Charles Taylor Sentenced to 50 Years in Jail

Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague have sentenced former Liberian President Charles Taylor to a jail-term of 50 years after he was convicted of aiding and abetting the commission of serious crimes in Sierra Leone. He was also convicted of planning attacks on various towns including the diamond rich town of Kono in late 1998 and the country’s capital Freetown in January 1999.


  1. we need to protect the sanctity of human race in Africa, but the pattern of our justice system is is undermining every forward strive we are making towards this sanctity which makes us human beings. $300,000,000, wasted just to keep him in a cell where he will be given some sort of treatment which his victims have never got from the international community. this is always the problem with our justice system in the world, the criminal gets more sympathy that the victims, who is crying now for those of our children that were raped, brutally murdered, forced to kill,amputated etc.

    1. I agree entirely. However, what else can we do? In theory, we could not torture him enough to provide even a minute amount of retribution. But Western Society is built on humane principles (to an extent anyway) and the ICC is our best shot at prevention through deterrence so far, without violating human rights in return.

  2. For those unscrupulous and conscience-lacking present and future leaders of Africa this is a lesson with which they can learn to purge themselves of treachery, greed and selfishness.

  3. Dear All,

    I received the news of the sentencing of Charles Taylor to 50 years jail-term with gratitude. I thank the persecuting team for a job well done. Mr. Charles Taylor will see Africa no more but garnish his teeth in prison.

    When Captain Goldteeth was amputated my hands, pour fuel and set me on fire beside the cemetery at Shell bus stop, Kessy bye pass, Freetown he never knew that I will survive.

    To God be the glory for making it possible for me to see this day. The Bible says though it tarries wait for it, it will surely come. To all our partners around the world I say a big thank you, most especially, OSJI for their consistence in following up on CT issue.

    I call on Nigerian government to take adequate measure to identify, rehabilitate, reintegrate and reinstitute all Nigerian victims of Charles Taylor atrocities in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

    David Anyaele

    1. David,

      I am sure that your link will grow today, now that your white masters have closed the door against Mr. Taylor.

      1. Was that comment really necessary? Here is a person who experienced the atrocities of Charles, and is thankfully for some justice. Yet you had to make an insensitive and ridiculous commit. You have to be delusional to think Charles was not guilt.

      2. This is the most insensetive comment I have heard from a fellow human being in years! Even if you are butt lover of taylor should not give you the liberty of adding insults to injury in the case of David’s story, Harris K. Johnson! This shows the evil side of you in plain day light! You should protest the sentence, but not redicule others that suffered brutally under taylor’s reign of terror, Harris K. Johnson!

      3. Harris,
        I see reasoning and empathy still is not part of you. Here is someone who has gone through the trauma and physical scare brought upon him by Taylor and the RUF and your heartless comment is this? Come on dude, I am sure somewhere within you there is a heart…search for it, it really exist in you– you know!

        Man! you are disappointing!

  4. .Death is the most just man on earth. He takes away bad, good, poor rich, small, big, ugly, and beautiful people as well and the list could go on. Mr. Taylor trial judgment and sentence prove that there is no fair justice system in the world. I feel sorry for Mr. Taylor.

    1. Feel sorry for yourself poor H. Johnson…Judgement will also come to you one day for the ideas and notions you nurse…
      I cannot begin to feel what C.Taylors victims went through, how many thousands suffered from his inhumanity and love of power and money. May he get the treatment he deserves and live a long life rotting in prison. Shame on him and his followers…

  5. Thanks Ms Hollis for this piece from you today;””It is important in our view that those responsible for criminal misconduct on a massive scale are not given a volume discount,” Hollis said. Unquote; This speaks for it’s self!
    It appears like justice is being fair in accepting 50 year sentence for Taylor. This should give him time to reflect on what he did to his own brothers and sisters; uncles and aunties,generations of youths, countless children that went into foster care,and all those being exploited today due to his master plans for West Africa! Support group will say simply that this is another Western design!
    In anyway, however, the matter has been laid to rest for now. Taylor reasured, that justice will listen to no sweet talks, nor slick talks! Taylor needs to pray daily for not only himself, but for those he hurt deeply. He needs to be sincere to his blind followers that they have no idea about how it feels being exposed internationally! This is my take here, Ms Hollis for this historic day of the trial of Charles Taylor, former president of NPFL, of Liberia.

    1. Tom Kamara (aka Fallah Menjor) can live in peace without looking over his shoulder now that his greatest nemesis on earth has been put away for life.

  6. While we welcome the work of the Hague Court, we are concerned that it targets only Africa, it does not also help much to rehabilitate the victims. Why have they not gone for the Ronald Reagans of the west and the Sarkozy who rape African fuel and maim to get their way around Africa.

  7. Gibson, I’m not sure how one rapes African fuel. Besides Sarkozy never authorized a violent campaign to terrorize and dismember citizens for his country or a neighboring one. Also Reagan is dead.

    1. lasana morlu, where were u when sarkozy were dropping arms illegally to the libyians rebel? that too is a crime. That country had arms embargo. you know most of u guys on this site chosen to be the well fed slave then being the hungry free man. So when u , fallah, swizz, and lasana make comments, it’s not strange. Go on eat enough, make ur belle big like ballon and forget that u are a slave.

      1. lib pekin
        libya had an arms-embargo due to the fight against ghaddafi. out of the same reasons, the UN delivered arms – as you say – to the rebels. actually the UN only installed a no-fly-zone.
        just because sarkozy, bush and co. are not in prison, it doesn’t mean that the trial against CT is wrong. i mentioned that so many times here. But:
        someone who backs a slaughterer, it is not expected to be reasonable.
        the same goes to johnson, big b, noko1to10, tomas and sekou.

        1. swizz You are less inform on global issues, talking off libya; it wasn’t the un who drup those arms, it was sakozy. At the time e all heard it was illegal. go back and read.

      2. Lib Pekin, keep in mind that Ghaddafi was killing his own people like Taylor, before Sarkozy and the UN started arm rebels. Only time will tell wither it was a good or horrible decision.

        1. What time are u talking about? The same time we have in iraq today? nonsense! a crime is a crime. This is the reason why people in syria are suffering. Because obama, sakozy misused the Un mandate. Putin is not taking anything for joke now.

          the arms they send there is now in the hands of the malians rebel.. Open ur eyes !

  8. @ david…nothing can ever compensate for what you have suffered. The cruel comment by Harris who apparently feels more sorry for Taylor than you speaks for itself. The nonsense that some spout about the “poor persecuted african leaders” while they say NOTHING about the victims shows you their true colors. Anyone who supports accountability wants to seethe day that all leaders who commit crimes are held accountable….this is a step in the right direction. But while this debate will inevitably go on for a while…it is incumbent that the victims are simply not ignored. The naysayers who buy the Griffiths argument always look at it one way – they say why should only african leaders be accountable. But what about the alternative – why shouldnt african victims see some degree of justice. Was not proseting taylor really better for victims? Give me a break. Such rank hypocrisy.

  9. I am glad that Taylor will no more merit the freedom of been a free man. Freedom for him in the past only meant carnage for mankind and humanity which was very regretable. Mama Liberia paid for his education but he paid back her and her nieghbour, Sierra Leone, with the death and destruction of their people; gave him the right to good life but denied others of theirs. Go to hell now, Taylor! You have been fully repelled.

  10. Oh,oh,oh that a good news I am happy that charles is Jail,But the pain is not gone for every we can still think of what he had done to us .Bravo to the Special Court, but let the government look upon the ampitine in helping then of there needs Ple papa government,let it bee so with that wicked Man.

    1. Oh Tamba don’t forget november 12, what are u guys (freetown borbor )doing about it?
      15 borbors, 2 liberians invaded liberia from sierra leone by momo and ellen. We are reviewing that closely. You guy will find out that few weeks after this sentencing, that the 50 years won’t be just for your clipping ur own people arms. And by now people arms and legs are now growing back.

    1. noko1to10
      It must be a foreign word for you.
      and anyway, don’t forget: nobody takes you serious, since you laughed at victims several times and you change names more often than your underwear.

  11. There goes the final whistle, the Liberian’s appointed president for peace sake by the late Nigerian president S. Abachca, goes to final resting place where he will no longer pay for food, neither buy clothes but have everlasting uniform like his son, Charles Taylor Jr, (Nicodemus in Liberia) now serving life time sentence in the United States of America. It is time for the pro-taylors to ask nicodemus in prayers for the father and the son and those innocencently they poured gas on them and burnt alive must not see nicodemus(Taylor and his son’s god), but God himself. We and the God fearing Liberians in generial where ever we are in the world are together with those who lost their love ones under the command of Charles Taylor and his son Taylor Jr. Sierra Leoneans, don’t forget to know that we also went uner the same horror. Your was the worst because of the rich diamond deposit in your country. That is the same reason he was heading to Guinea.

