Starting on April 7, 2011, we will be updating you on the proceedings at the International Criminal Court (ICC) concerning the six persons under investigation following the 2007-2008 post-election violence in Kenya.  We will be providing you with summaries of the ICC hearings, expert commentary, and round-ups of relevant media reports. We invite readers to add their voices to the discussion by asking questions and posting comments on this site.

There are currently two hearings scheduled for the summons to appear issued in two cases. Case One will be heard on April 7, 2011 concerning William Samoei Ruto, Henry Kiprono Kosgey, and Joseph Arap Sang, who are charged with the crimes against humanity of murder, forced transfer, and persecution. Case Two will be heard on April 8, 2011 concerning Francis Kirimi Muthaura, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, and Mohammed Hussein Ali, who are charged with the crimes against humanity of murder, rape, forced transfer, persecution, and other inhumane acts. Watch this space and make your voice heard!


  1. God Almighty be praised, and let the dawn be realized in Kenya, for this to come to reality and Impunity be destroyed completely in Kenya. We are leaving in a state where leaders are gods and always want to stay that way till death. Land, education, Jobless State, and manipulation of the Constitution to benefit the entrenched leader or president has been the key to the problems Kenya is Facing. Let this people be tried and if found guilty be the best example to Kenya and Africa as a whole for the useless leaders who would still want to cling to power and do less but takes more through impunity must learn from it. We have had presidents, but change has never been experienced. may this be the dawn of good leadership and no to impunity, injustice, marginalization and good health state of our beloved country. God Bless Kenya.


  2. Having written variously on the Kenyan ICC trials, and being a lawyer myself, I cannot help feeling badly underwhelmed about the content of the website so far.

    It delivers little, and so far gives no advantage over the (shallow and uncritical) local reporting in Kenyan media.

    Alexander Eichener, RA


    1. Dear Alexander,

      We appreciate your comment. As we are developing the content of this website we are seeking to have more debate on the issues surrounding the ICC cases in Kenya. However, our position must remain neutral as the guilt or innocence of the accused.

      Are there specific issues you would like to see reports written about? We welcome your feedback and ideas on stories of interest to you and the local community.

      Kind regards,



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