At Prosecution and Defense Oral Arguments on Sentencing, Charles Taylor Makes Public Statement

Today, convicted former Liberian president Charles Taylor made what might be his final public statement in court before Special Court for Sierra Leone judges in The Hague as his defense lawyers and prosecutors made oral submissions on the possible sentence he should serve after being convicted for his involvement in Sierra Leone’s 11 year civil conflict.

After being granted 30 minutes to address the Court, in a gray suit, white shirt, and a light blue tie, Taylor stood in front of the witness stand, using what seemed like his last public statement to address not only the judges and parties to the proceedings in court, but also to the “world audience.”

The former Liberian president started by stating that the “observations” he would make in his speech “are deeply felt and are not limited exclusively to legal issues and this case.”

Taylor denied involvement in the commission of crimes for which he has been convicted and concluded by expressing his sympathy to the people of Sierra Leone for the harm suffered during the conflict in that West African country.

On April 26, Taylor was convicted of aiding and abetting the commission of serious crimes including murder, rape, and use of child soldiers by Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) rebels in Sierra Leone from November 1996 to January 2002.

As he addressed the court today, he went on by explaining that the reasons for which he was brought to trial were not legal but political, accusing western powers, specifically the United States, of having made conclusions about his role in the Sierra Leonean conflict even before the evidence against him was heard. He accused the US government of embarking on a regime change policy in Liberia, calling it the birth of a conspiracy to remove him from the presidency.

“I never stood a chance,” Taylor told the judges.

As he has done throughout his trial, Mr. Taylor presented himself as a peacemaker, although in their judgment of April 26, the judges referred to him as “a two-headed Janus,” meaning that he publicly played a role in the peace process while at the same time secretly fuelling the conflict by arming the rebels and urging them not to disarm.

In his speech today, Taylor told the Court, “What I did to help bring peace to Sierra Leone was done with honor.”

Concluding his statement, Taylor expressed sympathy to the people of Sierra Leone, “I express my sadness and deepest sympathy for the atrocities and crimes that were suffered by individuals and families in Sierra Leone.”

Earlier in the morning, the Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Brenda Hollis, told the judges that the prosecution’s recommended 80 year jail sentence is commensurate with the “gravity of crimes and the specific conduct of the accused.”

Ms. Hollis pointed that the judges should consider the extreme nature of the crimes with which Taylor has been found guilty and the vulnerability of and impact on the victims of atrocities in Sierra Leone. She highlighted Taylor’s role in planning the attacks on Kono, Makeni, and Freetown in late 1998 to early 1999 and his advice to RUF commander Sam Bockarie to “make the operation fearful.” This led the rebels to declare the attack as “operation no living thing.”

“Mr. Taylor was the root which fed the RUF and the RUF/AFRC alliance,” Ms. Hollis told the court.

Ms. Hollis dismissed defense submissions that Mr. Taylor should benefit from mitigating factors, telling the judges today that Taylor should get no credit for the peace in Sierra Leone as the judges themselves have referred to him as a “two-headed Janus,” and that the aggravating circumstances in this case negate any mitigating factors.

She concluded her submission by pointing at the two main goals of sentencing—retribution and deterrence. These, she said were reasons enough for Taylor to be sentenced as has been recommended by the prosecution.

Taylor’s lead defense counsel, Courtenay Griffiths, in his submission told the court that the verdict of the judges as rendered on April 26 is a “modest version of Charles Taylor’s involvement in the Sierra Leone conflict than that proposed by the prosecution.”

Mr. Griffiths pointed out four reasons why Mr. Taylor was to benefit from mitigating circumstances: that the period of offending was not an extended period, save for use of child soldiers and enslavement that cover a more prolonged period in the indictment;  Mr. Taylor’s role in the Sierra Leone peace process;  his voluntary departure from the Liberian presidency in 2003; and  his age, being 64 years already.

Mr. Griffiths told the court that if Taylor is sentenced as recommended by the prosecution, it would amount to a life sentence, it would be offensive to good conscience and logic and that it could endanger the peace that the Special Court was established to enhance.

In his conclusion, Mr. Griffiths told the judges, “Every accused, in our submission, must be left with some hope, must be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, however long that tunnel must be. And we submit that should be a guiding consideration in this sentencing exercise.”

The judges will deliver their verdict on Mr. Taylor’s sentence on Wednesday, May 30.



  1. Sure mr doesn’t stand a chance! Just from reading Alpha’s report proves that alpha is not neutral on this site. I am referring to this sentence Alpha (Concluding his statement with an apology to the people of Sierra Leone, Taylor said, “I express my sadness and deepest sympathy for the atrocities and crimes that were suffered by individuals and families in Sierra Leone.)

    Sadness and deepest sympathy does not mean apology.. Please don’t mislead people here!

    1. Lib pekin,

      Thanks for pointing this out. I don’t understand why would Mr. Taylor expression of sympathy turned to be understood as an apology to the people of Sierra Leone. But I quit understand that Alpha is outworked by events in this court over the years.

    2. lib pekin
      since when are apologies a crime? since you stepped in on that site?
      if he apologises, it doesn’t mean he takes on his guilt.

      1. However, Tylor is a criminal therefore he should feel the wickedness too.
        Tylor open we Liberian eyes with stealing, killing,abusing and fighting not bad since indeed we feel it is good for us.
        Sorry to all victim of the criminals issue.
        Live life for today and tomorrow.LIB saying, when U use your head U will eat every day.
        When you use your head your body will not suffer.

    3. Dear lib pekin,

      Alpha has updated the sentence you refer to in your comment. It is correct that Taylor did not apologize. Indeed, it is more accurate to state that Taylor only expressed his sympathy to the victims.


      1. Teagin,

        Please extend our appreciation to Alpha for the update. We understand how he feels about his countrymen, but it is advisable to be neutral when you are sitting in the seat of justice, otherwise you will always be caught on the other side. Remember we all are following this trial from the very start with everything that we have.

    4. Alpha was not the one sitting in court!! Alpha did not bring charges against Charles Taylor!! Your anger is misplaced! If anything be angry at Charles Taylor for contributing to the Mayhem, not only in Sierra Leone, but in Liberia! #Just saying!