  12. Harris K Johnson, thank you for your piece ‘Let the victims go to their slave master for benefit’. This statement by you tells me and the world who you are and what you are. We the victims would not go to our slave masters for benefit but rather it is you the insane Taylorbans that need to get ready with your weapons to either go to the Hague or the UK to get your war lord freed. You people will never set your eyes on Taylor walk free on mother earth not to mensure the soil of Liberia except his corpse.
    You people feel you were brave and more intelligent in this forum, if so it is now time for you to show your bravery by defending your monster and get him free. Indeed you are cowards, you are barking dogs without biting. Harris K. Johnson, as your name applies, it shows that you are of the same blood with Charles Taylor, the monster, Provoking us as victims is of no longer an interest in us once justice has been delivered. The trauma is now on you the cohort and the family of the Terrorist, Charles Taylor. I wish to extend my hear felt sympathy on the demise of the man you people presumed as a hero who will work out free from the court of justice. With all your rag-tagging messages, attacking people that were opposed to your ideals, the end result you failed to achieve your wishes. Get up Taylor bans if you feel you can do it and get your man from the Hague or Britain otherwise, I term you as cowards.
    Fallah, congratulations, I respect you with all the humiliations we have been receiving from the Taylorbans, at the end we won. Bravo to all those who stood for justice. While we are happy with joy in our minds, Taylorbans are mourning for the demise of their godfather. Sleep Taylorbans until you sleep no more. Justice has been given and nothing but justice.

  13. Harris K Johnson, it seems you are bitterly angry with the verdict given yesterday against your war lord. My advise to is that, instead of you attacking victims or opponents to your ideology, it is better you go to the Hague and attack the justice system. But indeed you are a coward and cowards always shout foul while they keep on hiding. If you are a man and you believe your manhood, it is better for you to take action now as actions speak louder than voice, then we will know you as a hero. As for now, say whatever you want to say but what we believe is that your bread winner is going to die in prison. Have my sympathy as I see you to be much distressed with the verdict of yesterday against your godfather.

    1. fuad
      johnson is to deep in clover with his NGO-Job to even move a leg, let alone to go to the UK.

  14. what a bright day for the victims, for Africa and the fight against impunity. Impunity does not only occur in Africa, but worldwide. Let’s make shure that our leaders will take notice of that sentence of the century.

  15. At last justice had been metedout to the people of sierra Leone as this terrorist have been sentenced to fifty years.This is the natural justice that has been metted out to the our country becouse the prayers of Governor Clackson has not fallen on the ground but had cought the correct culprits who malhandled peaceful Sierra Leoneans. What i will say here is that we are not Liberians who forgave you for the mahem and brutality you leashed upon innocent people yet they swollowded the bitter pills and voted you in the highest position in the land . Sierra leoneans will never vote in a murder to rule the country but someone that has love not only for the country but the native Sierra LEONEANS.

  16. NO JUSTICE SYSTEM, PLEASE! What is not fair, the lack of guts by Liberia to let them all go free here! You ought to be happy for Taylor, he will live the rest of his life. He was not prematurely killed, but he ensured that many babies, kids, women and men didn’t live a full life!

    50*50,000 = 2,500,000YRS

  17. Dear Taegin Stevenson,

    Can you provide for me the date the notice of appeal is due?

    Thanking you in advance,


    1. Dear Sekou,

      If either the defense of prosecution intends to appeal, they must submit written notice to the Appeals Chamber within 14 days of the
      sentencing judgement. Therefore, the parties have until June 13 to file a notice of appeal.

  18. I am glad the trial is over. He helped bring war to incent people. I can now move on with my life knowing I stood up againt him.

    1. Dear Jocone,

      Can you please rephrase the third sentence of your comment? It does not fit within our policy because it states as a fact a person committed a crime when they have not been convicted in a court. If you add the word “allegedly” or remove the sentence, your comment will be approved.


      1. Dear Jocone,

        I am sorry for your frustration, but we have to follow the website’s policy for comments. If you rephrase, we will post your statement.


  19. 50 years??? This verdict is bias. Why should a guy like Charles Taylor serve that amount of time? What sort of justice is this? Wait. Does this sentence accompany complete isolated cell and extremely hard labor which includes cleaning disgusting and dilapidated sewerage?

    What a mockery to the victims.

  20. This nonsense back and forth infighting among Africans is exactly what these colonial masters love seeing us do! Why don’t you guys wise up and see who’s throwing the rock before you all started punching the person closer to you? This case has nothing to do with justice for black monkeys, as they refer to black africans whenever they’re ready to kill and steal from us. It’s so sad reading all these dumb victory posts from some of you plenty-talkers. Stop disgracing your own intellectual standard by posting all these nonsense, instead of doing something u know. Get out of this international political case and go preech your justice-won trash in the backyard where no one sees it, and save us some insult for Africans’ lack of knowledge. Please?

    Thanks for your understanding, jacks!

    1. @ Tomas, I wish you would have sent Charles your African intellectual speech back in 1991. It would have save lives in two nations and you from reading our “dumb victory postings”.

      1. Lasana Murlu,
        Don’t forget that Mr. Taylor was not charged for what happened ne d in Sierra from 1991. If that was the case then there was would have no because Mr. Taylor told the that he supported the RUF from mid 1991 to to about May of 1992 so it wasn’t any secret.

    2. What is wrong with people rejoicing because they feel justice has prevailed in this trial, Tomas? If you feel annoyed by this , then you need to stay out of this site, don’t read news, and go on hunger strike! You are the one whose intellectual instinct has stopped functioning, it appears! Stay away if you hate tio see celebration for taylor’s sentencing to 50 years in the British prison! You need to find another butt kisser or go to the Sudan where another university of impunity seems to be getting started. There will be quik money and lots of helpless women and children to prey upon!

      1. Hay! Vem, jtf, your put me down, mehn, i beg! What reason your want cross me Cavally River for? 🙂
        vem, in my playing days, I kept a smile when we lost especially or squared the result with a good team. From refugee camps to high school far from where I saw light first, from youth club to college games, I never smiled in my opponents’ faces when we won. I wished them “a better luck next round!” When I coach little boys, everyone played in the game and we won as a team.
        I’m a Liberian living as a global citizen. Never supported or voted for any Liberian politician; Taylor included. I speak from the heart, not from hates or stereotypes. Wherever I live is my home and who knows me is part of me for life.

        You speak of “self-importance” and “preying on innocent people in Sudan”? :)!

        When I learned Sudanese struggles, I left my classmates in class and headed off to other communities high schools, colleges, and religious places to raise awareness and ask for a global intervention. I encouraged people (blacks and whites, jews and gentiles, believers and atheists, young and old etc) to sign petitions to our state’s Representative and Senator–B. Frank and J. Kerry MA to ask the Bush administration for helps so the rapes and killings of our fellow human beings would come to an end in Sudan. Every woman is a daughter sister and a mother. Man a father, brother and a son. This we’re made of as human. I also raised funds (from which I would not take a dime for myself when offered) because there were refugees in Sundan who were dying of thirst and hunger. I related from pains of waiting for rain just to have water; and from and being a refugee in war time. I asked for two Sudanese kids to live with me in the SAME HOUSE, even when I was warned about one (who nicknamed me “LEGEND” and is now in a top private college) of them being a hard headed kid. I still hang out with them once in awhile.

        Back to the field! Once I was awarded the MVP and most offensive player of the year in my league. I picked up 1 yellow card. But when I fouled, the refs called it, I smiled and walked away because I knew it was just. Where there’s a proof of foul, there must be consequences.
        I live for hope and do what I have to do with humility. Back in Africa when I was working for Liberian refugees, I refuses children and people being used by UN agencies for their own funds. I don’t for with Invissible Children for Ugandan children when I realized they’re not what it was when we started in 2006. I stopped raising funds when I saw that the African refugees funds were stopping in DC for people who didn’t need it. See through me, brethrens, I encourage people and myself to do what is right. Not abuse others.

        Taylor belongs in jail is not my objection. But for the wrong reason and plain evil intentions and total disrespect, I’ll give a piece of my mind. We’re born to love and help, not hate and destroy others for a personal gain!

        It’s my hope that I did not share a piece of my past, it’s history I don’t take pride in at all. I just wish to give u a view of man in me so u can go easy when dragging me across the Cavally River. For all care, I could be talking to Barack or Ellen or anyone pretending to be whatever characters u choose for thyselves. Don’t read my book and insult me, I hold your feet! 🙂
        All I’ve been saying is we’ve did not get justice when we were told that ‘u need no proofs to jail a man hated for other external reason that will hunt the Africans in the near future!”

        When Lakers, Chelsea, Marseille or Celtics win, I get no penny. Why should I loose sleep and get stree when they lost. Point is I don’t need them breaking legs to win and make me happy. If the court presented evidence to nail taylor, I would be cheering and hope they do the same to western leaders who sell guns, finance wars, and invade other nations for personal gains. Life is about one for the other. That’s my philosophical approach. I’m not better than the starving dying child in Somalia. But Queen Elizabeth the second is not important than me or that kids either.

        Good day, jtf, swizz and vem!

        Tomas Noedit:)

      1. Swizz, it’s justice, fairness, and respect for human dignity in the court of law that been looking for. All I hear and get is madness and insults with no room for justice. And it’s a shame to see bunch of fools dancing that this rubish they put a verdict lip stick on in the name of justice at long last. We have over 50 heads of states in Africa who sits and watch this? smh

        1. tomas
          the only one posting nonsense is you (and right from the beginning).
          i do not understand what you wanna say, honestly.

        2. C me, c trouble!
          Mr. swizz pardonez-moi, papa? Im not at war with u, but u can sue me for the typo, Sir. I think faster than i type n i don’t edit or proof-read when i post at 3am or so. This too is a crime by an “African monkey!” As an Englishman/prof, u have a right to sue me for offending your language, if it’ll satisfy your legal and english patriotic obligation! I will appear at your court of choice with a palm branch to give u before taking my sentence or fines. If it’ll make u feel better, i will sue myself without a problem o’man, to save u headache. At least it’s crime we both can proof to justify a death penalty since one get 50yrs without a proven foul. 🙂

          Gaou mal eleve!

