the world had ever known! This is all I have to say about the attitude I see from your camp! But let me say this; I shall return to help Ellen in the next term!

        2. I can’t believe that you are this much interested in knowing some one’s identity on such a social site. This is not the days of witch- hunting.

    2. Jfallahmenjor you sizzle, come back and be nice to us. I think you’re relatively a nice guy, someone that I wouldn’t mind having a beer with. Lol.

      1. Fallah, what makes Ellen the best Liberia ever had and the last Liberia will ever have? Please answer this simple questions backed by empirical evidence.

    3. MY PEKIN,
      I thought fallah says he’s a MAN. How come the little thing you said ejected him from his mediocratic corner….. Fallah, stop acting like a CHICK and face men. We are here waiting for you…

  51. Nicely said brother Fallah,
    These multi-sided Charles Taylor’s sympathizers some, at some point of their lives may have gained and now must stand even against all logic to protect those gains, and some very much bent of past idealogies as to western world against an african leader. What they have failed to consider are the lost of innocent lives and the sexual desrtuctions of women and properties, during this man violent leadership. If they could just step back and reflect that during the period in question other leaders were in power in the mano river union, and all carefully looked at, by the international court and only Taylor was alleged to be most responsible for what resulted into this unpredictable mayhem. My point during this man testimonies, was his admissions to some of the charges, and thinking the judges will overlooked his involvement. They have continue to praised Griffith and his miscalculations in this trial as the second coming of Perry Mason. Sorry guys this is simple, Quilty it is!…. and please desist from holding me, Fallah and others responsible for our quest for total accountibility when lives were lost for ever. We are for justice especially when it involve the voiceless. Long live the Mano river union.

    1. Ziggy,
      I don’t know where you are coming from with that CRAP about gains from Taylor; My brother we live in the united states and other parts of the world, doing very good jobs , gainfully employed and live lucritive lives “LOL”. We do not need a dime from anybody or whosoever. All we want is justice for the people of sierraleone. Fingers have been pointed at the wrong person and those fingers should have been pointed at those corrupt thieves sitting in freetown ,free and stealing from our people. They need to be arrested, incasureted and brought to justice…

  52. Ziggy,

    I like your last sentence in your comment to fallah.” We are for justice especially when it involve the voiceless. Long live the Mano river union.”

    Ziggy, if you are for justice, meaning justice for the prosecution as well as justice for the defense, I urged you to do one thing. That’s to quote what I have been saying from day one right here, right now. “IF THE EVIDENCE IS THERE THE JUDGES MUST CONVICT, IF THE EVIDENCE IS NOT THERE THE JUDGES MUST ACQUIT.”

    Ziggy, I challenge you, if you have the courage to do that, without a doubt I will be convinced that you are for Justice, rather than being for justice that’s bend on hate.

    1. Ziggy, I advice that you ignore these clowns. Why would anyone in his rightful mind choose evil over good? My answer is; ignorance! These guys cannot be taken seriously because they make no sense in half of their logics! They seem to lack basic deductive thinking! They still do not think taylor is in prison and will never see freedom! Let them show me a world criminal that went on trial at the Hague and return home ridding a dunkey and citizens spreading their tattered rags, caused by him, to welcome him? Think about it, Ziggy. Yet these guys truly believe this will happen! Is this not idiotic?

      1. Fallah, explain to me what are the evils being chosen over good here? Just answer this simple question.

      2. fallah,
        For the first time I agree with you 100 percent. You wrote “Let them show me a world criminal that went on trial at the Hague and return home ridding a dunkey and citizens spreading their tattered rags, caused by him, to welcome him? Think about it, Ziggy. Yet these guys truly believe this will happen”

        I can only speak for myself and maybe most of my Comrades, we feel the same. President Taylor will not walk. For the record, I don’t expect President Taylor to walk not because he is guilty, because as you rightfully put it. Nobody “went on trial at the Hague and return ridding a dunkey…” Being that the verdict is around the corner, I don’t want you to break dance on your head and make a whole lot of noise saying, I jfallahmenjor told your Taylorists that Taylor will never get out of jail alive. We are not “idiots”, we already know that.

        World two super powers are against President Taylor, maybe God himself can’t save him. God will prefer for President Taylor to be killed by the unjust and later sit at God’s right hand in heaven. GB had a cell in waiting before the trial, the American Ambassador; Ms. Greenfield had direct interference with the trial. Now pray tell me, how in the world will President Taylor be free? But the “evil that man does shall live after him.” Today England is burning and the American economy is in shamble. These are just few calamities of God’s way of payback.

        Fallah, again, under no circumstances Big B expect President Taylor to walk. No body goes to the firing squad and come back alive. At the firing squad the gun may misfired, jammed, but shooters are trained to tab, rack and fire to clear the jam.

        I am a realist, and for the first time you are being objective.

        1. Thanks Big B for the realistic acceptance of my posting, and for the first time too! I am a realist too, have lived through four ex-rulers of Liberia, and have first hand knowledge of their powers and weaknesses. I hear your camp talk so much negativity about Ellen, when, in fact, Ellen is the only Ruler, right now, that Has No political prisoners? Think about that, Big B! Even The USA got political prisoners, but none in Poor Liberia! Why? Maybe, because President Ellen understands the CONCEPTS of Democracy more than Tubman, Samuel Doe, Tolbert, nor Charles Taylor. This Lady has not only freed you from the shackels of poverty and crimes, but cleared your international debts that you and your grand-children would never had paid! Besides, there is stabilty for the poor Liberians who were raped, tribal lands taken away, by past currupt leaders, and the Nation’s finances converted into personal coffers! And you got the nerves to say nasty things about such individual? That is where I come hard on your camp, because to me, that is not only irrationlity, bu ignorance!

        2. 8/17/2011

          Are you familiar with the idiom “let sleeping dogs lie”? lol. You know our friend is more likely than not intellectually deficient. Why else would he avoid answering questions that speak to higher level exchanges. He avoids them like the plague.
          I doubt if he even knows what empirical means.
          By the way, nice to see you posting again.
          @ Big B Our friend is not speaking from objectivity. He is speaking from a paradigm that has been shaped from ignorance coupled with a false sense of superiority. The celebratory way he speaks about no one returning from the Hague is without any real intellectual analysis or forethougth. It seems you are just trying to be diplomatic or find common ground with our friend. However, there is no common ground with him unless you are willing to barb at lower level exchanges.

          peace and blessings

  53. Fallah,

    Ellen is not the issue, but since you brought it up, I’ll address it. The reason for no “political prisoners” is because all of those trouble markers are employed directly or indirectly with Ellen. Secondly, thank God for the UN Peace Keeping Force. If those guys were not in town, HELL would have broken lose long time ago, as a result, the pedestal you are putting Ellen on for no “political prisons ” will be of no good. She will have no other alternatives but to jail those that tried to topple or destabilized her government. A situation her predecessors were forced to encounter.

    The debt relief, in all earnestly being that corruption is rampantly high; I would have loved for Liberia to meet her debt obligations, rather than a debt waiver. The reason, money stolen from the Country in the last five years could have paid our debt two times. Because Ellen was able to negotiate our debt waiver, does that give her (Ellen) administration the right to steal more then what they bargain for? I don’t think so.

    Many ponders believe if Ellen is voted out and her trouble makers are out of power, these people will leave the Country including Ellen for neighboring Countries and began to plan war for Liberia. I hope that shouldn’t be the case.

  54. Fallah,

    The more I read, the more I see you reacting in defending like the way you are reacting and defending when it comes to this physically incompetent and bureaucratic paralysis leadership in Liberia, the more I understand just what a huge win for freedom and democracy for our people. However, statistics indicate that about 90% of the population in Liberia lives below $1.25 a day. In fact, Liberia is the world’s third poorest country. As the 3rd poorest country in the world, Liberia has an unemployment rate of 85%. Just as its neighbor Sierra Leone. Life expectancy is 44 years, which for me, seems incredibly short. No wonder Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world! And you have the audacity to write this trash. “This Lady has not only freed you from the shackels of poverty and crimes, but cleared your international debts that you and your grand-children would never had paid! Besides, there is stabilty for the poor”.

    Speaking about stability, Liberia has a “fragile peace”. Be advised, security lies in the hands of International Peace Keeping Force (UNMIL) in Liberia and not Ellen. And the coming and presence of UNMIL in Liberia was not because of this triggered happy warmonger and rebel grand-mom sitting in the Taylor’s renovated Foreign Ministry calling it statehouse.

    For now, I will pause and see your response; then, I will come back.

    1. Okay, Jose, I agree that stability is due largely to the U.N. Peacekeepers, and that Liberia is one of the Poorest in the world, but does that mean Ellen is responsible? Come on Jose, you continue to make yourself appear sillier with each posting. Why can you face reality and see the truth for once? Man, I get frustrated because that’s exactly how countless numbers of country men reason! You will never get out of your poverty with such die-hard reasoning,trust me! Bye..you really don’t need to reply me because I am done with that subject for now!

      1. Folks,

        Fallah who is known for his ranting, raving and madman approach has just threw in the towel. Out of a sudden, he doesn’t want to discuss Ellen anymore. Fallah, what if these facts were not masterfully exposed by Jose? I guarantee, you would not have said anything about the U.N. troops presence in Liberia like the way you did in your previous post when you said Ellen gives the poor stability. Probably you are right that Ellen gave the poor stability because she is not waging war anymore on our people for now: and no one has gone this far in contextualizing the capriciousness of your long held view of Ellen giving the poor stability. .

      2. Fallah,

        If you agree with me, than why do you get frustrated for the same thing you have just concurred with me on? Is because it is coming from Jose Rodriguez? You said Ellen brought stability. I told you no. The fragile peace that we have is as the result of the International Peace Keeping Force in Liberia. You agreed with me. You said Ellen free us from the shackle of poverty. I told you Liberia has an unemployment rate of 85% and people live on less than $1.25 a day. In fact, Liberia is ranked the 3rd poorest country in the world with life expectancy of 44 years. Though you agreed with me again, but you don’t think Ellen is responsible. So what is the problem here buddy? why are you saying that “we will never get out of our” poverty with such die-hard reasoning”? Are you also included in the “die-hard reasoning” category? You will have to be there, because you agree with what some of us have said. Fallah, did you think we will never notice or know your u-turn or about-face on the issues? I was watching and we got you. Fallah, did I really read what I thought I must have read when you said” trust me”? Do you expect me to trust you Fallah? I will quicker put on my flappers and wings and fly to Jupiter and back in one second as opposed to trusting you.

        1. Jose, fallah already told you he is not going to enter into such arguement as;”why did the chicken cross the road?” Your logic is clear; you are not worried about who destroyed your country and lives; rather, you are concerned about whose efforts, it seems, to rebuild your country! If you think the world is with you in your whinings about Ellen, think twice, Jose. Ellen is well known and respected, unlike charles taylor who would not even get an invitation to visit any Western Nations, nor medals for good deeds! In fact he was dishonorably chased out of his own home, through the use of threats, or else he would have gotten BBQed,simple as that,Jose! And Jose keeps believing charles will return to rule ? Silly! That is why I really don’t want to get into such arguement with you. Say all you can, Ellen will rule Liberia until we get mobilized to never let you fools get taste of power in Liberia any more! You know what fallah means!

      3. Fallah, Fallah ! Funny Fallah!
        You always kill people with laughters. Did you understand the context of Big B’s post that was directed at you ????? Aye Fallah…….

        1. Fallah,

          You said my logic is clear. Be advised, this is not only my logic ; but instead, it is our logic, you are included: because you agree with the logic. What’s up with this destruction of Liberia you keep talking about? We don’t want anymore war in that country. We have had enough that is why the Liberian people are using the democratic process to have regime change in Liberia.

  55. Dear Jose,

    We cannot approve you comment because it states as fact crimes have been committed when an individual has not been convicted under law, particularly points 2 and 3. Can you please rephrase as an opninion or use the word “allegedly” in your comment.

    Thank you.

  56. Fallah,

    Make no mistakes. There are two fundamental reasons why Liberia has not yet re-emerged into flame. 1: the presence of about 7,950-15,000.00 U.N. troops on the ground. 2: the trouble makers are now in power and they know who they are.

    The second point concerning political prisoners of which you alluded to that Ellen is free of is just utterly incorrect. These names are just the very few of Ellen political prisoners. 1. Charles Julu, put in in Ellen’s jail cell on alleged treason charges. 2. Col. Andrew Dorbor, put in jail and tortured by Ellen Security forces on alleged treason charges. 3. Syrenius Cephus, put in jail and tortured for publishing a story of Ellen government allegedly sending arms and ammunition to dissident groups in Guinea to overthrow the then Head of State, Captain Moussa Dada Kamara. Just quite recently, our students were savagely beaten and some of them lying in their own pool of blood by Ellen improperly trained security forces and some students handcuffed and put in jail for peacefully demonstrate for advocating on behalf of the teachers who dropped their chalks because of low wages that is not commensurate with the current reality of the cost of living in Ellen’s Liberia. In fact, just yesterday, Ellen security forces arrested and put behind bar an innocent man for allegedly taking the President’s car picture. UNBELIEVABLE. You know what Fallah? thank God that some of us are fully aware of what this 150 years old lady is doing to that country.

  57. To my good friends and pro Gaddafi and Taylor supporters, are you keeping with the happenings in Libya? Hope so, because from now on the world will not stand by idle while lunatics and psychopacts kill others for no apparant reasons but sick, and ignorant behavior and upbringing! Jfallahmenjor predicted what was coming, didn’t he? I told you Gbagbo would fall and that Gaddafi was history, but you swept it under the rug! Now do you believe Gaddafi will come out of his hidding and fight door-to-door, street-to-street? Hell no! It was all big mouth talks just like taylor’s crazy talks just before he fled Liberia, with his infamous line;”god willing, i will return.” Of course, God granted his wishes, because he returned for few hours via the Hague, where he presently resides! God is great! Say all you can, Big B, Jose, Cen, the sierra leonean, and all of you crazy guys, running around like chickens with heads cut off. The World will not tolerate any more nonsense and that is why we will not put any barbarian in office in Liberia. Trust me..on this guys, because your days are over!

    1. Fallah,

      you are just all over the map pointlessly. Who can fight the West and Win? No man under this sun for now. So who are you trying to impress by stating the obvious? If today the West says it is you Fallah or the rebel grand-mom, who can stop it? NOBODY.

      Please answer these questions. Why did Ellen support the NPFL rebel / Taylor? Who took Taylor to Gaddafi? Why did Ellen had tie with Gaddafi before and after she became president? How long did it take Ellen to break up ties with Gaddafi? How much money did Gaddafi give the Ellen Administration? Isn’t Gaddafi’s aid in an amount of 60 million dollars to Liberia part of Ellen so-call international contact? UNBELIEVABLE

    2. fallah,

      Ellen, Boakai, fallah out, Tubman, Weah and Big B in. Fallah, you hear it here first, take it to the bank.

      Again, fallah, I can’t agree with you more “The World will not tolerate any more nonsense and that is why we ” (Liberians) “will not put any barbarian in office in Liberia”…

  58. Where is Gaddafi, in all these? I thought Gaddafi wanted to be a MARTYR for his country! You see all the big mouth he was talking..street to street, door to door..fighting! Garbage, isn’t it? This guy is paying for his crimes against Humanity!This is the Law of Karma: you reep reward for good or evil deeds..no matter how long it may take! This lunatic sponsored taylor in every way to go and murder 250,000 Black African brothers and sisters, children and the unborn, just to advance his sick thoughts through individuals such as taylor! It is pay back time and they shall all suffer humiliations and disgrace before their wives and children before meeting with their maker! I Am blessed to live to see all these happeningsto these sick leaders! These is my thought for today! Enjoy the rest of the week, when Gaddafi is hanged by the Libyan people! They should not waste time sending him to the Hague except if it going to cost less doing so!

    1. Fallah,

      After I massively annihilated your fake and false argument of praising Ellen to the heavens, you have jumped to another Ellen supporter Gaddafi who is on his way out. Can you stand for something meaning?

    2. fallah,

      I don’t think there is a comparison between President Taylor and Gaddafi, for the simple reason, President Taylor left because he loves his people, whereas, Gaddafi is willing to fight to the last man standing. There was a democratic changed of power; President Taylor passed the torch to his vice-president. What President Taylor did was the same peaceful change of power in the United State during President Nixon’s Water Gate scandal. Secondly, for an African Leader to relinquished power like the way President Taylor did, I believe showed, courage, patriotism and nationalism.

      The day before President Taylor resignation he said, “In the name of peace and love for my people, I will leave…” And the day of his departure he said “God’s willing, I’ll be back. Of course, with God all things are possible.

      President Taylor chose good over evil, if that’s your interpretation of the law of Karma.

      1. No, Jose, that is not my interpretation of the law of Karma. The interpretation of this law is simple; “Whatever you do to others – will be done to you, in this or any future incarnation of your soul. ”
        Therefore taylor is paying as we speak. Can you imagine his feelings right now: no friends, no freedom to talk garbage as he normally did, no ATM cards, nor account, life hanging in balance, and with conciousness to reflect on all he did to others and many more?
        That is what I am talking about! If you do not know this is true as day light then you have no love nor sympathy for this pathetic fellow! That you only worry about what you lost as the result of taylor’s fall from grace!

        1. Fallah,

          You and who talked about your so-call “law of karma?” Go back on this same page and read what you agreed with me on. There is no “law of karma” that I talked about of which you agreed with me on. You can not continue to conveniently ignore the critical issues that you agreed with me on. I talked about the fragile peace in Liberia and the presence of UNIMIL or Peace Keeping Troops in Liberia. I mentioned the 85% unemployment rate, the life expectancy of 44 years of Liberia, 90% of the population lives on less that $1.25 a day, and Liberia being the world’s third poorest country. Where are you coming from with this law of karma? Where did that come from? Is that what you agreed with me on (law of karma) ? Nice try though!! Not with Jose Rodriguez.UNBELIEVABLE.

  59. My advice to Ellen is this;In your next term, clean House in such a way that you will not only be seen as Iron Lady, but ensure there is stability after your next term. You should have never allowed anyone who had served in taylor government to hold serious post in your Reformation Government. Period. You did it simply to appear as Fair as possible, but because the nature of men is, literaly, ungrateful, sympathy or fairness should not be your worry. These are opportunists that will work for anyone who gets in power and therefore never loyal citizens in the first place! Do not count on them. kick them out of your government. Check History; no Reformation Governments had function well, in the past with currupt past officials within! Seriously, Ellen needs to descretly rid of such individuals from within! They do not mean well for the common good of the citizenry! If Ellen wishes to get advice on this matter, it will be wise to consult with past revolutionaries of Liberia, especially such pioneers of PAL and PPP. We are in our ripe age range and know first hand the mind set of the citizens of Liberia and know the mind set of those who only look at Liberia as Ecomomic comodity where they can make quick money, notably, taylor types or support group! If for reasons this is over looked, you may realize too late and prefy dogs as best friends, rather than these opportunists into your Reformation Government!

    1. Fallah,

      So Fallah if the opposition wins, should they also clean house including pressing charges against past government officials? Be careful what you wish for. You may likely get your wish.

  60. fallah,

    What next term, maybe in her dream. ellen next term will be opposite the fish market in her rocking chair. If Liberians are better-off now then the last five years, vote ellen.

    fallah, sometimes when you write it makes me wonder if you analyze your thoughts before putting on paper. If someone who is not a Liberian and don’t have the knowledge on what is going on in that country and happens to read your posting will mostly likely tend to believe it.

    For the record, name just one person who served in President Taylor government who is a Minister, Deputy Minister or Director in any Ministry, Agency or Bureau in this so called government. Do you know who don’t “mean well for the common good of the citizenry”, are those individuals (protégées) of ellen imported from America and elsewhere that broke the bank of Liberia. For example, the alleged former and current LPRC directors, former Interior Minister, former Information Minister, and former Minister of State turned Public work minister, and the list goes on and on…

    If ellen should listen to your advice to “consult with past revolutionaries of Liberia such as PAL and PPP” she will be listening to people like Tom Kamara, Sawyer, Tepotah-sp, Wolokolie, Mason and the late Matthews etc…Even though, ellen was part of that group, but I don’t think she want to get advice from them, because she knows how clandestine this group is.

  61. TLCafrica Publication Date: August 22,2011,New Section: National:REMOTE PRISON AWAITS TROUBLEMAKERS.President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, reiterated a strong stand, although, overdue, to some, a critical stand against trouble mongers, especially those who believe if they loose, hell should break and little children raped to express their, apparant political points, and instead of through the COURTS.
    “Article 80(a) and (b) of the Constitution of Liberia provides that “Parties or organizations which, by reason of their aims or the behavior of their adherents, seek to impair or abolish the free democratic society of Liberia or to endanger the existence of the Republic shall be denied registration.”

    Section (b) says “Parties or organizations which retain, organize, train or equip any person or group of persons for the use or display of physical force or coercion in promoting any political objective or interest, or arouse reasonable apprehension that they are so organized, trained and equipped, shall be denied registration, or if registered, shall have their registration revoked.”

    The Liberian leader did not refer to a particular group of people who may want to disrupt the country’s peace through violence.

    Her warning appears to have stemmed from recent threats of war and disruption of political rallies at various electoral constituencies and conventions by some political militants.

    The recent rallies of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) took a bloody nose with militants attacking party officials, including the chairman Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff. The attack, the report said was orchestrated by some disgruntled or dissatisfied members of the CDC.

    Then came an arson attack on Unity Party deputy campaign manager Eugene Nagbe, a defected stalwart of the CDC, who narrowly survived the attack.

    President Sirleaf condemned the attack and instructed the State security apparatus to vigorously investigate.”
    Now, these are the types of behaviors that should never be tolerated by Ellen! These individuals should bear the full wait of they law! In my view, these are not political prisoners but simply, trouble makers! The international body will never consider them as political prisoners, anyway. Therefore Ellen should make these stands and seriously enforce same as such individuals are clearly ignorant and deserve no sympathy!

    1. Fallah,

      You and Ellen will not intimidate the quality of resolve of the Liberian people. Ellen is the main trouble maker in Liberia. She has a long history of violence. Therefore, I think that warning goes to Ellen. Like I always say, Ellen will be a victim of her own trap and concession at her own peril.