  2. Exellent arguement, Ms Hollis; that the goals of sentencing be based upon RETRIBUTION and DETERENCE! This should clearly give red light to next leaders that they will be tried in the court of law for their actions.This should also serve as options for leaders to choose whether to lead or become tyrants or businessmen while doing the people’s work. I salute your stance for justice, Ms Hollis and all members of the Prosecution Team for job well done.
    What people do not seem to understand is that International Justice does not impose ‘life sentence’ on anyone regardless if they were responsible for a million deaths. However, the Court could give maximum sentence depending on the counts of crimes committed, the manner in which they were carried out, and the motive behind the planning and carrying out of such crimes, as clearly indicated in the taylor trial! But again, maybe people are forgeting the victims who met horrable ends and at times, violent rapes and inserting objects into female genitles,Opening pregnant women, and sometimes eating of flesh of victims as per witnesses, plus Truth hearings in Liberia!
    It’s sickening to ask for clemency when such crimes were systematically committed upon unarmed civilians! I agree that taylor serves full 80 years even if he dies in prison! This man could live to 150 years in the minds of monsters he created that come on here to laugh at victims and threaten others for speaking out! This is my final piece on this issue! The monsters he created should be the international task to make sure they do not resurface in Liberia!

  3. Dear Harris K. Johnson,

    I was not fortuned to see Mr. Taylor’s statement this morning. If the hearing began at 9 A.M; it was 2 A.M. where I am. Smile. My days are generally long and sleep generally prevails.

    I assume that at least excerpts may appear on YouTube some time soon. My hopes are the evidence provided by those that were paid will be dismissed by the Appeals Chamber. Without that evidence there appears likely to be none to sustain any conviction.

    Again, I hope the defense will not write an elongated appeal. Like the evidence to convict should be precise and condensed; that defense evidence should be likewise.

    Take care,


    1. Dear Sekou,

      Thanks for everything. I was really impressed by the degree of courage Mr. Taylor has display in this court right up to his last statement yesterday. The former president spoke very well with consistency and intelligibility. He did not come crying like a baby, but stood his ground as one Africa greasiest leaders ever. We are proud of President Taylor courage as Liberians. Bravo to all true Africans on this site. I salute you Sekou.

      1. Lasana, Insult indeed! When we talk about great African Leader, we should think of Mandela, Mbeke, Nyere, and many more, not murders, and dictator like Taylor, this is why so many African nations are where they are today!

    2. sekou
      you’re telling the same over and over again. it doesn’t mean it gets true by repeating.
      the defense witness were paid too.
      and i reckon all taylobans on thes site also.

      1. swizz,
        Why are you afraid to say the truth? You never hide because it is bigger then everything. We all know that witnesses including Moses Blah were paid, and sometime threatened with prosecution if they fail to say something. Moses Blah has openly admitted this in an interview with the BBC.

        1. Dear Harris K. Johnson,

          Here is Mr. Taylor’s statement of May 16, 2012, beginning at page 49722, line 16, of the trial transcript:

          See link:
          In particular I look at page 49725, at line 11-17:

          “Terrible things happened in Sierra Leone, and there can be no justification for the terrible crimes. During the war in Liberia, I punished people responsible for crimes against others. Factual evidence presented before this court proved that several NPFL soldiers were put on trial for violent crimes. Some were executed for rape, murder, and other serious crimes. Witnesses from both sides testified to that fact.”

          Honest confession is good for the soul.

          Take care,


  4. Why is the media blacking out his full statement and only releasing convenient parts of it? We want the full statement and the full video!!

    1. anonymous
      try the scsl-site, the transcripts.
      i would say that it is not really interesting what a warlord has to say. except if he apologises. but i don’t think devil will ever do.
      the most important thing taylor ever said, was: it’s important to understand.
      that is something we all know. not even taylobans needed CT for that understanding.
      why don’t you write your leader a love-letter by air-mail? maybe he’ll answer and you will get his signature which you can pint on your wall at home and pray all they long to.

      1. lol not interesting to you perhaps! where on the site? they seem to have blacked it out there too, please provide a direct link..

    2. I strongly disagree with the poster who said that basing the sentence on retribution and deterrence will give red light to next leaders. It is just a signal to coax other leaders to bow down to America’s selfish interest or else they will also be dragged to some bogus international court. The United States need to change and must change this attitude of bringing other leaders down only because of policy differences. The reason why terrorism is on the increase is because the US is creating more enemies day by day. Has anyone come to think about why people transform to be terrorists? These are people who are hurt and want to revenge but do not have equal might to face the people who hurt them, and so they find other underhanded means to pursue vengeance. Today, there might be more than 50% of the Middle East seeking vengeance against the US and her allies for causing havoc in their countries. Had it been the case that these nations have the same military might as the US, then the global community would have now been suffering back blast from a full skilled war. The same is now creeping to Africa. African Nations are getting disenchanted about the US bad and selfish influence. The US needs to stop taking advantage of other independent nations because she is superpower.
      I closely monitored the proceedings of Mr. Taylor’s trial. The process was unfair and characterized by fraud. Witnesses were influenced with cash to testify and the court itself being sponsored and supported by the US who had already taken an opened side. Few days ago, I listen to Ex-vice President, Moses Blar on the radio admitting that he was paid and threaten by the US to falsely testify against Mr. Taylor. Is that what we call justice? No.
      Justice is for all; it should not be selective. There are so many others, including presidents and ex-presidents who aided and abetted war that led to atrocities. Why can’t these individuals face trial for war crimes? They will not because either they are the superpower or are friends to the superpower.
      If we must sustain peace in the sub-region, let reconciliation and healing be our basis and bedrock to move forward.

  5. Radiolib carried the ENTIRE session….

    Atleast we got know some of the BEHIND THE CURTAINS players

  6. BRILITANT SPEECH these are not my words but the words of a Sierra Leone national interviewed on the BBC’s Focus on Africa program who watched the proceedings from the Special Court’s public gallery in Freetown. Another lady interviewed from the same venue said it was time to let Charles Taylor go home given his age. I guess these people have more of a heart then Swizz and Fallah Menjor.

  7. Teagin,
    Could you kindly find out why Justice Malick Sow was not present in court yesterday.

    1. Dear Aki,

      After the incident on April 26 (when Judge Sow read out a public statement in court), the judges filed a complaint against him because neither the Statute nor the Rules provide the alternate judge with any right to make such public statement. A plenary of the judges sat on the matter from May 7-10, and they issued a decision that was read yesterday in court declaring Judge Sow’s action as misconduct and rendering him unfit to continue to sit while requesting the appointing authority (the UN Secretary General) to look into the matter and make a determination of whether he should be sanctioned further.

  8. why not accept the verdict and save a whole lot of money. money that victims would be very thankful for. the defense of taylor costs about a 100 000 US a month. (i read it somewhere.)
    CT says he’s broke. but his wife and children live in white flower mansion monrovia (and in europe). i don’t know this spot, but it sounds rather expensive and big. can anyone of the taylobans explain that to simple man?

    1. swizz,
      There is nothing to explain. White Flower is very big equipped with swimming pools and tennis courts. However it is Mr. Taylor’s home. What do you expect that the Liberian authorities should do, confiscate his house because of Sierra leoneans self inflicted havoc ? Some of his children live in Europe but so what. I am sure you have relatives in Europe and or the United States.