        3. @ Tomas: your statements are deeply rooted in frustration, arrogance , self importance and stereotype. Did you expect Mr. Taylor to eat his cake and then have it back? I know no amount of human demonstration can have you confess out the truth but this time its’s not bombastic talking that defines the fate but character critic that has been microscopically guaged by time itself. so my brother, keep blowing the trumpet that won’t sound but give you depression. Taylor’s fate has been justly decided proportional to his life as a despot…..

  21. Sekou, don’t be in hast, your father will appeal or you people will go to the Hague and appeal on his behalf. I always say most of you people were brought into Liberia as mercenarinaries while you were serving life-time jail sentencing in your country. It is time for you poeple to start preparing to leave Liberia. If you poeple were Liberian by now, you understand something such as why…….Charles Taylor was abandomned by good Liberians such as Tom Woiwowu who in fact took arm aganst him, Supuwood, Late Sam Dokie, who he put on fire. Kackson F. Doe, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the late Stephen Daniel, Amos C. Sawyer, Dr, Fahnbulleh, Dr, Tipoteh and so many of them. They did this because they saw him to be a menace in West Africa as a whole. In fact, at last Buckina Faso and Ivory Coast back off from him when they found out his connection with the late number one World Wanted Killer.
    The Lawyer is a poor man and more over, he and Charles Taylor’s father I want to believe came from the same country and can eaisly convince Charles Taylor even thoungh, UN had approved of the verdict. Charles Taylor is now failing to realise how he was sending our children trucks load to Sierra Leone on daily basis. I am wondering why Courtenay Griffiths QC. himself sitting there talking of America involvement in (RENAMO) in Mazambique and the Mujahehedeen against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.
    Griffiths QC. one thing you should first have at the bac of your min is that America was not eating human hearts or livers as your Charles Taylor was openly doing in Liberia. America was not running after diamonds deposit in these countries as your client was doing in Sierra Leone. Now if you are not satisfy, you can now sue America for killing Charles Taylor”s brother Osama ben la den because the whole case against your Charles Taylor is a Flaw. Go on defendin, all we know he is guilty “What is bound on earth is bound in Heaven). People are rejoicing over the verdict which means it is accepted by God.


  23. Read what Professor William Schabas an expert on international law had to say about the 50 year sentence.

    If anybody is wondering why I have not posted since the sentencing. The reason is that I have decided to email the judges directly thru the Special Court email system on what I feel.

    1. Aki, thanks for sharing your post. I disagree with this statement from the professor, ” There is no reason why Charles Taylor cannot be reformed and rehabilitated.” At age 65, I can’t see Charles changing his ways, or excepting responbility for his actions. His ego is too big for that. I would be should shock if he ever acknowledge his actions. So 50 years is a fair sentences.

  24. Jocone, please try and understand situation before you get involve. I woundered if any of those high ranking Liberins I mentioned helped your Charles Taylor monetarily. When Prince Y. Johnson took over Dwallah in March 1990, he one day called meeting which was attended by many of us in Monrovia including some AFL soldiers and made us to understand why he formed IN-NPLF. He told us openly that upon leaving Libya, Gaddafi gave them the sum of $40.000.000 (Forty Million Unity Stayes Dollars) to overthrow Doe’s Governments and in turn, allow him in future to mine the boxite in Buchanna. Upon reaching Liberia, Charles Taylor denied Prince Johnson access to the money even though he was the over all Commander. Prince was actually nice to every one because he had no money to fight.
    Please do not bring in ROBOT issue. Most of us were in Monrovia with some note books in our pockets. We are not Mercenaries brought in by your Bossman Taylor therefore, we do not insult people. We are now ready to open up after our people had nothing to do with politics and met their untimely death by for nothing people who enjoying their properties today writing all types of false information.

    1. Jtf,
      I now know that you know nothing about the war in Liberia. Let me correct you first of all. Prince Johnson didn’t capture Dwallah in March of 1900 instead Prince Y. Johnsonentered Monrovia in July 1990 by then I have left BWI and went to my grandparents in Bensonville. I was in Bensonville when NPFL entered Careysburg on May 22, 1990, the next morning they went into Bensonville and drop their Red flag infront of the late William R. Tolbert Church. At that time, all the AFL Soldiers station in Bensonville with General Edward Carter ran away. Prince Y. Johnson entered Bensonville on July 7, 1990 at about 7:00pm from Bong mines through Todee and I do remember these date because Prince Johnson men almost kill me and my little uncle called Jerry and it was one his females fighters called two for five who save our lives on that morning. In fact I was one who took the children of the late General Edward Carter to the VOA compound in Careysburg for safety. So you are telling a lie you say Prince Johnson captured Dwallah in March 1990 because Schools has just opened in 1990 and the NPFL was not in Monrovia yet in March. So please stop misleading people here. Peace brother and please get the facts right!

    2. Jtf,
      I am a born Liberian Citizen,born in Bensonville in September 1972. My mother is from Bensonville and my father from Careysburg therefore I am not an outsideer as you think. If you should go to Bensonville, stop infront of the late President Tolbert’s Church. Across the road from the Church, that Land there belongs to my grandparents and I did build a house there for my aunt’s and her children. You should ask for one Jerry and ask him what did Prince Johnson boys do to us at the bus stop the morning of July 8, 1990 if you really want know who is telling the truth here. You will also find out I was never a fighter until I entered the U.S. Military in September of 2002. So I was in Liberia throughout the war and left Liberia on July 19, 1997 the day of election in Liberia in 1997. So take your time before jumping on my comment because I know what I am talking about here, you can called me Taylor supporter, fighter or whatever name you want to called me there is one question that you really can’t answer and the reason is that you might not be a Liberian. That question is, the quarter million Liberians who were killed in cold blood lives were not important for which Mr. Taylor could not be prosecuted? Is it that protecting Mr. Taylor for what happened in Liberia will show the big hands behinds the destruction of Liberia her people? If so, is that true Justice? I guess the word Justice does not have a true meaning!

  25. America & British are now satisfied that their worst enemy, Charles Ghankay Taylor is now put in prison for life. I say for life, because an elderly man of 64 years been jailed for 50 years is telling the wise man that he is there for life.

    While George Bush and Tony Blier are now a happier men, I am so much sorry for us Liberian who have lost one of the brillant President ever produced. Taylor is simply put behind bar because he refuses to allow America have their own way in Liberia during his regime.

    Mr. Taylor, for us most Liberian, we still consider you President whether in jail for 50 years or not, for you were faily and transparently elected not the the kind of election we see in 2005 and 2012.

    We will forever miss you Mr. President.


    1. Charles
      your beloved president is now a murderer, terrorist aso. haven’t you noticed yet?
      what you do here is praising a murderer, somewhat rather stupid!!

  26. @ Jocone: If Charles was a robot, the creator of the robot is responsible. However, CGT is a FREE thinking man. He knew exactly what he was doing to the people of West Africa. Some of us do understand how these IMPERIALISTS work. Leaders still have the CHOICE to decide whether to develop their people or destroy them. For Charles Taylor, he desired the destructive path.
    So, his capture, trial and sentence are well-built messages to those Sons of Africa who chose to subjugate their people to unimaginable physical and psychological devastation under the disguise of imperialist pressure.

    1. Kezoe,
      What you saying is that as a leader of a Country, you don’t have power to say no if the rules from outside power is not in the interest of your people and if you say no it means that you are finished. I don’t think that’s how to promote equally, Justice and peace for all. Take Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for example, she was the one who openly order Mr. Taylor and the NPFL to level Monrovia to the ground when Monrovia housing about a million people in 1990. From a military stand point, only the Commander in-chief whose army is in the field have the power to issue such an order to his or her lower chain of Command. But guess what, she president of Liberia today after causing many Liberian as well as Sierra Leoneans their lives. ULIMO who controlled the western region of Liberia to Guinea from 1992 to about August of 1997 was the main supplier of weapons to the RUF doing that time period, why is that leaders of ULIMO was not charged for their role in arming the RUF? Those are some of the things that makes many of us to view this trial

      1. Those are some of the many reasons why many of us view this trial as being far from Justice for the people who suffered these crimes against them but other view all of us as supporters of Mr. Taylor. Just because I dislike a person, it doesn’t make it right to support injustice against that person. No one should be too important in the face of Justice. Justice should be equally served!

  27. The entire case and its verdict clearly shows the political nature of this fake case. You told the world that this innocent man bear the “greatest responsibility” based on criminal liability responsibility. In your findings and decisions, you got him on “aiding and abetting.” How did that happen? How did it change to aiding and abetting? Fake case and fake verdict.


    1. aki
      you messing up things here.
      the only message i get out of your weird writing is:
      you are in favour of criminals.
      therefore, you must be one yourself.

      1. Swizz,
        No I am interested in fair play. From your writing I am not sure what country you are from but am sure it is not Liberia. If you were you would recognize the unfairness of Charles Taylor being sentenced to fifty years in prison for the same things we know Tejan Kabbah and the late Momoh officials did to us here in Liberia.

        So until the International tribunals become fair including Allison Quattara of the Ivory Coast being indicted to stand trial as Laurent Gbago is doing it is better for the indictees who have not been caught to continue fighting.