  62. Who? Weah who? The succer player? I thought he just earned his degree in political science on line. Why not teach at LU ( University Of Liberia), if he wants to contribute to society? Does he have to be president? This is the crazy point about Liberian politics: just because Samuel Doe, a night school GED holder, ruled liberia in the past does not imply anyone can come from anywhere and become president! What are you guys thinking about? That Liberia is that low class? come on..Weah can do a lot more to help Liberia in other capacity, than being president! Give me a break! And for Tubman; he needs to chill because he should be grateful that he is a son of the man who ruled for 27 years and with 45 miles of paved road leading to his farm in Totota only! Come on; are you guys really serious? Not for now..these guys cannot sit in that presidency chair at this time..period!

    1. Fallah,

      Just when I think it can not get any much more dumber than what it is, it’s when you prove me wrong. Sure, it can get dumber. Who are you to tell Mr. Weah or Ambassador Tubman what to do? Why should Weah go and teach at the University of Liberia and not Ellen who went to Harvard University? Do you sometimes understand yourself? Every Liberian has the right to contest for political office once you meet the requirements. Why are you suggesting in stopping Ambassador Weah from exercising his constitutional right as a citizen of Liberia? Whoever wants to run for political office in Liberia, let them run as long as they meet the requirement. The Liberian people will ultimately be the judge in deciding who will lead them.
      Quite frankly, I prefer Ambassador Weah and Tubman over Ellen who waged war and suffering on the Liberian people. Ellen is a warlord!

  63. Fallah,
    Wher are your buddys? I mean people like liverport, darvenport, noko7 port, nok6 port, freeport and the rest. Including Miss Teage who boy friend left her because she lied on Taylor…Tell them the site hasn’t close yet.

    1. Noko5,

      Fallah buddies have abandoned him just like the way Ellen abandoned her buddy Gaddafi.

    2. NOKN5, I would ask the same to you; where are all the loyalists that once flooded this site, being insultive to not only fallah, but the moderators, as well? Are they fighting in Libya? Reason being that most started dropping off when trouble was in the Ivory Coast. Now most of your collegues are gone!

      1. Fallah,

        You can’t say that to Noko5 because some of us are still here. Where are your people?

  64. I think Weah had done more for his Country than ellen. One of the many things Weah did for his Country was to sponsored the National soccer team out of his pockets to the all African qualifier. As for ellen, the only thing comes to mind is when she told her Rebels to burned Monrovia and she will rebuild. If she can’t rebuild the gutted Executive Mansion that was burned during her administration, how in the world could she built a city? Em em…Lastly, fact check, Weah is not running for President.

    1. Big B,

      Please take it easy with Fallah when it comes to Ellen. I am pretty much sure Fallah is regretting why he had to bring in this triggered happy warmonger, Gaddafi supporter, and rebel grand-mom who is sitting in the Taylor’s renovated Foreign Ministry Calling it statehouse in this discussion. Big B, do you remember Grebo? Though he was on our side, but he also was sympathetic to Ellen. When ever Ellen name is brought out, he always appeal to us to not expose Ellen filthy abnormal and fraudulent misdeed to the world. I thought he was smart. But not this fellow called Fallah.

      Grebo, I’m sorry if I offended you by going so hard on Ellen. But Fallah is to be blamed, because he brought it up; leaving me with no choice but to respond.

      1. Big B,
        Please let us know brother ; between Jose and Fallah, who has the strongest boxing gloves….because I do not want to be accused of cheating. It looks like, this jose boy is using somekind of leather glove that got made in USA, and the other one, on the other side is shining like it’s made in CHINA. Almost like the COAL TAR road Ellen is building in liberia. DAT TRUE!!… LOL…

        1. Noko5,

          You too funny. I just can’t stop laughing about what you wrote addressing Big B. Do you know what so funny? It is when you said Fallah gloves was made in China and it was shinning. Man, you cracked me up. My man, that’s how you deal with these guys. However, you don’t hear Fallah talking anymore about education and looking down on us as being less educated.

  65. Folks,

    The Liberia referendum had a very very low turnout. However, under the Ellen Administration, the referendum ballot was confusing either through negligence or culpable inefficiency or even with the intent to cheat by Ellen appointed Election Commission. For example, the preposition seeking to amend Article 72 (b) of the Liberian Constitution with respect to the retirement age of Supreme Court Justices from 70 years to 75 years had voters confused due to the repetition of 75 years on both the “YES” and “NO” side of the ballot paper. Instead of the ballot paper having 75 years and 70 years respectively, it had 75 years on the “YES” side and 75 years on the “NO” side. If you choose “NO”, it means you are in favor of the 75 year,s and if you choose “YES”, it means you are also in favor of the 75 years. UNBELIEVABLE. Only in Ellen’s Liberia this can happen. You dare not speak, Fallah will advise Ellen to “clean house.”

    1. Okay Guys!
      Let me be the Judge in this one ;
      Weah has te right to contest! YES
      Should he be elected as president ! NO

      Should he look for job at the university of liberia as a professor ! YES

      Should he be hired in that capacity ! NO
      Now , what do I think GEORGE OPONG WEAH should have done for his country liberia !

      This brother should have atleast promoted liberia by opening a succer academyinorder to transform the little boys from playing in the sand, not going to school, to the level of playing professional succer, while at the same time getting an education for after retirement. He was going to remain the KING GEORGE we knew him to be… Tell me if I am WRONG…

      1. Noko5,

        You know that I am your pekin and I always agree with you. But I turn to disagree with you on this Opong Weah issue. I will not go further.

        Very Sincerely Yours,

        Jose Rodriguez (your pekin)

        1. Jose, My Pekin,
          No problem; Sometimes we have to get in the gray area to find our real position. So even if we disagree it helps us more. Because , it could be that I may not have the wisdom to see what you are seeing now ,besides the obvious. So I will take a closer look at our brother Opong again ; But pekin don’t you think, maybe, if he had tried promoting professional succer in our country, that might have even put him in a better position for presidency instead….Pekin I am not being negative but rather critical in a positive way…

    2. Shaking my head……Gross SLOPPINESS!!!!. Didn’t she see the SAMPLE BALLOT to make corrections?? I am still wondering and thinking HOW???

      Then Mr. Flomoyan gave a press conference and INSULTED the uneducated voted….WOOW!!!

  66. Fallah,

    “Heavy shooting has reportedly occurred in Maryland County near the Cavalla Rubber Plantation by the Emergency Response Unit or ERU of the Liberia National Police.” Why is Ellen waging war on our people again through her thugs?

  67. Fallah,

    It looks like the Liberian referendum did not go Ellen’s way. All four propositions appear to be a mitigating disaster for the corrupt Ellen regime. This to me, addresses the critical needs of the people and a utter rejection and repudiation with decency by the Liberian people. Many many thanks to the Liberian people for rejecting Ellen’s failed policy. One down, one to go!! HOORAY !!

  68. Fallah Menjor,

    I ‘d like you to look at the credentials of these candidates so that you tell us how stupid Ellen is….
    Morlu holds an MBA in Finance from Johns Hopkins, a Masters in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University, and double bachelors in Economics and International Relations from the Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia. Morlu also holds several professional certifications including Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Financial Manager (CFM), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP), and Certified Masters in Business Administration (CMBA). Morlu has experience Federal Government Accounting (FASAB Statements), State and Local Government Accounting (GASB 34), private sector accounting–(FASB Statements), and costing Accounting standards (CASB Statements

    Kilby’s resume lists him as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) recently selected to do the CITP exam writing for the United States CTIP program
    Besides Kilby is an indictee of the present auditing report of the GAC. An active THIEVE…..

    1. Look NOKO5, Fallah admires Morlu’s achievements as well. The issue here is not Morlu, i mentioned Weah. Name all his credentials, if you may. Miorlu is from one of the progressive counties, same as where fallah hails!Remember, fallah being Kissi and Morlu being Bandi? Let’s get to other business; about caution on putting ignorant people in office like a foot-ball match! That is what fallah is talking about! Stop distracting us from the issues!

      1. Fallah,
        I need you to publicly condemn Ellen on this issue directly : You and I knowingly know that the old lady, a libyan trained special forces commando has categoricly failed the liberian people. Why don’t you say it loud as a true liberian…. Fallah I expect that you attended the poro-society, and by that, I feel you are a MAN who fear nothing but to do wrong. WHY DON’T YOU CONDEMN ELLEN NOW, so we can really know who fallah Menjor is…

      2. Fallah,

        Ambassador Weah is not running for president. However, what has prevented Ellen from implementing the TRC Report? What was Ellen role in the killing of the Liberian people? Why Ellen had ties with Khaddafi before and after she became president? Based upon the referendum results, is Ellen qualified to run for president, though her true intent was to reduce the 10 years residency clause to 5 years?

        Like I always say, Ellen will be a victim of her own trap and success, and concession at her own peril. The acrostic trap she set for this unconstitutional referendum, backfire in her face. Watch and see, it will happen. The Liberian people of today is not the same Liberian people of yesterday.

  69. Big B & Noko 5,

    Why Ellen, Samuel Kofi Woods, Fallah Menjor, and other Unity Party partisans are talking about a foreseeable war in Liberia? What will bring back war? Will war come back if Ellen is not elected president? UNBELIEVABLE.

    1. Jose,

      From reading between lines, fallah is disappointed in the way ellen is handling things, but he just don’t have the courage to say it. He showed a little bit of his disenchantment when ellen appointed Emmanuel Shaw to head the board of directors at the Robert International Airport (RIA) The only thing fallah and ellen has in common are their hate for President Taylor..

    2. Jose, they are basing their predictions on what the opposition is murmuring in secret! But let me say this; if the opposition tries that route, you will regret big time because that will give Ellen chance to use the full weight of the law with no regrets! Then the means will justify the ends..do you understand? War, the opposition should not consider that ‘war’ thing because we will have chance to avenge ourselves, as I repeatedly mention to you guys, the ills from taylor to you hopeless young people that desrtroyed our Dear Nation Of Liberia. If you don’t know what is in store for warmongers, think again! We are waiting for the ‘trigger’ and we will chase you guys until you leave your sandals behind! Seriously, You guys will get long jail sentences if we decide to respect international laws as law abiding citizens, otherwise, you will get re-education on rule of law from those educational centers being constructed as in Grand Gedeh! This is all I will say about that issue, Jose. I have given you enough to ponder on for the next few weeks as we come to close of all the arguements on taylor as I predict the verdict very near! I need no questions because I will ignore you!

      1. Fallah,

        Be very careful of what you wish for. The very guns that you think Ellen has to kill our people could be used on her. Remember, up to this time, she has not given guns to her own trained 2000 military personnel, because she doesn’t trust them. Think before you make these kinds of unfounded prepositions and idealistic statements. And if you think America and the International Community will come to her rescue, think about Egypt Hosni Mubarak who was given about 2billion dollars a year and military hardware by the U.S. and when the people spoke, America and the International Community listened. Today, he is in a cage on his sickbed going to court. More importantly, just last week Monday the American Ambassador accredited near the Capital Monrovia said “America will support anybody that is elected president in Liberia. To me, that statement alone erases the pernicious myth that America will only support Ellen corrupt regime. My advise to you is to “not” pray for war. The Liberian people will use the democratic process to have a regime change and if Ellen is to face trial, it will be decided by the people.

      2. Fallah,

        Do you think you can just throw little jabs here and there and hide behind your unreasonable rhetoric of “I will ignore you” as a safe cover? Think again, not with Jose Rodriguez. Oh before I forget! I knew it wouldn’t take too long before you and Ellen return back to your roots of warfare, they say such as “murmuring”, and thuggery. What is the empirical evidence you have that opposition political parties want to wage war? Is murmuring an evidence? Who was involved in your so-called murmuring? Is it another “they say” evidence? What did the murmuring say? In fact, what is murmuring? Can you understand murmuring clearly? Can you interpret murmuring? Where were you standing when you heard your so-call murmuring?

        Again Fallah, this is just another attempt by you and this 150 years old rebel grand-mom trying to destroy Liberia and its people in general in order to get even with this country for not voting for she and her unconstitutional referendum. I think she’s actually trying to temporarily instill fear in our people so that she could get reelected in order for her to do even more damage in her so-call second term to Liberia. But some of us can see strict through her. However, this triggered happy warmonger and rebel grand-mom is very vindictive and has grudge for this country. She thinks this country is her personal property and the choices of the Liberian people are just plain stupid. Ellen pack your bag and go take care of your grandchildren. You lied to us when you said you will only be a” one term president.” The people have spoken through the referendum thereby making you uniquely unqualified to run for president. Your self negating and inextricably excuse that you had NGO in Liberia and you were paying taxes in Liberia does not qualify you to run ma’am. LEAVE!!!

        1. Jose, with due respect, who thought Liberia was his personal property and thus, could sell timbers, gold, and diamond and pocket same? It was taylor! He was the real rogue Liberia had, and not Ellen who has no Moneytery Reasons to run Liberia, as opposed to taylor, who ruled Liberia for personal gains! This is the garbage I am talking about, Jose.

    3. The Great General of All Times;” Jose Rodriguez”
      Pekin, this is the trick, the old lady( REBLE GRAND MA) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is trying to put in place ; She’s determine to disrupt the elections because of apparent anticepated defeat, so that her son Fomba Sirleaf, can become head of state of Liberia… That old crook is very devious…I bet Fallah Menjor knows about this…..

  70. Fallah,

    There you have it. The people of Liberia have spoken again when they rejected Ellen backed referendum. And they will speak again when they elect the real president who will be in the real Executive Mansion(seat of the president) and not the Foreign Ministry like Ellen.

    On another note, why is the election commissioner in person of James Fromoyan interpreting the constitution for the Liberian people? Ellen is just uniquely unqualified to run according to the 10 years residency clause. And if she feels dissatisfied, she can seek redress from the courts or Supreme Court of Liberia.

    Fromoyan, what you and Ellen were thinking when you brought out this unconstitutional referendum? Did you think no one will notice, or we will never no your tricks. We were watching and we got you.

  71. Fallah,

    Ellen will be held responsible for any and all wars in Liberia. She will be held accountable for lives lost as the result of insisting on violating Liberian laws.

    1. Fallah,

      Thanks a whole lot for reminding the Liberian people and the entire world at large about Ellen warmonger approach of settling political scores with those she perceives as political enemies. Job well done Fallah. But I tell you what, some of us already know the real Ellen. We didn’t need you to remind us about who she really is. However, you still did what you had to do for those who wanted to give Ellen and her like minded allies of destruction the benefit of the doubt to prove and redeem themselves. And you have just proven like you always do. Threats, intimidation, mischief, deception,stirring up violence, and war will not deter the Liberian people from getting their country back from Ellen who made a Nigerian man Chief of Staffs of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Liberia. In fact, it strengthens the quality of resolve of our people.

  72. What is all the garbage about this referendum failure, as anti-democracy, is concerned? Who cares if Liberians want judges to rule until they turn 80? What Liberia needs is stability and credible leadership, and Ellen has provided this! Stop all this silliness about Ellen failure because the Referendum was rejected. Be thankful that Ellen is teaching you the ‘concept’ of DEMOCRACY as opposed to taylor who never gave such freedom of choice and options to the Liberian people during his surpressive rule and destructions of basic life for our peoples. Get your acts together and sing ‘Justice and freedom for..all!’ The referendum has nothing to deray Ellen’s support from the World. This is wyh i believe many need re-education in civics, especially those with least education,but big mouth talkers like ganky taylor!

    1. Fallah, do you consider the choice of the people garbage? Unbelievable!! It will make more sense to you when the people vote out Ellen, thereby making her a one time president.

      Fallah, you too funny. Be advised all politics are local, and I’m pretty much sure the world supports and respects the choice of the people of Liberia when they rejected and repudiated with utter decency Ellen unconstitutional referendum in a democratic manner. You can call the choices of the people garbage all you want, the people have spoken and they will speak again with loud voice when they replace Ellen in a democratic process.

  73. Fallah, the hole Ellen dug for our nation Liberia, “we jump over it, we jump over it, we jump over it, and Jesus make us jump over it.”

  74. Fallah,

    This is what Senator and former INPFL Rebel leader Prince Johnson said about your your immaculate Ellen.

    “It was war; war supported, sponsored, promoted by Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. She was our chief sponsor. She sponsored us to remove what we all branded as a dictatorial system and so the war we fought at which time she said we should destroy the executive mansion, is the war in which people fled for their lives and to be able to come back home, it will take time because election is just part of democracy but in itself you have to provide good governance.”

    This is the real link when it comes to criminal liability responsibility. Rebel leader saying who sponsored and supported them. However, Ellen the writing is on the wall. It’s time for you to leave.” If you bypass your respect, you will butter with your disgrace.”


    1. Jose, I really don’t listen to Prince Johnson that much because He never understood taylor’s objectives in the first place when taylor recruited the Nimbanians to avenge the ills against the ‘congors’ ellegedly, by samuel Doe! He did not realize charles return to avenge his peoples, the Congors, or Americo Liberians, as they called themselves! Now when he realized, it was too late! Then he had the guts to execute Doe after turture; what a guy! This time around, the Natives will keep it close; we will brain wash our peoples who the real enemies of Liberia are! You sick people that support taylor just because he is Americo-Liberian! This is the gardage I read between your twisted thoughts all the time. That is why I come hard on your silly divisive thoughts, Jose, and others!

      1. Fallah,

        Whether you listen to Prince Johnson or not is totally irrelevant. He has told the world who is real “chief” was. He said” Ellen was their chief.” What is in this thing you just don’t understand? It is so easy to understand that even a cave man can to do it. Fallah, is Ellen one of the” sick people that supported Taylor because he was Americo-Liberian”? She will have to be one of your so-called sick people. According to Ellen, she gave Taylor charitable organization NPFL $10,000.00 to wage war. Another Rebel leader in person of Tom Wowiyou (Central Revolutionary Council} said Ellen was their overall commander. Former Minister and head of MOJA, Dr.Togba Nah Tipoteh said Ellen is the mother of all wars in Liberia. Ways to go Rebel grand-mom Ellen.

        1. Jose Rodriguez,

          Thanks so much for bringing this topic to life, I just don’t understand why this old lady was allow to become president. Why is she not with Charles Taylor? Wasn’t it agree upon that those that were involve in the killings that took many love ones would never lead the country? I just don’t understand why God sometimes let evil to prevail, but He has his reasons. To get rid of the old demon, lets tell our families in Liberia not to vote for her, they are under the influence of the local leader who are in the pocket of old lady. They can’t see from the inside, we have to let them know.

      2. Fallah,

        You are allegedly a sick man. Why are you preaching divisiveness amongst us? Are you not tired with war? Do you want Liberia to go back to those dark days? Where are you coming from with this native and Americo Liberian? How sure are you if another war should come to Liberia, you will survive? If I were you, I will not even wish for a day of lawlessness not to mentioned war, because allegedly you may not survive a day of lawlessness.

        You are not more of a Liberian then anybody on this site. You talked native, I first considered myself a Liberian, despite my parents are illiterate from Bong County. That’s why when you mentioned in one of your postings about the poro society and “sleeping in hammock”, I responded by “sitting on the horn” I shut you up for a while. fallah, I told you that you have nine lives, but you may not be fortunate with the tenth.

    1. Big B,

      Quite frankly, I have had friends around the world calling and appealing to me to take it easy on Ellen a little bit. They noticed that I am going too hard on her. However, are you suggesting that I should tune down my rhetoric on her? Like I said, Fallah is to be blamed. We have never gone this far on her like the way we do now. Ok Big brother, I will agree only under two conditions. The first condition is for Fallah to openly condemn Ellen role in killing our people and to advise Ellen to implement the TRC report. The second condition is for Fallah to openly advise Ellen to get rid of the Nigerian General she made Chief of Staffs of the Armed Forces of Liberia. Other than that, game on, and I will continue to hammer and expose her filthy abnormal fraudulent misdeeds.

      1. Jose,

        Your conditions to seized fire are more than reasonable. But to tell you the truth the man that is call jfallahmenjor will not comply. Maybe, I was playing the role as good cop.

        Jose, frontpage africa interview with Senator Prince Johnson is the exact thing we have been saying for the last three years. Our accusation of ellen being a warmonger is no more circumstantial or speculation. We heard it from the horse’s mouth. Prince Johnson laid it out well.

        Furthermore, we have also being eluding to this trial as political and fake. If the west really wanted to seek justice for crime against humanity, they would have proceeded with crimes committed in Liberia rather than Sierra Leone. The west is not stupid you know, if they had brought charges on President Taylor for crimes committed in Liberia, ellen would have headed the list. But make no mistake, ellen, Prince Johnson, Kromah and all of those wicked people who killed our people because of their selfish greed will be brought to justice, not in the Hague but right in Monrovia, Liberia. It’s just the matter of time. This is not a threat, its reality.

  75. Fallah,

    President Taylor so-called mystical monetary worth Like the 5 billion dollars was acquired through Ellen support of the millions she contributed to her NGO NPFL. Quite honestly, I can understand your pains and frustrations, especially with the rising tides of public pessimism about the direction the country is heading, thereby erasing the sense of hope for Ellen re-election. This just ended referendum exposes the political vulnerability of this physically incompetence and bureaucratic paralysis of leadership in Liberia. I can also understand why you called the choice of the people in the referendum “garbage”. And most certainly I can understand your divisive politics of native versus Americo-Liberian (Congor), educated versus uneducated, haves versus the have-nots, rich versus poor, and rebels versus rebel supporters. Fallah, I am far ahead my time. I knew Ellen was going to sink and even sinking much more faster than I thought. It has been revealed through the referendum and the immaculate false veil of Ellen has been ripped off from her face. The people now know the real Ellen.

  76. Fallah,

    From all indisputable evidence it is Ellen and her fewer fake supporters who think Liberia is Ellen personal property. They are the ones who feel the sense of entitlement. They are the ones who keep asking and saying besides Ellen who Liberia has to be president. They are the ones who always say Ellen brought peace and stability to the poor. They are the ones who certainly invoke and instill fear of the re-emergence of war in our people if they don’t vote for Ellen in the coming election. They feel it is the way they can convince our people by scurrying around and proclaiming that the International Community will only work with Ellen and no other Liberians. Folks, let me ask this question to those of you who think Ellen is Liberia and Liberia is Ellen. What if Ellen dies, is it the end of Liberia? Should we put lithium battery in her with the intent to bring her back to life? I tell you what; I volunteer to be the one to recharge the lithium battery and to make sure the positive and negative port is at the rightful terminal until we can find a Liberian to replace Ellen. When I am going for lunch, I will drop the hot and cold wires down and if Ellen re-die during my absence, I will ask if we now have a Liberian to be president and if the answer is “no” I will put back the wires to the rightful place. Seriously, this is just utter insanity.

