Judges Set Date for Taylor Verdict

The long awaited verdict to determine the guilt or innocence of former Liberian leader Charles Taylor will be delivered at 11:00 AM on April 26, 2012, Special Court for Sierra Leone judges said today in a scheduling order issued in The Hague.

Mr. Taylor, on trial for allegedly providing support to Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in their “reign of terror” during Sierra Leone’s 11 year conflict will know on April 26 whether he is guilty or innocent of the charges against him. He faces an 11 count-indictment of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in the territory of Sierra Leone from November 1996 to January 2002. Prosecutors say that in addition to providing arms and ammunition to Sierra Leonean rebels in exchange for diamonds, he was also in a control of the rebel leadership in Sierra Leone and that in said position, he knew or had reason to know that the rebels were committing atrocities in Sierra Leone but failed to prevent the commission of these crimes, or that he did not punish the perpetrators who allegedly were under his command and control. Mr. Taylor has maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

The former Liberian president’s trial started in June 2007 with the delivery of the Prosecution’s opening statement. Witness testimony commenced in January 2008 and the evidence phase of the case was concluded in March 2011 after both prosecution and defense lawyers led a total of 115 live witnesses. The judges have spent the past year reviewing the evidence of the parties and preparing for the delivery of their final judgment. That final judgment will now be delivered on April 26.

If Mr. Taylor is acquitted or convicted, there is a likelihood that either or both defense and prosecution will appeal the decision of the Trial Chamber. The appeals will be determined by a total of five judges. If the verdict in this case is one of conviction, then the judges will schedule a sentencing hearing to determine the length of jail term that Taylor will serve. If this is the case, Taylor will serve his jail sentence in a British cell. If the decision is one of acquittal, then barring any appeals, Taylor will be a free man.

The decision on April 26 will be read in open court by the Presiding Judge of the Trial Chamber, Justice Richard Lussick.


    1. Hmmmmm……………….. Ohhhh God u be the Judge yahhhh……………….





    1. Free? How did you come up with ‘free’? Free!!! with all those people he killed? Are you out of your mind?

  1. You are right on target Mr. Kphan, for all that was alleged in this trial by prosecusion combined with Charles Taylor been caught in multiple lies and fuzzy recollections while under oath spelled noting other than guilt and GUILTY it is……

  2. It is regrettable to be aware of the fact that Mr Taylor was charge for the Sierra Leon civil war that kill thousands and cause thousands to lost body parts that was carry out by the sierra Leoners themselves and Mr Taylor was never charge for the brutal killing of Liberians and the destruction that were carry out by Mr Taylor and his forces in Liberia. I thank the case against Taylor for the war in Sierra Leon should be drop and another case should be made against Taylor for the crime against his own country Liberia because Sierra Leon had their own rebel just like Liberia. Liberia need justice we do not want Taylor back in Liberia.

    1. I agree Samuel King, even though I don’t want Taylor back in Liberia, I think it’s unfair to charge him for crimes in another country. It sets a bad precedent. War is prevalent in Africa, but somehow they want to blame him for them all. Excuse my language but it’s bullshit. Let him be charged for crimes in Liberia, along with the other warlords passing around in Liberia

    2. Mr King,
      The world is afraid of Taylor for his smartness, but despite all the lies that were put together to have Taylor indicted will be exposed. The trueth will one-day prevail. I can assure all of his enemies that God is not a sleeping God, today it is Charles Taylor, but you never know when your time or any of your relatives will be involved. I am a patriotic, a true liberian & am afraid for liberians who are encouraging the international community to have Taylor charged with war crime. Serria Loneans are responsible for their suffering. I can say here that the wittnesses who testified against Taylor might have been paid to lie. I am sure if Taylor is released, he will possibly live a simple life or find a place to retire. But to all government offecials who are in-favor of Taylor going to jail, including those involved in contributing to the bringing of war in liberia will one day pay the same price. “destroy the Executive Mansion & Monrovia” and I will rebuild it. Today the executive Mansion has been deserted, and yet these so-called offecials are still walking around giving the best jobs to their children or their best friends. So why Taylor? Evidently, the present government has been described as the worst corrupted government in all of Liberia’s history, but it is just a matter of time. Remember, when you are living in a “Glass House” don’t throw stone, and teeth don’t show for anything good because the very same offecials that you appointed, are the ones who are exposing and talking the worst thing about the present government. “Be My Guess” your time is almost at hand.