        1. aki
          yes, there are other criminals too. we agree.
          but just because others walk free, it doesn’t mean, CT is wrongly jailed.
          it is still necessary to send him to jail, even when others walk free.
          i think i wrote the same now for the tenth time. what is it you do not understand by putting a criminal into a cell?

  29. Taylobans
    ignorance, forgetfulness, or contempt of the rights of man are the sole causes of public misfortunes and of the corruption of governments (French National Assembly on 26th August 1789).

  30. To all,

    ” This tree is falling with all its branches and leafs” Its just a matter of time…. We still know and can idetify all of those who commited atrocities against people of liberia and the sub-region as a whole… Also remember Liberia and the United States have extradition treaty. We will go to court and evryone will be brought to book….It’s coming…. Some are thinking going to the Hague exempts you from prosecution. TRUST ME, THATS A LIE….. Remember HItlers’ Generals are still been brought to book today.. Hint to the wise is sufficient……. The Taylor case is just the beginning….Ellen will not stay in power forever…

    1. CT did not step down because he’s a nice educated guy and wants the best for the country.
      he stepped down because there was no other option left. Rebels at his doorstep, warships on the coast and pressure from the international community forced him to retreat.
      Ignorance is the sole cause of public misfortunes.

      About the article in general
      Read the comment of a reader:
      “Thought you (Frontpage Africa) would have made the changes that readers complain about daily (non-qualified writers). You have people who are not conducting the right research for their stories, or looking up the dictionary to correctly spell their words”.

  31. Taegin,
    Why is my response to john tarnue not being posted: This is the second incidence. Are we not suppose to fire back, when there is a need? We need fair play on this site. Let people know that liberians are very alert and awake. The justice of punitive measures will apply to all. please post my response to john tarnue… Thank you…

  32. Dear readers,

    A number of comments have recently not been approved because they have been threatening or harassing other readers, which goes against our policy for the rules of conduct of this website ( Please be respectful of others opinions and focus conversations on the issues regarding the trial, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.


  33. Taegin,

    You don’t have to be indirect. This is a bias site, paid by mordern day colonial powers of today. You and your boss or whoso ever hve been paid to run the kind of propaganda you are carrying against Taylor. Don’t think we are sleeping. I did not threaten anyone on this site. I will say it again and again. All those who killed our people wiil face justice…whether you stood for or against Taylor….. Did I threaten you too? Why didn’t you post my statement to you……

    1. Dear noko5,

      There were a number of comments that were not approved from different readers. We encourage a constructive conversation about the issues and expect readers to abide by our comment policy. If you rephrase your comments, we will be happy to post.


  34. Taegin,

    This individual thinks he’s a rock. Dont shield him. It’s unfair. He went ahead and put his entire true name and rank in the public. I think you probably should have not posted his statement. He needs to get reponses for what he has posted. I don’t think it’s fair to him either… LETS ENGAGE THE BROTHER< SINCE HE THINKS HE GOT BALLS.

  35. Swizz,
    The bottom line is I know from the evidence presented that Charles Taylor was not guilty. Get it straight this was a political trial from the( get go) as we use to say in the United States. Why do you think Justice Malick Sow’s findings were so different then the three judges ? It is because the judges were told what ot do by the powers that be. Judge Julia Sebutinde was the one they were most afraid of. So what did they do they bribed her with the appointment to the World Court. Do you remember from the Wikileaks cables what the United States thought of her ? They did not think to highly of her. Then how do you reconcile that the same US government voted for her to become a judge at the World court? Go figure !

    On another matter latest reports from Human Rights Watch. Liberian child soldiers are attacking villages in Ivory Coast. I guess Swizz and Fallah Menjor thinks that this is under Charles Taylor’s command also.

  36. Rtd. Brigadier General John Tarnue,
    Where have you been. You were such a unreliable witness in the RUF trial that the prosecution dared not bring you to the court room in the Hague. General Tarnue you were so ungrateful to Mr. Taylor. You were gravely ill and Mr. Taylor using his personal funds sent you away for treatment and look how you repaid him with lies. Continue living in the West Tarnue doing your minimum wage jobs and living at the poverty level.

  37. Karlea, I really don’t understand what you meant by America and Britain worse enemy Charles Taylor. In the first place, his name is Charles McArthur Taylor who became Charles Dagbana (Dagbana) in Kpelle meaning Devil, Ghankay, in Gola meaning, if you hold on to something, don’t liave it. If what you are saying here today is true, just sit down, look round and ask yourself this question. Why should these two rich Nations of the World become enemy of a poor man like Charles Taylor?
    From this answer, then you will ask your self what happy to the piles of iron oil in Lamco, Nimba, Buchanan, Bong Mines, the Latex in Fire Stone, Larke and where is Liberia’s economy standing and how we are looking among the World of Nations, then you can pray for him to come back as a number one good president for Liberia, “sorry for sweet Liberia”

    1. Jtf,
      Dakpana in kpelle doesn’t mean devil. Dakpana in kpelle means they are jammed with it, him or her. Kwekpana means, we are jammed with it. If you do still live in Dwallah, go and ask the Bishop of Mission for Today Holy Church in New Kru town, he will you what Dakpana meana in Kpelle.

  38. Here is an update from the Court Records Documenting System. I believe you can view all of the postings from this post.

    Please note; there were changes made to the judgment; that is why there are two links..

    Public with Annexes A and B Statement of Dahkpannah Dr Charles Ghankay Taylor

    See link:


    See link:

    Order authorizing court photography on 30 May 2012

    See link:


    See link:

    Corrigendum to judgment filed on 18 May 2012

    See link:

    Order designating alternate judge

    See link:

    Take care,


    1. sekou
      before you call a murderer a doctor, let me see his dissertation, since you’re so good in uploading things.

  39. Jocone, you are misquoting the whole order from Ellen at that time. Ellen Johnson Sieleaf at that time ordered Charles Taylor only to Level the Manson and not Monrovia and She will help to rebuild it since Doe is in there and goes on shooting indescriminately. At that time, they all did not know the hidden agendy of Charles Taylor they were beating drums behind but, after known it, eighty percenty of them withdrew.
    How could ULIMO would have sold arms to RUF when the two forces were fightinh each orther. This is totally terrible statement.

    1. Jtf,
      While you think the US government have to tell Mr. Taylor to not continue the fighting in monrovia instead he should make way for the civilian to leave? If you ever read the open letter writing to President Sirleaf by the former NPFL defense minister, you will read in there also that president Sirleaf did order the Mr. Taylor and thw NPFL to level Monrovia an leave the mansion standing, which she characterized as stupid statement on her part. She made the statement during the time she said that she only contributed $10000.00usd to Mr. Taylor and thw NPFL for humanitarian purposes. You tell me brother or sister, was the NPFL an humanitarian organization? You got be kidding me!

    2. JTF,
      If you should go back to the presentation of evidences in 2009 and read about the SALUTE report writing to Mr. Sankor by by Sam Borkari. In that report, hw stated they were able to continue fighting because he made friend with ULIMO so they were buy materials from them to continue their operations but he never mentioned Mr. Taylor as their suppliers while Sankor was in Jail in Nigeria. If you know when ULIMO capture Cape Mount, Bomi Lofa and western Bong then you should know that wasn’t possible for NPFL continue supplying RUF while ULIMO was in controlled of the whole western region of Liberia. Maybe you don’t know but the western region of Liberia includes, the areas across the ST. Paul River on the Bomi side all the way to Lofa. ULIMO entered Lofa from Guinea at the same time fighting from Sierra Leone through Cape Mount, Bomi KpoPolu ( where is called Kpanpolu County today) entering lower Bong County. Even Vamuyan Sheriff who testified for the prosecution admitted when he was the witness stand that by late 1992 early 1993 they were in complete control of the areas across the ST. Paul River regions as well as lower Bong County. So how possible could it have been for NPFL to move weapons through ULIMO territories for delivery to RUF in Sierra Leone? If it wasn’t possible for NPFL to do so then the question is, how was RUF getting weapons to continue fighting in Sierra Leone until Mr. Taylor could become president of Liberia?

  40. Taegin,
    It is fine with me if your cannot post my comment because of people who we know were involved in the commissioned of crimes during the war in Liberia and Sierra Leone can be allowed by you guys to reveal their identities and we can’t tell them that we still remember what they did is sad. I think it was wrong for your to allow people to reveal their identities but your allowed it because you think he supported your position? You can go ahead and delete my post because there no can change what I wrote because it is the true and I believe in telling the truth.

  41. Jocone, thank you for been borned in 1972 when my third child was borned. In the first place Charles Taylor participated in Tolbert’s death in 1980. Charles Taylor trial in the Hague has nothing to do with the killing that went on in Liberia but, his Command in Sierra Leone as a Millitary Chief where over 400,000 (four hundred thousand) babies, pregnate women, children, elderly men, women, and you name them, Sierra Leoneans met their untimely graves, including diamond minning. Were you in Liberia when he entered the Republic of Guinea and was paying our children $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) when they return alive?
    Jocone, I am two years older than Charles Taylor, but frankly speaking CT has no busines to involve into commanding killing people in Sierra Leone neither the politicials in Liberia supported such an attitude. Foday Sankoh was not going to have that much power to kill so many Sierra Leoneans like that. The Politicians in Liberia drew back from him after known his hidden agendy. Why he ended with Islamic Wedding????????. He did not peacefully stepped down only that Guinea was approaching Monrovia with heavy force to capture him. Jocone take time, you are young. when some one kills so many innocent people like that for his own good living, you have to study the situation befor you involve yourselve. Now you are going to know that Charles Taylor was involved in Tolbert’s death.