  77. Jose and Noko5,

    I would like to comment you guys for the tireless fight in the name of true justice. Despite the odds against President Taylor, you guys never give up. Rain, snow or shine you guys were on the front line doing what you do best, defending an innocent man. Your patriotism and love for justice can’t be overemphasized. “Many are call, but few are chosen”

    To my comrades, we started the fight together, but for some reasons or the other, most of you couldn’t end the fight. I fully understand that. Without a doubt, your withdrawal from participation doesn’t make you less patriotic or someone who don’t believe in true justice.
    You were there in the most difficult time.

    As a realist, I would like to comment jfallahmenjor, the only person left standing for injustice. Even though, his views are far left but, I respect the man for his firmly held belief.

    1. Big B,

      Right on, right on, right on Big B. Did I really hear you saying Fallah is the only person left standing for injustice? Unbelievable!!!

    2. Big B, you are a tough guy, and I understand how far apart you and I stand, but I respect your stand and that is why I sometimes think even though we are on opposing sides, but with passion about our beloved Nation, Liberia. Had I been a taylor guy, benefited from his ill gotten wealth, and traveled to the West on his merits, I, too, would defend him especially if I had no concept of ‘justice’ nor fair play! Simple as that! But Big B , I think is not as stubborn as Jose, nor others who believe taylor was framed and therefore all wrongs against his own people are untrue! If we set these standards for our next generation of Liberia, what will be the consequences? Yes, many took part in the murders of our peiople, but their day will come to answer to the people. If Ellen gets out of the way right now as most wish, we will take full advantage of the vacuum and avenge ourselves because to me the war is not over until those who were perpetrators are brought to justice! So kick Ellen out Jose, and see what fallah is waiting for, because I will not loose twice; stability and return to taylor group!

      1. Fallah,

        Please explain to me and the audience of what you meant when you said these words:

        “If Ellen gets out of the way right now as most wish, we will take full advantage of the vacuum and avenge ourselves because to me the war is not over until those who were perpetrators are brought to justice!”

        Also Fallah, do you honestly believe most Liberians want to see Ellen out as you have alluded to in your previous piece? Will you bring Ellen to justice also as a “perpetrator”?Are you directly threatening the Liberian people of waging war on them if they don’t vote for Ellen? Are you imposing Ellen on us by force? You and who make this “we”, according to you that “will take full advantage of the vacuum and avenge yourself?

        1. Dear jfallahmenjor,

          Can you please edit the second sentence of your comment or remove it? We cannot post a comment that states as a fact an individual has committed a crime without them being convicted in a court of law.

          Thank you.

          1. Mr. Moderator Taegin Stevenson,

            Thanks a whole lot for the job being done here. But I have a little concern. And my concern is that I will appreciate you placing my response directly under the person that I am responding to as oppose to being under two or three different posts.

        2. I have revised my statement to comply with the rules! jfallahmenjor, the warrior!

          You will understand the “WE’ when the time arrives. You do not realize that taylor,as alleged, killed thousands of my people, because, to you, they don’t count! But let me say this; We will avenge every death that occured in our region. It’s up to others to sit and have you guys continue to mock at them in defense of taylor, who is responsible for all these murders! For me and my people, we have taken a sacred oath to go ahead even if you regret it later. Until you stop this senseless garbage talks, we will get furrious and make more evil plans for culprits. Time will come when you, jose, will regret to surface even in newspapers or secret writings!

          1. Fallah,

            Only a blooming idiot, or a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance will denounce a free exchange of ideas and to advance evil to silence opposing views. You can screamed, pass-out, and shout like an African peasant with your vein popping on your neck like an elastic rubber band all you want. But some of us will remain steadfast and not be susceptible to lies and threats from an individual like you who spews and stirrups violence, cleavages, and vitriol. Ways to go Fallah, we are here. I told you that some of us are smarter and more educated than some of you guys. Now you are seeing it, thereby, making you to retreat in fear after being surrounded by a fog of paranoid from our intellectual power. Hooooorrraaaaayyyy!! Jose Rodriguez.

          2. So Fallah, of all the questions that I have asked, you conveniently ignore all of them except the question that says you and who make this “we”. Apparently, you thought, it was the easiest. Be advised, you still did not answer the question. Instead, you pointed to the future. Ok Fallah, let me help you out here. Ask me any question regarding Ellen, President Taylor, and Liberia in general. Don’t be scare.

  78. Fallah, Ellen is bringing in mercenaries to impose herself on us and if we talk, she will order her mercenaries to kill our people. What say you? This is a bit Fallah, the real piece will follow. Currently, I’m sleepy.

  79. This piece;
    “On September 12, 2011 at 6:05 am, Jose Rodriguez said: Fallah, Ellen is bringing in mercenaries to impose herself on us and if we talk, she will order her mercenaries to kill our people. What say you? This is a bit Fallah, the real piece will follow. Currently, I’m sleepy.”
    Is not only silly, but your personal opinion and worries, it seems, Jose. Why will Ellen need mercenaries, when we are here lined up to go in? You wait and see who in Kissi land will refuse to follow fallah’s prompts when the time arrives! You do not believe what awaits you guys until it begins with the next bully from any of you taylorites ! I rest my case , too!

    1. Fallah,

      These are the words of this president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, which I just find fascinated and with peculiar interest why she will just not abandon or leave behind her warfare attitude and rebel activity, especially when she is now president and no war is on her government. “You already know that Nigerian soldiers don’t joke right, am going to Nigeria to negotiate for Nigerian soldiers to come here for the elections.” http://allafrica.com/stories/201109090778.html

      Why is this president so fast and furious in bringing in Nigerian mercenaries who are known for thievery, thuggery, and savagery: and above all, is it for the sole purpose of dehumanizing us in our own country? Three things come to mind. Either Ellen is a complete titular incompetent, or she just enjoys and being amused by hearing the sounds of AK-47, or, how desperate she is in imposing herself on us at all costs. Now Fallah, where are you in all of this? I did not hear her calling you, though you consider yourself as a self confessed potential rebel/militia. Like I always say, Ellen will be a victim of her own acrostic trap and concession at her own peril just like her unconstitutional referendum she became a victim of. Let her bring more Nigerians and no one should stop this convict. She will self destruct. She can try like what she is doing now in applying every frantic effort in making us to shut up or not to vote against her. But the Liberian people are even more determined than ever before to certainly vote Ellen out of power.

      1. Jose, I think Ellen is right to bring in anything that will deter ‘bloodshed’ and for her to alert you is ‘fair’ isn’t it? Do you remember the statement the CDC candinate made about what would happen this time if he lost? Come on, you can’t have it booth ways. I am so happy that Ellen has finally realized the ‘devil’ she is dancing with! This is why I will go to Liberia, have audience with Ellen, volunteer my loyalty and coomitment to the Nation First, and if she ignores it, I will go to my region, have audiences with my people who live in three States, Sierra Leone, Republic of Guinea, and Liberia, respectivly about what next. We will claim back Upper Lofa and annex ourselves to these Two Staes that have never prosecuted us in History! This is the Word of jfallahmenjor..and sorry I have to spill it out..and also ready to make my case to the International Body if elections in Liberia, under Stable Government Of Ellen should fail! Besides,we have nothing aginst many of our Liberian brothers and sisters and tribes that have respected our existence since we immigrated from the East; Kenya, where we have one group that exists up to date. Check your History, Jose. If you think you are fighting with a dumb, think twice again!

        1. Wait a minute here fallah. You can’t harm or alarm anyone here. It doesn’t take much for us to put on our fighting faces and began to kick some butts. But if we do, our poor people are going to be the ones to feel the weight. Jose and I and many others are trained US Soldiers. We will not pick a fight, but we will not back down from one.

          Stop your tough talking and let get back to the issue.

          1. Big B,

            We get Fallah where he is. Now any neutral person who have being monitoring this website will now know who the real trouble makers are. However, just from reading Fallah comments, one can deduce that man of his age is advocating violence and war especially when Ellen loses the election which I think she will lose anyways.

            Big B, I told the world through this site that I am living rent free in Fallah head right now.

          2. Thanks, for living free if that is what it means to you, Jose. But you are dreaming to think you got fallah in any way! You can never be half of Fallah even in your wildest dreams! Look how fallah had kept you guys scrambling for words, while fallah’s ideas float like a butterfly! You are really not my level and I have kept the dialogue only because no one can take my place and say things fearlessly as I say them to you guys for the world to know who you are! I believe fallah has exposed more to the world about you guys than would have ever come out! Isn’t it, Jose? Bravo, you shall meet me in Paradise!

          3. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

            I am not sure whether you received any Traumatic Injury during your deployment for the period of Oct. 7, 2001 to Nov. 30, 2005; or not. But I would like to share some information from the VA that may be of some assistance to you.

            Please read the Press Release from VA and you may subscribe yourself.

            Hope this will help.

            Take care,


            Recent VA News Releases

            To view and download VA news releases, please visit the following Internet address:


            Retroactive Traumatic Injury Benefits No Longer Just For OEF/OIF Injuries

            TSGLI Payments Will Be Made for Qualifying Injuries

            WASHINGTON (September 16, 2011) – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is extending retroactive traumatic injury benefits to Servicemembers who suffered qualifying injuries during the period Oct. 7, 2001 to Nov. 30, 2005, regardless of the geographic location where the injuries occurred.

            “Now all of our nation’s Servicemembers who suffered severe traumatic injuries while serving their country can receive the same traumatic injury benefits, regardless of where their injury occurred,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “We at VA appreciate the efforts of Congress and the President to improve benefits for our troops.”
            Effective Oct. 1, the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Traumatic Injury Protection benefit, known as TSGLI, will be payable for all qualifying injuries incurred during this period. This retroactive benefit is payable whether or not the Servicemember had SGLI coverage at the time of the injury.

            The Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2010, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in October of 2010, removes the requirement that injuries during this period be incurred in Operations Enduring or Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF). This is welcome news for the many Servicemembers who suffered serious traumatic injuries while serving stateside or in other areas outside of OEF/OIF during this time period, but until now have not been eligible for TSGLI.

            TSGLI provides a payment ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 to Servicemembers sustaining certain severe traumatic injuries resulting in a range of losses, including amputations; limb salvage; paralysis; burns; loss of sight, hearing or speech; facial reconstruction; 15-day continuous hospitalization; coma; and loss of activities of daily living due to traumatic brain injury or other traumatic injuries.

            National Guard and Reserve members who were injured during the retroactive period and suffered a qualifying loss are also eligible for a TSGLI payment, even if the cause was not related to military service, such as a civilian automobile accident or severe injury which occurred while working around their home.

            National Guard and Reserve members make up more than 40 percent of the total force which has been deployed since 9-11. Those who are no longer in the National Guard or Reserves can also apply as long as their injury occurred while they were in service.
            “I am extremely pleased that these total force warriors who defend our freedoms are getting the recognition and benefits they have rightfully earned in service to our nation,” added Under Secretary for Benefits Allison A. Hickey.

            VA is working with the Department of Defense to publicize this change in the TSGLI law. Additionally, all of the branches of service are identifying any claims previously denied because the injury was not incurred in OEF/OIF and reaching out to those individuals.
            Although applications are currently being accepted by branch of service TSGLI offices, benefits will not be paid until Oct. 1, 2011, the effective date of the law.

            For more information or to apply for a TSGLI payment, Servicemembers and Veterans should go to

            http://www.insurance.va.gov/sgliSite/TSGLI/TSGLI.htm or contact their branch of service TSGLI Office (contact information available at above link).

          4. Finally the truth is here. I was told that the latest wikileaks (September 2011 releases on Liberia) contain more than a dozen evidences that will ensure that Taylor face the facts.
            The Liberian people will be the judge and not Jose or Sekou etc..

          5. Joseph,

            I won’t come too hard on your comments for now. But this is what I will advice you to do. First, respect this website by not coming in with “they say”, or “you were told” by some mystical figures that “wikileaks (September 2011 releases on Liberia) contain more than a dozen evidences that will ensure that Taylor face the facts.” Secondly, please post the wikileak website that told the person/people that told you what you think you were told. Thirdly, how will Liberians be the judge when the case is not about Liberia according to what we were told by the court?

          6. Dear Joseph,

            Concerning your article of September 19, 2011 at 1:44 pm, I will make this statement.

            I have neither personal knowledge nor material evidence in determining guilt or innocence in the matter of Prosecutor v. Charles Ghankay Taylor. My beliefs are derived from the evidence at trial which I have seen. However, I will say, it is an honor to see that you consider that I am a defender of Mr. Taylor.

            Judging from the assertion you make, it appears that you have not one scintilla of evidence to affirm your conviction.

            As I have stated previously, without forgiveness there will be no real peace for the people of Liberia or Sierra Leone. And if you are not promoting peace, you are doing a disservice to the people! There is very little evidence I can rely upon that pertains to the life [hereafter]. I am convinced that we must live this life in a manner that is benevolence (intending or showing goodwill; kindly; friendly; doing good or giving aid to others). This was the impression Ms Ellen Johnson Sirleaf purported of herself when we last talked in 1993.

            The reports I hear of her lately convinces me that she has either changed or lied to me when attempting to gain my support for her cause. I say this because of the nature of our mutual friend who was an advocate of Peace and the cause for her and me meeting on that occasion. It that time she was a supporter of Mr. Taylor.

            Again, thank you for the compliment.

            Take care,


          7. Big B, needs to stop this bragging about being an American trained soldiers and all that rubbish, when it comes to fighting! We already did background investigations and some of you who are bragging on this site were only ‘logistic support soldiers and never went to the front line! seriously, this fight is not a joke for you to clown around here! Our peoples lives are at risk, B Big! Stiop all this garbage because we are ready and only time will tell.Period!

          8. jose,

            Nigerian mercenaries has already backfired. If reforcement is need for the election it’s fine, but it MUST be a UN reforcement. Not using tax payer dollars to bring in mercenaries. ellen must be getting advice from Gaddafi her role model.

          9. Fallah,

            Seriously, I don’t appreciate you casting dispersion on any Serviceman of the Greatest Military to ever exist in the history of mankind. I think you have crossed the line by your comments in denigrating U.S. serviceman service to America. You need to retract that statement immediately and apologize.

          10. I will never! I said what I had to say because I have information to shared if needed! You think you can come on this site and talk garbage and don’t expect same? I have a son that is in the US Military and and has served in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan too, and I tell you, He will never come on this site to brag! You make me sick when you guys lose focus of the trial and talk all this garbage about Ellen, Fallah, and things not rellivant to the the issues! So let me say this again, No apologioes to you or Generals that left the site earlier! This is who you are fighting, do not expect kind words from me even though I will try to be civil!

          11. Fallah,

            What do you hope to achieve by casting dispersion on the U.S. military? Will it change anything from the military being the most power on the face of the earth or individual that serves honorably? Please Fallah, don’t hold back any information that you know of any serviceman on this website. Explain what you know of any serviceman. Now the challenge is yours. Concerning your Family memebers that you have inserted in this discussion, it will be a fair game if we discuss your family members just so you know.

        2. Fallah,

          I am laughing typing my response to you. Your post sounds like a frustrated talk to me, especially coming from a man of your age. You are so disoriented, uncoordinated and disjointed in your post. It is comment like yours that raises alarm of public pessimism against Ellen, though she herself has her own personal problems. The Liberian people are gullible enough to not buy into the lies proclaimed by you and Ellen. Folks, I am living rent-free in Fallah’s brain right now. And that’s exactly where I want him to be.

          Fallah, where this annexation of Upper Lofa coming from? Seriously, you are an idiot proof.

        3. Fallah,

          How will bringing in mercenaries deter bloodshed when the president enjoyed what the Nigerian did to us in our own country? As a matter of fact, she reminder the Liberian people of how the Nigerians are brutal to Liberians in their own country. However, being encouraged by the brutality of the Nigerians, this president decided to bring in more Nigerian mercenaries and is evident in her self negating and inextricable pronouncement when she said ,“You already know that Nigerian soldiers don’t joke right, am going to Nigeria to negotiate for Nigerian soldiers to come here for the elections.” http://allafrica.com/stories/201109090778.html


        4. Fallah,

          First you tried so hard to downplay the fact that Ellen didn’t need to bring in mercenaries because according to you, you and others are line up. After I presented more facts such as Ellen quotes, you now saying Ellen has the right to bring in anything. Look Fallah, the Liberians that you knew 10,20,30,40, 50, years ago, are not the same Liberians that you know today. Things and times have changed. Therefore, try to adjust to cope with current reality.

          1. Jose,

            Ellen trap will catch her. First of all, there are approximately 8,000 to 9,000 UN Peace Keeping force in Liberia. Those Nigerian mercenaries according to my understanding are not under UN mandates. The UN Representative in Liberia and New York had no comment when asked if those mercenaries were part of the UN Peace Keeping Force. (UNMIL) It’s a slap in the face to the UN for ellen to have disrespected and showed her arrogance by bringing in Nigerian mercenaries to allegedly stop disturbance during the election. At this late stage in the game has ellen just realized that the UN is not capable of holding the peace? This is more cynical and contemptuous than the intended purpose in my opinion.

            This is where her trap will catch her. Imagine this scenario. Hypothetically, an out of control confusion breaks out on Election Day. Mercenaries are shooting on unarmed civilians. UN Peace Keepers steps in to protect civilians and ordered mercenaries to disarmed and ceased fire. Mercenaries refused to adhere to UN orders. A gun battle erupts between UN and mercenaries. UN Zaps mercenaries and ellen is put under house arrest, the rest is history…

            As delusional this may sound, but there is reason behind my madness. The same way how ellen’s referendum backfired is the same way bringing Nigerians mercenaries will backfired. LINU and NDPL two political parties that merged with UP filed a writ of probation with the Supreme Court to carryout the will of the people on the voted down Referendum. To add insult to injury, UP Party Chairman, Varney Sharman and River Gee Senator Cheru, filed similar writ on grounds, NEC counted invalid ballots resulting into the referendum not passing.

            Jose, these guys are confused. The UP and the NEC supported the Referendum; it was their Referendum, now they are fighting amongst themselves. God don’t like ugly. So you see Jose, those mercenaries that were brought in to murder our people that too will backfire.

      2. Fallah,

        What kind of image is Ellen trying to portray here by bringing in mercenaries? Is she trying so hard to appear as a real strong commander in-chief presiding over bunch of Nigerian mercenaries, or being magnanimous, or even just flat out plunging our country into to chaos and confusion? This woman is just utterly overreaching and Liberians are now saying enough Ellen. Again, her move is just deeply rooted within the cleavages of our nation and some of us have that natural proclivity to see strict through her: that is why some of us are putting her on notice, though she doesn’t want to be on record.

      3. fallah,”you already know that Nigerian soldiers don’t joke right , am going to Nigeria to negotiate for Nigerian soldiers to come here for the election”wow is that a commander in chief(CIC) threating its poeple with foriegn troop?what about AFL?is she teilling the Liberian poeple that the AFL is not train and well equip to secure the election alongside with UNMIL and the police(LNP)?i think her reason is not about securing the election but reather holding onto power.all she telling the Liberian poeple is”you already know i have spend money on NPFL in the past to kill your and i will not hesitate to spend more on the Nigerian soldier to kill for me this election if your try to vote me out.you guys need to advice your warboss(ELLEN)to think before she act

          1. I never realized how low your thoughts were until the above post, obaba mulu! You really don’t know what you are trying to say..so go home, read and educate yourself on Liberian politics. The Kissi and and other tribes are all one with one common enemy! If you knew this fact, you would never said what you just insinuated in your post!

          2. Fallah,

            These are your words ” wait and see who in Kissi land will refuse to follow fallah’s prompts when the time arrives.” Where did that come from? Obaba Mulu was only pointing out, regurgitating, and responding to what you wrote about the above quote. No one is talking about where the “Kissi” and other tribes came from except you. Remember, you have a tendency of saying things that are just totally irrelevant to a particular topic at a particular time. For example, you were the same one that said your son served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. But prior to that statement, you told us last year through this website that you have a white wife and a biracial son who had just joined the U.S. Military. Fallah, are you aware that the Bosnia war started around April of 1992 and ended in December of 1995? So how possible can it be for your son who had just joined the military to have served in the Bosnia war? Either you are stretching the truth or the U.S military is allegedly engaged in child soldier recruitment, which of course I don’t think it is the latter.

          3. Jose, again I ask that you leave my family out of this. You do not need to believe what I say. It doesn’t matter to me. Besides, there are lots of statements you and others made on this site, but because they involved third individuals not relevant to the trial, We let it slip just to be civil. If you continue to involved any of my family, I will send out a post that will give you HBP! You know me Jose, I don’t play that. My wife is not your problem here nor my son, whom you think is younger than he is, even though you niether know him nor have facts on him. You are leaving the debate because it seems you are out of new ideas or just pure effort to distract me from exposing you guys? As for the question on who fallah thinks is the common enemy, this is my answer, all associates of taylor and those who attempt to promote and defend all or any alleged acts of NPFL defunct ex-leader and crimes he is accused of ! That is my simple definition, gentlemen! A hint to a wise, is sufficient.

          4. Fallah,

            It was you who inserted your family in this discussion first. As the result, it became fair game. You were using your family as a sociopolitical and military tool to make a point. We didn’t know you had a son that was biracial, or did we know that you had/have a white wife. You said it; and so we will discuss it. On the other hand, I don’t know or remember anyone bringing in and talking about their family within the context that you brought your family member in this public discourse. This is a warning. Don’t bring up your family in a public discussion next time, if you do, it becomes a fair game. Do you understand?

            Fallah, Taylor was not born when the Kissi and other tribes that you talked about migrated to Liberia. And if you insist on this statement “all associates of taylor and those who attempt to promote and defend all or any alleged acts of NPFL defunct ex-leader and crimes he is accused of !” Then boss, where will you put Ellen?