      1. Aki,
        Don’t worry about what swizz is saying maybe he doesn’t know that their people love Mr. Taylor so much that they have to ask to be integrated in the liberian society thereby settling them in a place called local village in Bensonvill. They don’t want to go home and Sierra Leone is far from Bensonville. Some of those people were the same one who were paid to lie and as such, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is protecting rhem by giving the place build by President Tolbert in the 70s.

      2. aki
        i may have, but not children i’m supposed to support. and not ones who attend most expensive schools.

  9. Dear davenport,

    I am addressing your post of May 16, 2012, appearing on the May 4, 2012, Daily Summary; I normally do not read past Daily Summaries. If you have a comment for me, please post it on the current page.

    I have always been prayerful for those affected by the events doing the conflict period. I will broaden my stance and say I have never been amused with the affliction of noncombatants wherever they may be; I am not a bloodsucker.

    I do continue to wish Jose well; however.

    Take care,


    1. Sekou,

      However, your reply to my May 16 post sounds belligerent.
      I have therefore revisited the posts, copied and reposted the threads for our convenience and clarity.

      On May 11, 2012 at 1:07 am, Sekou said:
      “Dear davenport,
      I myself have wondered what happened to Jose. It appeared to me that he may have known some who have posted here. I do hope that me is well.
      I join you in prayer for those affected by the events doing the conflict period.
      Take care,”

      On May 16, 2012 at 3:22 am, davenport said:
      “Alright, now, Sekou.
      Keep the torch prayerfully burning.

      I might be misreading your intent or the construction of your post. Certainly, there is no reference of you in said post to being a “bloodsucker.” Besides, there is no insinuation or allusion to your “amuse[ment]” with the pains and sufferings afflicted on innocent civilians by the carnage in Liberia or Sierra Leone. That socio-political construct, i.e., “bloodsucker” is too damning to employ on someone like you who I do not know committed atrocious acts. My reply to your post was simply a reecho of a clarion call to keep the torch of prayer burning for those who suffered and continue to suffer violence.

      In addition, some of us are busy to maintain the pace of Alpha’s new threads. We therefore have no culpability revisiting earlier threads for an update on Alpha’s commentaries or the flow of conversation.


  10. Dear Harris K Johnson,

    My post below was designed to determine whether you wrote the May 15, 2012 at 2:37 pm post. Johnson was not capitalized and I wondered whether you were the author. However, your response at May 16, 2012 at 2:16 pm, confirms that you wrote the piece.

    On May 15, 2012 at 8:08 pm, Sekou said:

    Dear Harris K. Johnson,

    Would you provide for me the difference in your two post below?

    On May 15, 2012 at 8:27 am, Harris K Johnson said:

    Mr. Taylor’s children are here in Liberia living comfortably in their White Flower palace next to my residence in oldest Congo Town. We will never leave Liberia for another country, we have so much to do for our people with or without Mr. Taylor.

    On May 15, 2012 at 2:37 pm, Harris K johnson said:


    Why is he not sharing the photos with the press in Liberia, but Sierra Leone? well, all is not lost, I am sure they will share them with their agent Tom Kamara and his new Democrat news paper in Monrovia.

    On May 16, 2012 at 2:16 pm, Harris K Johnson said:


    One of the posts above was in respond to swizz, and the other, I was thinking why the court did not asked the photographer to also share the court photos with the press in Liberia.

    Again, I believe that the Press in Liberia will have access to those photos.

    Take care,


    1. Dear davenport,

      I think that the portion of my post you reference is:

      “I have always been prayerful for those affected by the events doing the conflict period. I will broaden my stance and say I have never been amused with the affliction of noncombatants wherever they may be; I am not a bloodsucker.”

      I think that you did misread my post. I do not believe that you consider me as a bloodsucker. I will try and rephrase and say I think that those who are to benefit from war should be the ones who do the battle.

      I think that the example set by Thomas Sankara should serve as the perfect model of the African people’s leader. Needless to say, his demise came from one within his own ranks.

      See link:

      I believe one can outlive his enemy without shedding his blood. The people must look within themselves to find the answer. I believe that the ungodly will not go to heaven; You shall know them by their behavior.

      Take care,


      1. Sekou,


        I think your thread sounds more philosophical and theological than the legal approach of all of your threads. This is great! Allow me now to reply in kind.

        Yes! The answer to our crisis is sometimes discovered when belligerent parties calm down sufficiently to look deep within themselves. In that context, chances are their thought process and actions could be more guided by rationality (logic and reason) than emotionality (mere feeling). Empathy might be a compelling natural alternate to anger. This works successfully both on the individual and communal levels. Yet, sometimes, given the level of mistrust and hurt, resolution is best when it comes externally.

        My theology on the human condition and ecclesiology resonates with aspects of your claims that the “ungodly will not go to heaven.” Taking your claim one step further, I believe those who kill for pleasure, maim innocent people, create the conditions that make for carnage and atrocity have severe moral and spiritual deficit that deprives them of placement in heaven. They, like the biblical character Saul, who became Paul, stand a chance in the personal recognition of their deficit, become remorseful and reconcile with their Creator.

        On your usage of the motif “heaven,” I will give a synopsis of my apocalyptic eschatological worldview. The Kingdom of God or “Heaven,” as you referred to is here now (proleptic), but it will not be completely manifested until the universe is fully transformed by God’s dynamic power through Christ (future) carried out by the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe that the Kingdom of God is not just a futuristic happy place (future eschatology), but that it is inward holiness (proleptic). When holiness and happiness come together as one, they are sometimes called heaven because they are the immediate fruit of God’s reign within the soul. The Kingdom of God is here now because of what goes on in our communal life – our outward attitude. I believe you alluded to this outward attitude in your assertion “You shall know them by their behavior.” Our behavior should help, not kill others. Our behavior should create the ambiance for peaceful coexistence, joy, and happiness. The Apostle Paul describes the Kingdom of Heaven as “Righteousness, peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 14:17). When we live in righteousness, peace, and joy without harming others, we help them to experience the Kingdom of God.


        1. Dear davenport,

          I categorically agree with your summation. However, there is one stipulation you make that while pointing only to the transgressor bends my message.

          “Yes! The answer to our crisis is sometimes discovered when belligerent parties calm down sufficiently to look deep within themselves.”

          Those I had in mind are the oppressed; they are the ones who suffer the greater burden brought on by the [belligerent] transgressors.

          It is my understanding that perhaps the most effective philosophical and theological advance for those oppressed derives from a common language we all understand and respect. As for me I have placed the name Jesus and his alleged teachings; as that theology has been passed to me for spiritual direction. Essential to say however, my search for the realistic religious awareness is centered on the original man from Africa.