    1. Jtf,
      My position is that, all of those who were involved in the killing of both Sierra Leonean and Liberians should be prosecuted but I feel that it is wrong to carry on selective Justice which is not Justice. Forces were trained in Guinea and Air lifted to Monrovia in 1992 and the Guinean Ecomog Soldiers used leave Monrovia to go fight NPFL in poRiver at night. After the election in 1997 Guinea allowed forces to trained on her soil to attack Liberia. So the fact is that the international community is protecting setting people both in Liberia and Sierra Leone from prosecution.

  42. Hay! Vem, jtf, your put me down, mehn, i beg! What reason your want cross me Cavally River for? 🙂
    vem, in my playing days, I kept a smile when we lost especially or squared the result with a good team. From refugee camps to high school far from where I saw light first, from youth club to college games, I never smiled in my opponents’ faces when we won. I wished them “a better luck next round!” When I coach little boys, everyone played in the game and we won as a team.
    I’m a Liberian living as a global citizen. Never supported or voted for any Liberian politician; Taylor included. I speak from the heart, not from hates or stereotypes. Wherever I live is my home and who knows me is part of me for life.

    You speak of “self-importance” and “preying on innocent people in Sudan”? 🙂 !

    When I learned Sudanese struggles, I left my classmates in class and headed off to other communities high schools, colleges, and religious places to raise awareness and ask for a global intervention. I encouraged people (blacks and whites, Jews and gentiles, believers and atheists, young and old etc) to sign petitions to our state’s Representative and Senator–B. Frank and J. Kerry MA to ask the Bush administration for helps so the rapes and killings of our fellow human beings would come to an end in Sudan. Every woman is a daughter sister and a mother. Man a father, brother and a son. This we’re made of as human. I also raised funds (from which I would not take a dime for myself when offered) because there were refugees in Sudan who were dying of thirst and hunger. I related from pains of waiting for rain just to have water; and from and being a refugee in war time. I asked for two Sudanese kids to live with me in the SAME HOUSE, even when I was warned about one (who nicknamed me “LEGEND” and is now in a top private college) of them being a hard headed kid. I still hang out with them once in awhile.

    Back to the field! Once I was awarded the MVP and most offensive player of the year in my league. I picked up 1 yellow card. But when I fouled, the refs called it, I smiled and walked away because I knew it was just. Where there’s a proof of foul, there must be consequences.
    I live for hope and do what I have to do with humility. Back in Africa when I was working for Liberian refugees, I refuses children and people being used by UN agencies for their own funds. I don’t work for with Invisible Children for Ugandan children when I realized they’re not what it was when we started in 2006. I stopped raising funds when I saw that the African refugees funds were stopping in DC for people who didn’t need it. See through me, brethrens, I encourage people and myself to do what is right. Not abuse others. My understanding of life is that no sane woman decides keeping a pregnancy so her child would grow and go around others people to afflict pains and sorrow on them. We’re all given life out of greater hope., and that’s why I side with justice and humanity.

    Taylor belonging in jail is not my objection. But for the wrong reason and plain evil intentions and total disrespect, I’ll give a piece of my mind. We’re born to love and help, not hate and destroy others for a personal gain!

    It’s my hope that I did not share a piece of my past as a way to brag. It’s history I don’t take pride in at all. I just wish to give u a view of the man in me so u can go easy when dragging me across the Cavally River. For all care, I could be talking to Barack or Ellen or anyone pretending to be whatever characters u choose for yourselves. Don’t read my book and insult me, I hold your feet! 🙂
    All I’ve been saying is that we did not get justice. The verdict is this: ‘u need no proofs to jail a man hated for other external reason that will hunt the Africans in the near future!”

    When the Lakers, Chelsea, Marseille or Celtics win, I get no penny. Why should I loose sleep and get stress when they lost? Point is I don’t need them breaking legs to win and make me happy. If the court presented evidence to nail Taylor, I would be cheering and hope they do the same to western leaders who sell guns, finance wars, and invade other nations for personal gains. Life is about one for the other. That’s my philosophical approach. I’m not better than the starving dying child in Somalia. But Queen Elizabeth of England with all her blood money beauties, and beautify of look is not important than me, or better than the poorest kid in the world. Call me ignorant, if u may. But give me justice and I’ll carry you on my back! Don’t jail an old man for what he did not do, just to please yourself for other reasons as expect me to dance like a fool! I lost my family not to settle for insult like this.

    Hope your understand,,


    1. Tomas, As I read your piece, I was wondering about two things; what motivated you to become a’blind’ taylor supporter, after all the ‘good things, assistance, and love you gave whole heartedly to not only Liberian refugees children, but to Sudanese Kids, as well? Secondly,If you did not do this for personal gain, why are you upset of a tyrants verdict?
      You see, everyone on this site has his personal views about taylor or the Liberian revolution, staring in 1974 when I was in a university in Liberia. I believe, Jacone was just two years old, and the revolution of Liberia, was just at the initial stage. man, I tell you, if you knew why jfallahmenjor is what he is today, you would want to meet me and learn about your country and fill in the missing blanks!
      I personally never had any quarrel with taylor, as most assumed on this site, nor did I cared about his wealth. I got to know taylor only when the PRC, under Samuel Kayon Doe, came to power in 1980. I was contacted to become Embassador in a European nation, which I turned down. The First Secretary General of PRC was my personal childhood Buddy and had great admiration for me. However, my refusal was part of my belief in fairness and love for the ‘down trodens’ because I knew PRC came to power through violence and I did not feel any honour being part of such body. Simple as that! Then I began to indirectly criticize PRC..and that’s when I had to leave Liberia for my own safety! I will stop here for my own future, but just to let you know that everbody has a story to tell here..even though some call me Sierra Leonean. I have never looked at People Of Sierra Leone as anything but Brothers and Sisters! That’s all! And jfallahmenjor is not one who will connive with any deal that hurts other for his own good, nor fears telling the truth to anyone as you see my point against taylor. Many of you feared taylor to the point that only now some are coming out to talk bodly..that’s not my way of operation! Taylor is my age group even thoug some feel jfallahmenjor is this old ‘fible minded’ old man, but yet they call me Tom Kamara, a younger man! Silly, isn’t it?

      1. Jfallah, I don’t not support Taylor. Neither am I blind. Like I said, Taylor should face trial for Liberia. He would be guilty on the fact that he took a contract that led to the war, and I would be very happy to see him, Ellen, and those who helped sent and later came to get rid of him.
        Secondly, it is my deepest belief that it took many people, thousands of strong people to make me from both my parents’ family. And I know there was always some there for my people, just as there were others for me in time of need. They helped me in my struggles everywhere I’ve asked and demanding that people should see each other not as a person, but treat one another as ambassadors from a people too many to count, and a nations to vast to measure. Glorious acts are appreciation of the lives we ought to honor, because I think this is the hope of the poor mothers who made big decision to give us life even in the face of poverty and uncertainties. We’re met to help the world around us without asking for payment. I think that’s my early childhood lesson, and an inspiration from the helping hands i got from those I could never repay no matter how wealthy I become. Swizz, I was not telling a long story. I was making a point to have u understand a point of fairness i was trying to make. I though by going as little far as I did, maybe u would reason with logic. But I did not accomplish the mission, unfortunately. Pardonez-moi, it’s a shame! My hope was that by giving details, u would shine your eyes and realize I’ve always looked for moral ethic. Not insults based on racism, greed and lack of courage–unnecessary injustice! The outcome is a way to denied Liberians injustice because as long Taylor is away, we cannot put him and others on trial for what they did. We’ll never get total justice.

        1. tomas
          excuse mon cher, but you really want to tell me that you think taylor should not have been trialed by the scsl, for that he could face a court in Liberia?

  43. It’s time for Liberians to put the past behind and turn over a new leaf, because no matter how strongly anybody feel about the sentencing, there is nothing anybody can do to change it. As Vice President Al Gore said “I do not greed with the verdict, but I’ll accept it”. It’s spilled milk.

    My position has not changed from the beginning of the trial to the end. Mr. Taylor may have well aided and abetted RUF., the dispensation of justice was in favor of the prosecution. My contention was a fair trial.

    I would like to thank the Soros Foundation for giving “us” the opportunity to openly discuss our opinions. Thanks to Tracey, Alpha, T.S., and the rest of the crew. Thanks to anti Taylors for keeping the debate alive.

    During the heat of passion, I may have made some inappropriate comments during the trial, I am sorry; it was without malice or intent. Many thanks to the defense team, for an excellent defense. Legally, the defense won, politically, the prosecution won. To my Comrades, we fought until the last drop of blood left our bodies. It’s over for me. Big B is going into retirement.