          5. So Jose, are you saying it is fair game if fallah involves your Boss wife in this debate, or your personal life in the US army? If you say yes, I will open a new chapter of this debate in a very legal manner that you can do nothing to fallah, legally, but fume and get heart attack! Answer me boss, ‘Now you want us put taylor trial one side and wash our laundry to the world,hy? You young man need to relearn what mama said about respect for others, regardless! I have limited patient for people of your type, Jose. We need to get back to the main topic: taylor stands accused of crimes involving child soldiers, rapes, murders. cover-ups, leadership of Sierra Leone notorious rebels, illegal minning of sierra Leone diamonds, allegedly giving diamonds to Naomi and lying about it, attempting to buy arms from South africa, in the process, and countless charges. That is what should be your concern here; and not fallah’s wife colour, nor fallah’s bi-racial marriage. Is this really relevant Jose. Then tell me what yours is or are you the other way? You see, these are not relevant questions, not at all!

          6. Fallah,

            What is in this thing you just don’t understand? Say anything/do anything that pleases you. Again Fallah, this is one of the direct results of losing control of the academic intellectual firepower that you always boast of having. You are acting like a one-armed lunatic who will just keep swinging that one arm, and keep on fighting a losing battle no matter what. On another front, Ellen government has buried our people again in mass grave after one of her party partisans used government vehicle as a Weapon of Mass Destruction to savagely murder about 16 people who were having a peaceful campaign rally for presidential candidate, Rev. Kennedy Sandy in Grand Cape mount County, Liberia. Apart from Ellen government burying our people in mass grave, she did not attend, condemn the act, or extend condolence to the bereaved family, though other political parties did. In fact, Rev. Kennedy Sandy has accused the Ellen government of an assassination attempt on his life. Why is Ellen the way she is? UNBELIEVABLE.

          7. On September 23, 2011 at 6:42 pm, jfallahmenjor said:

            You did not answer to my question, Jose. You have the courts and the judicialry systems in Liberia. If you and Rev Sandy believe, Ellen plotted to have a lunatic ram a vehicle through citizens, then go to them for redress. This is not where you should bring your complaint. You are out of topic! Fallah has not sent condolences, nor Jose, neither Cee, Big B, or taylor himself, so what is the big deal about that?
            Jose, even though I have liberty to sayanything I please, but I respect and care about others rights and feelings. If what I said or did only affected you, I would care less! Taylor is the issue here, my friend, save your grievances against Ellen or fallah and pass on to your grandchildren. They might complete your fight because for now, Ellen has second term and is a matter of must! Eat your fufu and worry about your rent!


          8. fallah,

            I don’t vote personalities, I vote issues. Without a doubt the advanced degrees holder from London Schools of Economics, Cambridge University and Harvard University, the Harvard trained constitutional lawyer His Excellency, Ambassador Winston Tubman and Ambassador Weah have a much better platform for Liberian than ellen and Boakai. President Taylor was even better, but that’s another story.

            Thanks for the quite “man pot got to boil’ Lol.. Apparently, you and ellen must have attended the same school of thought. You guys are very good at turning the argument around. Ambassador Weah has never shot a fire cracker in his life not to mention an AK47. But you and ellen are trying hard to labeled Ambassador Weah as a warlord, now you are labeling me as “man pot got to boil”. Good try fallah.

            You and ellen have thrown the kitchen sink, toilet and everything else at us. It’s not sticking. What are you guys going to do in couple of weeks, when people power run wild on your?

          9. Great question, Big B. We will ensure that there is stability, first and foremost! Then persue the legal term for those who want to distabalize our Nation. Weah and you need not worry if you think you are innocent. But if anything is uncovered about that plot, you will regret Big B. You will wish to run back to another political party! As for taylor, fallah is sure that Big B has given up at last! Free at last from taylor camp! You may want to consider joining us and get schooled in Liberian politics and “politiking!”

          10. fallah,

            There is nothing there to uncover. The question is what all have been planted to be uncovered. fallah, your ellenrists are nothing but a group of unrealistic, pathetic people who think Liberia is their personal properties. Look what ellen did yesterday, she fired the Director of LBS Mr. Nmah because he allowed Ambassador Weah air time on the State Radio. He was replaced by one of your warlords Alhaji Kromah. What a disgrace, is that what you call understanding Liberia politics and politicking? Allegedly, paid an ambulance driver five thousands US dollars ($5,000.) to run over and killed an opposition leader, but as God may have had it, the Standard Bearer wasn’t present at the time, instead, he ran over and killed 16 innocent people, is that understanding Liberia politics and politicking? Allegedly, paid two thousands five hundred US dollars ($2,500.00) to a hit man in Nimba County to murdered one of her Secret Service Officers, because he was dating ellen worst nightmare sister, Senator Prince Johnson. Agent George Williams was murdered because ellen was going to Nimba and due to the fact that Agent Williams was dating Senator Johnson’s sister, ellen was afraid Agent Williams was a double agent. Is that what you call understanding Liberia politics and politicking?

            Lastly, I will continue to be in President Taylor’s camp because I believe he was unjustly accused of crimes he didn’t commit. President Taylor is not coming back to run for president, that’s reality. Therefore, it is my constitutional rights just like you, because most times you forget that Liberia belongs to all of us to support whoever I think is best for Liberia, and that person is definitely not ellen, the alleged Angel of Death.

          11. Now Big B is beginning to swallow reality at last! Firstly, Big B has consented defeat that taylor is history. Secondly,that it is everybody’s right to support whoever they feel competent to run Liberia.
            However, for Big B to come up with all these silly ideas about who, and how SS member died, without convictions, is not only ‘crazy talks,’but attempt to derail our genuient conversation and turning it into rebel mentality. Ellen is not at war with Prince Johnson, neither cares who goes out with whom in Liberia, to plot to eliminate them just to win elections that she already has victory over! I bet Big B will vote for Unity Party if elections were held today. But if your theory holds water, then let the ex-agent fiance’ come forward to claim death insurance! You know what, keep your rubbish and respect the bereaved family as they mourn for their lost son. This is no place to come with such silly talks just because you hate Ellen and have finally realized the truth that you will not get in power as you had dreamed, first that taylor will return, now that Weah and Tubman are silenced! What next, this is rapid fire, US trained soldier, or national guard!

          12. joseph,
            Your story is too, too old for this site; look my friend, if you want to be engaged, please come up with interesting point. Jose is right now doing his best to straighten FALLAH MENJOR up. Stop distracting the gentleman…He’s very busy ,ok!! THANKS…

          13. Joseph, this website clearly points to how the U.S. tried to undermine President Taylor. It points out America plan B if he is acquitted by the Special Court. So what is the point?

          14. fallah,

            I have vehemently made myself clear on this site that I am a realist. I will not waste my time responding to your total nonsense comment. Read my posting of 15 August. This posting was intended to preempt your silly comments ever!

            On August 15, 2011 at 10:17 pm, B Big said: fallah,
            For the first time I agree with you 100 percent. You wrote “Let them show me a world criminal that went on trial at the Hague and return home ridding a dunkey and citizens spreading their tattered rags, caused by him, to welcome him? Think about it, Ziggy. Yet these guys truly believe this will happen”

            I can only speak for myself and maybe most of my Comrades, we feel the same. President Taylor will not walk. For the record, I don’t expect President Taylor to walk not because he is guilty, because as you rightfully put it. Nobody “went on trial at the Hague and return ridding a dunkey…” Being that the verdict is around the corner, I don’t want you to break dance on your head and make a whole lot of noise saying, I jfallahmenjor told your Taylorists that Taylor will never get out of jail alive. We are not “idiots”, we already know that.

            World two super powers are against President Taylor, maybe God himself can’t save him. God will prefer for President Taylor to be killed by the unjust and later sit at God’s right hand in heaven. GB had a cell in waiting before the trial, the American Ambassador; Ms. Greenfield had direct interference with the trial. Now pray tell me, how in the world will President Taylor be free? But the “evil that man does shall live after him.” Today England is burning and the American economy is in shamble. These are just few calamities of God’s way of payback.

            Fallah, again, under no circumstances Big B expect President Taylor to walk. No body goes to the firing squad and come back alive. At the firing squad the gun may misfired, jammed, but shooters are trained to tab, rack and fire to clear the jam.

            I am a realist, and for the first time you are being objective.

          15. fallah,

            I am on the ground; I know what is unfolding. Ellen is using people tax dollars to bribe her reelection bid. Liberians are saying behind closed doors, it’s our money, she (ellen) failed to do something good for us in the last six years, now she is giving us free money. We are going to take the money and vote CDC. That’s exactly what we are telling our people, take the money.

            If ellen hands were not in the death of Agent Williams, why didn’t she paid tribute to the bereaved family the next day when she visited Nimba? She took to the podium and not once mentioned the death of the agent. Same thing happened during the funeral services of those 16 people. For God’s sake moderator Taegin Stevenson, I know you are neutral, and I don’t want to drag you into this debate, rhetorically, don’t you think the government of Liberia should have send a representative at the funeral services to paid tributes, or ellen herself showed up to save face.

            fallah, as the matter of fact, I met with Rodney the editor in chief (fpa) not too long ago, I asked him, why is he publishing all these negative things about Ambassador Weah making him to appear as if he’s warlord? The answered Rodney give me will knock you out off your socks. He told me “I get paid.” Moreover, he said “I come up with all these sensational topics for readers to comment harshly towards ellen, because she jailed me for publishing someone else’s opinion. Those were Rodney’s exact words. It’s a lost, lost situation all around for ellen and her UP.

            What will you guys do when People Power runs wild on UP come October 11?

          16. OH MY GOD!

            I see why fallah tried to post something without giving reference. Thanks T.S. for catching fallah in one of his many tricks. God has confused fallah. Why would anyone in his rightful mind give reference that is not in his best interest under the circumsatnces? fallah, you have made our case. Now the World knows exactly how Liberians feel about ellen from reading their comments from your reference link to Frontpage Africa. Bravo, Kudos fallah!!!

            Ellen is using tax dollars to bribe the media and citizens to vote for her. Frontpage Africa is not a credible newspaper. Thank God the so-called New Democratic that was once owned by Tom Kamars is off line, and it’s going to stay off line for a long time, because donor countries that were sponsoring the paper realized Tom Kamara is an alleged crook. As a result, pulled the plug.

          17. For Heaven sake, is Big B pleading to the moderator to come to his rescue? Unbelievable! Listen to this garbage from Big B;”If ellen hands were not in the death of Agent Williams, why didn’t she paid tribute to the bereaved family the next day when she visited Nimba? She took to the podium and not once mentioned the death of the agent. Same thing happened during the funeral services of those 16 people. For God’s sake moderator Taegin Stevenson, I know you are neutral, and I don’t want to drag you into this debate, rhetorically, don’t you think the government of Liberia should have send a representative at the funeral services to paid tributes, or ellen herself showed up to save face.”
            All you are saying here is simply your opinions and grievances built in your personal animosity against this Lady. You are despicable, but I got news for you Big B. I have a post that is coming out about you that will shake you off balance..you and taylor! Do not attempt to Drag the Moderators into rebel mentality and ignorance. Moderators will never voice their personal opinions like you just did! Silly!

          18. fallah, if you are an educated man as you professed to be than why is it difficult for you to understand the meaning of the word “rhetorically” Don’t you know what a rhetorical question is? You are a scammer. And I tell you what; I want you to bring it on. I have tons of BigBleaks in my data base.

            You talk crap that I hate ellen your girl, as if you love President Taylor. You boy go find somewhere to sit.

          19. Oh! Oh!!, after talking about the New Democrat being off line I was flabbergasted to see it’s back on line. WOW! Ellen must have given her buddy Tom Kamara some money to pay for bandwidth. UP is elephant meat, the entire country is feeding off the meat. If you thing Rodney fpa is anti CDC, checkout the New Democrat . 🙂

          20. Silly ‘isolisionist’ views from Big B! Does Big B know about The Africa Union objective? Well, let me say this; If Nigeria sends troops to help Liberia prevent bloodshed is not considered an “invation” according to your rebel mentality! This is just one state within the Union and its mandate was clear; to stop opposition threat of ‘destruction’ if things do not go their way, as clearly indicated by CDC George Weah at the beginning. Do I make sense, Big B? Maybe let me put it in simple Liberian English: “When two people making palaver and somebody come between them, that person is not you enemy, but chief or making peace,yah!” So leave this palaver Big B you have no ground on this one”. Now back to topic: Liberia is part of Africa. That is why Nigeria stept in when rebels attacked the citizens of Liberia during taylor terror..Thanks to them for the Peace they brought with them. Had they and other Nations like Ghana and Senegal come over, taylor would have succeeded in selling most West African into Slavery to the Northern Arab Africans as he had planned, as alleged, with Gaddafi! These are the reasons Big B has no idea about due to ignorance and rebel mentality! Go get your High School diploma under Ellen free Education Act, Big B!

          21. Fallah, please stop distracting me. I am in Kakata with the President and Vice President in waiting busy on the campaign trail. We are preparing for Friday and Saturday, campaign closing. It’s going to be the biggest crowed ever in the history of Liberia. Look forward seeing you.

          22. Ha Ha, Big B is in Kakata with the President and Vice President Weah of CDC, campaigning in Magibi Territory where Ellen already passed through last few days! What a character! Now Big B seems to be a body guard to these power greed seekers! Don’t back away from jfallahmenjor because I will keep you awake due to your big mouth and senseless arguements against our peoples’ interest and safety!

          23. fallah, why are you upset with me, after all I wasn’t the one who wrote the article, “Ellen Gives Shoot to Kill Orders” Don’t get mad at the messenger get mad at the message. I briefly, read through your rambling and its fact that you read without comprehension. All of your bla bla bla you failed to address the writer’s thesis statement. “Ellen Gives Shoot to Kill Orders”. Instead, you wrote aimlessly on issues that has no relationship with the article. Go ahead and attend ellen’s free Educational Act, I’ll wait for Tubman free Educational Act from kindergarten through graduate school.

            Sorry pal, you will hear from me after next Tuesday. I am busy and I don’t have time for distractor. Don’t forget to come on Friday or Saturday, I’ll be looking forward seeing you.

          24. Big B said”Ellen gives order to shoot” without explanation, that is why fallah tried to clarify your ilitrate and limited written expressions that is common among taylor support group that has very little interest in academics! I stand by what I say because I do not edit nor contemplate..i want to be as raw as possible..all I care about is being legal when I say something especially to taylorbans! This is the only way I can come to your ‘level of thought expression’ and comprehension, Big B!

          25. Dear Big B,

            I now understand now why Ms Ellen Jonson-Sirleaf’s Bermudian husband wanted nothing to do with her in 1993. As she claimed to me that she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but also claimed that he had gone to Rio de Janeiro for a juju.

            It is really sad to see that the people of Liberia have to endure so much from tyrants; this action continues the playbook of the suffering as in the Arab spring.

            As I prayed for peace for the Liberian people in 1993 in the presence of Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf; I pray now that the people of Liberia will not suffer harm during this election.


            Take care,


          26. noko5,

            Don’t feel bad or guilty, we didn’t do anything wrong to ellen. The only thing I can thing of is being Liberian. Unfortunately, we are not to be held responsible for our nationality, the same way we shouldn’t be held responsible for being black.

          27. My brother Sekou, I’ll say it again ellen trap will catch her. I can see ellen being seized under house arrest if those Nigerian mercenaries abide by her orders to “shoot to kill” innocent civilians.

            P/s. Fallah, not because I responded to my Comrade it means that I am under any obligation to respond to your silly comments. My words still holds, you will hear from me after next Tuesday.

          28. fallah, I know you are old for real, and your vision is deteriorating that’s why you didn’t see the link to the web site under my comment “Ellen Gives Shoot to Kill Orders”. Please go and put on your bifocal lenses along with your magnifying glass to be able to see. I am posting the reference site for the last time. Your comment is welcome. You were the only one who didn’t get to see the link. Old man Rebel!


          29. Dear Big B,

            None of us will live beyond this life; but the memory we leave behind will define us.

            There has been no definitive explanation of what life is like in the aftermath of this physical existence; but judging from the actions taken by those exhibiting inhumane treatment toward law abiding civilians; I would prefer not to be coexisting in a world with such.

            To think of the woman whose aching feet I have massaged in an attempt to bring her some comfort when she cried out for help; and to see what she does now; it would be inappropriate to say here.

            It is obvious that paranoia is now ruling Liberia.

            Take care,


          30. Sekou,

            You said it correctly “LET US PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL” that’s our only hope for the future. God’s willing the DEVIL will be send back to HELL.

          31. Dear José Rodriguez,

            The Liberian Journal does not connect with the post; the Title is “CDC’s Winston Tubman Wows Liberians in Pennsylvania, Staten Island;” the Post date is (Jul 12, 2011) By: CDC Press Bureau.

            Take care,


          32. Where is the mighty fallah? Reality is beginning to set in for fallah, he knows there is no way ellen is going to win. It is alleged ellen paid a quarter million dollars to be nominated for the Nobel Price Price, hoping this move will save her at the 11th hour. Liberians on the ground are saying ellen will take her Nobel Price Prize back to America.

          33. fallah, it’s less then 24hrs for PEOPLE POWER to run wild on ellen and her UP. What will you and ellen do when People Power run wild?? Ellen thinks she’s a gutter politician, but she lost this time. We took the fight to her anywhere and everywhere. We’ll not only beat your, but we’ll punish your, as well.

          34. Can someone please tell me the where about of fallah? Without a doubt, fallah is sitting in a corner grieving over what will soon be taken away. Power is not that easy to relinquish just like that. That’s one of my many reasons for supporting President Taylor. fallah, all is not lost, life goes on. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s the will of the PEOPLE.

            What will you and ellen do now that PEOPLE power is running wild?

          35. Sekou,

            As the result of the picture being blurred, I can not say with absolute ontological certitude that I am on the picture. But what I can say is this. The guy that is sitting close to the wall with a white shirt next to the guy in the red, looks like me.

          36. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

            Well tell me Jose; there are two individuals setting along the wall next to someone that has on a red shirt. Are you the Guy with the white shirt that set near the front of the room and to the right rear of the Guy with the light blue shirt who sets with two other Guys that set at the table?

            Nice to meet you; but I am not sure if I can recognize you in person.

            Take care,


          37. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

            You have mention in some of your post that you are attending school. I am just curious as to whether you are steadying philosophy or taking philosophical related subjects?

            Take care,


          38. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

            Sure Jose, I can respect your wishes to not reveal your identity. Nevertheless, congratulations on your accomplishments.

            It is now med day in the Central States and I have not received any information on the Liberian Elections. I do hope that the people of Liberia can get a new President.

            I am planning but not certain, on a trip to DC and New York during the Charismas Holidays. I pray that all will be well for you.

            Because it appears that the posting here are not always next to the comment getting the reply, I will try and post at the end of my last comment.

            Take care,


          39. fallah,

            I know you are keeping quiet for a particular reason. Your darling girl is not going to win and keeping quiet is not going to change the fact. We are going to the second round, there where you and your corrupted party will know “who born dog”.

          40. This post is published above; I intended for it to appear here.

            It is surprising to see that a billionaire is named as a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street protest now in the United States. As dire as the situation is in the U.S. these days, one would think that Americans would be trying to create jobs rather than asserting a needless approach to change.

            For the people of Africa and America to advance to the next higher tier in growth, there must be an understanding of where they intend to go. Vain promises are all that has come forth; the people must decide what direction they themselves have determined to be prosperous. One must educate self!

            See link: http://news.yahoo.com/whos-behind-wall-st-protests-110834998.html

            Take care,


          41. Why should a president bribe her way to the presidency? ellen failed to secured a win as the incumbent in the first round with over 50% of votes. It’s means that most people are not pleased with her leadership. But she must be president at all cost. There is no difference between Doe pre-stuffed ballot boxes and ellen buying her way to the presidency.

            ellen have spend roughly 17-20 million dollars (people money) on her campaign, while Liberians are lacking their basic needs. The most recent bribery is the alleged 2.5 million dollars she gives to former warlord Prince Johnson for his support. Prince Johnson has always been a strong critic of ellen and her corrupted party. Few days before the end of ballot counts, Prince Johnson party and eight other opposition parties signed a statement denouncing the election null and void, because the ellen was rigging the election. Ultimately, with her unlimited capital she’s unstoppable. Everybody has a price, I guess.

            See the below link and decide for yourself.


          42. What a damn SHAME for ellen and the most notorious warlord of all times Prince Johnson to have cut a deal. Just few days ago ellen won the Nobel Price Prize, how in the world can she make a deal with a man with the most blood on his hands. Moreover, Alhaji Kroma and Damante Conneh both warlords also endorsed ellen. It’s a clear indication ellen is a warmonger and “birds of the same feather flock together”.

            I am not sure what the International Community sees in ellen that Liberians don’t. She is in the constant habit of snubbing them. For example, the UN has been keeping the peace over the last five years. Notwithstanding, last month without UN consent she brought in 10,000 Nigerian mercenaries what she terms as peace keepers. The most recent snubbed, just few days of winning the Noble Peace Prize ellen bribed the notorious killer Prince Johnson large sum of money for his support. Ambassador Tumban was right when he said ellen doesn’t deserves the Nobel Price Prize.

          43. ellen can’t have her cake and eat it too. The International Community must give ellen an ultimatum. She must turn in the Nobel Peace Prize for accepting the endorsement of the notorious killer Prince Johnson, or keep the Nobel Price Prize and denounce the notorious killer endorsement. She can’t have it both ways. This is an insult to people like M.L. King, Nelson Mandela among others

          44. Because ellen give the notorious warlord Prince Johnson 2.5 million U.S. dollars for his endorsement, his constituents are asking for 340,000 thousands U.S. dollars as their cuts to support ellen and her UP. My Countrymen, ellen is embezzling our money for her own personal gain. We must UNIT to stop this madness. Unlike President Taylor, he won with over 72% on the first round, fair, free and transparent.

          45. Big B,
            I won’t bet my pupu on this medium…….As a new organization, you play the game for ALL sides…..I have yet to read ONE STORY in favor Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf.

          46. And what DEAL did they cut??? As far as we know, UP has yet to even accept his endorsement.
            I don’t think UP needs his BLESSING……she can champion ALL she has done as the RULING PARTY in Nimba…..SCHOOLS, ROADS, BUSINESSES, HOSPITAL etc etc etc

          47. This can’t be the Noko 4 that I know. Is this the Noko 4 the freedom fighter, or fallah turned Noko 4? Everybody does have a price but I don’t think my Noko 4 can ever be bought.