          The knowledge and [magic] as you would have it tends to elude the oppressed. I would like to see all mankind come within one accord to sustain rather than destroy his fellowman.
          I believe we want the same thing; as for me we must forgive our enemies so that we may be forgiven our trespasses. I know I have asked for forgiveness from those I have brought affliction upon; and now I have no abhorrence for those who trespassed against me; try it; you will like it.

          If Mr. Taylor is guilty as charged; the people of Sierra Leone must forgive him for his wrongs in order that they may be forgiven their trespasses. Why live with hate when you can live free once you are able to forgive?

          Take care,


  11. Excerpt from Taylor’s statement

    A more important point for the contextual framework to which I am referring is the role politics played. With regime change — excuse me, Your Honours. When regime change in Liberia became a policy of the United States government, President George W. Bush, in May of 2001, signed a second of two executive orders, number 13213, Defence Exhibit D310, in which it was
    stated, and I quote: “The government of Liberia’s complicity in the RUF’s illicit trade in diamonds and its other forms of support for the RUF are direct challenges to the United States foreign policy objectives in the region as well as the rule-based international order that is critical to the peace and prosperity of the United States. Therefore, I find these actions by the government of Liberia contribute to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States described in executive order 13194,” with respect to which the president declared a national emergency.

    This executive order did not say “the alleged complicity.” It concluded “the complicity.” The conspiracy was born. All systems put into motion. And here I stand today. I never stood a chance.

  12. Excerpt from Taylor’s statement

    This is the broader contextual matrix that regrettably did not and still has not seen the light of day in these proceedings despite the gallant efforts by the Defence to unearth and reveal the contextual framework behind the charges against me. Now, with the two executive orders, the dogs were let out, so to speak. What followed was a dispatch of the attack pack led by Lieutenant-Colonel David Crane, defence intelligence 30 years, prosecutor. He, Crane, unlawfully unsealed the Court’s sealed indictment to his handlers, senior US government officials at the US embassy in Freetown, and was never held to account. The rest of the operational team are Colonel Brenda Hollis, Defence intelligence, CIA, US Air Force, senior trial counsel, and now Prosecutor. James C. Johnson, US Army, expert 20 years on conventional and special operations, chief of prosecutions for the SCSL. Allen White, 30 years Defence intelligence, recalled from retirement to head up investigations at the Special Court
    for Sierra Leone. Stephen J. Rapp came on board as Chief Prosecutor for a short time with experience from Capitol Hill where he served with a US Senate Judiciary Subcommittee sometime before. It came as a surprise to me that as a reward of sorts for Stephen Rapp’s
    diligence in execution of US foreign policy objectives through these ad hoc tribunals, he was appointed US ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues. In support of the contextual framework of politics, on February 8, 2006, Lieutenant-Colonel David Crane, Prosecutor, appeared before a US Congress subcommittee on Africa, Defence Exhibit D04, and spelled out in clear terms the decision taken in support of regime change in Liberia and what needed to happen to solidify that process.

    There was no mention, if any, in his testimony about Sierra Leone. And here is what he said: “I posit that five years from now, when the international community is challenged by other crises, Taylor, in Calabar, under the protection of Nigeria, will make his move. We will wake up one morning and watch on CNN as Taylor rides triumphantly down the main street in Monrovia to the executive mansion, daring all of us to come and get him. Unless he is handed over to the
    Special Court for Sierra Leone, this scenario is not out of the realm of possibility …”

  13. Excerpt from Taylor’s statement

    He then asked:
    “How to do we assure Liberia’s future?”
    And he answers that. Ultimately he says:
    “What we do about Taylor in the next several weeks will determine the fate of Liberia and the new administration of its president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.” Crane then sets out several plans, two of which I will state here. He said: “First, hand Charles Taylor over to the Special Court for
    Sierra Leone for a fair trial.” His kind of trial. “This takes him out of the local and regional dynamics that is West Africa …” “Second, tie any financial and political support to good
    governance in Liberia.”

    Time does not permit, but the exhibits are present. Not even the Nigerian nation was spared from threats and intimidation as explained by Femi Fani-Kayode, press secretary to President Obasanjo, the Nigerian head of state, who was with him in Washington when President George W. Bush promised, and I quote, “to bring Nigeria to its knees” if Taylor was not turned over to the Special Court. And what happened? Obasanjo buckled and capitulated. Now, this demonstrates the significant pressure that was brought to bear on President Obasanjo irrespective of his personal and leadership obligations to the West African sub-region. And therein lies the dilemma for current African heads of state and government, how to enter into binding commitments and obligations with their African peers and remain steadfast, resolute, and
    unyielding in their fidelity to those agreements in the face of such unrelenting and punishing pressure from powerful Western leaders.

  14. Swizz, the reason I am not responding to your comments, respectfully, I have difficulties understanding your jargon intended for prelinguistic children. Luckily, you and fallah are on the same team, if not, fallah, would had chased you off this site long time. Sorry.

    1. big b
      you better stop complainig about my english.
      otherwise i will start with the grammar of yours.

      1. big b
        if you have problems to understand prelinguistic language, it’s no wonder you don’t understand what this site and especially the trial is all about.

        1. big b
          what i forgot to mention, because i was so offended by your comment:
          maybe my jargon is not that good because i grew up in taylor’s liberia, where i got no school-education. because he forgot to build schools. i reckon he was too busy to get rich.
          maybe my jargon is not exquisite, because taylor left me with only one finger on one arm instead of ten to typewrite .
          and maybe my jargon is not excellent enought for you, because i’m shaking on my chair. it’s hard to balance on chairs without limbs.

  15. To all the comments posters on this Web site, I hope that all of you will agree with me that the downfall of Charles Taylor comes from his supporters on this Web site. Taylor going to jail for life is coming from them. They got nothing to say but to keep on insulting Great Britain, United States of America, and the Western World as a whole. These people from the West and the other two named countries never in their life instructed their Charles Taylor to carry rebel war to Sierra Leone. I wondered if these supporters of Charles Taylor really paid attention to what came from their master’s mouth during the war. For example, Charles Taylor during the war said, “Sierra Leone will taste the Bitterness of the war for hosting ECOMOC”. Second, the Spoke-man for Charles Taylor’s (NPFL) Tom Waiwoyu at the time, answered Robin White from BBC, Focus on Africa when asked, when they NPFL after the fall of Daru Army Barraks in Sierra Leone will reach Freetown, and he said, “Robin, it is just the matter of 1, 2, 3, we will reach Freetown”. With all these records and many orthers in the hands of Victims’ relatives, you guys go on accusing, insulting, and degrading, innocent people for such a person instead of putting everything into prayers and encouraging the victims. It is no doubt that most of these supporters were rebels who really killed people and the others are those that benifited from the looting properties.
    Many unnecessary arguments I have been reading from these guys, and it is pitiful that their president is their soon morning tooth paste. If you and myself decided to carry on certain activities, but their are rules and regulations laid down and you are chosen to carry on the action. Whereby you have ignored all the rules and regulations and goes on doing different things, I have right to quit and what ever comes against you for what extra you did, I will not be part of it. All those Liberians and others who supported Taylor to over-throw Doe’s Government cannot be part of Charles Taylor’s activities in Sierra Leone. Please Taylor’s supporters have this at the back of your mind and stop insulting others.