    1. Big B, there is a saying;’a wise man changes’ fools never! I admire your final stance and accepting defeat in theory only. You see, my friend, when we fight for things that seem dear to us in life,it is prudent that we also look at how others view same from other prospective. This trial was not about why others who had same guilt of murdering their own people were not prosecuted as taylor, nor the West selecting taylor soley based upon imperialistic reasons. The court of Sierra leone brought these charges on taylor because Sierra Leoneans felt taylor beared the greatest responsibility on fueling the rag tags drunken militial groups that slaughtered and maimed their citizenry by his providing of arms and logestics to them all along!
      Liberians, on the other hand, did not feel the same, as you remembered the in famous rants;’you kill me mama and papa, i vote for you’, they would rather join taylor and prey on the rest of their citizenry and struggle became ‘dog eat dog’ and survival of the fittest, according to Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Therefore, because Liberians did not feel like bringing charges against taylor did not mean others shouldn’t do so.
      Now if liberians feel hurt by this man, it’s time to speak out, or hold your peace. For me, I will persue justice and we are now in phase II of the struggle for total liberation of our peoples of West Africa! Bravo Big B, I enjoyed debating with you even though we got a little hash with each are a fighter, only that you need to have a rational mind in looking at things. Be like a motor car, get in reverse, in order to go forward, sometimes!

    1. Big B, I am glad you put this link out for all to see that jfallahmenjor is not Tom Kamara, though I mourn this great patriot’s death! He is happy because he must have learned of the verdict of taylor, who killed him. Thank you my friend, death is not for him alone, we all must face the ultimate call one day. Tom I salute you and I will be in your village to pay my humblest honour to you. I will participate in all the kissi rituals befitting a true son of the Tribe! Rest In Peace Falo! Yani, jfallahmenjor.

  44. What did the Manny Pacquiao/Bradley fight and the Charles Taylor trial have in common?
    Three inept judges!

  45. Boy ! The two nemesis Tom Kamara and Charles Taylor are both in Holland, one is dead and the other in jail for 50 years. I wonder who is better off.

    1. aki
      taylor is better off. don’t forget he gets three hot meals a day, warm, cosy shelter and tv for free. maybe he has only to face some men in prison who will be after him.

  46. Tom Kamara is a dead man. The Bible says, the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is everlasting life. Mr. Tom Kamara many lies will all go down with him in hell, while Mr. Taylor lives to give praises to the most high God. Lone live Mr. Taylor as his enemies depart this world before his eyes.

    1. There you go again, Harris jonhson, with your hatred and childishness. why are you so bitter? you cannot change the decision of the court, and can only appeal it! Whether Tom is gone or not, you still face some one like jfallahmenjor whom you probably wish to die too, or he is dead according to your previous premise that I am(aka) Tom Kamara. Now what do you have to say, hater?

  47. Aki and Harris Johnson of Liberia are always the happiest when they hear of Liberian’s death such as the late Tom Kamara who stood for real democracy in our country. These two guys, we actially do not know where they are heading to. They go on making mockery of relatives of those who met their untimely death through the order of their bossman Charles Taylor. I wondered how they are looking at those relatives whose love ones were killed by the late president Samuel Doe even though he did not carry his killing machine to another country.
    Liberia is seventy-five percent Christian. Most of us are wondering why we should be of this nature since 1847? As a Christian country, we have had the highest number of killings in the sub-region. Now we cannot understand ourselves, we are just mix up. Aki and Johnson, it is time for you to chatter drums to dance for Mr. Kamara,s death but, I never read any thing written dirrectly against your father (the Killer) by the late Kamara. He was a man who never supports any wrong doing or corruption in any sector.

    1. Jtf,
      You were making sense until the last paragraph. In it you said you never read anything directly against your father (Charles Taylor) by Tom Kamara. If you are saying this trutfully then you must not have been following events in Liberia for the last twenty years. Tom Kamara was the most vocal critic of Mr. Taylor. On the day of the verdict he was on the BBC all day with their reporter. He was very disappointed about the majority of Liberians expressing their sadness to the verdict. His voice was strong with no sign of fatigue. This is why it was so surprising to hear of his death a few days ago. Eventhough I disagreed with him I wish death on no one. However if Mr. Taylor would to die I am sure a couple of you on this forum would be happy.

  48. I was suprised to have read the post from John Tarnue. How could he say he was now a happy man when in his hey days with Taylor as “col. tarnue”, his actions to civilians in Liberia were as monstrous as his physique? He should be ashamed of himself. They all advised Taylor on every action that was taken. tarnue, we know your role in Liberia before abscounding to Freetown!

  49. What a face-saving posture put up by the so called Lead Prosecutor, Brenda Hollis in Monrovia on June 12 when she addressed the Press Union of Liberia Forum saying “the trial of Mr. Taylor was very fair and that maybe the Appeal Chambers could reduce the 50 yrs sentence”. It was an affront to patriotic Liberians to have this lady come to Monrovia and address our Union. She could not even defend most of the inquiries from the journalists. Brenda knows how much money went to her personal account just to have people tell lies in the trial, like that now frustrated and sick Moses Blah who admitted publically that Brenda threatened to try him if he refused to lie in the Taylor case. What a shame on your entire generation that bears that HOLLIS name. You will confess your iniquities against President Taylor before you die!

  50. An Update on the Latest Court Filings

    Defence motion for an extension of time to file notice of appeal

    See link:

    Prosecution response to Defence motion for extension of time to file notice of appeal

    See link:

    Order designating a Judge pursuant to rule 116

    See link:

    Scheduling order for status conference on 18 June 2012

    See link:

    Corrigendum scheduling order for status conference on 18 June 2012

    See link:

    Take care,


  51. I wonder how is Brenda Hollis feeling after visiting Liberia to seek the views of Liberians on the trial, verdict and sentence of Presdent Taylor? She must be feeling like a terrible FAILURE. Every gathering she addressed in her two days visit was all patriotic citizens; from professionals (like the Press Union) to the common man. On the University of Liberia campus, the entire audience condemned her action against our President. Even a lady seized the mic to vent out her frustration. While in Gbarnga, the whole audience walked out when she said her action was in the name of justice. Sorry for you Brenda! Don’t ever try Liberians sentiments and love for their President Taylor! NO MATTER WHAT YOUR KIND OF JUSTICE DECIDE, TAYLOR LIVES FOREVER WITH LIBERIANS!!!!!!!

    1. emmanuel
      i strongly doubt what you try to make us believe here.
      Liberians know very well what they had with taylor.
      namely a warlord who left a wartorn country, but his personal account rich. every student on the university has to be grateful, because in times of taylor, there was no school, but war.
      please stop your propaganda worse than hitlers in WW II.

    2. Emmanuel, this is no ‘news’ story and you know this!Who cares if you liberians will agree with Brenda Hollis or not? Your piece is pathetic reporting and with no flavour at all!
      First of all, i really don’t understand why Brenda would even choose to go to to rationalize the verdict of Charles Taylor. I am satisfied that Sierra Leoneans received their Justice, but if fellow Liberians are that dumb and stupid, so be it! You and your fans for taylor can go on lock down and grieve in your homes, but please do not make Brenda’s visit start another trash talk here.
      Secondly, It’s absolute nonesense for one to wish ill against a whole family of a prosecutor simply because things didn’t go his way, only in Liberia i see such rubbish from illitrate writer that seems to have no concept of international justice!

  52. Aki, I am always in tears when innocent people are killed for no good reason. I am not a politician. No politician personally knows me in Liberia. Throughout my life I worked for company in my country. President Ellen does’t know me and I dont’ need anything personal from her. All I need is Liberia for my Children my ground children and those of my family members that survived. Whosoever is against Liberia, I am against him or her.
    I am against Charles Taylor because he is number one Terrorist and not that whenever he dies I will go on dancing because this is against Christian rule. This is not what we want our children in Liberia to be. The proof is as follow: After he stole the $1000,000 (one million US dollars) from GSA, Doe’s Government cannot do anything to him because he was one of them that got rid of Tolber, therefore, they transferred him as Deputy Minister to Commerce Ministry. From there he escaped and went to the United Stated of America. Doe’s Government traced him and put him behind bars. There he fooled some Liberian politicians that have influence in America. When he mysteriuosly escaped from jail in the United States of America, where did he go?
    He went to the late Libya’s president Gaddafi. Gaddafi was a Terrorist and he trained Charles Taylor, then who you think Charles Taylor is, a well trained terrorist. When Charles Taylor carried his war-machine to Guinea and Guinea was moving with heavy force to capture him in Monrovia, he stepped down as we say, he went in exil in Calabar, Nigeria after he already had entered into Islamic Wedding. In Calabar, Nigeria, he escaped, where do you think he was running going? Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan, Parkistan, Yemen. This question is for all the pro-toylors to answer because they know where their Bosseman was running going. After answering this question, I will surely tell you people who Charles Taylor brought to Monrovia in the year 2000 and most of you will close your month.

  53. Emmanuel, you don’t just write, you should first think of what you are writing whether it makes sense to readers. In your life history, have you ever read of a president’s son or daughter been jailed for life for killing human beings? That is the president that you are beating drums behind. Go on condemning highly professional people. They come to Liberia looking for money. No doubt, Liberia is now a Mercenary Country. The government of Liberia has to stand fast to get out these guys. We can see what happened recently at Ivory Coast boader. This Charles Taylor man really damaged our country.

  54. Is jfallahmenjor speaking from beyond the grave?
    What a coincident for Tom Kamara and jfallahmenjor to have so many things in common. Jfallahmenjor was born in Foya, Lofa County, so was Tom Kamara. Tom Kamara’s uncle, Mr. Menjoe lives in Taxes, reported by Frontpage Africa. Mr. Menjoe was a mentor to Tom. What a coincident for jfallahmenjor to have almost the same last name as Tom Kamara’s uncle, Mr. Isaac Tamba Menjoe. Jfallahmenjor, NEVER spelled Mr. Taylor name with capital letters, however, recently, jfallahmenjor have been spelling Mr. Taylor’s name with a capital “C” and “T”. jfalllahmenjor, repeatedly mentioned that people are taking him to be this old man, but he (jfallahmenjor) is not as old as people think. Jfallahmenjor said he is about the same age as Mr. Taylor. Tom Kamara was 63 years old, so is Mr. Taylor. Something is not right, may the right jafallahmenjor, please stand! Lol.