          48. Ha ha ha ha…..not bought. What FACTS do we have that money changed hands??? Remember we are in court where EVIDENCES are presented and NOT hearsay.

          49. Dear Big B,

            You are wrong to say that “Everybody does have a price.” The problem is there are some among us who will kill their mother for a price; not Freedom Fighters.

            I look back at the men Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has disappointed; dating back to the one that gave her the opportunity to serve in his government. Who was it, President Tolbert, doe, Mr. Taylor and prince johnson come along for a second bit from her apple. It was prince johnson who did the honor’s to doe at a time when Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf supported both Mr. Taylor and prince johnson. In my opinion he has never ever be in opposition to Ms Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. If the Liberian TRC final recommendations’ are ever implemented, prince johnson along with Ms Ellen Johnson-Sir would have no place within the Liberian Government.

            What will unnerve her is for you to say What Decent Man Would Want her As His WIFE? She comes apart when she realize that the Man does not find her suitable as a Decent Woman. Float this question before the runoff and see her reactions.

            I will not lie about these matters since I have known her for 18 years now and 18 years ago she promised me that she would not tolerate corruption in her administration; of which you can discern for yourself.

            Take care,

            The African/Native American


          50. My Brother Noko4,

            I think you have been possessed by the devil to defend ellen. The woman is just too difficult to defend. Noko4, I know you personally we go back to the 90’s. I still have your music you dubbed fro me on cassette tape. I saw you about two summers ago. We met at Ms. Harris’s funeral service on New Hampshire Ave. I will hold all comments until I met you in person and introduce myself to you. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke the demon in you.

          51. “A wise man changes, if convinced” and that is probably what has happened to NOKO4, Brother Big B! “Fools never!”
            You guys are so silly in your thought expressions that I feel sorry to get engaged into any ‘thought provoking’ exchanges with you! All the garbage you have to say about this Woman has come back to Haunt you..look how Ellen received a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, got majority of votes from 15 contending parties, and now you are confused that others see Ellen diffrently! WOW, rebel mentality and little mindedness! Fallah is happy, rested, dreams fulfilled, no more thoughts of war, and happy to see all the enemies of Africans melting away before his eyes! What more can fallah ask for? Taylor is locked up, and never to see freedom..wow, I love it!

          52. I am sick to my stomach, God is alive. A fool has said in (her) heart there is no God. The NEC, National Election Commissioner Mr. Fromayan wrote Ambassador Weah, CDC, Congress for Democratic Change a letter stating ellen UP party had 32% of the votes while CDC had the highest total votes of the 16 presidential candidates. Please follow link for the full story. WOW, God don’t like ugly.

          53. I wonder if Big B, also, read the comments below his link. Thank God the NEC had results provided and in a transparent manner before this error. Besides, would Big B also make big deal out of error, had this error been against CDC? Do me a favor; act like a rational being and not this continous lack of common sense and integrity! I hate to say you do not seem to be what i thought all along! I regret engaging with you all these months..I will not take Big B seriously from now on..and will tear down any statement made by him. Big B must be disappointed that elections turned out to be better than his ignorance had led him to predict! Fallah told you all he could but due to ignorance you did not believe him..now who got the last laugh?

          54. fallah and ellen are the only two who have embraced the immoral act by Formayan. Frontpage Africa interviewed Students at the University of Liberia, about their feelings on the recent incident at the National Election Commissions (NEC) Mr. James Formayan signing a letter without reading it.
            Please follow link. http://frontpageafricaonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1673:fromayan-must-leave-liberians-on-nec-chairmans-signing-of-a-letter-sent-to-cdc-declaring-it-winner-of-october-11-elections&catid=41:liberia-2011&Itemid=117

          55. Manjergie needs to also bring her complaint to the Supreme Court of Liberia instead of these accusations of people not invoved! It’s a shame that with this lady’s status and academics, she would choose to bring herself this low! First of all 0.45 win is not only insignificant, but not close to Ellen’s win for Cecilia to claim her votes were stolen and given to Ellen! I am from the same area as this lady who has had no experience nor ability to lead except the fact that she got degree! There are many degree holders if it comes to that, but what is needed is one who will lead and not cry!Sorry I will say more next time..for now I feel embarrased..!

          56. Two persons who have degrees to lead and with experience are ellen and formayan. I see why our country is heading towards the dinger zone.

          57. Did I understand you correctly, that Manjeringie needs to take her complaint to the Supreme Court. You must be joking. The same Supreme Court that overturned the PEOPLE wishes when they voted down the Referendums. Everything run by ellen is kangaroo. The Supreme Court is kangaroo, the Election Commission is kangaroo, and the election was kangaroo. You should really feel embarrassed for now.


            Take care,


          59. I agree, Big B, and that’s why you should not consider boycotting run-offs! I also believe there has to come another fight until we exhaust our ignorance energy before coming to term! That is the law of the ‘jungle’, to kill or be killed. If this is the type of compromise you guys want, bring it on! Remember this, charles taylor’s elements will not hold Liberia hostage! The fight here is very clear; taylor support vs the people of Liberia! We are standing by..Big B; Sekou, and all the ignorant educators of taylor notorious regime of 14 years of murders!

          60. CDC Tubman is a ‘flip flopper’ and will not be taken seriously in the next elections! Look how this so called seasoned politician thinks and talks; ” i will welcome taylor back in Liberia”, and lots of other garbage! Is he really serious to rule Liberians that were affected by taylor’s fiasco? come on, I will turn rebel if this character sits in the presidency chair and consider violent removal of him! If you really want the 4th world war, put Tubman and Weah in the helm of Liberia. You will see who is behind the mask of jfallahmenjor one by one! A hint to a wise is sufficient!

          61. Dear Big, B,

            I think you should report jfallahmenjor to Mr. Tubman and Mr. Weah since it is clear that this individual [jfallahmenjor] intends to commit acts of violence against them should they be elected to office on November 8, 2011.

            Mr. Tubman and Mr. Weah should seek the identity of this individual from Open Society Justice Initiative and file formal charges against this individual with the Liberian and United States Governments for threatening to overthrow the legitimate administration of Mr. Tubman.
            If it was necessary for the Liberian Government to hire mercenaries from nigeria to form a security blanket during the elections; it is necessary for the Liberian Government to eliminate this assertion of malevolence from jfallahmenjor.

            The statement stands for itself:

            On November 2, 2011 at 8:54 pm, jfallahmenjor said:

            CDC Tubman is a ‘flip flopper’ and will not be taken seriously in the next elections! Look how this so called seasoned politician thinks and talks; ” i will welcome taylor back in Liberia”, and lots of other garbage! Is he really serious to rule Liberians that were affected by taylor’s fiasco? come on, I will turn rebel if this character sits in the presidency chair and consider violent removal of him! If you really want the 4th world war, put Tubman and Weah in the helm of Liberia. You will see who is behind the mask of jfallahmenjor one by one! A hint to a wise is sufficient!

            Take care,


          62. Dear Sekou,

            I understand your frustration with the individual jfallahmenjor, pay him no credence. This guy is the biggest coward, he always talk about war, but will be the first to flea to his second country Sierra Leone from the first sound from an Alpha Kilo. The same way he allegedly dropped his AK-47 and ran during the Kowankpa’s evasion at the Liberia Sierra Leone border when his colleague next to him was shot. I keep reminding fallah, this war he is praying for to be careful. Because he has nine lives, it doesn’t means he’s superhuman. fallah, allegedly gained lot of wealth from the 14 years war, if that is not enough and he wants more, he may end up losing everything he has. His allegedly mansion on Robertsfield Hwy will be the first to disappear if this war he is prying for should happen.

            Sekou, Ambassador Tubman and Weah have more important things to think of then thinking about loud mouth fallah. We are capable of containing falllah right here on this site.

          63. “Liberia: Tubman Returns From Talks in Nigeria, Line Drawn in the Sand, Party Will Boycott Tuesday Run-off: Fromoyan Arrives in the United States”http://thenewdispensation.wordpress.com/

          64. Big B does not need to put all these garbage links on ‘net’ because we are following the entire ‘nonesense’ created by CDC! Thanks anyway for your information and way of ‘inciting’ others, as you believe you are doing service to your country, when, in fact, you are paying service to CDC. You may need to take my advice to ‘self- imposed exile’ after elections! For now, Ellen has won in ‘principles’ and has clearly demonstrated Statesmanship over Tubman ‘thug’ and rebel mentality! Liberians are finally schooled and seem to know their future and into whom they should place it! In thugs hands or honest others? That’s the question, Big B, and not all these threats and rubbish from Weah or Tubman!

          65. As eyes witness this is what transpired on the ASSASINATION ATTEMPT ON TUBMAN AND WEAH; VIOLENT ATTACK BY POLICE ON CDC HEADQUARTERS.

            On Monday, November 7th, 2011, without any provocation, the Liberian National Police violently attacked the headquarters of the Congress for Democratic Change; and gunned down several innocent Liberians, killing at least eight (8) persons and over dozens others were badly wounded with gunshots wound in their legs and other parts of their bodies. The police attempted an assassination on the life of our political leaders Cllr Winston Tubman and Ambassador George Weah.
            This crude police barbarism occurred around mid-afternoon hours while Liberians had gathered at our party’s headquarter to stage a peaceful rally in support of our party position not to participate in the run-off presidential election. The purpose of the rally was to admonish all Liberians to remain peaceful. The gathering of Liberians at our party headquarter is not unusual, nearly every day Liberians gathered at our party headquarter for various political activities, so this day was not unusual.
            The press statement from the joint security of Liberia, released by Justice Minister Christina Tah said that there was “exchange of gunfire between the Liberian National Police and some individuals in the compound of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).” Let it be stated categorically clear that there were no guns in the CDC compound and no gun fire came from the CDC compound. The question to be asked is what was the police doing at our party headquarters? Is it a violation for Liberians to peacefully assemble at our party headquarters?
            We believe the assassination attempt on our leaders, violent attack and cold bloody murdered of peaceful Liberians by the Liberian National Police was premeditated; given the fact that the police fired live ammunition directly at citizens, into our party headquarters. Why did the police have live ammunition in their guns? The police behavior demonstrates gross disregard to basic human rights by the government and confirms the reckless abuse of power by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. This is not the first incident for President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s ruthless Emergency Response Unit (ERU) police to violently attack peaceful Liberians. Liberians are still reconciling the vicious attack of the ERU on students at the G. W. Gibson High School earlier this same year.
            Here is a sequence of events, as it unfolded:
            By 9am: Liberians had gathered at our party’s headquarters en masse, in response to our Standard Bearer Cllr. Winston Tubman call for several days of National Peace Vigil. The National Peace Vigil began on Saturday, November 5th, 2011. Cllr. Tubman asked all Liberians to wear white clothing, as a signal to remain peaceful. So while gathered on yesterday (November 7th, 2011), at our party headquarters, the ruthless ERU came near our party headquarters and blocked the entire road making it difficult for vehicle plying the streets. ERU Police officers were stopping Liberians between the Vamoma House area and Old Road junction near President Sirleaf’s house, from coming to our party headquarters. ERU officers were making sarcastic, demeaning, and threatening remarks to Liberians who were wearing white clothing wishing to come to our headquarters.
            By 12:30 pm: Ambassador George Weah who was already on the party grounds, upon receiving consistent reports that ERU officers were blocking Liberians from coming to our party headquarters, decided to go on the scene to calm the situation and persuade the ERU personnel to allow peaceful Liberians to come into our party grounds. Ambassador Weah waited for Cllr. Tubman to join him.
            By 1:30pm: Ambassador Weah vehicle, which is well known, was parked opposite the Lone star compound. Amb Weah waited for about 35 minutes before Tubman arrived on the scene. At this point, it was widely known that Ambassador Weah vehicle was parked near the road in plain sight. Immediately the Standard Bearer came on the scene, they proceeded to the police; while both Cllr Tubman and Amb Weah were talking to a senior UNMIL military officer, regarding the situation, the ruthless ERU police began to launch tear gas canisters and live bullets violently.
            By 2:30 pm: Assassination attempt on our leaders. The police were firing tear gas canisters directly at the area where Cllr Tubman and Amb Weah were standing. Hurriedly, our two leaders were rushed into their vehicles by their security detail. While fleeing the scene, the police fired live bullets directly at their vehicles. Ambassador Weah’s vehicle was hit in the back and one of his securities was wounded by ERU canisters. Pandemonium broke immediately as Liberians began fleeing for their lives.
            By 2:45 pm: The ruthless ERU entered into the CDC compound shooting at low range at armless civilians. Several persons were shot dead and others were badly wounded. When the ERU began collecting the dead bodies to take away evidence, it was at this time that the people began throwing stones at the police to collect the bodies. The people succeeded in collecting one dead body. For several hours, the CDC leaders were holed up into the main building as the police continue to fire teargas and live bullets into the compound.
            A market woman who usually sells cold drinks on our party grounds was brutally murdered by the ERU and her body taken away. The woman was caught alive and executed point blank, her body was broken into pieces and placed into her own ice drink container and taken away, according to eyewitnesses accounts.
            Between 4pm to midnight: The ruthless ERU launched a crackdown on Liberians who were wearing white clothing. Peaceful citizens in surrounding communities of our party headquarters were being arrested and taken to unknown destinations. Our party Secretary-General Acarous Gray escaped arrest by state security agents.
            Three radio stations and a television station which were broadcasting the brutal events have been shut down by the government. King’s FM which is owned by our vice standard bearer, LOVE FM, and Power FM/TV.
            The government has secretly imposed a travel ban on key personalities from our party and supporters. Last night, one of the newly elected CDC representatives District 9, Muna Pelham was stop at the airport from going on a scheduled trip, her passport was seized and she was asked to report to the justice ministry. We are informed that state security has a list of 102 persons targeted for political elimination.
            Several questions continue to burden our minds as these events occurred: why the police had live ammunition in their guns? Why the police begin shooting directly at our political leaders?
            The Congress for Democratic Change expresses profound thanks to UNMIL for protecting our people during this violent attack on our people. UNMIL role was noble and commendable; that upon their arrival and seeing the unprovoked brutality from the ERU, arrested one of their commander who was shooting directly at unarmed civilians. It is reported that one of the ERU commander, Nelson Freeman is a former death squad commander of the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia under General Prince Johnson. He was disarmed by UNMIL. The world needs to react swiftly to this brutal inhumanity by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf because the police were acting on her orders. The CDC will remain committed to peace, and will continue to act in the interest of peace and stability.

          66. Hi Big B,

            I have approved the article for now, but you also need to include a link to the source of the information.

            Thank you.

          67. Dear Big B,

            The world is not blind to the abuses of the people is Liberia.

            I reiterate; I think you should report jfallahmenjor to Mr. Tubman and Mr. Weah since it is clear that this individual [jfallahmenjor] intends to commit acts of violence against them; Mr. Tubman and Mr. Weah should seek the identity of this individual from Open Society Justice Initiative and file formal charges against this individual with the United States Government for threatening to overthrow the legitimate administration of Mr. Tubman.

            I say United States Government since this individual has stated that he resides in the United States of America.

            It is you who state that an assassination on your leader has been thwarted. There is material evidence presented by jfallahmenjor that he is a supporter of this violence against unarmed Liberians who seek to have free and fair Presidential election. You owe it to Mr. Tubman and Mr. Weah and the PEOPLE of Liberia to assist them in their recourse for justice.

            The statement stands for itself:

            On November 2, 2011 at 8:54 pm, jfallahmenjor said:

            CDC Tubman is a ‘flip flopper’ and will not be taken seriously in the next elections! Look how this so called seasoned politician thinks and talks; ” i will welcome taylor back in Liberia”, and lots of other garbage! Is he really serious to rule Liberians that were affected by taylor’s fiasco? come on, I will turn rebel if this character sits in the presidency chair and consider violent removal of him! If you really want the 4th world war, put Tubman and Weah in the helm of Liberia. You will see who is behind the mask of jfallahmenjor one by one! A hint to a wise is sufficient!

            On November 4, 2011 at 2:42 pm, jfallahmenjor said:

            Likewise, Ellen needs to press charges against you, Sekou, Big B, and the rest of you that have personally threatened and continue to preach divisiveness in fragile Liberia! You must be kidding to have such silly idea, Sekou! I challenge Weah and Tubman to try such rubbish with the man behind Jfallahmenjor!

            On November 8, 2011 at 3:23 pm, jfallahmenjor said:

            Big B does not need to put all these garbage links on ‘net’ because we are following the entire ‘nonesense’ created by CDC! Thanks anyway for your information and way of ‘inciting’ others, as you believe you are doing service to your country, when, in fact, you are paying service to CDC. YOU MAY NEED TO TAKE MY ADVICE TO ‘SELF- IMPOSED EXILE’ AFTER ELECTIONS! For now, Ellen has won in ‘principles’ and has clearly demonstrated Statesmanship over Tubman ‘thug’ and rebel mentality! Liberians are finally schooled and seem to know their future and into whom they should place it! In thugs hands or honest others? That’s the question, Big B, and not all these threats and rubbish from Weah or Tubman!

            As for as I am concerned, the issue is RES JUDICATA.


            Take care,


          68. Sekou could press charges against fallah too! I think sekou is disgruntled because his aims are a fiasco as far as the elections of Liberia are concerned. Let me tell you Sekou or whatever you call yourself, that fallah is the least individual you would consider coming after, because I will reduce your claims to a comedy that will play on you! You must not be as ‘wise’ as you claim, Sekou..because if it comes to threats,,CDC, and Charles taylor support is the mother of all! Check your previous writtings, sekou!

          69. Where did you get this story and why are you the only person that has it? Also, why are you posting it here only? there are many Liberian news sites that somehow missed this…. Is it because this place has become a den for pro-Taylor/anti-Sirleaf anonymous “Liberians” who continue to over look Charles Taylor’s well documented brutal acts in “their own” country but somehow want to ring the alarm from the highest rooftop over unsubstantiated claims of other people’s “misdeeds”?

            You people will never learn…..If you must lie to support your cause, your cause should not be supported. Do not defile the memory of those that were hurt and killed in this horrible event by using this as a tool for division and anarchy. They did not suffer in vein. you will not win. it will not work. The world will go on without Liberia, they will only care about us if we care about ourselves.

            you will not get rich.
            your “people” will not get rich
            the same violent tactics that you promote, will be used on you.
            is the pursuit for short-lived power so overwhelming that you will shorten your life for it?
            Do you think you will put your man in power and he will fatten you up?
            how long will that last?
            I assure you…. it will not last. history shows this.
            So my suggestion is to get off the internet with your fantasy stories.
            Put that hand down that you are using to ask for a handout, and work with your fellow Liberians to move the whole country forward.

            Taylor will not return.
            Chaos will never return.
            YOU WILL NOT WIN.

            oh and by the way…. I admit, I did like how you tried to cover up your lie by putting a timeline on your story. Unfortunately it does not fit the type of fictional journalism that you are trying to portray. Nobody keeps time during chaos. Who was standing around looking at their watch as bullets were flying by? May I suggest you use this type of fairytale writing in a less “intense” situation. This type of story begs for some “eye-witness” recounts from pretend people that were on the scene. And next time, leave out the tail of police chopping up a body and putting it in a cooler.Where did they do this,in the street? people just stood around looking at their watches, dodging bullets, and watching somebody get chopped up into pieces? that does not even sound like truth and it makes you look like you have mental problem….. also, posting this story on message boards (I see you have done it on another site as well) just adds to the lie….. just a tip

          70. Whatever fallah, the bottom line ellen allegedly order her death squid to murdered peaceful nonviolence Liberians. The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke, an insult to people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela among others.


            Excellent posts brothers , evethough I am not actively posting , but I am watching with the eagle eyes..back to school again and jobs, not easy, but we will prevail as always.

          72. Mylo,

            Be advised this site is not a so-call pro Taylor den or website as you want the audience to believe. This site allows us to fully engage each other in a way that no other website has done. For me personally, one of the reasons I don’t post on other Liberian website is because of the blockage and censorship of comments that do not represent the views and aspiration of the website management. Anyways, welcome and glad to have you with us if this is your first time. However, the situation in Liberia is very disappointing and it requires the collective effort of all Liberians to help resolve the problem. This is not about President Taylor. He is not around and yet we are still at each other throat.

          73. Dear Big B,

            I will make it clear; I am not attempting to incite ill feelings against your Government. I think that the people of Liberia are intelligent enough to discern for themselves what reality is like there; just want you to know that my prayers are with the CDC and its supporters.

            I am pleased to see that my President, the Honorable Barack Obama has spoken these words; “The international community will hold accountable those who choose to obstruct the democratic process. We encourage all security forces in Liberia to exercise maximum restraint and to allow peaceful protest.”

            See link: http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jLvoxdlCxl58E0FDJC2uEvMnuzlQ?docId=CNG.aefa575bb61e7f6641c5a2bca477beae.191

            See link: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/11/07/statement-president-obama-presidential-elections-liberia

            See link: http://www.tribune.com.ng/index.php/news/30965-liberia-incumbent-johnson-sirleaf-contests-against-self-as-opposition-boycotts-presidential-run-off-obama-calls-for-caution

            Judging from these words, it is clear that the United States supports the rights of those that are being abused by the Liberian Government.

            Stay strong my Brother!

            Take care,


          74. Liberty Party Standard Bearer Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine was offered the position as Veep to ECOWAS by ellen for his endorsement. Brumskine speaks out on the closure of media houses. “Cautioning UP Govt: Liberty Party Disturbed Over Closure of Media Institutions in Liberia”

          75. Sekou,

            falllah is not a threat trust me on this one. I have him covered. I can’t tell you what I do or how I do it. fallah is entitled to his opinion and his big mouth. fallah, allegedly has one foot in the grave and one on a banana peeling. fallah, allegedly is not a youngman, he and ellen are about the same age. This old guy is a coward, he can’t kill a fly. The only thing fallah is capable of is to blackmail others. If fallah said he lives in the U.S. then I live on Mars.

          76. Dear Big B,

            The plight in Liberia has gained attention of amnesty international (AI). The AI is demanding an independent and impartial probe into human rights abuses by the Liberian Government.

            See link: http://allafrica.com/stories/201111101474.html

            It is clear from the action taken on November 7, 2011; the Liberian Government has abused human rights and attempted intimidation of the voter by attacking the CDC’s leadership and killing at least one of the CDC’s supporters. The International Criminal Court (ICC) should be called in for prosecution of these human rights violators.