    1. jtf,
      This is the biggest lie the Sierra leoneans ever mentioned. “Sierra Leone will taste the bitterness of war “With all the millions of dollars the prosecution had at it’s disposal and all the BBC tapes they had. At the end of the trial when Justice Malick Sow asked the prosecution if they had put that audio recording into evidence. The prosecution had to admit that they never found any audio in which Charles Taylor made that statement. Also while Mr. Taylor of on the witness stand he told the judges that he never made any such statement.

  16. Perhaps the reason for Justice El Hadji Malick Sow’s concern in this case derive from his membership with the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention; a UN-mandated body of independent human rights experts that investigates cases of arbitrary arrest and detention that may be in violation of international human rights law.

    Maybe, just maybe, his Chairmanship with this group would perhaps compel him to speak up when he witnesses human rights violations.

    See link:

    See link:

    Even if Mr. Taylor is guilty of human rights violations, what is the problem with giving him a fair trial? They make it appear as if he is innocence. The unrighteous believe in an eye for an eye; which does not please a just God.

    Take care,


    1. aki
      i never saw such a propaganda thing since world war II.
      large parts are copy-paste from the berkely war crimes center. i only hope it doesn’t cause copyright problems.
      the interview with warlord taylor is audibly very bad. taylobans have to invest there a little.
      anyway – where does the money come from for that glossy warlord homesite?
      From Taylor himself, who is meant to be broke?
      This money was better spent on victims, who still suffer under taylor’s atrocities.

  17. let’s all face taylor with questions like: how does it feel to eat flesh of men?
    but i’m sure you cannot post questions without leaving an address. who would leave his address to a cannibal?

    1. Hi Swizz, I love are wonderful and see through these guys to a point of knowing what they hate to admit..that their chief is guilty of war crimes and once engaged into satanic worship and flesh eating of his own kinds! These guys are demonic and I do not trust any of them near my farm or house! They all worship satan and pretend to be Godly on this site. Give it to them left and right Swizz..they are shameless and full of guilt but continue to crow just to cover up..they are from Sodom and Gomorroh…full of incest, cannibalism, satanic worship, ratualistic killers and flesh eating human veriuses in our midst!

    2. swizz,

      Mr. Taylor is better than what you think about him. Do you really believe that Mr. Taylor eats human, even if he does would he eat along with low ranking officer like Maza? Try to be rational here and stop all these stupid talks about our former president.

      1. johnson
        your beloved former president mutated (not just recently, but ever since) to a terrorist, rapist aso. just in case you haven’t noticed yet. ignorance is bliss

  18. Taegin or Alpha,
    Is the full transcript of CT’s recent statement available to the public?

  19. Sekou,

    Let us keep the touch of healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and love raised and alight.
    Let us work to eradicate systemic poverty, repression, power abuse, and the disproportionate distribution of national wealth. Let us also endeavor to stall these and other conditions that make for conflicts, acrimony, and poor quality of life. Let us work for better governance, better social institutions, literacy, freedom, economic growth, reduction in rampant corruption, respect for the rule of law, free and fair elections, freedom of speech, and equality ( by equality I do not mean an egalitarian society but equal opportunity for all irrespective of gender, tribe, etc). These, I believe, are the benchmarks of a vibrant progressive civilized society which folks in both Liberia and Sierra Leone have lack for years due to both political coercion and poor political leadership.

    As to CT, I can’t help thinking why this educated individual got to where he is today. I would like to hear his story.


    1. davenport
      educated individual? someone who is responsible for the worst atrocities i can imagine, is surely not educated. he’s on the lowest level of mankind.

      1. Swizz,

        I respect your sentiments concerning the behavior of CT. I respect you, Sekou, jfallahmenjor, and others. However, I must admit I respect and admire CT for his education. It takes a lot to earn an academic degree whether a BA, masters or doctorate. Education equips and transforms us to build up society. This is true in the West and even in Liberia. What I find horrendous is what CT did with his education. The judges’ verdict shows that CT made some very awful choices, as you and I sometime make, that got him into this irreversible, irreparable legal predicament.

        Since I am not callous, I do have compassion for CT but I always think and pray for those who suffered as a direct or indirect result of his decisions. I guess the compelling questions emanating from this are: what lessons could we learn from this sad saga of the educated sinking so low? How can we use our education to help, not destroy others? What is the purpose of education?


        1. davenport
          some call ct doctor. if you have enough money, you can buy everything. also a doctor’s degree.

        2. davenport
          lots of educated people use their knowledge just to get rich. and do not be aware of the fact, that their education was paid by the taxpayer – the people.
          most law students for example, start with left-wing idealism. once they find out how much money they can get in the private sector, they forget about it all.

    2. Davenport,
      Greed, lack of humanity, evil, etc….It’s not only uneducated people that perpertrate crimes against humanity. Look at the true archtects of the Rwandan Genocide, they were Drs. Lawyers, Politicians, have you heard of Omar Al Bashir, who have been murdering Sudanese people for years! Darfur, Nuba Mountain Kardofan, very edcuated, Hitler, educated, Al Assad of Syria, educated, i can go on…