    1. You cracked me up;’What’ yes, isn’t there a similarity in many things you said? But jfallahmenjor is not Tom kamara! Plain and simple! you need to find another garbage to talk about..I wouldn’t be writing from the beyond for God’s sake, What!

        1. what
          i’m of the opinion that you are noko1to10. but as you know from this site, nobody takes him or you serious, because he/you laughed about victims.

  55. On June 19, 2012 at 1:39 pm, jtf said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Mr. What, Mr. This, we already know you people. You guys did a lot of killings during your Pa (Charles Taylor’s) time, either as SBU (Small Boys Units) Mercenaries, AFL, that joint him and so on. Most of you today are happy because you are living on properties of those that you killied and some who are altogether Liberians are in sorrow for taken part in killing innocent people and are now in Churches and Mosques asking God for forgiveness.
    For those of you who are all the time dancing for those who met their untimely death through the command of your father (Charles Taylor) will one day face trial. For example, during Adolf Hitler War, those that carried on the worse killing are still been picked up. I remembere a 80 year-old guy who was one of the killers during Hitler,s war was picked up from the city of Chicago and deported to Germany according to what I read.
    Mr. What, we all now beleaved that you are the one that shot Tom Kamara at Free Port of Monrovia when he went there to make report on what was going on at the Port in 1990 as a Journalist. Tom died from the gun-shot in his thigh which could not be taken out. He was not even 50 yeas old but, you now comparing his age to your human eater Charles Taylor. May be, you guys have eating so may haman flesh as we saw in Monrovia that getting you people crazy.

    1. jtf, for future reference the name is WHAT with a question=WHAT? Your rambling is garbage as the late Tom Kamara (AKA) jfallahmenjor used to say. I am not a Nigerian; it was a Nigerian ECOMOG solider who shot Tom Kamara. For me, I don’t shot to wound, I shot to kill. Your WWII rubbish has no role to play in this discussion, but it makes sense. If all those who aided and abetted in killing our people could be picked up and prosecuted, would be great and just. People like Kabba, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Prince Johnson, Sawyer, Grives the list goes on.., would also face justice. One less killer we have to deal with. One down many to go, Mr. Taylor will out live all of his enemies despite, his incarnation.

      1. What; we believe your eloquence is as slick as charlie’s, but let me tell you this Mr.whatever you call yourself that you seem to be one of those against the establishment of the truth Commision to know and establish what happen, from participants, and their stories about what went on during the civil war, initiated by taylor. i definitely agree with you on who shot Tom but I have no interest on that since history speaks for itself who Tom Kamara Was.Next time you talk about this great patriot, you should have respect in mind. No one cares about what Tom’s haters version Of This Man, had been.

      2. what
        if you go on correcting people’s writing on this site, you will never get to the point.
        If ct lives or if he dies doesn’t really matter, just as long as he stays where he is.

  56. Mr. What thank you, these people you named actually started supporting your Charles Taylor without knowing his hidden agenda as a trained terrorist supported by both the lates Osama bin ladin and Muamma Gaddafi. They thought it was only a plan to oust Doe’s Government. Upon this discovery, all drew back. Let us sit and see how all of them will be prosecuted in the near future. The Judges sitting down in the courts are as trained as you are trained in shooting and killing innocent people as you mentioned.

    1. Excellent reply to NOKO1-9(aka) What, but again, these guys do not seem to have enough intellectual ability to analyze nor rationalize any information process. This is the problem,jtf. however, you and Swizz have done well remaining ‘cool’ as you attempt educating them, unlike, me,jfallahmenjor, who will immediately give rapid fire to their silliness at times! These guys know they are done as we go chasing them from the Ivory Coast/ Liberia borders, where most have taken refuge in the no mans zone. Most that are silenced here are mobilizing in that area to fight Ellen Sirleaf’ democratic government, in disguise! Don’t you think so,jtf?

    2. Totally nonsense jef, if you had not lied on Mr. Taylor that your life was in jeopardy in Liberia, the political asylum you are enjoying today would have been far fletched. Your rambling is full of misinformation to say the least. You don’t even sound like a Liberian rather, someone who must have fraudulently laid hands on a Liberian passport. Silly!

      1. What, there is no reason to obtain fraudulent Liberian passport while one is native born Liberian. Maybe an Americo Liberian may need one. I hope you understand this for the last time. I wish I was not a Liberian with all thw human eating leeches like taylor and his rebel group that did these things on the face of the earth. I am not a proud Liberian, What, seriously, I wish I were a Sierra Leonean, or Ghanaian, or Senegalese! There are no savages in those part of Africa, like you find in Liberia! Chill, Mr. What!

        1. jfallahmenjor want to be, myself wish you were not a Liberian. If you were not a Liberian, it would be one less Liberian Rebel and hater Liberians would have to deal with. Why not go and naturalized and become a Sierra Leonean, Ghanaian, a Taliban, or whatever. This is a free world; you can be whatever you want to be. I am a proud Liberian, and will never trade being a Liberian for a million pieces of gold.

      2. what
        fraudently lay hands on a passport is not even in the near of murder, mutilation, amputations and some even say cannibalism.
        so what is your problem?

        1. swizz, I think we are talking apple and orange here. You asked me a question and I think I am at liberty to answer. My problems are, non Liberians in my opinion are impersonating as Liberians, while others are impersonation people on this site that no longer exit…

  57. Mr. What, I will make things more and more clear to you again. Your father.s trial is purposely based on his involvement and ordering the killing of innocent people in our neighboring country Sierra Leone including minning of their diamonds and not his activitives in Liberia.
    In case of Liberia, we will start from 1979 when Tolbert was killed by his own comrades because, he said, no more “So say One, So say All”. Second, he wanted real justice in the country by putting Anderson and Yancys’ sons on the pole for killing one Madam Korlu in Capamas for no good reason because their fathers were one of those, so say one so say all. Also he got rid of his own brother from Gbarngai who skinned his Kpelle wife and passed round advertising the meat soon morning. Justin Obi got annoyed with Bishop Brown and took law into his hand and killed him. Tolbert Got rid of him too.
    So Mr. What as far as Liberia is concerned the trial of supporters of innocent killers in liberia should start from 1979 Rice Riot,1980 Coup in which Charles Taylor was involved, 1981 Nimba Killings, 1985 Guwiongba invasion, and Charles Taylor 1989 invasion. All these occations killed so many pomissing future Liberians that had no part to play in the issues The people who sponsored these killings and those who did the killings are today riding the air-conditioning cars in Liberia with our money. Therefore, you cannot concentrate on those that supported Charles Taylor because it will really be a blunder and personal hatrd on your side

    1. It’s moronic to misspell a person’s name over and over. The name is WHAT? (WHAT with a question mark) If your block heads can’t get my name right, do me a favor; don’t post rubbish bearing the wrong name. Period! Jtf, looks like jerk to me but, I will addressed jtf as is.

  58. On June 21, 2012 at 3:58 pm, jtf said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Mr. What, what you are writing now, you shouldn’t hve being writing such, it is just that I didn’t know who was called Osama bin ladin before the year 2000. I did not even know what he has previously done to the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania at the time. Your so-call Charls Taylor brought the late Osama bin ladin to Monrovia in the year 2000 and I personally met with him with two others in a man’s house I know from A-Z and the person leaves in Monrovia—deny and insult, but it is a fact. Had I known this man at that time, that was going to be the end of the whole drama.

  59. Dear readers,

    A number of posts have not been approved because they have not complied with our site’s policy for comments. Please keep your comments focused on the issues relating to the trial, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

    Thank you.

    1. Taegin Stevenson,, I maybe one of those persons who comment was not posted, perhaps my comment didn’t complied with site policy, which is fine. I don’t have qualms with that. However, if you guys allowed jtf and so called jfallahmenjor to make allegations that appear to be facts without jurisprudence is bothering. I am all for maintaining law and order on this site, notwithstanding, I also expect fair play.


  60. Mr. WHAT? as you call yourself is just doubting. there is no human being name like this I ever came across in life. I cannot exchange insulting words with you because I am saying the truth. All the witnesses at the Hague lied on your Charles Taylor.

    1. You got it right jtf, witnesses were paid to lie and those witnesses who refused to lie were threatened by the prosecution to be prosecuted. Moses Blah, is an example. Out of Moses Blah’s mouth, he said the prosecutions threatened him and bribed him (Moses) to testify. Also, the prosecution allegedly had a special account with over two million dollars to spend at will. Nobody knows where the money came from or who provided the money. However, we are not fools; we know where the money came from… Is this what you call justice? I don’t think so. They wanted their man, and they got their man. With the secret account, the cost of running the court etc, etc..all of that money would have benefited those poor victims of S.L., much more then flushing it down the toilet, and the victims are left empty handed just to politically proved a point. Total Nonsense!