            I am praying that the DEVIL in Liberia be sent back to HELL; where it belongs.

            Would you please read additional news covering your Country?

            See link: http://allafrica.com/stories/201111101477.html

            See link: http://allafrica.com/stories/201111101476.html

            See link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-11-10/liberia-closes-3-radio-stations-alleging-incitement-paper-says.html

            See link: http://allafrica.com/stories/201111100812.html

            See link: http://allafrica.com/stories/201111100831.html

            Sure Big B, I will focus on those in the news and not some wannabe.

            Take care,


          77. Sekou should have traveled to Liberia as observer to the elections since he so much believe those other observers from Carter Center and International body were not credible to him! You see, people like Sekou seem to be the problems of Africa. They base their decisions on ‘tabloid’ news media or based on ‘heresay’ disgruntled Liberians that have nothing to offer since their ouster by Ellen’s Democratic Government. Fisrt of all, Sekou is not Native Liberian and should not mend into the political affairs of our land. As a Born US citizen with no dual citizenship like others,you should be very mindful of the sensational posting you have done on this site. I could make trouble for you too, do you know that, Sekou?

          78. This is a clear indication President Taylor wasn’t the problem. I can only hope the judges in the Taylor trial based their verdict strictly on the evidence presented, rather than, pressure from powerful exterior forces. Bloody Monday was a straight up violation of human rights. It’s the equivalent to the Sharpeville and the Rwanda massacres, the cold bloody killing of innocent civilians. I am doubtful the international community and human right organizations would do anything to assure those who were responsible for killing innocent civilians are prosecuted. This inhumane act happened under their eyes. The international community and human right organizations don’t need witnesses to corroborate their testimonies, they were on the scene, and they are their own witnesses. This willful act warrants the arrest and prosecution of all those who were involved, including Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Unfortunately, her arrest will never happen. Ellen and the international community work hands in hands, scratch by back I scratch yours. Quid pro quo. Madame Sirleaf has drugged the International Community with propofol. They are in coma, or pretend to be.

            We the People are not going to relent. We are going to remain resolute until Madame Sirleaf and her death squid come to booked. Special thanks to Mr. Sores, and the Sores Foundation for allowing the voice of the people to be heard without censorship. He is a true man of justice, freedom and a philanthropist. May God continue to bless his work.

          79. Dear Big B,

            What I can draw from General Gowon’s statement; the Liberian National Police’s (LNP) use of deadly force in an action against the headquarters of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) on Nov. 7, together with the closure of three media outlets, eroded confidence and contributed to an atmosphere of fear, particularly in Monrovia; this has rendered the election null and void since failure of the political process to resolve electoral disputes peacefully and within the framework of the law was not met.

            The suggestion that there should be an investigation into the events of November 7, 2011, and this investigation should be carried out in a timely manner by an independent body to ensure a credible and transparent inquiry with full accountability. That all parties should respect the official election results, pending the resolution of any legal challenges. And those Liberian political leaders should redouble their efforts for a genuine and inclusive political dialogue leading to national reconciliation and governance reform starts anew the electoral process.

            From my level of comprehension, the Carter Center in Liberia believe the election on November 8, 2011 gave the current administration an unfair advantage by the events that administration orchestrated on November 7, 2011 by killing and maiming unarmed civilians. This is no different than what Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi did to his people in Libya.

            I will not try and quote Mr. Taylor verbatim, but I recall that his testimony is Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Gaddafi were friends during the ouster of samuel doe. It’s not surprising to see that her administration would carry out the same form of human rights violations as did Gaddafi.


            Take care,


          80. Sekou; ‘friendship’ and ‘mentor’ are not the same. Taylor’s mentor was Gaddahfi! Eleen’s diplomacy should not be equated to frindship, except to idiotic reasoning, of course! Thank you sir, try again!

          81. Dear jfallahmenjor,

            We cannot approve your comment because it contains sentences that do not comply with the websites’s comment policy. If you remove the sentence beginning with “Do not kill them…” and the very last sentence, we will post.

            Thank you.

          82. There we go again..how can a political party say there will be no inauguration for President Sirleaf? I hope you remember this piece, in case Government reacts in full force to safe-guide the citizens and up hold the ‘law & order!’ You guys need to ask your standared bearer, Tubman, to go Somalia if he wants to end his old life on battle-field! I think the Government should use rubber tyre cordes to whip all those that attempt disturbances at Ellen’s Inauguration, comes January! These guys are all ‘heathens!These are people of a nation that do not recognize God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, They are uncivilized, unenlightened, or irreligious people! Get the Nigerian Task Force to teach these ‘thugs’ some civilize deciplines that they are accutomed to. Thanks for your great work for being our moderators just so we do not eat each other up!

          83. Liberians are giving ellen a taste of her own medicine. As a believer in Karma why are you bitching? ellen was a thorn in Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, Blah and Bryant flesh. What goes around comes around. Pal.

          84. On November 16, 2011 at 2:19 am, jfallahmenjor said:

            Now I see why Liberians seem to be accustomed to Very Hash rulers as far back as Tubman, Samuel Doe, and Charles Taylor, who nearly wiped them off the face of earth! How can people like Big B, Sekou, and CDC partisans crave for violence just because they lost the elections? Would these so called individuals do such under William V.S Tubman, or Doe, or Taylor? Never, never.. and in fact there was no chance of Press Freedom!
            You know what, Ellen, needs to be the Iron Lady she is supposed to be in her Next Term! This is why I believe in “MACHIAVELLI” expecially; ..’that it is better to be feared than love..’ since humans, by nature will quickly turn against a Prince if they become disatisfied, but continue to fear the Prince even in difficult times since the fear of punishment weigh more in there hearts. All the rebellions I see coming from the CDC camp is due to the Press Freedom (which is a good thing) but foreign to people who have no knowledge of what freedom means! Ellen needs to combine the African methods because these are Africans, and the majority seems very ignorant, unfortunately! The 30% that is literate is the one that wants to be all chiefs and senators, presidents, and ambassadors..so they will steal and rub the National Cffers as they have seen it done in the past! If Ellen does not change her views, it will be difficult to keep Liberia on track that she has begun! I will personally write a ‘Thesis’ on why Liberian have and know very little concept about freedom!


          85. Big B,

            Thanks for the link.

            Hey Sekou, it’s me, Jose Rodriguez. Long time no see/talk/engage. I am enjoying you and Big B exchange. However, I will be rejoining you guys hopefully 2 weeks from now.

          86. Right on Jose! Perfect timing on your return. I should be going to the Bahamas within couple of weeks. While in the Bahamas I would completely cut off from the media. No phone, computer or TV. Total relaxation. Keep fallah in check during my absent.

          87. Big B,

            yes sir.

            Do you know Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo has arrived in the Hague? I am sure President Taylor is waiting to welcome him in the white man’s jail cell. Welcome Gbagbo. By the way, what had happened to your 10,000.00 U.N. troops that you were heavily relying on when you connived with them to send President Taylor to the Hague? Your spokesman says “it is a dirty deeds.”

            Hahahaha when did he know that? ICC please help Liberia to hold those with the greatest responsibility to book.

          88. This is very interesting that the same Sekou who denounced the (ICC) International World Court as ‘conspiracy’ West propaganda for trying Taylor, is the same Sekou, who has, all of a sudden, want the ICC to prosecute the Liberian Government for murders caused by rebel mentality approach to the elections issues by the CDC Tubman / Weah! Wow, Sekou is a mercenary, I believe.. these type of behavior is unacceptable..you are ‘no friend of Liberia!’ You need to scale back your mendling into our political affairs!

          89. Continue to pray hard, Sekou so you can see light..because you seem to be in the dark..i pity your condition. Pray the cdc devil back to base! The next election will be mother of all elections, because jfallahmenjor will run too since this seem to be time for seasoned politicians! Ha ha..this is the best laugh I have had since elections! I will die in office, Sekou Big B Noko4..!

          90. Myjo,
            I think your questions of where a story was gotten, seem kindof strange to me..What are you talking about? Don’t you know that information flow in world has become faster then the speed of light? Just be careful what you do today, because I will know before you think….

            I guess you need to wake up to reality: TAYLOR WILL COME BACK
            WE HAVE WON…. GET IT.

          91. Great that CDC has chosen to boycott round-off elections! This shows that CDC has no interest in the future of Liberia and Liberians! The interests of Tubman and Weah come first! Wow, do you educated Liberians know what this implies? These kind of citizeship tells me differently! That these fellows do not look at the country as a whole but a ‘means’ for certain individuals who are destined to rule Liberia, be it through a mean to get there or if it means to use another character to get there! Wow..Liberians will really be fools to let that happen to their country! Just read your History, see what Tubman did in 27 years he ruled, plus what Weah is capable of doing for Liberia in the Next 6 years! Will they continue to build Liberia on what foundation Ellen had begun, or become arrogant by agitating the West, and thus getting sanctions placed on them, or will they use Liberia as place of terrorists training ground? These guys , it seems, intend, not only bring taylor back, but they have succeeded into mobilizing remnant rebels of taylor regime into what is called CDC, a legitimate political party!To let them in will be a whole new “ball game”..because we will meet force with force!

          92. Fallah,

            If you say Taylor supporter versus the people of Liberia, are you saying that President Taylor supporters are not Liberians? If what you are saying is true, than will you say that since 56% of the valid votes cast was against Ellen or people that voted against Ellen are Taylor supporters?

            Fallah, again you are becoming too clever by half.

          93. fallah welcome back,

            So is the alleged notorious killer Prince Johnson a wise man…I am not sure what came back to hunt me, if you read my last five comments/attachments it’s obvious ellen is allegedly dubious, vindictive, a neo dictator, immoral, dishonest, untrustworthy, morally worrisome and a green snake in green grass.

          94. Sekou,

            No Sekou I am not on the photo. But I was there sitting close on the wall. I recognized two of the three guys on the front of the picture. They are Volcanic Shelton and James Konyon. I asked Winston Tubman questions though, but I was not on the photo.

          95. Okay, if Big B has all the”Bigleaks’ in his data base, why not bring them on as threatened aove? Maybe it will uncover more of taylor rubbish and how the NDPL was run by you rebels! Bring it on Big B you are no physical threat to jfallahmenjor as far as I am concered. Keep your rebel jargons and mentality for you base that has reached its lowest point on the debate about taylor alleged crimes against the citizens of Liberia and Sierra Leone!

    2. Fallah, how is it my personal opinion when Ellen herself said she was going to her counterpart Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck , to ask him to give manpower for the ensuring elections in Liberia?

    1. Obaba,

      Glad to have you with us. I think this is my first time coming across you; welcome.

      Some of the reasons why Ellen still has this Nigerian man as the Chief of Staffs of the Armed Forces of Liberia is because she doesn’t trust her own Armed Forces, though she is the commander in chief of the Armed Forces. In order words, she doesn’t trust herself. And as the result, she is bringing in more Nigerian mercenaries who you take an unlawful order from this Nigerian man who did not take any oath to protect and defend the constitution of the Republic of Liberia. The only oath this man took was to defend and protect this triggered happy warmonger, Gaddafi supporter, and rebel grand-mom, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. They know our soldiers will not take unlawful orders from this man and Ellen along with her entire fake supporters knows it. And that is why she is bringing in more of his countrymen who took similar similar oath. Ellen understands that her egregious failed policies are not working in any way, shape, or form. So she has decided to go gangster, ghetto, and rebellious.

      1. thanks jose,for your information on ellen bringin in mercenaries from nigeria.i must say that we liberia are tired of war but we are not also to free our liberia from warlords especially the war boss (ELLEN).listen to this guy”you wait and see who in kissi land will refuss to follow fallah’s prompt’s when the time arrive’s”what time is this brother talkin about here?is it the time when the masses say no to warboss ellen?or the time when she will need to answer her involvement in the NPFL?.the time we liberian await is the time when AFL will be control by liberian,the time liberian will live on more then twenty dollars a day,the time when unemployment will be less then 20%,the time when liberia will not only be monrovia. not the time when fallah and his so call kissi followers will kill thausands to protect one(ELLEN)

    1. Noko5,

      What do you expect from Ellen? This lady goes scurrying around looking for people who are not in good moral standing to put them in government. For example, her newly Auditor General designate, Mr. Kirby lied on his resume. Is this the best the president can offer to Liberia in replacing John Mulu?

  80. Fallah,

    It is now clear that all you and Ellen want is power. And if Ellen doesn’t have power, hell will break loose in Liberia, and she will obstruct and destroy the lives and peace of our people.. But I get news for her. And the news is her reactionary approach will not dismantle the lives of our people and I don’t think you and Ellen have a lot of chance to destroy our country through war. Though we already know you and Ellen plan to procreate war once your chances of being in power are not cleared like the way it appears now, but what the people of Liberia have seen and gone through, is pretty much thinner than what you can possibly imagine. For the Liberian people, poverty and war equal death, and that’s what Ellen is giving us. However, Ellen comment is an eye opener. Obviously, she’s making mistakes folks, but that is expected in these circumstances. But there is no room for the president to always be in errors. Her errors could cost lives. Her error is like cocaine on steroid which is unacceptable, that is why we the people of Liberia are going to vote her out of office come election day.

  81. Fallah, Please, please I beg, stop talking about fighting, we don’t need anymore war. We had it. After all, you are nothing but a chicken. If fighting happens to breakout the first bullet sound you will be on your way out to take refuge in your second country, Sierra Leone. So STOP!

    Secondly, not because you financially gained from the first war it means you will gained if there is another war. Easy come easy go. You have allegedly misused all the money you looted and extorted from people, business and donors now you are wishing for another war to get back what you lost. It’s not going to happened fallah, forget it.

  82. fallah, the only beef I have with you for now is your continue talk about going back to war. You have proven me right, as I said before, the fragile peace we are enjoying is not because ellen is a peace maker. The ONLY reason we are enjoying peace is because the trouble makers are in power. Obviously, ellen will be voted out and because of that, all of a sudden out of the blues you (fallah) is talking war. Why your trouble makers think that Liberia is your personal property, and if it isn’t you, nobody else.

    Case in point, look at the recent move ellen made to bring in Nigerian mercenaries to intermediate Liberians from going to the pool. ellen ultimate reason for bringing in mercenaries in my opinion is not to relinquished power. As I said before, and I will say it again, once you guys are no longer in power I bet my life, you guys headed by elllen will go to some neighboring country and began to plan war. fallah, I defied your, if you all start any nonsense this time around, I personally will not rest until I eliminate you all one by one, just like the way how the people of Israel did to perpetrators of the holocaust. The book is called The Revenged.

  83. Dear readers,

    We have not approved the last few comments because they do not comply with our website’s policy as they make threatening or personal attacks. Please try to focus your comments on the substance of the issues at hand regarding the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Taylor trial, or Liberia.

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Jose Rodriguez,

      There have been some posts that have not been approved dur to the personal or threatening nature of the comments from a few different readers. We want to remind everyone to continue to focus comments on the issues regarding the Special Court, the Taylor trial, and Liberia. If you are able to rephrase you comments and only respond on substance, we will approve those.

      Thank you.

  84. Hello All,

    Breaking news from Liberia!!! The United Nations is investigating an apparent attack from Liberian soil into Ivory Coast that unfortunately killed 14 Ivorians a few days ago.

    These borders are just too dangerous and I’m afraid maybe uncontrollable even right under the U.N.’s nose.

    1. Hey Mas,

      Nice to hear from you again. Let us just pray that Liberia will be saved from another bloodletting. All of these fake lies on President Taylor is catching up with Ellen and her supporters. Where is Taylor in all of this? Nowhere to be found. I guarantee, if this innocent man was around, they would have said all of the problems in Liberia and the sub-region was his doings. Thank God he is not around. That’s why I always suggest that they should just go ahead and kill this innocent man. I know that I may sound harsh, but that’s the way I see it. These people need villain in order to show that they are working. They will have to vilify someone. They desperately need a mean badman. Since Taylor is not around, they are hustling and trying so hard to find someone. Who is the next villain? Will it be Ambassador Tubman and Weah who did not give “$10,000.00” to self made NGO NPFL?

  85. Fallah,

    The Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia has put a stay on election campaigns in Liberia. This latest move from the Court is as the result of a lawsuit filed against Ellen and other political party standard bearers who did not meet the 10 years residency clause. What say you? This is a bit again.

  86. Again, Jose Rodriguez, let me point to you, that you make “sexist’ and ‘age descriminative’ statements in most of your postings, with no regards to somebody’s mom, wife and etc, and example, for instance, in your September 2, 2011 posting that you flatly stated;”Again Fallah, this is just another attempt by you and this 150 years old rebel grand-mom trying to destroy Liberia and its people in general in order to get even with this country for not voting for she and her unconstitutional referendum. I think she’s actually trying to temporarily instill fear in our people so that she could get reelected in order for her to do even more damage in her so-call second term to Liberia. But some of us can see strict through her. However, this triggered happy warmonger and rebel grand-mom is very vindictive and has grudge for this country. She thinks this country is her personal property and the choices of the Liberian people are just plain stupid. Ellen pack your bag and go take care of your grandchildren. You lied to us when you said you will only be a” one term president.”
    Ellen is not 150 years old and you should not make mockry of her age or sex because you diagree with her! That is not only rude, but childish and a desrespect to all older and women in general. Are you implying you are ready to pick a fight with the rest of Ellen Generation on this taylor issue?
    Secondly, you sometimes refer to her as ‘rebel grand-ma’ and warmonger,’ in your posting just to be insultive as if you have have no respect for anyone who has riped in age. I see why you hate fallah so much until you fume with smoke and vernoms! Take it easy, because there will always be people older than you in life and as an african, you should also respect that, much more being a US trained soldier! Again, I am not saying this is not your right to express, but be civil sometimes!

    1. Well Fallah, I stand by every word that I say.

      It is a fact that Ellen is a grand-mom.
      It is fact that Ellen was an NPFL rebel who according to her gave the rebel $10,000.00 US as contribution.
      It is a fact that Ellen is old.

      So what is the beef here buddy? What is being sexist, ageist, and disrespectful here?

  87. Fallah, this is what Ellen meant when she said these words to her own citizens: “You already know that Nigerian soldiers don’t joke right, am going to Nigeria to negotiate for Nigerian soldiers to come here for the elections.”

    This video showed what the Nigerians did to the innocent people of our sister country, Sierra Leone. Check this video out.


  88. Fallah,

    These Nigerian mercenaries that Ellen brought in Liberia will consider every Liberian as a prime and usual suspect just so you know. If you are still in Liberia being seen in the picture with Ellen as alleged by you, you could also be a suspect. And as the result, you could be a victim of the very Nigerian mercenaries that your Ellen illegally and unconstitutionally brought in Liberia. So continue to praise Ellen to the heavens and considering her as the second coming of the Messiah.

    I am really enjoying you. You have in no way caused any harm to fallah’s family, whatsoever. He wants to run from you. he’s feeling defeated. GOOD JOB BROTHER..BRAVO…

  90. fallah,listen yourself again”As for the question on who fallah thinks is the common enemy,this is my answer,all associates of taylor and those who attempt to promote and defend all or any alleged acts of NPFL defunct ex-leader and crimes he accused of! That is my simple definition! A hint to a wise, is sufficient” thanks Fallh, but you are not been wise here because,you are willing to secrifies the entire tribes in Liberia to protect someone{ELLEN} who founded and sponsor the NPFL. so are u friendly with your enemy?so be a good example before your so-call Fallah’s prompt’s arrived.

  91. Fallah,

    The Special Court chief investigator, Mr. Allan White is allegedly involved in the Liberian political arena again. What say you?

    1. And that’s the PLAN B Mr. Weah spoke about. And this is the very man whose works were used by this court to bring Mr. Taylor to the Hague. As we can see, a CIA operatist. Can you imagine if he was not an American trying to UNDERMINE Liberia’s election?? Amb. Greenfield would have been all over the air wave asking the UN for his arrest.


  92. Jose,
    please do not forgive Fallah yet. He must come down on his knees and beg to be forgiven. Infact he must bring a white cola, and two giant rusters in order for his request to be looked into. do not let him off yet..Fallah got too much big mouth.

  93. You did not answer to my question, Jose. You have the courts and the judicialry systems in Liberia. If you and Rev Sandy believe, Ellen plotted to have a lunatic ram a vehicle through citizens, then go to them for redress. This is not where you should bring your complaint. You are out of topic! Fallah has not sent condolences, nor Jose, neither Cee, Big B, or taylor himself, so what is the big deal about that?
    Jose, even though I have liberty to sayanything I please, but I respect and care about others rights and feelings. If what I said or did only affected you, I would care less! Taylor is the issue here, my friend, save your grievances against Ellen or fallah and pass on to your grandchildren. They might complete your fight because for now, Ellen has second term and is a matter of must! Eat your fufu and worry about your rent!

    1. Fallah,

      I will just say this and move on. You don’t need my instruction or permission to do anything/say anything you so desire to do or say. I didn’t grant you permission to write all the nonsensical posts that you have written over the years. Besides that, I told you to do what ever you please. Why are you finding it so difficult to comprehend simple thing? Let me state your so-call question first before readers get confuse here as though you had a great question that is of vital importance posted to me. “So Jose, are you saying it is fair game if fallah involves your Boss wife in this debate, or your personal life in the US army?” Quite frankly, I think the paper you wrote on is worth more than your brain. Now let’s shift gear to Liberian national issue. The issue involving the brutal killing of 16 of our citizens by Ellen’s government vehicle(driver is a UP partisan with UP I.D card) during a peaceful political campaign rally was a national calamity. You will expect the president to at least express condolence as opposed to having a mass grave burial for our people. Ellen thinks she’s just too good to identify with the nation in a national day of mourning. She should be one of the master smartest people in the world. She is an arrogant, condescending, conceded snob who has resentment for this country and our people. It is guys like you Fallah, with like minds, that she surrounds herself with. Folks, this a why these people must be defeated in the coming election. They want us to give them a so-call second-term for them to do even more damage to this country. Instead of us having a national day of mourning to mark the memorial activities that will be observed by majority of our people, Ellen decided to substitute it with more cleavages, vitriol,and rumor of wars.