  20. Mr. Aki, subject understood. If you can steal, most of your children will steal in their life time. I have more relatives that fought along with NPFL both in Liberia and Sierra Leone and most of them are alife today. Most of them joined the NPFL to defend their families. Do you remember when NPFL together with RUF attacked Koindu Town in Sierra Leone in 1992 and Foday Sankoh burst into tears and called his father Charles Taylor complaining the attitude of the NPFL Fighters?. The answer from Charles Taylor was, “Foday, that is what you expect from war, continue.” Was Koindu Town in Sierra Leone not called Kuwait by NPFL fighters bringing goods from Koindu Town to Liberia? Do you remeber that before Daru Barraks in Sierra Leone fell to NPFL, so many NPFL fighters lost their lives through electric suck from the underground house at the barraks befor reaching the Moa river bridge? This is completely true because I knew some of those that died at Daru Barraks. Supposing I was to testify in these case and exposed all these and so many incidents I know of, so I was going to be concidered as a paid witness.
    Aki, even though you fought along with NPFL, or you financially helped to destroy Liberia because of the 13 Liberians put on the poles by Doe,s governmemt, it is time for us to be honest before God or the trouble will continue on Us as the Israelites were ponished by God. These Taylors’ family have problem. Just immaging, their eldest brother George is not normal, Nelson was killed while shifting the Liberian logs abroad and Gbatu died of aid in Kakata. Charles was after becoming the first multy billionair in a poor country like Liberia. Helping Sankoh was in place because Sankoh helped him to destroyed us but, his appearance openly in Sierra Leone is what brough all these problems on him. Sankoh was a Commander in Bong Mines and most of us met him on many occations and all he told us was that after Liberia, Sierra Leone and so on….. Besides Sierra Leone Taylor was some how connected to Bin la din but, some of you do not know this point. Also the fighting in Guinea was to reach Bandakolor where there are piles of diamonds which Guinea had been reserving. My people, if your own born child is of these characters, please do not support him/her but, tell him the truth. All these writings you all are doing will not influence the SLSC and the Judges neither the appeal Judges if there will be any appeal that will finally burry him in jail. It is time for you all (Taylor’s children) to write and ask the court to consider his sentence as the defend lawyers are doing now than continues blaming America, Great Britain, and the West in general. You people seemed to be MacAthony, I come to burry Ceasa and not to praise him. Keep on, your weak writing will bring Taylor back as president of Liberia or West Africa because he is innocent in the whole case, only that the West with special reference, the United States of America and Great Britain are against him for no good reason.

    1. WOW,jtf is very close to exposing the chief and i love it! In the beginning I told you that by the end of this trial, the chief was going to be ‘disrobed’ in public for all to see..didn’t I? For those that really do not understand what taylor is were either too young or got caught up in their early teens when taylor launged the 14 years war in Liberia, with no more education to improved the ‘mind’ nor interest in ‘humans basic needs’ including the right live. Taylor’s loyal rebels did not value life nor property beside taking away from them of what little the civilians had!In the process, these rebels raped, looted, and went on the rampage in the near and far away villages, under the authority of taylor, for 14 years! And then we see on this site individuals saying all the praises on taylor and the rest of trash we hear daily.
      Secondly, what are some of the ‘basic rights’ taylor gave to the people of Liberia? What freedom of the press and expressions did did the people, and not the taylobans, enjoyed under this man’s rule of Liberia?
      You, jtf, these guys will forever live in DENIAL! But the sins remain on their heads!

    2. jtf, as I was reading your narrative, I was saying to myself, wow! this guy knows what he’s talking about. However, when I came to your emphatic statement of “Taylor’s family” you blew it. I condemned your comment as rubbish. Charles Taylor never had an older brother name George. Nelson, Charles Taylor oldest brother was not killed while “shifting the Liberian logs abroad” However, I am not surprise, because the case against Mr. Taylor was built on lies, misinformation and disinformation.

    3. jtf,
      There is nothing new here that we have not heard before. Anyone following these hearings may have heard the same from paid witnesses. So please stop pretending.

  21. Swizz,
    In the trial judgement Trial Chamber II concluded that when Zigzag Marzah testified that he and Charles Taylor were dining on Sam Dokie’s liver that in fact Mr. Taylor was actually in South Africa at the time. So Swizz please discontinue your stupid talk about our former President being a cannibal.

    1. aki
      where you have this from? give me the exact page in the judgement – if it is true what you are saying.
      maybe sekou can organise this for you.

    1. noko1to10
      although nobody takes you serious, since you laughed at victims, you posted quite an interesting link.
      it actually says what i’m trying to get through to you with.
      Excerpt: we, the developing countries, are partly responsible for this state of affairs; for, we are deeply disunited and at each other’s throats based on religious, ethnic and tribal lines; our governments often become dictatorial, corrupt and regard reasonable, political opposition as eternal enemies to be destroyed by any means; we maintain corrupt judicial systems (!!) controlled by the executive; the majority of our population is illiterate, uninformed, and lives in abject poverty, while we build and live in palatial homes with expensive, top-of-the-line automobiles; and we lack the political will, courage and commitment to the rule of law such that criminals and deadly human rights violators, in Liberia, have become instant “honorables” with critical, “elected”, decision-making positions.
      Meanwhile, we lack the will and the “gusts” to challenge the western nations, NOT the ICC, but through the ICC at the Hague, on moral, reasonable and legal grounds.

  22. Swizz,
    The trial full Judgement not the summary judgement starting on page 98 thru 99 you can read what the judges concluded concerning Zigzag’s credibility.

    1. aki
      thanks. i was mistaken and therefore sorry. i will not call him any longer a maneater. although i do not know if marzah is the only one who accused him of cannibalism. i saw once a testimony of a witness who told the scsl that he was preparing and eating flesh of man, but i can’t remember who it was. it was the same guy who told the court how he murdered babies by just throw them in a corner.

      1. Swizz,Do Not apologise to these fellows! Period! They have no concept of ‘apologies!’ Just as you stated, some witness talked about him preparing human flesh..and etc..but this is not important because TRC hearings in Liberia had more revelation that was not put on national sites for all to read. That taylor guy was involved into satanic worship and the taylorbans know exactly what that means, this is why none has challenged this new phrase from jfallhmenjor because they will open ‘can of worms’ if they do..I will detail what satanic worship means to Liberians..just as they fear me talking about ‘ritualistic killings’ a popular way to kill enemies and pretend a leopard was responsible, and etc…! Do not apologise to these demons, they do not deserve it..period!

      2. Swizz,
        It is a big man who can admit when he has made a mistake. The cannibalism issue just goes to show how wrong people are about Charles Taylor’s role in Sierra Leone. One only has to read thru the judgement to see what he has been found guilty of many leaders have done the same. Tejan Kabbah for one belongs in prison not those CDF members who were only following orders. Didn’t Tejan Kabbah aid and abett the CDF. This shows how unjust it is to say that Charles Taylor is one of those who bears the greatest responsibility for the war.

  23. Sekou,

    I want you know that I noted you comment below posted on May 21, 2012:
    “It is my understanding that perhaps the most effective philosophical and theological advance for those oppressed derives from a common language we all understand and respect.”

    I opted not to respond earlier because of two reasons: first, I am not sure I grasp your construct to respond accordingly. Second, I am convinced you know better given your fine legal mind. I however thought to speak to this sentence. Your writings are inundated with legal terms that some readers might not fully understand. I admire that and presuppose you have adequate academic training to comprehend theological and philosophical language. So please do not try to jab me blow the belt. Philosophy and theology is an extension of my playing field. Since I have never asked you to write in simple English, I do don’t expect you to ask me to opt for communicating with you in a common language okay. I will not slip into squabble over diction and construct.


