Media Round-up

The following are a list of recent media reports covering the ICC situation in Kenya:

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  1. I’am a very bitter Kenyan because looking at the ganeral situation here in Kenya I feel more people needs to follow the suite and board the plane to the Hague. I’am a journalist by profession and during the time chaos broke out I was on the ground in paticular Kibera covering the scene through out untill February and I witnessed alot of damage including people getting killed so there is nothing that theses leaders will tell to convince me. How many people were killed during that time, and how many Internaly Displaced People IDPs are there even as we speek. The government have wasted alot of public funds and I’ll remain a very bitter person to the end and I would sugest these people to be put behind bars forever even we don’t need to take the procese of reading them their charges, what for , thats a waste to time.


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