      1. what
        does seem to understand nothing at all. i put the relevant sayings of the court to that topic on this site some 3 weeks ago (payments to the victims/witnesses). if what makes himself comfortable with what the court says about it, he will get to know what nonsense he’s writing here. just for you what:
        the court took into account all that you are complaining about and found still beyond reasonable doubt your hero charles the slaughterer taylor is guilty. the money is for travel-expenses aso. the same paying did the defense too. 2 million is nothing, if you take into account that your father charles the murderer taylor took far more than 2 millions to pay his four counsellors. but not of his own money, on no, he took the tax-payers money, so that his relatives and supporters can live in nice houses and drive nice cars, while the victims still sit on a quiet corner.
        what: ignorance is bliss.

        1. Your writing is total disgrace to the human race. You need to stop this rambling and go back to school and sit with your children in class. After all, it’s not only Liberians who read your nonsense on this site, scholar from higher institutions such as Barkley… monitor this site. There is a difference between typo and total nonsense, your writing is total nonsense. Lastly, please don’t reply with rubbish that it was Mr. Taylor who denied you education. The civil war ended more then twelve years ago, if you really wanted to learn you would have done so. Stop the blame game. Silly!

        2. what
          to go to school, if it ever existed in taylor-liberia, is quite hard if you have only one leg and one arm and if there are no teachers around, beacause they are more concerned about staying alive than to learn or to teach.
          il y a quelques uns, qui jamais ne comprends.

      2. what
        i guess you meant B E R K E L E Y? you accuse others of bad education, but you are not able to spell Berkeley correctly. What a Joke!


    Decision on confidential with confidential Annexes A-E Prosecution motion for the trial chamber to summarily deal with contempt of the Special Court for Sierra Leone and for urgent interim measures.

    See link:

    Scheduling order for a status conference

    See link:

    Decision on Defence motion for extension of time to file notice of appeal

    See link:

    Take care,


  62. It’s been a while, I’m older wiser and stronger, I almost forgot about this site! But I’m thankful that Justice has been served! And it will shock a lot of people! As i was once a very out spoken supporter of Ellen Johnson! Charles Taylor was essentially convicted for aiding and abetting in the civil war in Sierra Leone, as he supported war Lords SR. So is it not safe to say that Ellen Johnson aided and abetted during the civil war in Liberia by her own admission donating money to NPFL?

    1. Ms Teage, Ellen is the creator and owner of the war that took our love ones and sent some of us into exile. She spent NOT $10,000 in her effort to get Taylor and his men cooked outside West Africa. According top informations from those who were part of the operation, she spent over $10m on her house cleaners long before she turned against Mr. Taylor. Anyways, let’s wait and see if she will face justice. Hopefully the flood gate will open soon for us to see who will pay for dancing with the devil. We will know how Taylor, the monster, came out of his cage. We’re making a lot of noise on social networks across the globe, and I think some noble characters in Monrovia are push for a war crime court for Liberia. I’m a huge fan of “No one’s above the law!” 🙂

  63. I stated before, I am loyal to know one, execpt the Liberian people! Let Justice be done to ALLLL men!

    1. Ms Teage, I am glad to know that you are older and wiser then before. You were once a die hard supporter of Madame Sirleaf and a hater of Mr. Taylor. Those of you including Madame Sirleaf thought by throwing Mr. Taylor into the lion’s den that would have been the end of the gingerbread boy. You guys are in for a rude awakening…

      1. WHAT, I don’t hate Taylor. I’m pro Justice for Taylor’s victim there is a difference!

  64. Ms. Teage, most of us are totally lack of understanding the trial of Charles Taylor at the Hague. Why we can’t exercise patient until this trial at the Hague which is wholly and solely based on our Charles Taylor involvement in Sierra Leone rebel through sending troops, mining diamonds, sending arms, directing, as a trained Terrorist Army General by Gaddafi from Libya comes to an end?.
    Ms. Teage, if you are really after justice in Liberia, what about Leaders of these warring factions IN-NPFL, ULIMO-K, ULIMO-J, LURD and many others. You have not mentioned anything about these leaders. You are telling us that these leaders were not supported by any Liberians. Ms. Teage, please leave people’s daughter alone. Wolf is coming, let this wolf comes and let us wait and see who the wolf will chew. All we know is that $10,000 (ten thousand united states dollars) cannot enpower any one to kill 250,000 Liberians, 40,000 and more Sierra Leoneans, mining diamonds, and over 10,000 Guineans including millions of worth of properties damaged from these countries.

  65. Thomas, Ellen spent $10.000,000 (ten million US dollars) to support Charles Taylor to kill us, our children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and sold all the piled up iron ores in Nimba, Buchanan, Bong Mines, and all the latex in Fire Stone BF Goodrich, then crossed into our two neighboring countries, Sierra Leone and killed thousands and thousands of innocent people, mining their diamonds then entered Guinea and did a lot of killings but, she never supported him in Libya to under go Terrorist Army Training under the late Gaddafi and have him connected with the late Osama bin laden.

  66. From one day to the next, ellen is the accused. and all this on rather dubious grounds created from taylobans. lol

  67. What happen to taylor boys and all the fears they were creating about Liberia going in flames if taylor was found guilty? Didn’t jfallahmenjor warned that this was mare garbage, known what Liberians are by trade, and how scary they are, and that as soon they got assuraces that the CAT has gotten a bell tied around the neck, they would forget and go by their business? Now very few die-hard support group cares about what happens to taylor next. all garbage talks is vanishing and pretty soon they same group will coming crawing to Ellen for hand-outs and mercy!
    I am happy that most of my predictions came through and now I can return to the United States Of America, my Adopted Home, enjoy mordern life, mentain my health, write and turn my attentions to Gbabo trial and wait for Joseph Kony’s arrest to happen. Now who is ‘realist’ Harris Johnson? jfallahmenjor(aka)Tom Kamara!

    1. The UN peace keeper should lwave today and see what’s going to happen in Liberia.

  68. A nation, worst yet, a whole race, can be judged by the deeds of its leaders.

      1. Listen,WHAT; at least Lubanga did not digest the flesh of his victims! Besides, less than 250,000 involved, and He did not carry war to another neighbouring states to make profit, nor did he rape boys and girls. Sentence is given based upon the magnitude of the case, and including the cruelty involved, as in the case of taylor’s savagery rebellion where hundreds of thousands were eaten, as per witness accounts, masses sent to refugee camps around the world.This is the difference! Taylor needed life sentence, if you ask my opinion, What.

        1. Rubbish, put up a legal argument not trash talking. Under all true and fair justice system a murderer (person who pulled the trigger) gets a longer sentence then the person’s who aided and abetted the murder. Silly! Your comment is despicable to say the least.

    1. I am not sure why would an individual wishes ill to anyone based upon disagreement, or gloating over someones death. I am not sure why African Brothers have become so hateful since taylor’s trial was initiated by the court. This shows partially why Africa is known as Dark Continent, and has the most ‘backward’ people.
      I have seen political rivalries in the West, opponents on Issues such as OJ Simpson trial, The Rodney Beating, The Al Gore vs Bush elections alleged fraud, and the recent elction of Obama as President of the United States, but never was there any such hatred amongst these people as it seems to exist among the native born africans of Liberia!
      There was so much hatred on the faces and actions of Liberian during the last Elleen vs Tubman/Weah campaign, that you could see the primitive raw hatred, both in their actions and staements.
      We are this low in being rational, as I have always said to my opponent friends. Wake up Aki, there is life after taylor, and there is liberia even after Elleen. Bury your differences if you really want to be called civilized. Otherwise we will be proving to the West that we are nothing but savages as we have been refered to in the past!

  69. Mr. Aki, please understand that human beings are born to die and not because they hate your Charles Taylor. Most of us hate your Charles Taylor because of the following reasons: (1) He is the 2nd Terrorist Leader in Africa after Muamma Gaddafi and 1st in Liberia. (2) He is the 2nd Bigamy Leader in Africa after Idi Ami and 1st in Liberia. That is, he never divorced his legally marriage wife when he went into Islamic Wedding with Victoria through the advices of both the lates Muamma Gaddafi and Osama bin ladin, the Terrorist Group. (3) He escaped his asylum resident in Calabar State, Nigeria and caught at the border of Camaroon. He was running to meet Benjamin Yeatan another notorous Liberian killer so they can run to Pakistan to meet with the late Osama bin ladin.
    Most of we the Liberians can believe this because Charles Taylor was operating along with this man advice and even might have helped in building his Executive Mansion in Pakinstan. Mr. Aki, we are proud to hate such a Liberian citizen of this type of charater and only people of your type might like such a citizen for reason best known to you and therefore, when people are dying don.t say because they hate such a character. He is a discrace to Liberia as a whole.

  70. Alpha,
    How you be?? Do you know of where I can go to get or buy the ENTIRE VOLUME(from SL to the Hague) of Mr. Taylor’s trial?? Thanks for the HELP.

  71. NOKO4 does not need to buy a trancript of taylor trial as he could get copies from taylor, himself, as that might be more authentic than any from Western Media! This is dispicable as we continue to stoop so low.Bye uncivilized ideas and forward with Liberia under the statemanship of Ellen’s Government of Liberia, a non profit and based upon democratic principles for respect to Human Rights! Bye are the savagery days of charles crooke, the terrorist and womanizer, as alleged!

  72. I think 50 years was extremely generous and forgiving, actually. The death penalty isn’t an option I take it? He’s very lucky.

    1. Dear Hawk,

      We cannot approve your comment because it contains language that does comply with the website’s policy on comments. If you edit the first sentence and remove the inappropriate phrase, we will post your comment.

      Thank you.

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