    1. Dear davenport,

      When you refer to an educated person I assume that you are proclaiming that individual has the tools to succeed beyond those who are considered uneducated. In my view, even if that individual has been awarded some recognition for completing a general course of study, there is no given surety he/she will sustain itself in life. Just because someone is an attorney, professor, physician or whatever title they may hold; does not reflect whether they graduated at the top of their class. Unless there is a common language accepted by the people, there general is found deception. I take it that perhaps you are a clergyman.

      I find no comfort to try and elevate my esteem concerning the accomplishments I have made in life; there are just too many errors to be noted. I would never say that my limited comprehension of unbiased Jurisprudence is an extension of my playing field. Taking from your self-esteem (Philosophy and theology is an extension of my playing field. Since I have never asked you to write in simple English, I do don’t expect you to ask me to opt for communicating with you in a common language okay. I will not slip into squabble over diction and construct.) I am concerned as to how far you have come in solving the problems of the people of Sierra Leone absence a common language?

      I am not so much concerned with diction and construct; rather I try and determine whether it is dictum or precedent?

      See link:

      Judging from your post you accept as true the allegations made. To be fair to the accused, I seek to review the evidence first and foremost. I have no concern to squabble with you concerning the queens language; as you nor I am Anglo-Saxon; am I not correct?

      I hope that you will not consider this to be a put-down; but I became acquainted with an African during the mid 1980’s that was much darker in skin tone than me. I was amused when he stated that in his Country people that looked like himself ran the Country. He informed me that there were problems forming in his Country concerning the ruling class that he was part of; and the commoners. To my surprise, he was taken aback when I said “I have never been to a Country where black people ran things.” He rejected my commit and stated he was not black; he was Creole; his surname was Sawyer, and he was from Sierra Leone.

      The point I attempt to make here is that opinions at times tend to be misconstrued due to the lack of knowledge one has concerning the other. Needless to say, I learned a long time ago not to try and lower the esteem of others in assessment of myself. You have stated that you would like to read his story; read the transcript. Perhaps someday he will grant you an interview.

      Take care,


      1. Taegin, please post this and delete that of May 24.


        I am compelled by your comments to rest my case with you. I refuse to get into pointless squabble and eschew this posturing. You came across in your earlier postings as a unprejudiced, legal-minded, and sound in judgment. Regrettably, your comments lately are proving otherwise. You are becoming rash, belligerent, and your comments are hard to read. Under the circumstances, I am putting to rest what is becoming a bickering over triviality such as my diction, my identity, and my vocation. Besides, I am very apologetic, but I do not click on links from folks I do not know. I move on now to a subject of interest.


  24. Taegin,
    Could you kindly give me the names and what country they are from of the Appeals Chamber judges ? This information used to be on the Special Court’s website but I can’t seem to find it now.

      1. Taegin,
        Thanks for the speedy reply .However with two judges from Sierra Leone and one from the US. The Defense lawyers should not even waste the paper their appeal will be written on.

        1. And this court is suppose to be NEUTRAL??? Two Sierra Leoneans are sitting judges….LORD HAVE MERCY. Then turn around, the nation that prosecuted the case also has a seat at the table.

    1. jtf
      i like the sentence: that most of you writing on behalf ot Taylor are either former rebels who got your living from killing people, relativies, or one sided politicians.
      there you name it. with a similar sentence i stepped in on that site.
      big b
      and i will keep on typing.

        1. Look here Harris, whether George Taylor got ambushed on Bomi Highway or Lofa High way does not make the story untrue that, in fact, George Taylor was ambushed, and killed! This very family is no good just as the son to taylor was,as a saying goes that “an apple does not fall far from the tree” all the family members must have inherited ‘cruelty’ maybe from the grandparents..down the line..perhaps!
          I will not be surprised if this is true and you know what..this may be a great research paper for me! This taylor guy, according to former school mates, would pee in the town’ people drinking well and thought it was funny! This type of guy would probably wipe his butt with a piece of leaf and drop that leaf in a pot of dumbo for others to eat his sh**! This is why the Law Of Karma has caught up with him ti drink his own sweat and sit on his own pee someday in prison!

      1. Jfallah,

        It is said that one who lives in a stupid kingdom will always love and dance to the tune of stupid music.

        1. johnson
          and it is sad that somebody coming from a wartorn country, sings the tune of the dictator.

  25. jef, rubbish, rubbish. Most of all, I am flabbergast why would Alpha/T.S. allowed such nonsense accusations to be published about me without using the word “alleged” or “opinion” Alpha/T.S. you guys should uphold the integrity of this site until it’s closed. There could be legal implication involved if your (moderators) allowed people like jef to directly accuse others without proof.

    Jef, F.Y.I. Your information is twisted. I alluded to the fact Nelson Taylor was a brother of Mr. Charles Taylor; however, he was not killed while shipping logs out of Liberia as you proclaimed. Secondly, Nelson Taylor was Charles Taylor oldest brother not some so-called George Taylor as you proclaimed. Mr. Taylor has no brother by the name of George, as you proclaimed. Again, you twisted the story about Nelson Taylor’s death. Nelson was not ambushed on Buchanna high way, as you proclaimed. Nelson was ambushed on the Grand Gedeh/MaryLand high way. Your story is misleading; apparently, you have no idea surrounding the Taylor family and the circumstances surrounding the case.

  26. once and for all (especially sekou and aki)

    The court has taken into account information about witness payment made both by the WVS and by the Prosecution and has considered any cross-examination of the witness in relation to these payments. the court has considered on a case by case basis whether the benefits conferred upon and/or payments made to witnesses went beyond that “which is reasonably required for the management of a witness”. (Excerpt of the judgment, page 74.)

    the same applies mutatis mutandis to relocation, see page 74/75.

    i suppose you know start saying that it is a western-led-court.

  27. jtf,
    Let me be the first Liberian to educate you that Nelson Taylor was not killed on Buchanan Highway as falsely stated by you in your post above. Be also informed that no white man was with Nelson when he was ambushed. Stop talking about things that you don’t know. For you information, the man that was ambushed and killed on Buchanan Highway was commonly called Ray Hill. He was ambushed along with Coco Dennis, but Coco escaped because of his training as a soldier. Now you see how your many lies have expose your ignorance about events in Liberia. Hear say will not help you here as it did in Mr. Taylor trial because we are here to point holes in those falsehoods. It would be better that you shut up if you don’t have the right information on anything that you want to say about Mr. Taylor. Big B, please hold your peace and let me take care of jtf.

    1. Harris, these sons of guns is no match for me. I can take care of myself. I am a big boy. We were trained in the U.S. Military; sometimes the best way to escape an ambushed is with suppressive fire. In other ways, fight fire with fire. As for fallah, he’s going to pay the price on the new democrat web site for calling me an idiot; his mama backside will be exposed.