  3. What a great day. This day will surely be a day of history making. African and the world over, will finally know if this case is about justice or to get at a man who wants to save his country resources from the big powers. But whatever the verdict brings, let not the so-called powers forget that there are more Taylor in Africa than the one they have been holding in their sponsored cell. We Africans will never bow no matter what they do. Long live Africa, long live Liberia and long live President Charles G. Taylor. Bravo to all true Africans on this web. Keep hope alive as we await D-Day in our history.


  4. The 26th. of April 2012 will be the day when the souls of those who departed this earth to eternity through the hands of a bunch of hooligans who called themselves freedom fighters. That day the deceased will raise their heads in their tombs and give thanks and praises to the heavenly father for justice. Their souls which have been crying to the master for justice will now rest in peace until the day of judgement when each and every soul will be resurrected to give account of their stewardship on mother earth.
    That day there will be no defense layer and no appeal. The angels who are monitoring our daily behaviours will be the prosecutors and God who created us is the judge and Satan will be there to deny you as he never knows you, neither did he instruct you to do evil. My brothers and sisters, let us be prepared to face the consequences of our wrong doings either directly or indirectly. So let it be with Charles Taylor. My prayers on behalf of my Sierra Leonean and Liberian brothers and sisters who lost their lives as a result of the war in Sierra Leone and Liberia, God be the judge. If Charles Taylor was falsely accused, let the powers of God prevail on the judges, thereby acquitting and discharging him, if however, he supported and abated a joint criminal enterprise on the destruction of Sierra Leone because of his selfish ends, may the supreme God direct the judges to pass a verdict that will make Charles Taylor die in prison and never to work on mother earth freely.
    God, you are the master of creation and you are the supreme judge, may your judgement prevail on the 26th. of April on behalf of the innocent souls you received as a result of their untimely demise by hooligans and murderers.

    1. Faud, Sierra Leoneans killed their own kind. President is innocent. The scapegoating of this God fearing man will be repudiated and rejected with utter decency by “true” justice. He will be a free man when the final verdict is pronounced

      1. From your name Jose Rodriguez, you are not Liberian and do not know who we are referring to. If you knew the man you would not refer to him as a God fearing person. Let him rot where he belongs H E(double hockey stick)

    1. Mailon, if you were following this fake trial from the onset, you be inclined to know that there is in no way this innocent man can be found guilty if the judges were to uphold the true tenets of justice and not violate it. The prosecution did not prove their case. Look at their own witnesses including Super model Naomi Campbell. She reinforced what Mr. Taylor has been saying all along that he did not give her diamonds.

      Free Mr. Taylor!!!!!!!!!

    1. Fallah, you can change your name to what ever names like what you are doing now, but we know that your thoughts are in the minority.

      President Taylor is innocent. I think you are heavily relying on the ancient proverbial saying that says “might makes right.” Well, if he was to ever be convicted, God forbid, it will be based on “might makes right.”

  5. why is taylor not admitting to his criminal activities in sierra Leone. I saw Foday Sankor in Gbanga even before the Sierra Leone War started. I was working with the Catholic Mission in Liberia. I came in contact with Foday Sankor and Taylor when his military convoy stopped our car at a gate in Gbarnga. Someone at the gate pointed at Foday Sankor and said, “that man will be the rebel leader for the Sierra Leone war”. Sankor was a skinny tall man at that time.