    2. Fallah,

      I am not stunned to hear you say Ellen so-call second term is a “must.” Though not surprising but familiar to hear you say Ellen brought peace and stability to the poor. But I have to ask myself, at what price is this stability? Is it on the basis of Marshall law where the president imported Nigerian mercenaries to annihilate its own people? Is it on the basis of ossified Ellen regime? Is it on the basis of rigged election? That is just not stability which of course is not enticing to have re-elected . That is just living on borrowed time to me.

    3. Fallah,

      For man of your age to be writing such a comment is mind boggling. “Eat your fufu and worry about your rent!” Where did that come from? How can anyone take you seriously?

      Unbelievable. These are the so-call educated people writing such an immensely naive sentence. UNBELIEVABLE. No substance, no connection, and no relationship to the subject matter.

      1. Jose, no amount of your cries of ‘wolf’ will make people stop loving and wishing Ellen well. You are fighting a ‘loosing battle with Ellen and Fallah’ but you don’t get it! Simple as that. You keep on bringing “education” in your disjointed thoughts, yet, naive and ready to condem when others tell you how little vised you seem, as you continue to repeat your rebel ideas and mentality such as;” taylor will will win 2011 elections,” I am secretary general for Weah and Wiston Tubman” and many of your garbage posts that seem to apeal only to your base as observers laugh at you in private! I know what I am saying and observers, sure know the difference, therfore, for Jose to think beople are buying his taylor ‘crusade’ is not only silly but entertaining! Good luck to you and your candinate against Ellen and fallah. We shall see who be who on inaugauration day.

  94. I love this piece from Front Page Africa on it Saturday edition, September 24th, 2011.

    I’ve Not Endorsed CDC Ticket”- Tarloh Quiwonkpa Clarifies


    | Print |


    Written by Tarloh M. Quiwonkpa

    Saturday, 24 September 2011 23:29

    St. Paul, Minnesota – Reports from Liberia, including calls from my relatives, indicate that I, Mrs. Tarloh Munah Quiwonkpa, have endorsed the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) ticket and will be traveling to Liberia to campaign for the CDC in the pending Presidential and General Elections in Liberia. Not only is this report appallingly offensive, but it is completely false.

    At no time have I ever had discussions with any officials and members of the CDC to declare my support for the Tubman – Weah ticket or to promise traveling to Liberia to campaign for the CDC. To have some individuals to have the audacity to use my name for self-serving political purpose without my knowledge and approval is troubling and totally unacceptable.

    Henceforth, I call on the orchestrators of this ill-intentioned, trumped-up scheme and the Liberty Radio Station to immediately retract the story and clarify to the public that I did not endorse the CDC ticket and did not declare to anyone that I would travel to Liberia to campaign for the CDC.

    While it is true that I do not and will never support Ellen Johnson Sirleaf because I believe six more years of her inauthentic leadership will be disastrous for Liberia, I equally think those seeking the support of the Liberian people so as to replace Ellen must demonstrate authenticity and honesty, for the route a party takes to get to power is as critically important as the way that party will genuinely lead the country.

    Meanwhile, I call on the leadership of the CDC, including Messrs. Winston Tubman and George Weah, to clarify to the Liberian people that I, Mrs. Tarloh Munah Quiwonkpa, am not a member of CDC and have not endorsed the CDC ticket.

    Making this clarification will demonstrate how genuinely committed the CDC is in providing a truly authentic transformational leadership for Liberia, the leadership that Unity Party has failed to provide for our beloved country for the past six years.

    To my friends, relatives, immediate family members, and well-wishers both in and outside Liberia, I want you to note that the report or story about my endorsement of the CDC ticket carried on Liberty Radio Station a few days ago is entirely false and misleading. This story was trumped up and publicized by certain individuals maliciously trying to exploit my name for their own selfish political interest. And this is totally unacceptable.

    Mrs. Tarloh M. Quiwonkpa, RN, BSN, PHN, MSN – Currently resides in the United States of America, where, in addition to her work as a professional health practitioner, she currently pursues her second master in healthcare administration (MHA) at Walden University. Email at quiwonkpa@comcast.net.

    These are women we need in our society of Liberias; very frank, fearless, and direct. I don’t care if Jose or Big B supports Ellen or not, but be rational and don’t buy into garbage and ‘handout’ politics from cheap politicians that mean no good for you or me!

    1. Fallah, did you realize that late General Thomas Quawonkpa’s wife says this about your immaculate Ellen in the same post that you have posted? “I will never support Ellen Johnson Sirleaf because I believe six more years of her inauthentic leadership will be disastrous for Liberia.”

      Oh yeah, this lady said more about Ellen involvement in the killing of her husband. Fallah, genuinely speaking; do you sometimes think it through before posting?

  95. fallah,

    I have been silent these few days busy on the campaign trail getting ellen, Boakai and falllah out, While getting Tubman, Weah and Big B in. I did not send out my personal condolences to the bereaved family on this site. My reason, Big B is a factitious name and a name of a character. But what I did though, I along with our Vice President in waiting Ambassador Weah attended the funeral. Unfortunately, there were no UP representatives at the funeral. If ellen is elected president, let me eat grass.

    1. For the record, Big B is a close associate of George Weah, and both attended funeral services, probably, in Liberia. Big B is now a trumpet blower for Weah. What an unstable politician. Now Taylor is history to Big B! Reason being, Weah told the People of Nimba;” I will wipe the tears taylor brought into your eyes”upon been initiated into the poro! You seem to be “the man pot got to boil” type, Big b. You are despicable!

  96. Fallah, my condolence to the bereaved family again. You might think you can play politics with the tragic death of our people, but that’s fine. The few remaining borrowed time that Ellen has will come and expired. Fallah on a more serious note, you are struggling to articulate your position here.

  97. Fallah,

    What will it take for you to be honest? I am just laughing at your false quotes. Where and when did I say what you said that I said? Did I tell you that I was Secretary General for Ambassador Tubman and Weah? Did I tell you or anyone that President Taylor will win 2011 elections? How will President Taylor even win election in Liberia when he is in the custody of the powerful in the Hague? Fallah, this is just a reminiscence of the kinds of lies you guys lied on this innocent man, President Taylor. It is so good that this website has not closed down yet. The evidence is right here. There is no such thing on this same page and other subsequent pages that I said what you say that I said. Fallah, you are sinking much more faster and at a greater exponential rate than I thought. When you are in a hole and you want to get out, it will “not” be wise for you to keep on digging. And that’s exactly what you are doing. Folks, I told this target audience that I am living rent free in Fallah’s head. This man is thinking of me every night on what to say to combat my superior writing style and dominant tone of voice. He’s trying folks, but his tries are just not enough to overcome the already huge intellectual deficit that he has suffered. As the result, he has resulted into cheap lies.

    1. Jose, you need to go back and re- read your postings except if you have two different names as common practice learned under taylor, ‘ master of deception!’ Did you not dreamed of taylor returning in triumphance, and beggers spreading their rags before him for some looted goods? Come on man you are going nuts for no reason, because this is you and how you think! Fallah will not make up stories about you because you have enough garbage of your own to tot! Let’s get back to the issues, I repeat, your Boss Taylor stands trial and is fighting for his life. Think about it, Jose, if you really love and was once ‘bed-fellow’ to this man, and talk with Big B who is now ‘bed-fellow’ to Winston Tubman and George Weah! You two are despicable characters, just like your former BOSS gankay taylor! Now what do you have to say,,so I can return rapid fire?

      1. Fallah, After you miserably fail to point out where I said that I was CDC Secretary General and Taylor will win the coming 2011 presidential election though he’s in the custody of the powerful, you are now telling us that Jose had a dream. Seriously, are you ok? I am really getting worry and concerned about you. This is how craziness can start. Are you alright? The bottom line is there was no such thing said by Jose. I understand you are trying so hard to change the topic about Ellen. Why did you bring her in this discussion in the first place?

  98. This for the trumpet blowers; a refresher course from jfallah menjor;

    On March 5, 2011 at 12:10 am, jfallahmenjor said:

    BIG B, the other two Judges seem to be the true JURY. They are not bringing any personal feelings into this trial as Sebuntinde clearly demonstrates! I am happy to say this and History will bear me out some day. Also, I am happy to get the nerves of all the Sebuntindes on hot platter and ready to finish jfallahmenjor up. That is how I operate and have lived this long in my career, and a happy Old man. And for Sekou, I will say this, I do not expect Ellen to read the garbage we put out here. I only truly believe she is the best for my Motherland and all you cowards should get off her back! Have a Nice weekend everbody.

  99. Dear jfallahmenjor,

    Can you please provdie a link to the source you mentioned as well as where the quote referenced in your comment?

    Thank you.

  100. Thanks Big B for clearing the air, I hope this breaks whatever pain or stronghold that anyone maybe carrying. I only don’t agree with statement you made above: “maybe God himself can’t save him. God will prefer for President Taylor to be killed by the unjust and later sit at God’s right hand in heaven.” God can save him, but i’m sure we all would appreciate him being out of this world due to that fact he (Taylor) was responsible for the death of thousands of Liberian and sierra leoneans. The fact that the world sat back and watch all the atrocities that occurred on the continent of Africa in the late 80’s and the entire 90’s is completely devastating. Do you know that Germans that were involve in the Holocaust are still be hunt down. Its only on the continent of Africa that we allow people that are responsible of the death of many to walk free, take for example South Africa: they granted amnesty and forgiveness to their oppressor, in Liberia they elected Charles Taylor as president, look at the situation in Libya, I can go on with many examples, but i don’t have the time. In conclusion, the continent has been diagnose with a tyrant illness, everybody wants to become president and once they do, they don’t want to leave. Whatever verdict the court comes out with except not guilty, Taylor will deserve.

  101. Devilish Strategy’ – Saryee, Bowier, Tubman, Toe Rubbish Purported CDC ‘Cabinet’


    | Print |


    Written by Wade Williams and M. Welemongai Ciapha, II

    Wednesday, 28 September 2011 00:00

    Some individuals named in the purported ‘classified Memo’ allegedly attributed to the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC of football legend George Weah, naming Cabinet Ministers to head a CDC, Government published in the Monday September, 27, 2011 edition of the New Democrat newspaper, Captioned: “CDC names Cabinet”, have reacted sharply to the publication of their names in the local daily.

    Dan Saryee, the Executive Director of the Liberia Democratic Institute (LDI) reacting to the document said his name was mentioned as one of those named in the so-called CDC cabinet, to head the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in a CDC government. The document entitled: “Tentative Appointment” dated September 6, 2011 allegedly is believed to have been from Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, who is also Chairman of the CDC.

    Hi Boss Big B and Lord Jose Rodreguez, In reaction to the September 27th,2011 publication from New Democrat Newspaper, Liberia, Frontpage Africa: ALOYSIUS TOE, LIBERIAN HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST based in Boston, USA:
    “Also reacting to the ‘Memo’, Liberian Human Rights Activist based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Aloysius Toe said the publication was false and misleading and only intended to link him to partisan politics in Liberia.

    “My attention has been drawn to a news story in the Tuesday, September 27, 2011 edition of the New Democrat Newspaper quoting a “CDC secret document” which named me as Chairman under an elected CDC government. After much investigation and background check on the source of the “secret document” and verification of every available fact, I have come to the conclusion that the information is false and misleading, and is only intended to link me to partisan politics in Liberia. I am not, and have never been, nor do I intend, now and in the future, to be part of the CDC. If it were, it would certainly be foolhardy on the part of the CDC to name me in their secret document knowing fully well that I disagree with their avowed populist politics and aimless emotionalism without a genuine national program of reform and societal transformation,” said Toe.
    Now, Jose and Big B, tell me which names you fall under as there is very likely hood you are on this alleged list? If not not you need to publicly proclaim your elleged involvement, because I see your real names on this piece of alleged memo, and will point you out through my legal consul because you have lied on Ellen and fallh all these months! I wish this was the end of taylor’s trial, because I have perfect time to strike a fatal political blow at both of you despicable individuals!


  102. An eye should be kept on the price for the sake of the MRU; The plans and masterminds along with the carnage created by Charles Taylor and the RUF; Charles Taylor admitted to lying and misleading this court under cross. The voice of the innocents will never be forgotting. Guilty it is ….

  103. I like this peice from Ellen’s reason for not trusting the opposition in running the country at this time in her interview with FrontpageAfrica:”Sirleaf declared: “We are not hearing from people the need to continue the development agenda, not just my agenda but the national agenda. We were hearing all the criticisms despite all the progress we have made, which mean if you criticize it that means you don’t agree with it, which means you will reverse it. And we satisfied that that process is solid. I think the international community is satisfied and the Liberian people are satisfied that that process is solid. So since people wanted to reverse it, we need to take it one step further to a place where they will not reverse it, it will be on an irreversible course whether we’re dealing with governance or whether we’re dealing with infrastructure or peace that is our goal and that is the only reason why.”

    This, to me, is the bottom line of what the opposition is missing: agenda on what they plan on doing with the ‘solid foundation’ Ellen has put the country on. Not just their silly criticism on every development she has carried out! Even the Natives can read between the lines of the “devil” they have , compared with the “angel” they have not met! Oppositions need to shut up or come out with convincing agenda and not all the rubbish we hear from their camp!

    1. Fallah, the reason why Ellen is reneging on her promise of seeking a so-call second term is simply because she is afraid of prosecution. It’s that plain and simple and not that bogus claim of reversal of development. Fallah, in the same staged and pre-given questions interview, she said “Thabo Mbeki was a loyal opposition to Nelson Mandela.” Could you care to comment on that?

      Again, you are bringing up Ellen name. Don’t run away or try to change the topic from Ellen to “eat your fufu and worry about your rent.”

      1. Jose, what Ellen meant about “about Mbeki was a loyal opposition to Nelson Mendela” unlike the Opposition in her backyard,is that opposition wants to tear down the common dream,while Mbeki aimed at upholding Mendela’s foundation! Simple as that. Hope you understand this response, Jose and trumpet blowers! Mbeki was loyal and non of these oppositions in Liberia are loyal citizens..but get this if you succeed in your devilish aims you will meet the toughest opposition of your life time yet! Jfallamenjor will take full advantage..do not say I did not warn you guys!

        1. Fallah,

          Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela were from the “same” ANC party. So how can Thabo Mbeki be in opposition to his own party? More importantly, he was the successor to President Mandela from the same ANC. Look Fallah, Ellen is afraid to be prosecuted; that is why she has reneged on her one term promise and not that fake reason given. Why can’t she implement the TRC Report that is dogging her? Again, she is scared of being tried. All those that waged war on us will answer one day to the Liberian people. Right now Ellen and her ossified regime is just living on borrowed time. I know it wouldn’t take too long before somebody somewhere calls it a day and say Ellen why did you wage war on your own people?

          Fallah, I am pretty much sure the new government of Ambassador Tubman/Weah will welcome your opposition. Once you don’t result to war, that’s fine. However, oppositions help to build countries.

  104. Ladies and Gentlmen; I read a piece of ‘grievance’ or letter from Dew Mayson, whining about leased helicopter to canvas, but which, he claimed, was denied by Ellen Government! I really don’t have all the facts but if Mayson wants an effective campaining into rural Liberia, he needs to purchase thousands of motor bikes to access the villages, and not a helicopter that will transport him and friends back and forth only! I know this gentleman very well. You need to look beyond his intentions! Thanks Ellen, do not allow it, let mayson take Ellen to the UN for redress..trash complaints! Old style politics and greed plus envy for development Liberians are enjoying under Ellen! I challenge Dew to take up with me in this forum!

    1. Fallah, this website is not Front Page where you can just say anything without accountability. I hope you are ready to discuss this tyrannical and ossified regime of Ellen denying free movement of other opposition political parties.

      I know most of you readers will like to hear more from Jose, but currently I am extremely busy with my Capstone and other school work.

  105. Big B,

    Though My school work is on me, but I still check and browse on this site when I have the time. Thanks for posting that website of “shoot to kill” order by Ellen and her ossified regime. My question to you is what if there is a rift or faction within the 10,000.00 Nigerian mercenaries, who side will Ellen be on? What will the U.N. peacekeepers do? Who side will the Armed Forces of Liberia be on?

    Big B, I get to run. Hang in there.

  106. Fallah just landed on the soil of Africa! What a Home Coming! I will meet you guys home. I will be on the ground in Upper Lofa Ladies and Gentlemen! Meet with Ellen after election before flying back to Liberia,via South africa to touch base with some old bodies. Until then you will not hear very much from me. My dreams are partially fullfilled. Ellen is Honoured to be recognized even though Tubman disagrees. Wow, maybe Liberia needs another 27 years of a Tubman to complete the road to Maryland County, Liberia. Crazy thoughts, I believe!

  107. Folks,

    Check this out from the American Daily Beast News Agency.

    “Back home in Liberia, the atmosphere is far less cordial. As she runs for a second term as president, the 72-year-old Johnson Sirleaf has been booed and heckled. Her first term has been one long cascade of corruption scandals, and critics of her administration say they’ve been attacked, intimidated, and offered bribes. No one accuses the president of being personally responsible for any of these abuses, but she has clearly been let down badly by many people she trusted. In fact, although Liberia has no credible opinion surveys to predict the election’s outcome, many political analysts believe Johnson Sirleaf could lose, particularly if balloting goes to a second round after the Oct. 11 vote. ”


  108. No Sekou, I did my bachelor at Temple University in 2005-2006 in Engineering Technology. I did my first post graduate in MPA, Master of Public Administration with emphasizes in government, and another master in Project Management. Sekou, for now I am providing too many information to the public. Please accept these ones and lets move on. Hopefully I will meet and see you in person one day.

  109. It is surprising to see that a billionaire is named as a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street protest now in the United States. As dire as the situation is in the U.S. these days, one would think that Americans would be trying to create jobs rather than asserting a needless approach to change.

    For the people of Africa and America to advance to the next higher tier in growth, there must be an understanding of where they intend to go. Vain promises are all that has come forth; the people must decide what direction they themselves have determined to be prosperous. One must educate self!

    See link: http://news.yahoo.com/whos-behind-wall-st-protests-110834998.html

    Take care,


  110. Now what, Big B, Noko 5,6,7,8,9,Jose, and others; what do say about Prince Johnson’s stance? I told you guys that Prince will not make the ‘second’ mistake of letting your evil plans succeed! I will give no details except reminder to your silly reasonings! The ‘Devil ‘you know is better than the ‘angel’ you have not met? Jfallahmenjior is alive and kicking! Back to to the US!

  111. Big B,

    I told you sometimes ago that I sometimes listen to Noko4’s radio program. Noko4 utterances seem to be leaning towards Ellen. How can he say he is fighting for true justice but supports the very person that turned President Taylor over to this fake court?

    Noko4, what is going on buddy? Don’t get me wrong; you have all rights to choose whomever you wish in these elections, but it’s kind of strange to suspect you supporting Ellen.


    1. Big B,
      I looked at CDC and UP and UP was SERIOUS at this stage…..CDC won HEARTS but her tactics and CHILDISHNESS heading into the second was a TURN OFF for me. We have LAWS and the CONSTITUTION to guide and guard us all. If CDC cannot RESPECT the RULES….then I don’t give her my support.

      Look at a little of her CHILDISHNESS…..after she told us she has a CASE only to get into and FUMBLED. http://allafrica.com/stories/201112081478.html
      “The Supreme Court’s verdict against the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), in its continuing claims that the October elections were fraudulent, provides a glimpse of how conclusions are reached in a gullible society, and one would have thought that a political party would be more diligent in making claims of elections fraud”.

      Now see her BEGGING for jobs…..Oh yes, on the radio show, a member of CDC confined this CONCEPT PAPERS as a working tools.

      I was under the impression that in an election, the WINNER takes and makes the calls.


      1. The wise changes,yes – This points to the fact that wisdom gives better dividend to masses than just education.

  112. Dear Big B,

    To offer some assistance with the correlation of Hampshire Avenue N.W., and Georgia Avenue N.W., Washington DC.

    New Hampshire Avenue is a diagonal street in Washington, D.C., beginning at the Kennedy Center and extending northeast for about 5 miles (8 km) and then continuing into Maryland where it is designated Maryland Route 650. New Hampshire Avenue, however, is not contiguous. It stops at 15th and W Streets NW and resumes again on the other side of Columbia Heights at Park Road NW, a few blocks from Georgia Avenue.

    New Hampshire Avenue passes through several Washington neighborhoods including Foggy Bottom, Dupont Circle, “Petworth” and Lamond-Riggs.

    In Maryland, New Hampshire Avenue passes the neighborhoods and towns of Chillum, Takoma Park, Carole Highlands, Langley Park and Silver Spring. Eventually, it feeds into Damascus Road (Maryland Route 108) at Etchison. Many Maryland residents regard New Hampshire Avenue as a convenient access road to Washington’s North Capitol Street, a wide road that starts north of the United States Capitol and divides the city into its northwest and northeast quadrants.

    Georgia Avenue is a major north-south artery in Northwest Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland. Within the District of Columbia and a short distance in Silver Spring, Maryland, Georgia Avenue is also U.S. Route 29. Both Howard University and Walter Reed Army Medical Center are located on Georgia Avenue.

    Georgia Avenue begins north of Florida Avenue, which was the boundary of the Old City, and is a continuation of 7th Street. Traveling northward, the street passes Howard University and Fort Stevens. At Eastern Avenue, the road crosses into Montgomery County and passes through Silver Spring.

    Georgia Avenue was originally named 7th Street Extended, and later Brightwood Avenue, before receiving its present name. Prior to this, Potomac Avenue in Southeast Washington was called Georgia Avenue.

    These Streets intersect in the Petworth neighborhood; these Streets are diagonal and not parallel.

    I understand that you are in an important impasse Noko4; who I believe lives in Sandy Spring, Montgomery County, MD.

    Have you ever attended services at Bethel World Outreach, 8252 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910-4511 (301) 588-8099? In the 1990’s I was there with some Liberian Women.

    The CDC has my prayers and hopes; and I pray that Liberia not long from now will be rid its tyrants.


    Take care,


  113. Big B needs to prepare to go into “self-imposed’ exile if Ellen wins round 2 because it is a matter of must, and we will not stand by to see our country go to rogues and thugs who think about nothing better for our country! Gwet your acts togrther if you are a true son of Liberia. In any fight, there has to be a winner. Taylor is a looser, Big B is a looser, and CDC is the biggest looser of the fight. Bravo, we will rule Liberia like the TRUE WHIG did for nearly a century! Peace brothers and sisters…at least we are sure of one thing..no tubman nor weah for ever! Those two are ‘despicable’low class citizens that seem to have no patiotic mind-set for Liberia. We shall fight them again in the next elections!