    2. big b and johnson
      You accuse others of only telling hearsay. How should i know that you do not exactly the same? Gimme proof that you know better.
      i guess it won’t work with proving that you know best: either you’re criminal responsible like taylor (because you followed him), or you are family with him.

  28. This goes to all Anti-Taylor comments posters, good loving Liberians, and Liberians populace as a whole. It is time for us to caution the Police Director, the Law-enforcent Officers, and other Liberians’ Securities to round up all the mercernaries brought in by Charles Taylor and send them back to their various countries. If Big B argues that there was no Nelson Taylor, then he never even saw Charles Taylor in person. He or she is then a mercenary brought in from one of the African countries such as Libya, Borkina faso, Ivory Cost, Gambia, and so on. These are the people who changed their names and keep on carrying Arm-rubbery in Monrovia. Recently, there was a Flash, stating that Liberia is the worse State in Africa. I am sure this is one of the tacties adompted by them to put fair in their father”s trial at the Hague which cannot even move any Criminal Court in thar sense. It is time for all of us as Liberians to wark hand-in hand to get these mercenaries out of the country.
    I belived that they are the one that have been posting all types of mess in Charles Taylor’s favor. For example, when Judge Sow mess-up in his carrier at the Hague, all of them became happy and posted whole lots of nonsense in his favor. All day long, they are throwing insults on our Presidents. Democracy does not call for throwing insults on your leaders. Eighty percents of these taylorbans are mercernaries. If we don’t take immediate step to get them out and their charles taylor goes to jail, our country will be on fire. How can you go on supporting a person that you have not seen, it is only people of this nature can do that. Liberians, wake-up, let our children and future leaders be free and go to school. Enough is enough, these mercenaries have killed us enough.

    1. Jtf, you are absolutely right for the fact that these supporters could not be patriotic citizens of Liberia and therefore care less if people raise eye brows on their mentality, un-intellectual arguments, and silly reasonings that appear not only childish, but lack of merits and rationality! For example, Harris K.Johnson would not talk as he does if he cared for Liberia, that charles taylor is not more important than the nation of Liberia. But these are the characters we have here to deal with. This is why we need to come at them in the ‘strongest’ terms each time as you, Swizz, and others do! Because these guys are evil and ignorant, you can not approach them in a civilize manner that they do not understand. They are like their chief, who sees no wrong in raping or sending somebody else’s daughter into sexual slavery, nor eating the lungs of an opponents if you succeed in killing him! It’s sad but as the world watches us on this site, I believe some are shaking their heads in dis-belief! These guys are paid liars and know their end is near as their chief goes down the drainage to the sewage! I am happy they lived to see this day as chief taylor starts day one in prison!

  29. Although it has been quite some time since I commented on this site. However, I would like to second Big B’s statement calling on the moderators to sanitize the postings on this forum. The site’s moderation has gone slack and a lot of indecent individuals have been probably deliberately allowed to run loose like a runaway train. I have read insults being poured on people without caution and know this is a shameful development that must not be allowed to progress. Thank you.

  30. Reply to Swizz comments.

    On May 23, 2012 at 3:56 pm, swizz said:

    some call ct doctor. if you have enough money, you can buy everything. also a doctor’s degree.”

    Agreed! I guess that was an honorary award CT had. That is similar to what Samuel Doe, Tolbert, and Tubman had, and the list goes on. I understand Ellen has several already. I suppose some of our leaders have a strong affinity for and adoration of that academic distinction (doctor). Some will do what it takes to receive such distinction from a friendly university or a diploma mall. By the way, there is nothing wrong with one receiving an honorary doctor degree in recognition of their service to humanity. However, let us not dismiss the importance of hard earned education. Without some level of education, the internet would not be here today to facilitate our communication. Besides, we will be unable to understand one another. Having said that, CT, like many others earned a degree. As a student, I believe he worked hard to earn his degree. How he used his training is subject to public judgment.


    1. davenport
      you have quite a good view of CT, when you think that he worked hard to earn his degree. maybe he just bougth that too.

      1. Swizz,
        Google Bentley University in Massachusetts, USA. That is where Dr. Taylor graduated from.

  31. Aki and Swiss,

    On dokie liver, give one to the defence, they pulled the wool over the judges eyes on that one. they say Taylor was in South Africa with Cambell when Dokie was killed but that was months later. Dokie killed December 1997 – check the internet – and Taylor met Cambell in september when the Blue train was inaguruated. So, no way Taylor was in south africa when dokie killed… just another Taylor lie he got away with. I don’t blame judges for wantin nothing to do with zigzag Marza .- who would! only a warlord like Taylor who needs heartless crazy men like that to do his deeds.

    1. marie b
      i actually was not even in the near. so i really do not know. what the court says will be in history-books. but someone who backs murderers and worse is easy considered to be a cannibal.

    2. Marie B,
      I just wanted to let you know that everything on doesn’t make it the truth. For example, a story of me was covered in the Army Time, The News Day, CNN, the Washington Post as well as the New York’s Time. In their coverage, there was mistakes made on my Nationality; instead of me being a Liberian, they reported that I was from the Ivory Coast which is very very far from the
      truth.Iwasborn in Bensonville where my mother is from and my father is from Careysburg but my parents background is connected to the Kpelle Tribe in winnieta lower Bong County and I do speak Kpelle as well

  32. Judges,
    Please give this guilty Taylor a life sentence, with no possiblities of a parole. The links, Taylor met with the RUF and Gimbian discents in Libya while under the defacto leadership of Momar Quadaffi, where he along with Faday Sankor, and Dr. Mannie of Gambia transported blood thirsty tugs such as the likes of Benjimin Yeatent, Ali Kabah, Sam Bockarei, Anthony Mokanagbeg, Dupor Makazon. and many others for malitary assult training., an undertaking that lead to the lost of over half millions lives and properties. Adding and abeting to all 11 charges is very serious and proves that Taylor personally provided financial, and logistical meanse to the RUF while playing the role of an unsensor negotiator, another pefrect difination of an acient Rome’s leader named Janus, a two faced icom, who always assured one face earlier and a total different one later. As the world is tyring to close the chapter on this sad and unfortunite mis stept that sat the MRU on fire, My hope is for the ICC to extend its mandates and indict all involved regardless of provincial protections. The incocent spirits shall not rest till this is totally behind us.

    1. Dear Aki,

      Our offices had been closed since Thursday evening. However, we are all back and will get to your comments shortly. Apologies for the delay.

  33. On May 30, 2012 at 1:22 pm, jtf said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Fallah, correction, it was not George Taylor that was ambushed. It was Nelson Taylor next to George Taylor who was only there at the time shipping the Liberians’ logs abroad together with Ray who now Johnson said was a number one trained army-man.

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