      1. Harris,
        Don’t even listen to that trash coming from Faulkner..he is one of the most famine man you can find…scary like chicken..talking about he saw somebody in convoy…please

    1. Faulkner,
      I got too much repect for you brother. Why should you lie the way you did. Faulkner you were one of the quiet and decent students in CARROL HIGH School,Yekepa. What change you??? I am surprise at you coming in the open and lieing like you did on this web site. SANKOR WAS NEVER SKINNY AND TALL…Google the name…check your records..thank you.

  6. taylor freedom have the propensity of bringing more problem to the sub region let the icc make wise decision so as to protect security.

    1. Miapeh, where was President Taylor when Ivory Coast was in fierce military battle with itself? Where was this innocent man, when Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Niger all having a coup d’tat, and even Liberia accusing Gen. Charles Julu of wanting to overthrow? Stop your lies boss. However,when this innocent man is free from the confines of this fake court, he will be returning to Liberia, whether you like it or not.

  7. Let me say this to all who rejoice and wish taylor well; that simply because they were part or associated with this man will not sway reasons in their favor. I love what Faud said in his philosophical ‘prayer’ for victim ; that no matter what; God is the final Judge between taylor and and all those murdered during his temperament and alleged involvment in murders, cannibalism and blood diamond invasion of Sierra Leone. If taylor goes free; it will be because of millions his support group have used to buy justice. We are not in the minds of people that looking into this case behind close doors and therefore, cannot say with certainty that bribery can not find its way to them since they are all ‘humans! But to all peace loving people; if taylor goes free; we need to accept it and let him return to Liberia and join his Wife and live in Gbarnga. I will invite him to speak to my people on his innocence and petition Ellen to hire taylor as justice minister. Sometimes, we need to speak in the language that even an ignorant knows is satire! I will come back more bruntly in my next posting…Dunks!

    1. Just shut up jfallah. Why are you changing lately? Beside, President Taylor does not need a job from corrupt Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. She can go ahead and appoint more of her children in government including you.

    2. Fallah, are you talking about the mystical 5 billion dollars that the prosecutors say this innocent man has? I will think the only place where President Taylor so-call supporters can get the amount of money that you are talking about is the fake and false 5 billion dollars that is nowhere to be found.

      Pharaoh, let my people go!!!! Free the man.

      1. Jose is back and sounds like a ‘schizophrenic paranoid’ this time around! This is a mental disorder marked by loss of awareness of reality, often with disturbances of behavior and inability to reason. We are not talking on the same ‘wave length’ and therefore jfallahmenjor is going to move on. We really don’t have much time left for this type of childihness that is a trade mark of taylor support group.
        Secondly, jfallahmenjor will not write under any other name because this’s who I am and will remain so, taylor or not! What you guys need to do is keep a vigil for you alleged cannibal christain turned Jewish boss that has Jewish laughing at this insanity! I wonder if you guys really live in reality or jfallahmenjor accessement above being true! Have a nice day taylorites; we got two weeks left for your garbage..because you’ll disappear just like Tubman and Weah have gradually lost reality in Liberia!

    1. This is the type of silliness i am talking about, Harris. Why do the women need to come to this debate that has turned very nasty; name callings and etc…? Women do not want to get insulted as you do toward jfallahmenjor daily. They are very desent people Harris. Forget about the women and bring it on to the gentlemen, Harris! You have very limited time because St.gankay will decend to hell before accending to Heaven. Taking all the roaches with him! I await your reply! Women need not reply..we are here for you as you too have been victims of Liberian men arrogance..simple as that!

      1. Fallah Menjor,
        I actually impressed that you’ve turned a self proclaimed comedian: Also , good to know, you realised, Taylor is a Saint. He really is. He’s coming again to execute the last redemption. I bet you will be taken to heaven for real this time, and under the command of the great NOKO5…..

        1. Thanks Dunks I will not expect anything better from the taylor camp anyway. Okay, you need to have Pope Benedict VI to cannonize Sant Taylor, if you know what that means,Dunk! You’er …..!

  8. yessss oooo………………. freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee now long awiating time has com

    1. Dear readers,

      This is a friendly reminder to continue to follow the website’s policy for comments and refrain from using improper language and personal attacks. There is a lot of anticipation for the judgment, but please focus comments thoughtfully on the trial and related issues in Sierra Leone and Liberia.