  114. Likewise, Ellen needs to press charges against you, Sekou, Big B, and the rest of you that have personally threatened and continue to preach divisiveness in fragile Liberia! You must be kidding to have such silly idea, Sekou! I challenge Weah and Tubman to try such rubbish with the man behind Jfallahmenjor!

  115. Big B; acording to your ‘sensational’ story above;”On Monday, November 7th, 2011, without any provocation, the Liberian National Police violently attacked the headquarters of the Congress for Democratic Change; and gunned down several innocent Liberians, killing at least eight (8) persons and over dozens others were badly wounded with gunshots wound in their legs and other parts of their bodies. The police attempted an assassination on the life of our political leaders Cllr Winston Tubman and Weah.”
    Silly, reporting, because how would the Liberian Police fire on civilians without any “provocation” according to you? You, Wiston T, and Weah should be held responsible for any deaths that occured. They knew what would happen and failed to heed to all warnings. The Government of Liberia needs to arrest these individuals and fully prosecute them for inciting violence, resulting to death!
    I also want to ask who is this Tubman? I learned that he is not who he claims to be..adopted element of Tuman Family or a Togolese? Just curious!

  116. GUYS,
    I am sorry, but I am force to give this info. for the forum cosumption only because of my love for everyone on the site. MISS TEAGE CHEATED SO HER BOYFRIEND LEFT HER. Not only that, he took the lab top that she always used to lie on president Taylor..THats it.

  117. Madam American Ambassador in Monrovia, just couple of weeks ago you said rigged election in Africa will produce 70-90% victory for the incumbent. However though, the fact that Ellen did not receive that amount of percentage, it means the election was fair. Mrs. Greenfield, according to your own standard of measurement about incumbent having 90% of the votes manifest anomalies, frauds, vote rigging, and etc. Will you say Ellen rigged the votes since she has about 90% of the total votes cast? And please don’t tell me she was the only one in the race. Notwithstanding, Ellen and her Joint Criminal Enterprise of NEC said CDC contested even though CDC is on record for respectfully requesting her name being removed from the ballot and their request was turned down. And please don’t tell me the people were afraid to go to vote as the result of Ellen ossified regime descending their improperly trained police officers to savagely murder our people in cold blood and having their bodies permanently display on the streets of Monrovia.

  118. Now I see why Liberians seem to be accustomed to Very Hash rulers as far back as Tubman, Samuel Doe, and Charles Taylor, who nearly wiped them off the face of earth! How can people like Big B, Sekou, and CDC partisans crave for violence just because they lost the elections? Would these so called individuals do such under William V.S Tubman, or Doe, or Taylor? Never, never.. and in fact there was no chance of Press Freedom!
    You know what, Ellen, needs to be the Iron Lady she is supposed to be in her Next Term! This is why I believe in “MACHIAVELLI” expecially; ..’that it is better to be feared than love..’ since humans, by nature will quickly turn against a Prince if they become disatisfied, but continue to fear the Prince even in difficult times since the fear of punishment weigh more in there hearts. All the rebellions I see coming from the CDC camp is due to the Press Freedom (which is a good thing) but foreign to people who have no knowledge of what freedom means! Ellen needs to combine the African methods because these are Africans, and the majority seems very ignorant, unfortunately! The 30% that is literate is the one that wants to be all chiefs and senators, presidents, and ambassadors..so they will steal and rub the National Cffers as they have seen it done in the past! If Ellen does not change her views, it will be difficult to keep Liberia on track that she has begun! I will personally write a ‘Thesis’ on why Liberian have and know very little concept about freedom!



  120. Big B off to the Bahamas? Lie! You live in Liberia and can’t afford such vacation right after loosing an election..who do you think you’re playing on? We do not need such information for now.. what we are asking is that now the elections are over and Ellen being ‘WINNER’ are you going to join to build LIBERIA? Get out if you are not willing to do this or stay in Liberia and shut up! Next is taylor trial the most news we are awaiting, Big B.. you got more surprises coming…. jfallahmenjor is candidate for President comes next elections get ready to be miserable you and Sekou the lay preacher.

  121. Help me here, please! Was it not the same Jose Rodriguez who thought Laurent Gbagbo was right in not accepting results of the Ivorian elections he had lost? Was it not you guys that felt ‘The international Body’ had no business in meddling in his right to refuse to step down? Now you are announcing Gbagbo’s arrival at the Hague, and how taylor is waiting to welcome Him! Did you not remember making it seem the West was wrong in asking him to step down? I think you are right and surely, taylor must be delighted to join another ‘arrogant’ African leader that lacks common sense in listening to the will of the people, be it local, or interrnational! As for Gaddahfi, he was not spared to live to tell the story! This is, perhaps, what should have been done to the later!

    1. Fallah,

      The dichotomy here is such that Gbagbo is a victim of his own trap and concession at his own peril. However, this was a man that was heavily relying on the International Community just like the triggered happy warmonger and Gaddafi supporter in Liberia (Ellen) for everything. It was Ellen, Gbagbo, Lassana Conteh, Teajan Kabbah, and Obassanjo all Africans conspired to put an innocent man in jail. Remember now, when he was doing it, he had up to 10,000.00 U.N. troops on the grounds and they were on his side. Nothing he did was wrong until he challenged their authority. Notwithstanding, he still had rights. The Election Commission and the Supreme Court in Ivory Coast declared him winner. The International Community rejected the results and sided with his rival Alassan Ouatarra. He was forcefully removed from power. What goes around, comes around.

  122. Big B and Jose…Read this Please! http://www.cocorioko.net/?p=20075

    As a preview to the investigations with Sorious and his consortium will engage in, Sorious gave a brief flash back on an incident that occurred in Liberia. He stated they were sent to Liberia by British and American officials to investigate the link between Charles Taylor and the RUF in Sierra Leone. In his own words, their investigations took a different turn when they discovered massive shipments of timber operated by Charles Taylor in return for huge supplies of arms. According to him, they were later arrested. He claimed to have received his video camcorder several years later which corroborated his narrative with regards to the shipment of timber. In the clips that were shown, one could clearly see huge logs of timber being processed for shipping at what he referred to as “Charles Taylor’s special port.” Accolades to Sorious Samura for backing with video evidence what was unquestionably colossal timber processing (be it illegal or not) in neighboring Liberia in 2001. A decade later, Sorious Samura is in his motherland Sierra Leone trying to replicate the same discovery. Guardedly, I assume he arrived in Sierra Leone with a script already in hand. Unfortunately for him, reality did not match the ink on paper. Instead, what he produced was a documentary tarnishing the image of his motherland. Mr. Sorious Samura, where is the smoking gun illegal multi-million dollar timber you uncovered in Sierra Leone?

  123. Sos to all my pekins; I lost your numbers .. can you call me please. My phone got stolen by our friends on the other side…. General Fixit, Big B, I need help guys…

    1. Why do you think Ellen will go to jail comes the end of Her second term? Ellen will have accomplished all that was required, anyway, so? Besides, I think yours is a ‘wishful thought’, and no one will buy such garbage coming from Ellen’s archenemies!

      1. Happy New Year to my Comrades,

        I am back highly motivated then ever, ready to defend President Taylor this innocent man who is lingering in the white man’s without any justifiable reason. The verdict was scheduled to come out in September of 2011, because of the fiasco election orchestrated by ellen and her western “partners in progress”, meaning partner in crimes to exploit Liberia out of her natural resources autonomously without the majority selected ellen to the presidency. I believe the reason the verdict was delayed, ellen and her “partner in crimes” were afraid if the verdict had come in September, and elections were in October of 2011 hell was going to come to earth, no matter how the verdict would have went. Guilty or not guilty. Astro from hell was going to hit, Liberians were going to go amok if the verdict was guilty, and if the verdict wasn’t guilty, it would have been a stampede. As speculated, the verdict is been withheld by ellen and her “partner in crimes” until after the illegal inauguration on January 16, 2012. Is this the meaning of Justice?

        It doesn’t matter how long it takes, justice will prevail. The same way how the west supports justice in their countries and for their citizens, the west should allow the same kind of justice to prevail all over the world!

        This New Year, God’s children will chant and sing, Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God all Mighty, Free at Last!!

  124. Happy New year Big B even though you are back with your same old rubbish about Ellen’s status as illigal! I am glad you are awared of your future as Jfallahmenjor had always told you; ‘like a tale, told by an idiot, full of horrow and sorrow, signifying nothing’ you should be rallying to get Weah back to USA, instead of Ellen’s inaugauration!
    As I said to your camp in the past, you are the greatest losers of all time Liberia. Now you have enemies all over and a disgraced party called CDC! I am already on the ground and ready to work with Ellen’s second term! I will make sure you do not see daylight in new Liberia, Big b and enemies of Liberia!

    1. fallah,

      Thank God this web site isn’t the new democrat web site. Your comment is full of disinformation deliberately misleading. By the way, since you brought it up, Ambassador Weah is relaxing in his Florida Mansion; he arrived on Saturday 31, December. As alleged, Ellen and Linda Greenfield clandestinely informed Delta Airlines authorities in Accra to remove Ambassador Weah off the flight to ATL Just to embarrass and humiliate him. Subsequent upon Ambassador Weah’s disembarkment he made a call to the American Embassy in Accra asking if there are reasons he (Weah) was denied from coming to the States. The U.S. Embassy in Accra had no explanation as to why Ambassador Weah’s was booted off the flight. Ambassador Weah, contacted Home Land Security in Washington, DC as to the reason why he (Weah) was denied entry. Home Land Security did a 360 degree check on Ambassador Weah, his record came out squeaky clean. Consequently, couple of days later Ambassador Weah took another flight out of Accra to NYC. fallah, ellen is allegedly evil, vindictive, Rebel grandma and an Angel of death.

      Most people are pondering, why didn’t ellen ordered Ambassador Weah off Delta in Liberia, hence the flight leaves Liberia before going to Ghana? The logical explanations why ellen didn’t ordered Ambassador Weah off the flight in Liberia are: Firstly, it was going to cause an uprising and secondly, ellen wanted to make it to appeared as if she and Linda Greenfield had nothing to do with the situation. OMG!!

      Lastly, 99 years is not forever, ellen will fall, so do all of you. As long as majority of Liberians didn’t voted ellen as their president it’s inevitable she’s bound to fall.

      Happy New Year fallah! I am coming to Liberia in July; I’ll make it my business to look for you, even if you don’t get to see me.

      1. Great that Weah made it back in the US finally, but he will now understand that phrase’man pass man’ we normally use in Liberia that regardless how you feel about Ellen, she welds great respect and authority over all of you and CDC! Now he can relax in his Florida Mansion, according to you, and find a teaching job with his degree he just earned on line! Case close for him, he needs to stay out of Liberisa so the little boys won’t get molested, and misled by him and his thugs!I will respond again and much bluntly if you bring this topic back!We are ready to get critical and to expose anyone hiding behind closets!

      2. Big B, your hatred for Ellen is so great that you may not survive heart attack next 8 years of ellen’s rule! Too bad for you..no job from CDC, none from UP, and probably broke like church rat by the time taylor fate gets sealed and much more..what a loser!

        1. fallah,

          You are very fascinating; you have the audacity to accuse others of immoral acts as if to say you and her are saints. Your closets are not only full of skeletons but with the cemetery. You see fallah, I mentioned before as a former US Soldier, I don’t pick a fight, but by the same token I don’t back down from one. She is a bisexual, an open secert and we know who her girlfriends are. One is at City hall and the other is a diplomat. Go figured. Son Robert is molesting all our little boys and paying them with his so-called development funds. It’s genetic. Like mother, like son.

          fallah, the same sex marriage she is trying to push through legislation to have free passage her son to prey and molest our children, God’s forbid it’s not going to happen. fallah, I don’t need a job from her. I am a self made man. I’ll never go broke as long as there is an Uncle Sam and AT&T. fallah, it’s difficult to defend this woman on any given issue. She been there, done that. Stop your rubbish talk and let get back to discussing the issue.

          Stop talking crap about my hate for ellen. When you stop your hate for President Taylor going back to the 70s in Ghana and your hate for Ambassadors Tubman and Weah, then I’ll stop my hate for ellen. Until then, put up, or shut up.

  125. Now I see that you, too,are bed-fellow to wiston and Weah..not a surprise at all..you are all in the same boat together..big B..so you need to focus on taylor, another sick man that damaged our youths by not only giving them drugs, but handing out guns to them to murder their mothers and rape their sisters! What next, Big Weah suporter and mate? I will give you a dose self made US soldier!

  126. fallah, m driving right now can’t comment on my blackberry while drivin. I’ll comment accordingly when I get home within an hr.

    1. fallah,

      The way how I would like to comment the moderator wouldn’t allow it. Notwithstanding, I am taking the fight directly to the new democrat with my comment. http://www.newdemocratnews.com my comment is posted under the topic “The second-term Curse Looks On. Written by Tom Kamara

      1. Big B needs to also post a statement by Chris Massaquoi,New Police Director, in the same New Democrate;”We are ready for trouble makers” he states! Besides, our focus is on your types that live in violence, brought up in disfunctional regimes, and continue to live in ignorance! Today Liberia is of people who want to revise and reform unstable individuals such as most of you CDC supporters that believe in rampage and looting to live. It’s over Big B, within a year we will weed you out like a new garden! I stand by for reply from your ‘blackberry’ show man, like others can not afford one..you are dispecable sometimes..and probably need psychiatric evaluation.

        1. fallah,

          I am not going to go there with Chris; he’s like a brother to me. I wish him well in his endeavors. I am l taking the fight to the new democratic web page, this way I wouldn’t have to fight you at home on this site. Time immemorial, I told you I wouldn’t be the first to pick a fight, but don’t misconstrued it as weakness. I am going to harass the new democratic web page until the comment section is omitted. Anything under ND Staff I know who’s writing it is…

  127. Gentlemen,

    Can we get some kind of update on the trial please: Is mr. Taylor still alive? Have you people gotten rid of him? Is his aquital comming up soon? My people please give some kind of update after a long periode of time. I think the silence has been too lenthy. SAY SOMETHING… TELL US WHAT’S GOING ON RIGHT NOW….

  128. I thought NOKO5 had been in touch with his leader, taylor, all these months? how come you depend on this site for information on your daddy? you guys are unbelievable! Sick comments, useless appeals, and living in ‘self-denial’ Don’t worry the verdict is at hand rebelman! Taylor himself knows what awaits him for all he did to countless numbers of poor west africans that he helped in getting murdered by his arming an illitrate militial!

    1. Noko5 et al,

      Whenever this lunatic makes crappy comment that has nothing to do with the issue at hand, take the fight to the new democrat. There are no hold bars, anything goes. Comments on the new democrat and rage hell.

    2. Fallah Menjor
      I know how sick you are inrespect to your ability to figure out simple things,GENIUSE!
      I am actually trying to shut you up from all these irresponsible advetisements that keep coming out of you about your criminal colt partner, ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF. You need to find another site to promote her, and not here. Bye.. I taught you have been named minister of some nonesence by this time. What is she waiting for???? Did you lie on your credentials too……

  129. For goodness sake, Big b, why are you taking this fight to the New Democrat? I have told you over and over that Jfallahmenjor is not part of New Democrat nor associated with…any editting or approving what goes to both wise and honest readers of that magarzine. Find another fight to pick , but not with this Noble Paper that attempts to assist in fostering democracy in our New Liberia, Mr. Big b ! You are already ragging “hell’ Big B! You and your camp refused to accept democratic process of the recent elections in Liberia. You have attempted, ever since, it seems, that peace was not of any interest to CDC, Taylor trained murderers, left in disarail after taylor was captured and sent to the Hague. I am not Tom Kamara. If I owned this paper, why would that make a difference in my free expression that I make anyway? Your attack on this paper is what we call in psychology “display aggression” and this is when one needs a psychological evaluation regardless of arrogance or defiance against opponents, such as you feel strongly about UNITY PARTY!

    1. fallah, there you go again, I never mentioned the name Tom Kamara in my comment to Noko5 et al. Since you mentioned Tom Kamara I am at liberty to discuss the alleged hater, extortionist, liar, Rebel, homosexual and lunatic tom kamara. You must obey my warning, or face the consequences.

      1. Big B is all of the above! You, Weah, Tubman, have the same taste, and therefore, follows you’re the tea-cup, calling pot, black! We already did a survey and know the relationships amongst CDCians, and what they share in common. Let’s focus on taylor for now, and you can go and burn down New democrat office as is accustomed to your party policy. You never seem to get tied of my assualts and rich expressive language that you are of no match!

        1. fallah, that’s my point as long as you stick to the issue (Taylor) and stop your nonsense and lunatic “rich expressive language” you are safe from my assaults. Burning down the new democrat office is not the solution if the source is still running around. The snake must be killed from its head.

  130. Wait a minute here folks. Something is percolating here again from Fallah. Wasn’t the same Fallah threatening the Liberian people of war if Ellen’s Joint Criminal Enterprise of NEC declares someone else as a winner in this gone election other than her? Fallah, it is you who have the history of violence.

  131. NOKO5,I told you, all along, that charles taylor is a traitor from day one when I associated with this character, when he was GSA Director under Doe! He is a very dishonest character and very mean human being. Even when this guy was a young man and living on a boarding campus, school mates have unsubstantiated stories about him urinating in the neighbors drinking well and bragging about it being ‘funny!’ Why will you be surprised charles taylor has never been a patriot of liberia? This fellow should be turned over to Liberia to hang!

  132. Fallah,
    I posted the link to proof a point about Mr. Taylors’ account in regards to how the USA deceive the people of Liberia and the world that heTaylor has been a fugitive all along. This is one proof that he did not break jail and it corroborates the fact that he was working for them.

  133. I really don’t understand your logic, NOKO5. Are you then saying that because charles taylor worked as a ‘double agent’ for the CIA, therefore he is innocent of the charges of international laws against him? I really don’t care if this man worked for the KGB or Scotland Yards, the fact of the matter is that taylor used his position to arm fellow illitrate militia, as alleged, to steal diamonds from Sierra Leone, through the use of force labour, equivalent to slavery, and in that process, 250,000 civilians laid dead! Do me a favour, NOKO5, tell your comrades that you all are losers and should be tried for crimes against Humanity! I am already on the ground in Liberia, and if you call yourself a man, reveal who you are to me so I can arrest you and bring you to justice!

  134. Now what? Ellen has gone through with Inuaguaration, appointments begun, and CDC not mentioned in any, plus opposition looking like bunch of silly gansters, and jfallahmenjor right on the sidelines and smilling! These are things that were bound to come to pass as we told opposition long time ago that Opposition did not have any substance to offer beside their aim to get in the driver seat without seat-belts, and to ruin progress Ellen had made for the people of Liberia. Shame on them! Now the campaign for 2017 has begun! We will see how Tubman or Weah, Solo, or silly Morlu will get in the seat comes that time! I and many others, who care for this nation, will begin the underground work immediately to ensure these characters never come close to the driver seat, in the first place! Again, opposition needs to tell taylor the new developments in New Liberia and that we are considering asking ICC to hand him over to Liberia, even though Mali will become new Prison Center for international alleged criminals such as charles taylor!

    1. fallah,

      You know as well as I, ellen was selected by the west. When you have the American Ambassador Linda Greenfield tooting ellen’s pocketbook and campaigned openly for ellen, what do you expect? Furthermore, four days prior the election the west bestowed the Nobel Price Prize upon ellen, what do you expect? On the eve of the inauguration Tubman and Weah were summoned to ellen’s office. As alleged, the President of the great US of A was on the phone appealing to Tubman and Weah to recognized ellen’s government and move forward. What do you expect? Liberia has oil you know. West Africa is the new Middle East. Fallah, I am a strong believer in people’s power. We will prevail no matter what.

      1. Silly, Big B. How can you shamelessly state that the West selected Ellen, when you were the same person who would not accept the elections results of Liberia? Are you saying the West voted in the 2011 Liberian elections? You, very well know you are finding means to accuse and lie about facts of the matter, but let me remind you and many other ignorant fellows of CDC: whether you agree or not to the results, the end justifies the means! Now Ellen needs to ensure you guys never disrespect her HONOR nor belittle the progress Ellen has brought to majority of the Native Liberians! Stay away from Liberia and leave our kids alone,Big B! We already put your master away and never to see the Motherland!

        1. fallah,

          Your writings are full of contradictions. I know that you are an old man in your early 70s, but didn’t the University of Liberia have critical thinking and analytical reading in its curriculum when you attended in the 60s, not to mention Saint Patrick’s High School. I see why the prosecution rejected your offer to testify, you would have been a disaster, worst then Zig Zag. Secondly, if you were of any significant ellen would have appointed you as her Press Secretary. Thirdly, the reason you were not made Press Secretary, ellen is afraid to have a Rebel next to her and you are not a critical thinker. Let me take few moments to bisect your total nonsense comment.

          You wrote, “How can you shamelessly state that the West selected Ellen, when you were the same person who would not accept the elections results of Liberia?” Does this statement make sense at all? fallah, the reason CDC refused to accept the result, it was clear the west selected ellen before the result. It was not result, then refusal. fallah, you must be suffering from dementia. You wrote, “Are you saying the West voted in the 2011 Liberian elections? fallah, if you studied analytical reading and reading comprehension you would have read my comment with understanding. Revisit my comment, in simple English, that’s what I wrote. You know as well as I, ellen was selected by the west. If you had paraphrased what I wrote, it would have been acceptable, but to twist the fact, something got to be wrong with you. Liar.

          You wrote, “Whether you agree or not to the results, the end justifies the means.” I agree. The end do justify the means. However, my definition “end justifies the means” has a different meaning than yours. You are short sighted, not looking pass your nose.

  135. Dear Sekou,

    This is another attempted by the western media to portray President Taylor as a villain amongst his peers in Africa. In my opinion the prosecution failed to prove her case. As a result, President Taylor may most likely walk. If the Boston Globe can’t substantiate her claim against President Taylor, it means the story was published with malice aforethought to poison the well among President Taylor’s colleagues that if he (Taylor) worked for the CIA against his alleged friend Kaddafi, nobody would want to touch him (Taylor) even with a six inch pole. I believe this is a conspiracy to marginalized President Taylor when he is free at last from the dungeon of the west. Without a doubt, Perry Mason will get to the bottom of this…

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