    2. It is unwise to term someone peaceful statement stupid… so u stop it.
      Let forget this madness and let Mr.Taylor be free cuz sirreloan also kill Liberian here and so who do we hold responsible for others action?
      Free at last………let Africa not be gudge by Europe but said should be,,,den let it be African.

  9. Dear Taegin Stevenson,

    Would you provide for me the details concerning this website’s coverage of an appeal; if there is one?

    Wishing you well in life!

    Take care,


    1. Dear Sekou,

      We intend to cover the trial until its final conclusion, which includes the appeals stage as well. If there are any changes to our format, we will be sure to alert you in advance.



  10. Dear Judges,

    We are awaiting to see this wonderful day to come, I wish it will be free and fair.

  11. Let not forget that Mr left Liberia to save his people life if the president was not thinking about his people there is no way he was going to leave liberia.what about the one we have now as our leader she was president Taylor suporte we all know that.

  12. Charles Taylor should be freed! There has been no case as it relates to Sierra Leone. The international community wasted money that could be used to make the lives of victims of the SL crisis better.

    International justice (for just a few Africans) is no justice. There are many big countries that do not subscribe to the court but encourages others to be tried there. I think in my opinion that it was an economic waste and a way of humiliating Mr. Taylor because of his strong sense of African redemption.

    God judges the conscience of every man and holds each and every one of us responsible for our actions. We hope to see the former 21st President of the Republic of Liberia back in Liberia and making contributions to the rebuilding of our nation.

  13. Dearest,
    It is with great regret that that the one who crusified will judge and what will be the verdit when the judge will not be a partaker but a speaker?
    Man will always be man…..and who give man the power to gudge men when all men are the same,therefore who is he that have not kill,steal,lie or even sin to judge?
    May God be merciful and set Mr.Taylor free i pray.Amen.

  14. Lord your word says that we should ask for anything, and it shall be done or given. I believe faithfully that you alone are the only and only fair judge that judges everyone. I pray In the mighty name of Jesus Christ that you God that is is above everyone set president tylor at liberty on the 26 of April at 11:am. i pray that every unfair judging will be counted off the case in the name of jesus. father i ask that you desend from heaven that day and be the head and director of everything that is going to take place. i ask that you found guity any of the two parties that deserves it, and set free any one that deserves freedom. i pray this in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Well, Mr.Taylor,any where in life man built a fire the aches remind to bear withes TI’S my strong petition and my optimism to hear the judge free and innocent. All because,u have been a help to the Liberians, as well as the World leaders as large. I am in pity with u, this will be done through my personal prayer times. I believed that the yam u never dogged u will never think of sticking your skills. finally, depend on the Lord, for your case not man,nor the judge either. may the LORD blesses u and continuous to nourish strongish u with more, more ideas in JESUS name Amen, And not hamen. remember no pains no games. ,

  16. ICC the world is keenly watching you for an impartial verdict. Let not the so-called international community or big heads like the US/UK influence your decision. This is a test case for you for future trial of African leaders.

  17. I am personally praying for you Mr. Taylor that God who is the highest judge should intervene in your behalf. I pray against every political conspiracy and satanic manipulation and may the Almighty God grant you justice so that the whole world may see and glorify our God in heaven. You are such a strong, brave and intelligent man; MAY GOD SAVE YOU AND SET YOU FREE AND TO SEE YOU BACK TO LIBERIA AS YOU TOLD US “GOD WILLING, I WILL BE BACK.”

  18. Who are we to judge exceipt God who will work through the judges to issue better judgement. We should all remember that whatever we do under carpet will come out one day. Leaders will not remain forever.please leaders take care of Gods people they are not your personal belonging.

  19. Every thing have an end, today is charles taylor tomorrow will be we ourself.
    God is the only judge of our wrong during.

    For those who feel that they are the only super human, the day and time will reach for their bad during to come out.

    as we all know no matter how long the night the day is show to com


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